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  • Miliband Critical Of VAT Increase  By : Peter Jones
    Ed Miliband is very critical of the increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20%.and claims that it is the wrong tax at the wrong time. This begs the question is Ed Miliband the wrong man at the wrong time in history.
  • Stresses Associated with Military Deployment  By : mrnashia
    Our military have to undergo stresses which the average person will never face. This article is to keep you mindful of the things that our military have to endure.
  • Why the Chinese Would not Succeed in an Attack on the US  By : mrnashia
    The Chinese government seems to be taking an increasingly aggressive posture towards the United States but they would not be able to win a land war with the US.
  • The Concerns of libertarians and the Libertarian Party  By : Gary Runtger
    Let us take a look at an existing American third party. They have been an important part of nationwide elections for quite a while. Their focal point is on liberty along with constrained government; concepts which adhere to the Constitution's main objective.
  • Should the President Show his Birth Certificate  By : mrnashia
    Some military officers have chosen to disobey the orders of our Commander in Chief until he shows his birth certificate and proves to them that he is a US citizen.
  • North Korea Is Up to Something Strange  By : mrnashia
    The North Koreans have conducted some provacative actions lately. These actions seem to be random but I believe that there is a method to their madness.
  • Restoring Business Confidence  By : Lee Eldridge
    Business despise uncertainty, and have been faced with nothing but uncertainty for the last two years. Recent changes in Washington will be viewed by the business community favorably, and will help to get us rolling in the right direction.
  • Congress - Coalition Of The Unwilling And Unable  By : Scott F Paradis
    For various reasons, some good and some not so good, the United States increasingly and mistakenly centralized power in the federal government. Where formerly the people made decisions about the direction of their lives through markets and communities, today the federal government controls virtually all aspects of the economy. The power of life, death and taxes all resides in Washington. It is time we make a change.
  • Why Does North Korea Continue to Threaten a Nuclear Attack  By : mrnashia
    There has to be an ulterior motive for the continued attacks of the North Korean government on South Korea.
  • Reflections on Recent Elections  By : Warner Hans
    Our American Government is the product of a Revolution wherein the New World Colonists grew tired of being treated like second class citizens by a British Aristocracy that saw the American Colonies as little more than a cash cow to be constantly milked by an ever-increasingly thirsty Mother Country.
  • Alternatives To Democratic Government  By : Mike Scantlebury
    In America, they say 'You can't fight City Hall', but why should you have to? Surely the purpose of a democratic and open style of government is to allow the citizens to achieve their aims through peaceful and consultative means. Why should tyrants flourish, disguised in the flag and hiding behind the banners of elections and open appointments? Who are these men in suits to think that they can make up the Laws as they go along?
  • The Irresistible Force Of Political Gridlock  By : Scott F Paradis
    Two things influence politicians and move our modern political system: money and votes. The impact of these two elements has hijacked our political system from its noble purpose of promoting the general welfare and securing the blessings of liberty. The power of money and votes have generated a seemingly irresistible force of political gridlock in Washington - a precursor to a looming disaster for America's grand experiment in self-government.
  • There are Some Benefits of the War on Terror  By : mrnashia
    There are some positive benefits of the war on terror.
  • VAT and Christmas Spending Explained  By : Jamie Lyons
    On Tuesday 4th January 2011 VAT will be increased from 17.5% to 20% in
    the UK. Although a 2.5% increase may not sound like much, the ramifications could be wide reaching...
  • The Future Role of the US Armed Forces  By : mrnashia
    Future warfare will demand that we use technology and tactice in new and innovative ways.
  • Is the United States Gearing for a Possible Conflict with China  By : mrnashia
    The United States has a plan to match the current military buildup being conducted by China.
  • The Debt Reduction Diet  By : Scott F Paradis
    Both obesity and debt are epidemics in America. Let's call a spade a spade. It is our human tendency toward comfort and our propensity for excess that has brought us to this place. Our indulgences have not only made us weak they have made us complacent. Life is not a spectator sport. As we know the causes of our maladies, likewise we know the cures: diet and exercise. Let's get on the road to recovery.
  • Smoke And Mirrors Of Debt Reduction  By : Scott F Paradis
    As a nation we have gone over the cliff - living on debt, a loan the sponsors claim will never be called. So far, as we plummet toward the canyon floor, the wind has been bearable. The well-healed, those fitted with parachutes - the very same people that pushed us over the edge - consolidate their positions and posture for a new strategic globalized landscape. It is the masses, from working class to middle class, that need take heed.
