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  • End the Marquis of Queensbury Rules of War  By : Skip Conover
    Hearing Moammar Gadhafi and Admiral Michael Mullen comment on CNN on March 20, 2011, suddenly brought to mind the image of British Red Coats during the American Revolution. You remember those masters of outmoded military etiquette.
  • Prison Reform: Kicking The "Can" On Down The Road  By : Stan Moody
    You know that the nanny state has fully matured when
    its economy boasts corrections as its fastest-growing industry...In upstate New York, corrections has become its economic development lifeline, with 13 state prisons within one state senate district...Gov. Cuomo made it clear that NY would no longer be putting people in prison so other people would have jobs..."If people need jobs, let's get people jobs!"
  • Westboro Baptist Church’s Supreme Court Victory  By : Skip Conover
    In my opinion, the behavior of the members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, who take it upon them selves to picket and protest at the funerals of service members killed in action, is highly inappropriate. I personally cannot understand how they envision that they in any way represent either the teachings of Jesus Christ or Almighty God.
  • How Big Is The Chinese Liberation Army Navy?  By : Phil Marks
    How is the Chinese Navy changing? It is building nuclear powered carriers, new weapons and changing its inward, coastal defence stance to that of a global superpower with a blue-water navy, capable of projecting its power worldwide. How big is it - tonnage, ships, personnel, bases, disposition? How does it's effectiveness compare with that of the US?
  • Probation: Common Sense Prison Reform  By : Stan Moody
    After security has said "Goodbye" and whispered to each other, "He'll be back!", between public safety and corrections budgets stands the last line of defense - probation...Underpaid, underappreciated and understaffed, probation officers are often the only reentry program available to state corrections programs fighting for an increasing share of a declining budget...
  • Maine's Sex Offender Conundrum  By : Stan Moody
    State legislators continue to bend to the will of constituents who stereotype sex offenders as some sleazy-looking male hiding in the bushes in a shool yard...They want to prohibit a sex offender from living within 2,500 feet of a school or day care center...In fact, the common profile of a sex offender is a person who looks, acts and lives like us!
  • The Best Political Speech Of The Last Century  By : Howard Rodriguez
    Politicians give speeches to rally support from voters. Some have a gift for oratory. Many politicians do not. In 2008, it's election season in America and the speeches come at us from every side of the political spectrum.
  • Time to Build Bandwidth Proven by Japanese Tsunami  By : Skip Conover
    One thing the last few weeks have proven to us is that its time for Internet companies like Twitter, Facebook and the news media like CNNd to build bandwidth and monetize. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, and Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya's Revolution 2.0, prove to us that the world has become dependent upon social networks. The question is, what now?
  • A Mobile Walklist Solution for Your Campaign Difficulties  By : Brett C Payne
    The campaign walk list or the process of walking into neighborhoods is one of the most important operations in the campaign course. That is the time when volunteers go house-to-house to ask particular questions, the answers of which will be compiled later for assessment and evaluation. These evaluated data, in turn, will become the deciding factors as to what the campaign programs will be. This entire process, now, has a technical counterpart called the mobile walklist solution. The mechanism is made speedier because volunteers need only to log-on to the system via their phone, conduct the walklist process, and send back the data back at the headquarters for analysis. How easy is that? The software will also be accountable in furnishing a map, which will indicate the area of the closest 20 voters on a certain volunteer's location. More convenient, more practical, and more successful above all. The wonders of technology.
  • 5 Advantages of an Electronic Walk List in Your Campaign  By : Brett C Payne
    An electronic walk list is basically an automatic form of the traditional one. It advantages the whole campaign in that it allows a quicker and a more effective movement of the given course of action. In the end, more tasks can be accomplished in a given day than what you would commonly get, giving you more time to concentrate on other equally necessary transactions such as your campaign programs, fundraising projects, and the like. The accessibility of such device is an astonishing breakthrough indeed for the political circle. How commendable it is to know that time after time, new developments are discovered to function as an automated equivalent of significant human functions. From hospital systems, school database, business project management systems, to travel and event organization, telecommunications almost constantly comes in handy. Gone are the days when people had to do everything by hand. Well, nowadays is no different, only that hand procedures are restricted to just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Racketeering Charged At Maine State Prison  By : Stan Moody
    Beneath the surface of a prison system that is all efficiency and protocol lies a shadow government that preys on staff members who dare to advocate against abuse...Maine State Prison has all the earmarks of a modern system and all the practices of a 19th Century penal system...
