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  • Let Netaya Discount Codes Help You Sweep Her Off Her Feet With The Perfect Engagement Ring  By : David Stack
    Some guys put off popping the question for the most ridiculous of reasons - not the least of which is that he hasn't found the perfect ring that will also fit his budget. What makes this claim hold less water than it used to is that we live in an where even engagement rings can be found online at a good price online.
  • Hope Diamond: “The Killing Stone”  By : massimo dau-
    Of all the well-known big diamonds the most infamous is the Hope Diamond, a blue colored beauty that was dubbed “The Killing Stone.”

    According to the legend the hope was placed in front of a Buddha statue when it was stolen by a warrior, Tavernier, and a curse that foretold bad luck and death befell on the stone ever since.
  • History of Sterling Silver Jewelry Charms  By : massimo dau-
    Charms are also known as amulets and pendants. They are as popular today as they have been throughout recorded history. Ancient Egyptians wore bracelets with charms or amulets.
  • History Of Charm Bracelets  By : massimo dau-
    The historical custom of wearing charm bracelets dates back millenia, and though the materials and designs on them have changed, the concept itself has never gone out of style.

    This form of jewelry initially had a religous function, and dates back to the prehistoric era.
  • Handcrafting Jewelry Boxes - What It Really Means to be Committed to Quality  By : massimo dau-
    Quality has become a meaningless word in today’s marketplace, but genuine quality still exists. From the rigorous process of selecting the perfect materials to the strict attention to the finest detail of functional design, find out exactly what defines true quality hand crafting.
  • Gold Earrings - Important Facts  By : massimo dau-
    One thing you can say about gold earrings is that they are timeless pieces that are always in style. They are not only beautiful, but also wear-friendly since, unlike sterling silver, they don’t tarnish.
  • Give Them Diamonds!  By : massimo dau-
    This article gives the information on diamond watches. The best purchase you can make is an educated one, so be sure to do plenty of shopping around before you commit. If you're buying diamonds for someone else, try to put yourself in their shoes.
  • Gemstones Are All About Tales And Colors  By : massimo dau-
    Gemstones carry many popular stories and beliefs regarding their colorful displays. Some of those are being listed here.
  • From Tahitian to South Sea and Beyond: Common Pearl Types  By : massimo dau-
    Learn about common fresh- and saltwater pearls and their unique characteristics
  • The Quiet Style Statement of Jewelry from the Past  By : James Brackle
    Today we live in a world where you can pay for your cup of coffee by touching your smart phone, and where you can talk to someone on the other side of the globe just as easily as you can the person next door.
  • Jewelry Colors And Its Complexity  By : Andy Sahaj
    Your jewelry color says a lot about you & your personality, this article shows you exactly what!
  • Engagement Rings Buying Guide  By : massimo dau-
    When it is time to make that all-important step of proposing to that special woman in your life, you will need to invest in an engagement ring. Before you begin shopping for that perfect ring, you should know exactly what to expect, what to look for, and the various types of rings that are available.
  • Do You Have Enough Jewelry Insurance?  By : massimo dau-
    Jewelry insurance comes in many forms and varieties and only an insurance agent can provide accurate and specific advice. However, it helps to know enough about jewelry insurance to ask your agent the right questions and to be aware of how the process works. The time to ask your insurance agent the questions is before you insure an item, not when you need to file a claim. Read the fine print in your insurance contract to be sure it provides the coverage you expect.
  • Diamonds – How To Know If A Diamond Is Fake Or Real  By : massimo dau-
    A diamond is a girl’s best friend! It is a beauty and unique nature makes it easy to admire. Diamond purchasing is a great task and an exciting pleasure. There are various types of diamonds so when buying real diamonds, one should learn about fake diamonds so that you will be able to distinguish between the fake vs. real diamond.
  • Diamond Wedding Ring Guide: Tips And Advice For Choosing Your Ring  By : massimo dau-
    One activity that you will undoubtedly appreciate when preparing for your wedding ceremony is the wedding ring selection. Like most young girls, you have probably spent most of your life dreaming of the perfect diamond wedding ring.
