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  • How To Build A Duck Pen - Pointers For Duck Owners  By : Mary Louise
    The first step on how to build a duck pen is to select a spacious site close to the house with a good drainage and shade. Make sure you allow a space of about 1.25 square yards for every 3 ducks you intend to house. Build a gravel floor by placing a hardware cloth layer on the floor and cover with straw bedding making sure you always change it regularly.
  • Simple Steps to Dwarf Hamster Care  By : Mary Wilbur
    The hamster community has a large number of species Of these species, few can be considered as suitable pets
  • How To Care For Goats - 5 Important Tips You Need To Know When Keeping Goats  By : Peter Hansen
    It is important to know how to care for goats if you own a goat farm or just planning to start one. A goat is a great source of income, and is able to provide a range of products ranging from dairy products such as milk, meat, and its skin could also be used as a base material for leather products, or even the goat themselves or their off springs could be sold.
  • Baby Rabbit Care Tips – How to Take Care of Your Newborn Rabbit  By : David Neil Warren
    Do you have a pregnant pet rabbit at home Do not have enough information and ideas on how to care for them
  • Can You Reuse Rabbit Cages For New Rabbits?  By : David Neil Warren
    Rabbits are preferred by adults and children not only because they are adorable, cuddly and cute, but easy to care for Rabbits are great companions and suitable pets for children and adults and a way to relieve stress attributed to your hectic and busy schedules at work and school
  • Caring For a Rabbit – Getting the Best Food For Your Rabbit  By : David Neil Warren
    They say that rabbits are among the favorite pets of children and adults because of their adorable and friendly nature But owning one is not that easy because you have to ensure they are in best condition
  • How to Create the Perfect Environment For a Rabbit  By : David Neil Warren
    Do you have pet rabbits at home Having trouble caring for them and establishing a suitable place for them
  • Getting a Pet Rabbit - The Different Breeds of Rabbits  By : David Neil Warren
    Rabbits are among the favorite domesticated animals chosen by households as pets because they care cute, adorable and easy to care If you are among the thousands of animal lovers who plan to have rabbits as pets, you should first know the different breeds of rabbit to assess which one suits your personality, lifestyle and finances
  • Top 5 Popular Dog Breeds  By : Robert Walden
    Dogs since time immemorial have been the most loyal companion man could ever have Over the years the bond has only grown stronger
  • Prevent Cancer: Eat Your Greens!  By : Robert Walden
    First and foremost, greens are delicious They have a sweet and smoky flavor that compliments almost any dish
  • Heartgard Plus For Dogs an Excellent Choice  By : Adriana Noton
    Heartgard plus for dogs is a beef based drug that has been enhanced with Pyrantel, this eradicates intestinal worms by focusing on the worms nervous system, this paralyses them and they eventually end up dead This drug also contains Ivermectin that goes after the worms larvae
  • Fleas On Humans-Are You A Flea Magnet?  By : Kate Rieger
    Can fleas live on humans The answer is, yes they can
  • The Cost of Cat Vaccinations  By : Hannah Munson
    Cat vaccinations have important procedures and things needed Initial course of vaccination and boosters every year should be executed
  • How to Deal With the Death of a Pet  By : Nelson Berry
    The death of a pet can be as painful as losing a family member or a friend If you have spent so many years with it and you have given it special attention and love, then both of you have already developed a special bond
  • A Petcam Can Put Your Mind at Rest If You Worry About Your Animals  By : Adriana Noton
    If you are worried about how your four legged children are doing at home while you are at work, watch them All you need is your trusted personal computer with a webcam attached to make your own petcam
  • Breeding Meat Goats - Key Pointers On The Different Requirements Needed  By : Peter Hansen
    Breeding meat goats is important in some parts of the world, particularly in areas where goat meat is considered a primary source of protein. In these places, goat's milk has a higher consumption level as compared to cow's milk. Goats are also good source of fiber and their skin and hair are used for producing various sellable items. Increased demand for goat meat provoked the rise of people breeding meat goats.
