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  • Your Ultimate Guide to Hypoallergenic Dog Food Recipes  By : Marybelle Harbach
    If your dog is suffering from food allergies, you should consider preparing hypoallergenic dog food recipes. Dogs, just like people, can also have allergies to different food ingredients. It is important that you know to which type of food your pet pooch is allergic to so that you will be able to prepare the right kind of recipes at home.
  • Much Ado Over Termite Control Spray  By : Nicholas Lundgaard
    The high cost of hiring a pest control agency to do the job of eliminating termite infestation has given birth to a new breed of hero: the termite control spray. A termite control spray does not carry with it the cost of labor, the markup and other costs that go hand in hand with running a profitable pest control business. This alone should make the home or business owner with the infestation problem feel good about seeking an alt...
  • The Pet Physician Is In: Top Five Suggestions For Selecting Your Vet  By : Raia Anne Martin
    Give the best kind of attention to your beloved pets by choosing the best kind of Ku Ring Gai vet.
  • When Your Old Dog Starts To Have Accidents  By : Maria Elena
    As dog owners, weíve all had our experiences with accidents in the household. But now that our dogs are a little older and have passed their potty training tests with flying colors, we expect our house to stay potty-free.
  • How to Clean Your Dog Leash  By : Maria Elena
    Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you donít want to have to remember. After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go ďto the storeĒ again. Consider home delivery of your pet supplies!
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Something Didnít Smell Right  By : Maria Elena
    Once he was done, the old man just stood there and stared with his now very oversized eyes. He kind of looked silly if you ask me, especially since he was still chanting that same word. The thing was gone from the stove and had now been replaced by snow.
  • Dogs That Bite: How To Stop Fear Aggression  By : Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
    Dog biting based on fear is an unwanted dog behavior is often confused with dominance aggression. This article will give a thorough explanation of what fear biting is, including the subtle signs and common causes. Your dog is reacting based on the 'fight or flight' response, and the result can be biting. I'll go over the precise training steps you can be taking, along with the natural remedies that can help for dog aggression.
  • Pet Allergies And You---5 Things To Understand About How Warm-Blooded Pets Affect Allergies  By : Debbie Davis
    If you have a warm-blooded pet that causes your body to go into overdrive with sneezing, coughing, and watering eyes, you are probably allergic to your pet. Knowing the answers to the following 5 questions can help you to sneeze less and enjoy your pet more.
  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Local Dog Exercise Areas  By : Lucy Punch
    When you visit the local dog exercise areas, you should be prepared to spend time with your dog doing what she wants to do. It is a great way for your dog to have some off-leash fun so be prepared to get involved and enjoy some play time with them.
  • Dog Proof Your Home  By : Maria Elena
    Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you donít want to have to remember. After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go ďto the storeĒ again. Consider home delivery of your pet supplies!
  • Choosing Good Quality Food And Supplies From Specialty Pet Shops In Western Asia  By : Rina Rosewood
    Getting your pet food, toys, and materials from trustworthy pet shops permits you to keep your pets healthy and happy on a regular basis. Whenever your pets are well-fed, clean, and comfortable, your household will be more lively and much better at the same time.
  • Save Money Now Easier with Generic Frontline Plus  By : Paul Ryan
    This very effective flea med has the ability to prevent all the stages of the flea and thus, serious diseases such as flea allergy dermatitis are also prevented from occurring.
  • Pet Photography Tips for Better Entertainment  By : xnleague
    This is a description of pet video shooting tips. If you want to make a pet video by yourself, you can get some useful information from this article.
  • What Are The Best Tick Control Methods  By : Paul Ryan
    Some effective tick control methods have been mentioned. Flea and tick control is the biggest challenge that is faced by pet lovers all over the world
  • The Home Stairlift's For Dogs!  By : Lesley Smith
    It appears that dog owners have not been holding back on the doggy treats; unfortunately it appears that U.K dog owners are spoiling their pet pooches as many are now in danger of becoming morbidly obese, so much so that in recent months doggy stair lifts have been welcomed in to the stair lift industry
  • Georgia Horses And Georgia Horse Barns: What Could Be Easier?  By : Merle Dhbarns
    When you think of horses, you don't necessarily think of Georgia as having much of a horse economy, but in the past few years, Georgia has seen revenue from the horse industry add $300 million in general funds to state coffers, and over $750 million dollars in breeding related costs alone.
