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  • Natural Management - Where Everyone Manages  By : Dr Neil Miller
    To manage our life we all have 24 hours a day to get the things we need to do. Some people manage their time and effort better than others. TASKey has developed methods and web software tools to make it easy for people to work together naturally to
  • Roles in Business Continuity and Contingency Plans  By : Dr Neil Miller
    TASKey has developed a simple means to develop plans with roles that can be quickly and easily mapped to the relevant people when a plan needs to be implemented. By employing a plan that can be easily monitored and updated, activities can be optimized, and progress can be determined in close to real-time.
  • What is a Project Manager?  By : Simon Buehring
    An excellent Project Management leader is somebody who knows how to set objectives not tasks, how to inspire staff with vision not fear and how to deliver accurate and constructive feedback. A good leader shows interest in staff not only as project resources, but also as capable and important members of the project team.
  • Project Management Success with the Top 7 Best Practices  By : Simon Buehring
    Whether planning your wedding, developing a new website or building your dream house by the sea you need to employ project management techniques to help you succeed. This article summarises 7 key project management best practices to help you achieve project success.
  • Developing and Implementing Business Continuity Plans  By : Dr Neil Miller
    A greatest challenge in Business is ensuring that all relevant people can clearly identify what they need to do, when, and with whom. With an effective business continuity planning and implementing capability, businesses are less vulnerable to abnormal events that can severely restrict normal operations.
  • Governance - Board of Directors  By : Dr Neil Miller
    Traditional methods of managing the work of the Board and its interaction with the Executive of their organization are often too slow to facilitate timely governance decisions. With the introduction of Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and the analysis of the causes of the Global Financial Crisis, the need for and importance of an independent Board of Directors is clear.
  • Leading People through Change  By : Dr Neil Miller
    Strategic change needs to have a clear path for people to follow. People need to know how a change will affect them and how the tasks they are doing fit with other tasks. TASKey has developed a relatively simple means to set up and maintain the connections between strategic change and the people implementing the change.
  • Practical Leadership – Clear Direction  By : Dr Neil Miller
    In today’s complex changing workplaces, with many competing priorities, providing clear direction is fundamental to effective leadership. TASKey has developed methods and web software to keep track of the connections between strategies and the work being done by the people throughout an organization
  • Closing the Gap between Tasks and ToDo’s  By : Dr Neil Miller
    Tasks and ToDo’s has made the solution easy to apply globally. Bridging the gap between Tasks and ToDo’s relies on all the people involved maintaining links between them. Using web software to close the gap between Tasks and ToDo’s has made the solution easy to apply globally.
  • Project Management Consultants can Help You Regain Control of Your Business  By : Nadine Stowne
    If you have projects that are disorganized, out of line with the budget, and past the deadline, you may need the services of a professional project manager.
  • Synchronized Work Lists- The Key to increased Efficiency & Reduced Risks  By : Dr Neil Miller
    Work list synchronization has been available for a number of years, its use has been constrained by an inability to effectively link people ToDo lists. Over 12 years ago, TASKey submitted a patent application for a method to keep lists synchronized globally. The last 12 years have been spent in the workplace developing, testing and validating the software tools.
  • Reduce Management Risks  By : Dr Neil Miller
    The problems in managing work are: a lot of time is required, progress checking and reporting take time away from real work, both managers and workers get stressed. TASKey has spent over 10 years developing a software, keep tasks and ToDo lists synchronized in seconds. The web and mobile phones make convenient access to relevant updated lists anywhere, at any time very easy.
  • Tips on Project management Service  By : Larry0 Larry0
    Project management holds a central position in the success of any industry. Modern industries and corporate structures are in greater need of project management service. For this, they hire the services of project management consultants. There are some companies which take the help of exclusively designed software for their project management option.
  • Who Uses CRM?  By : grap
    CRM or customer relationship management is a set of processes that the business would use to successfully organise any contacts with current customers and potential customers. How this is done in each individual business is down to the owner of that business, but it usually involves all employees using a particular type of CRM software.
  • Fishbone Methodology Tips  By : Steve Wilheir
    For the root cause analysis of a specific problem, a fishbone diagram tool is used. To monitor the potential root causes while brainstorming, this diagram gives a structural way to record. This diagram also helps the team to approach a particular problem in an organized way and to go deep to explore the lesser visible reasons.
  • Use Gantt Charts and Avoid Disaster  By : Steve Wilheir
    Not maintaining any Gantt charts for its project indirectly led to a construction company's failure and untimely demise. It had incurred extensive charges in penalties and eventually had to close down its construction which had run nearly 15 months behind schedule.