  • Partisan Politics Is Destroying America  By : Scott F Paradis
    Money, power and ideological extremism have corrupted the system. Relying on the status quo we cannot even begin to steer away from the path of self destruction. Partisan power politics is destroying America. It is time the people take on the task of governing and find a productive way between the uncompromising extremes before it is too late.
  • Top 10 High Achievers In Politics  By : Wadzanai Nenzou
    Democracy and dictatorship while being opposite sides of the power continuum have given rise to a rare breed of leaders and politicians; they are dynamic, go getters who stop at nothing. Gone are the days when politicians were known for their empty promises; these are individuals who changed ideologies and the face of politics in their native countries.
  • Choices, Transformations And Observations  By : Howard Jacobs
    Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg recently walked off their own show and Juan Williams lost his job at NPR, all because of perceived intolerance to Muslims. In the meantime, in the UK, in order to mollify Muslim sensitivities, they are considering to stop teaching the Holocaust to students. Exactly who is being intolerant here?
  • Protraction, Distraction And Eventual U.S. Domination  By : Derek J
    I am at a loss when trying to understand diplomacy from an American's point of view. It seems to me diplomacy should be conducted in a fashion similar to a competitive sport in that there are rules to be followed in carrying out the various strategies brought to the field of play (or conference table).
  • Why Do Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh Not Understand the Risks?  By : Skip Conover
    The people in this country who want to sell hate are bad enough, but the Glenn Beck radio and TV shows and Rush Limbaugh's radio show have a global audience. What are their sponsors thinking? The title of this article is intended as satire, but it might as well be true. They are making the recruiting of our enemies easy by their rhetoric. Any advertiser that would condone this should never hear the end of it.
  • “Bihar less developed because development was ignored for last 20 years” Sonia Gandhi  By :
    Congress President pointed that Bihar was less developed because development programmes of Congress were ignored for last 20 years by non-Congress governments.
  • Mandate? Not This Election  By : Scott F Paradis
    Politicians promise change - but alas, change is the one thing the system is unwilling to deliver. Too many powerful people have too much at stake - too much to lose. So the system churns down the path of self destruction. The only mandate this election prescribed is for government to actually work for the greater good. What a novel concept.
  • The Big Mac Tax  By : Michael Kinzie
    Under my (President Obama) plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase - not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital-gains taxes, not any of your taxes." Really?
  • The Debate over Whether Gays Should Serve in the Military  By : mrnashia
    The question of gay and lesbian troops in the military is one of the major debates that we face today. The military must address many issues before it proceeds with any legislation.
  • The Reasons We are Winning the War on Terror  By : mrnashia
    We had to change our expectations in order to put ourselves in a position to win the war on terror.
  • The Psychology of the Troop Surge in Afghanistan  By : mrnashia
    The proper wearing of scented oil fragrances is an art. You need to experiment to come up with the combination which works best for you.
  • The Truth And Nothing But The Truth  By : Howard Jacobs
    I recently saw a movie called "The Invention of Lying" with Ricky Gervais. The movie took place in a mythical society where there was no concept of lying. I wondered what a speech by Barack Obama would look like if he had lived in this mythical society and had to tell the truth as he saw it. The speech might go something like this...
  • Pirates; Heroes or Crimals  By : John Kerry James
    How did the Somali Pirates take over the Indian Sea.
  • “Bihar Shows The Way” - Sonia Gandhi  By :
    Congress President urged the people of Bihar to start a revolution for progress for a better future of its people and the coming generation.
  • Speak Out and Vote!  By : Brian Gosur
    Another election is upon us.The mid term grades will be coming in and you get to be the teacher.
  • President Clinton Lost Our Nuclear Codes  By : mrnashia
    If we had been attacked by another country during the time that the codes were lost our country would have been devastated.
  • D for Drive...  By : Lester T
    The hope and change we were promised by President Obama hasn't happened... at least not the kind of change we thought we would be getting! We're trillions more in debt, the average person is struggling to just stay afloat, and unimployment is high. We have had some change, but it's not the kind we want. This "dream" has turned into a nightmare. We're on a path that can only end in disaster... and the only way to save ourselves, is to back up, get OFF this insane path and start over!
  • If Not God, Where Do Our Rights Come From?  By : Jeorge Enoughie
    Our Rights come from nature. Natural freedom means that we can do anything as long as we are not harming others, ourselves, or the natural world around us. We should strive to expand our possibilities, but try to avoid obstructing or restricting others - conversely, others must do the same for us.
