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  • Uncreativity Could Present A Big Opportunity  By : Michael Lee
    So what should be done in these moments when we feel uncreative? Do we just sit around waiting for the moment to pass? This article reveals the solution.
  • Prioritise Your Life’s Actions  By : Michael Lee
    You have to learn how to prioritise your tasks to lead a life that is happy, productive and fulfilling. All you need to do is ask yourself some honest questions. Start by asking yourself the simple question, “what would happen if I didn’t do this?”
  • Choosing Pranks  By : Louis Iyare
    Pranks have been there since time in memory. Today men and women have put together completely new pranks and in addition enhanced previous pranks. It is well known that pranks can be clean and others not. This being the case it is important for anyone interested in pulling a prank on someone else to know that there shall be consequences. Albeit this they remain for being entertaining regardless of the way it is.
  • Pranks Intended For April Fools Day  By : Louis Iyare
    Pranks are there for folks to play antics with others like members of the family. They are not meant as a punishment but ways to fool someone right into a well laid plan just just for laughs. On 1st of April it is an opportune time for people to pull jokes on one another as it is known worldwide as April fool's day.
  • Developing Self-Acceptance  By : sachin sandilya
    When you accept yourself with all of your flaws and unique talents, the world seems to become a more accommodating place. You'll find that some of the causes of your stress disappear and you can gain more joy on a daily basis.
  • The Mind-Body Connection  By : Samantha Frost
    "Luminous beings are we; not merely this unrefined matter," said Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Perseverance Is the Key to Success  By : Michael Lee
    If we make a decision to stay focussed on our dreams no matter what, we will see that even the most devastating failures will seem insignificant. It's about having our goal in sight at all times.
  • More Mistakes Lead To Faster Success  By : Michael Lee
    Unless you give it a shot, you will not know what your chances of success are. If you do make some mistakes, you have to learn from them and move on. That’s how failures may even be treated as blessings in disguise!
  • The Hurdle for a Creative Person  By : Davidpayne
    Creativity is a gift of GOD. The creative people who produce masterpieces need security for their work. They do not want that someone else to use their work with some other name. A creative person can use security software that can provide copy protection to their piece of work.
  • Stop Looking For The Secret To Success  By : Ibrahima Diakite
    or those of you attempting to begin your very own business, searching for the "secret to success," I hate to break it to you, however there is clear to success. It's all a deceptive stating that isn't really pertinent to reality.
  • The Top 6 Mindset Shifts You Need for Success  By : Angela M Joyner, MBA, ACC, CPCC
    What's on Your Mind?

    A mindset is a person's established set of attitudes that are based on their assumption. These assumptions predetermine a person's reactions to and interpretations of any event, environment or situation.

    Whether positive or negative, a person's mindset is engrained and habitual. It affects all aspects of his or her professional and personal life.

    Is Your Mindset Working to Your Advantage or Holding You Back?
  • Try These Techniques To Enhance Your Personal Development  By : Nickolas Salazar
    You may know what you want to get out of life but have no idea how to get it. Often, getting what you want requires change and personal development. This article contains tips on how you can reach your personal development goals.
  • Life's Endless And Thrilling Possibilities  By : Michael Lee
    When you decide to follow your dreams, there is a new found enthusiasm. You participate wholly and joyfully in the project that is close to your heart, and are no longer worried about delivering for someone else.
  • Life's Brief Candle  By : Michael Lee
    Whatever job you find yourself in, do it to the best of your ability, to the point that you aim for no one to be better than you. However small or big the task is, you must put in your best foot forward and complete the task with enthusiasm and passion.
  • Follow Your True Dream  By : Michael Lee
    Things may not be easy, and there are many challenges that present themselves. But once the decision to please yourself has been made, the challenges seem like adventures.
  • Funny, Money and Good-Looks  By : Morgan McFinn
    The important factors when considering a prospective mate.
  • When Fear Holds Us Back  By : Michael Lee
    When you let go of your fears and decide to take action, the universe starts conspiring for you and will make things fall in place. It’s not always going to be easy, but it is definitely going to be worth it. So let go of the fears that are limiting you and move ahead with all your might!
  • Change It If It's Not Working!  By : Michael Lee
    All the present situations that you find yourself in now, are a result of the choices that you have made in the past. And if you choose to stay put and do nothing to change the situation, things are going to be like that forever!
  • Want To Be Extraordinary? Accept Failures!  By : Michael Lee
    If you are really passionate about something but feel yourself stuck in something you are not meant to do, you need to start taking action. And the action must be taken now!
  • The Importance of Emotional Health  By : Jackdorson

