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  • 'Ways to Improve Australia #1: Create a New Political System  By : JamieMcIntyre
    The creation of a new political system is a radical concept, but why have political parties at all Do our current political parties really serve the citizens' interest in the most effective way
  • 'Ways to Improve Australia #2: Government Spending Should Be Removed From the Control of Politicians'  By : JamieMcIntyre
    Australia needs an Independent Board such as the Reserve Bank Board to oversee government spending

    I strongly feel of all the 101 Ways To Improve Australia I have listed in this book, this is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to improve Australia
  • 10 Benefits of a VA Home Loan.  By : Philip Georgiades
    Advantages of using a VA home loan.
  • 10 Infamous Presidents or World Leaders  By : Wadzanai Nenzou
    The true measure of a man is how he or she is remembered. Among the great people of history, a few of our world leaders will be remembered for their actions-not positive, but negative. Some will be remembered with horror for the things they caused to happen, the deaths that they caused to take place, the economic woes they caused, or for their vast and outstanding attack on human rights.
  • 10 Jimmy Carter Quotes to Celebrate a Birthday and Remember a Wiser Era  By : Noel Jameson
    Were you been born when Jimmy Carter was president? Are you old enough to remember who he was and what he stood for, or is he just a name in history? October 1st will mark Jimmy Carter's 84th birthday. Get to know him better with these ten Jimmy Carter quotes.
  • 10 Patriotic Quotes to Celebrate Flag Day  By : Noel Jameson
    I can't think of a better way to kick off a Flag Day celebration than with a few great patriotic quotes. If you think the American Flag is just something we look at when we say the pledge or a piece of cloth to fly on special holidays, you need to rethink how you look at this amazing piece of history. Here are ten great patriotic quotes to get you started.
  • 10 Questions that Reveal Who Should Be Our Next President  By : Jessica Davis
    Are the Presidential Candidates Disconnected from the American people?
  • 10 Worrying Signs In America  By : Mark Anastasi
    A couple of years ago I watched a DVD by American journalist Naomi Wolf, titled 'The End of America
  • 11 Election Day Quotes Celebrating Our Right to Vote  By : Noel Jameson
    Are you going to vote on November 4th? You'd better! Let these eleven election day quotes remind you of why it's so important to exercise this fundamental right.
  • 12 Famous John F. Kennedy Quotes To Commemorate The Day of His Birth  By : Noel Jameson
    Whether or not you believe that John F. Kennedy was one of the greatest leaders of all time, you have to admit that there is truth to the words he spoke. Let these twelve John F. Kennedy quotes remind us of that as we commemorate the date of his birth.
  • 15 Leadership Quotes for Presidents Day  By : Noel Jameson
    Looking for some great leadership quotes? Here are 15 of my favorites by US Presidents as we celebrate President's Day.
  • 17 Favorite Thomas Jefferson Quotes to Celebrate His Birthday  By : Noel Jameson
    Why are Thomas Jefferson quotes so cherished? Perhaps because there are few people in this world who have spoken words that changed the course of history. Here are 17 leadership quotes spoken by Thomas Jefferson that we can all appreciate.
  • 18th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award Goes to Maualana Wahiduddin Khan  By :
    Eminent Islamic scholar and champion of peace and harmony Maualana Wahiduddin Khan has been bestowed with 18th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for his outstanding contribution towards the promotion of communal harmony, peace and goodwill at a function held at Jawahar Bhawan in New Delhi.
  • 2 Major Benefits Of Owning An Online Home Business  By : Peter Jones
    Starting an online home business isn't a difficult process should you follow a straightforward step-by-step method for guaranteeing your prosperity. Actually, an online home business begins practically every day in The United States and across the modern world.
  • 2008 Election Results Are In - Did you vote to support renewable energy?  By : Chris McGee
    New energy for America Plan will help create five million new jobs by strategically investing $150 billion over the next ten years to catalyze private efforts to build a clean energy future. ... don't be left behind ... don't get left out of the renewable energy loop.
  • 2008 Election: Real Information  By : Steven Cancel
    Read some real statistics and important views of the United States presidential candidates.
