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  • The Prophet And The Whore (A Grace Filled Love Story)  By : James Flanders I
    God called Hosea during a time when Israel had by and large turned their backs on him to go after and worship false gods. As a way of demonstrating God's heart toward these unfaithful people, the LORD called Hosea to marry a Harlot by the name of Gomer. Not only was he to marry her, but they were also to have children together. But here's the catch. His wife would abandon him and the family to return to a life of harlotry.
  • Imagine It Was You! What Paul Tells Us About Ministering To The Person Overtaken In Any Trespass  By : James Flanders I
    Imagine for a moment that you have really messed up. You blew it big time. You did something stupid. In fact, it was so stupid that you even surprised yourself! In that place, as you reflect over your life you remember hearing about other people who had done the same thing. You also remember thinking "What kind of person would ever do that? They would have to be an idiot!" Now here you are. The idiot. How would you like others to respond to you?
  • What Is The Meaning Of The Angels' Argument Over Whether Man Should Or Shouldn't Be Created?  By : Mark Z.
    The following text is taken from the Midrash on the creation of man:

    "When the Holy One, blessed be He, came to create Adam, the ministering angels formed themselves into groups and parties, some of them saying, 'Let him be created,' whilst others urged, 'Let him not be created.'"

    What is the meaning of this passage, which details the Creator's "conversation" with the "angels"?
  • What Are You Made Of? - According To The Midrash  By : Mark Z.
    The Creator wished to make the body of Adam. This is how He worked...
  • " Sacred Triage" As Practiced By Pope Francis  By : Michael A Massa, JD
    Sacred Triage, A Commentary on how Pope Fancis is methodically and surgically healing the Catholic Church,
    using the analogy of a medical surgeon's skills
  • What Is The Meaning Of God Speaking To Noah To Go Forth From The Ark In The Bible Story?  By : Mark Z.
    "And God spoke unto Noah, saying, 'Go forth from the ark, you, and your wife, and your sons, and your sons' wives with you. Bring forth with you every living thing that is with you of all flesh, both fowl, and cattle, and every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth; that they may swarm in the earth, and be fruitful, and multiply upon the earth.'"
  • How Spiritual Are We According To Galatians Chapter Six Verse One?  By : James Flanders I
    Imagine crashing on a gravel road while riding a bicycle. The crash has left you with a serious case of road rash that needs tending to. Skin is peeled off, dirt and small rocks are embedded in your flesh. As you sit there bleeding beside the road how would you want a person to approach you? Let's carry the road rash into everyday life and the times of tumbling that we all experience at one point or another.
  • What Is the Meaning of the Story of Noah in the Bible?  By : Mark Z.
    "Noah was in his generations a man righteous and whole-hearted; Noah walked with God."

    So begins the chapter on Noah, immediately confusing the reader with what appears to be a straightforward story about our world.

    However, it confuses only those who aren't yet ready to read the Bible differently, still finding the simple historical narrative about a person named Noah satisfactory.
  • The Bible Story Of King Nimrod, His Astrologists, And His Decree To Kill All Newborn Sons  By : Mark Z.
    What Is King Nimrod? Yes... Not who, but what...
  • How To Change The World  By : Mark Z.
    Man bears tremendous responsibility over what happens in the world. Because he doesn't yet understand it--living a life driven by animalistic desires--he is hardly to blame. When this realization comes, however, the real work for which he was created will begin.
  • Is This It? What About Death? What About The Resurrection? Is There Something More To Come?  By : James Flanders I
    Take a good long look at the world around you. Soak it all in. Do you believe that God's plan is to simply let things continue just as they are without end? Take a look at the headlines. Watch the news. Study history. As you and I do that, we see the same cycle continuing on and on. Birth leading to death. Is this all there is? Are we missing something? There must be more to come! What about the resurrection?
  • What Is The Meaning Of Noah's Ark And The Flood In The Bible?  By : Mark Z.
    What Is The Meaning Of Noah's Ark And The Flood In The Bible? It may be teaching mor ethan you think...
  • Why Did Adam Sin in The Garden Of Eden? What Is Today's Outcome of Adam's Sin?  By : Mark Z.
    After Adam's sin comes the exile, all the way down to our world. "By the sweat of your face you will eat bread, till you return to the ground, because from it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return."
  • What Does It Mean To Be Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law? What Does Paul Mean By That?  By : James Flanders I
    Have you ever felt like God would not or could not love you because of your perceived weakness, flaws, or failures? Have you been trying to measure your worth in the eyes of God based upon how well you happen to perform on any given day? Is the religious roller coaster ride beginning to make you dizzy? Good news my friend, we have been justified and reconciled to God not based upon what we have done, but based upon what Christ has done.
  • Living Waters Part IV  By : Dr Franklin T Gibbs

