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  • Stay on the Cutting Edge of Fashion with a New Watch by Renato  By : Reggie Barnes
    With names like “The Beast,” “Wilde-Beast,” “T-Rex,” “Stallion,” “Vulcan,” “Jackal” and “ the Beauty,” you know that Renato watches are offering you something out of the ordinary.
  • Ceramic Watches The Next Big Thing  By : trigger man
    Ceramic watches are the future. Do not get left behind, find yourself a ceramic watch.
  • Smart Watch Buying  By : trigger man
    Buying authentic Swiss luxury watches should always be a smart buy. Buyers should know what, when, and where to buy.
  • Watches Replica: Importance of Buying  By : Bill Perez
    Watches Replica: Importance of Buying. They resemble to the original one so exact that even the experts are spoofed by them. These watches come with a reasonable cost, and that is why they have become so popular among the people.
  • Types of Watches, from Concord Ladies Watch to Bulova Wrist Watch Styles  By : Mark Etinger
    This article is about types of watches, from Concord ladies watch to Bulova wrist watch brands.
  • Women's Watches: How to Tell If That Invicta Women's Watch Is the One  By : Mark Etinger
    The article is about how to choose the perfect Invicta women's watch.
  • Looking For a Luxury Watch? Here are the Top 5 Brands  By : Mark Etinger
    The article talks about the top 5 luxury watch brands.
  • Why Fine Watches Are Better Than Smart Phones  By : Mark Etinger
    This article explains why fine watches are better than smart phones.
  • Swiss Legend: Watches that Represent the Pinnacle in Quality  By : Rodney Halperin
    Swiss Legend watches are just that – legendary. For years, the company has produced and distributed timepieces that are stylish, versatile and classic. Swiss Legend watches are just that – legendary
  • For Him, For Her or For Sports  By : Millard Kohler
    You have a variety of watches available in the market that it is difficult to select the right watch as you are spoilt for choice. However, to choose the right kind of watch needs a lot of style and taste. Whenever there is a talk of watches, the first name that comes to the lips is the Rolex. These watches are very popular for their exquisite workmanship and precision technology.
  • Confused About Which Rolex Watch to Buy?  By : Millard Kohler
    When buying a Rolex, you can be rest assured that you are investing in excellent craftsmanship, accuracy, elegance and beauty. The demand for Rolex has lasted through generations, thanks to the high quality service of the timepieces. Each piece of Rolex watch is an incredible one, which conforms to the strictest standards and the most rigorous examinations. Rolex Watches are excellent investment items as they will always fetch a good value when put up for sale.
  • Rolex Sports Models-Setting A New Standard!  By : Elwood Weiler
    Rolex Watches have always had a long and enduring relation with sports. Sports, like Rolex Watches, is another name for ambition, perseverance, human skill and performance. Additionally, Rolex Watches possess beauty, elegance, charm and poise. Great personalities like Sean Connery and Paul Newman have sported Rolex watches like the Explorer, Daytona and the Submariner on their wrists.
  • Rolex Explorer - Setting New Standards in Endurance!  By : Elwood Weiler
    Rolex Watches are products that ooze class, style and luxury. In today’s fast paced world, where a person’s first impression is based on his clothes and accessories, your affluence, style and wealth can be reflected in a good Rolex Watch! It will prove your power and style at the first glance! And especially so with the Rolex Explorer!
  • Invicta Men's Watches for Sale  By : Rog Barman
    Selecting a men's Invicta watch is tough with so many to choose from. This article will help you to find the best Invicta men's watch for you.
  • Keeping Crazy Hours  By : trigger man
    Every person in the world should have his own watch. Today, watches have become both a necessity and a luxury.
  • Express Your Affection With Diamond Jewelry Gifts  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Admit it or not, with so many occasions in a year, you may actually run out of gift ideas
  • Fine Jewelry: What To Look For  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    A diamond's cut pertains to its external proportions, as well as the skill of cutting and polishing
  • Why Choose Round Brilliant Cut Diamond For Your Fine Jewelry  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    When searching for fine jewelry diamonds it is important that you consider the cutting technique used for the sparklers as this greatly affect their ability to produce fire and brilliance
  • To Infinity And Beyond  By : trigger man
    The Omega watch has always been the strong choice for extraordinary people. Up to this day, the Omega Watch still is one of the leaders in A Class watches.