  • California Doesn't Ban Single Use Bags  By : Grubb Young
    The state of California almost banned the use of plastic grocery bags.
  • Will We Get Justice for the Cheonan?  By : mrnashia
    It seems as if the North Korean government has literally gotten away with murder in the sinking of the Cheonan.
  • Redistribution of Wealth Should Not Be About Politics  By : Lee Eldridge
    Three words that carry a lot of weight. Redistribution of wealth. While it's an important component of our country's view on taxation, it should not be used like a political club to create social justice.
  • A Terrorism and Security Salary May Be a Lot Higher Than You Think  By : Dan Sommer
    Even if the intelligence cycle is a completely new concept that you learned while reading this article, this does not mean that a career in terrorism and security is out of reach. There are intelligence studies degree programs available at many colleges, even online. These programs will teach you the ins and outs of terrorism, security, and intelligence ... including the intelligence cycle.
  • Can You Recognize When a Free Society Becomes Tyrannized?  By : Shane Flait
    The purpose of this article is to expose the most critical issue of our time - the usurping of our constitutional rights by a feminist-based governmental tyranny. That tyranny is bent on engineering a social, cultural, and economic structural change in our society that's in complete violation of our constitutional principles as engendered by the bill of rights, the further amendments, and the Declaration of Independence.
  • 10 Infamous Presidents or World Leaders  By : Wadzanai Nenzou
    The true measure of a man is how he or she is remembered. Among the great people of history, a few of our world leaders will be remembered for their actions-not positive, but negative. Some will be remembered with horror for the things they caused to happen, the deaths that they caused to take place, the economic woes they caused, or for their vast and outstanding attack on human rights.
  • President Obama Personalizes the Oval Office  By : Grubb Young
    The Oval Office gets a new look, and a stunning new rug.
  • Politicians and Lobbyists an Imperfect Marriage for Americans  By : The Anxiolytic
    Politicians and lobbyists make strange bed fellows, but they work toward a common cause - profits. American lobby rules and regulations need to be changed.
    Congressional waste must be eliminated. Members of the Congress should be removed from office for wasting tax payers' money.
  • Help Solve U.S. Intelligence Management Issues with an Intelligence Degree  By : Dan Sommer
    By earning an intelligence degree that emphasizes on cross-agency collaboration, security issues within human resources, and managing the intelligence process, you will gain the education you need to succeed in intelligence management. Plus, you will also help the intelligence community meet objectives essential to national security.
  • The Real War on Terror and the Role of Personal Development  By : Willie Horton
    Personal development is not personal. No one is an island. Your own personal development journey has to be, dy definition, inter-personal. And it is collectively that like-minded people might just make a difference in a world that is so badly in need of change. If you want to change your life, you've got to influence your environment and surroundings. You've gott to be part of something bigger. Personal development is about making a difference.
  • Guardian Angels’ Mystifying Existence  By : Bob Miller
    You might wonder do Guardian angels exist in the planet and do they really help humans? But the answer is YES. Since ancient times it was a treasured belief of followers of all religion and many have experienced the same in their personal life.
  • 2010 General Elections  By : Dennis Foster
    Very few people in our country realize how much the 2010 elections could mean to our nation.
  • Top 5 President Bush Quotes  By : Wadzanai Nenzou
    George Bush, for all his other failings, had some things about him that made us all chuckle. While our current president is known for his intellect, if not his honesty, Bush was known for his political tap dancing as well as his outrageous butchering of the English language. He gave us something new to laugh about each and every day of his time in office.
  • The Use of Field Artillery and its Ammunition  By : mrnashia
    Field artillery pieces can shoot farther, and with greater lethality than most other weapons systems. This is because the artillery shell or missile is usually what is called an area weapon.
  • Start a New Economic Engine  By : Scott F Paradis
    We have had lots of tinkering under the hood - financial bailouts, corporate bailouts, a massive stimulus package and the loosest monetary policy possible. The master mechanics cannot seem to clearly diagnose the problem nor can they determine a viable way to reignite the engine. Though the motor may not have completely seized, the reality is - the economic engine is idle. We are broken down at a crossroads.
  • The Employment of Field Artillery  By : mrnashia
    The field artillery commander must be able to support maneuver elements regardless of the constraints which are placed on him.
