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  • A Modest Proposal For Healthcare  By : Howard Jacobs
    In 1729, Jonathan Swift wrote a legendary essay that sarcastically spoke to the injustice of his day in Ireland. I have tried to recreate that essay and modify it to our modern day. Almost 300 years later, injustice still exists and the insane solutions offered to solve the problems are just as bad now as they were back then in Ireland. I hope that I have done justice to this great work of Jonathan Swift and I thank him for his inspiration.
  • Terrorism - The Left, The Right, And the Middle East  By : Howard Jacobs
    Nancy Pelosi recently referred to people attending town halls as people with "swastikas on their arms". In fact, whenever people on or leaning towards the right protest an issue, these kinds of references or common. This article tries to set the record straight as to which side of the political aisle actively supports and sympathizes with terrorists.
  • Government Incentives for Home Buyers: Its Affect on the Plumbing Trade  By : Scott Rodgers
    Some recent government incentives for home buying can have an affect on the plumbing trade. Here is one way to use these policies and new legislation to your advantage.
  • Controversy in the US: Immigration Part Two  By : James Holan
    This is an article about the controversy surronding illegal and legal immigration into the United States. It is part two in a three part series.
  • Obama Begins Undermining the Defense of Marriage Act  By : Drew McKissick
    Obama is using the Justice Department to undermine the government's defense of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act
  • Legislative body Sends Combat Bill to the President  By : Robert Thomson
    Congress sent a war spending proposal to Obama yesterday.
  • Why Kyoto and Copenhagen are Duds  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    In December of 2009, representatives of most countries will congregate in Copenhagen. The meeting is supposed to extend, redefine, and agree on more severe carbon emission limits. The Kyoto concept of reducing global warming is deeply flawed. It must be replaced by a new, more effective approach. Novel concepts are emerging but are not yet considered. The meeting will be a failure unless China or other Asian countries bring new ideas.
  • Jagdish Tytler  By : Mr. Ravi
    First and foremost of all that has been written or said it is essential to draw attention to the fact that the Anti-Sikh Riots of 1984 was a catastrophic aberration, an earthquake that shook, mangled and tortured millions of people, not only in India
  • Government Involvement in Health Care Reform USA  By : Elda Titus
    My fear is that by pushing a bill through so rapidly and then the guidelines written, is going to be a disaster! In closing a quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over its government."
  • Sonia Sotomayor: Worthy for Business?  By : Robert Thomson
    Already, everybody has heard of President Obamas choice for the Supreme Court Justice who will replace Justice David Souter upon his retirement at the ending of this assembly. Her name is Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic choice for the Supreme Court.
  • Governors Palin, Sanford: The Dynamics of Workplace Priorities  By : Daryl Green
    Explore how workplace priorities can impact personal and family life by analyzing Governors Sarah Palin and Mark Sanford’s circumstances.
  • Huckabee Encourages Heath Reform at the APMA National Meeting  By : Dr Marybeth Crane
    Mike Huckabee adressed the APMA National convention and this is a summary opinion piece on his comments about health reform for all Americans as well as commentary from an experienced physician on the subject.
  • Obama's Cautious Approach to Reducing China-Taiwan Tensions -  By : berg0101a
    Taiwan's President Ma Yingjeou attended the inauguration of Panama's President-elect Ricardo Martinelli in Panama City July 1 and then visitied President Daniel Ortega Nicaragua to demonstrate that Taiwan still has 23 diplomatic allies and still clai
  • Ben Franklin And The Real Meaning Of Freedom  By : Howard Jacobs
    Ben Franklin's quote ..Those who are willing to give up a little freedom for a little security, wind up with neither freedom, nor security.. was used often by liberals during the Bush administration.
  • Health Care Reform - Will Dr Obama Be Able to Cure the US Health System?  By : Peter Yellowlees
    This article describes the steps required for health reform to occur in the US.
  • Door Knocking: Hand Shake and a Howdy  By : Wade Baffa
    Do you want to add value to your campaign run? Of course you do. Do you want voters to know that you can connect with them and care enough to meet with them face-to-face? Well, you’d better. There is an easy way to accomplish all of this…lace up your sneakers.
  • Guantanamo - Democrats Have a Better Idea: Now If They Can Only Figure Out What It Is.  By : AL Lavallis
    Guantanamo - Embarrassment or effective tool in the war on terror! President Obama has made one thing perfectly clear, both during his campaign and without hesitation once becoming president of our country. Guantanamo, sometimes affectionately referred to as Gitmo, has got to go.