  • 2008: Election Of Your Life  By : Karen Talavera
    A look at the mindset of the generations in America as we approach the 2008 Presidential election, and why one should be involved in the political process regardless of age or experience.
  • 2010 General Elections  By : Dennis Foster
    Very few people in our country realize how much the 2010 elections could mean to our nation.
  • 2012 Presidential Candidates  By : Johnny Moon
    It's now November 2011 and there's less than a year to go before the 2012 presidential election A year is a lifetime in politics and certainly much could change between now and November 6th of 2012, so this is just a snapshot of how these 2012 presidential candidates look as of right now
  • 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates  By : Johnny Moon
    While President Barack Obama has only average approval ratings and the economy continues to struggle (usually a bad sign for an incumbent President) the odds of his reelection in 2012 seem quite high right now because of the incompetency of the leading Republican candidates for the GOP nomination

    What follows is a quick rundown of each of the most likely candidates and why they are most likely doomed to defeat (either in the Republican primary for not being "conservative" enough or in the general election for being far too right wing
  • 2012 Republican Primary Shows GOP Not Concerned With Diversity  By : Todd A. Smith
    At the Sundance Film Festival, Spike Lee stated that as America becomes more diverse, it is smart for the entertainment business to become more diverse, in order to capitalize on the dollars of different ethnic groups

    Lee stated that by 2045, America would no longer be majority-White and the current business model in Hollywood will become antiquated in the very near future
  • 3 Dead in Oakland. Pelosi, Quan, Have You No Shame?  By : Dr Beeman
    I remember your news conference, Ms Pelosi, all dewey-eyed and bright, wherein you praised the Occupiers and said of them, "Bless them
  • 3 Things I Hate About Elections  By : Holly A Bell
    Elections make me ill tempered, surly, and curmudgeonly. Here are three reasons why.
  • 5 Advantages of an Electronic Walk List in Your Campaign  By : Brett C Payne
    An electronic walk list is basically an automatic form of the traditional one. It advantages the whole campaign in that it allows a quicker and a more effective movement of the given course of action. In the end, more tasks can be accomplished in a given day than what you would commonly get, giving you more time to concentrate on other equally necessary transactions such as your campaign programs, fundraising projects, and the like. The accessibility of such device is an astonishing breakthrough indeed for the political circle. How commendable it is to know that time after time, new developments are discovered to function as an automated equivalent of significant human functions. From hospital systems, school database, business project management systems, to travel and event organization, telecommunications almost constantly comes in handy. Gone are the days when people had to do everything by hand. Well, nowadays is no different, only that hand procedures are restricted to just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • 5 Goals for the Obama Health Summit  By : Peter Yellowlees
    This article describes 5 goals that President Obama could adopt as his White House health summit. They focus on delivering more health care services electronically, especially at home and in a preventative manner
  • 5 Reasons To Believe A Political Campaign Software To Do The Work For You  By : Brett C Payne
    Political campaign software is indispensable, in consideration of the size of work involved in each campaign.
  • 6 Myths and Lies About Terrorism  By : Paul A Philips
    The USA alone has siphoned off some 6 trillion dollars of hard-earned taxpayers' money in the name of protecting its citizens from terrorists which is based on myths and lies for a number of reasons...
  • 9/11 Tragedy, 9/11 Corruption, no 9/11 Answers  By : Alice Brooks
    Year after year, we commemorate the 9/11 tragedy, remember the victims and condemn the perpetrators and their hate-based motives. But mainstream media mentions of questions and concerns from surviving victims and families are almost always avoided. After nearly a decade since the deadly destruction on U.S. soil, real investigative inquiry into th
  • 911 Cover-Ups Crimes and 'Coincidences..?'  By : Paul A Philips
    So, given this, not an exhaustive list, but here are some of those startling 'coincidences' related to 911. Do they suggest hidden crimes contrary to the official story..?
  • A Bio Of Barack Obama  By : Marvin J Markus
    A short biography of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.
  • A Brief Article on John F. Kennedy  By : Bonny Blake
    In the life of this great country, a few of its presidents have emerged from the group as truly memorable historic much more than others.In current thought, there is probably no other president that brings up emotions of respect and appreciation as much as that of John F. Kennedy.