  • Don't Look for Leadership in Washington  By : Scott F Paradis
    By abandoning our roles as governor and government we have abrogated our most basic of duties - our most precious of liberties - that right won with blood - the opportunity for self government. Looking to Washington for leadership, that is relying on professional politicians to lead in a system driven by money and special interests, is a recipe for disaster - a disaster coming into more precise focus every day.
  • Rahul Gandhi gets heartfelt welcome, emerges as a ray of hope  By :
    Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday arrived at Shantiniketan amid tremendous cheers. He was given a heartfelt welcome by students of Visva Bharti University here as he kicked off his tour to the state.
  • Anti-Americanism --- The Radical Religion Of The Left  By : Howard Jacobs
    There are many tenets supposedly held dear by liberals and the left. We associate the left with feminism, gay rights, anti militarism, racial equality, union rights and some other things that "speak to the people". But what happens when these tenets conflict with each other? What is the real bottom line in their thinking and what is their ultimate goal?
  • Freedom - From Whence It Comes  By : Tony Mase
    Being one of my highest priorities in life, I use the Fourth of July/Independence Day and Election Day, here in the United States, to formally discuss freedom, where it really comes from, and how it's maintained with my son, correcting the misinformation he's taught in school. In light of recent events, I'd like to share with you the gist of what I've taught my son on the subject, ever since he was old enough to understand. Here it is...
  • Fathers Rights Means Demanding Constitutional Rights Currently Denied to Fathers  By : Shane Flait
    Many of you may think fathers groups are asking for new rights when 'fathers rights' are mentioned. They're not! They're just demanding the constitutional rights guaranteed to all, but denied to them under present divorce or paternity actions. This article explains what's denied to them and why it's unconstitutional.
  • Tolerance For Intolerance Is Not a Virtue  By : Howard Jacobs
    With a cultural center/mosque being proposed at the World Trade Center, it's time to ask some real questions about the Islamic religion. What has it evolved into and is it truly a religion of peace?
  • Feminist Tyranny - a U.S. Export to the World  By : Shane Flait
    Feminist tyranny refers to government-supported procedures that clearly deny fundamental rights to fathers under the guise of assuring a 'greater good'. That greater good espouses the best interests of the child. The feminist system is a sham for control, but it's well-funded. This article summarizes the issues of this tyranny, how it has spread and the growing recognition of how it works to destroy society and the rights of fathers.
  • Glenn Beck 8/28 Rally - Review and Opinion  By : Rob Stanley
    Anyone who can fill the National Mall with a crowd of that magnitude MUST have a message that's solidly resounding with Americans. In the hours and days following, it has been amusing watching the detractors do their best to make light of the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally and its impact. The event was uplifting and inspirational, but that is the jumping off point for me.
  • Sock Changing Election  By : Scott F Paradis
    Our system is fundamentally flawed. The problem we face is far too serious to leave for politicians to solve. Our system of government has assumed diametrically opposed, but ingeniously effective, dual roles: benefactor to the masses; and enormously enriching money machine for the wealthy elite. What are we going to get this November - any real change? Nothing but a change of dirty socks.
  • Some Unique Concerns of the Military Family  By : mrnashia
    The military family lives a unique lifestyle which is characterized by the rigoruos requirements of military service.
  • Speedy for Governor  By : matt white
    Nevada has done it again. We made national headlines. Could it be that we, the Silver State have done something incredible for the nation? Nah, that would be boring. We have to continue to do things that make national news AND keep the world thinking that everyone who lives here is an alcoholic, gambling, prostitute or gangster. Honestly though, these guys up in Carson City are starting to make Las Vegas look completely sane compared to them
  • Rahul Gandhi urges students to question one’s ideas  By :
    Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi insists on having developed the approach of moving forward by questioning one’s ideas and thoughts and listening to others.
  • Searching for Truth in Politics  By : Scott F Paradis
    'Politics is the strife of special interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage." Well, if you are seeing what I am seeing in America and the world today, then you may believe as I do, that it is time to lay our souls bare. To dig our way out of the mess we have created we must address the unbridled truth. It is time to call a spade a spade. We must put truth back into politics.
  • Getting an Entry Level Intelligence Job  By : Dan Sommer
    Many people are drawn to careers in intelligence because they are portrayed as being filled with excitement. Not all intelligence jobs are like those you see in the movies. Because the intelligence community is so broad (seventeen separate organizations) and the jobs themselves so varied, the work settings are also just as diverse. A person in an entry level intelligence role could find themselves in a lab, office, the field, or on Capitol Hill.
  • Will the Flood in Pakistan Help the US Relationship with Its People?  By : mrnashia
    Hopefully Pakistani civilians will see that the United States is not the great villian that they have been taught after our assistance to them in flood relief efforts.
