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  • Seiko Chronograph Quartz SNA526P Men's Watch  By : Jasson C
    A Seiko watch, even in the entry levels, is highly accurate. So it will be a waste of time discussing how accurate the 7T62 caliber might be. Amongst the vast majority of quartz watches out there within the same price range, Seiko offers the least of potential accuracy, performance and reliability issues
  • Grand Seiko HI-BEAT Automatic Power Reserve Menís Watch  By : Jason
    Solid, lightweight with a supple and rich leather band, the functional details of the Seiko Automatic Military Power Reserve Menís Watch harmonizes with the carefully crafted aesthetic abundance, making it a GS to be lured at.
  • Emporio Armani Quartz Men's Watches Classic, Formal and Trendy Look  By : Jasson Cjp
    Emporio Armani brings its collection of Quartz Men's Watches,The classic-designed watches tailored for formal wear are also amazingly trendy, which means, formal doesnít need to be boring anymore.
  • Invicta Quartz Chronograph 17887 Menís Watch  By : Jasson C
    Easy to read, operate and maintain, the Invicta Quartz Chronograph 17887 Menís Watch brings back the focus and life throws you off-balance. The refreshing, intricate design owes to an intelligent layout of the sub-dials, which adds a certain amount of boldness to the watch face.
  • Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial Chronometer Automatic Power Reserve 424. Menís Watch  By : Jason
    The Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial Chronometer Automatic Power Reserve 424. Menís Watch catches attention with its absolutely clean face.
  • Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch  By : Jasson Cnz
    The recreational water sports enthusiast will face a lot of frustrations using the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch. Unless you use it for pro-level diving, youíll never be able to use it to its fullest capacity.
  • Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5214 Menís Watch| A new classic born  By : Jasson C
    The Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz FS5214 Menís Watch is an ideal piece to wear when creating positive impressions matter. Fitting a broad range of social contexts, its rich brown leather strap, off-white dial and dull gun-metal finish of the case brings a striking range of contrasts that never stop to amaze.
  • The Montre Marc Jacobs Betty Cristaux Quartz Mj1476 Fťminine  By : Adam
    With the trend for oversized watches in the ladies fashion horology realm now taking a backseat, Marc Jacobs focused on the traditional petite and steered clear out of the flashy novelties. The Montre Marc Jacobs Betty Cristaux Quartz Mj1476 Fťminine initiates a clear trend and marks a resurgence of the proper ladiesí watch
  • Invicta Angel Quartz 0701 Womens Watch  By : Jasson Cjp
    Modest yet vibrant, the Invicta Angel Quartz 0701 Womens Watch proves that low-key doesnít need to be boring. As far as being stylish goes, the Invicta Angel Quartz 0701 Womens Watch timepiece picks from a wide range of designs, setting up the whole ensemble in colours that match anytime of the day from dusk to dawn. Whatever your needs might be
  • Seiko 5 200m Automatic Map Meter SKZ231K1 SKZ231K SKZ231 Mens Watch| The 3-Way Outdoor Solution  By : Jasson C
    The Seiko 5 200m Automatic Map Meter SKZ231K1 SKZ231K SKZ231 Mens Watch is the type of watch youíll find hard to part with once it makes it to your wrist. It is a big and thick watch and stands out on the wrist to make some very good impressions.
  • Stuhrling Original Delphi Alpha Automatic 107EL.114531 Womenís Watch  By : Jasson C
    The Stuhrling Original Delphi Alpha Automatic 107EL.114531 Womenís Watch sets a new standard for inexpensive watches and sets an example of being absolutely attractive at a throwaway price. Itís an automatic that attracts attention with both its design and built, which are going to last over decades.
  • Tissot T-Trend Couturier Automatic T035.428.36.051.00 Watch  By : Adam
    The Tissot T-Trend Couturier Automatic T035.428.36.051.00 Watch makes you experience everything that you can call wonderful in affordable luxury.
    The somewhat minimal Montre Tissot T-Classic T-One T035.428.36.051.00 Watch is not discreet in its appearance and draws attention.
  • Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch  By : Jasson C
    The Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch is a sweet deviation from the digital faces that are so common in todayís sports world. Adidas creates a modern-looking watch in a different way and represents a good value for money.