  • A Central Bank of the World; as if Credit Collapses Aren't Already Global Enough  By : Les Lafave
    Critique of the proposal for a World Central Bank.
  • A Cold Economic Winter  By : Dennis Stapp
    This past winter was a little crazy, cold, and many people were paying high prices for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) as the winter ‘crisis’ unfolded. Here is Alabama we had investigative news stories on local LNG dealers gouging customers. While I would like to say that all that is past, I think that this upcoming year might even be worse.
  • A Criminal Will Be Executed by Shooting  By : Lanbo Jiang
    Hunan chenzhou former deputy secretary of municipal party committee and municipal of discipline CengJinChun executed

    Hunan higher people's court respectively on the party secretary chenzhou LiDaLun bribery and huge property's unclear source case and former deputy secretary of municipal party committee, chenzhou city of discipline CengJinChun bribery and huge property's unclear source case publicly sentence: Rejected LiDaLun, CengJinChun appeal trial the defendant, maintain the changsha city intermediate people's court verdict
  • A Fast Analysis of the War on Terror  By : mrnashia
    There are many pros and cons that go along with the current war on terror. The question at the end of the day remains and probably can't be answered. Was it worth it all?
  • A Job Description for Congress  By : Stephanie Vance
    A look at the reasons why people disapprove of the US Congress -- and some ideas for postive change.
  • A Letter to the President  By : Howard Jacobs
    Barack Obama has been arrogant in his approach to pushing through his health care plan. I though I would sit down and write him a letter...
  • A Man has no fear to become a terrorist  By : Mandeep Singh
    He earns his living as 'Pitthu' (luggage and kids carrier) at the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi in the Jammu valley. A thirty-six-year-old soft-spoken Kashmiri youth, Noor Mohammad, loves to live his life peacefully by hard earned money, rather than being a terrorist for the sake of earning lump sum amount in one go. Noor reminisces how a terrorist group had once approached him at his hometown in Poonch district.
  • A Message To All Peace Activist And Peace Seekers  By : Brian Ankner
    The missing element in the peace movements has always been the lack of a practical plan for peace that provides a logical alternative to all war that will be universally accepted by everyone. This is why peace organizations rarely last the test of time. Just protesting with "stop this" or "stop that" and not providing a long lasting permanent solution to the problem will lose steam after a while.
  • A Mobile Walklist Solution for Your Campaign Difficulties  By : Brett C Payne
    The campaign walk list or the process of walking into neighborhoods is one of the most important operations in the campaign course. That is the time when volunteers go house-to-house to ask particular questions, the answers of which will be compiled later for assessment and evaluation. These evaluated data, in turn, will become the deciding factors as to what the campaign programs will be. This entire process, now, has a technical counterpart called the mobile walklist solution. The mechanism is made speedier because volunteers need only to log-on to the system via their phone, conduct the walklist process, and send back the data back at the headquarters for analysis. How easy is that? The software will also be accountable in furnishing a map, which will indicate the area of the closest 20 voters on a certain volunteer's location. More convenient, more practical, and more successful above all. The wonders of technology.
  • A Modest Proposal For Healthcare  By : Howard Jacobs
    In 1729, Jonathan Swift wrote a legendary essay that sarcastically spoke to the injustice of his day in Ireland. I have tried to recreate that essay and modify it to our modern day. Almost 300 years later, injustice still exists and the insane solutions offered to solve the problems are just as bad now as they were back then in Ireland. I hope that I have done justice to this great work of Jonathan Swift and I thank him for his inspiration.
  • A Modest Proposal To Heal The Earth  By : Howard Jacobs
    There is a theory accepted by many people, including Barack Obama Science Czar Cass Sunstein, that overpopulation is among the biggest problems facing the earth. We here at our organization The Bastion of Urban Renewal and Progress (BURP) share this view and would like to offer our proposal for how to resolve this growing problem.
  • A New Age Of Feminism  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    Women Have It Good Here In America--But it Just Got better
  • A Political Dynamo: Cheri DiNovo  By : Anna Notton
    Every couple of years, we have seen both good and bad politicians enter public office Most would claim to be miracle workers who strive to enhance the quality of life of their voters
  • A Quran Burning Causes Violence in the Middle East  By : mrnashia
    The boneheaded action of one or two people sometimes causes widespread repurcussions.