  • Impressive Flea Control Methods  By : Paul Ryan
    Flea control for cats is the only remedy that a cat lover seeks when he/she sees his cat infested by the flea. It is only with the right kind of product and the right way of application , that the flea control will be effective. Here are some effective ways of flea controlling methods, try them and you will see your cat happy and active like before
  • Buried Under Dog Hair? ---5 Ways To Reduce The Hair In Your Life  By : Debbie Davis
    Dog hair that is attached to your dog is great, but when it starts to fly around in your air it doesn't seem as attractive to you or your family and friends. One of the best ways to reduce the amount that you have to deal with in the air is to reduce the amount that is available to go airborne. Here are 5 things you can do to keep hair out of your air.
  • Coping With Arthritis Symptoms In Dogs And Cats With Glucosamine  By : Oscar Strain
    Although there are medicinal treatments to help relieve pain caused by arthritis, glucosamine for dogs and cats is a good alternative for long term support. Despite the fact that arthritis cannot be cured there is good evidence that synthesized glucosamine can help towards the animal's general health and wellbeing. Discover how joint conditions can affect your pets, how to spot the symptoms and why the right glucosamine can help.
  • What To Do If Your Dog Or Cat Has A Fever  By : Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
    If your dog or cat has a fever, you are probably very concerned, and have a number of questions. In this article I'll reveal to you the most common causes of fever in cats and dogs, plus the signs to be aware of. Then I'll go into the top 5 remedies that you can immediately use to help your pet's fever, and bring the temperature down fast.
  • What Is This Term, Animal Totem?  By : Rick McBride
    A brief discussion of a popular, but made-up term purported to come from (American) Indian country, what it is based on, and what the concept from which it came really is.
  • The Importance of Antioxidants in Life  By : Tim Delaney
    Antioxidants are believed to help alleviate many diseases, from cancer to heart problems. All antioxidants, however, are not created equal and the consumer should understand what these compounds are and what they are capable of doing. Research suggests that certain antioxidants can indeed be helpful.
  • What Can You Do If Your Dog Suffers with Wobblers, Pano or OCD  By : Tim Delaney
    Regardless of the core Joint-Health, Growth, Developemental, or Disease issue affecting your pet, even back problems, the manner in which some natural health supplements/products can support the body's ability to help itself is what is important. Whatever the underlying problem, it is remarkable to witness how the body can restore, repair, or just
  • 17 Pet Sitter Safety Tips Ė for New and Experienced Pet Sitters  By :
    Recently, I had a new sitter of mine comment that she was visiting a clientís home and she noticed a guy parked in an unmarked car on the street outside the house who lingered and made her uncomfortable.
    She said I should tell all my new pet sitters to lock the doors after they arrive for the visit.
  • Looking for Help for Hot Spots on Dogs?  By : Tim Delaney
    IF you see other symptoms with your pet, such as chewing at legs (along with licking paws), rashes or red skin inflammation, blackening of skin areas, licking at genitals, ear infections or frequent shaking of the head, unexpected lethargy, or arthritic symptoms - then the likelihood becomes MUCH greater that your dog (or cat) has a full-blown Yeast Candida takeover that can only be reversed with the help of a comprehensive Yeast Removal Program.
  • Kennel Cough  By : Tim Delaney
    Dog owners should take "Dog Cough" matters very seriously. Every day, it is not uncommon for thousands of people to seek help for alleviating Dog Cough. The issue could be tied to Kennel Cough, Pneumonia, Dog Flu or similar Bronchial issue. No matter the core issue, multiple rounds of medications may have already been tried, only to find that the pet is still hampered by a coughing condition - caused by some unknown organism (pathogen).
  • Golden Love--5 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Win Hearts  By : Debbie Davis
    Golden Retrievers are sunshine on four legs. They are one of the most popular breed of dogs around and here are 5 reasons why they are such a wonderful choice.
  • How To Take Care Of Your Pets And Your Mental Health Issues  By : Stan Popovich
    Many people who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues sometimes have a difficult time taking care of their pets. Here are some ideas on how to take care of your pets while you deal with your mental health needs.