  • Movado Museum Sport Swiss Made Quartz 0606604 Menís Watch  By : Jason
    The Museum signature, with the iconic metallic disc (at 12) is present here too in the Movado Museum Sport Swiss Made Quartz 0606604 Menís Watch and it certainly draws the lineage, but the difference (in a good way) is noticeable and boils down to showing your personal preference and style.
  • Armani Exchange Street Chronograph Quartz AX1523 Menís Watch  By : Jasson C
    Armani Exchange focuses on the younger crowd and creates a provocative, street-chic piece. The Armani Exchange Street Chronograph Quartz AX1523 Menís Watch exudes with an overall contemporary style, which will stay that way for decades.
  • Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch  By : Jasson Cnz
    The automatic date and time keeping across multiple years is not an exclusive feature. There are many that do it; however, when it comes to finding out a specific date or day in a specific year, thereís not another that presents the sequence like this, laid on a platter.
  • Stuhrling Original Antilles Automatic Skeleton 773.01 Mens Watch  By : Jasson C
    The Stuhrling Original Antilles Automatic Skeleton 773.01 Mens Watch, also known as the Regatta Antilles, is a sturdy and rugged Stuhrling Original timepiece.
  • Michael Kors Brecken Gunmetal Tone Chronograph MK8465 Menís Watch  By : Jasson C
    The Michael Kors Brecken Gunmetal Tone Chronograph MK8465 Menís Watch is a particularly interesting timepiece from all appearances.
  • Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Menís Watch  By : Jason
    Turn the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ceramic Chronograph Quartz Tachymeter 200M CAZ1014.FC8196 Menís Watch over. There youíll find the standard steel, Formula-I with the chequered flag.
  • Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch |The Voodoo Diver from Tissot  By : Jasson Cnz
    The dial design is really sharp. The hands stick out nicely without looking like eyesores. They didnít sacrifice beauty for the sake of being read-easy. Broad hands that are easy to see in murky, low light conditions often get ugly and obtrusive; thatís not the case here.
  • Diesel Rollcage Quartz DZ1753 Men's Watch  By : Jason C
    The Diesel Rollcage Quartz DZ1753 Men's Watch plays a crucial role in power dressing. The grey/blue combination creates a gravely serious yet commanding feel; the brushed gunmetal plating perfectly suiting the scenarios.
  • J.Springs by Seiko Automatic 21 Jewels Japan Made BEB578 Menís Watch  By : Jasson C
    The J.Springs name is still comparatively new to most of the people; itís only the ardent watch enthusiasts who are aware of it fully. It is a common question that why Seiko Japan opted for this trade name, to which, the answer is that Seiko wanted to get started an entirely new palette without any readily noticeable Seiko traits.
  • Diesel Uber Chief Chronograph Quartz DZ7376 Menís Watch  By : Jasson C
    The Diesel Uber Chief Chronograph Quartz DZ7376 Menís Watch is a versatile watch that doesnít conform to the norms. It is more of a scientific instrument than a watch to be worn on a regular basis, yet it entices you as a daily wear if your dress mode is semi-casual to casual.
  • Seiko Automatic Alpinist SARB017 Menís Watch  By : Jasson C
    The Seiko Kinetic SARB017 Menís Watch features a second crown (at 4 oíclock) to rotate the internal chapter ring bordering the dial. It makes the Alpinist readily recognizable while the engraved 3oíclock crown is a screw-down type.
  • Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch  By : Jason
    The Diesel Uber Chief Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch showers you with its uniqueness. It is outstandingly different from other dual time watches. Instead of throwing in two different dials for two different time zones, Diesel introduced two rotating discs with the hour and minute markings at 9ío clock.
  • Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Menís Watch  By : Jasson C
    Omega produces the blue hue like no one else does. Itís both subtle and deep, starkly opposite to the brighter and distracting blues many of the other big brands come up with.
  • Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Men's Watch  By : Jason C
    The black has an advantage over other colours and is a little more versatile in its usage. Very few watches can actually compare to the black of the Seamaster.
  • Citizen Eco Drive Satellite Wave Air  By : CitizenEcoDriveWatch
    With Citizen Eco Drive Satellite Wave Air you will never miss a second of your day as it captures day, date and time directly from the satellites orbiting 20,000 KMS above the earth.
  • Watches for Every Style and Occasion Innovative and Trendy  By : Parker John 299
    Citizen AT4010-50e watches not only have superior looks but also come with some very cool technological innovations. This watch comes with ĎAtomic time keepingí technology.
