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  • How Online Gaming Affects My Family  By : M Wallace
    MMOs Are Not Bad or Expensive

    I'm an avid World of Warcraft player; my family of 4 plays together Several people I know both in game and out have asked how gaming helps our family
  • Paisley Baby Bedding: A Beautiful Legacy For Your Little One  By : Fenella McPherson
    There is no better testament to the wonder and beauty of paisley than to consider the fact that different groups have managed to mutually agree on the splendor of this very special design that traces its origins to Kashmir Staid Victorian-era English grandmothers were never caught out in public without their fringed paisley shawls; a century later, freewheeling American and European hippies forked over shocking amounts of money for their exceedingly groovy paisley duds--complete with fringe
  • Educational Wooden Toys For Your Kids  By : Adriana Notton
    Research has shown that quality toys are essential to helping a child's mind develop properly For generations, parents have been giving their kids the gift of wooden toys
  • A Guide On Choosing The Right Prep School  By : Adriana Noton
    The meaning of prep school is different from country to country. In some it is the education offered to prepare children for higher education in the university. In other countries it is that of preparation for education in high schools. The schools are unique in their rules and requirements for each student
  • Is That Glass of Wine TOO Much When Breastfeeding  By : David Beart
    For nine long months, you gave up your body for the sake of your child You avoided your favorite Cokes, made sure you did not intake too much salt, stayed away from shellfish and resisted that beautiful glass of red wine that you used to enjoy with your bubble bath each night
  • The Truth About Raising Kids  By : David Beart
    From a young age, you just knew you wanted a house full of children You could imagine your spouse, playing ball with the kids in the yard and the black lab that would be chasing tennis balls in the midst of everything
  • When Parents Argue in Front of the Kids  By : David Beart
    In every family, parents argue It is only natural to disagree with one another on issues big and small
  • Helping Kids With Homework  By : David Beart
    IN today's educational system, homework is becoming more abundant and definitely more important in meeting the curriculum needs As a parent, it can be frustrating to see your child come home from a full school day, only to have another few hours of work left to do at home
  • Things That You Need to Consider About the Date of Baby Showers  By : Colby Brister
    Why you should prefer one date over all the others for your baby shower depends on many conditions that may be different from one mom to the next The yearly activities of people, their whereabouts, the expectations of the mother regarding the kind of pregnancy and delivery that she will have should all be considered
  • Graco Snugride  By : Lauren Dzuris
    When it comes to preparing for our newborn, it is important that we have all the items they need before they arrive Between needing a complete nursery set, toys, receiving blankets, a car seat, and the many other items they need, it's hard to keep track
  • Angry Children - Why Worry Doesn't Work  By : Colleen Langenfeld
    Your son explodes

    Your daughter snaps back
  • Your Child's Chore Charts - Who is in Charge?  By : Colleen Langenfeld
    Every day, somewhere in this world, a parent hangs up a child's chore chart with great expectations