  • Know What is Happening – Know What To Do  By : Dr Neil Miller
    In today’s fast moving, distributed workplaces it is becoming more and more difficult to know what is actually happening. Without knowing what is actually happening, it is very hard to work out what needs to be done by who and when.

    TASKey has demonstrated that smart software can be used to automate the tracking, coordination and reporting required to integrate all levels of management (from strategic level management to personal ToDo lists). By using web browsers, people anywhere, any time c
  • Why is PlanningForce becoming a ‘Must have’ for Decision-Makers?  By : RonFletcher
    “If you are a Decision-Maker, I invite you to read this article before exploring PlanningForce or selecting a new project planning program.”
  • Eliminating the Greatest Weakness of Project Management  By : Dr Neil Miller
    People work together to do projects. To Eliminate the greatest weakness of Project Management, Project managers and project team members need to know what is happening, when they need to do something, and how their part of the project is progressing.
  • The Secret Weapon to Help You Finish Your Big Projects Fast  By : Weston Lyon
    In this article I will reveal the "secret weapon" I use on a daily basis to get more done in less time and how you can do the same.
  • Project Management Training Examined  By : Sheila Mulrennan
    In today’s business climate, competition is very tough. The utilization of project management training takes center stage as business owners and executives come up with novel ways and innovations to get a step ahead of their rivals in the market.
  • Microsoft Project Management Courses  By : Sheila Mulrennan
    As the need for project management courses is becoming more and more prevalent, quite a number of courses with more up-to-date training are being offered.
  • 10 Steps to Becoming a PMP  By : Cornelius Fichtner
    The PMP (Project Management Professional) credential is the most sought after certification in project management today. It is overseen by the Project Management Institute. We explore 10 standard steps you should follow in order to successfully pass your exam.
  • 35 Contact Hours for the PMP Exam  By : Cornelius Fichtner
    The PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam is the most sought after project management credential today. One eligibility criteria is required training. This article explains how to get it.
  • Microsoft Project Training Courses For Project Management  By : Rich Talbot
    It is possible to apply project management principles to most activities that we undertake in our daily lives. Whether we are planning to build a house or set up a new business or even offer this service to others.
  • Work Breakdown Structure: Purpose, Process, and Pitfalls  By : Micah Mathis, PMP
    In this article we are going to look at what many Project Managers and Project Management Professionals refer to as the "foundation" of the project, or at least the foundation of project planning. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Creating a quality WBS will require a substantial amount of energy, time, and people, but in the end is not rocket science. Let’s take a look at the Purpose, Process, and Pitfalls of creating a Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Be Aware of Where You Stand to Learn How to Accomplish 20 Times More  By : Donald Mitchell
    Many bad habits that harm performance can be overcome by having measurements that your organization understands, pays attention to, and knows how to respond to. This essay explains how to create a universal understanding of how to use measurements to eliminate stalls and point the way to more rapid progress.
  • Affiliate Manager And Project Manager  By : Daniele Protti
    Many business men forget the importance of some roles in their business. Online the two major roles are Affiliate Manager and Project Manager.
    The aim of this article is to compare the two roles to know which points are in common.
  • The Gold Feature MRD Technique  By : Brian Lawley
    Take the most significant feature from your product and turn it into the gold feature. Use this technique to drive effective marketing for your product.
  • Leveraging Google  By : Brian Lawley
    How and why you should spend your time optimizing your website on the web. What it takes to get your site the attention and web traffic that it deserves.
  • Writting Effective Benefits Statements  By : Brian Lawley
    How to turn features into compelling benefits that matter to customers. When you create effective features benefits will arise and customers will notice.
  • Building Basics Exposed  By : Jason Luke
    An entire construction project has many minor details that must be worked out before any work can be done such as finding construction leads to construction bidding. Read this article to learn more about construction.
  • Product Promise  By : Brian Lawley
    Making trustworthy promises on products to satisfy customers.
  • Business Planning With Six Sigma  By : Tony Jacowski
    Six Sigma is an established methodology and is recognized the world over as a system for business improvement. It also helps to construct a business plan. It is especially helpful to small business owners, as it provides a structure through the DMAIC model to put different activities together in order to show how they interact for achieving business goals.
  • Powerful Project Managers, their secrets revealed  By : Jonathan Lee
    In project management, when we talk about “power” we mean the ability of the project manager to influence the behavior of team and other stakeholders. Knowing the different types of power in project management, and knowing how and when to use them, can be crucial to managing projects successfully.
  • Chinese Project Managers face Barriers to Western Acceptance  By : Jonathan Lee
    In recent years there has been an enormous growth in both the adoption of Project Management and the numbers of PMP’s (Project management Professionals) in China. But there are barriers to Chinese project managers working in English-speaking countries, due to the Chinese educational system.
