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  • 10 Famous Black Scientists  By : Wadzanai Nenzou
    There are many people who have made a contribution to society and it is always important to acknowledge them and what they have done for everyone. All of the amazing famous black scientists below have made a difference all around the world.
  • 10 Famous Women Scientists  By : Wadzanai Nenzou
    Science, mathematics and technology have long been considered to be the forte of men; however, the contribution of women to the advancement of these fields simply cannot be ignored. There have been several celebrated and well known women scientists who made important discoveries and inventions in the various branches of science.
  • 10 Fun Projects With Magnets  By : Erwin Metius
    Summer, fall, winter or spring, if you have young children with time on their hands you need to have some activities planned.
  • 2012 Doomsday - The Solar Conjecture - Is It Really The End?  By : gary thomas
    “It was about a hundred million times more lively than the sun's usual solar flare, releasing energy equivalent to about 50 million trillion atomic bombs.” Were a comparable occasion to occur on the sun, it would result in a mass extinction due to the outpouring of lethal X-rays.
  • 2012 Suvival Guide - Don't Be Left Behind!  By : James Johanson
    All but a few have now learned about the different doomsday predictions about 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. Some people are expecting the end of the world as we know it, while others see the date 21'st December 2012 as the dawn of a new age of heightened consciousness. The Mayan calendar ends on December 21'st 2012 and some people think that
  • 3 Interesting Earth Science Projects  By : Matthew Kelly
    In case you would like to conduct an earth science-related project for your school's science fair projects, you could make an effort to illustrate the spreading of the seafloor, determine whether limestone can safeguard
  • 4 Great Reasons Science Projects Make Your Child Smarter  By : tireddadoffive
    4 great reasons science projects make your child smarter
  • 4 Ways A Child Enjoys Learning By Doing Regular Science Projects  By : tireddadoffive
    Science projects can create a bond between your and your child. So make the best of it. Act interested in everything that your child is doing and learning.
  • 4 Ways To Help Your Child Improve Their Science Skills  By : tireddadoffive
    How can you help your children improve their science skills if you don’t even know what the facts of science are? Well you are in luck here are 4 ways to help your child improve their science skills.
  • 46 Fascinating Facts About Ultra Violet Light and Radiation  By : Anthony Carter
    A whole array of facts and figures in relation to ultra violet light and radiation.
  • 5 Reasons Science Projects Are More Fun Than Reading A Book  By : tireddadoffive
    If you don’t think that doing a science projects are more than reading a book, you probably have not tried them. Here are 5 reasons science projects are more fun then reading a book.
  • 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Science Project For Your Child  By : tireddadoffive
    There are many different ways you can choose a science project for your child. The question is how do you even know how to choose a science project?
  • 5 Ways To Increase Your Child’s Love Of Science  By : tireddadoffive
    There are many things that you can do to make your children do their science homework. But wouldn’t you rather have your child love to do science and want to do things that involve science?
  • 6 Largest Critters in the World That Will Give You the Creeps  By : franmed
    If those tiny critters have been giving you a nightmare, wait till you see the real deal.
  • 7th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas  By : Steve Hernandez
    Science fair projects can be made with simple household waste materials. Use this opportunity to bond with your child rather than cribbing about it wasting your weekend.
    This is the fifth time you have to come up with a science fair project
  • 8 Things You Never Knew about Magnets  By : Robert Thomson
    Magnets do far more than hold photos and notes to the fridge -they are found in a tremendous number of everyday applications including...
  • A Basic Guide to The Jet Stream  By : Dee White
    Basic information about jet streams and how they affect the weather
  • A Brief History Of Everything  By : Saleem Rana
    Here is a thumbnail sketch of how everything came to be and a few ideas of how we may cope with the challenges of the future.