    This article discusses divine truths about God's living waters. Living waters play a key role in fulfilling our racial group's purpose on earth. Every racial group on the face of the earth has a special purpose to fulfill. It's extremely vital that we know our racial group's purpose for being here.
  • What Is Man And Woman In The Bible?  By : Mark Z.
    "And the Lord God said: 'It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help made against him.'" And here we see why Man needs Woman to become an independent creature...
  • Personal Responsibility In Soul Contracts Involving Unhealthy Relationships  By : Gen Wright
    This article discusses the soundness of the karmic soul contract theory. The author also explores victim responsibility in what some people refer to as karmic relationships.
  • The Consequences Of The Cult of Gay  By : Craig Read
    If you disagree with the cult of Gay you are inter-alia; a homophobic fascist, an illiterate, an uneducated cretin, a hump-backed farmer
  • What Does The Serpent Mean In The Bible Story Of The Garden Of Eden?  By : Mark Z.
    And the serpent said unto the woman: 'You shall not surely die; for God knows that in the day you eat thereof, your eyes shall open, and you shall be as God, knowing good and evil.'"
  • What Is The Heaven And The Earth In The Bible?  By : Mark Z.
    "Heaven" means the quality of bestowal...."Earth" is all of your egoistic desires. This entire world is built on them...And between these two polar opposites--"the heaven and the earth"--is your soul. Its state is unstable, as though hung on a string.
  • Spiritual Growth Opportunities Charge At You "Sideways"-- These 3 Tips Will Set You For Victories  By : Steve Evans
    When stuff occurs in life, manure is being used by the Holy Spirit. What will you do concerning it? This is your spiritual growth opportunity. Your fallen ways will never recover you to the peace of Christ that got robbed from you, so crucify them! The new way is to find God in the very midst of all the negative things that you may be sensing or that may still be going on around you. After that, take these 3 steps.
  • What Is The Recognition Of Evil?  By : Mark Z.
    Every one of us consists of two contrasting qualities: darkness and light, evening and morning. These states represent our spiritual ascents and descents. The entry into spirituality is found in between them.
  • Try Living As A Divine Adventure--Five Tried And Tested Means Of Divine Guidance  By : Steve Evans
    Paying attention to God's voice and being led by the Holy Spirit remakes regular life into a spiritual adventure. I just love following Jesus into events I could never have organized or thought of. And it occurs every day! Being transformed into a "heaven-directed" man (or woman) is well within the power of any follower of Jesus. As a matter of fact it is an normal part of our life in Christ-- a thing that is actually anticipated by Jesus who said, "My sheep hear My voice."
  • What Is Corrected Egoism?  By : Mark Z.
    What is "corrected egoism"? It is a state where you feel bliss from bestowing pleasure upon the people around you, and not from using them for your own pleasure. This bliss can only be felt in such a state, which is characteristic of the spiritual world.
  • Crossing The Invisible Line To Join The Human Race  By : Nazeera Dawood
    Recently, I looked in the mirror, I saw a person that had evolved from thinking with fears and doubts in my childhood to a professional working in health. I was feeling good about overcoming most of my childhood fears; I was reminded of some new ...
  • Counting on the Psychic World  By : Sister Mary
    Real psychics strongly believe in their natural abilities and truly wish to help you. They honestly tell you what they visualize, feel or hear and leave the charges up to you.
  • Three Keys To Prosperity  By : Wisdom Mupudzi
    This article looks at 3 keys to prosperity, the importance of Vision, mastering Gates and also dealing with Generational Cycles, these are some of the keys that are essential to the success of a person. Many people success keeps eluding them because they dont understand and dont have mastery over these three areas. Relationships are failing many times because of lack of understanding of these 3 fundamental keys.
  • Parental Curses And The Power of Words Spoken By Those Who Have Authority Over You  By : Wisdom Mupudzi
