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  • Cover Your Beautiful and Delicate Fingers with Diamond Engagement Rings  By : Samra Jewellery
    Diamond wedding rings, with their attractive looks, indestructible nature and perfect clarity have come to symbolize the eternal and pure commitment between a woman and her beloved husband. Diamond wedding rings were previously worn by a bride as a proof that she no long belongs under the supervision of her father.
  • How to appreciate the jade jewelry  By : Liu Rene
    Do you know how to appreciate and buy jade jewelry? May be you do not have ideas about it…
  • Agate Jewelry Today  By : Geoguy
    Agates are rapidly becoming useful stones in fashion jewelry designs. This increase in popularity is as a result of the multitude of bright colors of agates that are usually found around the globe. Because agates are found globally, they are cheap. The beauty and low cost of agates combine to make it well suited for inexpensive jewelry. This article addresses this popular yet artistic stone.
  • Wedding Bands – The Classic Designs  By : Angelo Walker
    Through the years, wedding bands have only changed very little. The designs we see today are more or less the same to the rings used by coupled hundreds of years ago. Anniversary rings and engagement rings have already experienced immense modifications through the changing times but the original sanctity of wedding bands has remained.
  • The Use Gold Testing Kits To Verify Gold Caratage  By : Joalesto
    Gold is actually one of the most high quality metals in the world. Hence, some people choose to fake it. Bogus gold is existing in the market and there's no way of eliminating the many false gold pieces. However, it is possible to detect whether gold is authentic or otherwise. A very reliable and cost-efficient way is to use gold testing kits that are generally being sold in the market for jewelers and sellers.
  • Ten Intriguing Features to Consider when Shopping for Men's Watches  By : Reggie Barnes
    Before the First World War, most men carried pocket watches. But when millions of boys were sent to the trenches, these timepieces didn’t last long. Most were lost in the mud and the muck or were damaged during combat, which is why most soldiers had to ask their commanders for the time.
  • How Diamond Jewelry is Produced - The Lost Wax Casting Procedure  By : Bernard Lohner
    Necklaces can be a kind of art. As with other art it will take numerous types and can be made in varied media, from paper to polymer clay. Most is made with metal; it probably the most long lasting material readily available on the jewellery artisan. Many art museums display steel rings, earrings and additional made hundreds or even 1000s of decade
  • Antique Vintage Jewelry - Why is it Most Sought After Pieces?  By : Alicia S McWilliams
    Antique vintage jewelry has exploded upon the jewelry market. These little known gems have become some of the most sought after pieces. Many people have found that wearing certain types of jewelry does in fact make a statement.
  • Charming Fall Jewelry Fashions  By : Amber S
    You can create some charming fall jewelry fashions while choosing just the right charms for your bracelet or necklace holder. Just about everyone has a favorite season of the year as well as favorite holiday celebrations. You can create a delightful story when you wear charms as jewelry.
  • Shopping For Jewelry For Valentine's Day - Why Would You Give Your Girlfriend Jewelry  By : CJ Pennington
    Being in love with a person does not require you to give costly gifts but there is virtually no rule saying that you must not give one. If you would like to give your girlfriend something extraordinary on the day of hearts...
  • Connecting to Your Zodiac Signs through Zodiac Jewelry  By : David WM
    For thousands of years, many people have relied on the alignment and positions of the stars, the planets and the moon to help them understand themselves and pave a better path to the future.
  • All About Vintage Necklaces  By : Alicia S McWilliams
    Vintage necklaces can pertain to precious types, and the costume types. For precious types, there is really not much to worry about when it comes to the authenticity of the piece. These are easily researched and verified.
  • The Best Jewelry For 2010  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Jewelry always makes a powerful statement to anyone who wears or sees it. Know what jewelry will make exceptional exclamations.
  • Bridal Jewellery and Hair Accessories  By : katrina wagner
    When most people and you may be one of them think of women’s wedding attire, and bridal ensembles, for some reason all too often bridal jewelry and hair accessories are left out of the picture. It seems that most folks just assume that things will just take care of themselves - flowers and such.
