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  • The Reality Plane of Existence and the Seventh Chakra  By : Yamaya Cruz
    The Reality Plane of Existence and the Seventh Chakra The reality plane of existence or the satyaloka, also known as the plane of truth is the realm of the seventh chakra or the sahasrara chakra.
  • Celestial Plane of Existence  By : Yamaya Cruz
    Have you ever wondered if there is, a world very different from our own, but coexist discreetly with our very own Earth?
  • Balance Plane of Existence  By : Yamaya Cruz
    A Dimension is a world very different from the one you stand on. It is one that has various living things and things that exceed a human's imagination and understanding
  • Archangel Metatron Talks About Self-Reliance And Responsibility For True Enlightenment  By : Glenn Harrison
    Archangel Metatron talks about how we must address our self-reliance and take responsibility for ourselves. If we are to evolve as a species, we must stop competing against one another, pool our resources and realise that materialism is wasting our precious planet away.
  • The Austerity Plane of Existence and What Getting There Means  By : Yamaya Cruz
    The austerity plane of existence is the plane which corresponds to the Ajna or the Sixth Chakra. Reaching the Ajna Chakra means going beyond the practice of Yoga and in consequence reaching the austerity plane or tapoloka.
  • The Power Animals and the Lower World  By : Yamaya Cruz
    The lower world is basically where the shamanic power animals can be found. These may be in the form of earth animals, and even those that are only depicted in mythological legends.
  • Telephone Psychic Readings  By : Joseph Mill
    I've been doing online telephone psychic readings for over twenty years now. There have been many changes in the industry over that time. But I still like the medium.
  • Psychic Email Readings  By : Joseph Mill
    Psychic email readings are probably a mystery to many more familiar with a live, face-to-face or telephone for some psychics, but in most cases, email is just another means of conveying the information.
  • Siberian Shamanism: An Overview  By : Yamaya Cruz
    Siberian Shamanism is inhabited by various ethnic groups in which majority of them are observants of shamanistic practices in the modern age.
  • The Marriage Line and Its Variation on the Palm  By : narottam mishra
    The marriage line is one of the most vital lines on the human hand that forecasts the love and marriage of a person. The line of marriage has different kinds of variation on the palm which fixes the success and failure of the marriage in a person’s life
  • The Intricacies of the Physical Plane of Existence  By : Yamaya Cruz
    The physical plane of existence is one of the seven planes of existence that define the reality of the universe.
  • The Kundalini - Everything You Need To Know  By : Yamaya Cruz
    Kundalini literally means "coiled". In traditional yoga meanwhile, it means "corporal energy". In the context of meditation, it is defined as an instinctive, unconscious and libidinal force ("Shakti").
  • All About Tarot Readings  By : Jen Quintarin
    Tarot Cards are Mystical tools and there has been a lot of debate concerning the origins both in years and geographical location of the origins of the Tarot. It's been difficult to trace the beginning of the Tarot cards and one reason for this...
  • Psychic Readings vs Fortune Tellers  By : Joseph Mill
    This is one of the most controversial subjects among authentic psychics today. It is a topic that is discussed often among the people who are professionals and a very misunderstood subject among the general public.
  • Remarkable One Hour on the Future of Islam  By : Skip Conover
    I am grateful to Eman Fahad Al Nafjan for bringing "The Future of Islam in the Age of New Media" to my attention. This amazing 60-minute audio program of 1-minute segments by 60 speakers compiled by Amir Ahmad is a significant contribution to international discourse, especially among Muslims!
  • Human Plane of Existence  By : Yamaya Cruz
    The Human Plane of Existence is the first one that people encounter in the seven planes of Existence. It is the densest of the seven planes, seeing as how one can easily feel and experience it.
  • The Shamanic Upper World and the Spirit Teachers  By : Yamaya Cruz
    In a shamanic sense, the so-called Upper World is that part of the non ordinary reality that is in complete contrast to the underworld in that it is a plain full of life instead of sadness and grief.
  • Sexual Healing & Feeling  By : Yamaya Cruz
    The second chakra is known in Sanskrit as Svadhisthana. It is also known as the Sacral chakra, and it helps you deal with your inner self. This chakra is located on your lower abdomen, just below your navel. It is the seat of emotions, sensations, creativity, and sexual desire.