  • New Labour Shadow Chancellor Could Not Get His Expenses Correct  By : Peter Jones
    New Labour shadow chancellor failed to get his
    expenses correct. In May 2005, when Mr Balls became the MP for Normanton, his wife Miss Cooper "flipped" her second home to the family house she shared with her husband and their three children in south London. They both began claiming a half share of the £1,466 monthly mortgage interest, a sum of £733 each compared with the £530 that she had been paying in Yorkshire.
  • Prison Reform: Breaking The Grip Of The Shadow Government  By : Stan Moody
    Call it groupthink; call it the Stockholm Syndrome; call it anything you like, but people are prone to behave in ways that they believe they are expected to behave...Prisons are notorious in creating subcultures from top management on down that protect themselves from violating unwritten codes of conduct...Thus, a shadow government is formed that protects information from getting is and information from getting out...
  • Dismantling The Empire: America's Last Best Hope  By : Scott F Paradis
    The US pursuit of empire, coupled with financial missteps of enormous proportion, have brought us to the edge of ruin. To survive the US must change course. While Chalmers Johnson claim in "Dismantling The Empire" - that the military-industrial complex is solely to blame for the failings of empire falls short, following his sound advice to peacefully dismantle the empire is one of the necessary steps to save the nation.
  • Prison "A La Court": Kids-For-Cash  By : Stan Moody
    Corruption within the criminal justice system is not restricted to corrections...It reaches all the way into the courts and higher...This is the story of an unpstanding citizen - a Common Pleas judge in PA who sold kids for cash-kickbacks from a private juvenile detention center going by the name of PA Child Care...
  • Prison Reform: A Fool's Errand  By : Stan Moody
    The nature of prisons is to accomplish exactly the opposite of their intention by creating a subclass of repeat customers...Reforming a system intrinsically in definance of any kind of reform is a fool's errand...However, reform at the level of bail, probation and parole can reduce recidivism and reoffending to 20% and close down half the prisons in America within 5 years thereafter...
  • Prison Reform Goes High Tech  By : Stan Moody
    As desperate politicians scramble to avoid red ink, low hanging fruit includes addressing what is wrong with our bloated criminal justice system...An option is the rapidly evolving eletronic surveilance devices coming on the market...Resistance derives from two sources - public service employees defending their jobs and a public that wants "other" out of sight...
  • Websites on Social Issues Providing Hope to Those Who Have None  By : Jessie Gonzales
    The internet might have a lot of vices but you certainly cannot argue against some of its incredible virtues as well. In fact websites on social causes have been able to bring hope to those who had lost it completely in the past.
  • What to Do After Acquiring Your Voters Name List  By : Brett C Payne
    Each candidate running for a political office is resolved to obtain a voters name list, which will act as the foundation in performing the campaign walk list, which in turn will assist the candidates in making their platforms.
  • Many Political Campaign Strategies That Really Work  By : Brett C Payne
    There is no distinct point that can tell you how to win the elections, otherwise every single politician who ran for office must have done the same distinct thing. It entails a lot of processes, but mostly boils down to one point -- good faith in public service.
  • The use Of Military Paratroopers  By : mrnashia
    Paratroopers are quite effective when used correctly.
  • How To Become A Politician  By : Richard McMunn
    Expert knowledge and advice on how to become a politician in the UK.
  • Obtaining an Online Voters List: The Pros and Cons  By : Brett C Payne
    Obtaining an online voters list is a dominant custom among politicians nowadays. This move, nonetheless, is under a lot of argument considering that online connection can sometimes spell unconstrained access, which can violate the privacy of the people covered.
  • Popular Political Software For Your Campaign  By : Brett C Payne
    A variance of political software has been made at hand to come up with a solution to every, as much as possible, political need. From campaign organizers, to financial managers, about every department has its own software application counterpart, which is somehow a huge discovery to humanity. Here are various applications you may want to include in your campaign.
