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  • Men’s Steel Bracelets  By : John Brown12
    Bracelets are the jewelry which enhances one’s self confidence due to the added appeal and beauty to the wrist. Almost all women use bracelets. Today men too started wearing variety of bracelets.
  • Men’s Stainless Steel Jewelry  By : John Brown12
    In today’s world ornaments and jewelries are not only for the women. They are more liked by men too. Men started to wear all type of jewelry from bracelets, necklaces or chains to studs and rings.
  • Necklaces And How To Wear Them  By : Mark Bailey
    Necklaces has been a basic allotment of adornment back in the time of age-old civilizations. The bearing of them is believed to be as old as the Stone Age. At that time, people used to to adorn themselves with mollusk ones. Later, neck ware fabricated of stones, bones, shells and beastly teeth became popular. After several years, metal, silver and gold were discovered, man acclimated to accomplish eye communicable necklaces out of it.
  • Creating Your Custom Military Ring  By : tishbite
    There are several steps that you have to take in order to create your custom military ring. This guide will help to navigate you through the process.
  • Biker Jewelry Guidebook - All You Ever Wanted to Know About Biker Jewelry a.k.a. Gothic Silver Jewel  By : Bloodysilver A
    Gothic silver Jewelry Guidebook - All you ever wanted to know about Biker jewelry a.k.a. Gothic silver jewelry
  • Bracelets With Motivational Quotations Influence Your Subconscious Mind  By : Ulrica R. Richmond
    You always perform based on your self-image. Your self-image is made up of the messages that you feed into your mind. The messages you wear on your wrist or around your neck reflect your subconscious beliefs about yourself. Wearing bracelets with encouraging and motivational quotations you’ll feed your mind with success images and increase ultimately your success. Thus it is important what kind of messages you are wearing on your wrist. Inspirational bracelets and necklaces with powerful motivational quotations help you focus your mind on positive thoughts and encourage you to move toward your goals.
  • Wedding Anniversary with Stainless Steel Rings  By : John Brown12
    Happiness has no destination; it only has its ups and downs and keeps going. If you get married, you and your spouse would have your ups and downs in your married life, this is
  • Choose Gemstones According to Your Horoscope  By : Leonid Sinichkin
    Learn which precious stones you should use according to your sign of Zodiac. Using those stones will help you soften the negative influences that may exist in your birth chart and manifest your hidden qualities.
  • Ring Sizes  By : Sadie Backhurst
    A ring is a valuable object that may be preserved for a lifetime depending on the sort of ring. It can be composed of different elements with varying levels of resilience and attractiveness. A ring may be bought for several reasons, the most compelling of which is for a marriage proposal.
  • Antique Jewellery: A Sound Investment?  By : Rebecca Leeson
    Antique jewellery is not always as pricey as you may think and, what's more, if bought carefully, it can work out to be a sound long term investment.
  • CK Jewellery  By : Peter Farrar
    The beauty of jewellery by Calvin Klein is in the luxurious, timeless simplicity each piece has. The rings, necklaces and other stunning items in the numerous jewellery lines by Calvin Klein all embody the same minimal opulence of its relative clothing lines.
  • Why Quality Silver Jewelry is Popular Today  By : david tom x
    Quality silver jewelry is a great addition to any jewelry collection, but there are very real reasons why this type of jewelry has become more popular in recent years. Many people collect silver jewelry because they enjoy the look and the style of the metal.
  • Murano Glass Jewelry - Easy methods to Spark Your Life With The Finest Italian Artwork  By : Domenica Dziak
    Italians are well-known for his or her quick cars, distinctive architecture, renowned artists and exquisite jewellery, amongst many different things.
  • Buy the Perfect Diamond Right Hand Ring  By : Travis donald
    "Right hand Ring" it is a fashion statement for today's career and independent women who have a flair for fashion diamond ring, which flaunts their purchasing power with a carefree attitude and a creative mind accompanied with a sense of style.
  • Wholesale Western Decor | Decor | Wholesale Home Decorating  By : Ricky Brown
    The Fleur de Lis, Wholesale western décor which has some rich historical meanings, becomes more and more selection with the citizens of Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. Visit for buying wholesale décor, wholesale decorations, wholesale home décor, wholesale decorative, wholesale decorating, wholesale western décor, wholesale home decorating, wholesale fleur de lis, décor, wholesale beach décor and wholesale country decoration.