  • What Shamans and the Shamanic Principle Can Do To You  By : Yamaya Cruz
    The simplest definition of shamans describes them as middle-men who stand between the world as we have come to know it and another world that is on a different spiritual plain, invisible and supernatural.
  • Fortune Tellers Have Great Views For You  By : Theresa Walter
    A psyhcic readings can benefit your life is many ways. A lot of people usually do not truly understand what psychics will do for them. Due to this, they tend to accept experience with obtaining a psychic for granted if they're doing research. Most people look into getting a psychic to generally be just something to perform for entertainment or when annoyed during the time, even so, many of them start noticing the fact that things the psychic informs them grows more than merely idol banter.
  • Religion Is Not Spirituality; You Can Be Religious And Not Spiritual  By : Glenn Harrison
    Why is it that so many people follow a religion, yet don't have the spirituality needed to take care of fellow their man and our precious planet? massive chanfges are taking place on our planet. It's time people took notice and realised that there is only one Creator, and spirituality is a whole lot more than professing a faith.
  • What Service Can You Expect To Have From A Free Psychic Chat  By : Laura Moore
    It does not matter if you have faith in what psychics state they can do or not. You will be able to benefit from a free psychic chat in either case.
  • Seeking The Greatest Tarot Card Reading Online  By : Samantha Frost
    Discovering someone who comprehends and knows the art of tarot card reading can be a small task by itself. Finding somebody who will do it totally free probably looks like a hopeless task at this point. Although, there are numerous reasons that a tarot card reading specialist could be offering a totally free tarot card reading online.
  • Determining The Right Psychic Advisors  By : Betty Crane
    A lot of people question the standing of psychics, especially free psychics. However, you'll find lots of people who have experienced psychics with skepticism, and left with simply wholehearted belief within them afterwards. There are usually three different kinds of people who would be fine with being no cost psychics.
  • Interpreting Prana, the Life Force of the Universe  By : Yamaya Cruz
    Prana is a Sanskrit term that refers to the sustaining force of life that prevails in not only the living organisms but the universe as well.
  • Simple Church - Accepting Simplicity Within the Community of Christ  By : Chris Keenan
    Learning to embrace the art of simplicity within the community of Christ.
  • How To Find Your Spirit Guide  By : Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn
    This is the basic process to open to spirit channeling. A great way to lead up to this process is to begin to write down answers you get. Most individuals do not get immediate vocal contact. They rather receive ideas, feelings, colors and even symbols. Some get words which become automatic writing.
  • The Power of The Manipura Chakra  By : Yamaya Cruz
    The "lustrous gem", or Manipura in Sanskrit, is the third chakra. It is the seat of self-esteem, power, and intuition. This chakra has 10 petals. In numerology, 10 can be reduced to the number 1, which means "the beginning".
  • You Have An All Access Pass!  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    Many Christians fail to realize that they have been given an all access pass into the presence of God. Do you use your all access pass? Don't ignore the open invitation to come to throne of God and speak to Him freely all that is on your mind.
  • Your Sixth Sense  By : Yamaya Cruz
    In Sanskrit, the sixth chakra is known as Anja. This means "beyond wisdom" or the "perception center", but perhaps you know it better as the "third eye". Most people know that this chakra is located in between the eyebrows. This is also the reason why this chakra is called the brow chakra.
  • Thoughts Are Reality  By : Robert E Rainer
    A discussion of the relation of thought to energy and prayer. One day man will be able to electronically digitalize thought and amplify it to exponential levels. By doing so, he will be able to decrease the impact of the time and distance variables to negligible values in an effort to create matter.
  • Native American Shamanism  By : Yamaya Cruz
    Shamanism is defined as a system of psychic, spiritual and emotional healing for the exploration and gathering of both the state of mind and non-material worlds.
  • Astral Plane of Existence  By : Yamaya Cruz
    Many have heard and even experienced the mystery of astral projection. It is the state in which a soul leaves its physical body and begins roaming the astral plane of existence, a place that is finer than the etheric realm but is denser and feels more realistic than the mental plane.
  • Underworld— A Place of Suffering in Many Beliefs  By : Yamaya Cruz
    When life on this earth expires, many ponder on where the soul of a person goes to. A person is made up of three main aspects, the physical body, the mind or spirit and the soul.