  • Easy Pandora, Easy Fashion  By : Maybeads
    In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman who was created by all the gods as a gift to mankind. Each god gave a unique seductive gift to create her just to make her irresistible for man.
  • Choosing Genuine Silver Rings That Goes Well With Your Style  By : Joalesto
    Silver jewelleries are not low quality jewels as a lot of people think because they certainly have luster that is distinct in them. Actually, rings made of sterling silver could look as gorgeous as those made of gold for a cost that is more economical than gold. Nevertheless, in choosing silver rings there are certain things you should take into account as a few sellers may con you into ordering counterfeit silver jewels.
  • Naming the Symbolisms in Modern Celtic Jewellery  By : Paul Gibson
    Celtic Jewellery has undoubtedly gained a following among popular culture. They started off as revered symbolic Jewellery of the Celts and are now still worn by people from all races and walks of life; revered both for their lovely craftsmanship as well as for the symbolisms that they represent.
  • A Handmade Gold Jewelry Business Can Be Rewarding  By : Gina G. Stewart
    If you are good with your hands, enjoy making jewelry and understand how to work with gold, than trying your skills at handmade gold jewelry might be a good career choice. Gold jewelry is always popular with everyone. It is sometimes easier to work with than stones and beads and the residual is very rewarding. A handmade gold jewelry business is a good way to get a start in a higher end jewelry business.
  • Conjure up Unique Christening Ideas to Make the Event a Grand One  By : Thomas Harry
    Baptized ceremony is a sanctimonious occasion. It is an event when friends and relatives get to meet and mingle with each other. Christening ideas for gifts must be unique in nature as the occasion is an once-in-a-lifetime event. You should also pour your attention to the other factors such as creating an unusual invitation card and decoration of
  • Some Fabulous Gifts For 18th Birthday  By : Henry Tennen
    There are several items which you can give your friend as gifts for 18th birthday. But, when choosing gifts for her, make sure that you choose the one based on her preference and taste. Also, when choosing new born baby gifts, select those which will be useful to them.
  • Great Gift Ideas For Dad & the Special Lady In Your Life  By : Henry Tennen
    Gifts are considered to be the best ways of expressing your feelings and emotions for the people. This article discusses about the gifts belonging to two categories, gift ideas for dad and gift ideas for her. These are the present ideas that could express your feelings and emotions towards them.
  • The Wearing of Love Jewelry  By : David WM
    Love is more than just a strong emotion or the giddy feeling one gets when he or she is attracted to someone. It surpasses crushes, lust and debt of gratitude or family ties. It even goes beyond marriage or soul mates and lifetime partners. In many.
  • Tips for Choosing Wedding Promise Rings  By : Serena
    Select the ring as the selection of clothes, only the match with their proper order to give full play to their decorative effect.
  • How To Buy A Fancy Colored Diamond Ring As Cheaply As Possible Without Getting Scammed?  By : James Halo
    7 tips to helps you buy a fancy colored diamond ring.
  • Knowledge Of Making Jewellery  By : mayday
    The article is told us about how the jewellery is making, the material and the method of making a jewellery.
  • Choosing The Best Sterling Silver Bracelets To Complement Your Apparel  By : Joalesto
    Sterling silver jewellery has long been a very important piece for many individuals around the world. Whenever the situation demands elegance and glamour, silver necklaces, bracelets, and even rings won't fail. There is actually an enormous collection of jewelry bracelets so finding a piece to suit your taste could be a bit complex. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that many bracelets made of sterling silver would probably go well with all of your apparels, whether casual or formal.
  • How Much Do You Love Jewelry?  By : Shelly Brayzer
    Obtaining handmade jewelry for your collection is tough. This can be especially true for people who live in an area that does not see a lot of art fairs, indie artists or have good access to the internet. So what is a person supposed to do when she wants her own hand crafted jewelry but isn't sure how to buy it? She can figure out how to make it herself! You might not be ready to believe this but making jewelry of your own is not that hard to do. If you have enough patience and the right materials at hand you can easily learn how to make jewelry of your own! These are some ways to affordably obtain and make your own handmade jewelry.