  • Seiko Chronograph Watches for Men  By : Jason C
    The Seiko Speedtimer Chronograph watch for men was introduced in the 70ís and it was and continues to be pretty revolutionary. For example, back then watches used to be relatively small in dimension Ė usually no more than 3 cm across.
  • An Introduction to Bulgari  By : Opulent Watches
    This Article about BVLGARI. The company has already acquired a fabulous reputation for its jewelry division and has diversified into watches, fragrances, accessories and hotels.The ĎDiva collectioní is yet another show stopper which was launched recently during Paris Haute Couture week this year.
  • Chopard - 150 Years of Premier Design Jewelry and Luxury Watches  By : Opulent Watches
    This article about Chopard: The Major brand of design jewelry and luxury watches. The jewelry is made to fit the style and stature falling nothing short of the 'celebrity' status. Chopard has many diversified collections; Happy Diamonds, Imperiale, Chopardissimo and La Strada with each having their own distinct features and looks setting themselves
  • Top Reasons for Buying Couple Watches  By : Laura Moore
    A few years ago, buying watches would mean that people would have to look for individual pieces and buy them one at a time. If a couple, for instance, would like to buy matching timepieces, they would have to manually choose designs that complement one another and buy them individually. Nowadays, however, couple watches are starting to become popular not just among lovers but also among friends or relatives. Basically, these are watches that come in pairs. They may not look exactly the same, but they look similar in terms of color, style or design. What are the top reasons why a lot of people are convinced that buying watches in pairs is a good choice?
  • Watch Faces for Jewelry Making - A Beautiful Gift for Your Wife  By : Sarah Wholesale
    Jewelry will be the first thing that strikes the mind of a man, while buying a gift for his wife. Though, your wife may like the idea of getting a new piece of jewelry every time however, it becomes very difficult to get new pieces that she may like.
  • Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Timepieces -- Terrific for Serious Diving  By : Samantha Frost
    Dive fanatics and all aquatic sports addicts are frequently led to ferret out the ultimate timepiece, which may just be the Dive Master 500 by Victorinox. The Victorinox Dive Master 500 watch line is fantastic for those searching for a sporty look. These versatile diver timekeeping instruments are outstandingly usable and they merely look wonderful diving in the briny deep and in the office.
  • Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Timepieces Stand Out  By : Samantha Frost
    The Classima wrist timepiece collection spotlights how the company has prosperously maintained its balance among remaining faithful to its traditions while still surfing the leading edge of breakthroughs. While the Baume Mercier Classima Executives timing devices are endowed with a timeless design philosophy which ensures the wristwatches will never become unfashionable. The timekeepers are moreover built with some of the cutting-edge assembly methods. The business practices the best know-how offered by Baume & Mercier's accomplices at the same time upholding command over the basic factors of the creation process, makes sure that the brand achieves without exception distinctive watches.
  • Rose Gold Watches Are Stylish For Spring  By : myreviewsnow
    The classic wristwatch may not be quite as common as it once was as more and more people rely on their cell phone to keep time, but individuals looking to make a subtle statement about their own personal sense of style understand that a high-quality wristwatch is much more than a timepiece, it is also a fashion statement.
  • A Brief History Of The Rolex Watch  By : Adriaan Rootman
    Rolex is a brand of Swiss wristwatches and accessories renowned for their quality and exclusivity. The watches have become status symbols of the rich and famous as well as the upwardly-mobile career-minded individual. Although a symbol of success, ...
  • Find Excellent Black Ceramic Watches for Men  By : Ethal Finlej
    Being careful about the watch that you purchase is sensible. But what if the black ceramic watch that you have purchased is resistant from scratches and damage? Traditional materials might not offer you this feature.
  • How A Luxury Watch Can Improve Your Image  By : Yuri M Shatalov
    How A Luxury Time Piece Can Improve Your Image And Caring For You Luxury Time Piece
  • Fine Watches For Men--Are They A Wise Buy?  By : Benedict Norden
    When standing in front of a display counter of fine watches for men, you may always feel torn between making a purchase and running away. Sure, that timepiece is beautiful, but the money you'll spend for it can pay for a lot of other things. Why waste hard-earned money for just one item, right? If this is your question, then you must read on. Here we will talk about some great benefits of investing in a luxury watch.