  • Saint Thomas More - English Martyr for the Faith  By : Bob and Penny Lord
    St. Thomas More upheld the validity of the King's marriage to Catherine, but requested he be allowed to stand aside from the controversy. When he was asked to present the case to Parliament, he refused to render his opinion. As we all try to do, he was trying to skirt the issues, but he would soon find it to be impossible.
  • Whose Opinion Matters Most?  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    There is one opinion that is very important. This opinion trumps all other opinions, including yours.
  • Health and Healing Lifegiving Food and Drink From the LORD That Healeth Thee  By : Davide Barron
    I believe that God has given a healing message. That message is contained in the word of God which is the bread of life. In order to have health and life we must eat.
  • Who Feeds The Birds?  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    Have you ever considered how the Father feeds the birds? Does He get up really early, and in a very large bucket, gather as many worms as He can? And then does He go to every bird on earth, open its beak, and toss in a worm?
  • Creating a Daily Power Hour  By : Rhonda Jones
    Creating an Daily Hour of Power that includes meditation, inspiration reading, journaling, visualizing, affirmations, and other self-improvement activities can help you live with more purpose, direction, fulfillment, and joy.
  • Risk and Reason  By : Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
    Red Cows, kosher laws, and mixing wool and linen, are "Chukim," laws beyond our ken. We believe that people don't like laws to which they can't relate. Yet, according to Rashi, the Torah is more concerned with those who ridicule our observance of these laws than with our own discomfort. I always suspected that we are not really bothered by the thin
  • The Science of Palmistry and Marriage Prediction  By : narottam mishra
    Everyone is eager to know the story of their love and marriage. But there is no way to predict the future of the love life except t the help of palm reading. The marriage line on the palm is a vital tool that can predict the exact marital events.
  • Western Education Greek versus Hebrew Educational Style  By : Mark Virkler
    The Western education system concentrates on the left-brain. We worship at the altar of rationalism. In fact we focus so much on rational, left-brained that after only two years in school our children are from 92% testing high in creativity to only 10%. By the time we reach adulthood, only 2% still test highly in creativity. Why is this?
  • Psychic Chat Rooms For Novices  By : Samantha Frost
    Various individuals who are trying to find psychics online don't have any idea that psychic chat rooms really exist, much less understand how to locate someone who runs one that knows what it is that he or she is doing. There are numerous things that you should make note of before you look for a chat room, as well as before deciding which psychic chat you would like to go with.
  • Great Things About Numerology Reading  By : Samantha Frost
    Like the name implies, Numerology is completely about the numbers. Although some people look at numerology being superstition or fake, there is a lot that numbers can instruct us regarding ourselves. We can learn about our past, our present, as well as our future - entirely from numbers. No matter what time of the day it is, nor where you stand, numbers are actively playing a big element. A few numerology reading professionals have become so good at reading numbers that they are competent to help diagnose and discover methods to problems that you're going through in your life.
  • Being Familiar With Tarot Readings  By : Laura Moore
    Regardless of what kind of individual you are, your personality can be associated back to what online tarot readings expose. Whether you're a positive, outgoing person, or you might be a negative person, or someone who's shy, expectant, etc... Your own personality can and will be listed in one of the various tarot card readings. Through the tarot cards, you may check if you're taking life the correct way for your specific individuality. If you have ever felt like you've managed situations erroneously, or it feels as though, sometimes, your success is restricted by something you can't figure out; chances are, you're not acting based in your character.
  • First Timers Guideline Regarding Astrology  By : Laura Moore
    Being able to look at astrology signs may help you uncover a lot about a specific person's personality - whether it is a long time companion whom you already know much like the back of your hand, someone you just known, or your romantic partners that you are wishing to have more details about. You won't just be able to utilize astrology to find out some facts regarding individuals who you may not have known otherwise, you may also utilize astrology symbol to learn if you're well matched with the individual whom you're courting.
  • Why Forgive?  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    Have you ever felt that if you did forgive them, it would be like letting them off the hook for what they did? Have you ever had someone hurt you so badly that you thought you would never forgive them for what they did to you?
  • Searchers & Takers  By : Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
    "He arrived at the Mountain of the Lord, toward Horeb (Exodus 3:1)." Moshe was searching for God, and God appeared to him in the Burning Bush. "And now, go and I shall send you to Pharaoh and you shall take My people the Children of Israel out of Egypt (Verse 10)." God wanted Moshe to go without any instructions other than to take Israel out of Egy
  • Finding Strength in the Bible  By : Duke Taber
    Are you going through tough times? Do you need to find a source of inner strength? Well this article will show you how to get inner strength and renewed hope for your life.