  • The Real Value of Gold Jewellery  By : Peter Farrar
    Gold has long been the accepted international standard of wealth. Even in today's market, with gold at record highs, there is a demand for gold jewellery. Gold is the standard for wedding rings, which are more stylish than ever in an attempt to reduce the amount of gold needed to make a ring.
  • Estate Jewelry Buyers Can Buy Large Lots Of Jewelry  By : rss41
    Do you know where to buy antique bracelets? Estate jewelry buyers look for antiques like Georgian jewelry. Estate jewelers are buying and selling gold. If you want to buy antique jewelry, you can buy from them or auctions. Estate jewelry can have vintage jewelry. Read this article to discover what estate buyers do.
  • Fashion Jewellery by Diesel  By : Peter Farrar
    Diesel is a company that has built its reputation on its clothing line and collections. They are known as the it's ok to be stupid company, don't think just be and wear there denims, footwear and accessories.
  • Which Metal is Best for Charm Bracelets?  By : Amber S
    While historically yellow gold charm bracelets have been the tradition, this is certainly not the case anymore. Generally yellow gold charm bracelets can be traced back to the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, making them the true original charm bracelets.
  • An Essay on Chrome Hearts Jewelry Designs. The Slowly Changing Face of Chrome Hearts Jewelry  By : Bloodysilver
    A review on Chrome Hearts Jewelry intricate designs. The Gradually Evolving Appeal of Chrome Hearts Jewelry
  • An Informative Discussion about the Tony Creed Franchise, Tony Creed Jewelry  By : Bloodysilver
    An informative discussion on the Tony Creed culture, Tony Creed Jewelry & the brand's famous founder Tony Creed. This discourse takes the reader through the past of the Tony Creed label label and its rapid ascension to the top of the gothic silver jewelry world.
  • A Comprehensive Discussion About the Heavy Magic Brand, Heavy Magic Jewelry  By : Bloodysilver
    A useful essay about the Heavy Magic franchise, Heavy Magic Jewelry & its illustrious Founder Will Cascio. This discussion follows the reader through the history of the Heavy Magic label franchise and its quick ascension to the peak of the sterling silver gothic jewelry industry.
  • A Useful Article about the Justin Davis Style, Justin Davis Jewelry  By : Bloodysilver
    A Comprehensive discourse on the Justin Davis culture, Justin Davis Jewelry & the brand's famous founder Justin Davis. This discourse charts the reader through the past of the Justin Davis label brand and its quick promotion to the top of the gothic silver jewelry industry.
  • A Simple Approach To Find The Right Jewelry For Your Loved Ones  By : Jeff Gross
    If you’d like to make a lasting impression on someone you care about you should truly consider buying them an exquisite piece of handmade jewelry. Finding the right piece is not always a simple task – as many of us know!
  • A Guide to Purchasing Diamond Earrings  By : Christina Stella
    Diamond jewellery have always been a well-liked choice for males to give to the 1 they love. Also, women select these earrings because they are sturdy and gorgeous. Therefore, prior to setting out to purchase the pair that you have coveted, see if these are worth your cash.

    Diamonds jewellery are expensive-a truth in life, really. Prior to you purchase diamonds earrings, it is much better to do some background research to figure out which minimize or shape should you buy. Diamonds are far too costly for you to make instant decisions.
  • What Makes a Diamond So Precious?  By : Jim Knight
    What makes a diamond so precious? First, is its extreme rarity. On an average, 100 tons of rock have to be mined to extract 2 grams of diamonds. Second, is its extreme beauty. There are a few parameters to determine a diamond's value - the four Cs (carat, cut, color, and clarity), shape and fluorescence. A diamond's history also affects its price.
  • Will Your Lady Like The Engagement Ring?  By : Warren Robertson
    Engagement rings signify a bond between a man and a woman and serve as a remembrance of the wedding proposal pursued by the man.
