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  • How to Spot Emotional Abuse  By : William Gabriel
    Not all abuse involves broken bones and bruises. Not all abuse is physical in nature. Many abuse victims deal with the pain of emotional abuse, which is often very destructive and damaging.
  • Your Motivational Intelligence Is a Central Element of Business Energy!  By : Dr. Blair C. Relf
    Motivation is actually normally often considered as just a force that is definitely higher or lower. People believe regarding “I am really motivated” or “He is actually just not motivated” but this really is quite not the entire picture. Motivation incorporates a characteristics and a level of quality. The nature of motivation pertains to lighting
  • Exposing The 5 Most Important Factors To Look At Previous To Shifting Out Of Parent’s House  By : Jay A Jackson
    Lots of people have always wanted to move out of their parents’ house as a result of that would give them unprecedented freedom to do just about anything at all. Whereas it does sound fairly enjoyable to do so, there are plenty of aspects and concerns that you must take note of prior to really moving out. Listed here are 5 most important elements that you have to be looking at:
  • Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan and the Cost of Distracted Living  By : Byron Love
    There are times in life when distractions are a welcome friend. As we face trials and tribulations, and the pressures of life dampen our spirits, a good move, a video game, or a night of dancing allow us to set our troubles aside, at least for a little while.
  • Helping Yourself Through Grief  By : Roberto Sedycias
    An awful part of life is loss and misery, and then the grief that settles in like a black cloud that never seems to disappear. There are many ways to handle this kind of grief by yourself and with steps that you take to help dispel the gloom and see brighter days.
  • As A Man Thinketh: Effect of Thought  By : Jimm Chris
    Thoughts become Things, Learn why is it important to control your thoughts and how is it linked to your life. If you don't start today, there wouldn't be a better day to start now. Control your mind and transform your life.
  • 3 NLP Mind Control Techniques That Work Like Magic  By : Michael Lee
    NLP mind control techniques are not only useful for self-development, but also for getting people to follow your lead. Use this knowledge wisely.
  • Intrinsic Motivation  By : Edward Smith
    The very best form of motivation comes from within. Anyone observing healthy and well-attached infants knows that children are naturally curious and interested in learning, exploring, and mastering challenges.
  • The Three Truths - Or Nothing But the Truth  By : Stephen Lau
    According to a Chinese saying, there are three truths: "my truth", "your truth", and "the truth." To most people, "my truth" is the ultimate truth, or the most important truth. Of course, there are some who may passionately seek "the truth." But "the truth" is often too deep to fathom; in addition, it may be open to interpretation and modification. Too much focus on the "self" will make "my truth" prevail.
  • Your Future - It Is In Your Hands  By : wafame1832
    The outcome and success of your future is totally in your hands - and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is the right company that is dedicated to helping you succeed and has the right product and compensation plan to make this happen.
  • Do We Really Have Potential to Excel in Anything We Touch?  By : Torri Myler
    Having two left hands is one extreme, achieving excellence is the other, and the territory between these two is where most people are stuck. The question is whether they are largely predetermined by their natural abilities to be underachievers or top scorers, or is there something anyone can do to fly closer to perfection?
  • Personal and Spiritual Development: 5 Simple Ideas  By : Ruben Lode
    Personal and spiritual growth is a lifelong route and just about the most rewarding things which you'll want to direct your attention on. But in the case you're like lots of people who would like to try their own personal development, you are probably consistently seeking self improvement steps and approaches which you can use to stimulate your growth, build your confidence and reach your goals. Therefore as a person who is avidly seeking out new self improvement techniques, I'd like to offer a few suggestions in order to give something back.
  • The Brain And Subliminal Learning  By : Greg Frost
    There are quite a number of studies that show the brain being the main controlling organ in any human activity. The study further states that an individual tends to behave and act according to his mental health and state.
  • How To Purchase Subliminal Software Online  By : Greg Frost
    Everyone tends to understand the usefulness of the brain in any human activity, in fact one may have this understanding both knowingly or unknowingly. Well that forms one and many of the different complication that are evident when it comes to understanding the functions of the brain.
  • How To Attain Positive Subliminal Perception For Positive Affirmation  By : Greg Frost
    There is a popular saying that states 'as a man thinketh so is he'. The brain is the main psychomotor of every human behavior and act, an individual is bond to behave as instructed or as a result of influence from his surroundings.
