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  • GIA Diamonds – Credible Gemstones  By : Sharon Abir
    After years of loving relationship, you must be willing to talk to her about your wedding. How will you present your proposal? Give her a diamond engagement ring which will certainly manifest your infinite and undying love for her.
  • Metal Allergies: Try Sterling Silver Earrings  By : Doug Davis
    Many jewelry wearers suffer a variety of difficulties associated with metal allergies. Most people who suffer from skin allergies can wear silver earrings with ease. Because sterling silver is 92.5 percent silver you know you're getting something that has lower levels of other metals. Silver earrings are very nice, beautiful and affordable.
  • Glass Seed Beads  By : Jacque Crook
    One of the most popular beads in the fashion world is glass seed beads. These tiny beads can be used to make jewelry, or even craft your own attire from these seed beads alone. Since they come in a large assortment of colors they can designed to go along with any outfit.
  • Magnetic Beads for Jewelry  By : Jacque Crook
    An item of jewelry which is becoming very popular is magnetic jewelry. It not only looks good but the magnetic beads for jewelry has amazing pain relief properties. You can get magnetic beads in many different colors and styles making them very popular for making your own jewelry.
  • Freshwater Pearl Jewelry  By : Jacque Crook
    Pearls really are a classic look and look good in many different forms of jewelry. Woman love wearing them as they feel sexy and elegant and no matter what jewelry it is they look fantastic. Freshwater pearl jewelry is a fantastic gift for you to give or to treat yourself; they are affordable but look so expensive and can be worn with any outfit.
  • Fine Jewelry As Gifts  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Fine jewelry pieces have long been used as tokens due to their timeless appeal and rich symbolic value
  • Finding the Watch to Match Your Wrist  By : Terry Daniels
    When you are looking to find a new watch you have to make sure you know what you are signing up for. This article describes a great way to go about buying the watch that is perfect for you.
  • Buying Los Angeles Diamonds and Jewelry  By : William D. Sloan
    If you (or that special someone) loves diamonds, and you're looking for the right piece of Los Angeles jewelry or the perfect Los Angeles jewelry designer, then you need to read this to avoid being mislead by subjectively- and incorrectly- graded diamonds.
  • Belly Button's Ring Piercing Tips  By : vishanu
    Are you planning to get your body pierced for wearing Body Part Jewelries? Before deciding to pierce your body for wearing these jewelries, you should remember certain points for safe and comfortable body piercing.
  • Understandings 4 Cs of Diamonds  By : Jim Knight
    Diamonds have always been associated with beauty, rarity and tremendous value, and not without reason. For beauty, the brilliance of a diamond is unsurpassed. For rarity, diamonds are one of the rarest naturally-occurring substances on earth, necessitating the mining of tons of rock to extract a few grams of the precious element.
  • Immortalize The Stages Of Your Relationship Through The 3 Stone Band  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    3 Stone Rings are the exact replicas of the three important stages of a relationship: past, present and future
  • Wedding And Engagement Rings: A Brief History  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Wedding and engagement rings are both significant jewelries that have a long and fruitful history
  • A Simple Guide To Purchasing Cheap Diamonds  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Inexpensive jewelry pieces are hard to find nowadays, unless you wanted to settle for something that is low on quality
  • Diamond Jewelry: The Perfect Gift To Give  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Admit it or not, with so many occasions in a year, you may actually run out of gift ideas
  • GIA Diamonds: The Gemological Diamond Formula  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Diamond engagement rings are not easy to find especially if you have no idea what you are looking for
  • Enduring Handmade Jewelry  By : Tom Babilla
    A special piece of jewelry is sufficient to add sophistication to your dressing and look. Those who are addicted to accessorizing cannot do without these pieces of items. Handmade jewelry comes in varieties (both in styles and forms) and stand out from the crowd because of their unique nature.
  • Designer Jewelry – Buying at Bargain Prices  By : Tom Babilla
    Designer jewelries are increasingly becoming expensive due to high worth placed on them by the classy members of the society. However, if you are a smart online buyer, you can locate online designer jewelry stores that offer great bargains for designer jewelry.
  • Taking Care Of Your Jewelry  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Jewelry is considered a good investment too. It gets expensive as it gets old just like wine, it gets tastier with age. If you invest a lot of money with it especially with high quality jewelries then it is just right for you to take good care of it.