  • Allergies in Dogs: Fact or Fiction?  By : Tim Delaney
    Many veterinarians are quick to diagnose a pet with having an "allergy," when typical allergic reactions are observed (itching and scratching, redness of skin, inflamation, etc). More times than not, the "allergy" diagnosis is wrong. An observant veterinary professional will recognize (in your pet) the "immune system response" (inflammation) that causes all those symptoms.
  • Foods for Pets with Candida-Yeast Problems  By : Tim Delaney
    Our recommendations center around foods considered to be Super Premium or Holistic. This means they are 'Meat-based' and meet the highest quality standards in the industry, including ingredients which are more "Human-grade" instead of your typical "by-products" that are common to lower grade manufacturing.
  • Dog Vestibular Disease: What To Do If Your Pet Has A Head Tilt  By : Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
    If your older dog has a sudden loss of balance, he may have a condition called vestibular disease. In this article I will go over the most common signs of dog vestibular disease, and the likely causes. Then I will cover the top 5 remedies that you can do to heal your dog's vestibular disease at home.
  • What Are The Most Cost Effective Flea Controls For Cats?  By : Paul Ryan
    Irritating mood of your pet is the warning sign of the trouble health which may just ruin the possibilities that the pet may suffer from sickened attacks of flea and ticks. In order to manage, prevent and control the flea attacks. Myriad cost effective flea and tick control for cats are available.
  • Puppy Swimming Lessons  By : Maria Elena
    Not all dogs naturally know how to swim, and it is up to you to teach them for safetyís sake. Expecting them to be able to handle themselves in an aquatic situation can be dangerous, especially if you have a pool or visit lakes or rivers during camping trips with your canine companion.
  • Prepare A Vet Visit Checklist  By : Reil Miller
    Pets, such as dogs, can experience anxiety and terror when they first visit the veterinarian. Pets do not feel comfortable with the changes in the environment and smell thus they are easily frightened when a veterinarian checks up on them. However, vet visits are crucial for their health.
  • Acne or Pimple Problems with Cats or Dogs  By : Tim Delaney
    Though there can be various reasons for Acne problems in your pet, at the outset of this discussion, we need to determine if the issue you're seeking help with is strictly an 'Acne only' problem, or just one symptom of a much broader problem. If your pet has 'other' issues such as itching, skin problems, inflammation, rashes, licking of feet, or ear infections, you're likely facing a more complex problem.
  • Is Your Pet Puppy Potty Disrupting The Hygiene Of Your Home?  By : Tilden Smith
    PetLawn has a unique way of training your puppy. All you need to do is buy your puppy a PetLawn Petite for Puppy Potty. It is a tray, which can manage pet waste without creating a mess, and at the same time, provide Puppy Potty Training.
  • Why Enzymes Are So Important to Your Pet's Life  By : Tim Delaney
    Enzymes are vital to maintaining health in both humans and animals. As a lot of pet foods are processed, those necessary enzymes are being rmoved. Enzymes are the foundation of energy and the life force in all living things. They are responsible for building, detoxifying, and healing the body. They are also the force that allows your body to digest
  • How To Quickly Stop Your Dog's Anxiety With These 7 Natural Remedies  By : Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
    Dog noise anxiety, or fear of loud noises, such as fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, is very common. Veterinarians have estimated that your dog can hear 10 times better than you can. The loud crack of thunder is terrifying to many dogs. In some cases, the loud noise has been associated with an unpleasant experience. This article will reveal the most effective holistic ways to quickly stop your dog's anxiety.
  • Musculo-Skeletal Problems in Dogs and Cats  By : Tim Delaney
    Musculo-skeletal inflammation is a major cause of discomfort and debility in millions of older canines. Inflammation caused as a result of excess free radical activity is well established. Most people report good results eliminating their pet's issues after using all-natural pet health supplements like Antioxidant Treats or Granules for a short period of time.
  • Exercising Your Dog  By : Harry Brant
    Dogs need exercise just like people do in order to stay fit and healthy. Without a good walk every day they can also become impatient and badly behaved due to having too much energy to use at home instead of outside.
  • The Four Most Common Worms Found In Pets  By : Meredith M McMurtrie
    Worms are horrible parasitic creatures that cause most of us to cringe at their very mention.
