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  • Solar Panels at Home  By : newsmahalo
    New technology has made it possible for thousands of Americans to build their own solar panels. Thousands are now opting to put this new technology to use by building their own efficient and affordable solar systems at home.
  • A Nation of Water Conservation  By : Eco1st
    In today's common economic terms, the demand for water is greater than the supply that exists in many regions of the world. We now live on a planet where the very existence of our people is threatened by the lack of fresh water to drink. As a matter
  • Life Unplugged - Living Off The Grid  By : Robert Thomson
    More and more people now are choosing to build, or convert, their homes off the power grid.
  • What are Carbon Offsets: Going Green and Creating Green Power Projects  By : Dr. Ken Pollock
    Buying Carbon Offsets is one way to deploy our resources towards a better Future. The best first step is to always think about the very real consequences of your actions. Protecting our air and water isn’t something that can be taken care of by someone else, we have to do it for ourselves.
  • The Self-sufficient Way To Home Energy  By : CoolMamie
    If, in your desire to be self-sufficient with regard to powering your home, you decide that you would like to do it yourself and build your own solar panels, you will have to do some homework and ascertain how much power you use over 12 months - check your power bills (while you're checking your usage check how much it has cost your over that time, also!). Then divide the total yearly consumption by 375 to find out your average per day.

    The next thing to do is work out how big a system you will need. The average production of a panel 1 square yard in size is 90W/hour, so you will have to find out what is the average per day of sunlight hours where you live - (this information can be obtained from the weather bureau or whichever government department handles this kind of information). Multiply the 90W by the number of sunlight hours per day to give you how much output per day you can expect from one panel, 1 square yard in size.

    If you then use your daily production from one solar panel and divide it into your daily average consumption rate, it will give you an idea of how many panels you will need to be totally self-sufficient in producing energy for your home.

    Now this is where it gets really interesting because you have a few choices:

    1. You can set up a system which will meet all your energy needs

    2. You can implement a system which will meet some of your energy requirements and use the grid for the rest

    With either of those choices, you can also choose to reduce your actual power consumption, through energy-saving products and a more mindful approach to how you run your home.

    Whichever way you choose to go, it will be a step in the right direction, saving yourself and the environment from further loss.

    And it is time to take that step.
  • Live Well - Live Green!  By : CoolMamie
    Because of all the advances in green energy technology, it is now easier than ever to start changing your home to run on clean, alternative power.

    There are many ways to implement your plan to convert your home from being totally fossil fuel dependent to utilizing renewable energy sources.

    o Solar Energy - You can put in solar hot water panels to heat your water. As well as panels for your hot water, you can install solar panels which use photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. These systems can be pricey if purchasing them and having them installed professionally, but there are many great resources available so you can make your own solar panels and solar hot water system, which will reduce the expense greatly.

    o Passive Solar Design - If you are erecting a new home, a great way to make it energy efficient and so cut your power bills, is to incorporate passive solar design principles during your house's construction. This means having large areas of windows on the south side (in the northern hemisphere - the north side in the southern hemisphere) of your house. You need to also have heat-retaining brick, stone, or concrete in your south-facing rooms to store the heat during the day; as the outside temperature drops at the end of the day, the heat from the thermal mass will warm the air in the room, thereby lowering your heating requirements.

    o Windmills - Another way to take advantage of renewable power sources is by harnessing the wind to produce pollution-free electricity. Windmills can be installed on rooftops or in yards, or if you live out of town, in the fields. Windmills are available commercially but there is also quite a wide variety of reasonably priced kits available for anyone who is keen to do their own and so lower the costs significantly.

    o Water Power - If you have land with a stream on it, you can also add to the efficiency of your renewable energy home with hydro-electric power. This is another great, pollution-free option which is easy to look after and works as long as there is water available.

    The ultimate alternative energy home would combine all of these resources. You are not only looking at huge savings, and even possible profits, from your electricity usage by utilizing solar, wind, and water to create your home's power, but you would also be contributing to a cleaner, greener, Earth, as these simple, natural, renewable options don't produce the greenhouse gas emissions which are causing global warming.