  • A White Gold Bracelet Is Sure To Charm Any Woman  By : Les Scammell
    Jewelry is always one of the most popular gifts a man can give his partner and charm bracelets provide an opening for further gifts over time. I can't think of a better way of putting a smile on the face of a special person than through the gift of white gold charm bracelet with appropriate charms already added.
  • Biagi Beads  By : Peter Newtanina
    Ever been curious about what Biagi Beads are? They are a new line of jewelry called the Carlo Biagi Bead Collection. It is a distinctive line of over 900 sterling silver jewelry pieces that were born from contemporary Italian design. It is innovative, elegant, and it flaunts a sexy European design that is sure to capture the heart of your loved one.
  • All You Ever Wanted To Know About Jewelry But Were Afraid to Ask  By : Christina Stella
    It is thought that jewelry date back to 3000 BC where they originated in Asia and appeared in 2 formats, one getting the easy hoop earring and the other the greater elaborate pendant earring.

    The oldest earrings ever discovered by archaeologists had been discovered in royal graves in Iraq and date back again to close to 2500 BC. Gold, silver and
  • Pandora Charms - Why Could It Be Also Called Pandora Beads  By : J. Alias
    There are lots of different jewellery items available on the market. These kinds of products come in almost all different shapes and sizes and can be in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. However, there is certainly 1 item which has turn out to be very popular lately. The product? Charms and beads.
  • Piercing Care For Gold Belly Button Rings  By : Jesse Whitehead
    Whether using gold belly button rings, silver ones, or any other material, great care should be taken when getting one's belly button pierced. The ill effects of improperly caring for a navel piercing might seem mild for some, but they can be quite serious as well. It is important for someone who has a piercing to understand the risks, and take full responsibility for any adverse reactions that may occur.
  • Belly Button Jewelry - Some Things To Consider  By : Jesse Whitehead
    Belly button jewelry is seen by many people nowadays as a trendy and cool fashion statement. However, you should understand that getting a belly button pierced is not something to be taken lightly. This article presents some things you should consider before you make the decision to get your navel pierced.
  • Tips For Purchasing A Blue Diamond Engagement Ring  By : Rachael Stone
    Learn how to buy a blue diamond engagement ring. Know what to look for and how to get true value when purchasing these gorgeous rings
  • Learn How to Make a Family Themed Charm Bracelet  By : Amber S
    A family themed bracelet with a collection of charms that focus on different aspects of the family unit is a wonderful way to surprise a mother or grandmother for any special holiday or event. Of course you don't have to wait for a special day, any time or occasion is perfect for this type of specialized collection of charms and a beautiful bracelet.
  • Buy Quality Fine Jewelry Online  By : Chris Robertson
    Online sellers of quality fine jewelry offer many different types of wedding bands, diamond jewelry, men's jewelry, and religious jewelry.
  • 3 Alternatives to Diamonds For Jewelry  By : Gradlein A
    Lab-created diamonds are artificially produced in laboratories and have a similar use to natural diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds, lab diamonds are devoid of limitations such as scarcity and price. The technology behind the creation of man-made diamonds are continuously improved to be able to produce a diamond that is similar to natural diamonds.
  • How To Choose Designers Jewelry For Your Body Type?  By : rss41
    Do you know what type of jewelry you need? Choosing the right fine jewelry improves your appearance. Your size determines what fine jewelry to buy. Buy the best jewelry you can buy. Are you short and round? Then a certain style of jewelry will fit you. Read this article for jewelry buying tips.
  • Homemade Jewelry : Top 3 Things to Know  By : Simon Johnnson
    How many times do you remember making necklaces for yourself with Fruit Loops cereal meant for your breakfast?
  • The 5 C's of Diamond Rating - Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat and Created Diamonds  By : Stephen Daniels
    For centuries, jewelry diamonds have been evaluated using the four Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat. However, recent innovations have allowed the addition of a fifth C: created. Thanks to innovations in modern chemistry and physics, it is now possible to create jewel-quality diamonds. Created diamonds are free of the defects and inclusions that are present in most mined stones.
  • Dichroic Glass Bead Wonders  By : Jon Linch
    Beads might be built of different supplies like seeds, wood and plastic. But tumbler beads is the ideal types in the aspect of appears as properly as durability. Goblet as a substance is transparent and this is the motive you can add pulsating shades and textures to these tumbler beads. You'll find a variety of types of a glass beads like handmade dichroic a glass beads, Czech cup beads and so forth.