  • Choosing The Best Pet Sitting Service  By : Jim Cooke
    The growing pet sitting trend has spawned a sector of little regional company that meet neighborhood pet owners. The pet sitting company has provided liberty and the ability for occupied individuals to delight in having dogs while still attending to a high quality of life for those dogs.
  • Learn About House Training A Dog  By : RayRay Jetson
    Learn House Training a Dog with the experience trainer. I have an American Bull Dog who is now 3 years old and properly trained. Give me a chance to show you the method I use.
  • Finding Help for Seizure Problems in Dogs or Cats  By : Tim Delaney
    There may be a variety of reasons your dog (or cat) is being affected by seizures. Very minor dog seizure issues could be involved if you notice your dog 'shaking' very strangely at random times - especially during sleep. Dogs have nightmares too, which can create stress (one of the onset factors for seizures).
  • Show Your Pooch You Care With Personalized Dog Tags  By : David Sheath
    Personalized dog tags are a great way to show how much you care for your canine companion. They are easy to make and creating them can be a great family exercise. Make your pup's identification tag as unique and special as the pup itself!
  • Pets And Wildlife  By : Marcus Finch
    There are many different animals that people can have as pets. There are also lots of animals that exist in the wild roaming around the countryside. These animals are beautiful and can be deadly but what are they?
  • Training Your Pets  By : Harry Brant
    Pets can be a real pain if they aren't trained properly. This applies to dogs in particular because they could end up hurting someone, but cats will also go against every rule you set for them if they have no training at all.
  • When "Dog Skin Allergy" Treatments are Leaving you Looking for Answers...  By : Tim Delaney
    One of the most common misdiagnosis in dogs and other pets, is "allergies." To make matters worse, the treatments often prescribed by veterinarians often do not attack the true source of the apparent problem/s. There are natural products and solutions available that can help you end the suffering for your pet. Many of these solutions are designed to assist the body of the pet with resolution.
  • Relying On An Experienced Vet: Pets (And Their Humans) Stay Happy And Healthy  By : Mack Goodwin
    Make your pets healthy and strong as they should be.
  • How To Quickly Stop Dog Chewing  By : Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
    Dog chewing is a completely normal behavior, but destructive chewing is inappropriate, and needs to be quickly stopped. In this article you will learn why dogs chew, whether you have a puppy or an adult dog. Prevention really is you best option, and you will find the top tips here. Lastly you'll learn the most important holistic veterinary remedies to quickly stop your dog's chewing fast.
  • Dog Smell: How To Stop The Foul Odor  By : Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
    If your dog smells, and you are thinking twice about even having your dog inside, then you need to read this article. Your dog can have a serious and unpleasant smell, such as from skin infections. This article will show you the most common causes of dog odor, and how you can diagnose the cause of your dog's bad smell. I will then show you to most important natural options to quickly and easily stop your dog's foul odor.
  • Allergies in Dogs or Cats: Such Confusion!  By : Tim Delaney
    Though there may be situations where Pets may truly be allergic to things they come in contact with, eat or inhale, it is important to note that this type of problem is actually not very common. This is totally in contrast to a viewpoint within the veterinary community. However, there are numerous cases suggesting that there is virtually always an entirely different issue at the root of these assumed 'allergy problems'.
  • Dogs with Itching Condition, Skin Disease, Infections, or other "Allergy" Symptoms  By : Tim Delaney
    Pets are often misdiagnosed as having "allergies." Although a pet may show symptoms that are similar to allergic reactions, the underlying problem is generally much greater than that simple diagnosis. Generally speaking, many of these "allergy" symptoms are directly related to digestive issues.
  • Your Pet Holiday Photos  By : Maria Elena
    Family photos always seem to find their way into holiday celebrations. Everyone lines up in their holiday dress and smiles big for the camera. And while most might be thinking that itís all about the parents and the kids, we canít forget about our four-legged family members too.
  • Bloat: What You Need To Know About This Serious Emergency  By : Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
    Bloat is one of the most serious health conditions that can affect your dog. In this article you will find exactly what bloat, (otherwise known as gastric dilation and volvulus) is, along with the causes of bloat. You will see all of the symptoms of bloat, being alert to them if your dog shows any of these signs. More importantly you'll know what to do, with both immediate veterinary treatment, and holistic options.