    The factors that determine the state of our emotional health is the ability to control emotional expression and behaviour. One may often question in response to stress and controlling reactions but as we continue through the journey, our experiences prove to make us more strong and vigilant.

  • The 4 Most Crucial Tips About How To Hypnotize Someone  By : get ex back
    Whatever your reason, attempting to hypnotize someone is just not something that needs to be taken lightly, and carried out together with the utmost care and precision.
  • Top Tips You Should Know At College  By : CarmellaPfarrRousey
    Has it been awhile since you've been a student? Have you been away from school for a while? Would you like some advice? This article will help provide you with answers to some of your questions. Go back to college. Fulfilling your dream is possible. Keep reading to find out what you should know. You are worth it.
  • Reacting to Hide the Reaction  By : Angelos Karageorgos
    Differences in social dynamics among people, reactions they create and the reasons behind.
  • Does Being Too Friendly Make One Stupid? The Moby Dick Story!  By : Jimmie Flores
    Here recently I went to the local Prometric Testing Center to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam sponsored by the Project Management Institute (PMI). My exam was scheduled for 10:00 a.m., and I was anxious to get started.
  • Reaching a Higher State of Consciousness  By : iamtiffanymorgan
    Once we talk about a higher state of consciousness, plenty of people’s minds get excited and get curious about this obviously because not every person is really able to comprehend it better and it is perhaps thinking about learning to do it.
  • You Are Being Judged At All Times - Look Your Best!  By : Wyn Davis
    I know a businessman that is very bright and successful, he drives a very nice car but his personal presentation leaves questions in my mind. The overall impression is so completely opposite to how he writes and speaks that I am left wondering and it holds me back from doing business.
  • Procrastination - Does It Get the Best of You?  By : Pam Newman Morin
    Everyone from time to time put work aside that for one reason or another you just can't seem to get started doing it. There are many reasons why you would do that, but a few of them could be:
  • Magical Experience of International Living  By : HassieAhumada
    International living has a learning curve and so does international building. Be actively involved and assimilate into the culture as an involved player not on the sidelines. In this article I have written my ultimate experience about how I chose my current international location for living.
  • The One "Thing" That Changed My Life!  By : Sabrina Winters, Attorney at Law, PLLC
    Good and bad "things" happen every day to every one of us. These "things" are what make us who we are. How we allow the "things" to affect our lives is what our life ultimately becomes. Zio Giovanni's death is my "thing" that changed the rest of my life.
  • Are You Doing The Same Things Hoping For Different Results?  By : Liz Uram
    Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels but not actually going anywhere? Do you just keep putting more effort into trying to force a change or do you stop and assess the situation to see you need to do something different? I've got three ideas to help you if you're stuck.
  • Tips To Change Your Life For The Better  By : Charlie Badderly
    You need to change in order to grow. You can't grow if you just stay where you are. You can't grow if you don't change the way you think and act. In fact, changing your life is a continuous process. It never ends. The moment you stop changing, you stop growing. I'm not saying that I know everything about changing life. I'm still learning myself. But here I'd like to share with you what I have learned so far.
  • 7 Tips To Help Writers Deal With Rejection  By : Kevin Hughes
    Academy-award winning director Steven Spielberg rewrote his script of the movie, "Lincoln," several times in hopes that actor Daniel Day-Lewis would
  • Facing Mediation? Five Key Strategies You Need to Know  By : JoAnne Donner
    When facing mediation, it is important that you are properly prepared for the mediation meeting. Here are five key strategies that you should be aware of in order that it works well for you. If you prepare for success, then you are more likely to succeed.
  • How to Make the Most Difficult Life Decisions  By : Abram Kline
    There comes a time in all of our lives when we are called on to make a difficult decision. Of course we are faced with decisions every waking moment, but it is only occasionally
  • Cut Time, Not Quality: Tips for A Speedy And Seamless DIY  By : Stephanie Au