  • Gem Stone Colors  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Gemstones come in many colors. Some people choose their gemstones by the type of stone. For example they will prefer rubies or diamonds. For others, they choose their gemstones by the color like white gemstones that go with every outfit or for an outfit with a lot of red, a woman may choose to by ruby jewelry to go with her outfit.
  • Fashion Jewelry Right for Clothing  By : li baocai
    One of the best methods to add a little extra flair to an outfit would be fashion jewelry.
  • Platinum Jewelry  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Platinum jewelry is a popular pure white metal. Platinum occurs naturally in the alluvial sands of various rivers and it is very rare. Since Platinum is so rare, many cannot afford it. When someone can afford platinum jewelry it is often purchased for a bride. Wearing platinum jewelry in a rare honor that most men and women never get to experience.
  • Guide to Birthstones  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Each month of the year had a birthstone; here is a list of the birthstones.
  • A Synthetic Diamond Engagement Ring Is No Longer Considered An Imitation  By : Dr Phillips
    Possessing a beautiful diamond engagement ring can no doubt turn heads. With today's technology and the man-made ability to revolve untainted carbon into the real thing, a synthetic diamond engagement ring will trick even the best jewelers.
  • Pearls - Questions And Answers  By : Tristan Andrews
    Are all Tahitian pearls black? What's the difference between a cultured pearl and a natural pearl? Are freshwater pearls inferior to saltwater pearls? Are South Sea pearls really golden?
  • Advantages Of Having A Jewelery Program Training System  By : Adriana Noton
    Since the beginning of civilization, jewelry has been used as a form of expression. It reveals the most intimate knowledge about a person because jewelry is a way to show off to everyone else. It covers everything from marital status to social status, to age and finally to the many experiences that make themselves known as a person grows older and
  • Winter Fashion News for 2010  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Winter is alive and well across the United States as we enter into 2010. The fashion news for 2010 will help you to stop wondering what you should be wearing the rest of winter. When it comes to fashion, the latest news in fashion should be a starting point for developing your own personal style. Current trends include lots of room for individualit
  • Scales for Weighing Diamonds and Gemstones  By : Mel Joelle
    The right scale is crucial for anyone in the jewelry trade, as well as jewelry hobbyists and enthusiasts. Diamonds and other gemstones must be weighed carefully and exactly. Often there are legal standards to which your scale must adhere if you are planning on running a diamond or gemstone business, so checking your local laws (they tend to vary from state to state) is very important before you make your scale purchase. Other important factors to consider:
  • Diamond Specifics To Find The Perfect Wedding Engagement Ring  By : Timmy Jordan
    There are many items to consider as you are being taught the best way to obtain a diamond, and you should never rush into acquiring a diamond with out initially engaging in a little shopping around as to how the diamonds are priced.
  • Top Tips to Clean Your Jewelry  By : Simon Johnnson
    Noticed how you are always running short of time while getting dressed. The clock will not tick any slower but there are ways however, in which you can combat the time crunch.
  • Gold Charms Make the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion  By : Lisa Gelvers
    If you are like most people you can close your eyes and remember the tinkling sound your mother’s charm bracelet made as she glided past you. Perhaps you spent time together in a big comfy chair or on a porch swing as she wistfully described which occasion each charm was intended to commemorate. You can give the women in your life that very same special item. Or maybe it is your grandmother’s gold charms that you remember. It doesn’t matter which honored female member of your family that flashes through your mind when you think of gold charms and charm bracelets. What does matter is that when you select a gold charm bracelet or charm pendant you are buying a gift that will be appreciated and treasured by the special woman in your life.
  • Wedding Ring Traditions  By : Rebecca Leeson
    A jeweller often gets asked about which hand a wedding ring should be worn. But not all jewellers know WHY we wear wedding rings and how the custom started. Here's a potted history of the wedding ring!
  • Pearls: Facts You Should Know About Them  By : Jessica A.