  • Importance of a Diamond Cut  By : John Crowe
    The four C’s are responsible in grading the quality of any diamonds. 4 C’s stands for its cut, clarity, color and carat of a diamond. Its cut is the foremost important qualities among these four C’s. It provides the formed of any diamond. Diamond cut is taken into account to be the foremost important and vital in grading the stones quality. There are completely different cut being created to a diamond and it comes with totally different descriptions.
  • Twilight Fans Take it to the Next Level By Wearing Replica Twilight Jewelry  By : Billlly Jones
    If you havn't heard of the Twilight saga, where have you been? It is one of this generations most popular vampire films and now fans have even started wearing jewelry from the films.
  • Get the Best Deals on Wedding Diamond Bands  By : Groshan Fabiola
    Choosing the wedding diamond bands is definitely one of the most important items on the list of any future bride. Both the bride and the groom are expected to wear their diamond bands for the rest of their lives so you can understand why no one wants to just go out and buy the first items they come across
  • The Flexibility of Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets  By : Jacque Crook
    For those seeking a versatile look that works for any occasion, sterling silver cuff bracelets make the perfect solution. Most bracelets fit right on the wrist and are great for women, young kids and men looking for a simple way to dress up any outfit or just express their personality.
  • Show Someone You Care With Affordable Cubic Zirconia Rings  By : Lance Thorington
    Show affection or even propose marriage without a diamond and maintain a loving and lasting relationship. When you give affordable cubic zirconia rings the thought as well as the cost and value always matter. Often it is the true test of love versus a sense of entitlement because of a special occasion or to show the degree of love professed between two people.
  • Great Ways to Care for Handmade Jewelry Handcrafted Earrings Unique Bracelets  By : Jennifer Hisir
    Keep in mind that handmade jewelry is fragile and not usually meant to endure the beating that it sometimes receives. Taking special steps to prevent damage to your unique handcrafted jewelry pieces will ensure that you always look great wearing your favorite handmade earrings, handmade bracelets and handcrafted necklaces.
  • Obtaining a Dazzling Diamond Necklace Is Easy After You Recognize This  By : Vicente Ross
    Among the many most desireable finishing touches for ladies is the gorgeous diamond necklace. It adds a extraordinary allure to a woman’s personality that shoes or a ladies handbag could never bring. The real key is selecting the best diamond necklace. We are going to share with you a few suggestions about picking the right diamond necklace and getting it for much less.
  • Diamond Cut Grade Quality: Three Stone Diamond Rings  By : jackksmith
    The quality of a diamond’s cut is the only property that should be dependent on the viewer. Although often overlooked, cut is probably “the” most important aspect to consider when choosing diamond jewelry like three stone diamond rings.
  • Solitaire Diamond Rings: Certification and Grading  By : jackksmith
    A Diamond Grading Report is a report or certificate issued by an independent Gemological Laboratory, which states that a diamond (usually over 1 carat) has been examined using various gemological instruments, compared to similar master diamonds, and has been found to contain the characteristics listed in the grading report.
  • Semi Precious Beads to Make Your Own Jewelry  By : Jacque Crook
    Making jewelry from semi precious beads is fairly easy to accomplish but it does take some time and effort to accomplish. It also takes a bit of pre-planning and study to get the right look. Laying out the semiprecious beads in patterns helps a lot to get the right style and the look that you were going for.
  • Bracelets Produced from Cubic Zirconia  By : Fernando Johnson
    Bracelets have been in existence about as long as other items of jewelry. Nowadays, cubic zirconia, has been used quite extensively in the construction of fashion bracelets. The popularity of the use of cubic zirconia in fashion jewelry is without reasons. This article deals with things you need to know about cubic zirconia bracelets.
  • Cubic zirconia jewelry is beautiful in its own right.  By : Andrew Bray
    The days of cubic zirconia being a cheap diamond substitute has long gone and it has become a beautiful stone in its own right. Today many top jewelry designers are using cubic zirconia as a favorite to make beautiful jewelry, at a affordable price.
  • Amber Jewelry beautiful jewelry with this unique stone.  By : Andrew Bray
    Amber was once given to loved ones to bring healing, luck and longevity to the wearer, roman gladiators adorned their weapons and shields with amber and believed that it would protect them in battle, and legend says that amber was golden tears of the gods which fell into the sea and solidified. Today jewelry designers use amber to make exquisite and unique pieces from this interesting stone.
  • Precious gemstone jewelry will last a life time.  By : Andrew Bray
    Historically gemstones were classified into two categories, precious stones and semi-precious stones, in this article we will talk about traditional precious stones. There are four stones that are classed as precious they are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, all other gemstones are classed as semi-precious.