  • Control Anger - How Can I Control Anger?  By : Sue Dannim
    The majority of us deal with the stressors in life as they come our way, but a few of us cannot and become out of control. Anger management is often the best response for treating anger; but then, the individual must be prepared to admit her or his actions are leading to more and more troubles and be all set to find a solution.
  • Beating Procrastination, The Quick Technique  By : Tracy Brinkmann
    Looking for a quick technique you can implement to help overcome procrastination? Well then this is the article you need you read over. Here you will find three tips/techniques to help you crush that ugly beast known as procrastination!
  • Movement in the Aether  By : Jared B. Hobbs
    An analysis of a person's behaviors and especially speech can expose the position of their perceived locus of control. The locus of control refers to the belief a person holds in regards to their own ability to manipulate their experience of reality.
  • Control Your Anger, Improve Your Life  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Anger is often something that cannot be controlled and boils up and seems to explode. If you struggle with serious or frequent bursts of anger, there are many reasons why and more importantly, many things you can do to help yourself control your rage.
  • Why You Should Not Hypnotize Minds For Self Development  By : Chris Dcruz
    There are quite a number of therapies which have been produced to help individual attain self development acts, some of these therapies are actually effective in doing the act but sentiments may vary from one individual to another.
  • Your Beautiful Letterpress Wedding Invitations  By : phylis smith
    Designers of letterpress wedding invitations offer a variety of unique wedding invitation designs and services that provide groom and bride a myriad of choices in finding that invitation that will fit their theme and imagination. From modern to traditional wedding invitations concepts and designs are plentiful as the imagination is the limit. Whether letterpress or engraving, both are timeless, providing the element of elegance and beauty you just can't find in digital products today.
  • Personal Development  By : Eldridge DuFauchard
    Personal development is the most vital part of your life you must work on if you want an abundant lifestyle. Your outer world reflects what your inner feels about itself as far as self love and acceptance of whom you are completely and honestly.
  • Good Communication Skills are Vital to Leadership  By : mrnashia
    Communication is the number one skill that any good leader possess. Good leaders know how to get people to understand exactly what they want from them.
  • Foundations Of The Law Of Attraction  By : Crassula Yim
    The founders of the Law of Attraction since the early 20th century with the lights of Wallace, Hannel,Napoleon Hill,James Allen. Read the Articles to find out how these founders has impacted our lifes today.
  • The Link Between Creation and Desire - Thomas Troward  By : Jimm Chris
    The fact that creation exists proves that the Universal Mind thinks differently, and we have only to look around to see that the true ideal is the exercise of creative power. Discover the mind of Thomas Troward in this article back to 19th century.
  • How To Get Motivated Enough To Stay Fit  By : Jimm Chris
    There's a tiny, inexpensive device that can provide you with all the motivation you need to get out and start moving your body around a bit more. Find out what is this device that can motivate you to stay fit and healthy.
  • Stress Management For Self-Improvement  By : Robert K.
    Dealing With stress is not easy, It can take some time to learn how to manage it, You need someone to guide and walk you through it.
    There are so many books and infromation available however choosing the right one to mach your needs can be a challange, so here I have tried to highligh the most common ways that can help you with Stress Management.
  • The 11 Forgotten Laws  By : intmktcom
    I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants improvement in their lives.In my opinion it is the best self improvement value that you could get anywhere. So unless you already have everything that you have ever desired in your life, get this program now!
  • Who Will You be Like in 5 Years?  By : Aki Wood
    The Law of association is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. In five years will you be the average of your five best friends? Aki brilliantly breaks down the mindset and understanding that one needs to have success with any business.
  • New Sewing Supplies Are Easy To Find  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    Sewing can be one of the recreational activities sought by women when they do not have any work or after a long days work. This activity is enjoyable thus does not seem too straining when done casually and out of will even after a long day’s work.
  • The Easy Way to Create Sewing Patterns  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    Creating sewing patterns could be a necessity as well as fun too. Sometimes you may not be too satisfied with the way the dress you bought, fits you but you can’t also give up on it because it has caught your eyes so badly!
  • Relieve Anxiety And Tension In Your Mind And Body.  By : Crassula Yim
    Do you ever get the feeling that you just cannot think straight any longer? That your ability to concentrate has just disappeared? Learn how to relieve anxiety and tension in your mind and body now.
