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If Want to Build Real Strength and Muscle Your Workout Must Be Centred Around Barbell Squats

     There are a ton of exercises that you can include in your workout to add size and strength to your legs: the leg press, calf raises, lunges, glute/ham pull-ups. They're all great; but none of them come close to building muscle mass as effective as barbell squats.

The barbell squat targets the hamstrings and quadriceps leg muscles as well as your gluteus maximus (butt muscle). Along with the deadlift, squatting is considered the the best compound exercises for building power and muscle mass all over your body.

You can use a far greater amount of resistance squatting than with any other exercise outside of the leg press (but that only targets your quads).

Simply put, if want to build real strength and muscle in your lower body your workout will need to be centred around barbell squats.

As with any exercise, using proper technique is absolutely crucial. Make sure you follow these instructions during each and every rep.

It's prudent warm up the muscles with the barbell lightly weighted at first to make sure that you get things right, because poor form will hinder your gains and may even injure you.

Alright, let's get started.

Setting Up

Ensuring the bar is correctly balanced before moving back from the squat-rack is essential.

To do this, you want to first line up your body with the center of the bar.

From there, place your hands a comfortable width apart, Once you have done this, step under the barbell, and position your feet at least shoulder width apart with toes pointing slightly outwards. Your back should be straight with the knees slightly bent.

When performing the squat, the barbell is going to be resting on your back across the trapezius muscles not the neck. Apply some upward pressure to check for balance, adjust if needed.

Executing The Lift Properly.

Stand up ensuring your body is straight and the bar clear of the safety stops, step back so that you will be able to execute the lift. Your spotter should be ready to step in to help and motivate during a heavy lifting exercises like this.

It can be really easy to hurt your back by performing the barbell squat improperly, so you want to keep your core and lats engaged to control body movement throughout the exercise. Plank exercises with different variations should be utilized in your routine as they a great way to practice core stability.

You're now ready to squat!

Take a deep breath move your elbows slight back to force your chest out. Eye's facing front neither up or down. You should be naturally pushing your butt out first as if to sit on a low bench. Bend your legs, and begin lowering your body while keeping your back straight.

Resisting the momentum until your upper thighs are at least parallel to the floor, for the best results you want to go a below the knees.

At the bottom of the squat, pause for a half count (less than a second but it should still be a tangible pause), and power back up. These movements should be explosive with emphasis on strongly pushing the hips forward.

For body building purposes you need to be in the hypertrophy range of 8 to 12 repetitions with a weight that makes the last few reps fairly challenging. The whole set being done without pause. If you need to lock out the legs or stop the weight is too heavy. Remember you are not power lifting.

When the exercise is complete, allow your training partner to assist your return to the rack, and carefully lower the bar back safety into place and relish in the fact that you just completed the perfect barbell squat!

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