  • 5 Sure-Fire Strategies to Have More Time  By : Michele Hanson-O'Reggio
    Who else wants to get more done, in less time, with less stress? As a solo entrepreneur it often seems like everything and everyone demands your attention all at once. Managing how you spend your time on a day-to-day basis and also increasing the amount of productive time you do have, are the keys your productivity, health and quality of life.
  • Five Key Features of Project Management Software  By : Ray La Foy
    Success of your business today depends on a variety of factors, and having very good management project software may well be one of them.
  • Adopting a Process -- Tips for Helping Your Team Adapt  By : Randy McGowan
    Most process methodologies do a fine job at covering the process; however they rarely address the real world issues encountered when a formal process collides with a team.
  • Successful Team Motivation Part 1  By : Jim Owens PMP
    How do you motivate people to work harder or better? That's a question that is often asked. At one time it was thought that just paying someone a higher salary, or conversely threatening them with dismissal, would motivate them. While these approaches had some success, they are very self-limiting. H
  • IDOV Methodology Of Six Sigma  By : Tony Jacowski
    Some people have never heard of IDOV; however it is one of the most commonly used Six Sigma methodologies. Here we give you everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about IDOV.
  • Six Sigma Deployment  By : Tony Jacowski
    If you are planning a Six Sigma deployment in your organization, then you should know what this entails. This article gives you the intricacies of successful Six Sigma deployment.
  • Six Sigma Myths  By : Tony Jacowski
    Many people are interested in learning more about Six Sigma, but sadly, most practitioners fail to apply Six Sigma effectively to their system. They need constant assurance that it will deliver and achieve the desired improvements. Sometimes myths and facts intermingle, and confuse the practitioner.
  • Role Of Six Sigma In Enterprise Cost Reduction  By : Tony Jacowski
    Six Sigma is a measure of quality. The Six Sigma quality concept strives to reduce costs and increase sales. The use of Six Sigma does not require investment in training, changes in the organizational infrastructure or a cultural evolution of the employees.
  • Guide To Outsourcing  By : Ryan Smith
    When outsourcing your projuect it is always good to make sure you have the right candidate for the job. Using these steps can better ensure you make the right choice.
  • Defining Six Sigma Projects  By : Tony Jacowski
    All Six Sigma projects need to be clearly defined. Here's how to use a charter to make defining your Six Sigma project quick and painless.
  • Short Cuts To Six Sigma Success  By : Tony Jacowski
    The prospect of implementing Six Sigma in your organization can be daunting, specifically with the time investment involved. This article explores some basic techniques that can be used to reduce both the time and cost of Six Sigma implementation.
  • Leadership for Project Managers  By : Jim Owens PMP
    In the first half of the 20th century there was a belief that Scientific Management was the new way forward. But as moral fell, psychologists began to investigate ways to motivate workers, eventually identifying the need for managers to be “leaders”. But what does this really mean?
  • Six Sigma and ISO 9000: How To Choose  By : Tony Jacowski
    ISO 900 and Six Sigma are sometimes confused. This article cuts to the chase to help you choose between the two.
  • Essential Six Sigma Software  By : Tony Jacowski
    In order to analyze the huge amounts of data collected during Six Sigma implementation, you need to have an automated solution. This article analyzes how Six Sigma software can be of help.
  • The Effectiveness Of Online Six Sigma Training  By : Tony Jacowski
    A business organization that is planning to implement Six Sigma but is running short of funds can provide Six Sigma training to existing employees so that the implementations can be carried out internally. The best option is to provide online training, which offers multiple benefits to both the organization and employees as well.
  • Six Sigma Parameters  By : Tony Jacowski
    For ensuring the success of Six Sigma implementations, a number of factors have to be considered such as the Six Sigma parameters, which include various aspects such as predefined objectives, management support and approval, and the training provided to the team members of Six Sigma teams.
  • Six Sigma As A Management Program  By : Tony Jacowski
    Although the basic concepts and objectives may be the same, Six Sigma is now no longer treated as just a quality improvement technique. It is now treated as a part of the overall management program and can be implemented across all the functional departments of an organization such as sales, purchases, production, inventory, and others.
  • Six Sigma Technology Online  By : Tony Jacowski
    In an era of rising costs, and doing more with less, more companies than ever are turning to Six Sigma online training courses. Find out how and why in this informative article.
  • Six Sigma Metrics And How to Devise Them  By : Tony Jacowski
    For achieving Six Sigma quality levels, certified professionals such as Black Belts and Master Black Belts make use of Six Sigma metrics, which help in the measurement of output deviations in relation to customer needs and requirements.