  • Reducing Anxiety In My Life  By : Crassula Yim
    This article is written to help people with reducing anxiety in their hectic life. I was often known as a bit if an anxiety head, which I have to admit was a good description of me. Find out the ways to take in reducing anxiety in your life.
  • Ways To Relieve Stress From Working At Home  By : Crassula Yim
    Find out the ways to relieve stress when you are working from home. Learn the 7 simple advice given in the article to reduce and relieve the stress to improve your life.
  • 7 Steps on How to Be Happy  By : Kristy Curry
    This article discuss about some of the steps to follow on how to be happy or try to be happy in your everyday life. Inside this aricle, you will find some helpful steps that can guide you or give you a lift in improving your happiness level .
  • Flight or Fight Response a Dying Reaction  By : James Holan
    This article is a rant involving the fact that the flight or fight response is dying in modern humans
  • Is There Relief From Stuttering?  By : Tarra Sampson
    Do you frequently feel embarrassed whenever your friends make fun of how you talk? For sure, you are wondering if there is any cure for stuttering. Regrettably, no magic pill or miracle can stop this speech problem.
  • Goal Setting Tips For Your Vision  By : Sharon Whytes
    Goals setting is really quite necessary if you want to have success in all areas of your life whether that be financial, health, or just your everyday being. Following the SMART system will get you quickly on track to create this success we all desire.
  • Colored Jewelry Tips  By : Kelan Grady
    Starting a new glass bead jewelry making project, but unsure of the colors to select? Choosing glass bead color for jewelry making can be overwhelming because of the variety of choices. There are as many colors as the rainbow can provide, and on top of that you must choose shapes, materials and style. Keep in mind a few of these beading color basic
  • Going Through A Life Change? Coaching Service Really Helps To Sort Out Things  By : Sandy Smith
    During the various transition phases of life one goes through many changes. The changes can be physical or situational. These changes can be quite challenging at times and may prove to be difficult to handle.
  • The Unseen Power of Your Mind - What the Mighty Pundits Won't Tell You (Because They Don't Know)  By : Stanley Kowalski
    Many suppose that Mind Power is the affirmative effect you require, to shelter your house from foreclosure, or clinch that loan at the bank, or whip that car dealer into tearful submission, or argue with your boss for that well deserved pay increase. This article sets that right. It will in all probability amaze many, maybe even blow away some, but it decisively seats the aspect of Mind Power into it's well-earned perspective.
  • Why Very Smart People Sometimes Have Poor Social Skills  By : Royane Real
    Have you ever wondered why some very intelligent people have a hard time making conversation and why they often have awkward social skills? Learn why sometimes very intelligent people have difficulty making conversation with others.
  • How To Get Subliminal CDs Online  By : Greg Frost
    Most people are conscious of the fact that one becomes more productive if they act and accomplish duties when their minds are inclined to think in a certain way. Research has shown that your inclination and preconception concerning certain issues you about to indulge into determines the kind of experience and results you get at the end of the day.
  • Motorsport in Florida  By : Nigel G. Worrall
    Florida is known for its theme parks, warm weather and its thrill a minute environment. The Sunshine State is also a hot place to visit for motorsport enthusiasts as it is home to some of the most important events in the world.
  • Behold The Miracle Of Self Healing Techniques  By : Greg Frost
    There are two types of healing: physical and mental. Obviously, physical healing is easier as compared to mental healing. Physical healing is the defense mechanism of the body to prevent further spread of disease or infection and this can be achieved through medical treatment and medicines. But mental healing is universal and involves the subconscious mind.
  • Unleashing Your Brain Power And Subconscious Abilities  By : Greg Frost
    The human brain, being one of the most vital organs of the body, performs crucial functions that can never be ignored or given less importance. The brain is not only the mastermind of every physical activity but also the actions that are based upon thoughts. As such, it is the center of reasoning power and information.
  • Improve Your Confidence at Social Events - Even If You Are Shy  By : Royane Real
    Do you often feel nervous when you are at a party and you want to make a good impression on others? Perhaps you are shy and you get tongue tied or your mind goes blank. Here are many tips to help you improve your conversation confidence at social events.
  • How To Get What You Want By Believing It  By : Tim Fearon
    Many people think they know what they want, but do they really? Getting what you want is as easy as believing that you can - but first you have to answer the question, "what do I REALLY want?"
  • Make Money on the Internet: On-line Auctions  By : Robert McCluskey
    Internet auctions can be a good method to come up with income on the Net. Hundreds of individuals acquire a living on Ebay itself. The following post divulges the advantages and downsides of a homebased auction company.