  • The Miracles of Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi  By : Bob and Penny Lord
    Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi was endowed with many Heavenly gifts. She was able to foretell the future. She told Alexander de Medici that he would be Pope but that he would have a short reign. His papacy lasted twenty-six days!
    Sometimes a gift and other times a cross, Mary Magdalen was granted the Grace to read men's hearts.
    Many witnesses attested she bi-located, appearing to different people in different places at the very same moment.
  • Information About Dream Interpreting  By : Betty Crane
    For several years, human beings are already getting into their subconscious by using dream interpretation, the process of locating a deeper meaning behind your dreams and finding out exactly how they're relevant to your life. Dream interpretation has been used for several years by various sorts of people and historical cultures, dating way back to ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, when dreams were thought to be messages from the gods, which meanings might just be determined by interpreters targeted to have certain capabilities. Even to this time a lot of dream interpreters are present throughout the world, and several of them offer their solutions on the web.
  • Kailash Manasarovar - Journey of a Lifetime  By : Gabriel Jonathan
    There are many sacred places on the planet, but the Himalayan mountains certainly occupy a pre-eminent position among them. Kailash Manasarovar, Kedarnath, Badrinath – these are just a few of the places of immense spiritual significance where great sages and saints have lived and taught. Every year, millions of people from around the world.
  • Choose To Persist  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    In all of life's challenges, you can choose to persist or you can choose to quit. When the challenges and obstacles seem insurmountable, why persist? Persist because you have unlimited potential.
  • Our Lady of Laus - Refuge of Sinners  By : Bob and Penny Lord
    Family, we have traveled thousands of miles across the seas to beloved France, "eldest daughter of the Church." Our Lady has called us to bring you the best kept secret for 400 years, a Sanctuary, a Shrine to Our Lady Refuge of Sinners, a place to come to shed everything which separates you from Our Lord, which we pray will touch your heart as it has ours. Pray and listen to your heart, for this, her gift is just for you.
  • Blessed John Paul II - Part I  By : Bob and Penny Lord
    Family, we are very excited about this year. Pope John Paul II, or Pope John Paul the Great, will be beatified on May 1, in St. Peter's Square. If the predictions hold true that 700,000 Polish pilgrims will descend on the Holy City for that occasion, it will be the greatest and largest event our Church has ever experienced.
  • Saint Bernardine of Siena - His Legacy  By : Bob and Penny Lord
    There are many portraits of St. Bernardine, but the greatest is that which can be found in his sermons. They were perpetuated by a faithful follower who meticulously wrote down every word uttered by St. Bernardine in his Lenten Sermons in 1427, on wax tablets. He then transposed them onto parchments
  • Blessed John Paul II - Part III  By : Bob and Penny Lord
    "Breaking through all resistance, the new Pope steers the ship safely between the two columns and moors it to the two columns; first, to the one surmounted by the Host and then to the other, topped by the statue of the Virgin. At this point, something unexpected happens. The enemy ships panic and disperse, colliding with and scuttling each other.
  • Spells For Witchcraft  By : Matthew McClifford
    Real Magic does exist and is more powerful today than ever before. Real magic also changes with the ages. Today magic spells have become more potent and can turn around any situation without a doubt.
  • Kundalini Yoga and Drugs  By : Guru Rattana
    Kundalini yoga rejuvenates us and repairs damage to our body and brain due to drug use. If you haven't taken drugs, you have a head start. Basic exercises help us overcome the negative effects of all types of drugs and stress and revitalize our whole system.
  • Kundalini Yoga Mantras  By : Guru Rattana
    Kundalini Yoga Mantras offer us formulas that activate our alignment with universal energies. Mantras work through the vibration of the sound current to create our synchronization and experience of oneness.
  • Women Will Drive in Saudi Arabia on June 17, 2011  By : Daniel Gaijin
    With equal assurance, I feel confident that God will not be punishing Saudi Arabia after its leaders allow women to begin driving. The reason I know this is that God made everything. Well actually, whether God did or didn't doesn't make much difference, because either God did or didn't.