  • Luxury Watches Are The Jewels Of The Passage Of Time  By : Jeremy Lee
    Making an investment in a marvelous timepiece is a wonderful thing that can happen in a man's life. Luxury Watches encompass three vital craftsmanship aspects that every owner seeks.
  • Advantages Of Buying A Used Watch  By : Kimberly Harris
    The best place to locate previously owned devices is through a reputable dealer. While it may be possible to get a good price on an auction site or through classified listings, it is possible that what is being advertised is a fake or broken timepiece.
  • Express Yourself With A Magnificent Ice Watch  By : Susan Jacobs
    Do you wish to make a fashion statement with your watch? The Ice Watch collection is the best selection if you want to make heads turn wherever you go. The Ice watch is a prominent worldwide brand name founded in 2007. These watches are created in Belgium and are the creation of its designers Jean-Pierre Lutgen, Polly Yu and Christy who developed this brand name driven by the idea to devise something entirely brand-new and fresh.
  • What to Consider When Choosing A Good Watch?  By : Nancy Day
    Have you ever purchased a wrist watch by yourself? Normally, this is a typical gift, so most of us got their watches as gifts. Therefore, most of us have no idea how to choose a good wrist watch. By the way, there is no unanimous opinion on watches. Some people claim that watches are just fashionable accessories, while others believe watches still serve their key purpose. They tell the time.
  • Elegant, Classy and Practical Ladies Watches  By : Lucy Key
    A guide to the different watches available to women.
  • History of Breitling Watches  By : Lucy Key
    Learn the history of Breitling, one of europes finest watch companies. Discover the origins of their ties with the aviation industry and their latest innovations.
  • Determining Factors of a Replica Watch  By : Tanaka Nsakura
    Imagine you get a watch as a gift for your loved one or a friend, only to realize that it is a fake. The repercussion will not only affect the pocket but you will have been deprived off your respectful dignity.
  • Personalized Watches For Any Occasion  By : David Sheath
    If you are looking for the perfect present to give to your friend or loved one, consider a personalized gift. Most everyone loves receiving these types of gifts as they show that you took the time to get something just for them. Personalized ...
  • Personalized Watches Are A Gem In Any Collection  By : David Sheath
    Personalized watches can be a symbol of many things, and they can reflect the amount of love one person has for another. As an ideal gift for both men and women, they can even be given out during any event, with hopes of expressing appreciation and ...
  • The Tissot PRC200 Wristwatch Series For Fantastic Design  By : Laura Moore
    With regard to cool timekeeping tools, the Tissot firm always comes forward. The Tissot firm has been fashioning graceful Swiss timing tools since the middle of the nineteenth century located in the in the village of Le Locle, Switzerland. Tissot earned its esteem by fabricating timekeeping instruments applying none but tried and true matter fused with top notch options. The Tissot manufacturer is considered to make the acme in watch building mechanics and design.
  • The Reliable Victorinox Chrono Classic Purchased On-Line  By : Laura Moore
    The Swiss Army Victorinox Chrono Classic is greatly reliable having been built with sturdy and superlative parts. Even though we all comprehend that seeking a consummate wristwatch is often a problem, it would always be best to make a request for a wristwatch which has been made by a reputable internet website which has been in the business for a long while. In the minds of males that are enamored with stockpiling all the Swiss Army Chrono Classic watches which they discover on the web site, not anything matches the distinct and astonishing traits of the Victorinox Chrono Classic.
  • The Dive Master 500 Series By Victorinox Supplies Great Atrributes  By : Samantha Frost
    The superb Dive Master 500 collection of divers wristwatches by Swiss Army reflects the values that Swiss Army has sought to advance for more than 100 years. Swiss Army built its name by multifunctional pocketknives for the Swiss Army but its variety of timing instruments may be the finest demonstration of its purpose to proffer extremely useful instruments to individuals.
  • For A Luxurious Diver's Timepiece Look At Dive Master 500 Timing Tools by Victorinox  By : Samantha Frost
    The Dive Master 500 set of divers wristwatches by Victorinox is one of the best timing tool lines that Victorinox Swiss Army creates. A large number of individuals think of the Victorinox moniker with Victorinox Swiss Army multi-function knives, which it has been fabricating since the late nineteenth century when it first began producing knives for
  • Types Of Personalized Watches And Factors To Consider When Buying Them  By : David Sheath
    People give gifts to one another for various reasons. The reasons range from affection purposes, reward or even anniversaries. In some cases, people receive gifts as instruments of motivation such as, in the workplace. The main challenge in gift ...