  • A Brief Look at the Caterpillar to Butterfly Life Cycle  By : Criss White
    The butterfly has always been associated with beauty and elegance Because of their many different colors and various designs, butterflies are truly a pleasure to look at
  • A Closer Look at Some of the valuable Aspects of Forensic Science  By : Robert Thomson
    Forensic science deals with the process of spotting, identifying and translating physical proof. Mainly, this extremely important multi-disciplinary science involves physics, chemistry and biology. Just as significantly, it is a highly crucial aspect in the realization of civil law and criminal administration.
  • A Digital Water Flow Meter  By : Scott Fromherz
    The digital water flow meter consists of a turbo prop sensor which is attached to a handle that is expandable and has a digital readout display.
  • A Few Important Facts About International Video Standards Conversion  By : Anna Woodward
    International video standards conversion presents a larger challenge to international viewing than does region coding.
  • A Fossils Formidable Years  By : Chris Campbell
    Ever wonder exactly what a fossil is or where they came from?
  • A GPS System Will Take You Anywhere  By : Ray La Foy
    The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a "constellation" of 24 well-spaced satellites that orbit the Earth and make it possible for people with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographic location.
  • A healthy approach to addressing high cholesterol fears  By : Craig Burton
    "If statins work, in preventing heart disease they do so by reducing inflammation, not because they lower cholesterol." Here is an alternative approach to using statins according to the Price-Pottenger foundation.
  • A History of Elasticity  By : James Monahan
    Man has, since the early times, found out how useful elastic materials are. And today's man has improved on this idea and constantly finds ways to make more elastic materials to suit his everyday needs.
  • A History of Science Fairs  By : Jimmy Cox
    Back in October, 1828, The American Institute of the City of New York held its first industrial fair.
  • A Look Into The Cosmos: How Telescopes Work  By : Ray La Foy
    Since Galileo gifted the world with the telescope, technology has driven it along to becoming very hi-tech and very modern.
  • A Number Of The Most Dangerous Fish On Earth You Have To Know About  By : Michael Dierson
    If you enjoy going swimming, diving, and engaging in other water sports and also activities, then it is vital for you to be informed about the deadliest fishes which can be found in the sea, in the ocean, or even in other bodies of water. It is also good for marine biologists and other water research specialists to find out about the most perilous creatures in the ocean or sea.
  • A Revolution in Chart Recorders - Advantages of the ThermaViewer™  By : Joshep Tobin
    The ThermaViewer™ (A Paperless Chart Recorder) combines the best features of chart recorders and data loggers and is becoming the preferred choice in the majority of new and retrofit temperature recording applications.
  • A Short History Of Birds  By : Ken Lawless
    Today, birds are among our best friends in the animal kingdom. Here is a short history of how they came to be so close to us.
  • A Variety of Lab Instruments  By : Obinna Heche
    Lab apparatus means the broad range of tools and also devices that are used by the scientists when working in a research laboratory.
  • Academic Disciplines: Revealing the Essence of Ichthyology  By : Jordon Casinger
    Ichthyology is a science dedicated to the exploration and protection of fish species
  • ACS Organic Chemistry Study Guide - What You Need To Know  By : Jasmine Kaloudis
    ACS Organic Chemistry Study Guide - How To Study For It.
  • Advanced Analysis of Gene Expression  By : Biobase International
    Every living organism has certain characteristics that make it different from other organisms. Analysis of Gene Expression is meant to determine the genes that are involved in the expression of these characteristics.
  • Advantages Of Doing Science Projects With Your Children  By : tireddadoffive
    By participating in science projects with your children you are creating a fun learning environment for you child.
  • Ageing – Genetic Disorder and Cure  By :
    Ageing is an important topic of discussion with regards to biochemical changes that take place when a person ripes up in his age. Most researchers view this phenomenon as an epigenetic change. However, recent research has given enough evidence that ageing works on genetic level as well as epigenetic level. This article outlines this phenomenon and tries to convey the possible solutions that an individual can apply on his own level to avoid premature ageing.