  • It's Not Jobs - It's Vision  By : Scott F Paradis
    "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Mistakenly however, we, the people, search vainly for answers amongst those least likely to deliver real and enduring solutions: politicians and business leaders. The solutions we seek, the answers we demand, are not within the purview of government nor are they the function of industry. The answers we seek are much closer to home.
  • Maine's Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum Politics  By : Stan Moody
    Democrats have had their day of tinkering around the edges...Republicans now are poised to take a meat axe to state government...Both are wrong; reform will not happen by assuming structural integrity in state agencies...The only path to reform is restructuring state government from the bottom up...
  • How to Conceive Campaigns from a Voter Name List  By : Brett C Payne
    A voter name list is a critical device for each political campaign. It is the footing from where the candidates would base their campaign advocacies and supplies. It will endow them to extend their services to each sort of citizen in their constituent group.
  • Nixon Was the Last Conservative to Reduce National Debt  By : Skip Conover
    Conservative spin-doctors have most Americans believing that they reduce our National Debt. Nothing could be further from the truth. The exact opposite is true. Every Democratic President since Harry Truman has reduced the National Debt, while only Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, in his first term, reduced the US National Debt.
  • Successful Revolutions Are Paid for in Blood  By : Skip Conover
    It is an unfortunate truth that revolutions for core civil rights are often earned over many years and with the blood of their heroes and
    proponents. American rights were demanded from very early in the history of the American colonies, and some would argue that we still don't enjoy all of them. The American Revolution cost the blood of about 50,000 Americans, of whom 4,435 were killed in action.
  • 5 Reasons To Believe A Political Campaign Software To Do The Work For You  By : Brett C Payne
    Political campaign software is indispensable, in consideration of the size of work involved in each campaign.
  • The Middle East Today  By : Basheer Kayali
    This article discusses how the world has changed as a result of the revolutions in the Middle East, and gives some background so you can understand how the region has been ruled for the past century.
  • What is the Future of the United States?  By : mrnashia
    We may maintain military superioty for a while but I don't see how we can maintain it over the long run.
  • America's Prisons: "Create Spartan Conditions; Get Gladiators!"  By : Stan Moody
    Professional prison managers from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, didn't like Warden Dennis Luther's freewheeling style of respect for human dignity at McKean Prison, so they eased him out and turned a model prison into a human sewer...
  • In An Economic Crisis - No Room For Fear  By : Scott F Paradis
    America rose to prominence, to preeminence, not by the might of her military, but rather on the inspiration of an idea - the promise of freedom to innovate, to create, to aspire. We turned from that path however. Instead of innovating and advancing, we clung to oil and wagered our futures on finance as the means to sustain prosperity. We set about policing the world. We chose poorly. It is time to choose again.
  • Republicans Unfairly Blame Baby Boom in Social Security Solvency Fight  By : Skip Conover
    Conservatives want you to believe that Social Security will go bankrupt. Their strategy is the usual. Let's scare middle class Americans into doing what really benefits only the rich. Conservatives want to blame the so-called Baby Boom for Social Security insolvency, when bankruptcy has not and will not happen. We only need to be sensible and pay attention to the real numbers.
  • Understanding our Armed Forces Troops  By : mrnashia
    Lets take the time to understand the job that our troops really have to do and the conditions which they encounter in doing their jobs.
  • 2 Major Benefits Of Owning An Online Home Business  By : Peter Jones
    Starting an online home business isn't a difficult process should you follow a straightforward step-by-step method for guaranteeing your prosperity. Actually, an online home business begins practically every day in The United States and across the modern world.
  • In Government We Trust  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    People see the government bailing out companies and think that they ought to get a personal bailout as well. But people who think that way ought to be taking responsibility for their own lives instead of continuing to expect the government to take care of them.
  • REO Property Investing Myths  By : Justin Cooke
    REO Property Investing Myths Exposed. Discover the
    real truth about REO Investing and how to get started with REO Properties.
  • Keeping Food Fresh  By : Skip Conover
    This article discusses the importance of keeping food fresh while shipping. It is also important that restaurants take their customers health into serious consideration.