    Is your living space in need of a little touch-up, but you can't find the time for a big project? Giving your house a fresh new look needn't be taxing; there are ways to give your home a makeover without ageing 10 years in the process.
  • The Great Power Of Believing In Yourself  By : Michael Lee
    If you truly exercise the power of believing in yourself, there is nothing that can stop you from moving mountains if you so wish. This article will show you how.
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs: The Secrets Revealed  By : Michael Lee
    The secret to move ahead in life is pretty simple. It is all about changing limiting beliefs into empowering ones. If you are able to do that successfully, there is no doubt you will be a far happier, confident and successful person.
  • NLP Master Practitioner Training - How To Be An Expert Within Neuro Linguistic Programming  By : AlbertMiller
    Neuro linguistic programming master practitioner training is one thing that many individuals serious about nlp pursue. This can be a field that's devoted to learning the human mind works and the way to control it. It's been praised for a while as a bit of a development in the way your brain works.
  • How To Hack Into Someone's Mind Using Rapport  By : Stuart Adams
    Rapport is the fundamental part of communication for persuasion. Whether your selling cars in New York, teaching in London, Tutoring Sydney, counselling in Aukland or lecturing in Blacktown. Rapport should be the very first thing you aim to establish before going any further.
  • The Daily Pageant...2nd Edition  By : Morgan McFinn
    The 2nd edition of The Daily Pageant.
  • Specialized Knowledge Is Greater Than Ol' Schoolin' - Think & Grow Rich Principle 4  By : Audrey and Joey Poltor
    In this chapter examining the principles of Think & Grow Rich, the commerce king & entrepreneurial enigma Napoleon Hill goes into one of the most unknown principles of how the get richer and poor get poorer.
  • The Daily Pageant  By : Morgan McFinn
    This is the 1st edition of an imaginary newspaper that chronicles imaginary events on a so-called 'tropical island paradise'.
  • Pointers On Understanding Tonality And The Appeal Of Capturing Instantaneous Attention  By : Michelle Dale
    Do you know you have less than a second to generate a good impression with somebody that you have just encountered? The person will certainly assess you as quickly as this and also all the presumptions they make are frequently critical in terms of dictating the way that they choose to interact with you in the years ahead.
  • Autosuggestion Works! Think & Grow Rich - 3  By : Audrey and Joey Poltor
    Autosuggestion works, not because of the esoteric universe, but because of sound psychological principles.
  • A Tough Act To Follow  By : Morgan McFinn
    This piece humorously speculates upon the end of Humanity.
  • How to Take Personal Responsibility  By : Fabienne Fredrickson
    Today's topic is about taking personal responsibility for the results that you're experiencing in your business. One of the things I believe makes or breaks someone's chances for success in business is that of personal responsibility. I believe strongly in personal responsibility. I often call it the No-Excuses Approach.
  • The Law Of Attraction 30 Volume Set  By : Mike Griffin
    Learn The Law of Attraction
  • Relaxation With the Senses  By : Andrada T
    Relaxation implies a comfortable place to sit, stand or lay on; but it also means a state of mind that transposes you to another place and time. Sometimes, the place and time disappear altogether. This is where your senses intervene.
  • My Personal Trainer Diary-Why I Became A Personal Trainer  By : Ness Lee
    My Personal Trainer Diary-Why I Became A Personal Trainer
    3 worst things about being a Personal Fitness Trainer and 10 best things about being a Personal Trainer. 10/10
  • Flower Technique: Stress In The Entertainment Industry With Dr. Joan Pastor: Part 2  By : Suzanne Lyons
    How to deal with stress in the Entertainment Industry. Use the Flower Technique to overcome negative core beliefs to achieve success.
  • Here are 10 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer  By : Jimmie Flores
    In some cases, we need to walk away from a job offer. I understand that money can be tight, but assuming a job that we don’t like can cause more problems than it solves.
  • Positive Thinking to Change Your Life  By : Fitness Man
    Out of all the habits we may want to have, positive thinking is one of the most difficult to attain. Why? Right from being very young, we are exposed to all kinds of negative influences, either intentional or unintentional.
  • Creative Innovation  By : Jason Hier
    Innovation is the key to create and deliver new added value for your organisation.