  • Charm History as Old as Time  By : Amber S
    Charms have been around for a very long time. Down through history many different cultures have taken an interest in wearing and using charms for one reason or another. Whether the charm was considered to ward off bad luck and negative influences or they were worn and used to attract good fortune and positive influences.
  • Consumers Prefer Ethical Designer Jewellery  By : Martin Hofschroer
    Designer jewellery customers are only likely to buy ethical products.
  • Tips On How To Help Make Your Silver Jewelry Attractive At All Times  By : Joalesto
    Cleaning your silver jewellery items is necessary to keep them looking great however cleaning should only be made if they are really discolored that they have taken a dull appearance. Cleaning could be done by making use of baking soda in ordinary cases. There are likewise silver cleaning solutions being sold at jewellery stores. Refrain from utilizing abrasive cloth when cleaning since they rub really hard on the silver surface and wear the delicate metal.
  • Fascinating Kazuri Beads  By : Roberto Gentles
    In the old Bixen estate on the outskirts of Kenya is Kazuri where the world famous hand-made Kazuri beads and jewelry is created by the local people.
  • Interesting Facts about Peridot Beads  By : Roberto Gentles
    Peridot beads are formed out of the combination of two minerals, namely, forsterite and fayalite. While forsterite (Mg2Sio4) is rich in manganese, fayalite (Fe2Sio4) is formed of iron.
  • Discerning Watch Collectors: Discover the Impeccable Quality of Stuhrling Original  By : Doug Barnes
    If you’re into watches, then you’ll love Stuhrling Original timepieces. The watch was once an instant symbol of status and style. With an ear to the past and an eye to the future
  • Selling Gold Jewelry - Glittery Or Jittery?  By : David Thoma
    Anybody's main aim is to earn good profits while selling gold jewelry. Most people sell jewelry because they might be experiencing financial hardships.
  • Easy Profits From Jewelry Making Kits  By : Melissa Stuart
    How frequently do you get to be praised for making sensible use of jewelry making kits? A practice that has survived time and again and passed down in the very best and ever inventive manner, the action of jewelry making is an art that has been acknowledged as the most well-liked leisure activity, as it additionally doubles as a good means of earnings, particularly for those who can get a little artistic when such a need arises.
  • Beauty Piercing  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Piercing has been a trend since the ancient das when they were tone in tribal cultures and from the time of mummies all the way to India and then since World War II, has made its way to the Western world, continuing to be one of the major trends of today.
  • New Polymer Clay Jewelry Trends  By : Ron Bazel
    However, the most common choice include typical materials such as metals, gemstones, and possibly glass, but if you look at other available options you will find that there are many other things that can be made into excellent jewelry.
  • Finest Selling Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings On the internet  By : john denny
    These earrings are studded with Cubic Zirconia, a person-made substance that may be usual to seem like any pure gemstone. If you're pondering of buying a pair of earrings studded with such stones, right here is a few inside info on which gadgets are bestsellers.
  • An Exclusive Bead Shop  By : London Bead
    Beaded jewelry is at the centre-stage in the global fashion arena. They are worn by anyone and everyone these days’ for an elegant look.
  • Look Gorgeous With Some Amazingly Crafted Gemstone Earrings and Bracelets  By : Samra Jewellery
    Dangle some eternally blissful gemstone earrings and curl some heavenly gemstone bracelets around your slender wrists. You can even flaunt your favorites gemstone by just draping some wonderful pieces of gemstone jewellery along with your gorgeous outfits. There is some obsession, which almost every person carries when it comes to gemstone jewelry.
  • The Cufflink Invasion  By : Morton Hartley
    In the 1960’s American media labelled the influx of British pop bands as the British invasion, as waves of new music and dress trends flooded across the Atlantic. It was the first time that England had produced a sound style uniquely original.
  • Handmade Beaded Jewelry - Share Your very own Individuality With The World  By : Melissa Stuart
    One of the greatest wonders of the humanity is the making of handmade beaded jewelry. Those who make custom jewelry normally incorporate their very own moods and emotions into the piece they're crafting resulting in stunning and elegant handmade pieces of beaded jewelry. Many popular people and celebrities may be seen sporting handmade accessories like bracelets, necklaces and earrings nowadays Elements like stones that have been naturally formed ever since the age before man, are used to create handmade beaded jewelry. These stones and elements have an irrefutable connection to nature, a bond with a power higher than we have, and are no doubt, what makes this jewelry so unique to so many people.