  • Patriotism and Personal Development  By : Brady Cameron
    The purpose of this article is not to convince you to vote Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or otherwise. The sole purpose of this article is to share with you how the spirit of patriotism runs parallel with several well-known principles of personal development. By embracing self-help principles to reinforce your patriotic duties, you will positi
  • F5 Oklahoma Tornado: An Officer's Story  By : Rory Groves
    Former LE Officer Sam Cornette shares his sobering account of the deadly F5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 3, 1999.
  • Unleash The Power Of Mind To Create Our Own Destiny  By : Greg Frost
    Somebody has rightly said 'all the answers to the question you seek are within yourself". Most of us are blessed with that supreme power which can remove as well as offer solutions to all the obstacles we face in life. Yet none of us are aware about the hidden treasure called -the power of mind. There is a solution to get everything you want in this world and the solution is programming your mind with your set of codes so that it responds as per your will.
  • Increase Brain Power To Create Magic In Every Day Life  By : Greg Frost
    Every day we regularly visit gym to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We continuously go for health checkups to give special attention to body parts. But among this midst, we often ignore the supreme seat of power in human body-the brain. If the latter is not fit no matter, whatever we do to achieve the ultimate healthy mechanism, trust me the efforts are like hitting against blank wall. Powers of brain are incredible and numerous in number but very few are actually aware about this awesome 'noodle basket'.
  • How To Effectively Change Your Mind Using Brainwave Technology  By : Greg Frost
    The human brain determines any human activity. The mind intertwines with the body to make sure certain functions of the body are effectively undertaken. Any form of disorder in the mind can result to calamity. Many brain disorders are brought about by certain negative lifestyles.
  • The Importance Of Positive Self Affirmations  By : Greg Frost
    In order to address the importance of self affirmations, one must first know the definition of the word 'self'. The dictionary defines 'self' as the true nature of a person. It is the 'self' which makes one person different from other people. This might be termed 'the individuality of a person'. It may be said that 'self' is the very essence of who we are. 'Self' is the "I", which is the distinguishing facet of our very existence.
  • Reprogram The Subconscious Mind: Can It Be Done?  By : Greg Frost
    Can we reprogram the subconscious mind? Many people think that the subconscious mind can not be reprogrammed but studies have proven this idea to be untrue. The first thing to address regarding the subconscious mind is the fact that when man was born, the subconscious mind was empty like a brand new tape but this state does not last long. What we don't realize is that a baby hears everything that is said around him. If someone says 'you're just like your brother' or 'I hope you don't turn out to be cranky like x person' the baby's subconscious mind immediately begins to record these messages in the memory bank via what is popularly referred to as the power of suggestion.
  • Learn The 3 Easy Steps For Coping With Challenging People  By : Mahrek Wahlburg
    Should you be like many people, then rarely a week or even a day goes on without some type of potential fight with stressful people.
  • What Can Subliminal MP3 Actually Do  By : Greg Frost
    What is Subliminal MP3? Well, the word subliminal refers to operations which take place below the conscious or awareness level of the brain but are immediately registered and processed by the subconscious level. After many scientific studies, it has been concluded that the left side of the brain is the seat of analysis, reasoning, and the center of resistance. On the other hand, the right side of the brain is often referred to as the creative side, which is also the sector where our inner feelings reside. The right side of the brain is also believed to be the source of subconscious learning.
  • New Relationships - Is Space the Final Frontier?  By : Phil Marks
    I'm writing this after a recently resolved argument with my partner. It's about personal space and how difficult that can be to deal with in a new relationship. For those who are dating and looking to settle down with a partner, there are a few things to consider. For strong-willed and independent people, this can be a very difficult area. What are the symptoms and solutions?
  • A Selection of Things to Do When You are Bored  By : Karolin Frimodig
    I am sure that it happens to us all, a day drops onto us and we have no premeditated plans made, or else your buddy drops out of the meet up you had arranged earlier in the week and, unexpectedly your left with nowt to do, after that boredom , boring boredom starts to drop in. If this is what occurred to you then perhaps the subsequent thoughts may come in to use.
  • Conversational Hypnosis: Is There Any Money In It?  By : Ian Davis
    Conversational hypnosis enables people to implant suggestions for behavior modification in other people s minds. But this is a hard ball world so what are the chances of making any money with it?