    This article looks at the issue of Words, especially words spoken by those in Authority over a person. This is a very big issue, in the realm of the spirit, there is no difference between a joke and being serious. Words when released have consequence. Readers are highly recommended to take this topic seriously.
  • What Is The Meaning of 'And God Created Man in His Own Image' in The Bible?  By : Mark Z.
    It follows that only one who aspires to be like the Creator, to take on His qualities and to be born spiritually, can be called Adam ("man," similar to the Creator).
  • Praying to the God Ayahuasca  By : Thomas Carroll
    The increasingly popular ayahuasca brew is an hallucinogen from the jungles of South America that is said to cure many types of addictions and diseases. It is also believed to increase one's spiritual awareness, and in some cases, to give the practitioner supernatural power. What ayahuasca really does is open demonic communication channels. Ayahuasca ceremonies are forbidden in the Holy Bible, Deuteronomy 18: 10 - 12.
  • The Number One Reason For Powerlessness In Churches  By : Wisdom Mupudzi
    this article looks at Prayerless and the importance of Prayer in today's world.
  • Why Was There an Exile after the Ruin of the Second Temple?  By : Mark Z.
    The exile after the ruin of the Second Temple stemmed from unfounded hatred, but it also served a twofold purpose...
  • Answering the Creator's Call through Corrected Egoism  By : Mark Z.
    What is "corrected egoism"? It is a state where you feel bliss from bestowing pleasure upon the people around you, and not from using them for your own pleasure. This bliss can only be felt in such a state, which is characteristic of the spiritual world.
  • What Is Day and Night in the Bible?  By : Mark Z.
    "And God said: 'Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; (...)And God made the two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; and the stars. (...) And there was evening and there was morning, a fourth day."
  • 5 Tremendous Arguments Why It Really Is A Great Good Thing To Be You  By : Steve Evans
    Possibly like myself you are having a hard go of it finding self-acceptance. The Lord once said to me: "I want you to trust that it is a great good thing to be you-- simply because you have Me for your God!" Then He detailed why. This brought tons of emotional healing! These five factors are true for you as well. Put your faith in them and receive greater joy from your life in Christ.
  • Grasp These Seven ABC's Of Emotional Intelligence-- And Live With Superior Peace And Confidence!  By : Steve Evans
    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a more useful measure of success than IQ. EQ involves being able to make sense of your own feelings and those of other people and to act with wisdom using these feelings. EQ contains the ability to conduct negative emotions as captives to Jesus so that you can recover inner peace. You don't have to be tyrannized by your emotional states; you can learn to practice authentic sovereignty over them and live in the Spirit!
  • Heaven And Earth, And The Birth Of Spiritual Life In Between  By : Mark Z.
    "Heaven" means the Creator's spark within you, a tiny grain of completely selfless bestowal and love that you discover within. "Earth" is all of your egoistic desires. This entire world is built on them.In the middle of these two lies your soul...
  • Dark Revelations Concerning The Life Of A.E. Waite And The Secret Societies  By : Gen Wright
    The information contained in this article was acquired by the author through his Greater-Self. It reveals the disturbing secrets of some notable esoteric orders of the past. Arthur Edward Waite was one of the many secret society members who had good reason conceal their personal affairs from public scrutiny.
  • Kaleidoscope Of Indian Religion Injects Vibrant And Secular Culture With Diversity  By : jhoonroy
    Nowhere in the world is the society so much tolerant to different religions as in India, a fact which sometimes amazes the world as well as gives uniqueness to the Indian culture.
  • End-Time Spiritual Financial Plan  By : Laura Moore