  • A Sort of Experience Needed to be a Good President  By : Bobby James
    Is there any specific experience that can best prepare an individual to be the President of the United States? Service in the military? Running a business? Governing a state? Or will the much maligned legislative experience suffice? How much of the right sort of experience is enough? Consider the resumes of two of our best presidents.
  • A Tale of Two Hurricane Cities  By : Karen Talavera
    An essay comparing the devastation and recovery of New Orleans and Cancun after each was hit by a major hurricane within the fall of 2005.
  • A Terrorism and Security Salary May Be a Lot Higher Than You Think  By : Dan Sommer
    Even if the intelligence cycle is a completely new concept that you learned while reading this article, this does not mean that a career in terrorism and security is out of reach. There are intelligence studies degree programs available at many colleges, even online. These programs will teach you the ins and outs of terrorism, security, and intelligence ... including the intelligence cycle.
  • A Travesty Of Western Justice  By : Morgan McFinn
    Quilt of Western nations motivates U.N. trial of the Khmer Rouge. Little, if any, compensation awarded to survivors of the victims.
  • A Whale - A Missed Opportunity  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    After mounting a second shut-off device on its dysfunctional blow out preventer, BP must now skim close to 200 million gallons of crude oil from the surface of the Gulf. The A-Whale, a Taiwanese supertanker converted for oil skimming duties, arrived in the Gulf, tried its luck at skimming, and discovered that the conversion does not work. The chance of cleaning the Gulf quickly was missed and American technology could not assist either.
  • A Worldwide, Economic Stimulus Package  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    World economies are threatened by ice melting, escalating greenhouse gas emissions, climate changes, coming petroleum shortages, and high energy prices. Stagnating growth of world economies is caused by weaknesses of financial institutions and by inability of world powers to agree on measures for combating climate changes. Strong leadership for developing and funding of critically needed energy conversion technologies is urgently needed.
  • Abdel Aziz of Mauritania Should Step Down Now  By : Weld Bessid
    His government nothing more than a pack of lies and his regime a dictatorship bent on oppressing the people of Mauritania, it is past time that Ould Abdel Aziz stepped down His illegal seizure of power in 2008 remains to be addressed honestly
  • ACORN's Voter Fraud?  By : Marvin J Markus
    ACORN is not committing voter fraud. That is just another right wing lie. Read this article to learn the truth.
  • Addressing the Healthcare Repeal Effort: Who is Speaking for the Voiceless?  By : Meta J. Mereday
    Now that the mid-term elections are over and time for campaign promises to become Congressional platforms, the battle lines are drawn regarding the fight over healthcare repeal for the package known as "Obamacare"

    Republicans, particularly those endorsed under the Tea Party banner, are working hard to make good on what seems to have become their singular promise directed towards healthcare repeal due to their premise of its exorbitant expense on already beleaguered taxpayers
  • Adrian Fenty; How His Losing Campaign May Help Others  By : Meta J. Mereday
    Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines arrogance as "an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions" This is one of the terms that were used to describe why Adrian Fenty was not re-elected as mayor of the nation's capitol
  • Affirmative Action Policy, Diversity Practices: Can the Two Work Together?  By : Meta J. Mereday
    There has been a growing debate about affirmative action policies and diversity practices and whether the two benefit each other or stand in direct competition

    The basis of the discussion is focused on whether the highly touted diversity programs and practices that are headlined in annual reports, campaign slogans and college recruitment documents to signify that the presenting company, candidate or college is operating in a manner that is inclusive have become more of the norm than the hard fought and specifically designed affirmative action policy designed to correct historically discriminatory practices, particularly on college campuses and in government contracting
  • AirForce C.A.P. Emergency Services Search and Rescue And New Radios  By : Victor Epand
    This article is all about the AirForce C.A.P. Emergency Services Search and Rescue and getting new radios for their unit.