  • All About Pearl Rings - Why it is So Popular?  By : Alicia S McWilliams
    Pearl jewelry is all the rage and pearl rings are right up there with the most requested jewelry. With the different pearl sizes, colors and designs as well as precious metals, there is no way that you would go wrong with these types of rings.
  • Looking for an Engagement Ring  By : Bruce Smith
    Emerald jewelries obtained all this time been connected with rare elegance and sophistication. Emerald gemstones come in close next to diamonds as top choice gems for engagement and wedding rings. Not only that these gems are finest for wedding ceremony and engagement rings, and even not much less than best for anniversary rings, they're also perfect gifts for your self and/ or for a loved one particular.
  • A Balance between Luxury and Elegance: Black Onyx Diamond Earrings  By : SA Perillo
    Diamonds were once used about 3000 ago by the ancient Hindus, who wore the rough cut stones for protection against negative forces.
  • Make Your Jewels Sparkle  By : Roberto Sedycias
    It is a sad thing when jewelry starts to fade and lose its luster, or when it grows foggy and murky with dust and smudges and water residue. But with various jewelry cleaners and polishes, you can protect your jewelry and keep them sparkling and beautiful.
  • Insider Information About Diamond Hip Hop  By : rss41
    Are you familiar with diamond hip hop? It refers to a whole industry of hip hop jewelry. Do you want to know more about the jewelry that is being created for hip hop? Check out this article that discusses the way this jewelry industry is going.
  • Opal Auction with Great Prices, Great Services: Opals at your Fingertips  By : Lam Bong
    Internet opal auction sites are a great way of acquiring opals at really affordable prices. You are assured of authenticity and seller integrity since most sellers are internationally known. Moreover, customer reviews are pretty reliable too. The site shows both positive and negative reviews so they want to assure customers that they are relatively unbiased.
  • Unique & Exclusive Baby Boy Gifts  By : Henry Tennen
    Searching for baby boy gifts may sound difficult but in reality it is not. In current times, there are several items which you can give him on the occasion of his birthday or christening or any special event As per tradition, blue colored items are given to the baby boy.
  • Tips on Using Metal Beads for Your Next Beading Project  By : Roberto Gentles
    Metal beads are often used as a decorating accessory in most of the beading projects. Their use not only enhances the beauty of the whole arrangement but also adds a professional touch to the jewelry.
  • What is Hallmarking and Karat Meter?  By : samar kumar
    Hallmarking is the accurate determination and official recording of the
    Proportionate content of precious metal in precious metal (gold or silver) articles.
    Hallmarks are thus official marks used in many countries as a guarantee of purity or fineness of precious metal (gold or silver) articles.
  • Anyone Can Make Handmade Jewelry  By : Shelly Brayzer
    Obtaining handmade jewelry for your collection is tough. This can be especially true for people who live in an area that does not see a lot of art fairs, indie artists or have good access to the internet. So what is a person supposed to do when she wants her own hand crafted jewelry but isn't sure how to buy it? She can figure out how to make it herself! You might not be ready to believe this but making jewelry of your own is not that hard to do. If you have enough patience and the right materials at hand you can easily learn how to make jewelry of your own! These are some ways to affordably obtain and make your own handmade jewelry.
  • Cleaning And Caring For Jewellery  By : Nick Vassilev
    You may have inherited yours from a relative. You may have received it as a gift (an engagement or wedding ring is the most prized type, in this case). You may have bought it for yourself. One way or another, you are now the proud owner of a piece of jewellery.
  • The Benefits Of Hand Crafted Wedding Ceremony Rings  By : Rebeca Snyder
    Couples searching for ceremony rings have numerous far more selections today than have been readily available in the past. Wedding ceremony bands in multiple styles and designs are now offered plus the options turn out to be far more diverse practically each and every day. 1 selection that has been readily available to get a long time but has been traditionally out of reach to quite a few couples due to prohibitive costs is that of custom-ordering handcrafted ceremony rings.