  • Tips On How To Get A Hold Of A Timex Triathlon Watch Band  By : Mabyn Rayner
    Purchasing something as clear-cut and yet individual as a watch band might be a long process when you are not certain about what kind of watch bands that best match your precious wristwatch. On the other hand, along with the assistance of the world wide web, you can now shop for watch bands using the web without experiencing to journey to a departmental outlet or mall. Furthermore, it is generally inexpensive to shop online as in comparison to a customary shop.
  • Skills for Wearing and Maintenance of Charm Bracelets  By : Serena
    According to historical records, in ancient times men and women wore bracelets, a symbol of women as married, and men to serve as a symbol of identity or the nature of work. In addition, in ancient society, people wearing bracelets that can ward off evil or run into good luck.
  • Diamonds And The Four C's  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    In choosing a diamond ring we want to buy, we have to be mindful of several factors to make sure that we will get the best ring for our special someone
  • Diamonds: What To Look For In Diamonds  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    In choosing a diamond ring we want to buy, we have to be mindful of several factors to make sure that we will get the best ring for our special someone
  • Engagement Rings: Choosing The Perfect Diamond Ring For Your Bride  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Diamonds symbolize eternity which makes them fit perfectly in engagement rings
  • Online Shopping For Hello Kitty Bike  By : rak
    You thought that it is only boys and men who drool over bikes? Make way for the girl-power Hello Kitty Bike that has been garnering rave reviews all over the web. It is the pink wonder that every girl wants to ride.
  • How Water Resistant Is Your Watch  By : trigger man
    One specific and need requirement when buying a watch is it needs to be water proof. Water resistant at least. You would not know when this feature will come in handy but it will.
  • Buying Watches 101  By : trigger man
    One thing that most people look forward to buying once they have the money is a good watch. A good time piece could be the only jewelry you would ever need to wear.
  • What to Know About Gucci Watches  By : Debbie Holland
    If you're in the market for a Gucci, or any quality timepiece, you should know some basic information, which can help you to choose the right watch for you. Understanding the terms watch makers use can help you to have a basic knowledge of watches.
  • What to Consider When Browsing For the Perfect Time Piece  By : John Trodey
    Nothing can quite compare to the elegant, timeless flare a beautiful watch conveys from the wrist of an individual. Not only are watches considered to be extravagant time pieces, but they are both classic and contemporary accessories that can truly enhance one's personal sense of style.
  • Ways To Obtain Swiss Army Watchbands  By : Edana Kaiser
    Learn further today about how Swiss watch bands can help your look. Whether you're on the lookout for something durable for everyday work, something professional for the office, or something elegant and charming for nights out on the town, you may be hard pressed to locate one that doesn't suit you.
  • How To Benefit From A Jogging Watch  By : Errol Moore
    The increasing levels of stress that you are experiencing at work could cause you to suffer from any number of health problems. These health problems may result in some serious damage if left unchecked over a considerable period of time. This makes it more important to indulge in an activity that will help you combat stress effectively. Jogging is
  • Diamond Buying Guide - 6 C's of Buying Diamonds  By : Andrea Coba
    Your average Diamond Guide is made up of of four C’s that have been originated through the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) This is the organization that developed the diamond categorizing practice that a good number of us use today. To these 4 C’s I have included two more, for this reason the 6’s in the title. Beneath I will delve into more concentration and detail on the critical facets of a diamond selecting guide as well as the importance of the two extra C’s that I have included to the Diamond Manual.
  • Spotting A Fake Gucci Watch  By : Debbie Holland
    Many watch brands have imitators, which copy their name. Gucci and other watch makers have to compete with those selling fakes, but there are ways to tell is your watch is authentic. Know you prices, look for flaws, and be careful making on-line purchases.
  • Diamond Buying Tips - More Than 4'Cs!  By : Camilo Leiva
    Your typical Diamond Guide is made up of of four C’s that have been originated by the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) This is the association that originated the diamond grading method that the largest part of us use in our day. To these 4 C’s I have submitted two more, that's why the 6’s in the label. Beneath I will go into more concentration and detail on the critical facets of a diamond information guide in addition to the relevance of the two other C’s that I have submitted to the Diamond Handbook.
  • The Care and Maintenance of Your Tissot  By : Debbie Holland
    The maintenance and cleaning of any luxury watch, such as a Tissot is crucial in keeping it, not only looking great, but performing for many years. Proper care and maintenance is easy and time efficient, and will certainly extend the life of your watch.