  • Diamond Necklaces  By : massimo dau-
    They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so diamond necklaces must be the best friend that lasts forever.

    Diamond necklaces are one fashion accessory that can be worn with virtually any outfit.
  • Diamond Jewelry Authenticity - Easy ways to Distinguish Between Real Diamonds and Imitations  By : massimo dau-
    Learn a few easy tricks to tell a real diamond from a fake. These are "do it yourself" methods and do not require professional help or tools.
  • Diamond Cuts  By : massimo dau-
    It is said that the true worth of a diamond is determined by its clarity, cut, carat and color. Generally, people evaluate the worth of their money by diamond’s color and size but they are really naïve about its cut. In fact, the cut of a diamond is a major factor in establishing its price.
  • Present Jewish Gifts and Judaica for your Loving One!  By : Matan Schatzman
    At the time when you are looking for an exquisite collection of Jewish gifts and memorabilia you should be well familiar with a reputed Judaica store.
  • Things To Know Before You Buy Silver (or Sell)  By : CJ Pennington
    There are quite a few different names for silver jewelry in the stores today. So, what are all these silver and what do they mean? This short article will enlighten you so you have an understanding of what the different terminologies are when you are buying silver jewellery products or silver in general...
  • Judaica - Jewish World and Civilization  By : Matan Schatzman
    Study of Judaica (Jewish culture or artifacts) is helpful to understand Jewish history of all eras, culture, holidays, language, scripture, and religious teachings.
  • The Sweetie Bracelet Is A Gorgeous Blast From The Past  By : Kaitlyn Guo
    Many women and mothers today remember or know the sweet little candy bracelets worn and fortunately eaten as children. Of course, each candy trinket is secured in a plastic bag for protection.
  • What are Glow Bracelets?  By : Chris Phillips
    Glow bracelets are one of the fastest growing and longest lasting fashion trends in the world. Here, we explain exactly what they are and why they have become so popular.
  • Charm for Bracelets or High Priced Bracelets With Charm?  By : Lynn Surber
    Charms for bracelets are about personalization, individuality and change. With that in mind you don't have to break the bank buying charms like Pandora Charms. There are online jewelry stores that can provide Pandora style charms at deeply discounted prices.
  • The Affluent Page Features: Novelty Jewels  By : Affluent Page Magazine
    Any savvy gem connoisseur would be privileged to own these rare delights crafted with as much imagination by Van Cleef & Arpels as Jules Verne expressed. His sea creatures, natural wonders and treasures of the earth, sea and sky are embodied by Van Cleef & Arpels in remarkable, museum-quality gemstones. The jewels embedded within the Les Voyages Extraordinaires collection dare the wearer to be different.
  • Is Judaism Right For You?  By : Andrew Kennedy
    The meaning of the word Torah is Teaching and involves the entirety of Jewish research above the last 4,000 decades until eventually today by means of research of the Torah. The Torah is a finely formulated framework impervious to contradiction-contradictory suggestions uncover no area within the Torah. Nevertheless, there can be several various opinions with out stepping around the line of contradiction.
  • The Symbolism Of Jewelry  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Whatever the occasion, you can guarantee that there is a piece of Jewelry that is appropriate. Even those who profess to dislike adornments will proudly wear a wedding ring to symbolize their marriage and it is this symbolism that is fascinating.
  • Buy Unique & Quality Gifts from Judaica Store Online  By : Matan Schatzman
    If you are looking to gift fabulous and surprisingly unique gifts to someone, a Judaica store is the best place for you. What you need is a good knowledge of what you are looking for.
  • Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring  By : Jay McClinton
    Now don't get me wrong here. Kate Middleton's engagement ring is stunning and I dare anyone to say otherwise. But do you really want it to be your engagement ring? I think not, here's why.
  • Buy Engagement Rings Online and Save  By : Jay McClinton
    If you are becoming overwhelmed at the thought of choosing your engagement ring or you just can't find the ring that you want, think outside the square and browse the internet. Although it may seem a bit unorthodox, it is really simple, stress free and cheaper to buy engagement rings online.