  • 3 Items You Must Know Concerning Diamonds  By : Rebeca Snyder
    It was greater than 2800 years ago that the first diamonds were mined in India. In actuality, diamonds are a lot older than 1 would think. Most diamonds we find today are at least 900 million years old. Experts believe that the oldest regarded usually is around 3.2 billion years old. Each mined gem is totally distinctive. To the trained eye, one particular can come across that you will discover no two diamonds which are precisely the exact same.
  • So You Are Thinking Of Purchasing A Sterling Gold Bracelet?  By : Rebeca Snyder
    Sterling Metalic jewelries have been a staple in the lives of several men and women since humans exposed the flexibility of silver and its various uses. Precious metal has been used for efficient and artistic purposes.
  • A New Dawn in the World of Luxury Watches  By : Pat Edwards
    Discover how the alluring, yet sometimes complicated luxury watch market is evolving: A small number of luxury bespoke English watchmakers are again making thier mark in the wrist watch arena, ready to restate their pride of place.
  • Amazing Bvlgari Rings  By : Bette Williams
    This company has been producing top of the line ring for centuries and their experience in jewelry making is the key to their success. The company is continuously improving their craft as years passed by. They want to go with the flow when it comes to drastic changes happening in fashion industry.
  • How Do You Select a Celtic Bracelet That is Perfect For You?  By : Tricia Jones
    Whether you?re of Celtic decent, and admirer of the culture, or you just like the look of Celtic jewellery, make sure you consider these three aspects before you pick out your next bracelet.
  • Diamond Pendant - Trendy Jewelry  By : R Vial
    Throughout the holiday season one present that sticks out between the rest can be a diamonds pendant. It will be fantastic to consider getting one on your own this specific festive period. You can make a choice from the huge assortment available as it one from the preeminent accessories which search excellent together with what you may put on.
  • Choosing the Right Gift  By : Jack Landry
    When it comes to gift giving, it can be very difficult to choose the right, meaningful gift. Christian gifts can offer a lot of comfort in amid the rough trials of life.
  • Information On Choosing Diamond Earrings  By : rss41
    Are you ready to buy diamond earrings? Then, you need to discover things about diamonds that will help you buy a quality one. Since there are many different attributes for categorizing them, you will have to learn some of them, before you head out to a diamond store or to the internet. Here is some information on diamonds to help you choose good ea
  • Age Old Concept No Longer Outdated With Chic Scent Jewelry Accessories  By : Casey Doran
    Add some style and zip to any outfit with perfume add-ons that won’t break the bank.
  • How To Make Your Silver Jewelry Last A Lifetime With Discount Codes  By : David Stack
    Silver is renowned the world across as the purest and the most reflective precious metal. Apart from its distinct radiance that makes it a popular choice among jewelry enthusiasts, silver has an innate resistance against corrosion, making it a suitable material not only for ornaments but for food utensils, as well.
  • Is Celtic Jewellery A Good Gift Idea For Men?  By : Tricia Jones
    I was desperately searching for the perfect gift for my friend Mike's 50th birthday and was astonished when my cousin suggested Celtic jewellery. Mike is one of those mens men, into rugby and football but too old to play now. A round of golf and propping up the bar at the end of the game is about his limit.
  • Celebrate Your Lifetime Occasion with Diamond Engagement Rings  By : Samra Jewellery
    Every pleasant occasion demands for a dazzling diamond ring which gracefully occupies the centre position of all the celebrations. People bank upon gemstone rings as well which define the purity of different exotic shades. Of all the diamond engagement rings, the most cherished ones are the diamond engagement rings. Three stone diamond rings please
  • Start Your Own Jewelry Making Business  By : Lisa Crook
    You're a creative person and you really enjoy beading. You have so many pieces of beaded jewelry - at least one piece to match every outfit! Every family member and friend of yours has been given a piece of beaded jewelry on one occasion or the other.