  • Earning the Geneva Seal  By : Debbie Holland
    Luxury watches, like Cartier watches are quite popular. Before you make a purchase there are some facts you may not know about Cartier watches. Knowing more about the luxury watch brand you are thinking of purchasing from, will help you to make a better choice.
  • Men and Women Watches - Bulova Watch Information  By : Benard Cory
    The Bulova tradition began in 1875 when Czechoslovakian immigrant, Joseph Bulova, opened his tiny jewelry store in New York City. In his little shop, he designed and made watches that suited his vision for excellence, and as their popularity grew, so did the company. By 1912, Bulova watches are so popular that Joseph opens manufacturing plants in S
  • Tell someone you love them with a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry.  By : Andrew Bray
    If you want to tell someone you love them! say it with a peace of beautiful diamond jewelry, whether it is a engagement ring, wedding ring, or just a set of earrings, you can’t go wrong with diamonds. they really are a girls beat friend.
  • Be a Master - Choose Rolex Yacht-Master  By : trigger man
    Given the watch technology developed by leading luxury watch brands in recent years, watches are now carrying out other functions and quite efficiently at that. Take the Rolex Yacht-Master, one of the most favored sports watch ever produced by the brand, as an example.
  • Your Guide to Buying A Wristwatch  By : Terry Daniels
    Although wristwatches seem to be on the up and out, if you are looking to buy a watch it may be a tad overwhelming. This article describes some great techniques that will ensure you find a watch you are happy with.
  • Avoiding Buyer's Remorse When Watch Shopping  By : Terry Daniels
    When you are looking to find a wristwatch that you are happy with you have to be willing to invest your time and energy in the search. This article describes the best way to find a watch for your lifestyle.
  • Diesel Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    Diesel watches are not known for subtlety. In fact, the Diesel brand is known for dominant watches with large faces, vibrant colours, and even digital numbers. What do you get from the Diesel brand other than power, though? You get a personalized statement of who you are.
  • Omega Watches Similar To Timex Solar and Shock  By : Paul Wise
    As companies like Casio watches would be supported by the G shock crew the Invicta Subaqua, Omega Seamaster, and the Rolex Daytona they have very similar features to the Ironman, which lack individual sub-features such as the timing down buttons, quartz and atomic, and of course electroluminescent lighting.
  • The Timex Ironman And Indiglo Electroluminescence Technology  By : Paul Wise
    One of the most popular of timepieces ever, the Timex Ironman line of wristwatches is available in a variety of models offering a broad range of features, such as are found in the handy solar-powered Ironman Shock.
  • Casio Watches: Superb Japanese Technology  By : Peter Farrar
    Casio watches are widely available since their original launch with calculators in 1954. They come in every shape and size for every type of need that you might have. If you have a technological need to add to the watch then you definitely want a Casio watch.
  • Rotary Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    Rotary Watches was founded by a gentleman named Moise Dreyfuss in the Swiss town La chaux-de-Fonds in 1895. The turning point for the company came in the 1920s when they started to export the watches to England where they ultimately became the most successful watches sold there.
  • Stunning New Invicta Speedway Watches  By : Paul Wise
    The Invicta Speedway is a classically themed men's watch featuring bold accents suitable for both business and casual dress.
  • Casio Databank Watches and How They Affect Modern Society  By : Paul Wise
    Casio Databank Watches are very capable wristwatches that continue to sell well even in our world of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and smartphones.
  • Finding a Watch That Fits You  By : Terry Daniels
    Shopping for a new watch can be a frustrating process. This article outlines what you should be looking for in a watch so that your watch shopping process can be less stressful and easier to accomplish.
  • The Growth of Casio Watches  By : William Gold
    As Casio Watches deliberately attract customers, it is only natural to wonder how they have become so successful.
  • Seiko and Traser Watches for the Rugged and Stylish Sportsmen  By : Clint Jhonson
    Do you want to have a watch that is both stylish and rugged? Do you expect extreme reliability from your fashion wristwatch? Then Seiko watches and Traser watches are two of the top brands that you should seriously consider. Few luxury watches can deliver superior reliability and functionality.
  • Give A Gift, Give A Rolex  By : trigger man
    Giving gifts to someone truly special is sometimes a difficult task. A difficult task is figuring out which gift and how special the gift will be given. For the best gift out there, a Rolex watch is truly on top of the special list.