  • 18th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award Goes to Maualana Wahiduddin Khan  By :
    Eminent Islamic scholar and champion of peace and harmony Maualana Wahiduddin Khan has been bestowed with 18th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for his outstanding contribution towards the promotion of communal harmony, peace and goodwill at a function held at Jawahar Bhawan in New Delhi.
  • Fair Tax, Can It Be?  By : Brock Hileman
    There are good arguments both pro and con for the FairTax tax structure; they mostly address who will benefit and who won't. Missing from the arguments is the positive effect the FairTax would have on Washington corruption.
  • President Obama's Long Lost Ancestor From The 17th Century  By : Howard Jacobs
    What if Barack Obama had lived in the 17th Century? What kind of leader would he have been at that time? As it turns out, there is a distant ancestor of Obama's that has been traced to 17th Century England...
  • The Blending of Anti Terrorism Training and Military Intelligence Training  By : Dan Sommer
    Military intelligence not only aids in the formulation of military operations, but it also plays a strong role in anti terrorism efforts (as well as the military in general). Much of this country’s fight against terrorism is fought overseas by brave men and women who serve in the armed services.
  • Anti Aging: The Importance Of Staying Youthful In Politics  By : Jim Terroirier
    The average age of a U.S. President upon assuming office. At an age when many others are getting ready to retire, high-level politicians have to expend more mental and physical energy than ever.
  • America's Way Out of the Storm  By : Scott F Paradis
    America has exhausted every means to avoid paying the toll, yet the toll taker remains vigilant and steadfast - there is no free lunch. It is time to pay the price for our comfort and our complacency. "It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a wreck." America's way out of the storm is through it.
  • Understanding the American Constitution  By : Jack Landry
    This article talks about the constitution. It explains a couple rules about taxes.
  • What Will Be the Conditions for Our Withdrawal from Afghanistan?  By : mrnashia
    You fall into one of several types of communicators. The way that you present yourself to others determines the type of communicator that you are.
  • When Are You Voting for Your Green Party Leader?  By : Paul Tobey
    What about the Green Party Policies and how they interact with voters?
  • Issues Faced by Many Military Families  By : mrnashia
    The military family is unique in the issues that it faces are vastly different from those of the rest of society.
  • We Continue to Play Cat and Mouse With the Chinese  By : mrnashia
    The United States is in an ongoing chess match with the Chinese as far as the buildup of their naval forces.
  • Real India resides in villages and poor people are its strength : Rahul Gandhi  By :
    Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Neemuch(MP), said that the UPA government had fulfilled all its promises made to the people. He said, “We had made only one promise to you; that promise was if we came to power, we will work for the poor, Dalits and backwards of this country.
  • Liberal Vs Labor - 2010 Australian Federal Election Ramblings  By : Dub Johnston
    The 2010 Australian Federal Election is going to be an interesting one. Both leaders are new to the lead post and although they have years of political experience under their belt, it could go either way. Gillard vs Abbott..
  • Can A One Billion Pound Oil Spill Disappear?  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    Large oil patches vanished when tropical storm Bonnie crossed the Gulf. Flyovers observed seemingly clean surface waters. A different picture emerges after accounting for the disappearance of oil by evaporation and by oil plume formation. It seems that larger oil patches were ripped apart by the storm and were converted into "tarballs". One billion pounds of tarballs will become an endless nuisance for beach communities depending on tourists.
  • The Obama Grassroots Campaign - 7 Reasons Why Your Organization Can't Duplicate It  By : Amy Showalter
    Seven reasons why your organization can't duplicate the fervor of Obama's grassroots campaign...
  • Will the Leaks of Operational Information Damage Operation Enduring Freedom?  By : mrnashia
    There was a large volume of sensitive military information leaked recently about the war in Afghanistan but I am not convinced that it will do much damage to the operation.
  • Skimming, Healing, and Protecting the Gulf  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    After capping its well, BP must try to skim close to 200 million gallons of crude from Gulf waters before the first tropical storms and hurricanes can interrupt their work. BP desperately needs more effective skimming equipment for cleaning soiled Gulf waters. A new emergency preparedness agency is urgently needed that can deploy effective assets in form of trained emergency crews, high capacity oil skimmers, and well containment devices.
  • How Real is the Possibility of a Nuclear Terrorist Attack?  By : mrnashia
    The American and European publis must realize that the threat of a terrorist nuclear attack is very real.