    How can you develop creative innovation ecosystem when working in highly regulated industries and environments that can actually present barries and constraints to the very thing that is the lifefblood of your business?

    Being able to collaborate in a very visual and dynamic way can facilitate the changes required in behaviours, the way we think and work.your
  • Fame to Shame  By : Morgan McFinn
    A humorous essay that deals with people's obsession with being famous.
  • Personal Development Can Help You To Make The Most Out Of Your Life  By : Matthew Yorke
    When it comes to the subject of self improvement, you want to learn all there is to learn about how to grow as an individual. The easiest way to succeed with personal growth is by learning techniques and applying them in your life whenever you can.
  • Techniques Used In Lucid Dreaming Stories  By : Alizay Badar
    The ability of a person to know he is dreaming is known as lucid dreaming. There are many techniques for the enhancement of lucid dreaming stories. For dreaming, there are no boundaries.
  • Help Yourself To A Serving Of Self-Help!  By : Sandra Pleeto
    In the personal development, you need to acknowledge weaknesses and unfulfilled potential, but it is crucial to stay positive and to not be too hard on yourself. Otherwise your self-esteem and confidence can take a real beating. Follow these tips to learn how to gently and gradually become a better person.
  • Help Yourself By Following These Great Personal Development Tips!  By : Sandra Pleeto
    Finding the tools and ideas you need for personal development may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. However, there are several tips in the article below that can be just what you need to get further down the road to being a better you.
  • Advice On How To Become A Better Person  By : Sandra Pleeto
    Every problem has a solution, and not every issue requires professional help. With the right information and a little effort, you can use the gifts you have been given to achieve just about anything. Use the self-help tips outlined here to help guide you in the direction towards a better life.
  • Reach For Success With These Trusted Personal Development Tips  By : Sandra Pleeto
    Don't allow a lack of knowledge to stunt your own personal development. There are a lot of things that you can do over time to accomplish your goals. This article will give you lots of practical tips and the knowledge so that you can make this happen.
  • Take Your Future Into Your Own Hands  By : Sandra Pleeto
    Many people experience great difficulty when pursuing personal development, but the process does not need to be as painful as you might think. Advents in technology and personal development techniques allow you to pursue your personal development goals in the easiest and most productive way. This article is meant to guide you through your personal development with helpful tips and advice.
  • Find Your Own Path And Shine  By : Mohammed Ateeq
    I would like to share my experience with students and beginners waiting to step in the next phase of life. I was like any of you at the beginning of my career just after I had completed my education - not knowing what to do or having any clear idea on my career path.
  • Apple Juice and Crackers  By : Kathy Catlin Davis
    I didn't plan for this to be Little J's first communion. But it was.
  • Lucid Dreaming Stories – What Good Can They Do To You?  By : Alizay Badar
    Lucid dreaming is a term which not many people are aware of. Well, it is a state of dreaming in which the dreamer knows that he is dreaming. Basically, he has a certain amount of control over his dream.
  • Public Speaking and Stage Fright  By : Jimmy Varnadore
    The goal of a man is to be successful This is a common goal
  • Personal Development Tips That You Should Check Out  By : Matt Keo
    A wonderful way to work on personal development is to help others. Nothing hits home harder than to help others that are needier than you. This is because you will probably see that things in your life are not nearly as bad as imagined and you will feel wonderful after assisting others.
  • Interesting Ways To Grow Through Personal Development  By : Matt Keo
    There are many people that are trying to grow as individuals to better their lifestyles. Although a lot of people want to personally develop many aren't sure how to do just that. This article and tips is here to help you on your way towards personal development.
  • Helping Somone Else Reach Their Potential Once And For All  By : Matt Keo
    A lot of people are getting into personal development and thinking of ways they can grow as individuals. When it comes to personal growth though, a lot of people are thinking it is too difficult to actually do it. This is only true if you aren't properly educated, tips like the one in this article can help you find ways towards personal growth. It doesn't have to be a chore.