  • Classima Executives Timepieces By Baume Mercier For Executives  By : Laura Moore
    The Baume & Mercier Classima Executives timekeeping device range is crafted to the very same lofty guidelines as each Baume & Mercier wrist timepiece, supplying an essential purchase for individuals in the marketplace for an elegant apparatus which can be put on everywhere, whether at a ballgame or at a formal dinner affair.
  • The Baume & Mercier Classima Watch Collection Is Stands Out  By : Laura Moore
    Baume & Mercier Classima Executives wristwatches project the exquisite beauty that has always been one of the characteristics of Baume Mercier timing devices ever since the Baume family initiated manufacturing timepieces in the early 19th century. The Baume Mercier Classima timekeeping devices have been endowed with the thin profile which goes easily under clothing and the luxurious fashion of a historic Baume & Mercier timepiece from the 1960s, the year when the the brand caused a shake up in the wristwatch field through producing one of the most trim timing devices in the world with a miniaturized rotor. The modern Baume & Mercier Classima wrist timepiece range keeps the characteristics of clean style and refined polish that have always classified each Baume & Mercier timekeeping device.
  • Dress To The Nines - Matching The Right Watch With The Right Clothes  By : Joannis Mousicos
    In this article, the writer has hand selected 3 Swiss luxury watches and matched them with appropriate clothing to create 3 distinct looks - 1 smart, 1 casual and 1 sporty.

    Clothing and watches are all available via their respective designers and manufacturers or through the retailers mentioned in the article.
  • The Greatness Of Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic Timepieces Discovered  By : Samantha Frost
    Chrono Classic wristwatches by Victorinox are famous worldwide for excellent craftsmanship that transforms commonplace tenets relating to watches and transcends the confines of chrono crafting. One instance which makes clear how robust these Classic Chrono wrist timepieces are is the Victorinox Swiss Army 241261 wrist timepiece, an extraordinary model which blends sublime artistry and functionality in one timekeeping instrument.
  • Panerai Luminor 1950 Equator of Time Tourbillon  By : Melissa Smith
    The Panerai Luminor 1950 Equator of Time Tourbillon is a watch that is been especially designed as a tribute to the great Galileo Galilei. Measuring a generous 50mm in diameter, this watch combines the best features, the rarest watchmaking specialty, and the most exclusive materials to create a one of a kind masterpiece.
  • The Tissot T-Touch Expert Timing Instrument Outperforms Conventional Timepieces  By : Samantha Frost
    In keeping with their high tier nature, the people who assemble the superb timing tools of Tissot additionally design the T-Touch Expert timing device line by Tissot. It is a timing instrument series that focuses on only one purpose, specifically to manufacture sleek wrist timepiece styles and ultra practical functions unseen in many other wristwatches.
  • Elegance And Class With Rado Watch  By : T. Narvaez
    There is something unique about the materials selected since they are used in their original state to create that classical appeal. The strength in diamonds is never lost creating an elegant and durable range.
  • The Great Chrono Classic XLS Timepiece Range By Victorinox  By : Laura Moore
    The Chrono Classic XLS timepiece series by Victorinox encompasses elegant chronographs which are famed not merely by the well entrenched Swiss Army standing but also due to their esteemed craftsmanship that continues to dazzle people. The greatness of these wristwatches is extremely observable by manner of just how the Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS timepiece line is crafted.
  • Why Do We Buy Luxury Watches?  By : Joannis Mousicos
    What is it about luxury watches that makes them so attractive and expensive? Each buyer has their own reasons for buying a particular piece and in this article, the writer explores the different reasons and motivations that watch buyers have for purchases and also explores the different types of buyers out there.
  • Shining A Spotlight On The Tissot T-Touch Expert Wrist Timepiece Series  By : Samantha Frost
    The T-Touch Expert collection of timepieces took hold of the men's wristwatch industry by storm with its graceful aesthetics and highly utilitarian functions. It is a timepiece range which surely remodels wristwatches when it stuffs numerous features into a gentlemen's wristwatch while not causing it to be overly ponderous and maintaining a handsome style for everyday use.