  • Al Qaeda is Definitely Hurting But We Need To Be Careful  By : mrnashia
    Al Qaeda began the present war on terror with a spectacular sneak attack back in 2001. The United States then went on the offensive and developed technology which made it easier to track the terrorists and destroy them. The ranks of al Qaeda have been decimated by the US drone attacks.
  • Alan Greenspan Isn't a Libertarian, Complacency Isn't Stability, and Debt Isn't Wealth  By : Les Lafave
    Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's fight to keep the derivatives market from regulation, and why it shouldn't have mattered.
  • Alexander Hamilton: American Hero  By : Skip Conover
    Like most heroes, Alexander Hamilton had his flaws, but few can deny that he is one hero that was on the leading edge of the American fight for freedom of the human spirit, and one of the chief architects of the success of the United States of America as an independent nation.
  • Alien Invasions from Secret Space  By : Robert Thomson
    US intelligence agencies are accused of fabricating false UFO photographs as part of a wider alien disinformation campaign.
  • All About The First Chinese Aircraft Carrier  By : James Marinero
    China has begun sea trials of her first aircraft carrier of the modern era. 'Shi Lang' is an ex-Russian carrier which has been completely refitted. Other countries in the region have disputes with China over the Spratley and Senkaku Islands. What's the story behind the new carrier? Is this new carrier a threat to them, and how is China's strategic stance changing?
  • All for One has Failed One for All  By : Scott F Paradis
    Americans propensity to centralize power and consolidate wealth in the hands of the few fails to serve the many. We must change the paradigm to empower people to believe in themselves, take responsibility for themselves, dream grand dreams and pursue splendid opportunities. As a people we must be, "All for one and one for all."
  • Alternatives to catching criminals  By : Mike Scantlebury
    Why catch criminals? Because they do things that are against the law. British Internet Author Mike Scantlebury has noticed an alternative trend. Why not look as though you're doing something about it, without actually succeeding? That way, everyone is happy, including the crims. It looks good, it sounds good, it's just not real. Well, isn't that just like modern life?
  • Alternatives to Democracy  By : Dr. David Breslow
    Britain is known around the world as the 'Mother of Parliaments'. A shame, then, that the British Parliament has been 'reformed' and set back 500 years. Not many people seem aware of that, that the Labour government set out in 1997 to 'reform' the House of Lords, and simply made it worse and more undemocratic than it's ever been. Not to worry. Brit
  • Alternatives To Democratic Government  By : Mike Scantlebury
    In America, they say 'You can't fight City Hall', but why should you have to? Surely the purpose of a democratic and open style of government is to allow the citizens to achieve their aims through peaceful and consultative means. Why should tyrants flourish, disguised in the flag and hiding behind the banners of elections and open appointments? Who are these men in suits to think that they can make up the Laws as they go along?
  • Alternatives to Education Meltdown  By : Mike Scantlebury
    Starting your life at school and going on through education is a learning experience for most of us, but we don't want to hear about you. Here in England we only want to talk about people at the extremes, the brightest at one end and the dumbest at the other. Why? Can't we have a debate about education where we begin to mention the majority, for once?
  • Alternatives to Torture, 1  By : Mike Scantlebury
    Do we have all the answers? If we know so much, why do we have to torture people to find out what they know? Why don't they tell us? Is it because they know less than we do? Internet Author Mike Scantlebury is good at putting the questions. See if you know more than him, and fill in your own answers in this conundrum of an article.
  • America Embraces The Mythical Golden Goose  By : Scott F Paradis
    America has succumb to the illusion that one can in fact get "something for nothing." Our political leaders have discovered the "golden goose" and are acting with maximum dispatch to exploit that fowl. The Fed is now creating money from nothing, as we, the complacent masses, arrogantly delude ourselves into thinking the house of cards can never crumble. We must steel ourselves for the painful awakening,when that goose is cooked.
  • America's Choice: Poverty Or Prosperity?  By : Scott F Paradis
    We have driven ourselves here: millions unemployed, trillions of dollars in debt, political gridlock and moral paralysis. We chose the route, we finely tuned the vehicle, and we aggressively turned the wheel bringing America and the world to the brink. We chose poorly. All so that we can rid ourselves of a nagging sense of responsibility.