  • Easy Guide to Pearl Quality Gradings  By : Katey Jones
    When you are choosing pearl jewellery it is very hard to discriminate between grades of pearls. There is no mandatory grading system in existence, which does not makes it easy for the consumer. This article gives some easy guidelines.
  • How to Buy an Engagement Ring - Creating Magic  By : Jay McClinton
    Learning how to buy an engagement ring is a terrifying task for many. Of course you want the best ring, at the right price, but you also want to buy a ring that defines your relationship and that she will love forever. To make sure that you get it right, let's look at the myths that are around and how when you get the right ring how magic can be created!
  • Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring - FAQs  By : Jay McClinton
    Buying a diamond engagement ring is one of the biggest and most exciting moments of your life but it can also be incredibly daunting. When you go into the jewelers you will be asked all about the type of ring that you want, including the style, cut, Carat and clarity. So let's take you through the basics of buying a diamond engagement ring so you have the answers and get the best ring at the best price.
  • Mens Engagement Rings  By : chnd
    A quick outline of what to look for when buying his or her engagement ring. From chosing the correst style for a particular individual, to information on sizes and recent bargains!
  • 5 Key Points to Consider Before You Purchase Ethical Jewelry  By : Vilmer Usher
    If you are about to buy a wedding ring and are concerned about its origin, consider the following that will open your eyes!
  • Own Precious Diamond Jewelry at Affordable Prices with The Jewelry Domain Promo Codes  By : David Stack
    There's a saying that a diamond is a woman's best friend, and it is rightfully so because a precious diamond-studded piece of jewelry can do wonders to a woman's self-confidence and overall radiance. It's as if wearing that jewelry brings out the best in a woman's overall beauty. There are available The Jewelry Domain coupon codes that offer great discounts that are as attractive as the jewelries they represent.
  • Affluent Page Presents: Bulgari 125 Years  By : Affluent Page Magazine
    Bulgari's mass appeal to those with impeccable taste continues to this day, extending to its latest offerings. This collection combines Bulgari's rich history with modern sensibilities, reflecting the boldness of Elizabeth Taylor and the subtlety of Grace Kelly in an astonishing display of color, design, and beauty.
  • Affluent Page Showcases: JWLRY  By : Affluent Page Magazine
    Maximillian Bsser's MB&F collective of exceptional artisans pool their creativity and visions to produce only one watch per year. This fact illustrates the dedication and specialization that go into each and every timepiece, with the goal of creating original and even radical watches that function with the utmost sophistication.
  • Jewelry Styles To Fit Every Taste  By : Amy Rose Mathews
    Jewelry is an accessory tradition that goes back to the beginning of time. Today, the choices are endless. All of us can find one-of-a-kind, distinctive jewelry that synchs with their own individual tastes.
  • Vintage Jewelry - Best gift for women  By : Harry Smiths
    It is a fact that women and jewellery are always linked with each other and both of them
  • Women’s Best Friend—Vintage Gold Rings  By : Harry Smiths
    Time-tested jewelry gets into the category of vintage; they are the ones which have a very long life in the markets.
  • The Brilliance of Vintage Jewelry  By : Harry Smiths
    ‘Jewel’ as a word which can be used as a synonym for women as their love for jewelry is exceptional.
  • Extra Fab Made Extra Cheap with Ross-Simons Coupon Codes  By : David Stack
    I love Ross-Simons. That's because I love my jewelry. I love anything sparkling, anything fabulous, with which I can adorn my wrist, my fingers, my neck, my ears, and even my ankles. Diamond, gold, gemstones, silver. I love them all. The only downside is, of course, that my passion for anything jewelry can literally cost a fortune.
  • Prova Designer Jewelry and Scarves (By Irini Arakas)  By : Shirley Applegate
    Irini Arakas is a jewelry designer who is native to the state of New York. She founded Prova (which means "to try" in Greek) in 2005. At the time, she was employed as one of the fashion writers at "American Vogue." Afterwards, Arakas left Vogue in order to develop her own fashion company.