  • The Fabulous Tissot T-Touch Timing Gadgets  By : Laura Moore
    The T-Touch wristwatch range by Tissot is a terrific collection of wristwatches that have diverse functions that someone who thrives in a robust way of life will doubtless favor. Irrespective of the happenstance that the multiple options are terrific, that which causes the T-Touch wristwatch by Tissot to be singular is its tactile sapphire crystal. The total T-Touch series has been designed with Tissot's hi tech tactile screen capability that empowers you to easily activate the multiple options while not having to mess with knobs on the wristwatch.
  • The T-Touch Expert Watch A Terrific Pick For Active Persons  By : Laura Moore
    If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you will appreciate a T-Touch Expert wrist timepiece. The magnificent Tissot T-Touch Expert wristwatch supplies you with all of the important modes that you need when you are in the great outdoors and may even save your state of health.
  • The Panerai Black Seal Compass  By : Melissa Smith
    Panerai is a luxury watch brand that is most associated with robust military watches. The history of Panerai watches dates back to 1825 when Giovanni Panerai, who was the founder of the Panerai Buiness, opened the first watchmakerís shop in Florence. The long history of this watch brand evolves, as does the workmanship and advancements for the brandís timepieces.
  • A Timex Ironman Watch Cannot Disappoint You  By : Pedro A. Delloach
    Whatever a consumer's watch needs are, there will be a watch out there to meet their needs be it a: waterproof watch, GPS running watch, chronograph watch or even a specific make and model of watch like the Timex Ironman.
  • Ponder The Seven Seas Wearing The Sea Touch Diver Watch  By : Samantha Frost
    The Tissot Sea Touch diver's timepiece will surely draw individuals who enjoy scuba diving or who may be merely drawn by blue waters. The Sea T-Touch diver wristwatch belongs to the impressive Tissot T-Touch wristwatch collection created by the illustrious wristwatch maker founded in the Neuchatel area of Switzerland.
  • Tag Heuer And Others Bridge The Luxury Watch Gap  By : Mark Etinger
    Watchmakers like Tag Heuer and Baume & Mercier are bridging the gap between luxury and affordability.
  • Buy Branded Watches Online Ė Get Set to the Time Signature  By : Jacky Thomas
    Fashion and accessories are two sides of the same coin. Add a distinct style and charm to your personality with trendy branded watches online.
  • Swiss Army Victorinox Chrono Classic XLS: Why Choose It  By : Laura Moore
    There is no doubt that watches are a great investment. Hence, it is not surprising that a lot of people spend a considerable sum of money when purchasing watches. In this regard, one of the popular and well established brands of watches is the Victorinox.
  • Freelance Writers - 5 Problem Clients You Should Avoid Like The Plague  By : Samuel Taylor
    We've all done it at one time or another. We go against our own better instincts and agree to write for that client who we know, in the end, is going
  • Functions And Required Skills For Technical Writers  By : Jimmy Patterson
    Several major responsibilities go with being a technical writer. In addition, various skills are needed to be successful as a technical writer. These
  • Considering A Luxury Watch?  By : Will Yates
    For the majority of people a wrist watch is a simple piece of equipment that tells the time, but for some others it's much more than that. Like many pieces of jewellery, they have a function and they also make a statement about the individual who wears it. When we are talking luxury watches, we are talking about ones that cost from thousands of dol
  • The Watch To Watch  By : Samantha Frost
    The saying that "time is gold" is perhaps one of the most over-used phrases in the whole word but it is also the most underestimated. But with Tissot watches, time will never be underestimated - ever again. With more than 150 years of innovation and traditional Switzerland tabulation development, Tissot is definitely the watch to go for - it is not the leading brand in Switzerland if it was not that great.
  • Tissot T17.1.526.52: A Review  By : Laura Moore
    Tissot PRC200 watches have captured the attention of most watch collectors at present. Tissot Watches, a Swiss watch company, never fails to amaze the public with its many innovative time-pieces ever since it was established in the year 1853. In fact, you can find a lot of fans for this company in different parts of the world. When attempting to buy any of the Tissot PRC200 watch models, you should keep in mind that you have a lot of choices. These include the Tissot T17.1.516.32, T17.1.586.32, T17.1.586.42, T17.1.586.52 and T014.410.16.037.00 models. The Tissot T17.1.1526.52 model is also another of the many Tissot watches that continue to gain the respect of the public.