  • Losing Sight  By : Maria Elena
    One thing many dog owners find themselves concerned with as their canine friend gets a little older is that many dogs end up losing their sight to some degree. While this is a prominent concern for senior dogs, many people may not realize that blindness can occur at any stage in a dogís life.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Going Acorns  By : Maria Elena
    Iíve been staring out the window for a great while now. The green yard is definitely in its prime, with the leafy texture coming right up to the edge of the patio. Just about every flower is in bloom and the old trees have begun dropping their seeds for next year.
  • Iíve Inherited a Dog Ė Now What?  By : Maria Elena
    Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you donít want to have to remember. After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go ďto the storeĒ again. Consider home delivery of your pet supplies!
  • Is DAP Good for Your Dog?  By : Maria Elena
    Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you donít want to have to remember. After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go ďto the storeĒ again. Consider home delivery of your pet supplies!
  • Is the Pet Insurance Industry Regulated?  By : Maria Elena
    Pet insurance isnít there necessarily because something will happen, but rather it is there so nothing will happen that you arenít prepared for. If youíre interested in pet insurance, donít consider it as something you can easily pick up at your insurance broker. Ask around and make sure that your dog is really getting what youíre paying for.
  • Having Your Pet Safe And Secure With Cat Boarding Or Pet Sitting: Dog Owners Relax While They're Away  By : Mack Goodwin
    Your dog's home away from home.
  • Dog Obedience Training and its Purposes  By : Kristy A. Silverstone
    Dog obedience training is crucial for every dog owner. It is what makes the relationship with the pet more favorable. However, prior to contemplating on this decision, it is important that you understand what is dog training?
  • Arthritis and Joint-Pain Issues with Dogs & Cats!  By : Tim Delaney
    There are many forms of painful Mobility issues with pets, especially dogs, and more specifically, large-breed dogs. Arthritis affects many, many pets and particulately-large breed dogs. Joint pain and/or arthritis is such a prevalent problem among pets, that it is important to understand what exactly is going on in your companions body.
  • Natural Pain Relief For Dogs And Cats - Can We Do Without Conventional Veterinary Medicine?  By : Ellen Schmidt
    When would you think about a natural pain relief treatment for your pet dog or cat? Usually you would let your vet have them checked out and if there was an underlying medical condition that involves chronic pain, treatment commences often with a NSAID pain killer. This article reflects on conventional and alternative or natural pain relief treatment modalities and their integrative use in modern veterinary medicine.
  • The Cardinal  By : Jack Arnett
    Many backyard bird watchers love to watch the Cardinal. It is the state bird of Kentucky and beloved by many. Also known as the 'redbird' it really spices up the scenery with a beautiful bright red color that is offset by its bright yellow beak ...
  • Top 5 Most Venomous Creatures In The World  By : Geoff Goond
    There is a wide variety of venomous creatures on the planet. Some live side by side with humans, whereas others are rarely seen, and quite often go unnoticed. The venom is used as both a defence mechanism against predators and as a way of killing prey. Humans are very much top of the food chain, but don't be fooled to think that if you cross one of the following creatures you will come out the winner.
  • Train Your Dog To Be Happy While You Are At Work  By : Unnah Mitchels
    It is okay to be stuck on ideas on how to train your dog. It doesn't happen overnight and there are plenty of bumps on the road. Overcome your fears and anxieties by educating yourself on how to be successful in training your dog. The article below will provide you with a few ideas that are sure to lead you to an obedient canine.
  • Pet Acupressure - Effective Alternative Treatment For Pets  By : Ellen Schmidt
    Pet acupressure is a form of treatment you can learn fairly quickly and because of its non-invasive nature, it is safe to use on pets as well. This article explains basic elements of acupressure as a gentle, natural treatment modality that can be used effectively for prevention and early detection of pet health problems.
  • Learn Correct Dog Dental Care  By : Stevenelson Weber
    Familiarize your dog with the tooth brushing technique so that they'll feel comfortable with the process and won't nib your finger ! You may do so by softly brushing their lips with your finger and then inserting your finger to their mouth. It's important to brush only the outside of the mouth as 96 % of the oral disease is on the outside and not the inside. The most efficient form of brushing is horizontal brushing.