    By adding passive solar design and a solar hot water system to the mix, you would further reduce your energy needs, exponentially, and would be truly living well - living green.
  • Can Grass Roots and Tall Trees Stop Environmental Pollution?  By : Beverly Saltonstall
    Environmentalists and big corporations have been at war since the environmental movement was born. By working together, these two groups could solve the problem before it's too late.
  • Carbon Market Won't Save the Forests or Stop Runaway Climate Change  By : Gen Wright
    This article explains how using market/financial incentives to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from deforestation and forest degradation is fundamentally flawed. It argues that we need to address the underlying factors driving deforestation if we are to protects the world's forests and prevent further climate change.
  • Green Living Green Energy  By : Gen Wright
    Green living entails using green technologies to produce green energy. Green technologies imply harnessing the eco-friendly natural resources like solar and wind power to produce energy in order conserve the earth and its environment.
  • How to Reduce Your Carbon Print  By : Dave Sabri
    Small changes can have a big impact. Climate change is happening all around us and we need to start thinking about ways of reducing our carbon footprint and ‘going green’.
  • Energy Saving Tips  By : Dave Sabri
    The current economic climate means we are looking at how we can cut back and save money in every area of our lives.
  • Energy Efficient Boilers  By : Dave Sabri
    Central heating isn’t exactly an inspiring conversation choice. Nobody even likes thinking about their bills other than to wish for them to disappear.
  • Become Eco Friendly  By : Dave Sabri
    Do you want to become more eco-friendly but, other than buying energy saving light bulbs and recycling your newspapers, don’t really know where to start? It seems you’re not alone.
  • Keeping Your Home Cool: Green Options  By : Lesa Parham
    If you're looking to keep your house cool enough to live in without wasting money then first take stock of what you're doing in your home to make the problem worse. An overheated house gets that way for a couple of reasons: internal heat gain and external heat gain.
  • Is A DIY Solar Panel Really Possible?  By : John Richards
    Solar panels can be a great way of saving money on utility bills but they can be expensive. here we look at the feasibility of building one for yourself.
  • Simple Carbon Steps to Take in Your Business to Also Save Money  By : Jean Cannon
    The real issue for small to medium business is how to cut costs and reduce waste (all types or waste and that includes energy, materials and human effort. Business also needs to do this without an extra time commitment. Or cash flow to make changes because business also has to cope with global financial chaos.
  • How to Have Sustainable Agriculture  By : Desial Davidson
    Substantial agriculture will give the fine results of healthy food. The method and the process used for agriculture will give rise to delivery of healthy food to the consumers. Sustainable agriculture system helps in generation of environmental safe and healthy farming and food production.
  • The Mother’s Day Declaration: Finding the Right Kind of Mother  By : Daryl Green
    Examine the attributes of a good mother for Mother’s Day.
  • Pssstt!! Do YOU Know How To Save Electricity & Cut YOUR Energy Bills in Half?  By : Bernard Ridal
    Its a trend thats growing rapidly! Thousands upon thousands of households across America are interested to know how to save electricity on their house! There is a couple big reasons for this interest. Perhaps the biggest reasons for understanding how to save electricity is the savings on money. The other reason for saving electricity is so that we don't waste energy.