  • Tissot T-Touch Expert: Precision and Style Personified  By : Laura Moore
    When you say Tissot watches, it would always be associated with high-end and stylish Swiss-made watches. Tissot T-Touch Expert watches are one of the world's most esteemed timepieces because of their unparalleled quality. You wouldn't see big name celebrities wearing Tissot watches if they are not of good quality!
  • The Different Types of Tissot PRC200 Watch  By : Theresa Walter
    The different models of Tissot PRC200 watches have now become among the most popular watches in the market. The reason behind the tremendous popularity of the Tissot watches is that the company makes it a point to create the items in the most sophisticated and durable manner. You will never be dissatisfied once you get any of the watches from Tissot. Among the most popular Tissot PRC200 watch models are the following:
  • A Stuhrling Emperor Show's Them What You're Worth  By : Mark Etinger
    People with money like to let people know it with expensive watches.
  • Buying The Right Type Of Mens Watches  By : alphasudirman
    Ask a guy what are the things he cannot afford not to wear while going out and chances are, a watch is one of them. Indeed, a watch is something that most guys cannot live without.
  • Deciding What Types of Designer Watches To Pick  By : Mark Etinger
    Select the type of watch you wear based on your lifestyle and what features you prefer.
  • Gold Men's Watches - Rendezvous of Precision and Style  By : ADVAITA
    With over a decade of no love and attention paid to gold in the menís watch category, gold watches are back with a bang. Many men who associated gold watches with being flashy, feminine and futile need to look around and reconsider. Gold watches are now the absolute favorites of all the worldsí best watch makers.
  • Men's Watches - - Things to Consider When Buying Men's Watches  By : riya77
    I've said it before, a watch is the single most important accessory a man can own--it is an essential style element. As you might imagine, I am acutely aware of these kinds of details and I must say I've noticed too many casual watches making their way into office/work/formal settings. It screams sloppy (and so do I) and I urge all of you who wear
  • What Needs To Be Considered When Getting Wristwatches For Guys  By : Michelle Hopkins
    A look at choosing a watch for a man
  • The Victorinox 241356 Combines High Functionality With Stylishness  By : Theresa Walter
    Victorinox Dive Master 500 watches are the perfect choice for those who want a highly functional diver s watch that is also an essential fashion accessory. The Dive Master line of timepieces features mechanical watches with either a Swiss quartz movement or the automatic ETA 2892-A2 movement that creates 28 800 vibrations per hour, ensuring a watch that is extremely accurate to within a few seconds a week. And Victorinox Dive Master 500 watches meet the ISO 6425 requirements to be classified as a true diver s watch since they are water-resistant to a depth of fifty atmospheres, equivalent to five hundred meters or 1650 feet.
  • The Swiss Army 241356 is One of the Best Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Watches  By : Theresa Walter
    The Swiss Army Dive Master 500 is one of the best sports watch lines from one of the most respected names in the industry. Although most people associate Victorinox with Swiss Army Knives, which it has been producing since 1891 when it first started delivering Swiss Officers and Sports Knives to the Swiss army. Since then Victorinox has diversified into other product lines such as cutlery, men s and women s fashions and even fragrances and travel gear, all of which sport the now familiar cross and shield emblem that has become a symbol of quality for all its products.
  • Dive Master 500 Black Ice Timepieces Are Great as Casual or Sports Watches  By : Theresa Walter
    Whatever adventure you want to go on, the Victorinox Dive Master 500 will make an excellent companion as well as being an important tool. The Dive Master 500 is explicitly designed as a diver s watch, with water resistance of up to fifty atmospheres or five hundred meters and durable stainless-steel case with a PVD coating that protects the finish of your watch from whatever harsh treatment it may receive while you re diving or trekking through the wilderness. And if you want to gauge dive times as well as count down the time before you have to go back to the surface, you can use the revolving unidirectional bezel as a countdown or count up timer. The Victorinox Dive Master 500 line features a wide range of models, ranging from automatic self-winding watches to chronographs, and even timepieces with durable titanium cases. And all of the watches feature the Victorinox brand, which is a guarantee that you re getting one of the best, most accurate sports watches in the world, as well as being protected by a limited three-year warranty. They are available in two finishes, the gunmetal Black Ice and the black matte Mecha.