  • Yeast Candida: Dealing with Skin, Ear & Odor Fungal Problems in Dogs or Cats  By : Tim Delaney
    Many veterinarians mistakenly diagnose pets with having "allergies". Although this diagnosis may be accurate from time to time, more often than not the symptoms being experienced are most likely being activated by Yeast Candida. This illness is a result of damage to the protective FLORA, or beneficial bacteria colonies that normally coat the internal walls of the intestines.
  • Understanding Animals as Medicine Helpers  By : Rick McBride
    We can benefit from creating relationships with animals on a more spiritual footing, but in ways that mainstream people have been taught to resist. For those willing to open up to the idea, animals have much more to teach us than most people realize.
  • Dogs Off Leash: What's Your Pet-Control Score?  By : Lucy Punch
    Many people dream of having their dogs off leash, running along beside them while they explore new places and have the holiday of their lives. Realistically, this isn't going to happen. o prevent disaster during your pet friendly travel, you need to be confident in your dog's ability to listen at any time. How do you know if your dog is ready for this responsibility?
  • Dog - Man's Best Friend  By : Nino Dan
    Some of the oldest dog fossils have been found in Siberia. These fossils have been aged at about 33,000 years old. However, the time that domesticated dogs have been on the planet is quite a bit shorter at 15,000 years.
  • Puppies for Sale  By : Katie Huckelberry.
    Nowadays, most people prefer to have pets at home. Animals like cats, dogs, bird, fishes, etc. are the most preferred pets. Dogs are mostly favored by people who have kids in their house.
  • Dog Cough Problems: Recognizing What May Be Affecting Your Companion  By : Tim Delaney
    Dog owners should take "Dog Cough" matters very seriously. Every day, it is not uncommon for thousands of people to seek help for alleviating Dog Cough. The issue could be tied to Kennel Cough, Pneumonia, Dog Flu or similar Bronchial issue.
  • Ear Infections in Dogs or Cats, Chronic or Otherwise  By : Tim Delaney
    Although they are more common in long-eared dogs, ear infections can occur in dogs of any age, breed or gender. Dogs that spend lots of time outside, swimming, or have been exposed to bacteria in some way are more prone to an ear infections, and should have their ears cleaned regularly.
  • Make Your Dog Comfortable With Dog Supplies  By : Deepika Sharma
    A dog is generally described as a manís best friend but unlike human friends, you have to take care of your dog and attend to their every need. Dogs are more like children rather than friends and they require the same attention that you would give to your child.
  • Make Your Large Pets Feel Comfortable With Elevated Dog Beds for Large Dogs!  By : ravi8844
    If you have a large dog and you are looking for dog beds for them, then you will be glad to know that there are a lot of choices available.
  • Aspects To Think About When Making A Bird Cage  By : Jenny Cartwright
    It's indeed a delightful experience to build a bird cage which is favorable to your bird and to your budget.
  • Rules for Effective Dog Training in Memphis  By : Kristy A. Silverstone
    One of the greatest investments for pet owners is dog training. This is the step that helps you build a healthier relationship with your pet and elude dog tendencies that are more often than not termed as a nuisance.
  • Dogs with Dandruff & Flaky Skin!  By : Tim Delaney
    Dog dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from your dog's coat. Generally, dandruff is not harmful, but if left untreated, it can lead to more severe skin problems. Your dog's constant scratching could lead to redness from the irritation, and even broken skin and infections in the most serious cases, so it's best to treat it early.
  • Three Things To Look For In A Website For Dogs  By : Lucy Punch
    Tips for choosing a website for dogs and finding what you and your beloved pooch are looking for.
  • 4 Tips on Keeping Up to Date with Pet Food Recalls  By : Maria Elena
    As your dogís owner and provider, itís up to you to provide a healthy diet that wonít cause them any harm. Take a few moments a day to check your email for updates or even scan whatís popular on the internet to spot any dangers your dogís diet might pose.
  • Pet Memorial Cards  By : Michael Brangman
    If any one of had a pet that has passed away then you should consider creating pet memorial cards in order to preserve the memory of your special four-footed friend.