  • Air Pressure? Feel the Weight on your Shoulders.  By : Mark Boardman
    The air is composed of billions of tiny particles that are constantly moving in all directions, bouncing off whatever they encounter. These collisions constitute what is known as air pressure. The more collisions occurring within a certain area then the greater the air pressure will be.
  • Aliens are the Other Halves of Our Souls  By : Norma Hickox
    Just as there are all kinds of humans and all levels of consciousness on the earth plane, so also will there be all levels of consciousness available as UFOs. The Unknown Flying Objects are a reflection of the great mind of humanity. You must remember that we are all one mind and we will be all one reflection in the astral planes.
  • Aliens: A Never-Ending Mystery  By : Robert Thomson
    In this age where knowledge and technology has urbanized so much that discoveries appear to have no end, it still seems that the reality about aliens wait a mystery. Are they frank?
    Few people collect to have seen an alien. These claims faced a lot of questions, and eventually discrimination.
  • All About Butterfly Life Cycle  By : evikram kumar
    Butterfly is a type of insect that is very attractive for many because of its beautiful colors, interesting habitat and their amazing life cycle
  • All the helpful information about peptides  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Peptide bond is a phenomenon that implies attaching and adhering amino acids by usage of polymers which are named peptides. Polypeptide molecule is a result of connecting of many peptides. When peptides are examined, researches look at the amino acid that is included and at its ratio. There is a ordinary rule which peptide rows of restricted length that permits people to perform peptide synthesis from amino acids are not named proteins but rather peptides.
  • Alternative Energy Systems May Create Low Cost Power  By : Dave Millington
    Real alternatives to conventional power sources
  • Aluminum Anodizing Technology and Market Assessment  By : Brian Reuter
    The strongest growth category for anodized aluminum appears to be that of transportation. An expected increase in the production of new aircraft to replace aging fleets and the auto industry's trend of increasing the use of aluminum for vehicle frames and bodies are expected to be the primary drivers of this growth.
  • An Introduction to qPCR  By : Neil Watson
    Quantitative PCR is a laboratory technique based on the polymerase chain reaction, which is used to amplify and simultaneously quantify a targeted DNA molecule in a given sample.
  • An Overview Of Solar Energy And Other Renewable Energy Sources  By : James Copper
    This article provides a fascinating and insightful look at solar and other forms of renewable energy.
  • An Overview of the Defense Applications of Lasers  By : Liesl Henderson
    There are a myriad of laser applications that actually contribute positive effects contrary to the greater notion that laser is only used to build destructive weapons. Lasers are utilized in a number of sectors.
  • Anatomy  By : Matthew Wagner
    Anatomy is a type of biology that deals with the structure and design of a living organism. There are two main types of anatomy.
  • Ancient Astronauts from a Religious Perspective  By : Robert Thomson
    Scientists, along with most other humans, may have a mental block against recognizing ancient astronauts for the reason that the existence of extraterrestrial life runs contrary to their religious beliefs.
  • Anthropology- Open Access  By : OMICS GROUP
    Anthropology is the research of humans and cultures in the past and present. The analysis performed by the Division of Anthropology team includes a variety of subjects and places of the world. A main issue of anthropologists is use of information to the remedy of individual issues.
  • Are Dinosaurs Warm Blooded  By : shawn parker
    This is a question that been debated for years. We might never know the answer because we just don't have enough evidence to prove one way or another.
  • Are Science Fair Projects Important for Science Education?  By : Morton Barish
    We are losing out in the race for new scientists and engineers. It is surprising how much good science fair projects do to get students on the way to a career in science.
  • Are we "Livin" or just "Survivin"?  By : Stephen Jones
    Apoptosis is regulated by death domain (DD) and/or caspase recruitment domain (CARD) containing molecules and a caspase family of proteases. A novel CARD domain containing protein was recently identified and designated ARC for apoptosis repressor with CARD (1). For more details read out the article:
  • Are You Related to a Neanderthal?  By : Jerry Richard Boone
    Are there Homo sapiens neanderthals in our family tree? Or were they a breed apart? Let's see what paleontologists and archaeologists have discovered about this sub-species.