    The demand for pearls has increased tremendously over the past few decades. This has forced pearl cultivators to come up with newer techniques of producing good quality pearls in high numbers. Gemologists use their analytical skills and market experience to identify pearls but some times even the best gemologists fail to identify the real pearl. Identification of authentic gemstones like pearls has become extremely important.
  • Top Tips For Choosing An Emerald Engagement Ring  By : Ginnie
    There are many unique and beautiful rings available when a person is planning a marriage. Choosing the perfect ring can be difficult when you are trying to find the ring that will reflect your personality and style.
  • Men’s Rings Today  By : letetiya
    While it may seem like a new thing to so many people, men’s rings have been a concept since ancient times. Back then the value of men’s rings were mostly practical: men wore wedding bands for purposes of symbol, perhaps in royalty or nobility. Men’s rings that were worn around the thumb were there to keep the fingers safe while archers shot their a
  • Wholesale Beads - Perfect For Jewelry Making  By : J. Alias
    In the field of jewelry, India is having great fame and recognition throughout the world. Indian jewelry is known for its uniqueness in art and design. Beads contribute a big share to the Indian jewelry market. Glass beads, Kashmiri beads, wood beads, clay beads, crystal beads, horn beads and a versatile range of other beads are well known for their utilization in the Indian jewelry market.
  • Keeping Fine Jewelry Cleaned  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Just wearing jewelry will cause it to have oils, dirt, and dust to begin to build up on it. Sometimes jewelry is exposed to chemicals from normal cleaning, hand washing, and job requirements. Often fine jewelry is only brought out of the jewelry box or safe for special occasions, but some jewelry owners want to wear and enjoy their jewelry every da
  • Finding The Ideal Diamond For Investments  By : Les Scammell
    The ideal diamond can be hard to find. Do you know what to look for when selecting the ideal diamond. This article will put you in the direction.
  • Gem & Jewelry Care  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Although the beauty of a gem can last for centuries, it can be damaged or destroyed in an instant. For this reason, it is important to understand the durability of each gemstone you possess and the wearability of the setting your gems are set in. It is also important to know how to protect gems from harm and how to properly maintain and care for your jewelry in general. Proper care begins with learning to recognize and avoiding anything in many of your daily activities, which may cause a threat or risk to your gemstones. It doesnÂ’t matter if the jewelry or gemstone was purchased for an investment or has sentimental value; it is worth learning more about their care and maintenance.
  • Ruby – The Enchanting Gemstone  By : Vishnu Batwara
    Gemstones have always been a favorite with both men and women. One of the most enchanting gemstones loved by every man and woman is ruby. A ruby is actually a variety of corundum, which is red in color. The color red is what makes the ruby so exotic and also lends it a different appearance from other forms of corundum like sapphires.
  • The Past, Present, and Future of Gold  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Though some men and women prefer silver or may have a few pieces of silver jewelry in their jewelry box, gold jewelry is still the most popular and preferred. For thousands of years, gold’s luxurious feel, lasting beauty, and easy workability has made it the world’s most treasured metal.
  • Jewelry Gift Giving on Valentine's Day  By : Karen Rockfeller
    In many English-speaking countries, cards, flowers, candy, and gifts of jewelry have been given by men and women alike every February 14th to express their love. You may wonder where did this unique holiday get its roots?
  • The Richness of Pearls  By : Karen Rockfeller
    While most gems are minerals produced geologically, pearls are organic. The mystique of pearls is connected to this. Since the beginning of recorded history, pearls have been considered one of the most beautiful, magical, and valuable of all gems. Most gems depend upon cutting, faceting, and carving in order to release the beauty of their characteristics, while pearls emerge away their shells gleaming and beautiful.
  • Black Diamond History  By : christopher kyle
    Carbonado, usually identified as the "Black Diamond", is a genuine polycrystalline diamond originating in alluvial deposits in the Innermost African Republic and Brazil.
  • Newbie Guide To Buying A Diamond Ring  By : N. Messe
    The perfect diamond ring can be an engagement ring signifying the promise of a life shared. It can also be a wedding or anniversary ring in celebration of a lifetime of happiness.
  • Put a Sparkle On Her Finger  By : N. Messe
    The perfect diamond ring can be an engagement ring signifying the promise of a life shared. It can also be a wedding or anniversary ring in celebration of a lifetime of happiness.