  • Tap Into the Power of Intention  By : Jeffrey Modella
    What’s true for food is true for communications. Any time a communication goes sour, I can track it back to an intention that was less than sweet.
  • Changing Habits to Enhance your Private Life  By : Ben Soul
    Habits, oh those nasty habits. Habits are developed from training, influences, statement, and practice. We develop many habits all through our life, which some are good and others are bad. Good habits we can maintain, but when one needs to improve their life the unhealthy habits has to take a hike. Getting rid of bad habits however shouldn't be straightforward, especially if an addiction is involved. Because of this, we can take a couple of steps to studying how you can change your habits.
  • Mental Perspective  By : Paul Burtel
    Success is within the blood. There are men whom fate can by no means maintain down they march forward in a jaunty method, and take by divine proper the most effective of the whole lot that the earth affords. However their success is just not attained via the Samuel Smiles-Connecticut policy. They don't lie in wait, nor scheme, nor fawn, nor search
  • Rediscover The Power Of The Human Mind With Brainwave Entrainment Technology  By : Greg Frost
    In the famous book by Russell Conwell says, "The human beings are constantly searching elsewhere for things they have it in hand". There have been tones of literature about the power of human mind. It is an entity that is within us but have les grasped over it. Nobody knows what exactly the powers of human mind are and there is no machine to measure the powers of mind. Researches show that we humans tend to use only third of the potential residing in our mind. For years science has been trying to project the idea that there is no word called 'will not' in the dictionary of the subconscious mind.
  • Revealing The Secret Behind Brain Wave Patterns  By : Greg Frost
    The brain is one of the classic examples of God's creativity. The functioning of brain is now an unfolded mystery. We now know that brain produces electrical impulses known as brain waves. This rhythmic activity of brain (brainwave pattern) can be recorded with an instrument called electroencephalograph
  • Prosperity Affirmations A Form Of Hidden Subliminal Messages  By : Greg Frost
    The dictionary defines subliminal messages as words or thoughts which communicate in the case of words and formulate in the case of ideas somewhere below the conscious mind's level of awareness. In order to see how prosperity messages are a form of hidden subliminal messages we first must be sure we have a definition in our mind for each of these two very important words: affirmations, and prosperity. The dictionary definition of 'affirm' is to maintain that something is true.
  • What Exactly Is Subliminal Power?  By : Greg Frost
    Before one can begin to address the concept of subliminal power, one must first have a firm understanding of the meaning of this term. Subliminal refers to the portion of the mind which is beneath our conscious awareness. The dictionary defines power as the ability to act or do something. It is also described as having the authority of commandment.
  • Weight Loss Affirmations Equals Success  By : Greg Frost
    In order to accomplish anything, one must believe that the power to achieve the goal lies within them. This is how weight loss affirmations equals success. To affirm something such as a goal is to believe that it exists and it is possible. Let's stop a moment to look at the phrase 'weight loss affirmation equals success'. In the western world reading is done from left to right across the page while in other parts of the world, reading is done from right to left. Looking at this phrase in reverse order can change the mental picture greatly. Success equals affirming loss of weight.
  • Draft Your Own Unique Sewing Pattern Part 2  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    I remember my friend Heidi always wearing clothes that completely stood out in every party! She was always in clothes that fitted her well and made her look like a dream. She neither had the ‘perfect ten figure’ nor did she have a huge bank balance to buy designer clothes every time!
  • Five Must Have Pattern Drafting Tools  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    It is always advisable that you make your own patterns and draft them all by yourself. If you are fond of drafting patterns for your clothes on your own and believe in the independence and perfection that it gives you, then one thing that you must be careful about is to make sure that you settle only for the best! It is great to think about wearing clothes that are designed exclusively by you and thus look great on you.
  • Draft Your Own Unique Sewing Patterns  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    Why should you settle for average outfits when you have the best patterns at your disposal? When you can look your best every time you walk out of your door, there is no reason why you should not make an effort to do just that.
  • Using the Proper Curves for Pattern Making, Fitting and Designing  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    Our appearance has a lot to do with our self confidence and our personality. Have you ever realized how you carry yourself with far more ease and confidence when you know you are looking great in what you are wearing?
  • Self Help To Speed Reading  By : Roberto Sedycias
    What is speed reading? Is it just fast reading and nothing else? Of course it is the skill to read volume of words as you can per minute and be able to understand it.