  • Tips in Caring for Watches  By : Samantha Frost
    Owners of watches usually become fond of their timepieces. This is because they are expensive and can help them schedule their time properly. A watch can also reflect one's personality. Because of their sentimental and monetary value, they can be passed to future generations and shall serve as an heirloom. It is thus vital to always take care of them properly so that they can last longer, if not a lifetime.
  • Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Mecha - Built to Impress and to Please  By : Laura Moore
    There are a lot of reasons why a lot of diving enthusiasts prefer the Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Mecha series. These timepieces are great not only for diving and other water sports they are also quite nice to wear on a daily basis. Many customers have worn them as every day watches and loved their overall design and appeal of the Swiss Army Dive Master timepieces.
  • The Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS Watch Series and the Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic Watches' Greatness  By : Samantha Frost
    Aside from the popular and original Swiss Knife that has made many lives easier with its superb functionality and precision, Victorinox is also made popular the world class Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic watches that they offer in the market. One series of watches that can be singled out as a proof for this supremacy is the Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS watch series.
  • Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Luxury Watches  By : Joanne Dadd
    The importance of luxury watches isn't a secret anymore. Not only do they help us accurately in keeping time, but also say a thing or two about our personality. There are certain factors to take care of when buying them. Read on to know more.
  • Chronograph Watches: History and Uses  By : Joanne Dadd
    Watches have long been an integral part of fashion. They are available in different varieties; most common among them is chronograph watches. These watches have been a crowd puller since 1910. Read on to know more about the history and different types of chronograph watches available in market these days.
  • Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha - Tough and Functional  By : Laura Moore
    If there is a good way to illustrate the Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha it would have to be tough and durable. Many customers have used the watches in this product series and have come to the above mentioned conclusion. These watches can take a lot of punishment and still look good. Many have commented that they are great as everyday watches, which means they look cool enough to wear to work and elsewhere.
  • The Classima 8688 Highlights Baume & Mercier's Timeless Design Ethos  By : Laura Moore
    Baume & Mercier Classima Executives are some of the best watches currently available on the market since they hark back to a time when the amount of craftsmanship put into a watch mattered more than the features that it had. While many people look for watches with a wide range of features, Baume & Mercier hews to the traditional view that the main purpose of a watch is to tell the time and any additional features are merely extras and not the whole point of the timepiece. So while Baume & Mercier Classima Executives models may not have as many complications as watches released by its competitors, the features it has have been carefully chosen to enhance the utility of the watch rather than overwhelming the timepiece with unnecessary complexity.
  • Tissot PRC200 Image Ambassadors Highlight the Sporty Image of the PRC200  By : Samantha Frost
    Tissot have been heavily promoting their PRC200 line of sporty watches by launching limited editions inspired by some of their image ambassadors. These ambassadors are among the finest in their respective fields and their endorsement greatly enhances the already significant reputation of Tissot s PRC200 watch models. The watches are so named because they are water-resistant to a depth of 200 meters.
  • Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Black Ice: Perfect for Water Sports Enthusiasts  By : Samantha Frost
    Serious divers and all water sports enthusiasts are bound to look for the ultimate watch, which might just be the Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Black Ice. The Dive Master 500 series watches are excellent for anyone looking for a sporty, casual, or even a somewhat formal look or appeal. These versatile diver's watches are pretty functional and they simply look great underwater and even on dry land.
  • The Tissot T17262652 is Not Just Sporty, But Stylish Too  By : Laura Moore
    While the Tissot T17152652 is marketed primarily as a sports watch, it can also be a great fashion accessory that can be worn during elegant events. The Tissot T17152652 is one of the most stylish of the Tissot PRC200 watches, with a stark black dial, white and silver tone markers as well as yellow highlights on the second hand to make it stand out, and a black leather bracelet to top it all off. The hands are also highlighted with Super-Luminova, making them luminous in the dark or dim light conditions. The stainless steel case not only looks attractive, it also is functional as contributes to the durability of the timepiece. And the watch is water resistant to a depth of 200 meters, allowing you to wear it while yachting and playing surface water sports.
  • Good Reasons to Buy a Victorinox Dive Master 500 Black Ice  By : Laura Moore
    A lot of people who love to dive almost naturally tend to get hooked on to the Victorinox Dive Master 500 Black Ice. It's one of those diver's watches that simply look good whether one is underwater in the company of nature's otherworldly beauty or out of the water in plain sight for everyone to see.

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