  • The Swiss Swatch Watch  By : Peter Farrar
    Not all watches are created equal and in the case of the Swiss made Swatch watch these words ring true. The Swiss have long been awed for their expertise in the timekeeping industry. Well they have delivered that same precision and craftsmanship in the form of wristwatches, namely the Swatch watch. In 1982 the Swiss company "Swatch Group Ltd" was f
  • Selling Rolex Watch For Instant Money  By : k00lit
    Owning a Rolex is like the ultimate status symbol, for rolex watches come at a very steep price, usually outside the income levels of many people. Rolexes come with an air of extravagance and class that very few luxuries offer. Purchasing a Rolex is like buying a piece of history.Rolex watches are always in high demand. will help you sell Rolex fast, safe, and for a price that will make you happy.
  • The Distinctive Line of Armani Jewellery and Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    If you are looking for distinctive fashion in your jewellery, you should look at the various pieces available from Armani. The designs of Armani Jewellery are created to appeal to men and women.
  • Nixon Watches: A Minor Introduction to a Major Label  By : Peter Farrar
    The Nixon company was founded in Encinitas, California in the year 1997 by a partnership of Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna. Nixon is an accessories company that focuses on the youth lifestyle market. The company began its career with custom built watches that were focused on customers that specialized in surfing, skating, snowboarding, skiing, and fas
  • A Luxury Watch For Dad  By : trigger man
    There is no better gift than a jewelry. For men, the only jewelry that are really worn are watches. For a special guy whose your dad, there can only be one gift. A luxury watch that you have earned for that someone special.
  • Quite a few Feelings Relevant to Hublot  By : Replica Watch Lover
    Spend a time to get a look at this Hublot replica watch video at and then return to learn the remainder!
  • About The Timex Watch Brand  By : Peter Farrar
    There are some name brand products that have been around for many decades. This is true for the Timex Company. They have been designing watches for many years and have built a reliable and dependable reputation for their products.
  • Fossil Watches Offer Modern and Vintage Appeal  By : Peter Farrar
    American watchmaker Fossil was founded in 1984. It was one of the first companies to manufacture watches not only as functional time-keeping devices, but also as fashion statements.
  • Ice Watches – The History Of One Of The Leading Designer Watch Brands  By : watchmad
    Although the Ice Watch brand is only 3 years old, started in just 2007, it has rapidly propelled itself to be one of the newest yet leading brands on the watch market, with their low cost, designer watches appealing to all ages. Despite hundreds of thousands of people wearing Ice Watches with pride, very little is known of the brand and how it came about, but the history of one of the worlds trendiest brands really does make very interesting reading.
  • How To Choose A Good Watch – Top Five Tips To Buy The Best  By : watchmad
    If you are looking for a new watch to wear on your wrist with pride, elegance and style, it has become even harder to choose between all of the current ranges on the market, with more established brands now being matched by smaller, yet trendier lines. To make your decision as to the correct watch to buy takes a little bit of consideration and thought, but if you are going to spend some money on your new item of jewellery it is something you need to get right.,
  • What To Consider When Buying A Watch – Key Things To Remember  By : watchmad
    Buying a watch is usually not just a simple decision, like going into the local jewellery shop or going online and buying the first watch you lay your eyes. Because a watch is both an item of jewellery and something that serves a useful function in every day life, getting the balance between style and reliability becomes even more important when pu
  • Citizen Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    Since before the 1930s Citizen has been making watches. More than 80yrs later, and it's still one of the world's largest watch producers. The name originated from a pocket watch sold in 1924 called CITIZEN. The company rivals most other watch producers, and develops many unique times pieces.
  • Michael Kors Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    Michael Kors is an American fashion designer. He is known for his chic, classic, and luxurious yet sensible aesthetic appeal. Some of the clothes which he designed have been worn by Cate Blanchett, Rene Russo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Heidi Klum.
  • A Look At Oris Watches And Baume & Mercier Watches  By : davidscott
    If you want high end watches that are durable as well as beautiful, you need to consider buying either Oris watches or Baume & Mercier watches. The time pieces produced by these manufacturers are designed to marry stunning design and luxurious materials with the durability you need to wear them every day.
  • Why Should You Go for The Citizen Watches?  By : bidzune
    Citizen watches—the name says it all. There’ll be hardly any person in the world who is not aware of the citizen ecodrive watches.
  • Citizen Watches—the Perfect Style Statement  By : bidzune
    Citizen Eco drive Watches are undoubtedly the most stylish wrist Watches on this earth. It’s a dream of millions of people to decorate their wrists with a Citizen watch.