  • Blessed John Paul II - Part II  By : Bob and Penny Lord
    But now family, we truly believe Pope John Paul knew he was being called Home by Our Lord Jesus. It's almost as if he was setting the stage for us for when he would be gone. We recall how blessed we felt the week before his death, when we had the privilege of watching beneath his apartment. When he tried to give us an Easter blessing from the window of his papal apartment, no matter how he tried, he couldn't get the words out.
  • Devotion vs. Devotions  By : Duke Taber
    This morning I was sitting down and having a cup of coffee and engaging in my usual routine. I was having what people call a daily devotion. The thought struck me, what is more important? Devotion or devotionals? Here is some of the things I came up with.
  • The Mexican Martyrs Of The 20th Century  By : Bob and Penny Lord
    We went to the ranches where these priests ministered, to the poorest villages in Mexico, and once, we actually found ourselves in a jungle, or a rain forest, outside of Tequila, Mexico, where the people still live in adobe huts, have no electricity, and wash their dishes in a brook. Blessed Toribio Romo lived and celebrated Mass underground, and where he was finally caught and executed by the soldiers.
  • Vedic Cultural Fellowship - Vedic Astrologer  By : Matthew McClifford
    Vedic culture is inherently spiritual in outlook, making kindness, charity, compassion, and honesty the main values for harmony in life. Through the Vedic Cultural Fellowship you can study or apply the sciences of natural Ayurvedic Medicine, Hatha Yoga (including the 8 steps of ashtanga), and gem therapy to achieve spiritual well-being.
  • What Is God? Where Is God?  By : Chris Tucker
    "I have a hard time with the concept of God. I was not brought up in a spiritual family.
  • Archangel Metatron Talks About How The Universe Was Created And Our Life Purpose In It  By : Glenn Harrison
    Archangel Metatron is the only direct connection to the Creator and manages the Archangels and Angelic Realm for all universes. Metatron wanted us to know about how thought created the universe and the part we play. He talks about how stories, not truth, have created man-made idols like Jesus Christ. He is teaching us truth.
  • The Value of Meditation in the Life of a Christian  By : Rhonda Jones
    I have been a Christian now for almost 30 years and can tell you that my Christian walk prior to practicing meditation and being still before the Lord doesn't even compare to my life afterward.
  • Using Angel Guided Meditations to Help You Connect to The Angelic Realm - Part 1 of 2  By : Glenn Harrison
    To connect to the angelic realm, we need to meditate, and be a clear channel, for telepathy to take place. Anyone can achieve this with practice. Meditation to connect to the angelic realm is different to other techniques. This technique of meditating has been trance-channelled from the angelic realm, to help you learn how to connect. This is part 1 of 2, you may need to search with the title, for part 2 of 2.
  • Are You Still Sceptical About Angels,Archangels And Ascended Masters?  By : Glenn Harrison
    The vibrational energy on our planet is being increased by the angelic realm. Have you noticed that more and more people are becoming spiritual and searching for answers to life? Spiritual events are now mainstream instead of 'Hippy' as more people are awakening. Are you still asleep? If you are, it's time you took notice of what's happening around you.
  • God is Still Working Miracles!  By : Rhonda Jones
    I just have to share this miracle that happened on my trip to Hawaii last week. My very good friend and I arrived in Honolulu, rented a car, and drove to the hotel.
  • Using Angel Guided Meditations to Help You Connect to The Angelic Realm - Part 2 of 2  By : Glenn Harrison
    In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the stages you go through when
    meditating to connect to the angelic realm, the right posture and making
    visualisation easy. To access Part 1, you may need to copy and paste
    the title of this article and replace Part 1 for Part 2, and paste it
    into a search query. In this Part 2, we look at breathing techniques and how to monitor your progress, to keep motivated till you connect you to the angelic realm.
  • Archangel Metatron Explains Mankind's Origins and Refutes Darwin's Theory of a Missing Link  By : Glenn Harrison
    Darwin's theoryof the missing link, is refuted by Archangel Metatron as he tells us the real origins of mankind. He explains how our DNA has changed, and how our children are adapting to our chemically poisened world.
  • Endless Possibilities  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    Why not take that same attitude of problem solving and incorporate it into our daily lives? Why not look at obstacles we face with the same kind of solution-oriented determination? There really are endless possibilities.
  • The Reading Of The Tarot  By : Steven Anthony
    For most people, the idea of Tarot is one of mystery. Reading the cards may be a hobby for some, but for others, it is history or a practice that has been passed down from one generation to the next. The fact is that the cards can be very powerful, but the power does not come from the cards.