    Why would end-time financing be a subject to be discussed? After all, we are talking about the Great Tribulation and judgment, darkness and gloom. In the end times God will fulfill all of His promises concerning the church as spoken by His Apostles and Prophets. The church will be glorified before the eyes of God's enemies; yes it will get dark in these days but remember that light shines brighter in the darkness. God is also a covenant keeping God and in order to fulfill His covenant He must confirm all His promises that He made to His church including that of prosperity. Yes, prosperity is part of the covenant of God that establishes Him as Jehovah God, making Him greater than the god of this world, "Satan", who has stolen the wealth that belongs to the heirs of salvation. It is a known fact that whoever controls the wealth is the one that governs.
  • What Is The Meaning Of Genesis (Beresheet) In The Bible?  By : Mark Z.
    "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters."
  • Where Does Our Emotional Baggage Around God Come From?  By : Monique Williams
    What was your childhood understanding of God? Often our misconceptions and the dramatic stories of fire and brimstone that were indoctrinated continue to impact our lives and our sense of trust, peace and security well into adulthood. You do have the choice and the ability to let that go, and ultimately bring more peace than you ever thought possible into your daily life.
  • How To Give To The Creator By Taking: The Purpose Of The Evil Inclination In Jewish Thought  By : Mark Z.
    In Part 1 of The Study of the Ten Sephirot, the reknowned 20th Century Kabbalist, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, Baal HaSulam, explains why the will to bestow necessarily created the will to receive. He further explains why the two desires are the foundation of the whole of Creation.
  • What Is the Pentateuch?  By : Mark Z.
    If you have ever wondered about the mystery of life, if you've contemplated the meaning of existence for even a moment, or dreamt of finding the "elixir of immortality," hold tight the Pentateuch; it is for you.
  • What Did Abraham Discover?  By : Mark Z.
    It was Abraham, who then still went by the name, Abram, the son of Babylon's great idol maker Terah, living at the very heart of this civilization, who possessed a certain quality that made him unique: he was unusually perceptive, with a scientific zeal for the truth...
  • Two Qualities In A Person & The Spiritual Breakthrough In Between  By : Mark Z.
    Every one of us consists of two contrasting qualities: darkness and light, evening and morning. These states represent our spiritual ascents and descents. The entry into spirituality is found in between them.
  • Conscious Evolution Through Stress - Are You Being Tuned to Higher Vibrations?  By : Nanice Ellis
    As we enter a new era for humanity, we each play an important role in evolution. Whether you know it or not, your life is causing you to awaken. Simply by living your life, you are being tuned to higher vibrations of consciousness. This article will uncover life's little secret to human evolution and how you are now playing a dynamic part.
  • A.e Waite Communicates New Mystical Concepts In The Book- 'the First Truth - A Book Of Metaphysical Theories'  By : Gen Wright
    The law of attraction has received much attention in the past few years. There are many other universal laws in place to make our physical life possible. The mechanics of these laws are largely unknown. A few concepts are presented in this article relating to the operation of the law of attraction.
  • Round & Round We Go  By : Morgan McFinn
    Musings on reincarnation and redemption.
  • Five Sure Steps To Spiritual Peace And Greater Life In Christ-- But The Catch Is You Have To A.C.T.! Fast!  By : Steve Evans
    The secret to our life in Christ is trusting and obeying our Savior and Lord. We will have to be ready to trust God with everything that happens and anyone we love, or we will be robbed of His peace and become cut off from Him. The enemy is always working to induce that kind of division. What are you going to do about it whenever you discover the peace of Christ departing from you? You need to "A.C.T.!" fast to bring it back!
  • Two Common Spiritual Reasons For Singleness ( Relationships) Part 1  By : Wisdom Mupudzi
    Whilst many people focus on the tantalising aspect of relationships, many make the biggest mistake, they forget that man is spirit, and some problems have to be dealt with from the spirit. This article is part 1 on the 2 main spiritual reasons of singleness.