  • Six Sigma And The Small Or Home Based Business  By : Tony Jacowski
    Many people are of the opinion that Six Sigma concepts are only applicable for large businesses, but the reality is that they can be employed in small home based businesses as well.
  • Overcoming Six Sigma Controversies  By : Tony Jacowski
    Deriving the benefits associated with Six Sigma is not always easy because it involves the implementation of the various Six Sigma concepts and methodologies across all functional departments of an organization. To deploy Six Sigma properly, it is also necessary to overcome the controversies or problems that might arise during the implementation stage.
  • Six Sigma Tools For Process Control  By : Tony Jacowski
    For ensuring the success of Six Sigma implementation projects, businesses will have to rely on the services of certified professionals such as Black Belts, and on the correct use of different types of statistical tools and techniques.
  • Singletasking vs. Multitasking: Why Doing One Thing At A Time Is Faster Than Trying To Do Them All  By : Dave Marcotte
    I've been bogged down of late. Probably just like you. I've been working on multiple projects and multiple tasks and completely unfocused for months, my mind a maze of unfinished and un-begun tasks. In fact, I have so many tasks I know I need to do that I hardly begin any it seems for fear of not starting others. Is this the logic of the successful? I think not.
  • Telling the Truth about Project Leadership  By : Ed Oakley
    The key to successful project leadership and successful projects is to bring out the best in people. Unleash their potential and focus the resulting energy, creativity, spirit, buy-in, passion, talent, enthusiasm, etc. on accomplishing our project objectives.
  • The Best Way To Create Product Specifications  By : Daniele Protti
    Many business people outsource some of their activities.
    When it comes to product development they face many problems with their suppliers?
    The reason is always in the product specifications.
  • Do You Want To Discover The Truth About Your Projects ?  By : Vernon Riley
    Project reviews often conceal more than they reveal. This can be due to vested interests in the results, the selection of the people responsible for carrying out the review or lack of thought. To find out what's really going on it's essential to think carefully, pick the right reviewer and not simply rely on a checklist.
  • How to Choose a Six Sigma Black Belt Project  By : Tony Jacowski
    If you are a new Six Sigma student, you need to know how to select a Six Sigma Project. Here's a step-by-step guide to selecting a project for the best chances of success.
  • Six Sigma In The Insurance Industry  By : Tony Jacowski
    Six Sigma is increasingly being used in many different industries. Industries such as insurance, which rely heavily on statistics, are ripe for using Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Six Sigma For The Service Sector  By : Tony Jacowski
    Not just for manufacturing anymore, Six Sigma has begun being used in the service sector. This article gets to the heart of how and why Six Sigma can effectively be used to enhance services offered.
  • Cutting Costs With Six Sigma  By : Tony Jacowski
    Six Sigma is rarely thought of as a method to cut costs. This article shows you how Six Sigma has evolved into an effective cost-cutting tool.
  • Road Map For Green Belts  By : Tony Jacowski
    Much has been heard about the driving force behind Six Sigma implementations - the Black Belts. But what about the Green Belts? This article introduces these talented professionals and how they make the project run behind the scenes.
  • Project Methodologies - Not A Silver Bullet  By : Vernon Riley
    Do you assume that Prince2 or other project management methodologies will ensure success ? What is missing from the methodologies and when should you ask for help?
  • Process Simulation And Six Sigma  By : Tony Jacowski
    Get a peek into what a successful Six Sigma project looks like - use process simulation. Now you don't have to wait months and years to see the outcome of deployment. Read this article to find out how.
  • Future Of Six Sigma - Different Viewpoints  By : Tony Jacowski
    Use of Six Sigma can be highly controversial. Here you will learn the many different viewpoints on the future of Six Sigma so you can make an informed decision on implementation.
  • Various Levels Of Six Sigma Certification  By : Tony Jacowski
    If you are considering becoming a Six Sigma professional, then you need to be aware of the various certification levels. This article educates you on the certifications available so that your career can rise high and fast in your organization.
  • The Waterfalls And Rapids Of IT Projects - Can Project Managers Survive Them?  By : Vernon Riley
    The structure of an IT project can make make it impossible to deliver whilst retaining the confidence of stakeholders. Many projects would be improved if more time were spent structuring the project to help clarify the design choices and the business requirements.
  • Utilizing Budgeting Software For Small Businesses  By : David Gass
    Explains the importance of the different types of budgeting software on the market today.
  • Design Risk Assessment In Six Sigma  By : Tony Jacowski
    Confused about how to assess design risk in your Six Sigma implementation? This article goes in-depth to explain how to assess risk design and the tools to use to accomplish it.

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