  • Renewable Energy Solutions - Do We Need Them?  By : Dan Ashton
    Do we really need to think about solar power? Are things as bad as the media makes them out to be? Lets take a balanced look at why renewable energy isn't just "nice to have", but vital.
  • How A Solar Charger Can Help You Live Green  By : Dan Ashton
    There are many reasons why "going green" is a good idea, from saving money to saving the planet. Let's take a look at some of the main ones.
  • How Residential Solar Power Systems = Super Saving's On Your Money!  By : Todd Ellis
    So maybe you are a little curious to know about residential solar power systems and how they can save you money? Well.... its very true indeed. These systems can help you save lots of money on your electricity bills. This is why a lot of people that are in charge of the household expenses are now starting to really come to grips with investing into one of these systems!
  • Buy Soap Nuts And Go Green!  By : John Petersons
    The modern chemicals used in detergents are creating health problems in our body. Why not opt for a natural product like soapnuts and protect our future both physically and environmentally.
  • Discover How Building Your Own Solar Power Product Can Save YOU Thousands  By : Ben Penn
    If ever there was a time to start looking into the idea of building your own solar power system.. its right now! I mean seriously.. the way things have gone with all global economies and the downturns we face, the loss of jobs and tighter credit loans, Its not easy to have spare money in your pocket. "Is there any solution to the problem?" "How can I tighten up the strings on my wallet?"
  • Give your Home a Green Makeover  By : Lex11 Braxtor11
    The government recently proposed a series of measures designed to increase home efficiency massively by 2050. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said that whole-house energy makeovers could be made available to seven million homes by 2020, while the government would aim to cut emissions from the UK housing stock to almost zero by 2050.
  • The Solar Power Inverter  By : Anna Williams
    A brief and simple description of what a solar power inverter is, what it is used for, and why it forms a vital part of home solar power systems and other solar-powered equipment.
  • Harness The Wind for Nature's Sake  By : Robert Thomson
    With the rising interest in environmental protection and conservation, it's time to look at alternative sources for home energy, specifically electricity. And that's where a wind generator can come in.
  • Taking Your Garbage Home: Japan and the Philosophy of Garbage  By : Tom Aaron
    Many Japanese parks and other locations fail to provide garbage cans. Local municipal governments hope that people will take their garbage home with them, but this does not always work.
  • Wind Power Fun Facts  By : Jason Reynolds
    The whole amount of economically extractable power available from the wind is considerably more than current human power use from all sources. An estimated 72 terawatts of wind energy on the Earth potentially can be commercially viable, compared to about 15 terawatts normal global energy consumption from all sources in 2005. These figures are in spite of the fact that not all the power of the wind flowing past a given point can be recovered.
  • Biological Treatment of Wastewater Explained.  By : CEI
    Anaerobic wastewater treatment is the biological treatment of wastewater without the use of air or elemental oxygen. Numerous applications are focused on the removal of organic pollution in wastewater, slurries and sludge's.