  • Asteroids and Its Mysteries  By : Simon Ma
    There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in the stars above us that make astronomy so much fun. The truth is the universe is a constantly changing, moving, some would say “living” thing because you just never know what you are going to see on any given night of stargazing.
  • Astronomy Is Not Just About Watching The Sky During The Night..  By : Cody
    Astronomy is ancient science. Most often astronomy is confused with astrology. Astronomy is the natural science that deals with celestial objects and the phenomena that originate outside the earth’s atmosphere where as astrology deals with the human affairs with the position of celestial bodies in space.
  • Astronomy Real Star Power  By : Chris Campbell
    Astronomy has to be one the most humbling of all subjects to study. Just the thought of our universe, being like a grain of sand in a sandy shore of universes, is enough to make me want to crawl back under the sheets.
  • ATM (Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated) Antibodies from Imgenex  By : Stephen Jones
    ATM, the gene product mutated in the cancer susceptibility syndrome ataxia–telangiectasia, is related to proteins involved in DNA repair and cell-cycle control. In undamaged cells it is present as a dimer or oligomer molecule in which the kinase domain is silent because associated with the FAT region of another ATM monomer. For more information about ATM read out the given article:
  • Bahamian Sea Monsters And Mysterious Goo  By : Robert Nickel
    Scientists are very honest about the ocean: after decades of exploration, they still know relatively little about marine life. More people have walked on the Moon than have been to the deepest parts of the sea. So if you live in the Caribbean, surrounded by water, it's understandable that you'd develop a few sea monster urban legends like the lusca.
  • Barrow County Jail UFO Sighting  By : Gill Sugapong
    UFO sightings have never been new to us today. In fact, UFOs were sighted even the past century but they didn't call it UFO, instead they called it airships. There are many websites today in the Internet entertaining UFO sightings from the public; these websites allow people to upload UFO videos to their website.
  • Basic terms for Mechanical Engineering  By : Ron Smith2009 is an online exclusive reference and handbook for Mechanical Engineering Industry, this website has technical description in details, question answers on several topics in Mechanical Engineering, from Screw to Jet Engine, additionally you will also find Charts which you can take print out, Formula’s and Calculator Tools Online, Technical Definitions, Videos on advance topics and to test your knowledge we have engineering Quiz and much more.
  • Basics of Organic Chemistry  By : samraj
    Chemistry deals with many ingredients and compounds. Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that includes the research of the components, structure, and features of carbon-containing compounds. In knowing this form of chemistry, it is worth noting that all organic elements include not only carbon, but also hydrogen.
  • Battery Charging Instructions for Extending Battery Life  By : Bobby George
    Instruction on the best charging practices for new and replacement batteries.
  • BBQ Causes Cancer  By : Sarah Jones
    BBQ can cause cancer to those that eat it.
  • Beating the High Price of Gasoline with Biodiesel  By : Joseph Then
    With the price of traditional fuel rising faster everyday, people everywhere are looking for alternatives. Electric cars were once touted as the way to save the environment and beat the cost of gasoline, but they are so expensive that very few people can afford to save money by purchasing one.
  • Benginner's Guide to State Space Design  By : Gabe
    A state space representation is a mathematical model of a physical system as a set of input, output and state variables related by first-order differential equations.
  • Best Kid's Microscopes  By : Sam Graham
    Buying a Children's Microscope is a great way to interest your child in world of Science, whilst providing them with a fascinating and stimulating hobby. Encouraging them to learn about their environment will increase their knowledge about the world around them. This article gives a brief description of the best kids microscopes along with great activities for your child to learn.
  • Biochemical Evidence of Evolution  By : Morgan D
    This Article will Explian the thoery of Biochemical Evidence of Evolution.
  • Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel  By : Joseph Then
    Biodiesel fuel is a fuel made from the oil of certain oilseed crops such as soybean, canola, palm kernel, coconut, sunflower, safflower, corn and a hundreds of other oil producing crops. The oil is extracted by the use of a press. The oil is then mixed in specific proportions with other agents which causes a chemical reaction. The results of this reaction are two products, biodiesel and soap.
  • Biodiesel Testing - Quality and Purity Testing Increase Confidence And Assure Results  By : Andrew Stratton
    Biodiesel and biofuel production is growing at an ever growing rate as new production facilities appear across Europe, Asia, and the Americas every month. Manufacturers of biodiesel testing equipment are responding to these growing demands to supply the market at every level.
  • Biomass as an important renewable energy source  By : C. Ozcan
    Biomass is a very important renewable energy source for the United States in the future. Since 2000, biomass has been the largest source of renewable energy for the United States, making up 47% of the renewable total and 4% of all energy sources. Biomass is also the only viable renewable alternative to oil as a liquid transportation fuel.
  • Biotech Development  By : Jenny Henin
    The development of Biotechnology and the affect it has in detecting Toxicity levels in the Human body.
  • Boolean Algebra  By : devendra saxena
    One of the primary requirements when dealing with digital circuits is to find ways to make them as simple as possible. This constantly requires that complex logical expressions be reduced to simpler expressions that nevertheless produce the same results under all possible conditions.
  • Brass: One of the Biggest Misnomers in History  By : James Monahan
    Aside from home ornaments and jewelries, you have probably heard the term brass on brass bands.
  • Brief Introduction Of Spinosad  By : Dora Lee
    Spinosad is a macrolide pollution-free and highly effective biological pesticide that the Saccharopolyspora spinosa extract from fermentation broth.
  • Canadian Scientists Discover Gene for Depression  By : Dave Gosine
    Canadian scientists have identified a gene that makes some people susceptible to major depressive disorders.
  • Capacitor: An Overview  By : James Monahan
    Anybody in the field of electronics would doubtless be familiar with a capacitor, but what exactly is it?
  • Cell Division Explained  By : Andrelle
    A parent cell may divide once or twice to produce daughter cells depending on certain conditions; this process is known as cell division.
  • Cell Transformation  By : Mackenzie Alvarez
    Transfection is the method of introducing nucleic acids into cells by non-viral methods. The meaning of transfection has changed over time. Earlier transfection meant introducing DNA or RNA into cells with the help of viruses which are capable of inf
  • Changing the Information Flow from Your DNA can Change Your Life  By : Bruce Forciea
    Explores the new science of epigenetics and how behaviors can change the information from DNA to help you to be healthy.
  • Check Out Neighboring Galaxies Through A High Magnification Telescope  By : Jim Samposzi
    Professionals as well as well as people of recreation think of space as vast and extraordinary. The only way to view all of this astonishing creation is to view it with a telescope.
  • Cheltenham Festival '07  By : Dr Andrew Impey
    A brief look at some of the highlights at this year's Cheltenham Science Festival.
  • Choosing a Career After HSC  By : Tis Amit
    During your period of study, a good accredited university and course selection plays a very vital role. Choosing the right university course for yourself is very important as it most likely determines what you will be doing for your entire professional life.
  • Choosing A Science Fair Project Topic  By : Gregory Murphy
    As you begin the process of developing a science fair project, the hardest part may likely be choosing a topic. This is a strange problem since the variety and range of options is infinite, yet it is difficult to imagine
  • Circular Functions  By : Yau Zakari
    The importance and application of concepts of circular functions to solved real life problems need not be over emphasized. The reader would find below some useful research results about the properties of multiple sine and cosine function.
  • Climate Change - The Coming Crisis  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    While many contend that there are different reasons behind the changing of our climate, few can deny that our planet is going through a period of immense changes.