  • Archangel Metatron Explains Jesus Christ's Crucifiction Is a Story Written Into The Bible From Fear  By : Glenn Harrison
    Archangel Metatron tells us how, in Biblical times, anyone who claimed they received messages from the Godhead, and were educated to be able to write, had great power. They had the ability to hold people in fear of the wrath of God, by what they wrote, so to protect themselves, they made up stories and lies. Jesus Christ was a threat, in that he delivered truths from God. We are led to believe he was crucified, yet it was just another story.
  • How to start a home Bible study  By : Carrie Garnier
    Hosting a Bible study is a great way to fellowship with your friends and to learn more about God’s word. If you want to start a home Bible study but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few things to help you begin!
    A Bible study does not need a large group of participants to be successful. A smaller group can sometimes be a better environment to open up and share with others instead of a larger group. A larger group, however, can offer different dynamics and lead to sharing of many ...
  • How to study the Bible  By : Carrie Garnier
    How blessed we are to have God’s Word written for us to read and enjoy every day! The Bible is full of wonderful stories of love, sacrifice and salvation as well as poems, advice and encouragement. The Bible has been translated into hundreds of languages around the world and is still being translated as new languages are discovered in remote foreign countries!
    Reading the Bible is different than studying the Bible. Changing the way you read or study this wonderful book can help you be...
  • Finding a new church  By : Carrie Garnier
    If you’ve recently relocated because of a job transfer or have moved to another city to be closer to family or have moved from one house to another for any number of reasons, you may be seeking a new church to attend. If you are unfamiliar with the area, you may not know where the closest church is or which church has the programs you desire to participate in. Choosing a church is an important part of life: church is where we meet others who have the same spiritual desires and belief s...
  • Spring cleaning for your soul  By : Carrie Garnier
    Spring is here and there are signs of new life everywhere! Buds have turned into green leaves in the trees and flowers are in full bloom, sharing their stunning colors and fragrances for us to appreciate. Nature truly does seem to be at its very best throughout the spring season: every little thing feels brand new and fresh!
    This is a time when most of us get a nudge to clean out our houses with some severe spring cleaning! We want to open the windows for fresh air, clean out all of th...
  • The Day of the Swallow  By : Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
    There was once a flood in an immense forest. The larger animals fled and in their stampede, devastated everything in their path. The smaller animals followed. Suddenly, a small swallow, completely soaked, flew in the opposite direction, looking for someone to save. The hyenas said, "What can you possibly do with that fragile little body
  • Archangels and Angels Warn Us We Are On The Brink of Killing Planet Earth  By : Glenn Harrison
    Archangels tell us our planet is dying and we are on the brink of extinction. If we don't radically change our ways and stop pollution with chemicals and cutting down trees, we will die as a species. So what can you, just one person, do about it, and will it make a difference?
  • Don't Embrace Change With Fear  By : Rhonda Jones
    We've been conditioned to equate favorable circumstances with God's favor and unfavorable ones with evil. Yet God uses both the good and the bad in our life to accomplish his purpose in the world as well as our lives. Don't embrace change with fear.
  • Why Do Christians Practice Yoga?  By : Rhonda Jones
    Should Christians practice Yoga? The majority of Christians who practice yoga know where their allegiance lies and they're not so easily persuaded or manipulated. We know that Jesus is our Lord and we can use yoga to strengthen our relationship with him.
  • Should Christians Meditate And If So, How?  By : Rhonda Jones
    I think that the question isn't should Christians meditate. I think that the question that remains in the mind of many Christians is "how" are we to meditate?
  • Kedoshim  By : Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
    Toronto 1964 was very different from the Baltimore I knew. It was the first time that I saw people with concentration camp tattoos on their arms. The butcher had one. The baker had a number. My dentist's number was right in my face as he worked on my mouth. Some of my teachers had numbers tattooed on their arms. I learned that people referred to th
  • Archangel Metatron Explains What Black Holes Are And What They Are Used For In Universes  By : Glenn Harrison
    Archangel Metatron explains why our limited senses can't identify all the structure around us. He explains what black holes are and how they link us to other universes, travelling faster than the speed of light.