  • Regarding Moral Diamonds and Diamond Branding  By : Sandy Hurst
    All the clarification shared with you here stem from my concern with both issues: Diamond Brands and Moral diamonds. The correlation between man made diamonds and diamond branding is delicate. Non conflict diamonds are used over and over again & interchangeably with blood-free diamonds.
  • Finding The Perfect Diamond  By : Art Gib
    Every man is sure to have a special someone in their life. Finding the perfect gift can seem like a hard task.
  • Diamond Getting Guide: How you can Evaluate Diamonds and their Quality  By : Bernard Lohner
    There is|There's|There is certainly|There exists} no other gemstone really like a diamond.
    Diamond Buying Guide: How you can Evaluate Diamonds and their Quality
    The 4 C's of Diamond Excellent
    About the 4Cs
  • Handmade Lockets by Melissa Stevenson  By : Melanie Pagani a fashion blog based in NYC sits down with jewelry designer Melissa Stevenson for a chat about her new line of beautiful lockets.
  • Man Made Diamonds  By : Sandy Hurst
    We are a consumer society, despite if it looks insulting to some folks. It just runs in the genes, so when you witness a swarm of people rushing to the superstore to swallow some novel product (just look at any "awesome device" that is being advertised on the Television), don't you feel that it appears not a good deal unlike from locusts, flying to
  • Creating Your Own Custom Marine Corps Ring Part II  By : mrnashia
    We want to take the opportunity to give you information which should prove to be invaluable to you when you design your own custom military ring.
  • The Weight of Your Best Engagement Ring  By : Andy Panman
    You will find various designs, styles and sizes available in diamond rings. Regardless of whether your jeweler shows you many diamond engagement rings to choose from, there could be 1 that may catch your fancy with the ideal size of stone you desire on the ring.
  • Maintaining Your Diamond Jewelry - Polished and Sparkling  By : Andy Panman
    Any jewelry you've got counts and price keeping. Regardless of whether like a outcome of of its monetary worth, sentimental relevance, or perhaps appealing look, you apply the most effort to need care of it it doesn't matter what.
  • Creating Your Own Custom USMC Ring  By : mrnashia
    There are several things that you need to be aware of when you create your own custom military ring.
  • Silver Plated Trays are a Great Investment  By : John Hisson
    Worried about where to put your money? Have you considered buying more family silver? Silver plated trays may come to the rescue!
  • Charms For Charm Bracelets - Ideal Gift For A Friend  By : Terry Schierer
    There are charms for charm bracelets for just about any thing imaginable. Join us as we learn about this fascinating hobby and search for the ever changing perfect charm.
  • 4 Things to Consider when You're Gifting Someone Birthstone Jewelry  By : Simon Johnnson
    Nowadays, people are more into astrology than they had been before.
  • Why Sterling Silver Earrings are so Popular  By : Doug Davis
    Affordable jewelry is important and sterling silver jewelry fits this requirement beautifully. Sterling silver does not tarnish easily and is malleable; it can be bent and twisted into many different designs. The cut can and polish impact the amount of sparkle produced by silver. Diamond cut silver is so highly reflective, it even reflects candlelight.
  • Finding the Perfect Men's Wedding Band  By : Doug Davis
    Choosing matching wedding bands is the most traditionally romantic approach to wedding jewelry. However it's a new age and bands no longer have to be the same for men and women. Everlasting love is the hope of all couples who are to be married and the ring symbolizes that love. The wedding band should be as special as the person who wears it.
  • Kabbalah Jewelry - What You Require to Know and What You Don't  By : Payton Lowe
    Amulets can be written on any material because the letters are the active element, yet gold, silver, leather and copper have energies that support the writing. So it is important to bear in mind the material from which the amulet is made.
  • Victorian Jewellery: What Would You Buy?  By : Rebecca Leeson
    When you think of Victorian jewellery, you probably think of cameo brooches and choker necklaces. But, with influences from all over the world and an era spanning more than 60 years, Victorian jewellery encompasses so much more than that.
  • Jewelry Care and Cleaning Guide in Newburgh, NY  By : James Egan
    You just bought a diamond ring, a silver necklace, and many more jewels. Well, it is just fun to have these jewels. That is not a big deal! Whatever your reasons in having and keeping jewelry at home is your own choice, but what is important is how are you going to keep it safe and elegant as the time passes it by.