  • Who You Already Are As An Eternal Being-- Seven Things You Ought To Keep In Mind About Your True Self!  By : Steve Evans
    Who are you really? One day each and every thing surrounding you will vanish and the fresh, deathless Reality will emerge. What areas of what you think of as yourself will enter heaven with you? Learning who you will truly be in heaven will enable you to visualize and become that freer, truer edition of yourself in present time. What follows are seven things you will want to learn about your eternal life in Christ.
  • The Hero's Journey - The Way Of The Cross  By : Andrew Toth
    The underlying mythic theme in our society is The Hero's Journey. This theme is passed on from generation to generation in our stories, in our plays, our books, in our movies and perhaps the greatest of all Hero's Journeys was The Way of the Cross. In this article we take a new look at the Way of the Cross from the perspective of the Hero's Journey.
  • How To Enjoy More Inner Peace--12 Simple Steps For Letting Go Of Any Prayer To God!  By : Steve Evans
    Living overwhelmed with worries is guaranteed to heighten your anxieties or drag you into depression! One of the keys to the spiritual life is finding out ways to cast cares from your heart into God's Hands. This truly renews inner peace! These twelve "steps" are part playful, part pictorial, to give you a vision for how this practice of releasing your worries to God actually goes. Taking these steps will be liberating to your life in Christ!
  • Abraham's Method as Solution for the Global Crisis  By : Mark Z.
    Anti-Semitism has been threatening Jews for millennia, and it is again worsening today. What do the Jews have that makes them such a hated race? The key is in understanding Abraham's method…
  • Prayer Request  By : Wisdom Mupudzi
    Prayer Request. This article is about how better it is to learn to pray than sending prayer requests to every Tom and Harry. It highlights that if one has a prayer request its better to send it to loved ones than being woodwinked and sending to ministries with money.
  • What Part Does Adam Play in the Correction of the World?  By : Mark Z.
    The ARI (Rabbi Isaac Luria) explains that in truth, we are all parts of a single soul, known to Kabbalists as Adam HaRishon (the first man), and to most other folks as Adam. Thus the question remains, what part does Adam play in the correction of the world?
  • How To Survive Globalization Through Mutual Guarantee: The Positive Global Role of the Jews  By : Mark Z.
    Today as the global crisis testifies, humanity is stuck in a situation when they understand the inevitable global connections but resenting them at the same time. The modern, global adaptation of Abraham's method of mutual responsibility and cooperation by the Jews holding the method can unlock this paradox, creating a practical, working version that by positive example could attract the whole of humanity within.
  • How To Choose a Christening Gown  By : Jill Fox
    Tips on how to choose a christening gown for your child's special day.
  • Extreme Spiritual Make Over--Part 6  By : Robert Owens-Greygrass
    How to live a spiritual life....this is my journey--short version.
  • Do You Have the Mark of the Beast?  By : Thomas Carroll
    The RFID chip, the number of the beast and the like is certainly part of Satan's plan, yet I believe their primary purpose is to be used as smoke screens. We must remember that Satan is a master of deceit and the father of lies. The chip may be used as a distraction from the real mark of the beast, and the seal of God.
  • Israel's Unity as Salvation for the World: Quotes From Our Sages  By : Mark Z.
    The nation of Israel was established on the basis of unity, described as "one man with one heart." What does this unity mean for Israel, and what does it mean for the world and humanity at large?
  • Days Of Elijah- Strategies To Revive The Church And Heal The Nation  By : Pastor Norm
    A Sick Nation - A Silent People - An Abandoned Altar
  • Seven Sturdy Truths About Why God Delights In You--You'll Never Come Up With Them All!  By : Steve Evans
    Father God delights in you! Are you kidding? How can I believe that? I'm so weak at times, so filled with fears and failures. I can't even take delight in me!