    - The toys will now be picked up each night
  • How to Start Potty Training - Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?  By : Colleen Langenfeld
    Have you checked out the immense amount of info about potty training online lately Well, if you and your toddler are at the stage where you are asking how to start potty training, then you have probably researched the topic a bit
  • Peace Sign Bedding: Cute Linens For a Groovy Daughter's Room  By : Fenella McPherson
    Of course no one stage of your rapidly growing little girl's life is more important than any other: Each unique phase comes with its own set of challenges and triumphs for both of you As she wanders out of her toddler years into full-scale childhood, you can acknowledge this very special rite of passage by providing your daughter with a fresh but affordable new look for her room with the help of some cute and snuggly kids bedding
  • Custom Bassinet Bedding Specially Customized For Infants  By : Shane David
    Do you have a bassinet for your toddler? Are you looking forward to make it even more special for him or her? Do you want to buy customized bedding for your infant’s bassinet? If your answer to these questions is in affirmative, then read on!
  • Baby Sleep Tips - Developing Sleep Associations  By : Danilo Fleming
    Everyone who has had the experience of being a parent knows all too well the difficulties of getting your baby to sleep soundly throughout the night. The dark circles around
  • Keep In Mind To Connect!  By : JOHN CRUSER
    I am a faculty in early childhood education institute. I do an immense deal of walking, mostly on a neighborhood lakeside trail. I have recently been struck by the number of parents who are pushing strollers of their kid while busy in long conversations on their cell phones.
  • How to Work From Home While Caring For Your Baby  By : Lawrence JT. Reaves
    Staying home with your little one gives you an opportunity to care for her and watch her as she grows You'll witness her development firsthand, and be the first person to enjoy her personality as it becomes more pronounced
  • Speech and Language Therapist Evaluation  By : Donna Lim
    Helping children with autism with speech and language difficulties always starts with an evaluation by a speech-language pathologist. During this evaluation, a diagnosis is established and interventions are created to help children cope with everyday living and improve their social skills, despite their disabilities.
  • The Greatest Reward That We Can Share  By : Edward Z. Gardner
    Every single person who lived in this cruel era that we have now has the right to grow and explore the wonders of life with the guidance of their parents Parental guidance plays a very important role in each and every child that was born every minute
  • Twin Bedding: Choosing Linens That Will Stick Around For Years  By : Fenella McPherson
    Plenty of moms and dads don't give much thought to the bedding collection that they choose, save for focusing on its particular color or design This group of shoppers often finds out the hard way that it literally pays to do a little homework before selecting kids bedding
  • The Shy Child in Your Class  By : JOHN CRUSER
    Juana, age four, and her mother come into the preschool. Mother bids bye and proceeds to leave, but Juana, thumbs in mouth, sticks to her. When her mother leaves, the teacher wishes Juana affectionately and says, “When you’re prepared you may draw a picture in the art corner, join the children playing sand, or do something else if you like.” Juana
  • Spending Fruitful Time with Children  By : JOHN CRUSER
    Some parents are so busy that they feel the best way to spend quality time with their kids is to plan a big event every two to three weeks instead of being able to spend enough time throughout the day every day.
  • How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children?  By : JOHN CRUSER
    Early childhood education program says that our work as men and women raising children is vital because our influence lasts a lifetime. But what are the most chief gifts we give our children? Self-love, self-concept, and self-esteem.
  • Ideas For Parents in Entertaining Kids to Keep Them Still  By : Ronald Fisackerly
    You want to check your emails from work and to do that, you need to find something entertaining to keep the kids at bay but within your supervision You rummaged in our head ways to keep the kids' attention away from you so you can focus on your work
  • Planning The Ultimate Birthday Party  By : Jennifer Gormly
    A parent is more than just a simple responsibility Our job as moms and dads never stop; from the moment our child is born, we automatically assume that obligation
  • Your Baby Shower Guide  By : Jennifer Gormly
    Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting and a stressful experience at the same time The mere thought of having a bundle of joy in your home can really get you thrilled about having a youngster in your family
  • Keeping Your Baby Warm and Fuzzy  By : Jennifer Gormly
    Babies tend to get colder easier than adults and so, they need to be warmed up every so often For the freezing winter season, they need more warmth than usual
  • What Special Gift Can I Give a Baby This Christmas?  By : Jennifer Gormly
    With Christmas round the corner, it's never too early to start looking around for presents for your friends and loved ones This time however, I have the added joy of selecting a present for my little niece who will be celebrating her very first Christmas this year
  • Baby's First Christmas Gift Must Be Very Special  By : Jennifer Gormly
    My little niece will be celebrating her first Christmas this year and I have already started looking around for something special to be given as her first Christmas gif My dilemma is in deciding what to give
  • Paisley Bedding: A Feminine Room With None of the Fussiness  By : Fenella McPherson
    Some girls climb trees and resolutely set out to stomp every mud puddle they can locate within their immediate vicinity; other girls prefer to play with dolls and read fairy princess stories all day long Of course, most daughters, including yours, end up falling somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, and this can make redecorating her room a little challenging, given the fact that Cinderella themes and tomboyish dinosaur motifs alike will probably not be received with enthusiasm by the sleeper in question
  • Fabulous Designer Clothes For Your Baby  By : Joyce Stewart
    Having a baby is one of the most wonderful occasions in a woman's life From the moment she hears she is pregnant to the day of the birth, are moments she will treasure forever
  • A Checklist For Your Baby Sitter  By : Kristy Klien
    Making A Checklist For Your Baby Sitter Can Set Your Mind At Ease