  • Engagement Ring Buying Guide  By : Ross Gordon
    By knowing what to look for, you'll be better able to compare engagement rings as you search for the perfect one.
  • Antique Jewellery: Real or Repro?  By : Rebecca Leeson
    Worried about being fooled by reproduction antique jewellery? This short guide from an antique jewellery specialist offers a few important things to look out for.
  • Understanding The Importance Of Diamond Color  By : Jeff D McQueen
    People who do not have any idea how diamonds are graded may have hesitations in purchasing one. This is because they are thinking that there is no way for them to know if they are paying the vendor too much money for a stone that is less in value.
  • Copacetic Moves To Greater Heights  By : Bryan Watsn
    A jewelers shop in Providence that provides quality and reasonable prices jewelry that must be visited as soon as possible
  • The Bezel Set Diamond Necklace Will Compliment Your Beauty  By : Vicente Ross
    Find out about the Bezel Set Diamond Necklace and how this gorgeous diamond necklace can easily transform any outfit into a true stunner! More and more women are choosing the bezel set diamond necklace to accentuate their beauty. If you use a gemstone such as a Brilliant Cut Diamond, the sparkle that will radiate is truly amazing.
  • How To Keep Your Pendant Always Looking Brand New With Pugster Online Deals  By : David Stack
    Pendants are considered as the focal points of earrings and necklaces, as well as bracelets, among others. Whether they are made from precious metals or valuable gems, these miniature works of art with their elaborate details never fail to raise the bar on the elegance and sophistication of your prized jewelry.
  • Tanzanite Silver Jewelry  By : Sajid Khan
    Natural Tanzanite in Sterling silver, 1 ct to 10 cts of tanzanite starting from $24.99 to $150, unbelievable price, 40000 positive reviews, free shipping on purchase of $99 & up. for more information visit
  • The CK Jewellery Statement  By : Susan Kramper
    If you think that Calvin Klein stopped at giving people quality branded clothing to give them a chance to be their own self while investing in clothes that flaunt their stature, you are wrong. In fact, CK Jewellery goes as far as offering its clientele with the additional to the basic attire—they have also created a line that will fulfill your ne
  • Tips to Find Stunning Wedding Jewellery Online  By : Chris Robertson
    Here are some tips to find fabulous wedding jewellery online....
  • Mens Copper Jewelry - A Good-Looking Way To Ease Arthritis Pain  By : Joe Arthur
    The rising trend of wearing men's copper jewelry has been fueled by both its good looks and its health benefits. Men have reported becoming relieved of pains from arthritis and other sicknesses or injuries.
  • Woman's Platinum Wedding Band - Real Love Of Their Life  By : rich vial
    Wedding bands are the best present to be gifted to any female. This has also been their favorite since years. It is a token for you to convey one's love, devotion along with values to each other upon the wedding ceremony day.
  • Fine Gold Jewelry Design Patent  By : Peter Williamson
    Patent laws were established in 1641 in the United States initially for the Massachusetts Bay colony in regards to manufacturing salt. The Constitution of the United States was ratified in 1789, and that is when Congress first had the right to enforce federal patent laws in the United States. The Federal Patent Law was not actually introduced by the United States Congress until the following year, in 1790. There were laws made for jewelry design patent.
  • Picking Diamonds: The Real Deal  By : Mehveş Çalışkan
    Would you like to know what really matters when it comes to buying a brilliant diamond? Learn it from a diamond specialist below.
  • Diamonds Are Forever - And Diamond Jewellery Websites Are For Saving Money!  By : Joyce Russell
    If you are in the market for diamonds, it pays to shop around. Here we look at the various options online.
  • Jewelry Care 101: Tips for Keeping your Jewelry New, Clean, and Safe  By : Susan Kramper
    The world of jewelry care can be daunting, especially if you own a variety of precious metals, gems, and stones. While each piece of jewelry requires slightly different maintenance, there are some general jewelry care tips that you can follow at home to help keep your jewelry clean and brilliant, while preventing long-term wear and damage.
  • A Rainbow of Diamonds  By : Domenica Dziak
    Exuberating splendor and gleam, diamonds are actually a show stealer wherever they are displayed. Although famously recognized to be clear or colorless the number of diamonds on the planet is definitely fairly diverse. Colour is likely one of the most distinctive elements of a diamond and one can anticipate to see these exceptional rocks in pink, blue, yellow, and several other other colors.