  • America's Health Care System Is Ailing  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    This article describes a health care forum we had 9/18/08 to educate the public about publically funded, privately delivered health care delivery: Single Payer
  • America's Prisons: "Create Spartan Conditions; Get Gladiators!"  By : Stan Moody
    Professional prison managers from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, didn't like Warden Dennis Luther's freewheeling style of respect for human dignity at McKean Prison, so they eased him out and turned a model prison into a human sewer...
  • America's Real Problem  By : Scott F Paradis
    The American people remain gleefully, blissfully, ignorant of the real problem America faces. It's not the fiscal cliff, or ballooning deficits and burgeoning debt. It's not the easy money policies of borrow, print and spend. It's not stubbornly high unemployment or a sluggish economy or runaway entitlements. All of these issues are symptoms of a more hideous disease. The real problem America faces is the misuse of personal power.
  • America's Strategic Mistake  By : Scott F Paradis
    America has made a strategic mistake. We have decided to commit our resources to the worst of all possible uses: entitlements for the masses and easy money for the elite. Yet somehow we expect that even after this gross misallocation of income, intellect, and energy drawn from the productive core, we will achieve full employment, a communal culture, and economic prosperity. This is a pipe dream.
  • America's Way Out of the Storm  By : Scott F Paradis
    America has exhausted every means to avoid paying the toll, yet the toll taker remains vigilant and steadfast - there is no free lunch. It is time to pay the price for our comfort and our complacency. "It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a wreck." America's way out of the storm is through it.
  • Americans Must Remain Committed to Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan  By : J. Wesley Fox
    Since September 11th the United States has made significant progress in the War on Terror Counterterrorism efforts have led to the death or capture of hundreds of Al Qaida members
  • Americans Work, Why Doesn't America?  By : Karen Talavera
    An exploration of contradictions between American work habits and productivity and American's slipping competitive position in the global workplace.
  • Americans, Please Wake Up! Part One  By : Dr. David Breslow
    Have you noticed that the only sector of America that has grown exponentially during 2009 is government and they're done it on the backs of us taxpayers? All the way from local government through state and on to Washington, these parasites are enjoying unprecedented prosperity while the rest of America's free enterprise system is suffering.How much
  • An Election for Partisans And Patrons Not Purists  By : Scott F Paradis
    Two types of voters, partisans and the patrons, drive the election process. They are the foot soldiers and standard bearers for both major parties. Partisans and patrons are most engaged in the fray. But a third group, a group moved by a different set of motives, is the only one that could ensure a positive result - these are the purists.
  • An Encounter With Occupy Wall Street Protestors in Asheville, NC  By : JD Durham WCT
    They maintain their power by dividing us up into Republicans and Democrats or whatever. But this isn't a football game. It's our lives!
  • An Issue for President Obama's First Visit to China: China's Worry about Japan's Military  By : kassiermdembowski
    China and other Asian nations are beginning to assess how the recent election victory by the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) will alter Japanese defense policies.
  • An Open Invitation to Mr. Gore  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    Al Gore proposes a plan to solve the energy crisis. Four of the plan's five tasks are on the money. A fifth task misses the mark and makes his plan short lived and severely flawed. By adding the production of plentiful and affordable renewable fuels to his plan it can be converted into a blueprint for supplying renewable, emission free energy for centuries. The article ends by inviting Mr. Gore to promote this modified outline.
  • An Open Letter - My Prayer for President Barack Obama and the Future of Our Great Nation  By : Ed Bagley
    My prayer for you, President Barack Obama, is that you will be able to answer the call of solitude when it beckons. It has been such a tumultuous start to your presidency. You came with an open mind, a clear conscience and a good heart. It may well have been your intention to make every decision in your presidency with right thinking and right motives. You have now discovered that the very people you trust can make it otherwise.
  • An Open Letter to Minister Jason Kenney  By : Guidy Mamann
    Since you became Canada’s immigration minister in 2008 you have often promised to devise an immigration system that would prevent queue jumpers from abusing the integrity of our immigration system and the generosity of Canadians.