    For plenty of us it is enough of a challenge to hope that God really does forgive us. That He really loves us, possibly. But that He delights in us? Inconceivable!

    Happily, if you have chosen to follow Jesus, you can rest assured that God delights in you. Let these seven solid reasons strengthen your faith! Your life in Christ will soar to the heights!
  • Incense and Resins - Ritual, Religion and Revival  By : David Hugonin
    What are the differences between varuous gums, resins and crystals and incense sticks and cones - A short history of burning aromatics
  • Why Would You Think God Is At War With You? Is It Possible You Are Missing An Important Message?  By : James Flanders I
    World War 2 ended in August of 1945. However many Japanese soldiers who had been stationed in remote island locations either did not get word or they didn't believe the news that the war had ended. They could have been living at peace and gone home to their families but instead they continued to live in a state of anxiousness, fear, and anxiety. How sad to realize they had been missing out on so much.
  • The Face Of God  By : Jospehine Aldi
    I was lying on my bed and I just closed my eyes. I was fully awake. What I saw was beyond extraordinary. I saw the brightest light I ever saw in my life, it was not even white, it was too white to be even white it was a color beyond white and there ...
  • The Dispensation Of The Fullness Of The Times (The Reconciliation Of All Things?)  By : James Flanders I
    The Apostle Paul tells us that something amazing and wonderful is going to happen at the dispensation of the fullness of the times. At the end of the ages we will finally see the ultimate triumph which results from the work of Christ Jesus upon the cross of Calvary. We are told that eventually God will reconcile all things to HImself. All things on earth and in heaven. Can that be? Was Paul missing the point? Or have we been missing it?
  • Would You Like To Go Through Your Day Like Jesus Did? Five Ways That God Is Already Helping You!  By : Steve Evans
    Do you wish to go through daily life as Jesus did? No one who has ever lived has walked through their days with more love, more peacefulness, or more gladness. Yet no one was ever given a harder task to perform! When we began our life in Christ, almost all of us prayed to God for ourselves to become like Jesus. Father God has been answering that petition all along!
  • Who Does God Will To Be Saved? Does God Always Accomplish His Will?  By : James Flanders I
    Does God always accomplish His will? What about God's will being that all be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth? Is it possible that the all-powerful God of creation could have his will thwarted by anyone of anything? If we hold to the view of limited atonement are we missing something? Or is the work of Christ greater than most give Him credit for?
  • How to Forgive the Unforgiveable In 10 Heaven-Assisted Steps  By : Steve Evans
    If you get a tricky task to accomplish, it helps to break it up into smaller actions.