  • A Whale - A Missed Opportunity  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    After mounting a second shut-off device on its dysfunctional blow out preventer, BP must now skim close to 200 million gallons of crude oil from the surface of the Gulf. The A-Whale, a Taiwanese supertanker converted for oil skimming duties, arrived in the Gulf, tried its luck at skimming, and discovered that the conversion does not work. The chance of cleaning the Gulf quickly was missed and American technology could not assist either.
  • Should We Enforce the Stolen Valor Act?  By : mrnashia
    Some of our officials are given more power than they actually have by law. There is no way that our Federal Judges should be able to interpret the law in the way that they see fit.
  • Should We Give the Pakistani Government Financial Aid?  By : mrnashia
    Financial aid is a necessary part of doing the business that we do. The US State Department is not deluded into thinking that we can buy friends but we know that this aid is a necessary part of doing business.
  • Protection Management Prepares Individuals for Secret Service Special Agent Careers  By : Dan Sommer
    Working in the protection and security industry is both challenging and rewarding. Agents are on the cutting-edge of providing a service that requires personal sacrifice, discipline, and the ability to foresee risks before they become a reality. One cannot be guaranteed a job as a Secret Service Special Agent upon completing coursework in protection management but this work will prepare students to be successful in the strategic security field.
  • Charity concerts  By : Action Aid
    Charity and benefit concerts have long been a feature of the concert and musical calendar. Whether it is a humanitarian crisis that prompts the event or just a general call to awareness, benefit concerts usually involve popular artists volunteering their music and performances to help raise money for a cause.
  • King Makers  By : Scott F Paradis
    We profess to manage ourselves and our state by way of democratic principles yet we raise up an individual, presume to endow that individual with supernatural powers, install him as president and summarily absolve ourselves of any and all responsibility for the lives we lead, the environment we live in, or the society we create. Despite the dire consequences we persist in making kings.
  • Slavery And Racism - Is The United States To Blame?  By : Howard Jacobs
    Does Barack Obama believe that African Americans should have advantages and certain priviledges as a result of past injustices? In Obama's justice department is there one standard for whites and another one for blacks?
  • Senate Energy Bill Prompts Action  By : Daniel Stouffer
    As it now appears that a concrete energy proposal has emerged from the Senate, organizations understand that they must take action to look at their own energy efficiency.
  • Tiny Oil Skimmers Can't Handle BP Disaster  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    BP's leaking oil well will spill more than five million barrels into the Gulf. US citizens must be protected from similar, recurring disasters. More and more oil is reaching surface waters. Fishing has been destroyed. Gulf Coast residents are facing bankruptcy and impoverished futures. Tourism industry will be devastated. No solutions are available for removing the spreading oily debris. Only technologists can help but are not called upon.
  • Are We Up for the Challenges Ahead?  By : Scott F Paradis
    Enough with the petty games - feeding the egos of the advantaged elite - manipulating the masses to benefit a few at the expense of the many. The answer to the question, "Are we up to the challenges ahead?" is determined by you. Choose to contribute not to consume. Choose to cooperate, not to compete. Choose on behalf of unity, of harmony, of peace. Your choices affect us all.
  • The Radicalism Of Moderates And Independents  By : Howard Jacobs
    There seems to be an unwritten rule that political independents and moderates are more reasonable than people on the far left or the far right. Is this true or are moderates actually more extreme than either the far left OR the far right? Is it logical or moral to always look for compromise in every single situation or controversy?
  • More Than One Oil Spill Villain  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    BP's leaking oil well will spill more than five million barrels into the Gulf of Mexico. US citizens must be protected from similar, recurring disasters. A special emergency response agency is needed. Advanced containment domes and oil skimmers can save wetlands, estuaries and beaches when deployed immediately. Funding for a new emergency preparedness agency and for unlimited liability insurance coverage must come from new permitting fees.
  • So, Ya Gotta Be a Mooslim Before Yer a Terrorist?  By : Bill Schmalfeldt
    If this guy's name was Abdul, not Jerry, can you imagine all the yapping on Faux News?
  • Is The Oil Spill The Final Straw That Breaks Our Economic Backs?  By : Brian Gosur
    I don't want to talk about who is to blame for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there is enough finger pointing going around already. I want to concentrate on the facts. What is really happening out there?
  • The Policy of Courageous Restraint  By : tishbite
    This new policy has good intentions but I am concerned that its good intentions will cause many of our troops serving in Afghanistan to lose their lives.

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