  • Tightening Oversight: Japan and Foreign Tesidents  By : Tom Aaron
    In Japan, the current Diet session has bills in progress for revising the immigration law. The bills are expected to pass. Human rights groups are concerned that the Immigration Bureau will be able to access the personal information of all documented foreigners in Japan, infringing their privacy.
  • Obamaball  By : Howard Jacobs
    President Obama has spent trillions of dollars to stimulate the economy. In doing so he's created an environment where no ones knows what the rules are. No one can plan for the future because how can anyone do a cost benefit analysis of an investment when the rules can change at any time? So what would the game of baseball be like if it had to deal with changing rules in this way? This is "Obamaball".
  • Public Health Insurance - An Essential Lifesaver for the American Health System  By : Peter Yellowlees
    this article describes a simple format for redesigning the american health system combining both public and private sector resources, and taking the best from the American, British and Australian systems.
  • Ready to Launch? Swine Flu phase 2?  By : Peter Yellowlees
    The typical global cycle of swine flu infection is described. Electronic records if implemented universally as planned by the Obama administration could help combat the next infection cycle.
  • Senator Boxer Should Work to Bring the Gitmo Detainees to California  By : Spencer Holly
    In an interview with CNN, our California Senator, Barbara Boxer, made the following statement when asked
    about housing the Gitmo prisoners in California:
  • Politics - Should Failing Major Newspapers Receive Government Bailout Money? Absolutely Not  By : Ed Bagley
    The demise of major American newspapers in our ordinary life could be seen as sad and tragic for a grandparent, and as an excellent opportunity to capitalize on another's misfortune for a plugged in, technological savvy grandchild. The distance in generational gap between the two is not so much a preference as a giant chasm. Learn how and why it happened.
  • Angry Californians are FOR and AGAINST California Proposition 1A ?  By : Spencer Holly
    I've been a California resident for over 30 years, and I've never been ashamed of my State until now. Because of massive mismangement, and massive ineptness, and, frankly, cowardice, we've gone being the 7th largest economy in the world, to an economy is near bankruptcy, and political environment that is bankrupt.
  • England And Saint George Racist?  By : Tony Cordingley
    When exactly did we lose the right to be proud of being English? How is it possible that only English people can be racist for being proud of their heritage? When were the English so visciously emasculated that they lost the nerve to fight for their rights?
  • So What if Abstinece Education works, We Don't Like it  By : Keith Deltano
    The shocking truth: abstinence education programs have been proven to work. Peer reviewed studies that show abstinence education programs are effective in reducing teen pregnancy abound, why have none of these studies been covered by the main stream media? Why has congress stopped funding abstinence education?
  • Your Government Is Betraying You  By : Mark Patricks
    Your government is betraying you by indirectly making YOU pay for all these handouts through stealth taxes and devaluing the dollars you hold with the printing press. As a contrarian, it's truly worrying that almost the whole world is now saying: "Fed is printing money so that means inflation. Buy gold." But history shows inflation can sneak up on you and rise dramatically.
  • Capitalism Imbedded With Socialism  By : Laurie Noepel
    This article is a brief synopsis of where our economy is and where it may be going. I pull the positive of socialistic standpoints while emphasizing Capitalism as our core.
  • Barack Will Save Us All!  By : Willie Horton
    There is a great expectation that Barack Obama's election to the White House has changed everything. Yet, as the Mahatma Gandhi said, ordinary people create real change - and, in fact it was ordinary people's belief and expectation that got Obama elected. At present, there's a lot of negative expectation about - the good news is that psychology andn quantum physics prove that expectation, which is contangious, works positively too!
  • Response to a Proposal for Serfdom: Criticism of Obama  By : Andy Carloff
    A criticism of the president in his buyout plan, as well as his inability to curb the excesses of the buyout businesses. CEOs and Capitalists are making millions from tax dollars being thrown out valueless businesses. The economy is only worsening.
  • An Open Letter - My Prayer for President Barack Obama and the Future of Our Great Nation  By : Ed Bagley
    My prayer for you, President Barack Obama, is that you will be able to answer the call of solitude when it beckons. It has been such a tumultuous start to your presidency. You came with an open mind, a clear conscience and a good heart. It may well have been your intention to make every decision in your presidency with right thinking and right motives. You have now discovered that the very people you trust can make it otherwise.