  • Senator Udall of Colorado Urges Defense Secretary to Provide Brain Treatment for War Victims  By : Katie Kelley
    Sen. Udall of Colorado is urging Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, to provide cognitive rehabilitation treatment to soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injuries.
  • No-Knock Police Raid Scores Hole-In-One!  By : Stan Moody
    In the interest of protecting the
    public the odds of being shot at by a police officer raiding your
    home are 1 in 800, while the odds of that same police officer being killed in
    the line of duty are 1 in 48,000!
  • The Pro Democracy Movements in Arab Countries  By : mrnashia
    There are a number of scenarios which the current demonstrations in Arab countries could present to western nations
  • Money Is Tearing America Apart  By : Scott F Paradis
    We are witnessing a struggle over money play out on a national scale. The political maneuvering in Washington and in state houses across the country are just the opening salvoes. Demonstrations in Wisconsin are the harbinger of battles yet to be fought over the fiscal realities the nation faces. Management, or rather mismanagement, of our national wealth may prove to be the one means to tear the Republic asunder.
  • State Of Maine: Paying Lip Service To Prison Reform  By : Stan Moody
    Prison Reform has become a catch-word to assure the infinitesimally inquisitive public that prison guards elevated to positions of high office are on the cutting edge of human engineering...It is mere lip service to something that is crushing our system of government through waste, abuse and exploding costs...
  • Tony Blair War Inquiry  By : Peter Jones
    Tony Blair was recalled by the Iraq enquiry because the account he had provided last year had been contradicted by the information provided by other witnesses and official documentation.
  • Freedom of Religion Is Essential in the Egypt Revolution 2.0 Constitution  By : Skip Conover
    Freedom of Religion is the first of the Freedoms mentioned in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. We Americans had good reason for putting it there! European colonization of North America was largely driven by religious warfare. It is very likely that a majority of Americans are descended from peoples who were seeking Freedom of Religion. I know my ancestors were.
  • Does America Need More Jobs or Better Jobs?  By : Kasey Steinbrinck
    Is quality or quantity more important when it comes to job creation in the United States? New studies reveal that while the number of job openings may be heading in the right direction, the types of jobs becoming available aren't the best. Find out more!
  • Was The Labour Government a War Monger ?  By : Peter Jones
    The invasion of Iraq raises many questions and few answers. Why did Britain commit to War with out an exit plan. Why did British troops not have the proper equipment? Why did we take on a second front whilst still engaged in Afghanistan. Why did we not ensure that our casualties were kept to a minimum,
  • Neocons, Teabaggers And Chickenhawks - Saul Alinsky And The Demonization Of Political Opponents  By : Howard Jacobs
    There is no question that radical community activist and writer Saul Alinsky has had a profound effect on many people on the left and in their political strategies. Who was Saul Alinsky and how much can his organizing techniques be seen in the policies of the current president Barack Obama?
  • Paul Chehade for President of the United State of America.  By : Paul Chehade
    It is time for all proud Americans to return to our values, to the foundation of our nation. We have had enough of politics and partisan privileges.I am not a politician, nor a millionaire. I am just a simple person like most of us that loves and cares for our country and just cannot stand our nation's unsustainable situation anymore. Paul Chehade for President of the United State of America.
  • Steve Daines - Home Grown Montanan Running for Congress  By : Steve Daines
    Steve’s Montana journey dates back to his great-great-grandmother Karine Dyrud, who immigrated from Norway in 1869. As a widow and mother of seven children, she moved westward from Minnesota and homesteaded on the northern plains of Montana 23 miles east of Conrad. She is buried in a small Montana country cemetery near the Golden West Lutheran Chur
  • Steve Daines - More Jobs, Less Government (Guest Editorial by Daines Campaign)  By : Steve Daines
    Creating private sector jobs in Montana is essential to stabilize the economy and help struggling families. While out of control federal spending and accompanying high personal and corporate tax rates are a significant barrier, there are some examples of entrepreneurial job creation in Montana, but we need many more.
  • Steve Daines - Why Am I Running for Congress?  By : Steve Daines
    To change the direction Washington is taking our country so that my four children can be a part of a generation that is left better off than what we received from our parents. I believe the Declaration of Independence has it right when it says our government derives its just power from the consent of the governed.