  • Gift Your Man a Citizen Ecodrive Watch  By : bidzune
    If you’re running out of options to find a quality gift to impress your man then there’s only one potent alternative—a classy and magnificent Citizen watch online auction at Bidzune.
  • For the Ladies: DKNY Watches And Christian Dior Watches  By : davidscott
    If you are a lady and want a fun and fashionable time piece, you may want to consider DKNY watches or Christian Dior watches. These are both recognizable names and offer watches which are dependable, beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. There are many differences between ladies’ watches and men’s watches. Here are a few things that you nee
  • What Brand of Luxury Watch Will You Get  By : trigger man
    Buying a luxury watch is just like buying your own new car. A lot of decision making should be done before being confident on the item you want to buy.
  • Symbolism of Giving Watches as Gifts  By : Susan Kramper
    Some people believe that giving a watch as a gift can denote something bad to the recipient while others believe that it actually shows a person that you think highly of them. The symbolism behind the giving of watches as gifts is actually dependent on a lot of things. These things include culture, your relationship with the person receiving the wa
  • Marc Ecko and Nautica Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    Two of the most popular brands of watches, are Nautica and Marc Ecko, both having options for men and women. If you are looking for an affordable timepiece, that also matches your style, there is an option for you, with either of these brands.
  • Seiko and Citizen Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    eiko and Citizen watches are the top of the line for timepieces. When you are in the market for a new watch you should look into these wonderful pieces at your earliest convenience. The craftsmanship is tremendous and you will find that these will flatter your look whenever you put them on.
  • Ed Hardy Watches Fine Works Of Art!  By : ed hardy
    Ed Hardy is definitely one of the hot brands of the moment and is a strong favourite among a whole host of style icons and celebrities. The designer brand is renowned for its extensive collection of vibrant tattoo design inspired t-shirts and tanks and recently the range of Ed Hardy watches have become an incredibly popular choice of accessory.
  • Men`s Rolex Watch Reviews  By : Roberto Sedycias
    For a long time, a Rolex watch was a symbol of success. These have become more accessible as years have gone by, but are still regarded as the must have timepiece by most men.
  • Timex Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    From the dawn of time, man has calculated the passage of day and night with different devices. The position of the sun and stars kept prehistoric man on track. Sun dials, with their large circular disks and clock type markings, notified time in shadow form.
  • Stuhrling Original: Discover a Style that Expresses Your Personality  By : kellyannrichardson
    There is a secret to style that is so simple that it’s amazing more people don’t realize it. Quite simply, you can’t go wrong with dressing to suit your personality. It may sound easy, but it requires the ability to look inward before you express yourself with what you wear.
  • Fossil Watches - The Perfect Mix of Style and Function  By : Peter Farrar
    Fossil watches are stylish, functional, and fun. With lines for men and women, there are many options when picking a Fossil watch. Some of the most popular styles sport large dials, and the bands are made from various materials including hardened resin, ceramic, and stainless steel.
  • Croton Watches: Now You Can Express Your Discerning Taste  By : juliedunham
    A universal accessory that expresses your personal sense of fashion and your concern with quality, the wristwatch you sport says a lot about you. As you search for your next watch, consider a piece from Croton’s wide selection.
  • 10 Invicta Watches for the Stylish Professional  By : Simmons
    When you want to make a seriously powerful statement about your sense of personal style and discerning taste, there’s no better way to get the point across than with a wristwatch by Invicta. One of the most recognized and time-honored names in quality timepieces, Invicta has the watch to please even the pickiest of collectors. Consider the following stand out models for the next time you want to turn heads.
  • Ed Hardy Watches: Where Tattoo Artistry meets Urban Fashion!  By : ed hardy
    Nothing adds class and elegance to an individual, than a nice wristwatch, and Ed Hardy watches are perfect examples of it. Unlike all watches you have probably ever seen, nothing compares to rocker chic of Ed Hardy watches.
  • Classic Style with Armani Exchange Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    Armani is a name that will always be associated with fashion and style, and Armani Exchange watches are no exception. With men's and women's styles, these watches are crafted for style, function, and performance.
  • The Man Behind Rolex  By : trigger man
    The world will forever be greatful with Hans Wilsdorf. He gave everyone a standard on how a Swiss watch should be. Precision and elegance are just some characteristics that make the Rolex watch truly one of the best if not the best out there.