  • Guns & Ammo  By : James Dicks
    James discusses our second amendment rights.
  • Single Payer Legislation Is Coming To A State Near You  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    This article explains the reasons why PA could very well be the first state to pass single payer legislation.
  • What The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Means For First-Time Home Buyers  By : Nathan Navachi
    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a bold new step taken by President Obama to jump-start the American economy and create over 3 million new jobs, has a special significance for those people who are considering purchasing their first home. Learn whether or not this is a good time for you to purchase a home or get a mortgage.
  • 5 Goals for the Obama Health Summit  By : Peter Yellowlees
    This article describes 5 goals that President Obama could adopt as his White House health summit. They focus on delivering more health care services electronically, especially at home and in a preventative manner
  • Political Campaign, Between Idealist and Reality-00-2913  By : bebek cakep
    Politics, as the process of groups of people make decisions. The common term is applied to behavior within civil governments, but actually politics has been observed in all human group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. It consists of "social relations involving authority or power" and refers to the regulation of a political unit. Also for the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.
  • The Inauguration is of President Obama, January 20, 2009  By : Pauline Lewinson
    Now that the historical inauguration of America's 44th president is over, what’s next? Life continues and there will be the struggle for change, a time to move forward, a time for unity, the comfort of hope and the chance to propel to destiny. What role will you play in the realization of dreams...
  • Taxing Arrogance  By : Nathan Moore
    Barack Obama's supporters voted for change. I just don't think the change they got was the change they had in mind. The message is clear, no matter how earnestly the president employs Newspeak rhetoric in a vain attempt to muddle it - there are two sets of rules, one for us, and one for them. The administration has made no effort to weed out the tax-encumbered nominees from the process itself.
  • Counter Terrorism Training and Anti Terrorism Training: A Blended Approach is Key  By : Dan Sommer
    The suggestions made by terrorism and Middle East experts for a successful and timely withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq illustrate the importance of a blended approach towards dealing with terrorism in Iraq, across the globe, and within the U.S.
  • Tax Havens Face 2009 Attacks  By : Monaco
    British and American politicians will be looking for someone to blame for the economic downturn in 2009.

    Step forward tax havens for their turn to come under the media microscope...
  • What Happened With John McCain?  By : Pi Ba
    Oh what a difference a few weeks can make in the world of politics.

    It seems like it was only last month that we were in the middle of a heated general election contest where Senator John McCain was the Republican presidential nominee and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was his running mate and both wer
  • Obama, Energy Policy, and Dismal Energy Science  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    President Elect Obama is trying to solve the financial crisis and issue a new energy policy. He will need much helpful advice from advisors in economics and energy. Previous correction measures to financial market crises and to energy consumption and supply have failed. After announcing his economic team, Mr. Obama must select the energy team. It is important that he seizes the moment and finds qualified energy practitioners.
  • Political Satire - America's Presidential Election Coverage Is Biased and Steeped in Stupidity  By : Ed Bagley
    Those of us who have suspected that the media coverage of the 2008 Presidential Race has not been fair now have a study to validate our suspicions. The Center for Media and Public Affairs spent the past two months monitoring comments by sources, voters, reporters and anchors that aired on evening newscasts at America's three main national networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) and documented what many of us already knew. Learn the full story.
  • A Bio Of Barack Obama  By : Marvin J Markus
    A short biography of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.
  • 2008 Election Results Are In - Did you vote to support renewable energy?  By : Chris McGee
    New energy for America Plan will help create five million new jobs by strategically investing $150 billion over the next ten years to catalyze private efforts to build a clean energy future. ... don't be left behind ... don't get left out of the renewable energy loop.
  • An Open Invitation to Mr. Gore  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    Al Gore proposes a plan to solve the energy crisis. Four of the plan's five tasks are on the money. A fifth task misses the mark and makes his plan short lived and severely flawed. By adding the production of plentiful and affordable renewable fuels to his plan it can be converted into a blueprint for supplying renewable, emission free energy for centuries. The article ends by inviting Mr. Gore to promote this modified outline.
  • Dare to Dream: The New President  By : Janice Burroughs
    Describes parallels between individuals' life transitions, ¤t economic crises.Emphasis on seizing the opportunity to use America's strengths to rebuild following the '08 Election. What do we need in a leader, what are we demanding in change?
  • Is Barack Obama Really A Socialist?  By : Marvin J Markus
    Is Barack Obama really a socialist or is that just another McCain/Palin lie?