  • Bill To Fix Maine's Sex Registry Law  By : Stan Moody
    Government continues to tweak the sex registry list in order to straddle the fence between fairness and federal funding...Meanwhile, lives and families are being shattered by the dark shadow of past sins likely to be repeated by less than 2% of those on the registry...
  • The Labour Government Failed British Troops in Iraq  By : Peter Jones
    When giving evidence before the Chilcot inquiry Admiral Lord Boyce has suggested that Labour government ministers were not at all happy with the idea of regime change in Iraq and as such they were unable to provide the necessary funding for the conflict.
  • Politics of the Persian Gulf War  By : mrnashia
    This article takes a look at some of the factors which effect the ongoing war on terror.
  • Can Obama Kill The Internet?  By : Pat Lindle
    This is a volitile issue. In a country that is seeing more and more of the liberties that we take for granted get curtailed by bills from self serving politicians, can we even hpe to keep the slogan "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave".
  • Bayside Justice: The Tragic Case Of Brandon Boone Drewry  By : Stan Moody
    A media-hungry police chief in Portland, ME sacrificed a mentally-ill, homeless man on the altar of his ascending career...As a result, Brandon Boone Drewry will spend the rest of his life in prison for a sexual assault on a crack whore for which their was no physical evidence...
  • Was The Labour Government Complicit In Release Of The Lockerbie Bomber?  By : Peter Jones
    Who was it who released the Lockerbie Bomber. Why was the Bomber released early? Did the Labour government help in this matter? Did Gordon Brown do all in his power to help release the bomber?
  • Cops Get Federal Funding On The Backs Of Maine Sex Offenders  By : Stan Moody
    The sex registry protocol in America has become a factor in state budgets, as severe Federal laws threaten to reduce Byrne JAG law enforcement funds for failure to comply with the 189 provisions of the Adam Walsh Act. Among those are urinating in public, streaking, possession of child pornography, sexting, exposure, molestation, on-line sexual chat and false accusations of rape by angry ex-wives or girlfreinds.
  • Mike Huckabee's Pro-Slavery Agenda  By : Stan Moody
    Over and over again, Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee hangs onto old worn-out theologies that fail the test of scholarship...He is a Christian Zionist who draws the national boundaries of Israel according to God's promise to Abraham, when all the time God's promise to Abraham included the likes of Mike Huckabee...Huckbee is not only a danger to the future of the United States; he is a danger to the faithful of the Kingdom of God...
  • Luck Saved the Tucson Gun Owner  By : Skip Conover
    The legal gun owner in Tucson was indeed extremely lucky! He left his weapon in its holster, and thereby avoided two potentially tragic mistakes. If he had started firing, what would have happened? Would you do the right thing in such an event?
  • Who Is Ed Balls The New Labour Party Shadow Chancellor?  By : Peter Jones
    What do we know about Ed Balls the new Labour Shadow Chancellor?
  • Private Prisons Are Us? Maybe Not!  By : Stan Moody
    The appointment of Joseph Ponte as Maine Commissioner of Corrections has drawn fire from prison activists...The thing that sticks in their craw is that he most recently was warden of a private prison in Nevada...That is his saving grace, in the opinion of this writer...As an employee in the public sector, Ponte, in particular, would kick up a firestorm by benefiting a former employer...
  • Balanced Budget: Theory vs Reality  By : Lee Eldridge
    Much like consumers over using credit cards, the federal government spends more than it takes in, creating yearly budget deficits. It's time for a balanced budget amendment.
  • Obama and the Debt Ceiling  By : Lee Eldridge
    The CBO projects that our budget deficit will reach almost $1.5 trillion this year. How did we get here? A look at three groups that have controlled Congress.
  • Tony Blair Criticised Over War Decisions From The Sofa  By : Peter Jones
    Two former chiefs of the British civil service have said before the Chilcot war inquiry that the ex Labour PM Tony Blair took the UK to war in Iraq with out the approval of his cabinet.