  • Accurist Watches – The History of One of the Leading Watch Brands  By : watchmad
    Accurist Watches have grown to become one of the leading watch brands in the UK and also worldwide since originally launching in 1946, from a shop in St John Street in the Clerkenwell district, a popular area of London. The brand has since become renownded for its value and quality and have of course gone on to become the official time supplier for
  • Diesel and DKNY Watches  By : Peter Farrar
    Diesel watches are sleek and fun. They have a whole theme of serious style mingled with high-tech lines. Many of them while being masculine still, don't really showcase the bulky metal that we're used to when we think of men's watches.
  • Learn how to Polish Your Watch  By : Jim Clarrison
    Finally, I've gotten round to taking pictures of some of my instruments that I exploit to restore the ultimate end on my watches after they need some taking care of.
  • Why People Are Buying Rolex Watches  By : lbtriggerman
    There are a lot of reasons people are buying Rolex watches. The name itself gives off an aura of prestige enough to receive much attention from all people to get one for themselves.
  • Casio Watches: Choice and Quality for Discerning Consumers  By : Peter Farrar
    Casio has long been regarded as a leader in the field of personal technology. Since its founding in April 1946 the company has remained on the cutting edge of digital technology, creating some of the earliest portable calculators and popularizing digital and analog quartz watches among a broad consumer market.
  • Citizen Eco-Drive  By : Peter Farrar
    The first Citizen Eco-Drive watches, which are light powered watches, were sold in 1995. There is an amorphous silicon solar cell behind the dial that charges a titanium lithium-ion rechargeable secondary battery.
  • Black Stainless Steel Watch  By : Aaron Anderson
    Black stainless steel watches is an across the board category in today’s watchmaking industry: from casual and affordable to high-end luxury, nearly all brands from all over the globe paint their steel watches with black.
  • What Makes a Swiss Luxury Watch So Good? The Geneva Seal  By : Mark Etinger
    The article provides an overview of the Geneva Seal, a quality standard for Swiss luxury watch makers.
  • Are Automatic Watch Winders Necessary?  By : Jose Sanborn
    Automatic watch winders are mechanical devices that are designed to keep normal self-winding watches wound when not being worn. Self-winding watches, also known as automatic watches do not have batteries like their quartz watch counterparts, which means they will run down if not worn regularly. Watch winders solve this problem by keeping the watches wound up and ready to use when you need it.
  • Wearing a Fine Watch While Living the Good Life  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Living the good life means different things to different people. At one end, the good life might be as simple as having a roof over head. For others itÂ’s affording luxurious items like a fine watch, owning a nice home, or buying a new sports car. It could be affording an expensive outfit to wear while eating out at a four star restaurant or going
  • Sell My Angelus Watch For Cash Today  By : k00lit
    We buy Watches not only Angelus but also every type of watches. Quality and safe handling of your timepieces shall be guaranteed. Get the money you need, fast, easy and secure. We have been buying watches like Angelus since 1993. We are the biggest watch buyer in the world. Nobody pays more. We buy more brands than anyone else. We buy watches of this level and if you want to sell your watch to us, we are more than happy to meet your price.
  • Zenith Watches for Ladies  By : davidscott
    Whether you are interested in glamour or a stylish timepiece which can be worn daily there is a wide of range zenith watches to select from. Nowadays, the popularity of the Internet has made purchasing much easier and individuals who are familiar with the computer can choose a watch just by looking at different catalogues offered by different websi
  • Affordable and Quality German, Italian and Swiss Watches  By : MarcGallo
    Buy some of the most sophisticated watches worldwide. You will definitely consider them affordable and you can find out more about the quality of the materials used.
  • Cartier Watches - Reviews and Personal Picks  By : Chandra Coleman
    Once you learn more of Cartier Watches, you'll want to own one of these beautiful time-pieces for yourself. That's why I'm going to provide some important information about various Cartier designs, along with my own personal picks.
  • Amber and Its Varied Utilizes  By : Christina Stella
    Amber is formed from the tree sap of historic trees that has fossilized. It's formed during the procedure of polymerization of its original natural compounds. The majority of amber found on earth ranges from 30 to 90 million many years old.

    The mineral is called succinite by mineralogists, gleaned through the Latin succinum. This Latin name actu
  • All About Watches: From the Pocket Watch to the Bulova Wrist Watch  By : Mark Etinger
    Explore the history of timepieces, beginning with pocket watches in the 1850s and ending with the fine Bulova wrist watch and Concord Mariner watch models we know today.

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