    Leaving your child with a babysitter for the first time can be nerve-racking at best If you're new to the world of hiring a babysitter, finding a reliable, caring sitter can be a daunting task
  • Benefits of Soft Pillow Baby Toys  By : Adriana Noton
    When caring for a baby, one important responsibility is to create an environment that is very comfortable and stimulates brain development Because sleep is essential, like people, babies need a quality pillow for a good night's sleep
  • Supplies Needed For a Baby Shower Party  By : Criss White
    When a group of friends is preparing for a party, they will usually get together to plan things out They will discuss all sorts of things, like the theme, invitations, food, drinks, to cater or not to cater, the decorations, the cakes, the souvenirs, etc
  • Baby Shower Decorating Tips Based on Your Budget  By : Criss White
    There are three ways to decorate a baby shower and it really all depends on the budget The issue of the budget really also depends on those who are planning the party
  • Military Parenting Help  By : Noah Brown
    Find the parenting help tips that you need for raising children with a parent in the military.
  • Get Pregnant Naturally - Try These Simple Techniques to Get Pregnant Naturally  By : Stuart James Smith
    Getting pregnant naturally comes quite easy to some couples for others there has to be a lot of planning involved to work out when the best date for having sex is to try and conceive

    You may know someone who has decided to have children later in life that what used to be the case who then struggle to have a child
  • Tips on Buying a Baby Crib  By : Randshan J Saldin
    Shopping for baby cribs doesn't have to be an intimidating experience

    With so many retailers, department stores, furniture shops, and online websites offering a variety of styles, sizes, colours, and price ranges – finding the right crib can be difficult– especially for first-time parents
  • Why Can't I Get Pregnant Naturally?  By : Stuart James Smith
    OK so you're trying for a baby but no matter what you do you just can't seem to get pregnant naturally That can put a strain on your relationship with your partner which in itself will not help you to conceive so it is normal that you should think of investigating why that should be
  • Shopping Diaper Bags  By : Janet R.
    Diaper bags are available today in seemingly immeasurable choices to choose from They come in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes, and price ranges to meet the different needs of consumers
  • Potty Training – Get Ready, Get Set, Go!  By : Elizabeth Pantley
    Get Ready

    If your child is near or has passed his first birthday, you can begin incorporating pre-potty training ideas into his life They are simple things that will lay the groundwork for potty training and will make the process much easier when you're ready to begin
  • Children's Playground History  By : Christopher P Clark
    Children of today – and also those of us in their parents' generation – are certainly familiar with playgrounds Climbing toys and swingsets seem to fit right in, dotting the landscapes of parks and schools
  • Parenting is Not Just Educating  By : Ethan Mark Henkel
    The youth are confronted with many social challenges nowadays These issues range from violence, sexuality, education, and health to name some
  • Which Ride on is Best For Your Child  By : Richard Armen
    Long before electric cars were for adults, they were made for kids That's right, the hybrid cars just breaking into the market today come decades after the first battery-powered ride on toy for kids, created as a 'modern' version of the classic pedal car, which first hit the sidewalks of America not long after the first automobiles hit the road
  • Foster Care: Some Questions To Ask Yourself  By : Abigail Aaronson
    Prior to contacting a foster care agency, you should make sure you are prepared for this. Consider some details to think about.
  • Adoption: The Major Decisions You Have to Make  By : Abigail Aaronson
    Prior to adopting a child, you should think about your own preferences. Then let your adoption agency know so you can get the process started.
  • Girl Power: Consider Adorable Camouflage Bedding For Your Daughter's Nursery  By : Fenella McPherson
    Your growing girl is beginning to rack up an impressive list of achievements: After all, she has sailed through infancy and babyhood and made it quite successfully through the ups and downs of her toddler years Now that she has earned official "big girl" credentials it might be time to consider outfitting her with a room that will see her through this latest chapter of her life's story, and that task can be made considerably easier with the help of the right kids bedding
  • How to Make Your Own Healthy Baby Food  By : Criss White
    When getting baby food, most people go to their local grocery store and just grab the brand name jars of baby food from the shelves However, in today's age of health consciousness, some parents have chosen instead to make their own baby food from healthy ingredients
  • Portrait Photography - Tricks to Get Children to Sit Still For Their Pictures  By : Criss White
    Family portraits are something that parents want to have done before their kids grow up and go to college These special pictures can be used for many things, including greeting cards during the holidays, souvenirs for other family members, and family pictures to frame up on the wall or to make your place feel more like home
  • Children's Wardrobes – a Buying Guide For Parents  By : Rach Eden
    There are many things to consider when buying a children's wardrobe, from the colour, shape, size and style, as well as how much to spend; should you buy for the short term, to satisfy your child's taste now, or invest a bit more and buy something that will last them into their teenage years