  • Make Money With Bead Parties  By : Lisa Crook
    You love beading as a hobby, so why not make some money off of it? Hosting beading parties is a fun and exciting business opportunity. You can earn as much money as you want depending on how hard you want to work.
  • Advertising Your Beading Business  By : Lisa Crook
    Before you decide how you want to advertise your work, you will need a logo. You also need to make up some text best describing your work. Photographs of your product are also recommended (make sure these are professional photographs - you want to show your work off to it's best advantage).
  • A Nice Celtic Bracelet Is A Great Gift Idea  By : Tricia Jones
    There are a thousand and one gift ideas that exist out there. I think that none of them match the greatness of getting an attractive, symbolic Celtic bracelet. There are so many things you can do to create a lasting memory for your loved ones that can make sure that they know how much you care.
  • How to Make French Beads Flowers  By : Roberto Gentles
    The beads from the spool must touch the “basic” row. The new beads must be fit in a way that it gives a cluttered look at the top. Then, you must wrap the spool wire around the basic row in a way that the beads in the basic row must not be able to move at all.
  • How to Spot a Real Pearl in a Sea of Fakes  By : Tom Selwick
    This article is about how to tell if a pearl is real or fake. It present certain easy tests you can perform to ensure that you are buying the real deal.
  • Eternal charm of Sterling Silver  By : rak
    Sterling Silver is the most popular silver alloy and due to its beauty and properties that make it easy to craft into jewelry, it is the silver alloy of choice for both jewelers and customers.
  • Choose Golden Boutique For Watch Repair  By : sam james
    We deal with the jewelry cleaning and polishing to jewelry repair and restoration. We also take consideration of clients every need for jewelry purchase and jewelry repair at he affordable cost. We also deal with many other services such as jewelry repair, jewelry restore and watch repair in California.
  • Dad, Will You Walk Me Down The Aisle?  By : PaulBuchanan
    Although my Dad won't be there in person, he will be there in spirit and will be right there with me forever in my diamond engagement ring. My ring will be the most precious and priceless possession I own. It will forever represent the bond my fiancé and I have in life and the connection I have with my Dad, even after he's gone.
  • The Reason An Individual Have A Need For Medical Alert Necklaces  By : Danilo Orina
    Medical alert necklace is becoming an important part of senior citizen's lives in many ways.
  • Why Jewels or Y Jewels  By : Sandy Hurst
    On occasion one, me naturally included, wonders WHY on earth there is jewels on earth (and perhaps to another place). Asking around I realized that the answer lies within the area of what is recognized as Anthropology or the science of human culture or even Archaeology - the learning of the relics of very old cultures…
  • How to Buy Coloured Gemstone Jewellery  By : ANNALISA ARMITAGE
    This is an instructional article, with tips on what to look for when buying jewellery with coloured Gems
  • Fine Gold Jewelry Design Ideas  By : Carl Camus
    When given a color like light yellow, red, or blue, the beauty of sterling silver can be enhanced greatly. Fine gold jewelry design ideas, not related to gem stones or beads, exist to create some lovely pieces.

    You can add some beautiful colors simply by using a certain material if you know what it is.
  • Princeton Watches Promotional Codes Can Help You Make Your Timepieces Last For A Lifetime  By : David Stack
    Watches are the products of man's natural fascination with time. Apart from their ability to keep us in schedule, innovative additions such as GPS, directional meters and heartbeat sensors have been integrated into modern timepieces.
  • Vintage Brooch  By : Peter Newtanina
    There are many types of brooches available for any individuals taste. There are an exceptional amount of vintage brooches that have aged wonderfully with time.
  • Finding The Best Deals on Jewelry Watches Online  By : Shelly Brown
    Find the best deals on jewelry watches. Find great deals and a good selection of watches online.
  • Antique Brooch  By : Peter Newtanina
    You would be surprised at how closely a diamond brooch and a crystal brooch match up. The crystal brooch, which is typically made up of Swarovski crystals, is almost identical to the real thing, except you're not paying a real expensive price.
  • 5 Beautiful Jewelry Gifts  By : rak
    Gifting is an art in itself. Choosing a gift is a very straightforward affair to achieve in favor of many those. But approximately of you may well get gift selection pretty traumatic. Also, gifting gets more complicated as it involves a woman.
  • Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings  By : Ron Bazel
    Engagement rings have been discovered way back to the days of the Roman Empire. The rings had been generally known as betrothal rings. They got by a person to a woman to testify to their up coming nuptials. Throughout this time era iron was the metal used to make the betrothal rings, not gold, and the betrothal rings were not adorned with a jewel.
  • Loose Diamonds: Looking At Round Brilliant And Fancy Cuts  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    For most people, the only time they buy diamonds is to get engagement and wedding rings
  • Crystal Brooch  By : Peter Newtanina
    My personal favorite brooch is the Fleur De Lis Brooch, but there are many other good brooches available. The silver brooch and the crystal brooch are both excellent choices as well.
  • Antique Art Deco Rings - The Perfect Surprise for Your Loved One  By : Peter Randoll
    Since you are going to propose to your special someone only once, you should make things extra special by looking into antique art deco rings. The luxurious and classy look of these rings make them a perfect wedding ring option for those who want to make their proposal more memorable and exciting.
  • Is Diamond Flourescence Good or Bad? Beware! Diamond Flourescence  By : Camilo Leiva
    Some inquire, "does my diamond have flourescence?" "Is diamond fluorescence detrimental or positive?" "Is flourescence in my diamond going to affect its value?" Let's start with a straightforward definition: A Diamond's Fluorescence refers to the manner that a diamond glows when lit up by means of a Ultra violet lamp.
  • Clarity Enhanced Diamond Basics  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Nowadays, it is difficult to find inexpensive loose diamonds that one could befit into fine jewelry pieces
  • Modern Uses of Ancient Symbols  By : David WM
    Since man discovered creating lines and curves to form pictures or to tell a story, symbols have always been a part and parcel of life. They're used to tell of warnings, to signify relationships or brotherhood and even as a practical means to cry for help. Some, such as the old Greek letters have evolved into more modern uses, such as the English alphabet.
  • Diamond Jewelry for All Your Auspicious Occasions and Greetings  By : Samra Jewellery
    Diamond jewelry has the power to madden the masses around the globe. Diamond gold jewelry possesses the charm and allure to enchant the crowd around. The occasions of engagement and wedding anniversaries call for the amazing ornament called as diamond ring. The diamond rings enhance the value of your diamond jewellery collections.
  • 6 Helpful Guidelines in Choosing an Affordable Diamond Heart Pendant  By : Patricia Strasser
    Efficiently choose an affordable diamond heart pendant by knowing the helpful guidelines that will guide you in your selection.
  • Information To Help You Select Diamond Earrings  By : rss41
    Are you ready to buy diamond earrings? Then, you need to discover things about diamonds that will help you buy a quality one. Since there are many different attributes for categorizing them, you will have to learn some of them, before you head out to a diamond store or to the internet.
  • Get Enchanted by the Most Exotic Bridal Jewellery Set Collections  By : Samra Jewellery
    The enchantment of bridal jewellery set is simply something which is hard to escape from. There are so many bridal jewellery set collections in the jewellery market that it becomes very tough to make your mind over the most favorable bridal jewellery set.
  • What Makes Body Jewelry So Famous?  By : Sam1 Park1
    In the past people hailing from certain cultural backgrounds got various parts of their body pierced in order to wear body jewelry. This practice has once again gained prominence. In the recent years we find that a good number of people are keen in getting various parts of their body punctured.
  • Common Types Of Fine Jewelry  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Fine jewelry pieces are created to adorn nearly every part of the body
  • How To Purchase Diamond Jewelry  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    If you intend to buy diamond jewelry gifts, chances are, you're having trouble with what to pick
  • The Diamond Broker  By : V Owen
    A really very important parameter within the 4C's of diamonds is that of 'Cut', in fact it should be called the 'quality of cut' as this parameter is often very much misunderstood and the information found online is at the least incomplete and at its worst quite misleading.
  • Differences Between Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring  By : Lorraine Jacobs
    Wedding ring and engagement ring are important fixtures in the relationship of couples

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