  • Personal Development: Tips For Reaching Your True Potential  By : Matt Keo
    A lot of people are finding it more and more difficult these days, to recognize how to help themselves. The key to remember about how to help yourself, is to constantly fill your brain with knowledge about the various ways that you can help yourself. Everything that you learn can help. This article will go over some of the things you can do to improve yourself, as well as, your quality of life.
  • Effective Ways To Develop Yourself And Be Happy  By : Matt Keo
    You're ready. You want to work on personal development so that you can be a better person. What perfect timing! You probably have tons of questions on how to start and what to do, but fear not. This article can help. Listed below are some tips that will help you get started with your personal development aspirations.
  • Follow These Rules For Self Help Success  By : Matt Keo
    Growing as a person can sometimes feel like a difficult and long process. But being provided with helpful advice can help ease the stress and length of the process. The following article is going to provide you with the tips you can use to help yourself become the person you have always wanted to be.
  • Female Masculinity  By : Morgan D
    This article talks of how the femine gender is coming to be just like the masculine gender
  • The Big Rules of Small Talk  By : james federer
    Most of us have been victim to an awkward conversation in social occasions. This article takes you through the basics of conducting small talk with people you meet at events.
  • Is Positive Thinking All That Positive?  By : burnrockmountain
    We’ve all heard incredible stories of rags to riches stories, people who’ve turned their lives around and went from penniless to becoming a millionaire.
  • Getting Emotional Balance  By : burnrockmountain
    Ever feel like you were stuck, or that you had some internal conflict that put you in two minds about a decision? Are your behaviours stopping you getting what you want?
  • Learning The Scope Of Many Social Development Programs  By : Jose Smith
    Community development projects are started by either government or private organizations. These are aimed at aiding a certain community get well-built infrastructures that will give convenience to residents.
  • Personal Development Plans.  By : Morgan D
    This article explains how an indivindual should set his/her on goals as an employee
  • What Is It That You Really Want?  By : Misty Coplen
    Is it a healthier lifestyle? A way to make ends meet? Maybe it is as simple as treating a common cold or flu symptom. What ever it is you?re looking for, I can help.
  • Avoid Giving up Your Seat on the Next Flight … Even if She has a Baby  By : Jimmie Flores
    A few months back, I was on a flight from New Delhi, India to Newark, NJ. The flight is terribly long, more than 16 hours. A month before the flight, I contacted a United Airlines representative to secure a seat where I could work comfortably. If one is not in First Class, either the bulkhead or exit rows work well. The agent informed me that I wou
  • An Analysis Of A Hate Crime  By : Morgan D
    The Article will Discuss an Analysis Of Hate Crime with Reference Different Theories.
  • Is It Possible To Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?  By : Morgan D
    The Article will show the liimited chances es of roo Much of A good thing..
  • Learning How To Hypnotise Someone: What Is It All About?  By : Crispian Jones
    So if you want to learn how to hypnotise someone then you have come to the right place. I share with you an easy to follow guide of the basics involved in learning how to hypnotise someone.
  • How to Turn Adversity Into a Profitable Story  By : Jimmy Varnadore
    Your life is a story Some of us have dramas and some of us have comedies
  • Abundance Or Scarcity Mentality (Is The Glass Half Full?)  By : Sean Murray
    An article on mentality in life and attitude to CrossFit and training.
  • Create A Lifestyle, Value And Lasting Legacy.  By : Chia-Li Chien
    There are three kinds of business owners - technicians, managers and business architects. While the first two are admirable levels, becoming a true business architect for your business is a game changer, meaning you've built a business that creates a desirable lifestyle for you and the families the business supports, business value, and a lasting legacy for other generations.
  • Clear Office, Clear Mind  By : Tracey England
    There has always been some sort amount of truth into the worldwide known phrase 'clear desk, clear mind'. When the area around us has been cleared there is a massive sense of wanting to get things done! This applies mainly in the home, but why shouldn't it apply in the normal working environment?
  • Personal Branding - "How to Build a Profitable and Powerful Public Image"  By : Michael Irvin
    Personal Branding Checklist