  • Five Harmful Very Small Creatures You Must Avoid  By : Michael Dierson
    A lot of people would expect that the world's most dangerous creatures are large and fierce. Amazingly, some of the most dangerous critters in the world are really small. Below is a listing of some of the very small critters that you must avoid. The following are some of the harmful tiny creatures you need to avoid as much as possible. You find that some are very venomous, and their bite can cause death.
  • Is It Safe For My Dog to Eat Herbs For Anxiety?  By : Darrell Miller
    Dogs do experience anxiety also This may be manifested by excessive barking or growling and restlessness even though the stimulus is already not around
  • Goat Farming Business Plans for Beginners - 3 Essential Step By Step Strategies  By : Peter Hansen
    It is important to have goat farming business plans if one decides to invest in this market. The investment needed in goat farming is much smaller as compared to other larger farm animals such as sheep and cattle, though the profits that could be acquired from it are actually good. Starting up a goat farm is not a walk in the park; however it is actually achievable, especially for anyone smart enough to plan ahead.
  • Do Hair Ball Formulas Really Work For Cats?  By : Darrell Miller
    Generally, cats have a thick fur that is why they easily feel warm most of the time When they are resting, it is a very relaxing feeling for them to lick their bodies to be able to provide mild coolness
  • How To Raise Meat Goats - Crucial Tips For Successful Venture  By : Peter Hansen
    Breeding and raising goats for meat can be a profitable livestock venture that requires simple facilities and reasonable management. If you want to be successful in goat meat production you must learn how to raise meat goats. Goat meat is in demand in some populations because of flavor preference and the influence of religion. Among the largest consumers of goat meat are the Muslim and African groups.
  • Care That Makes Your Puppy Happy  By : Jerri Nice D. Torres
    Keep your puppy healthy and happy always This is the common goals of all pet owners who love their puppy so much
  • Teaching Your Cat to Behave Properly  By : Jerri Nice D. Torres
    Almost all households love to have cats to cuddle although at times they can cause your ornaments to be broken, scratches in the furniture and ruined clothes especially stockings These are only some of their misbehavior that should not be tolerated
  • How to Use a Dog Training Collar  By : Adriana J. Noton
    It is important to know how to use a dog training collar properly Modern dog collars are more than just restraining devices
  • Immunizing Your Pet to Fight Diseases  By : Jerri Nice D. Torres
    Vaccinating your pet is all up to you This decision depends on the owner as soon as he owns it
  • Effective Training Tips For Your Dogs  By : Jerri Nice D. Torres
    Most pet owners train their puppies until they get older There are actually several training tips available in the Internet for you to use
  • Guidelines How to Litter Train Your Cat  By : Jerri Nice D. Torres
    Cats are usually known to be clean in nature They don't want their fur to get dirty
  • The Best Care For Your Puppies  By : Jerri Nice D. Torres
    People believe that dogs are man's best friend This pet is being loved by many due to its abilities
  • Learning How to Train Our Little Puppy  By : George R.
    Among the many practices and exercises regarding pet caring, one of the most enjoying is the breeding of our newly born puppy Indeed, when it comes to care your dog, it is a great thing that we have our four legged companion from the very best in order to start a very nice relationship that should last for long years
  • Can I Give My Dog Glucosamine and MSM For His Joints?  By : Darrell Miller
    Animals also experience arthritis Like humans, the joints and its synovial fluid also follows the theory of wear and tear
  • Affordable Products of Orlando Fish Store  By : Candace Salt
    In Orlando, people are enthusiastic about owning aquariums. Many residences and offices now have exotic fish tanks with lovely fishes, corals and more.