    Many first time parents will be on the look out for nursery furniture, including a wardrobe for their little one
  • Outfit Your Little Cowpoke's Room With Mighty Cute Western Bedding  By : Fenella McPherson
    When the time comes to redecorate your growing son's room it can be difficult to know just where to begin You definitely want to create a cozy and inviting space that he won't outgrow too quickly, so whatever theme you choose has to have considerable staying power
  • Toys Are Great For Learning  By : Christopher P Clark
    Toys are just for fun, right Though it might seem like it on the surface, in fact it's not just "educational toys" – designed and marketed as such - that offer something for your child's development
  • Baby Clothing Is Only Part of the Layette  By : Rubel Zaman
    Newborn babies tend to take up a lot more space than anyone would think until they have one of their very own! The list is long and their needs are many but the most important part of a baby layette consists of clothing and swaddling material like blankets, sweaters, and shawls.
  • Fun Styles For Mothers  By : Brenna A. Welker
    Being a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can ever felt in her life This journey of motherhood would always something that a woman will treasure in her life
  • Being a Good Parent  By : Brenna A. Welker
    Parenting is one of the hardest jobs to do Just ask any parents out there
  • Tips on How to Buy Clothes For Your Toddler  By : Brenna A. Welker
    People think that finding clothes for your toddlers is hard to do On the contrary it's actually easy
  • Tips on Buying Gifts For a Baby Shower  By : Brenna A. Welker
    Being a mother is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can feel in her life If you know someone who is about to become one, especially if it's their first time there's no better way to celebrate it than to have a baby shower
  • Sharing Your Style With Your Baby  By : Brenna A. Welker
    Being a father is one of the most wonderful feelings that you'll ever experience Holding that baby in your arms and knowing that it would be loved and be taken care of you is one emotion that parents would treasure for the rest of their lives
  • Toys As Instruments For Intellectual and Motor Skills Development  By : William U. Steinmetz
    Parents normally love to spend money on children's toys, particularly those that stimulate the brain and promote intellectual development Eight out of ten mothers would prefer to buy an educational book or toy for her child than anything that will hone a child's motor skills
  • Motion and Rhythm Wooden Toys Creates a Positive Forum For Creativity  By : Adriana Notton
    Motion and rhythm wooden toys are a great way to help children explore the diversity of music Coming together with others will also empower them to find their own voice and rhythm for life
  • Blue Toddler Bedding: An Affordable Alternative For Your Son's Room  By : Fenella McPherson
    When you first decorated your son's nursery you probably had yet to meet him face to face, but in an astonishingly short period of time it appears he has ceased being a baby and has had the temerity to become a toddler He now has no problem whatsoever explaining in no uncertain terms that he likes some things and absolutely hates others
  • 5 Personalized Keepsake Gifts For Babies  By : Criss White
    A great gift idea that will serve as a memento to a child of their baby and infant years is a personalized baby keepsake that has their name on it and possibly the date of birth as well Some parents may be surprised about the value of providing such gifts, but especially when the child is growing and seeking a psychological sense of belongingness, these gifts help create a sense of family and community
  • The Safest Kinds Of Toys For Babies  By : Bennetta Elliott
    Furnishing your baby with the right kind of toy to play with is very good for accelerating the growth of his body and his perception For infants, the playground is the school ground and it is during their playtime that their mental and physical faculties are enhanced
  • Helping Young Children Manage the Strong Emotion of Anger  By : JOHN CRUSER
    “Oh, no!” groaned Mary as she saw four-year-old Smith push Lizzie. “Here we go again.” For the third time in as many days, Smith was annoyed and he had once again responded to his anger by hurting somebody. It will come as no surprise to early childhood teachers that some young children like Smith express anger violently.
  • A Phone Call From Santa Claus - Does Your Child Want to Talk to Santa?  By : Santas Helper
    Your child will love a phone call from Santa Claus Children love to believe in Santa Claus, and a live personal call from Santa will really send their spirits flying
  • 6 Tips For Stay at Home Parents  By : Richard Armen
    Staying at home to care for your kids is certainly a rewarding opportunity, but it is also a lot of hard work No matter the age of your kids, staying at home all day with them leads to plenty of challenges
  • How to Add Cultural Experiences to Your Child's Life  By : Stewart Wrighter
    The idea of being exposed to culture turns the stomachs of many kids and even quite a few adults They picture stuffy events surrounded by people who are out of touch with reality
  • Advice For Every Mom And Dad  By : Wendy Moyer
    Children follow the examples that their parents set. So if you place a high premium on telling the truth then you have to ensure that your kids see that you practice what you preach
  • The Five Faces of the Early Childhood Mentor  By : JOHN CRUSER
    Over the last decade, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has brought us into a new era of working with young children. They have encouraged us to execute developmentally suitable practices, to establish child-centered programs, and to value the significance of what we do.
  • What You Should Know About Transporting Children Safely  By : JOHN CRUSER
    Nearly every State Transportation Administration is taking a more serious and careful look at how child care centers transport children. Several serious accidents, some resulting in fatalities, have caused the child care industry, the insurance industry, and State and Federal governments to seriously estimate current regulations and practices.
  • The Challenge of Boys in Our Early Childhood Programs  By : JOHN CRUSER
    Boys always seem to be moving! They enjoy the outdoors, love rough-and-tumble play, and make lots of noise. They are spontaneous, impetuous, fun loving and messy. But boys struggle in most early childhood programs. Why? In this article I will try to answer this critically important question.
  • Rochelle Won't Try  By : JOHN CRUSER
    “I can’t do it,” Rochelle cries as she pulls at your shirt. Rochelle commands “Do it for me.” Rochelle has not yet tried to cut the photograph from the magazine, but she is sure she cannot do it herself.