    Biogas, a mixture of methane and carbon monoxide, is the end product when
  • Is Solar Power For You?  By : Pat Herron
    Soalr energy for your home can add value to your property while lowering your energy costs. The proper system of solar cells will allow you to produce your own power and sell excess energy to the utilities.
  • Biodiesel Titration Solution - A Must for Bio Titration Kits  By : Nathan Young
    There’s two parts to doing a titration. There’s the first part you only do once and that’s getting your titration solution ready. You can use this titration solution for multiple titrations,
  • Home Biodiesel Production Part 2  By : Nathan Young
    Now that we’ve filtered our oil, we’re now going to make a batch of biodiesel. And we want to show you what you do.
  • Making Biodiesel at Home Part 1  By : Nathan Young
    on behalf of Parleys Diesel Performance and Utah biodiesel supply we’re now going to show you how to make a large batch of biodiesel.
  • Do-it-Yourself Alternative Energy  By : Michelle Janosi
    You may already have heard about everyday people making their own solar panels but did you know how inexpensive and easy this project can be?
  • Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, and Clean Energy: Definitions  By : Anna Williams
    To most people, the differences between "alternative energy," "renewable energy," and "clean energy," might not be obvious. But each term is unique and has its own individual meaning.
  • The Montreal Protocol: An International Treaty to Limit Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS)  By : Daniel Stouffer
    A key component of The Montreal Protocol is its continuous monitoring of facilities containing refrigerant gases to make certain that proper control measures are in place for dealing with substances that are harmful to the environment, i.e. ozone depleting substances (ODS). However, the increasing focus remains on companies and industries that fail to comply with this agreement. The result can be thousands of dollars in fines.
  • The Environmental Benefits of Using Solar Panels As An Energy Source  By : Robert Thomson
    You probably know the sun generates more than 10,000 times the amount of energy the entire world consumes annually. Yet, this "free" energy has remained greatly untapped.
  • Advantages of Hydroelectric Energy  By : Anna Williams
    What is hydroelectric energy and how can it be used? What are its advantages and disadvantages as a source of clean and renewable energy?
  • How to Handle Portable Solar Panels  By : Pam S Eisenberg
    Portable solar panels provide great convenience to people with lots of outdoor activities. They, however, need to be handled with enough care, just like any other technical devices.
  • Residential Renewable Energy FAQ's  By : Robert Thomson
    A wind energy system, especially a wind-solar hybrid system, can cut your electricity bills from 50 to 100%.
  • What is Geothermal Energy?  By : Anna Williams
    What is geothermal energy? How is it created and how is it used?
  • Thin Film Solar Panels - An Exciting Advancement in Solar Technology  By : Pam S Eisenberg
    The thin film solar panels are one of the newest breakthroughs in the booming solar industry. Compared to the thicker type of solar panels, they are much thinner and affordable, and may well lead to a much wider use of solar energy in near future.
  • Home Wind Power - Hardly an Option?  By : Pam S Eisenberg
    Building home wind power is a very important part of our global efforts to explore renewable energy sources. However, for a number of obvious reasons, wind power is not yet widely employed as the solar power.
  • How Solar Panels Work  By : Pam S Eisenberg
    To answer this question, you need to first understand that there are two different types of solar panels - one produces heat and the other produces electricity, each having its own working mechanism.
  • Rechargeable Batteries - Battery Solutions  By : Michiel Van Kets
    As an individual, you will find many ways that you can reduce the impact your lifestyle has on the planet and they don’t have to costly or time consuming to facilitate.
  • Wind Power  By : Anna Williams
    What is wind power, how does it work, and how can it be best utilized? Learn the basic information you need to know about wind power, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Biodiesel Filters  By : Anna Williams
    Learn what biodiesel filters are and how they are used - as well as how to choose a good one.
  • The Environmental Benefits of Wind Power  By : Robert Thomson
    Not too long ago, "going green" brought to mind Greenpeace. Before that, "green" was just another pretty color. Today, green represents the environment in which we live, and how we, the caretakers of the Earth, preserve it for future generations. Wind power, solar power, hydroelectric plants - they all make a difference and benefit the world's environmental stability.
  • Pros and Cons of Solar Energy  By : Anna Williams
    Learn what the advantages and disadvantages of solar power are, and some of the solutions that can be found for its disadvantages as well.
  • The Advantages of Biofuels  By : Anna Williams
    A brief description of how biofuel is made, how it is used as an inexpensive and renewable energy source, and the attendant controversy.
  • Wind Powered Generators - Create Your Own Electricity  By : Joe Heinemann
    Wind powered generators are machines that switch wind energy to electrical power. The single needed fuel is wind which is free, natural and limitless.
  • How California Ranks According to Fuel Economy Study  By : Philip Yu
    California has been leading the country and the world in environmental regulations. Yet, research data reveals that California ranks at the bottom for reducing greenhouse emission from tail pipes.
  • Dwindling Natural Resources and an Ailing Environment  By : Daniel McDowell
    There are a number of ideas on how you can save energy at home as well as to save energy at the office, and top among these ideas is investing in solar power.
  • Building A Windmill-It's Easier Than You Think!  By : Jack Alexander
    Tips For Building A Windmill

