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  • Organic Farming  By : newagephilosopher
    about Organic Farming
  • Capability of Solar Lights  By : Robert Thomson
    Solar powered lights work according to a very simple principle.
  • Home Wind Turbines--Your Own Wind Turbine Power  By : John Mowatt
    Wind power turbines are supplying an ever increasing portion of the United States electric power needs. Large scale commercial wind turbine production is the wave of the future and the move is well under way. Small wind turbines used by individuals to power their homes and businesses are sprouting everywhere and many more will come on line in years ahead. Building your own home wind turbine is fairly simple.Plans and instructions are available.
  • Can Alternative Fuels Save The Environment?  By : Ethan1 K.1
    Can Alternative Fuels Save The Environment?

    Alternative fuels are an interesting option for individuals who are looking for cheaper and eco-friendly sources of power. They are available in abundance and act as a great replacement for conventional sources of energy.
  • Biodiesel versus Compressed Natural Gas  By : Joseph
    As the fuel prices are rising, we tend to look at alternative fuels and start to compare the various alternatives. In fact, that is about the only way to find out which one is the best. You want to find out what alternative fuel is going to save you the most money and be the best for your vehicle and
  • Water Contaminant Dangers  By : Peter Kent
    Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the Clean Water Act in 1972 and the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1974, water contamination still occurs. It is extremely important for individuals to know and understand the types of contaminants that may occur in order to avoid or treat any contaminations.
  • Solar Home Power, 6 Advantages You Should Know  By : William Rigby
    This article will show you the advantages of using solar power. By using solar power we are helping to save the planet by going green.
  • Solar Water Pumping: Enormous Cost Savings  By : Chris Robertson
    Solar energy can be used to pump water for livestock, irrigation, and supply to remote areas. The technology is all there, and there are even government incentives.
  • Energy Independence From Polluting Fuels  By : Frank McCarthy
    Individuals, businesses and governments that are consumers of energy are waking up to the need to start saving energy in order to reduce expenses and promote economic security. The more we all use renewable energy or pollution free fuels, the more we help ourselves and the environment.
  • How Will Green Architecture Impact Future Construction Trends  By : Elise Fendmeyer
    Green Architecture is a concept of designing buildings in a manner that reduces the adverse effect of construction on the people and the environment. Green Architecture encompasses the entire gamut of factors associated with structural designs rangi
  • Biomass is Our Key to Plentiful and Affordable Liquid Fuels  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    Ending global overheating can only be realized by stopping the burning of fossil fuels. Combustion of fossil fuels has provided the energy for driving the industrial revolution. We must now switch to renewable energies to save our Earth and to provide plentiful and affordable energy for the next several centuries. Without this changeover the world will self-destruct. We must replace fossil fuels with renewable energies.
  • The Destructive Consequences of Fossil Fuels  By : Mason Tanner
    This article explains the problems associated with using fossil fuels and what is required to change this and reduce reliance on harmful and expensive energy resources.
  • How to help reduce Global Warming by using Biodiesel  By : Mervyn Rees
    I thought I would chat about some aspects affecting the production of biodiesel. The Kyoto Protocol goes by a number of aliases: The Kyoto Treaty, The Kyoto Accord, or The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Wind Turbines For Renewable Energy  By : Mahoney
    Wind turbines are rotating machines made for the sole purpose of turning kinetic energy generated by wind into a renewable source of mechanical energy; which in turn can be used for other purposes, such as converting into electricity.
  • The Concept Behind Solar Panel  By : Mahoney
    Solar panels are devices made to convert solar energy into either electricity or heat. While most think of it as new technology, the basic concept has already been in use since around a hundred years ago to heat water in homes.
  • The Fight for Clean Energy  By : Patrick32 Thona32
    Learning about Solar Panel Installation and Solar Power Systems

    There are many ways that you as a citizen of the world can help to solve the energy crisis that we are currently facing. One of the ways is through the use of residential solar panels on the roof of your home and commercial solar panels on buildings and offices. If everyone starts to take note of the solar rebate that is involved, much more renewable energy resources will be saved and in the long run affordable solar power will be
  • Alternative Fuels - Conserve The Environment  By : Ethan1 K.1
    Learn More About Alternative Energy Sources

    With the help of alternative energy sources, one can make sure the environment is safe and clean. Alternative energy sources provide an easy alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Affordability and Availability of Alternative Energy  By : Mervyn Rees
    Energy analysts can often jump on the bandwagon and scare people into thinking that we are running out of oil. The only effect this has is to raise oil prices as people become concerned at the perceived threat of a reduce supply increases demand and so opportunists push up prices.
  • Looking At Concrete In A New Light As A Sustainable Building Material  By : Steve Crompton
    Concrete has traditionally endured a poor reputation as a fundamental building material due to perceptions concerning its reliance on virgin raw materials and the energy consumption and emissions associated with its production process.
  • Green Fuels - The Facts  By : Mervyn Rees
    Have you heard about cars that run on peanut oil? Well when Rudolph Diesel invented his engine — the ones we now run on what has become known as 'diesel' (Named after him)— he ran his on peanut oil.
  • The Energy Pie - Use More or Conserve?  By : Kevin Surace
    This article looks at where and how we use energy and how we must conserve if we are to grow and prosper in the future.
  • Biofuel or Biofool? Biofuel Production Needs Careful Planning  By : Roger Vanderlely
    Biofuel production is being ramped up the world over, but at what cost? Replacing petrol with ethanol from food crops is a poorly thought out short term strategy. However, being able to make fuel from plant cellulose could truly be a key to a greener future for the whole world.
  • Energy Crisis: What Does the Future Hold?  By : Li Thomas
    Are we in an energy crisis? Is a crisis just around the bend? We need to separate fact from hype in order to take an honest look at the state of energy in the U.S.
    Resource conservation is an idea for the here and we will have a future to embrace.
  • Have a Tankless Water Heater? You Need a Hot Water Demand System!  By : William J. Lund
    Tankless water heaters save energy, but they have their own set of problems. It generally takes longer to get hot water so more water gets run down the drain. This waste of water can be solved with a hot water demand system. You get faster hot water with less waste.
  • Green building and green design on the rise  By : Al Zan
    Green building is becoming increasingly more popular with architects, builders and homeowners each year. Consumers’ environmental awareness is growing and they have come to demand more naturally sustainable and recycled materials incorporated in the construction and renovation of their homes and favor homes that utilize construction and design techniques that improve energy efficiency and reduce indoor air pollution. These green home building techniques not only let homeowners feel good about le
  • Supercharge Your Water Heater – Add a Hot Water Pump for Faster Hot Water!  By : William J. Lund
    Several types of hot water circulating systems are discussed and compared. By choosing the correct system for your needs you can benefit from faster hot water and be kind to the planet and environment at the same time.
  • Plumbers Can Save the Planet!  By : India Cooper
    Forget the scientists and politicians, it's you and your plumber who are going to save the world! There are many things you can get your plumber to do that will make your home more environmentally friendly.
  • Email Fax: The One Best Step To Turning Your Office 'Green'  By : Mark Idzik
    The one best thing you can do save energy and resources in your office and make a difference by turning your office 'green'.

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