  • Joseph Biden: Vice Presidential Astrology  By : Craig Malone
    Find out what the stars say about Joseph Biden, a Scorpio, and his chance of winning the White House with Barack Obama.
  • Chinese Whispers and American Foreign Policy  By : Elsabe Smit
    We sometimes say things as a joke, but when the joke is at the expense of another person, it can get out of hand because not everyone shares the same understanding or sense of humour. We need to remember that our words reflect our thoughts and precede our actions.
  • A Central Bank of the World; as if Credit Collapses Aren't Already Global Enough  By : Les Lafave
    Critique of the proposal for a World Central Bank.
  • John McCain: Astrology of a Presidential Candidate  By : Craig Malone
    John McCain has an almost perfect triad of planets for a world leader. Will be the next President of the United States? See what McCain's astrological chart says.
  • Barack Obama: Astrology of a Presidential Candidate  By : Craig Malone
    Will Barack Obama be the next U.S. President? See what Obama's astrological chart says about whether this Leo will win the Presidential election.
  • 11 Election Day Quotes Celebrating Our Right to Vote  By : Noel Jameson
    Are you going to vote on November 4th? You'd better! Let these eleven election day quotes remind you of why it's so important to exercise this fundamental right.
  • Do You Vote?  By : Tony Mase
    A few days ago, I was asked whether I vote or not. Although, as a rule, I stay away from discussions even remotely related to politics (at least publicly), the importance and timeliness of this question make it deserving of an answer. Here it goes...
  • Only In A Rich Country At Peace  By : Andrew Cox
    When I read and hear the news, I come to the conclusion that the US is the richest country at peace in the world. We must be. Only in a rich country at peace could so many trivial issues make the news, and occupy our attention and energy. Some examples of what I mean:
  • Barack Obama -- Senator to Presidential Nominee, President  By : Rel Adviser
    Relationships! The definitive Advice as to whether a presidential candidate would win the election and eventually become the President of the United States could be verified, among other things, by computing whether there is any propensity for long-term relationships with his (for the time being) nominated vice president.
  • If Obama Wins, I Am Going To Buy Stocks  By : Marvin J Markus
    Learn why Marvin Markus intends to invest in the stock market on November 5th if Barack Obama wins on November 4th.
  • Alan Greenspan Isn't a Libertarian, Complacency Isn't Stability, and Debt Isn't Wealth  By : Les Lafave
    Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's fight to keep the derivatives market from regulation, and why it shouldn't have mattered.
  • ACORN's Voter Fraud?  By : Marvin J Markus
    ACORN is not committing voter fraud. That is just another right wing lie. Read this article to learn the truth.
  • Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Considers Name Change for Office of Financial Stability  By : Les Lafave
    The Treasury's newly formed Office of Financial Stability may be renamed "The Office of Financial Stability, Tee Hee Hee".
  • Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson: White Queen Redux  By : Les Lafave
    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's four key challenges: confidence, capital, systemic risk and liquidity. Everyone else's key challange: believing anything that Secretary Paulson says.
  • The Palin Power Factor  By : Colleen Lilly
    The Palin Power Factor is two fold - likeability and marketability. Sarah Palin came into our lives and has taken likeability to new levels. To the homes and hearts of middle class Americans.
  • The Assassination of the United States President?  By : Daryl Green
    Explore the threats of assassination to America’s future president.
  • Can't Wait to Get My Piece of the Bailout Profits  By : Les Lafave
    Bailout package: The financial analysts we should have listened to in the first place, now say that doing nothing is an option.
  • Political Unrest in Thailand  By : Christopher Snyder
    The situation in Thailand reminds me the old saying, "be careful what you ask for you may just get it". In September of 2006, Thailand went through a military coup. The military asked for the Prime Minister to step down, he did. Now the Thai People are struggling with a new government.
  • Why is Gas $4/Gallon?  By : David P Jensen
    What is the cause of $4.00 gas, and what you can do about it from both perspectives: political,AND mechanical.See for yourself how easy it is to cut your gas costs in half.
  • Michael Moore's Road Show  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    Michael Moore's New Film, "Slacker," Is Released--All Over The Internet, Where Millions More Will Be Able To See It, For The Price Of Monthly Cable Or DSL Hook Up.