    How do you forgive an extremely hurtful injury? Generally we may forgive only by voicing the words. However, if the pain of past offense is gripping you like cement, walk your heart "on pilgrimage" by means of these simple, yet powerful steps.

    And then watch your life in Christ grow wings as the Master Himself walks through these steps with you!
  • The Propitiation For The Sins Of Who?  By : James Flanders I
    "He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world." (1 John 2:2)

    The whole world? Does this line up at all with the Calvinist view of limited atonement? Does the idea of the blood of Christ only paying for and removing the sin of only square with this? Is this verse showing us that the work of Christ is greater than we've ever imagined? Have we been missing something?
  • Forgiveness Revealed: You're Going To Want To Know What It Isn't. These 7 Points Could Be Hindering You!  By : Steve Evans
    The injured heart protests: "Why should I forgive?"

    There are truly so many misinformed beliefs "out there" about what forgiveness is. It is hardly surprising most people do not want to take the time to do it!

    Full forgiveness, nonetheless, is supremely worthwhile. It always renews a feeling of inner peace and weightless joy within the heart of everyone who does it. Who wouldn't want those things?

    Let's eliminate the confusion by getting a better look at seven things forgiveness is not.
  • Jesus Said "If I Am Lifted Up From The Earth, Will Draw All To Myself." Did He Really Mean It?  By : James Flanders I
    In John chapter 12, Jesus betrayal, arrest, and murder are just over the horizon. As He speaks to some of His friends He says this: "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself." Did He really mean that? WIll Christ ultimately draw all humanity to Himself? Is this yet another passage pointing to the ultimate salvation of all?
  • Savior Of The World Or Only Some? Were The Samaritans Correct Or Were They Missing Something?  By : James Flanders I
    In John chapter 4 a group of Samaritan men and woman make an amazing statement about Jesus Christ. They say,"We know that this is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the world." The word translated as world in this verse is the Greek word Kosmos. it is a very far reaching and expansive word. In fact, it is universal! Could that be true? Or were these people missing something? Is Christ the Savior of all or the Savior of a small few men and women.
  • Prayers to Save My Marriage  By : Steve Ridgeway
    In response to spiritualism, the prayer is to find and develop the divinity which may work quite a bit in every problem of life. It provides you emotional strength to fight with the problems. Can you believe that the prayers will help you to save lots of your married life? Separation or divorce seems to be a simple term, but its results on both the partners could also be lengthy-lasting. Chances are you'll lose your economical, bodily, emotional and social stability.
  • The Druid of Druidism  By : Zane Rojas
    The Druid of Druidism
  • Extreme Spiritual Make Over--Part 5  By : Robert Owens-Greygrass
    What does it mean to live a spiritual life? What are the questions you need to ask yourself?
  • Good Tidings of Great Joy! For A Few Or For All? Did That Angel Know What He Was Talking About?  By : James Flanders I
    On the night of the birth of Christ an angelic proclamation was made to the shepherds in the field. It was an annoucenemt of good news and great joy for ALL people. Why? Because a Savior had been born. One who, Scripture declares is the Savior of all. This is the first of several articles on Universal Reconciliation through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross of Calvary.
  • Nine "Unacceptable" Sides To Yourself--Yet God Desires You To Make Peace With Yourself Anyway!  By : Steve Evans
    Don't you just love it that Jesus accepts and loves you just as you are?

    By the cross God recondiled Himself completely to us. He isn't counting our sins against us! This is the good news.