  • Wristbands Have Become the Best Way to Support Charities  By : mcampbell075
    Wristbands are the best and effective way to show support social cause and charities. It is said to be effective because young generation tend to be curious and aware of said wristbands’ purposes while they are fashionable to wear.
  • Diamonds: Your Guide In Buying These Precious Stones  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    In choosing a diamond ring we want to buy, we have to be mindful of several factors to make sure that we will get the best ring for our special someone
  • Belly Button Rings for Navel Ornamentation  By : vishanu
    Belly button rings are made from various materials for the fashion and style loving people. These rings are also used for traditional and non traditional purposes
  • Engagement Rings And The Factors To Consider In Choosing A Diamond Ring  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Diamonds symbolize eternity which makes them fit perfectly in engagement rings
  • Stop Sitting On Your Old Jewellery - Turn It Into Cash Immediately  By : Steve Bidoo
    Considering it can sometimes be one of the smallest things that you own, jewellery can be the most expensive item that you have, whether you know it or not.
  • How To Find The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring  By : Adriana Noton
    Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring for the woman you love can be an anxious time. You want to ensure that she will love the ring so you want to make sure you do not make any mistakes when looking over all of the different kinds of diamond rings. When you start your shopping for the perfect ring, you should have the knowledge about what to look for to help you narrow your search.
  • Jewellery: Buying Online  By : Kirsten Hendrich
    Advice and tips on shopping for jewellery on the web. Things to look out for, and what to avoid.
  • Jewelry Design Services  By : Peter Williamson
    Jewelry design service is a very competitive market especially when attempting to design for larger stores that do a lot of mass production and market to the general public. If you are a jewelry maker, it is usually important to you that your customers know that the jewelry you make is a unique piece made from your own hands and hard work, not something that was mass produced in a factory. The way you handle your artwork is going to increase its worth, and your customers will handle your jewelry the same way.
  • Great Present For Mom on Mother's Day - Jewelry  By : Charlie
    If you have enough budget, a designer cuff bracelet will make a good choice or, if you are planning to buy something that doesn't cost much, even wholesale cuff bracelets will surely be good.
  • You Pay How Much for Costume Jewelry? Make it Instead!  By : R Galindo
    In this economy we need to save money where we can. Making your own costume jewelry by buying beads from your local bead store allows you to look fabulous, and still save the green!
  • Platinum - A Great Choice For Wedding Rings  By : Sarah Carter
    For many years now, gold has been one of the most popular metals for wedding rings. However, platinum can be a better choice of wedding ring metal for many people. This article looks at some of the benefits of this metal for use in wedding rings.
  • The Top Ten Gold Charms To Celebrate An Anniversary  By : Amber S
    Gold charm bracelets and gold charms are really the perfect type of anniversary gift, no matter how long you may have been married. Since you can continue to add very personal and meaningful gold charms each year, this truly is the gift that keeps on giving. There are several different areas that can be featured in the charms you give and the top ten are listed below.
  • Jewelry with the right mix of religion and fashion  By : Kelly Taylor
    The latest jewelry version of the kabbalah red string bracelet is that it can be interwoven with 925 sterling silver, and the red string to give it that stylish and chic look.
  • Jewelry Making Tools- Top 6  By : Simon Johnnson
    Jewelry making tools come handy often and knowing the intricacies of jewelry making can help you in many ways.
  • Five Golden Things You Should Know About Gold Rings  By : Doug Davis
    5 Golden Rings! No we're not talking about the twelve days of Christmas, but the five most important things you should know about gold rings! Although this guide is catered to the subject of gold rings, much of this information can be applied to gold jewelry in general.
  • Sapphire Products-The Specialties  By : styanwilliams
    There are many reasons why people do prefer only sapphire products. Hence, it is obvious that you will be able to find hundreds of companies coming up with a wide range of sapphire products. Speaking about the sapphire products, the most common products among them are like glass ball, sapphire ball, sapphire stones and sapphire windows etc.
  • Gemstones for You and Your Family  By : Sanjay Joshi
    A stone of very high value is known to be a gemstone. It has different names like precious stones or a semi precious stone or even a jewel. It is a natural form of mineral and looks very attractive. It is of wide spread use in making jewels and ornaments.
  • Stainless Steel Jewelry - A Fashionable Alternative To Gold And Silver  By : Joe Arthur
    While jewelry has traditionally been crafted in precious metals like gold and silver, today's fashion-conscious crowd is adventurous and willing to try on new stainless steel jewelry. With the popularity of the hip hop movement and its artistes dressing themselves in stainless steel chains and pendants, this fashion trend is well on its way to hitting mainstream.