  • Why There's No Such Thing as Gouging  By : Les Lafave
    Article on Hurricaine Ike and Price Gouging
  • 2008 Election: Real Information  By : Steven Cancel
    Read some real statistics and important views of the United States presidential candidates.
  • Healthcare Is A Right In A Civil Society  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    This Article Discusses the Burden That Employers Have Trying to Insure Their Employees and How Single Payer Is The Answer To This Challenge.
  • Would Jesus Deny Health Care To The Poor and Helpless?  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    The Single Payer, Guaranteed Health Care For All Forum Included A Thoughtful Talk Given By The Reverend Sandra Straus, Which Made Me Think Outside The Box!!
  • America's Health Care System Is Ailing  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    This article describes a health care forum we had 9/18/08 to educate the public about publically funded, privately delivered health care delivery: Single Payer
  • Your Vote for America  By : Bobby James
    I have been watching and listening to the Obama and McCain parties bash each other. I don't know why mud slinging is necessary; candidates should focus on their own campaigns and allow voters to arrive at their own conclusions. They don't need to tell us about the other candidate's shortcomings.
  • The Career in Politics  By : Bobby James
    Why do candidates for Congress spend millions of dollars for an office that pays $169,200.00? Between 2004 and 2006, members of Congress' net worth increased an average of 84% - book advances, speaking engagements, stock and land deals, privileged mortgages, etc.
  • 10 Jimmy Carter Quotes to Celebrate a Birthday and Remember a Wiser Era  By : Noel Jameson
    Were you been born when Jimmy Carter was president? Are you old enough to remember who he was and what he stood for, or is he just a name in history? October 1st will mark Jimmy Carter's 84th birthday. Get to know him better with these ten Jimmy Carter quotes.
  • Is Sarah Palin a Woman Of Destiny?  By : Colleen Lilly
    We as Americans are learning to adjust our thoughts and beliefs about woman in politics and mothers in the public's eye. We have Hillary and Sarah to thank for their courage and strength in tackling these beliefs. For opening doors of opportunity.
  • The Price of Parenthood: How to Move Beyond Crisis  By : Daryl Green
    Explore the price of individual goals in relationship to family goals.
  • The Obama Meltdown?  By : Nathan Moore
    Barack Obama (accidentally) refers to his "Muslim faith" on George Stephanopolous' show, waivers and quakes on every position he has hitherto held (abortion, taxes, Iraq, the surge), and now faces a 10 point deficit to McCain/Palin in the latest USA Today likely voter poll. I can hear the Democrats now, wondering how the rest of America could be so stupid. Someone please be so generous and provide them a mirror.
  • Sarah Palin Shows McCain's Serious Lack Of Judgment  By : Marvin J Markus
    An opinion piece of Sarah Palin and why she is wrong for America and shows John McCain's lack of judgment.
  • How We Can Achieve the Best Social Progress in Developing Countries  By : Bobby James
    Technological innovations and advances: Because capitalists’ control how technology is used, many of the computer’s potential gains are not realized. Capitalists enhance this conflict that may lead to social revolutions because human development is rendered. This is an adoption regarding the views on computers that Karl Marx may have held.
  • Mainstream Western media stages "Blemishing China Marathon" (Part III)  By : James Shen
    Ignoring outpouring hospitality of the Chinese people, Mainstream Western media has waged a negative campaign against China for its failure to comply with Western requests at the Beijing Olympics. This article examines the roots of the mainstream Western media's anger towards China, exposes its hypocrisies and double standards, and advocates a positive-spirited media system built on the basis of upholding Chinese public welfare and interests.
  • Mainstream Western media stages "Blemishing China Marathon" (Part II)  By : James Shen
    Ignoring outpouring hospitality of the Chinese people, Mainstream Western media has waged a negative campaign against China for failure to comply with Western requests at the Beijing Olympics. This article examines the roots of the mainstream Western media's anger towards China, exposes its hypocrisies and double standards, and advocates a positive-spirited media system on the basis of upholding Chinese public welfare and interests.
  • A Sort of Experience Needed to be a Good President  By : Bobby James
    Is there any specific experience that can best prepare an individual to be the President of the United States? Service in the military? Running a business? Governing a state? Or will the much maligned legislative experience suffice? How much of the right sort of experience is enough? Consider the resumes of two of our best presidents.
  • Seven Of The Many Reasons To Vote For Obama  By : Marvin J Markus
    Seven of the many reasons to vote for Barack Obama for President in 2008.