  • Top Riding Toys For 201  By : Denise Sanger
    Children love the excitement and adventure that can be found by cruising on their own ride on toy With the holiday seasons fast approaching, many parents are beginning to purchase presents for young ones
  • Dealing With Children's Emotional Challenges  By : Gemma Bailey
    Many children who are experiencing emotional or psychological instability, may be struggling with anxiety, pessimism and lack of self-confidence or self-esteem Children experiencing these problems need special attention in order to get their childhood back and to feel like their old selves again, but like all good things, it does take time
  • Let Kids Have Their Way With TV, It Helps and Seldom Ruins  By : nathanbrown
    Does the adult oriented programs and violence bother parents? If you tried keeping them away from those channels, you are actually doing them a disservice, and don't forget that you cannot stop them from viewing such channels either. It is all part of the game called growing up.
  • Consider Zebra Bedding For Your Fun and Funky Safari Retreat  By : Fenella McPherson
    These days all households large and small are more mindful than ever of the need to come up with a working budget and stick to it After our prolonged national spending spree, it has suddenly become hip to pinch pennies and make due with what we already have
  • Excess Public Schools For Your Children  By : Corick Stephunt
    Depending on the scale of your community the quantity of kids who may well be in public school will vary from hundreds to thousands.
  • Teaching Kids to Keep Their Own Rooms Tidy  By : Autumn Lockwood
    Helping your child understand how to keep their rooms clean allows you to instill the value of responsibility in the child. These tips can help.
  • Situations That Will Help Your Teenager Learn Responsibility  By : Stewart Wrighter
    Parents who want to encourage their teens to be independent need to help their children learn responsibility It can be tough letting kids make choices and take charge of things, but the only way they will learn is by handling situations and growing trust in them
  • Parents and Children, and Living within Budgets  By : Noah Brown
    Learn how parents and children can live well, even on a strict budget.
  • Personalized Welcome Baby Gifts For Newborns  By : Janet R.
    Giving baby gifts has been an age old tradition There are lots of gifts that one can give to an expectant mom or newborn child
  • Parenting - Being a Good Parent and Friend to Your Kids  By : Mark Bennett
    The best tactic in parenting is being like a friend to your kids. I know it sounds absurd, but it will actually help you to understand more about your child. Children will literally tell and share anything to their friends. As your children grow and mature, you find it difficult to connect with them.
  • Picking the Best Size Bike For Your Child  By : Christopher P Clark
    Bicycling can be a great way for your child to get a little extra exercise Learning to ride a bike is also a right of passage for many children
  • Baby Gender Predictors – Will They Perform?  By : Adam Christensen
    The news that you are going to have a baby is usually among the most joyful news a person can receive How people react to it will often depend upon several factors, but one immediate thought will be about the gender of the new baby
  • 9 Secrets To Creating Exceptionally Stylish Kids Rooms  By : Kelly Klaritch
    Would you like to redecorate a room so that it looks more suitable for youngsters Perhaps you would like to turn an extra room of your house into a new children's play room, complete with fun kids décor, but you need a little guidance on exactly how to do so
  • Kids Décor - Creating Private Space In Shared Kids' Rooms  By : Kelly Klaritch
    Sharing a bedroom with a sibling can be fun for many children, but inevitably, issues arise about kids décor and personal space Privacy becomes more important as children age; by the age of ten or eleven, most kids who share a room are begging to sleep on the couch just to get away from their brother or sister and can't stand the other kids décor and wall art choices
  • Enmeshed Parenting  By : Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
    "Your children are not your children They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself
  • How To Introduce A New Born Baby To Other Siblings  By : Dave Ouma
    Eventually, the day will come when you need to bring a new baby home You will most likely feel a conflict of interest, unsure as to whether you should fuss over your new baby or your first born child
  • Bed in a Bag: The Key to a Beautiful Retreat  By : Fenella McPherson
    Most of us understand how tempting it is to buy linens separately: After all, it makes perfect sense to pick up a single pillow case or comforter during that splendid sale we just had to take advantage of, but after a time this strategy tends to result in closets stuffed with mismatched bedding and a home full of perfectly functional bedrooms that are not terribly pleasing to the eye
  • How to Help Your Kids Through Difficult Events  By : Stewart Wrighter
    Even as a child or adolescent we may face challenging times when things seem to be crashing down around us It would be nice if parents could protect their children from everything life can bring, but sometimes that is impossible
  • How to Make Your Home Safe For a Young Child  By : Stewart Wrighter
    New parents often spend weeks preparing their home for the arrival of their new baby While there is little your child can get into before they begin crawling, once they are free to move about the house, there is no end to the dangers that lie in front of them
  • Build a Beautiful Nursery Habitat With Zebra Print Baby Bedding  By : Fenella McPherson
    All parents, especially those expecting for the first time, know that creating a unique and cozy space for a little one is not an easy undertaking Whether you are welcoming an additional child or are anxiously awaiting baby one, it is important to remember that decorating effectively requires time and careful planning--and it is best to start by choosing a theme
  • Keeping Kids Safe in Your Own Backyard  By : Christopher P Clark
    If you have a large yard and children, you and your children probably enjoy using the space for outdoor activities Whether kids are playing catch, having a watergun fight, or just goofing around you'll want to keep them safe from all of the potentially dangerous situations that might occur while playing outside
  • Kids Charts - Is One Enough?  By : Colleen Langenfeld
    When using kids charts to get organized around the home, many parents will find a kids chart for chores or behavior online, print it out, post it on the fridge or somewhere equally prominent and then forget about it