    We are in the middle of an energy crisis. Our fuel supplies are running down, and we are leaving an indelible mark on our environment. fortunately, there are things that you can do to change your energy dependency. Building a windmill is the perfect way to help reduce
  • Using Biomass to Heat Your Home  By : Karrie Rose
    Corn burners are very similar to pellet stoves. In fact, you can now buy models that are compatible with corn, wood pellets, or other biomass such as cherry pits. Corn-burning stoves are energy efficient, and shelled corn has been proven to be a clean-burning fuel that doesn't add pollutants to the environment.
  • Solar Panels, Cheap Home Energy Alternative  By : B Hopkins
    Solar panels are a cheap way to begin reducing your dependence on foreign oil. What is great, is that you can create them very inexpensively as well.
  • Solar Shingles, the Solar Power Roof  By : Anna Williams
    A basic description of a new home solar power technology which is extremely easy to implement and inexpensive.
  • Bamboo And Other Earth-Friendly Fabrics  By : Virginia Ginsburg
    Green fabric options for clothing and home use...As more and more companies shift and offer fabrics made of environmentally sustainable sources, people have also begun re-thinking of their options in buying fabrics.
  • Warming Up Alternative Energy Source and Global Warming  By : James Totty
    Global warming is one of the “hottest” issues nowadays. The current climate change is the worst yet to happen. Global warming is an overall increase in world temperature which is attributed to the increasing number of greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere. Searching an alternative energy source is considered a way of reducing the toxic emissions.
  • Ten Best Reasons to use Solar Electric / Solar Panels  By : Randy Connors
    Solar Panels & Solar Electric: The Top Ten Reasons to Use Them
  • Bamboo Fabric - A Soft Alternative  By : Virginia Ginsburg
    A description of how the bamboo plant is converted into fabric
  • How Sustainable Waste Management Can Be Achieved  By : Robert Thomson
    Finding way to make waste management sustainable for the future of business and our livelihood
  • Sustainable Waste Management Is About Taking Responsibility  By : Robert Thomson
    Sustainable waste management can be achieved by using a variety of solutions for dealing with disposal of business refuse.
  • Facts about Thin Film Solar Panels  By : Anna Williams
    Some basic facts about Thin Film Solar Panels, which can be rolled up and easily transported. This article summarizes what they are, how they are made, and how they work.
  • Technical Facts about Solar Energy  By : Anna Williams
    Learn the basic facts about solar energy.
  • The 7 Best Reasons To Install Solar Power Today!  By : Sam Deane
    If you have been toying with the idea of installing solar power, then here is a short article giving you the top seven reasons why you might want to take action.
  • Wind Turbines--A Bonanza Of Free Electricity  By : John Mowatt
    Wind turbine produced electricity is making rapid strides around the world.Wind turbine energy could theoretically produce five times more power than is currently used in the USA. Home built low cost turbines can be a large factor in cutting our deopendence on fossil fuels for power production.Yopu can build a low cost wind turbine from auto parts.
  • Do you want to make a wind mill or a wind turbine for a project?  By : Chris McGee
    It is not difficult to build a wind generator. The average do-it-yourselfer can complete this project with simple tools ... Learn how to build wind turbines for yourself and take advantage of the opportunities free electricity. ... It's a breeze.
  • Free Electricity--Build Wind Turbines  By : John Mowatt
    Free electricity generated by the wind is yours for the taking. Build a low cost wind turbine and produce your own free non polluting power. Save the environment and get rid of the power company bill.
  • Solar Power: Basic Principles  By : Anna Williams
    This article contains information on basic principles of solar energy.
  • Solar Chimneys  By : Anna Williams
    What is a Solar Chimney? And what does it have to do with broad-scale solar power solutions of magnitude?
  • Why Is Everyone Buying Solar Panels?  By : Sam Deane
    The popularity of solar panels has increased so rapidly recently that manufacturers are having difficulty keeping up with demand. In this article we look at what exactly are solar panels? How do they work? ... and what use might they be to you?
  • Facts and Rumors on Energy Savings  By : Mervyn Rees
    What should we do with our trash? Should we burn it or should we store it in a landfill? Two reasons why storing our trash in a landfill is a better solution, but the third solution is best:
  • The Solar Dish Engine  By : Anna Williams
    A solar dish-engine is a clean energy system. Using concentrated sunlight to produce electricity, it creates no harmful emissions or pollutants.
  • The Importance of Thin Film Solar Panels  By : Anna Williams
    What are thin film solar panels and why are they so important to the future of clean energy?
  • Can You Believe It, $198 Homemade Solar Panels Cut Electric Bills By Over 50%?  By : John Mackinnon
    It is possible to build your own solar panel with simple tools for less than $200. This homemade power plant will reduce your electricity costs by 50% or more. The secret to the low c...
  • What is a Solar Tower  By : Anna Williams
    What is a solar tower and how can it be used for broad-scale solar energy solutions?
  • CSP Solar Energy (Concentrated Solar Power)  By : Anna Williams
    CSP Solar Energy (Concentrated Solar Power) can be used to produce power and electricity on a broad scale.
  • Home Windmill Plans: Wind Generated Electricity, How Does It Actually Happen?  By : John Mackinnon