  • The Advocacy Olympics! Or, How to Medal in the Great American Sport of Democracy  By : Stephanie Vance
    Tools and techniques for winning at the great American sport of democracy.
  • Brain Injury Leading to Unprecedented Number of Injured Veterans  By : Katie Kelley
    U.S. soldiers who have fought for their country and return home with disabilities because of a brain injury should be provided for in the best possible way. However, with so many soldiers returning from the war in Iraq with a brain injury, the war's signature injury, it becomes difficult to track and treat these men and women.
  • Religious Freedom as Cultural Freedom  By : Andy Carloff
    Examining the government's actions in restricting private behavior and its relationship to civil rights. "It cannot simply extend to those whose ideas and customs are religious; it must extend to all ideas and customs of the individual, so long as their behavior is not directed upon others."
  • The Politics of Diet  By : Andy Carloff
    Arguments on behalf of the Vegetarian ethic, claiming that it is a political question, that all animals deserve rights, and that diet is the primary reform. "As progressive reformers, we are realizing that all of our fellow creatures on this planet can suffer like any man. For this reason alone, we offer them our sympathy, our hope, and a sense of justice that always seems fleeting."
  • The Legalization of Squatting  By : Andy Carloff
    The right to inhabit unoccupied buildings must be guaranteed for every just democracy. It is essential. "Until all governments are abolished in favor of a just, mutual, and cooperative relationship between all civilizations, until that day, all states, governments, and councils should legalize squatting; that is, they should allow people to sleep in unused buildings, even if privately owned."
  • T. Boone Pickens, Visionary or Profiteer?  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, produces the fewest emissions, and costs much less than petroleum fuels. T. Boone Pickens wants the US to use this fuel in cars, trucks, and buses. He also seeks to install more windmills across the US and begin the conversion of fossil fuel powered electricity generation to renewable fuels. Does T. Boone Pickens just want to make a buck or does he try to wake up this country?
  • Race to the US Presidency: How to Deal with a Multicultural Generation  By : Daryl Green
    Examine how race may impact the presidential election.
  • Should Jose Medellin Be Executed?  By : Brian Cuban
    Jose Medellin is a convicted murderer. Fourteen years ago he was sentenced to death for participating in the gang rape and murder of Elizabeth Pena, 16 and Jennifer Ertman who was 14. The girls had tragically wandered upon a gang initiation.
  • High priced gasoline is not the PROBLEM. High priced gasoline is the SOLUTION!  By : David Rosenak
    High priced gasoline is not the PROBLEM. High priced gasoline is the SOLUTION! The PROBLEM is that we are burning up oil as fast as the world can pump it out of the ground. In the thirty five years since OPEC made it clear that we had a serious problem, we have done nothing to solve it. We should have created high priced gas and oil through add-on taxes over the last 35 years, and we would not have this problem today.
  • Talking to an Iraqi  By : Jeff Gustafson
    It is important to understand the cultures and traditions and especially the people of the world in places like Iraq and AFghanistan where people are struggling trying to get a better life for their families and themselves...
  • Nancy Pelosi and Neville Chamberlain  By : Bobby Miller
    Invertebrates like Nancy Pelosi and Neville Chamberlain are the fools who men like Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush count on to help them build their empires.
  • Deep Into a Dark and Dangerous Land  By : Bobby Miller
    Whatever Barack Obama can do to change things for the better will be extraordinarily limited because he will definitely be surrounded by the largest group of sociopaths ever assembled.
  • Hillary Clinton  By : octanmen
    Hillary Rodham Clinton, wronged the age old notion- politics is no more exclusive men’s affair, a lawyer by profession and a mother of one (Chelsea Clinton) Hillary is one of the most liked women rights political activist in US.
  • We Can Break Oil Addiction Permanently  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    Oil prices are skyrocketing, OPEC is taking control, and governments promote ineffective remedies. This article promotes three effective countermeasures; producing biomass without interfering with food production, converting biomass into a petroleum substitute, and powering electricity generation with renewable energies. Fossil fuels must be outlawed in a couple of decades or planet Earth will be damaged beyond repair.
  • Securing Energy Independence for the USA  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    Crude oil prices have topped $140. The US dollar is losing ground against the Euro. Increasing oil demand drives Wall Street speculation and puts OPEC in full control. A novel biomass concept can make the US energy self-sufficient. To develop the technology and use this concept, the US must establish an agency with the mission, program, and budget to make the US independent of foreign oil imports!

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