  • Comparison of Swarovski Crystal and Diamonds  By : jamesallen
    It is the general perception that Swarovski Crystal is luxurious, expensive, and eye-catchy. It is presumably for this reason, that most designers are using Swarovski
  • The Importance of Organizing Your Jewelry  By : John S Brana
    Taking stock of your current jewelry assortment not only saves you time and money. it also produces better accessorized outfits. Learn how to go through your jewellery collection and produce stunning coordinated ensembles.
  • John Hardy Jewelry- Grab Rare Pieces on Sale  By : Jai Prakash Srivastava
    As the name suggests, the John Hardy Jewelry collection was launched by a Canadian designer named John Hardy in the year 1989. On his trip to Bali, he was quite impressed by the way the people there used to make jewelry. He was quite interested in the tradition and took up the work. He started working with local artisans and mixed some new designs
  • February Birth Stones - The Gemstone of the Royals  By : John S Brana
    Amethyst is a symbol of protection in many crowds connecting it to obsession. Amethyst is generally said to bestow strength to its wearer to defeat any obsession.
  • Fancy Color Diamonds, Custom Jewelry, Savings and Satisfaction  By : Seren Diamonds
    Diamond Jewelry has always been a very popular gift item but anybody who has ever purchased diamond jewelry probably knows how expensive it can be. Anybody who has ever been unfortunate enough to have to try to sell one of those diamonds probably also knows how much is lost when you buy the diamond jewelry premade.
  • Why You Can Never Go Wrong With Designer Jewelry  By : Tiffany Vuitton
    I always tend to stick with designer jewelry because it is usually better made and stays in fashion longer. Here are some more reasons you should consider it ....
  • Hip Hop Jewelry - What You Need To Know About It!  By : Tiffany Vuitton
    One of today's hottest styles for jewelry is Hip Hop. Read on to learn more about it and where to buy it cheap.
  • History And Facts About Egyptian Jewelry  By : Tiffany Vuitton
    If you are interested in Egyptian jewelry, here is a short history on the topic. Read on to learn some important information and facts....
  • Jewelry is a Girl’s Best Friend.  By : Lisa Gelvers
    If you are ever wanting to impress your girlfriend or girl buddy then you cannot go past jewelry and it doesn’t have to be an expensive diamond. There is an amazing range of jewelry available today – not just in jewelry stores but also online.
  • Divulging the Mysteries of the Abalone Shell  By : Robert Thomson
    The abalone is a mysterious creature for those unfamiliar with marine life. It is farmed and harvested for various purposes such as food and jewelry. They are considered as mollusks and have tough shells and soft squishy bodies.
  • Men’s Designer Cufflinks – How to look Chic and Stylish  By : TrendToGo, Inc
    Now, that you know how to wear cufflinks, why don’t you go over the internet and search for some cool designs. It’s never too late or too soon to make style statement with designer men cufflinks.
  • The Experts Guide to Buying Rubies  By : thesidman
    Learn all the tricks of the trade when looking to buy your dream ruby.
  • 4 Things to Consider when Buying Rubies  By : thesidman
    How to decide what to pay for a ruby
  • What is an Amethyst  By : thesidman
    This article gives an overview of the Amethyst gemstone.
  • The Mysterious Apatite  By : Vincenzo Carlos Platania
    A beautiful stone with so much to offer is starting to make a statement in the world of gems. With its amazing colors and it easy availability makes the Apatite a jewel to invest in.
  • Gold Jewelry Exposed – What’s The Difference Between 18k Or 24k  By : Susan Lee
    Pure gold is a heavy, flexible, and soft metal that’s been used in trade for many thousands of years since the early human civilization.
  • The Rise and Fall and Rise of Venetian Glassmaking  By : Lewis Jewlers
    Glassmaking in Murano, Italy has a long and impressive history. In fact, it is the longest lasting center for glass making in history. From the 9th century to today, Murano has continued to produce beautiful and innovative artwork through generations of success and failure.
  • Bead-dazzle: Bead making's Rich and Colorful History  By : Lewis Jewlers
    The most renowned glass bead making era developed in Venice - the famous Murano glass beads.