  • Choosing Your Dogís Groomer  By : Maria Elena
    Choosing your dogís groomer isnít just your choice, your dog should have a say in it to. Feeling comfortable around a person is a start towards a safe environment. So, always be ready to ask your dog what they think about their groomer too.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė We Come With Treats  By : Maria Elena
    It was just like any other ordinary Saturday evening. The old man had fallen asleep in front of his picture box, and had since begun to snore a radical tune in something similar to the flat notes his old piano plays. Needless to say, it was very annoying.
  • The Most Common Health Issues in German Shepherds!  By : Tim Delaney
    Two of the most common health problems facing German Shepherds and other large breed dogs, are Hip Dysplasia and "allergy related symptoms." These two health issues can be eliminated or at least greatly reduced if the pet is has the proper nutrients in its diet to help produce the natural elements to fight these conditions.
  • 5 Ways To Determine Whether Your Dog Training Is Working  By : Jacklyn Wise
    Stumped in dog training? Don't be discouraged. It happens. Training your dog is a process that takes a lot out of you -- a lot of time, a lot of effort, maybe even a lot of emotion. It's easy to become discouraged over your training, especially when your efforts seem to be fruitless. Here are a few suggestions as to why your training process may have experienced a decline.
  • Helping Your Pet Lose Weight  By : help thorw
    Helping your pet to lose weight can sometimes be a challenging task, especially if you or your pet has bad eating or exercising habits.
  • Etiquette Rules For Your Dog Park In The Holidays  By : Lucy Punch
    Tips on how to handle matters when taking your pet to your local dog park.
  • Welcoming Your New Rescued Sweetheart  By : Maria Elena
    Adopting a dog is a wonderful feeling, especially when their happy tail and bottom wag around to find that theyíve finally joined their new family. But while the initial introductions are an awesome experience, adjusting to their new environment and new friends will still take a little time.
  • Choosing Your Dogís Doc  By : Maria Elena
    For many dog owners, choosing their dogís doctor is usually based on who their friends recommend or what theyíve heard at the park. But everybodyís dog is different, just like people. On the opposite side of the spectrum, a veterinarian may work better with certain breeds and animals (cats, dogs, and horses all frequent vets).
  • Rocky Adventure Ė In the Garden  By : Maria Elena
    Hot! Itís definitely hot outside today. Even the ground is hot enough to toast my paws. If I could only get out to the grass, but first I need to cross the scorching miles (itís more like a few feet, but when each step is baking your paws, it feels like miles) of pavement to reach safety. Iíll never be able to make it!
  • Dog Stress  By : Ian Nicholson
    As the world around us changes our dogs have to adapt to an ever-changing human orientated society and this in turn can cause extra stress for our dogs. How many dog owners ever think that their dog will suffer from stress brought on by the environment that is around them?
  • How To Correctly Clean Your Dog's Teeth  By : Stevenelson Weber
    Some people may not know that a dog needs to have their teeth cleaned and cared for. The truth is it is just as important to care for your pet's teeth as it is your own.
  • Dog Potty Training in Synthetic Pet Grass  By : Tilden Smith
    Petlawn introduces synthetic pet grass pads for your dog toilet. The novel idea of grass on dog potties has transformed the concept of dog toilet. You may not like the synthetic grass with an unpleasant odor.
  • Selecting The Perfect Dog Coats  By : Kathy S. Stearns
    Many individuals would like to find a good source for dog coats on the Internet.
  • Puppy Training Tips To Assist You And Your Animal  By : Samantha Frost
    The dog training process is a critical step in the life of any pet owner. Ensuring appropriate behavior and deportment in domestic animals is of vital importance to anyone living with them, as well as their friends and family. By utilizing the tips that follow, you will begin to acquire the knowledge necessary to train your dog effectively.
  • Ideas To Help You Choose The Best Puppy Food  By : Laura Moore
    In order to ensure that your puppy develops in to a healthy dog that will not have frequent complications, you should make sure that you just choose the best puppy food. This will also allow your puppy to enjoy a long lifespan. It is not difficult to decide the food but one needs to follow a few ways.
  • Personalized Dog Tags: Keeping Your Dog Safe  By : David Sheath
    When you get a new dog, he quickly becomes a part of the family. With that adorable drool covered smile, and the way his tail wags when he is happy, it would be impossible to not instantly fall in love with him. And, as a member of the family, his ...

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