  • The History of Butterfly Koi  By : Jason S Williams
    Butterfly kois, also known as Longfin Kois or Dragon Carps are characterized by their slender bodies and long flowing fins and barbels They are usually white, yellow or orange in color and come in most of the traditional Nishikigoi patterns such as the Aka Bekko, Kohaku, Sanke, Shiro Bekko, and Showa to name a few
  • Top Tips to Breeding Koi  By : Jason S Williams
    At some stage, if you have a Koi pond you may grow an interest in breeding Koi Even if you are familiar with the process for breeding aquarium fish, keep in mind that breeding Koi requires additional considerations due to their size
  • Basics of Dog Training  By : Ella Jasmine Hall
    Isn't it nice to have a dog that you can easily order around and it will directly follow you These kinds of dogs are one in a million, or two million
  • The Right Cat Food  By : Ella Jasmine Hall
    What you feed your cat should deserve more attention than you once thought Take note that what your cat eats will determine how healthy your cat will be or how long it can live
  • Fun With Your Cat  By : Ella Jasmine Hall
    It is not enough that you feed your cat, give it water and set it up a place to sleep in As owners, you also need to bond and have time for your pets
  • Cat Discipline  By : Ella Jasmine Hall
    Owning a cat, or any pet is a big responsibility Also, it requires a lot of your patience
  • Care For Your Pets  By : Ella Jasmine Hall
    Pets are fun to be with They offer your unconditional love, even
  • Best Tips on How to Start Training Your Dog  By : Adriana Notton
    When a person gets a dog for the first time, one of the main questions they may find themselves asking is how to start training your dog This can be a very important question, because without the proper training a new dog can quickly become a problem to its owners and the family in which it has become a member
  • How to Bury a Pet is Important  By : Adriana Notton
    How to bury a pet is the last thing many of us want to consider However, like humans, our beloved animals must also reach the time when they must cross the bridge that leads them to the green pastures where they will no longer suffer the pain or illness that will eventually take them away from us
  • How Much Do Dog Vaccinations Cost?  By : Hannah Munson
    Being a dog or puppy parent consists of a lot of responsibilities, and one of them is to ensure the health of your dog by taking him to the veterinarian for check ups General check ups include vaccinations, and there are many kinds that your dog may have to receive
  • Arthritis Causes and Symptoms in Dogs  By : Byran
    Arthritic symptoms in aging dogs is very common, and in fact, when you see your dog struggling to get up from a laying down position or not coming when called, you can expect that this may be canine arthritis Since the dog cannot tell the owner that their joints are stiff or sore, the owner must watch the dog for signs that arthritis could be happening
  • Understanding Common Koi Diseases and Treatments  By : Jason S Williams
    Nothing can strike concern and fear in the heart of any responsible Koi owner than finding out that one of your scaly friends is ill Such a situation, however, is difficult to avoid entirely
  • Customized and Identifying Pet Tags Who Needs Them?  By : tammy Karhoff
    Dog tags are identification tags which are prepared for dogs and for people. The military put ID tags about restaurants to hang about soldiers' necks to ensure that they constantly have their identifying information about their person. People put identifying dog tags about their dogs' collars with the dogs' information engraved into them just in case the pets get loose and run off. Customized dog tag necklaces are a popular kind of jewelry, too. Dog Tags for Pets Pet owners very usually buy identifying dog tags to hang within the collars inside dogs. These pet ID tags might typically include the name of the pet, the owner's address and their phone quantity. If the pet runs away or is lost, the one who finds it might certainly initially check for identifying dog tags to provide the owner a call or bring the pet house.