  • Making Sewing Patterns Fit You  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    A lot of designs look great on the hanger but at the end of the day after you have spent a fortune to buy it you might well realize that it does not look half as good on yourself.
  • Easily Create Sewing Patterns  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    If you are someone who is very particular about what you were and how well your clothes fit you then you should rather opt to create sewing patterns of your own!
  • Easy Pattern Making System  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    Are you really fond of sewing but do not know where exactly you can find the best pattern making system? Well then your best choice is sure to be the Lutterloh System. Easy to use and extremely efficient, it is ‘a dream come true’ for every sewer.
  • Self-Improvement Through Subliminal Seduction  By : Greg Frost
    In order to learn how self-improvement through subliminal seduction happens or what this technique entails, the definition of the terms must first be examined. Looking at the word seduction, the dictionary defines it as 'a conscious sitting for the purpose of pursuing a particular activity. The word 'subliminal' refers to the portion of the mind that is below or beneath the level of awareness which is lodged in the conscious mind.
  • The Power Of Subliminal Ads  By : Greg Frost
    What is Subliminal Ads? If one searches the dictionary for the term 'subliminal', it is interesting to note where this word actually comes from. 'Sub' of course means below and the second part of this term 'liminal' is the Latin word for 'threshold'. It can now be concluded that the term 'subliminal' refers to the existence of something below the level or threshold of the conscious mind. The dictionary also notes that at the subliminal level any activity is not enough to register in the conscious mind but has the power to elicit a response, which when passed through the subconscious mind is immediately stored for future use.
  • The Conscious And Subconscious Mind Must Harmonize  By : Greg Frost
    The conscious and the subconscious mind must harmonize in order for our life to exist. In the 1950's, there was a line in a popular song which very effectively illustrated this concept- 'you can't have one without the other'. For example, when we see any object such as a 'table', the conscious mind operating in the state of awareness sees the object. Without even thinking about it, the memory bank located in the subconscious mind, which holds the key for that symbol, quickly kicks in to give the conscious mind the ability to name the object.
  • Being Happy - Are You Doing What You Love  By : Suzie Crawford
    Many of us only give whatever time we have left over after work, surviving and sleeping to the things we truly love and value. We have to turn that equation around. The answer to many of our frustrations, heartaches or challenges can often be found by recognising that you are living in conflict with what you value. Are you doing what you love?
  • What is the Right Question to Ask?  By : LeAnna Benn
    By asking questions, I was able to change his misinformed thoughts and ideas and at the same time motivate him in life. Trough communication, character and behavior are disseminated and those bad influences are filtered. He was now able to cooperate with his teacher and at the same time apply the family values regarding fortune telling. Now, he can
  • What All Millionaire-Entrepreneurs Have In Common (It’s Way Simpler Than You Think)  By : Client Attraction
    I recently spent four long days and nights with information marketing millionaires at the Information Marketing Summit and was astonished to hear that many of them, when pressed for THE secret of their recent 7-figure success, named ONE and only one.
  • Subliminal Technology - Effective Use Of Audio Subliminal Messages  By : Greg Frost
    Subliminal downloads have really taken the world by storm. The rise of subliminal motivation cd and subliminal products is one act that has gained popularity in today's human society. Therapy offered by subliminal technology can in no way be compared with conventional use of drugs or any other remedies used to cure mental health complications. Subliminal messages are used to communicate to the subconscious mind resulting to a myriad of positive outcomes. This mental technology is made to help the mind reconstruct through positive subliminal message and sounds. People with low motivation are advised to boost their motivation through listening to subliminal motivation cd.
  • Does a Pleasing Personality Win in the Training Room?  By : Vincent Stevenson
    This article desribes how to use the natural attributes of your personality to succeed in whatever area of training you currently occupy.
  • Utilizing Brain Power To Harvest The Best In You  By : Ian Spencer
    We spend hours in gym for body fitness, we take nutritional supplements to balance our diet, but majority of us ignore to exercise our brain. Brain power is something that requires our close attention, because it is that supreme seating that controls the entire voluntary and involuntary actions of human body.
  • Rewrite Your Destiny With Powers Of The Mind  By : Ian Spencer
    In the words of Rhonda Byron, 'an individual is the most powerful magnet in the universe. He contains a magnetic power within himself that is more powerful than anything in this world and this unfathomable magnetic power is emitted through his thoughts'. Power of mind is the strongest weapon that differentiates human beings from other forms of living.