  • Maine Courts, Gambling Resorts And Private Prisons  By : Stan Moody
    Small towns off the beaten track in Maine - a place where there are indeed few tracks - are desperate for economic development opportunities...The little Town of Milo, Maine, at the confluence of three rivers, has been especially hard hit...Their solution? A small, private gambling emporium and a private prison...The success of one inevitably will advance the other...
  • Uncommon Sense  By : Scott F Paradis
    The uncommon sense, "in these times that try men's souls" is to discipline ourselves, rein ourselves in, sacrifice and endure the pain. "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly." The days of the American empire are passed. We must make the hard choices to restore fiscal discipline and clip the wings of gluttonous opportunists. Uncommon measures are demanded of a free people to right our course. Let us not fade from this task.
  • Paul Chehade - H.A.A.R.P. - Who Control the Weather Control the World.  By : Paul Chehade
    You need to think about the fact that whomever controls the worlds weather patterns controls the world. Paul Chehade:.
  • Tea Party: "Liberté, E'galité, Fraternité"  By : Stan Moody
    Revolutions are the stuff of appealing to the discomfort of the masses...Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, the darlings of the Tea Party movement, have long since moved away from political conviction to expediency...The author draws the distinction with characters from Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities."
  • Wall Street Blames the Average American for the Meltdown  By : Skip Conover
    Wall Street wants Americans to believe that poor people and the Middle Class were the causes of the global financial crisis. Not! Most of us lost all or a major part of our life's savings because of the way Wall Street was allowed to run its business—hand's off, "We want complete freedom to do whatever we want. Freedom, freedom, that's what we need! Freedom!" Let's talk about what really happened!
  • The Way to Win at Warfare  By : mrnashia
    the person who successfully applies all of these principles will win the war every time.
  • Ed Miliband Wants To Work With Nick Clegg  By : Peter Jones
    The Labour party failed to secure a working coalition with the Liberal Democrats but many doubt that they really tried. It is very doubtfull if a coalition would have worked for for two main reasons. The first one is that the two parties if combined did not have a working majority. The second one is that as a pre condition for a coalition the Labour leader Brown would have had to resign.
  • Paul Chehade - Who Control the Weather Control the World.  By : Paul Chehade
    You need to think about the fact that whomever controls the worlds weather patterns controls the world. Paul Chehade:.
  • Possible Consequences of Facing a Nuclear Equipped Al-Qaeda  By : mrnashia
    The big question right now is if al-Qaeda has the materials and know how to produce a dirty bomb.
  • Types and uses of Artillery Ammunition  By : mrnashia
    The military has developed specialized ammunition over the years for special purposes.
  • New Labour Shadow Chancellor  By : Peter Jones
    Ed Balls can rightly claim that he has plenty of experience at HM Treasury and indeed he was Gordon Brown's closest political ally.
  • Can the Military Help us Win the War on Drugs  By : mrnashia
    The military can be used in a variety of ways to assist in the war on drugs.
  • Top 10 Political News of 2010  By : Gabriel Castle
    2010 had been an eventful year for America in politics. The Obama administration continues to face challenges; Democrats and Republicans made triumphs and compromises, and the Tea Party Movement grows stronger. Here's a review of the top 10 news of 2010.
  • National Debt Relief  By : Scott F Paradis
    The federal government is in the hole over fourteen trillion dollars and dropping further into debt to the tune of $100 billion per month. Public Law 111-139, enacted February 12, 2010, raised the U.S. debt ceiling to $14.294 trillion. Less than one year later we are fast approaching this artificial limit. Maintaining our current speed and trajectory that debt limit is going to be nothing but a insignificant speed bump to a fast moving big rig.
  • Our Mistaken Assumptions about the War on Terror  By : mrnashia
    We have lost the lives of many of our troops and are responsible for the loss of the lives of many innocent civilians because of our miscalculations about the war on terror.
  • Oldham East And Saddleworth By-Election Result No Cause For Concern  By : Peter Jones
    The Oldham by-election result goes typically to form for a by-election held early on in the life of a parliament. However hostory clearly shows that It does not give any form of security to the Labour leader Ed Miliband.