  • Finding the Trusted Prophetic Ministries The Efficient Way  By : Josh C
    How To Find Trusted Prophetic Ministries This is a day and age in which
    Prophetic Ministries abound. On street corners, bus stations, radio,
    television and thousands of churches nationwide there are men and women
    who are claiming that the words they are saying come from the Lord.
  • Online Hebrew Schools Give a Glimpse Into the New Age of Education  By : Mark Etinger
    By going online, Hebrew school students are actively part of a changing landscape of education.Recent technological developments have affected almost all aspects of the American economy and culture. Its hard to think about anything with cultural significance that has not been affected by the internet. The Academic world is no different.
  • 2012 - The Year of Project Enoch  By : Reece Woodstock
    The 2012 controversy has taken on a new meaning with the the debate over the meaning of Poject Enoch. Is there a plan to combine secret super science with the supernatural to produce significant fabricated events that will cause great confusion amongst some of the major world religions?
  • Why Someone Should Consider Christian-Matrimony  By : Dan Anton
    Matrimony websites are now one of the most visited places to discover a life partner. In locations like India where arranged marriages are a norm, a lot of groom family members also frequent them to look for the right matches for their friends, relatives, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters.
  • How Karma Can Affect You  By : Nicci Striker
    This discussion is about one interpretation of karma. It talks about 'good' karma, 'bad' karma, and 'weighted' karma. It also talks about personal, citywide, and 'national' karma, as well as karmic obligations which can take lifetimes to re-balance.
  • The Ninth Hopi Sign and the End of Religious Ritual  By : Samantha Frost
    The Hopi signs for the coming of Pahana, the White redeemer, were revealed over 50 years ago. In the early 1950s, a Protestant Reverend picked up a Hopi Indian hitchhiking along an open highway. As they road together the Indian confided that he was the last of his clan and wished to pass on the traditions of his elders, before he passed away. So as the two men drove on together, the Hopi recounted the nine signs that would herald the coming of Pahana, the white redeemer. Eight of the nine Hopi signs have already occurred, exactly as predicted. The 9th sign is a space ship that will fall to earth. In the words of the Hopi clansman:
  • Story Collectors  By : Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
    In 1984 I was the Jewish chaplain for the Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Comstock, NY, a maximum security prison. Although the administration and inmates were not interested in any serious religious instruction, I was determined to offer some religious inspiration to my "congregation," all of whom were serving sentences of at least twenty-fi
  • The Christian-Matrimony Webpage  By : Dan Anton
    Most of these websites will have paid membership packages while others will have free memberships where you have to pay for extra items like web cam chat and voice chat. Discovering people from your own religious faith can be quite beneficial because the other person is well knowledgeable of the customs and traditions and it is not an unfamiliar thing for them.
  • A Path To Spiritual Awakening  By : Andy Towers
    It's often known as a state of enlightenment. The state of accurate spiritual awakening is really a state that most mankind would like to acquire. You'll find suggestions and actions that it is possible to consider in the direction of the path to spiritual awakening.|It seems that everyone's objective, on this day and age, is how to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
  • Five Dead Sea Scroll Surprises Repudiate Centuries Of Tradition  By : Gen Wright
    Recently deciphered Dead Sea Scrolls result in unexpected findings regarding the original Old Testament, the book of Jude, Biblical prophecy, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, and the language of the first century Jews. These scrolls reveal Christianity has been misinformed on all of these topics for the last 1,500 years.
  • Haggadah: Thoughts for Hallel: Notes and Music  By : Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
    “Every day you will hear millions of sounds and only a few of them will be musical notes. Usually, musical notes are created deliberately from a musical instrument, but they can be produced in non-musical situations – when you ‘ping’ a wineglass or ring a doorbell, for example. Whenever and however they are produced, musical notes sound different f
  • If Rescued, Does One Remember?  By : Constantine Fotheringhame
    THE SOS PIN - The "Crown Jewel". Periodically one concept emerges that is "worth its weight in gold." This small (7/16" X 3/4") attractive handmade gold and black symbol lapel pin provokes people to ask, "What does that pin mean?" or, "What do those dots and dashes stand for?"
  • Soundproofing Your Sanctuary in 5 Steps  By : Mark Rustad
    Discover the insider tips for producing more favorable sound quality inside your worship center. The five steps sighted in this article are designed to produce more favorable room acoustics for a sanctuary, delivering greater control over the sound values generated in the room, and a more satisfying worship experience for the congregation.

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