  • Glass Beads: Ancient Art Form Still Graces Jewelry of Today  By : Lewis Jewlers
    For more than 5,000 years, decorative glass beads have been in existence. In fact, it is one of the most ancient forms of art known to mankind. Archaeological evidence points to its earliest existence in Mesopotamia as early as 2340 B.C. With the discovery of fire came various methods to create these tiny ornaments, such as "core-forming," which used a metal mandrel with pieces of glass held over a flame. As the glass warmed and softened, the bead makers would wrap it around the mandrel, creating intricate beads.
  • With Fashion Jewelry Crazes at Discounted Prices  By : Icamm Pilin
    Winter season is not only about fashion wear but jewelries also. Putting some irresistible jewelries will help you shine out!
  • The Best Imitation Jewelry Looks Better Than Real Jewelry  By : Mia Phillips
    You must have heard the saying - all that glitters is not gold. That's right, there's a lot that can glitter and look awesome without being as expensive as gold is. We're talking about imitation jewelry or faux bijoux as it's called in French. Imitation jewelry is made of materials that are not precious like gold, but are no less in attractiveness.
  • Reasons For The Popularity Of Diamond Engagement Ring  By : Fisher
    People always want to make their marriage ceremony special by using diamond wedding rings.
  • How To Choose Jewelry for Your Wedding Party  By : Lewis Jewlers
    Choices in the wedding party's dress and jewellery facilitate to line the tone plus mood of a marriage day.
  • Try Some Great Gift Ideas For Mom  By : Lewis Jewlers
    She's your favorite cook, baker plus bottle-washer. She's your staunchest supporter and always there along with a listening ear. She owns a group of incriminating baby bathing photos and loves to recall those nearly all embarrassing moments.
  • Prescious Gems Once Fastidiously Cut Are A Terribly Interesting Collectible To Put away At Home  By : George Magillicutty
    When precious stones are found in mines, they don't look half as dazzling as they must look. Gems are finely cut, shaped and polished to provide it that mesmerizing gorgeous and spectacular look. The method of cutting the stone is called gem cutting or lapidary.
  • Top 5 Best Selling Cross Pendants  By : randy marks
    During this festive season fancy the festive mood with reasonable and modern cross pendants and make a vogue statement keeping religion and religion in view. In fact, cross necklaces are a image of faith all over the world. There are various designs and styles accessible, in diamond, gold, silver, and stone studded.
  • Get the Facts on Shell Pearls  By : Robert Thomson
    A shell pearl is a pearl made from the shell of oysters, mollusks and other similar creatures. It is also known by the name of "mother of pearl" and is used in ornaments, jewelries, clothing and accessories.
  • The Diamond You Choose Could Become An Heirloom  By : N. Messe
    Getting the right ring, one that could possibly become an heirloom in your family, and be passed down through the generations, is a big decision.
  • Diamond Wedding Bands  By : yasirr butt
    You reap what you sow. Nowhere is that more evident than in the current trend that sees jewelry showcases brilliant white stripes of gold and platinum rings and the type made popular in the 50's and 60's.Recent gradually around for the past five to 10 years as a natural result of young couples with acquired several expensive pieces of silver.
  • Earrings Are The Final Fashion Statement For Woman  By : Yong Lie
    Earrings are considerable component of any woman’s wardrobe, whether we are headed for a day at the beach, to the office, or to a wedding ceremony. Your earrings give a delicate hint concerning your personality. You could transform the whole look and feel of your wardrobe through adding the right earrings. You can reveal your softer feminine aspect
  • Get the Style of Kanye West With the Rare Black Jesus Pendant  By : Jacobe Smith
    Now you can get Kanye West's style with a black Jesus pendant of your very own! This unique and rare item is not sold in stores so find out how you can get it for yourself.
  • Silver Jewelry - Fashion for Timeless Season  By : Beauty and Health care
    Sterling silver jewelry is made from this sterling silver, which is a white and highly reflective precious metal. It is of superior quality, which reflects in its look and feel. Although less durable than stainless steel and other precious metals, sterling silver is often employed in watches that coordinate or look like sterling jewelry.

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