  • Fashion Jewelry Trends  By : edwinearls
    Orderingjewelry on-line has become a very efficient way to look at and compare multipleitems at one time preserving money, time and travel.

    Business operating expenses are a lesser amount for the web-based sitesresulting in reduced prices for the shopper.

    The leantoward sterling silver wedding rin
  • How to Select Class Rings  By : IvanBabbinski
    Class rings represent a significant time in a teenagers life. Nowadays you will find a variety of class rings that you can choose and personalize according to your wish and desire.
  • How to wear Silver Pocket Watches  By : Robert lMelkonyan
    Learn the right way of wearing silver pocket watches.
  • How to keep your Silver Pocket Watches in top Shape  By : Robert lMelkonyan
    Learn more about the proper maintenance of silver pocket watches.
  • Beware! Diamond Flourescence Affects Your Diamond's Value!  By : Camilo Leiva
    Some request, "What is a diamonds fluorescence?" "Is diamond fluorescence positive or negative?" "If my diamond had flourescence will it be worth less?"
  • Bangles Sterling Silver for the Couple of Years  By : helperr
    You have obtained the summer fashion fixed down and maybe you adore it and maybe you do not. Regardless of whether you adore it or not, the bangles sterling silver
  • What is Sterling Silver Made Of?  By : Andrew Maughan
    Simply Sterling Jewelry showcases a limited edition designer range of handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry.
  • Finding an Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring  By : Oliver Outlaw
    If you are looking to buy a diamond, especially if you are looking for an affordable diamond engagement ring. It is important that you know what you are looking at. Make sure you arm yourself with some knowledge before you buy.
  • How Magnetic Is A Magnetic Jewelry?  By : Charlie
    Looking for a celebrity style jewelry? Try looking online, you can find a lot of different options including cheap bracelets and necklaces and the like. You can definitely save a lot of money.
  • Vintage Necklaces  By : Karen Rockfeller
    Anyone who has an interest in vintage necklaces will tell you that there is a lot of information to be learned. One of the biggest things that you will learn is how to define the parameters that will qualify a necklace as vintage. This is why you hear different people giving different requirements here.
  • 10 Ways To Create Themed Charm Bracelets  By : Amber S
    There is so much diversity and originality possible with silver charms, gold charms or combination of charms that they really make the perfect gift or collection. Different colors of metals as well as accent pieces can be combined in collections or groupings of charms to make very classic and beautiful bracelets on a theme or motif.
  • Biagi Charms and Beads  By : Peter Newtanina
    A new creation by the world-renowned designer, Unodomani, Biagi Italian Bead Bracelets, have numerous distinctive features that improve upon and make them unique to other lines of modular jewelry. One of the things that make Biagi Jewelry so unique is the introduction of anklets and necklaces into the world of modular jewelry and not relying solely on the bracelet. Customers can now choose from a variety of sterling silver rope sizes to create a bracelet, anklet, or necklace in whatever size is desired.
  • Magnetic Copper Bracelets: What's Up With All The Excitement?  By : Joe Arthur
    The wearing of copper magnetic bracelets are getting more and more popular. Whether it is for their health benefits, or for their aesthetics, these stylish bracelets are certainly worth a look.
  • Information About DKNY Jewellery  By : Peter Farrar
    Ask any woman what item in her wardrobe she can't live without, and the answer will almost certainly be "my jewelry". Tastes in jewelry are as unique as the women who wear it. Most women own several styles of jewelry worn to compliment their mood or the occasion.
  • Preserving Your Sterling Silver  By : Charlie
    As much as possible, we would want to have the finest accessories fashion jewelry or the most expensive bangle bracelet. But whatever it is, it is equally important to know how to take care of them to make sure they will be well preserved.
  • Make an Inexpensive Pearl Choker for Your Bridesmaids  By : R Galindo
    This article gives potential brides a great money-saving tip that helps them create a fabulous gift for their bridesmaids. By making their own pearl choker brides can save a bundle of money and impress at the same time.
  • A Diamond is Forever  By : Jim Knight
    The word "diamond" originates from the Greek "adamos", meaning "unbreakable". Indeed , diamonds are the hardest naturally-occurring substances. Basically made of carbon, the same material of which charcoal is composed of, diamonds are created over billions of years around 100 miles below the surface .

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