  • How to Fight the Winter Blues by Keeping a Cockatiel As a Pet  By : Robert Benjamin
    So, your thinking of getting a Cockatiel to keep as a pet, as far as birds go, you better make sure it really is what you want, in this article I will share some of my personal experiences of being a cockatiel owner in the past The cockatiel is a very hardy bird as it requires no additional heat source or such, in fact it can live comfortably in a home or apartment year around, if the temperature is comfortable for people, it's fine for a cockatiel
  • Why Owners Often Leave Their Dogs Behind  By : Lawrence Reaves
    Sadly, many people abandon their canines Some give them to friends or family; others leave them at local animal shelters; still other owners leave their dogs on the street, exposed to traffic and other perils
  • Understanding the Reasons Dogs Become Aggressive  By : Lawrence Reaves
    Aggression in canines can stem from a number of factors It is impossible to curb the behavior effectively unless the cause has been properly identified and addressed
  • A Practical Look at Caring For Senior Dogs  By : Lawrence Reaves
    Aging canines deal with many of the same challenges as aging people Their joints begin to stiffen and ache; their gait slows; and they exhibit a lower level of energy than they did as young pups
  • The Importance of Socialization Training For Puppies  By : Lawrence Reaves
    The temperament of a puppy is based largely on his genetics There is very little owners can do to change a pup's innate nature
  • On Training Puppies to Accept and Welcome Handling  By : Lawrence Reaves
    Throughout your dog's life, he'll be handled by various people in a range of situations For example, his veterinarian will examine him during checkups; strangers may pet or play with him; and groomers might bathe him and cut his hair
  • How to Ensure Your Dog Stays Healthy Throughout His Life  By : L.J.T. Reaves
    Your canine's long-term health is in your hands The care you provide plays a key role in lengthening his lifespan, and ensuring he remains a healthy companion
  • 6 Smart Tips For Traveling Safely With Your Dog  By : L.J.T. Reaves
    Though it takes a little planning, traveling with your canine can be a rewarding experience for both of you Not only will you be able to enjoy new destinations together, but you'll also avoid being separated for long periods
  • How to Crate Train Your Canine  By : L.J.T. Reaves
    While many people consider crating to represent cruel treatment for dogs, it is actually a valuable way to manage your pet when you're unable to watch him Crating offers the same benefits to dog owners as placing an infant in a crib offers to parents
  • Puppy Vaccinations: Protecting Your Pet From Disease  By : L.J.T. Reaves
    Vaccines provide puppies with protection from a host of diseases They help ensure a puppy will develop into a healthy adult canine
  • What to Do When Your Canine is Afraid of Children  By : L.J.T. Reaves
    The connection that exists between kids and dogs flourishes naturally They get along well since they are interested in the same things
  • How Will My Canine Friend Manage Moving To A Brand New House?  By : Jessie Smith
    Moving a four-legged friend to a brand new house isn't some thing that you have to worry too much about Although you can get certain basic steps that you need to take to assure that your canine friend is happy and healthy throughout the move, it will not make your relocate much more hard than it already is
  • How To Care For An Aging Dog  By : Jack Hazelton
    An aging dog needs to be cared for like an aging friend One must not forget how the dog gave love, loyalty, and company all through his life
  • Grooming Tips to Give Your Dog Healthy Skin  By : Jack Hazelton
    Grooming a dog is very important Healthy dogs have lovely, shiny coats that need to be cared for
  • How To Choose And Use A Dog Crate  By : Jack Hazelton
    Getting a dog is a wonderful experience; however, the real test of affection is when one starts training a pet Dogs are intelligent, playful creatures who love to please their masters
  • How Much Does Cat Declawing Cost Me?  By : Hannah Munson
    Declawing a cat has been a controversial concern There are those who believe that declawing your cat is unkind and not even necessary at all, and will only cause your cat discomfort and distressed relationship with you
  • Getting Rid of Cat Urine Smells  By : Gracie Roloff
    The smell of cat's urine is both strong and unpleasant For this reason, you have to get rid of them immediately after you discover that a cat urinated in certain area of your home
  • High-Resolution Imaging - Pancreas Inflammation on Dogs  By : creditcard editorial
    Pancreatic inflammation on dogs is where the pancreas has a hard time in sugar metabolism for producing insulin, and digesting nutrients to produce enzymes.
  • How You Can Keep Stray Cats Away From Your Residence  By : Michael Dierson
    Being an animal lover should not prevent you from searching for ways on how to keep stray cats away from your house. This is because stray felines don't only have a method of destroying your property, but additionally can carry and spread diseases to your pets and your family. If you find yourself living in an area that attracts numerous stray cats, the next humane ways can be of help in avoiding them from adopting your home.