  • How Do We Avoid a Civil Society Dominated by Violence?  By : Skip Conover
    Today we have media outlets that can reach one billion listeners in less than a second. When they allow an advocate for violence to say something on their "air," they are walking that "fine line" of what is ethical to communicate to their audience. The media is free to choose what they publish. They have no obligation to allow vitriolic speech on their "air."
  • The World Aircraft Carrier Fleet  By : Phil Marks
    The world aircraft carrier fleet is certain to expand during the 21st century - new builds, refurbishments and off-the-shelf designs for existing operators, plus new entrants to the aircraft carrier club such as China and Pakistan, and possibly Taiwan and Japan. New technology, electromagnetic catapults, new generation STVOL aircraft from the US, China and Russia all add up to a very interesting century for carrier watchers.
  • Field Artillery Fire Planning  By : mrnashia
    The Fire Support Coordinator plays an important role in the maneuver plan of attack. His expertise can be the difference between winning and losing the battle.
  • Techniques for Using Essential Oils for Your Health  By : mrnashia
    There are many ways to use essential oils for your health. The technique that you use depends on your own personal preference.
  • Ed Miliband Pact With The Liberal Democrats  By : Peter Jones
    Ed Miliband has said that the decision by the Lib Dem's to form a coalition with the Conservatives was a "tragic
    mistake" and suggests that they should combine forces with the
    Labour party on matters of common interest.
  • Is Ed Miliband A "Nothing Man"?  By : Peter Jones
    Is Ed Miliband the star in a Punch and Judy show or is he really trying to lead his party out of the wilderness?
  • America Embraces The Mythical Golden Goose  By : Scott F Paradis
    America has succumb to the illusion that one can in fact get "something for nothing." Our political leaders have discovered the "golden goose" and are acting with maximum dispatch to exploit that fowl. The Fed is now creating money from nothing, as we, the complacent masses, arrogantly delude ourselves into thinking the house of cards can never crumble. We must steel ourselves for the painful awakening,when that goose is cooked.
  • The 20th Anniversary of the First Persian Gulf War  By : mrnashia
    This year was the 20th anniversary of the first gulf war. This was the first major conflict since the Vietnam War.
  • Is Ed Miliband A Man Of Yesterday?  By : Peter Jones
    Ed Miliband the Labour party leader has said that "David
    Cameron is squeezing the living standards of ordinary families, he wants
    to make it easier to sack workers and he is letting the banks off the
    hook." He says this with out taking responsibility for the dreadfull mess left by the last Labour Government.Ed Miliband is not a man for today he is from the past!
  • Is Ed Miliband a Future Prime Minister In Waiting?  By : Peter Jones
    Having beaten his brother David to the post is Ed Miliband a Prime Minister in waiting or will he just be kept waiting. In many ways he reminds me of Neil Kinnock. Perhaps he is there simply to hold the Fort for a potential Prime Minister with charisma and gravitas to emerge as he clearly lacks these basic qualities.
  • What Does Lord Prescott Think Of Ed Miliband?  By : Peter Jones
    What does John Prescott think of Gordon Brown,Tony Blair or the new leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband. John Prescott disliked the ruling elite but has accepted a peerage.

    Always for the 'workers' in his Union but he had the use of a grace and favour home courtesy of
    the Union. Always for the 'people' yet he paid his council tax with public money and got
    caught. A 'man of the people' who drove around in two Jaguars!
  • Ed Miliband Changes Economic History  By : Peter Jones
    Ed Miliband has stated that the Labour Party of which he is the new leader after Gordon Brown should not take the blame for the substantial debt mountain that Great Britain currently has.

    I wonder who he thinks is to blame then?
  • Is A VA Loan The Best Choice For San Diego Home Ownership?  By : Philip Georgiades
    Basic information about VA home loans. Topics include obtaining loan approval and certificate of eligibility.
  • Introducing Cyber Warfare  By : mrnashia
    Cyber warfare is a concept which brings a whole new equation to the concept of warfare.
  • 10 Benefits of a VA Home Loan.  By : Philip Georgiades
    Advantages of using a VA home loan.
  • Factors Which Influence our Relationship with Pakistan  By : mrnashia
    The relationship between the US and Pakistan is a very delicate one which the US must handle with care..

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