  • Close Encounters Of The First Kind : 2006 and 2007  By : Lou Drake
    The years 2006 and 2007 saw a wide range of Close Encounters of the First Kind accounts that spread across the world, including destinations, such as Kent, England and India. In this article, you will learn the details regarding mysterious red orbs in the sky, as well as strange happenings close to the Vatican.
  • Cold fusion - The Salvage from the Energy Crisis?  By : Knut Holt
    The original reports of cold fusion in an electrolytic cell in 1989 were met with rejection and ridiculing by most mainstream scientists. Since that time cold fusion has been amply confirmed by replicated experiments, and the phenomenon is by now recognized as something real by steadily more scientists. However, in the popular daily media this scientific field seems to be treated as a taboo area to stay away from.
  • Commotion with Corrosion  By : James Monahan
    To explain it further, corrosion is defined as the wearing away of materials in a slow blow by blow process.
  • Communication with Aliens Similar to Earth Communication  By : Norma Hickox
    When living their lives, all of these beings no matter whether they are from the lower or the higher realms, get telephone calls from the beings on earth, the humans who are the present time physical manifestation of themselves. In other words, the beings from the higher realms are previous roles the actor has played or previous lives our souls hav
  • Controversial Research: Embryonic Stem Cells and Obesity Vaccines  By : David Stockwell
    When the results of the research are controversial, it draws people's attention. This can lead to the field itself, like Embryonic Stem Cell and Obesity research becoming controversial. But controversial research can lead to more new developments as researchers strive to address the controversy with new solutions.
  • Cool Science Experiments  By : Gregory Murphy
    I love seeing kids excited about Science. Reading about Science, exploring the world outside, seeing a science video are ways in which children enjoy and become motivated about Science. And, through the years, that is what we have successfully done.
  • Copper Makes the World Go Round Too  By : James Monahan
    I'm pretty sure you know what copper is. After all, it's found in a lot of the things we come across in our day-to-day experiences.
  • Crazy Deep Sea Creatures  By : Robert Nickel
    If you're going to Aruba, you'll certainly want to get a look at the incredible oceanic life surrounding this small Caribbean island. The warm ocean temperatures are the perfect home for thousands of colorful fishes, cephalopods, and mammals. But there are some creatures you might not see, unless you're very lucky and they are very lost. The deep sea holds secrets that are unimaginably strange and wonderful. Let's meet some of the big guns...
  • Create Your Personalized Ladybug Garden With A Ladybug Kit  By : evikram kumar
    One of the fascinating, perhaps majestic evolution cycle created by nature is the metamorphosis of certain breed of insects, which undergo a radical change in their persona & evolve into a complete new species bearing features which are absolutely unique to what they had when they were in their primal stage
  • Creating A Middle School Science Fair Project In Time  By : Shawn Rodriguez
    Werent those science experiments fun when you were in school? You had to run around like crazy to get it done because you had waited so long. Did your parents remind you that they had to do all the running around for you?
  • Creative Ways To Get Your Child Interested In Science  By : tireddadoffive
    While science might be your worst subject getting your kids interested in science can be as simple as baking cookies or playing in the snow. Here are some tips to help get your child interested in science from a young age.
  • Cytoskeleton-the cellular scaffold  By : Stephen Jones
    The cytoskeleton is a network of fibers throughout the cell's cytoplasm that helps the cell maintain its shape and gives support to the cell. It is a cellular scaffolding or skeleton contained within the cytoplasm, present in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes.
  • Data Logging for Primary School Science Experiments  By : Rivington Charlotte
    In today's school science and laboratory lessons students need reliable equipment to carry out investigations but just as reliable technology to record and capture the data from experiments and the DataWiz does just that.
  • Data Validation through Tissue Analysis  By : Stephen Jones
    IMGENEX History-Array™ tissue array slides are a simple, powerful, inexpensive, yet highly efficient method for expression analysis or localization studies of molecular targets at the DNA, RNA or protein level.

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