    Finding good home windmill plans has never been easier. The escalating costs of all forms of household energy has encouraged more people than at any other time to save money by creating their own electricity. Before you start looking for just the right set of plans for your own windmill consider the overall picture of how wind generated electricity actually works.
  • Huge Wind Turbines Becoming Increasingly Popular Worldwide  By : Mahoney
    As education regarding global warming reaches more and more people, wind turbines and wind farms are being used as an alternative to the conventional ways to generate energy.
  • Fuel Alternatives and Energy Sources.  By : Joan Barton
    Fuel Alternatives and renewable energy sources include, Hydrogen, Wind, Garbage, Geothermal, Solar, Tidal all can be harnessed effectively.
  • The New Theft Target: Solar Panels  By : Mahoney
    With the growing awareness of the need for environmental friendliness, solar panels are becoming more and more popular. Renewable energy is very easy to obtain from the sun. The problem is that thieves have now also seen the value in them.
  • Understanding The Importance Of Water  By : Joan Barton
    Polluted water comes from industrial dumping, sewage, intense farming and individuals, polluted water shows up in all types of water including wells streams reservoirs rivers and the ocean.
  • Ethanol Fuel Financing  By : Justin Boyce
    Ethanol is produced from renewable plant products such as maize and sugar cane. It is a high octane and a very clean burning fuel and hence preferred than other sources which are non renewable and they also produce a lot of pollution simultaneously.
  • Always The Sun: Why Solar Power is the Easier, Greener, Cheaper Way to Power your Devices  By : Mark Moon
    If you find yourself worrying about the damage that you might be doing to the environment in your everyday life, it may be worth considering investing in one of the new solar powered chargers available on the market today.
  • The Benefits of Using Artificial Plants  By : Robert Melkonyan
    If you own or manage any business then you may have already thought of incorporating plants into your decorating scheme. It just makes so much sense.
  • A Few Good Ways to Save Energy  By : Anna Williams
    The average American family spends more than $1,600 a year on their home utility bills. Yet, there are so many ways to save energy, and save money. Addition factors of environmental pollution and concerns over Global Warming make these even more important. We can save money and reduce our production of pollutants at the same time, and it isn't hard to start.
  • Climbing and Birdwatching in The Lake District  By : Rod Booth
    A few notes about bird life in the Lake District.
  • Solar Energy Is Up - But Wind Power Also Surging  By : Paul Carton
    A recent survey of the alternative energy industry shows Solar has experienced the most rapid economic growth over the past 12 months - but Wind Power is also surging and has the most momentum going forward.
  • Eco Fashion Tips  By : Virginia Ginsburg
    How to buy clothing that is environmentally conscious
  • Alternative Energy - What Types of Alternative Energy are Available?  By : Mike Hepburn
    Do you know what types of alternative energy that you can use for your home or your vehicle. There are many different types that you need to know about. It is important for you to learn about alternative energy before you use any of them. Find out more now.
  • Save on Electricity: Build your Own Wind Turbine  By : Arthur Turner
    We can't escape the rising cost of energy. Or can we? Well, one sure way of doing so would be to build your own simple generator to generate your own electricity. There is, in fact, a way to do this. More and more people are finding that it is possible generate power, and slash costs, by following a simple prescription: Build your own wind generator!
  • Solar Cells  By : Anna Williams
    Learn what photovoltaic cells are and how they produce solar energy.
  • 5 Questions About Organic Gardening  By : Joe Healy
    1. What is organic farming? Natural gardening is more of a thinking than a kind of gardening. It is a group whereby its affliates grow foliages without utilizing anything man-made. They don't use synthetic fertilizers. They don't utilize artificial pesticides. They don't use man-made develoment
  • Solar Cells and Solar Panels  By : Anna Williams
    What are solar cells, and how do they work?
  • It's Not Easy Being a Green Home  By : Justin Havre
    Green building and green homes are terms that get bandied about pretty liberally these days. Quite often, what passes for green makes strides in one area while backtracking in another. If we're really keen on going green these days, we'll need to look beyond labels to find out if what we're buying will truly benefit the environment. Read on for a run-down of the four biggest magnets for the "green home" label and some of the noxious realities that lurk within:

    Recycled Materials

    Recycled buil
  • Pay Less for an Easy Way to Brighten Up Your Home  By : Dr. David Breslow
    With growing concerns over energy costs many are looking for affordable ways to brighten up their home. Solar Lights are a simple and effective method to beautify ones home and not run up your electric bill.
  • A Comprehensive Plan for US Energy Independence  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    The USA must become independent of foreign oil imports again, the world must halt global warming, and world economies must continue to grow. A comprehensive plan to achieve these objectives during the next decades is offered. The US has to stop burning of fossil fuels and must convert its electricity generation to renewable energies. Liquid transportation fuels must be produced from biologically recirculated carbon in biomass.
  • Solar Battery Chargers  By : Anna Williams
    Solar battery chargers are becoming more widely used as a clean and convenient source of energy.

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