    Usually this method of chart usage takes about two weeks to completely fail
  • Printable Kids Charts - 5 Ways to Make Them Fun (and Get Them Used)  By : Colleen Langenfeld
    Let's face it If your child is ignoring the printable kids charts you've posted around your home, then you are probably nagging more than you want, the chores still aren't done and, worst of all, your child is not cooperating the way you would like
  • After School Activities Are Great For Children  By : Coleen Smith
    In this piece, it is quite important for us to consider the many reasons why Extracurricular Activities Are Good for Kids Many parents enroll their kids in these activities some of the time, mostly because the kids' friends are involved or it sounds like fun, but it's worth taking some time to find out what options are out there for your children
  • Child Support Doesn't Have To Be A Headache  By : Eric Duncan
    Child support was established to assist parents with the cost of raising a child when one parent is not present in the home The intention child support is to insure that both parents share in the financial obligations of raising a child
  • When to Retire Baby's Pacifier  By : Georgina C.
    As your child gets more attached to the pacifier, it gets harder and harder to get rid of it It's like taking away cigarettes from an avid smoker (okay, bad analogy…) Anyway, you can do it abruptly or gradually, depending on the following factors:

    * Your child's personality,
    * Your child's dependence on it,
    * Your environmental situation, and
    * Your perseverance and patience
  • Leave Your Son's Visitors All Abuzz About Bee Baby Bedding  By : Fenella McPherson
    Bumble bee baby bedding is not hard to find, and many parents select this motif because it can be combined with so many others Bee bedding can be the cornerstone of a larger insect theme for the nursery, but also works well as a cute and charming accent in a room whose central motif revolves around multi colored images of disparate flowers and foliage

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