  • An Overview of The Iraq War  By : Nick Carter
    The controversial war in Iraq started with the US-led invasion in March 2003. The main reason offered for the proposed war was that Iraq has nuclear capabilities and that the war would act as a means of disabling such capabilities
  • An Overview Of The Vietnam War  By : Nick Carter
    The Vietnam war – also known as the American War in Vietnam, Indochina War and the Vietnam Conflict – took place from the year 1959 all the way through to 1975. The war ended with a North Vietnamese victory some decade and a half later.
  • Angry Californians are FOR and AGAINST California Proposition 1A ?  By : Spencer Holly
    I've been a California resident for over 30 years, and I've never been ashamed of my State until now. Because of massive mismangement, and massive ineptness, and, frankly, cowardice, we've gone being the 7th largest economy in the world, to an economy is near bankruptcy, and political environment that is bankrupt.
  • Anti Aging: The Importance Of Staying Youthful In Politics  By : Jim Terroirier
    The average age of a U.S. President upon assuming office. At an age when many others are getting ready to retire, high-level politicians have to expend more mental and physical energy than ever.
  • Anti-Americanism --- The Radical Religion Of The Left  By : Howard Jacobs
    There are many tenets supposedly held dear by liberals and the left. We associate the left with feminism, gay rights, anti militarism, racial equality, union rights and some other things that "speak to the people". But what happens when these tenets conflict with each other? What is the real bottom line in their thinking and what is their ultimate goal?
  • Are Dual Citizens Subject to Military Call-up  By : Victor Epand
    The article provides information about dual citizens and military call-up.
  • Are Fathers' Rights Advocates Part Of The Problem Or The Solution?  By : Shane Flait
    Under divorce and paternity suits, a judge orders one of two fit parents into a non custodial status, while the other takes on custodial status - i.e. living with the child. Fathers are overwhelmingly targeted to be non custodial parents for operationally one reason - they are men. So, what should fathers right advocates advocate about this?
  • Are Political Parties Healthy For Society?  By : Andy Carloff
    An examination of political parties and how they relate to people; particularly, how they relate to individuals, and their attempt to change society.
  • Are Politicians the Answer to Your Economic Recovery? -Why So Many Depending on Washington DC?  By : Prince Samuels
    In today's economic climate we can't expect the government to bailout everybody We as individual must learn to find other avenues to handle our own problems
  • Are Republicans Thugs?  By : Bob Miller
    In order to answer the question, Are Republicans Thugs?, it'll take coming to grips with the fact that the Republican Party is not the same party one's grandparents voted for.
  • Are There US Special Forces in Syria?  By : mrnashia
    US Special Forces are reportedly operating in Syria and could be in several other Middle Eastern countries at this time. The US will neither confirm or deny this charge but when you look at US policy you will see that this could very well be true.
  • Are We Up for the Challenges Ahead?  By : Scott F Paradis
    Enough with the petty games - feeding the egos of the advantaged elite - manipulating the masses to benefit a few at the expense of the many. The answer to the question, "Are we up to the challenges ahead?" is determined by you. Choose to contribute not to consume. Choose to cooperate, not to compete. Choose on behalf of unity, of harmony, of peace. Your choices affect us all.
  • Are You Keeping Score?-- Terriorist 254 America 1  By : Mike Breen
    It seems to me that the credibility of the Justice Department is in serious jeopardy Promises have been made, incredible, unpredictable actions taken and to the chagrin of millions of American patriots, Eric Holder and his team have taken actions that defy logic
  • Are You Ready to Give Up Social Security?  By : Skip Conover
    The Conservative mantra is "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom. We must protect our Freedom." What Republicans mean by that is their Freedom to take advantage of most of us. As Bill Moyers once said, "A free market for the wolves means a slaughter for the lambs."
  • Army Physical Readiness Training  By : mrnashia
    Army physical training is closely choreographed to mimis conditions that a soldier may face in combat. Army physical training may vary from one assignment to the next depending on the expected physical requirements that the troop will have to face.
  • ASIC Chief is Doing a Good Job by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    I think Greg Medcraft, who's been head of Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for the last year, has done a good job compared to his predecessors

    Regulators should work cooperatively with the industry to better regulate industries they oversee

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