  • Learn How To Use Subliminal Messages  By : Greg Frost
    Before we can address the use of subliminal messaging, we must first have a firm understanding of what subliminal messaging is and the techniques involved to make it work. Subliminal messages are so brief that the conscious mind is not even aware of them. What is even more astounding is the fact that every word we hear and every thing we see enters the conscious mind. This is then immediately passed on to the subconscious mind without any help from us. The reason it happens so easily is that most of the time the message is not interesting enough for the conscious mind to register it much less react to it.
  • Grief Counselor  By : Michael Logan
    I am not a grief counselor by education, however, my clients, no matter what the presenting issue, have at some point demonstrated grief, sadness, even intense crying, about a loss which has impacted their lives, so I made it a point to learn something about grief and the grieving process.
  • Do Mascots Increase School Spirit?  By : Adriana Noton
    A school mascot can be an animal or insect to a type of person, flower or other entity. Mascots have been associated with athletic teams since inter-school team competition began in the post-Civil War era in the late 19th century.
  • What Does Independence Mean for a Person with Bipolar Disorder  By : Cassandra L. Good
    July 4 is considered the day that America gained her freedom. It is called Independence Day. What does it mean to be independent? Some synonyms for independent are: free, self-governing, and self-reliant. I have heard others with bipolar disorder complain about their medication describing it as a mental straight jacket.
  • Top 3 Self Improvement Techniques The Fact That For No Reason Fail  By : Alta Burgun
    Can you want so that you can learn this self improvement techniques of which under no circumstances fail? That you're in relation to to help discover the particular top three or more techniques the fact that allow you to enhance that quality associated with your daily life
  • Creating Self-Defined Success  By : Doreen Rainey
    Success is self-defined. It's tapping into the talents, passion and gifts you have to create a life - and a lifestyle - that brings you joy and fulfillment. Using the word "SUCCESS", I've outlined seven strategies to help you create your successful life.
  • Overcoming Addiction Through Subconscious Learning  By : Greg Frost
    Everyone finds themselves addicted in some habit; the results of these addictions may be very embarrassing and hard to break loose from. Most addictions are drug related however in definition addiction can cover unpleasant habits exhibits in every area of human activities. The word addiction is describes as the psychology obsession and compulsive need, which manifest itself in physical dependence on a specific drug or activity. Addiction on a particular activity can deter your production ability as a human being. It is very important for an individual to maintain a right mind state in tackling any issue. An individual can overcome addiction through subconscious learning. This can be through the use of subliminal technology.
  • He Was the Biggest Man I Ever Knew  By : Bill Schmalfeldt
    My old man was a giant. Figuratively if not literally. He stood 5-9 in his stocking feet. But even when he was dying of cancer, when his voice boomed... you listened!
  • Multiple Personalities – And Why You Need Them To Succeed  By : Chuck Boyce
    If somebody told you that you have “multiple personalities,” the news might send you running to a psychiatrist for some therapy sessions and maybe some Prozac. But if you are or are planning to become a business owner, the one single personality you call “you” is probably not enough.
  • Personal Development Seminars for People on the Go  By : Drew Innes A
    Ever wondered why you have always felt that there's something missing in your life? What might be wrong when you have what you want; a promising career, a luxury car, your dream home, even the person you want to spend your entire life with? It may sound like the perfect life we all wish for! A personal development seminar may be able to take you from the 'good life' to a 'great life'.
  • Personal Development Seminars: To A New You  By : Drew Innes A
    What is a Personal Development Seminar?

    A personal development seminar is an event, which can bring about change in the areas where you want to improve or develop. These areas could be related to work, money, personal relationships or just plain self-satisfaction and happiness. Personal developme
  • You Never Know When Violence Will Strike: Learn to Defend Yourself  By : William Gabriel
    It's not enough that we have to hear of war and riots every time we open the daily newspaper, but we also have to hear of random acts of violence that happen in our own backyard. If it happens to someone you don't know, you feel bad for the person and then move on with your day. But when it happens to you, or someone you love, your whole world can fall apart. Unless, of course you have proper self defense training.
  • DIY Hypnosis To Promote Self Confidence  By : Nicolas Baron
    Self confidence is improved when positive thoughts are infused into our minds. This article covers how to begin your journey into self hypnosis. Change from negative to positive is easily achieved using the advice given.

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