  • Dog Gates For Traveling  By : Kelly Marshall
    Most pet owners know that dog gates do a great job in keeping order in the home, and in teaching their dogs boundaries There are many different designs on the market, and they can be placed just about anywhere in the home
  • A Car Seat Cover and Traveling  By : Kelly Marshall
    You spend a lot of time making your car or truck look nice and let's face it, the car is one of the investments besides a home that people make Of course, if you have a dog that enjoys going with you in the car, you will want to protect the car from dog hair that your dog may leave behind as well as any accidents that can happen if the dog is in the car for a long distance
  • A Healthy Dog Eats His Greens  By : Darrell Miller
    Like humans, vegetables are also important for the optimum health of dogs What your dog eats has a direct relationship with your dog's holistic well –being and total lifespan
  • Selection Tips For Aquarium Freshwater Fish  By : Rozlyn Rozberry
    Now that you have your aquarium setup you're ready to get your freshwater fish, right
  • Upgrading Your Underground Dog Fence without Spending a Fortune  By : Dustin Hines
    My dog used to be a darter. One of those canines that would see an opening and take off. Hes been hit by a car twice now, neither really that
  • Dog Breed in Relation to Dog Training  By : Kelly Marshall
    Dog experts in the United States agree that all dogs must receive proper training at one point or another for better integration into human society We are not just talking about training in the sense of making the dog jump through fire-laden hoops, run through obstacles in a race, and guard the premises against intruders although many dogs will undergo these kinds of training experiences
  • Do Dogs Need Nutritional Supplements?  By : Kelly Marshall
    Nowadays, dogs are fed with plenty of substances from daily dog food to special treats, all of which are formulated to provide for the nutritional needs of your pets Table scraps are not recommended as dog food since many kinds of human food are toxic to canine physiology as well as the fact that table scraps are not exactly nutritious
  • Coping With Dogs That Are Disobedient and Are Highly Excitable  By : Kelly Marshall
    Coping with a dog that is considered to be disobedient or has a high level of excitability is a challenging task for any pet owner It is important to understand that most puppies will exhibit these particular behaviors in their first few months of life, but that the behaviors will typically diminish once they have been trained or reach at least six months of age
  • Dog Breeds and Health Conditions  By : Kelly Marshall
    People that have dogs know how quickly they become part of the family, and how much you want to keep them healthy as you do with any other family member One of the issues is that different dog breeds have genetic dispositions to certain diseases just as some people have conditions that run in their families
  • Common Canine Poisons in Our Homes  By : Kelly Marshall
    Curiosity killed the cat and it may well also kill your pet dog Dogs have an innate sense of adventure in testing and tasting the things in and around the house, which often lands them in trouble
  • Loach Fish Care and Aquariums  By : Jeffry Bullock
    How to Maintain Loach Fish

    Loach fish come from the family of Cobitidae, Acanthophthalmus Semicinctus, and the Botia Macracantha group. Online you will find helpful information that will inform you about
  • How To Slow Down The Madness Of Dog Shedding  By : Phoenix Tran
    One of the problems that many people experience when they own a dog is the fact that it tends to shed nonstop. This is especially important in warmer climates, where they may be shedding 365 days a year.
  • Tips on Searching for the Best Bichon Frise Breeder  By : Ellen Palmer
    Bichon Frises are great, lovable pets which can normally be available at pet stores or via private breeders; because of their adorable nature and their rarity, it's rare to find out this breed of dog up for adoption, or at animal shelters When they're found in those locations, they are generally rapidly swooped up by a lucky family members that are eager to offer and care for them
  • The Basic Diet Recommendations For Pet Rabbits  By : David Neil Warren
    The house rabbit needs a good diet Even if it is confined in the small corners of your home, their health needs to be maintained through nutrition and good diet
  • The Fundamental Needs of Pet Rabbits  By : David Neil Warren
    Rabbits make delightful pets They are intelligent, highly sociable, and caring for them is not that that demanding
  • Choosing Rabbit Litters  By : David Neil Warren
    Rabbits are socially capable and they are highly intellectual If they are treated well, and handled properly, they will be able to learn new tricks
  • Facts About Rabbits As Pets  By : David Neil Warren
    Bunnies are very popular amongst children Story books, movies, and cartoons are all filled with rabbit characters that show a personality which results to the misconception that rabbits and children are perfect for each other
  • Importance of a Feeding Schedule in Your Dog's Diet  By : Geraldo Bowers
    What your dog's diet consists of is very important. Your dog's overall health and well being is fueled by excellent food and resources. Did you know that your
  • It Is Possible To Give Your Cat A Bath, And Come Away Scratch Free  By : Daron Soto
    Although your cat doesn't realise it right now, after some tender loving care and a little shampoo, he will appreciate it.