    The Little Black Book Of Personal Branding
    By: Michael Irvin

    Tips To Creating A Powerful and Profitable Public Image
    By: Michael Irvin

    ©2012, All Rights Reserved
    This Checklist Has Gone Viral
  • Living a Successful Life – Learn the Benefits of Time Management Skills  By : Kelly Callahan
    Time management is a skill that everybody should have It's not just useful for your working life but for your personal life as well
  • Sell Yourself on Time Management  By : Kelly Callahan
    Time management is important in any walk of life but maybe none more so than that of a sales person Their time is taken up with travelling and waiting for appointments so it is important to be able to achieve as much as possible in any given day
  • Top Ten Tips on Managing People  By : Cecile Peterkin
    Being a great manager is something that anyone in that position aspires to, but to become one requires more than just possessing the right degree or the necessary years of experience as a subordinate Often the biggest roadblock on the way to becoming a truly great manager is learning how to become a great people manager
  • The Flip Side Of Weeping  By : Morgan D
    The Article will show the Flip Side Of Weeping and How healthy Crying can be.
  • Learning The Past Has No Value For The Future  By : Morgan D
    The Article is Based on an Argumentive Essay on why it is Irrelevant to study the Past
  • We Are All Leaders  By : Keith Lawrence Miller
    We are all leaders Leadership is about influence
  • 7 Attributes of a Charter Sailboat/Motor Yacht Captain - Stay Cool No Matter What  By : Frank Rijkers
    So you are thinking of becoming a charter boat captain, but do you possess the temperament to be successful Now that you have qualified for your captain's ticket it's time to command your own vessel and with a willing crew make your first charter a success
  • Mobile Behavior  By : Mike Birdsall
    I find myself getting more and more frustrated by people asking me if we can make their web site viewable on a smartphone We've created over 800 web sites since 1995 and have been in the mobile web space since 2004 so we know a little something about web sites, smart phones and mobile
  • Ways To Making Money  By : S.C.A.Rao
    From ancient times ways to making money has always been the catalyst for trade routes, silk routes, explorations to open up new worlds and entrepreneurship The need,want and the how to make money has made small communities and entrepreneurs take risks and start over and over again from setbacks and failures - just so making money, earning ever more and more money can be kept on
  • Stages of Life  By : Morgan D
    The Article will Show the Stages of Human Life and the changes involved in every Satge.
  • That's Your Opinion  By : S.C.A.Rao
    We all live on opinions By the time we reach teen age we are just but already brimming with beliefs, windmill theories, attitudes and judgement calls
  • Business Is About Seeing Opportunities That Others Don't  By : Joannis Mousicos
    Jean-Claude Biver single handedly revived the luxury watch industry in the 1980s but reviving the Swiss Luxury watch company 'Blancpain'. This article discusses his iconic status within the watch industry.
  • You Have to “Bitch” a Little to Get Your Way  By : Jimmie Flores
    Getting one’s way can happen in various ways. We have techniques, some that work, and some that are far less effective. While in the steam room at my fitness club, I overheard a conversation about how one gym-goer (Joe), and several of his comrades, were able to change a policy in just one day of non-stop complaining.

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