    Yet many of us hold bitterness for all sorts of things against ourselves. Stop being such an enemy to yourself! Choose to accept yourself despite these 9 "unacceptable" things.
  • Who Planted That Tree?  By : James Flanders I
    Imagine what it would be like for you right now to be whisked away to The Garden of Eden. Unlike Adam and Eve you would have a great appreciaton for it because of the contrast between the goodness of Eden and the evil of the world we currently live in. Adam and Eve had no point of reference, no contrast, and therefore no knowledge of the good which surounded them. So God planted a tree.
  • 5 Field Tested Motivations For Releasing Forgiveness--Counting The Ones The Lord Puts To Use  By : Steve Evans
    Forgiveness is difficult work! Our angry thoughts frequently attach to us just like cement. It hurts to keep focusing on previous wrongs. It takes time and effort to become free. We find ourself asking, "Why should I forgive?" Let all of these five powerful God-given motivations come to your rescue!
  • How Important Are Your Beliefs?  By : Dave Almeida
    The other night I was harshly scolded by my Spiritualist pastor who said she read my book and feels that I make a lot of things up and that I expect people to eat it up She said that she strongly disagrees with a lot of what I wrote
  • Who is Responsible for the Functioning of the Universe?  By : Dave Almeida
    First, I would like to thank my readers for their positive feedback concerning my articles It's a good way for me determine people's interests
  • Science vs Spirit?  By : Kyre Adept
    Dr. Kyre is astonished that anyone takes Richard Dawkins and his atheism seriously.
  • Is the Pope Catholic?  By : Kyre Adept
    Dr. Kyre looks at what a truly 'catholic' Pope brings to the table.
  • Is Emotional Healing Possible? These Five Ways Really Work!  By : Steve Evans
    If you have ever wondered if there is a way that you or a loved one can possibly recover from the emotional damage of the past or the assault of negative emotions in the present, then this article is for you! Recovery is fully possible! There are five ways God gives us that are practically guaranteed to mend anyone's emotional pain. They really work, though we have to be willing to work them!
  • The Incidence of Shared Consciousness in Reincarnation  By : Dave Almeida
    I have stated before in other articles that humans are collective beings Each person's consciousness belongs to a Higher or Greater Power that is composed of his or her past lives
  • Raising Money For Evangelism Through The Sale Of Books  By : Swen Ramos
    For the last few years, missionaries have found it necessary in selling various types of books to enable them to raise the money needed to minister the word of God to those who are yet to be reached. These books are mostly in the form of e-books, autobiographies and hard copies.
  • How To Live In A Pagan World  By : Jose R Hernandez
    We live in a pagan world. The reason I say that we live in a pagan world is because people prefer to believe in all things except the true God. For example, in the Hispanic community/culture, people believe, and if they do not believe, they at ...
  • Spirituality in Business, Business in Spirituality  By : Wisdom Mupudzi
    This article looks at the influence of spirituality in the area of business and also how business is affecting spirituality. Infopreneur and Award Winning Author, takes a look at how the two are overlapping each other.
  • Turkey's Blue Mosque - Its Culture, History and Significance  By : Nousheen Zeeshan
    The Blue Mosque in Turkey is considered as a significant work of Islamic Architecture. This article provides the significance and background of the Blue Mosque.
  • Love is Senseless (A sermon on Luke 15:1-32)  By : Dan Koester
    I love the way the Gospel writer introduces this episode in the life of Jesus. Jesus is hanging out with a group of persons of very dubious reputation and the religious authorities are understandably somewhat dismayed that a person with a reputation for holiness is rubbing shoulders with the riff-raff of their community.
  • The Law of Infinite Reality  By : Dave Almeida
    The other day, a fellow spiritualist informed me that scientists have established the existence of ten dimensions The person who made this remark recently awakened and is now exploring the complex world of metaphysics
  • The Prevalence of Collective Entities in the Multiverse  By : Dave Almeida
    In another article I discussed how the human consciousness exists in the infinite universe as individual units of a larger entity that I call the Collective Consciousness Some people and religious groups refer to this collective entity as God
  • Supply and Demand  By : Morgan McFinn
    This is a parody that was inspired by an article in the Bangkok Post 15 years ago. How would the world react if God was kidnapped for ransom?
  • Taste And Future, All In A Cup Of Coffee  By : Marina Dee
    A cup of coffee and secrets of the future is the best combination that one would want to have at the time of relaxing. Coffee Cup Reading is all that predicts what is stored for you in future.
  • What Is the Difference Between Christenings and Baptisms?  By : Jill Fox
    Most people don't know the difference between a christening and a baptism. This should change that.
  • The Book of the Arab  By : Justin Geoffry
    The Book of the Arab was first published in 1979 by Starry Wisdom Press This book is a final report representing years of painstaking research to find evidence supporting the existence of the legendary Necronomicon
  • GOD Speaks: Humanity's Call  By : Maria Portas
    Humanity's Call on this life, is to get the whole place back to what it is meant to Be! Where children are not suffering. Where people are being fed, and where we are all taking care of each and every person here on Earth.

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