    Cats hate water, that much is easy to see as
  • Dog Training Tips That Work!  By : Josh Mcclure
    In dog training, the most simple acts often produce the best results. In any dog pack, the alpha sets the rules and the rest follow. Therefore, by establishing yourself as
  • Choosing the Right Dog Shampoo and Conditioner  By : Kelly Marshall
    With a variety of different brands available at the pet store, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your dog can seem like an arduous task However, it's not that complicated
  • Grooming Your House Cat-The Items You'll Need  By : Geraldo Bowers
    Cats are fascinating creatures. They share a history with humans that rivals dogs. Some cultures have history's that portray cat's as good warm hearted creatures, while other cultures have folktales
  • Choosing a Dog Daycare  By : Kelly Marshall
    Whether it's on a daily basis or an occasional thing, sometimes you need to have someone else watch your dog for a while and ensure his safety Dog daycare centers are set up to do just that
  • Bo – America's First Dog  By : Kelly Marshall
    Bo is a Portuguese water dog, or Portie, and lives at the White House as part of President Obama's family He is affectionately known as the First Dog
  • What You Need To Know About Doggie First Aid  By : Daron Soto
    Knowing first aid can save the life of your dog. Just like people, dogs have accidents and need medical attention sometimes. And the thing is that sometimes there is just
  • Clamping Down on Your Dog's Biting Problems  By : Kelly Marshall
    Biting in dogs is a natural part of their constitution since it is essential for survival both in terms of feeding and fending off attackers As such, humans must not completely subdue the biting instinct in dogs if and when the ultimate goal is to let these domesticated canines continue their role as man's best friends
  • Choosing a Dog Breed That Suits Your Family  By : Kelly Marshall
    Many families when they are ready to adopt a puppy or dog do so based on how cute they think the dog is, but when you have children, you have to make sure the breed is compatible If you choose a breed that does not necessarily do well with children, such as a Pit Bull, what happens is the dog ends up at the pound simply because he or she was being true to their breed nature
  • Leash Training Your Pit Bull Terrier: Dog Training Advice  By : Donovan Walsh Simmons
    As a loving and caring Pit Bull owner, you will undoubtedly spend a lot of your time in training your dog. You will probably do some crate training, obedience training,
  • Intestinal Blockages in Pets Caused by Foreign Objects  By : Jeffry Bullock
    Playful pets tend to eat a lot of things which they find it difficult to digest. Sometimes these foreign objects can block their intestines and if immediate action isnt taken
  • Aquarium Plants  By : Moses Holder
    Adding live plants to an aquarium does more than just improve aesthetics plants provide shelter, food for vegetarian fish, and prevent green water. Plants also soak up carbon dioxide,
  • Choosing a Pet Sitter  By : Maxwell Gould
    Pet sitters are like baby sitters, who are employed to take care of a pet within the home. Usually, pet owners hire them on a contract basis when they go
  • Purchasing a Tropical Saltwater Aquarium  By : Johnson Knox
    It would be a mistake for a person to plan on putting together a tropical saltwater aquarium without first learning how to set the aquarium up first.

    Before you can set
  • Getting It Right: Choosing The Right Dog Food For Your Pet  By : Melinda Smith
    With the abundance of dog food brands in the market, choosing the right one for your pet is a daunting task
  • Iguana Pets  By : Johnson Knox
    Are You Ready for an Iguana Pet?

    People think that iguanas make cool pets; they may be right. Some may have the misconception that iguanas are low-maintenance pets; they would be
  • Protect Your Dog From the Flu  By : RogerJocey
    If you think flu season only affects humans, think again. There are strains of dog flu as well and it’s up to you to keep your dog’s health in check.
  • Agility Builds Confidence in Your Dog  By : Darrin Lowe
    Is your dog timid around people or other dogs? Is your dog sensitive to sounds? Agility training can provide the environment and structure to build confidence in your
  • Great Pyrenees Grooming Tips - Special Techniques for Large Breed Dogs  By : Donovan Walsh Simmons
    Large breed dogs pose special grooming dilemmas. The Great Pyrenees and other Bernard family members have cornered the market on that special combination of girth and hair. Without a regimented

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