  • Express Your Love & Respect with Judaica Jewelry  By : Matan Schatzman
    Judaism, one of the oldest faiths in the world, has travelled far and wide over the years. Any object or text that comes into use for observing the Jewish commandments or is in any way related to the Jewish faith is called a Judaica.
  • A Gold to Love  By : Denzil Bolitho
    Valentine's Day sees the arrival of the first ever Fairtrade and Fairmined gold. An ingot of just under one and a half kilos was presented at Hatton Gardens, the heart of London's jewellery trade.
  • Chatham Diamond Or The CZ Diamonds  By : massimo dau-
    CZ stands for Cubic Zirconia and it is rarest mineral available in nature. This mineral is widely used in manufacturing the Chatham Diamond all over the world.
  • Celebrities and their Diamond Engagement Rings  By : massimo dau-
    Whether they were royalty, Hollywood actresses or even pop stars they all got diamond engagement rings from the men in their lives.
  • Can Necklaces Mean a Pain in the Neck?  By : massimo dau-
    Items of jewellery have also been adopted as potent symbols and even worn to ward off evil spirits or to help overcome enemies in battle.
  • Make Your Own Jewelry Container  By : Andrew Reedbe
    If you have dozens of jewelries available your room, you can treasure these precious stones, hard-to-find metals, genuine pearls, golden watches and various valuable jewelries by buying or making your own jewelry container.
  • Unique Judiaca & Jewish Gifts for Valentine's Day  By : Matan Schatzman
    Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is near. Each person is looking to give something new and special to his/her lovable partner.
  • Affluent Page Features: Novelty Jewels  By : Affluent Page Magazine
    Any savvy gem connoisseur would be privileged to own these rare delights crafted with as much imagination by Van Cleef & Arpels as Jules Verne expressed. His sea creatures, natural wonders and treasures of the earth, sea and sky are embodied by Van Cleef & Arpels in remarkable, museum-quality gemstones. The jewels embedded within the Les Voyages Extraordinaires collection dare the wearer to be different.
  • Hot Florida Fashion And Jewelry Trends  By : CJ Pennington
    The fashion world is awesomely indecisive. Especially in Florida and all along the East Coast in general. There is an especially fine line in between wearing outfits that are trendy and locating those that are gonna be out of style in 7 days. Or in finding a nice, modern look that may just be around for a couple of years or so. While the world of mens fashion could change little by little, it is nowhere near as unordered and messy as the world of womens style...
  • Judaic Tradition & Culture  By : Matan Schatzman
    Judaism is the name of the religion or belief of Jews. Judaic mythology has grown over the period from many different sources. It all started from the ancient Hebrew bible. Also the bible itself covers a period between polytheism and monotheism and thus has many opportunities that give birth to myths.
  • Fenton Designer Jewelry (By Dana Lorenz)  By : Shirley Applegate
    Dana Lorenz received painting degrees from both the School of the Arts Institute, and the University of Iowa. She then launched her career in the fashion industry. Lorenz worked for some of the fashion industry's top companies, such as Donna Karan and Gucci.
  • Bridal Fashion Jewelry  By : massimo dau-
    Jewellery (spelled jewelry in American English) refers to ornamental devices worn by persons, typically made with gems and precious metals. Costume jewelry is made from less valuable materials.
  • Bracelets Past and Present  By : massimo dau-
    Bracelet popularity dates back to the Roman times and continues today.
    Roman bracelets shared many of the design patterns of necklaces and earrings from that era. The ever popular ball earrings from that era were nicely matched with a ball style bracelet.
  • Birthstones And Their Meanings  By : massimo dau-
    There are a lot of legends and lore surrounding the practice of wearing birthstones. Many people believe that the idea of wearing birthstones started out as a marketing ploy by companies selling jewelry, but the reason behind the practice is much, much deeper than that. The practice of wearing birthstones has deep roots in religion and astrology.
  • Diamond Rings -- Always Will Be A Classic  By : Mary Carls
    A diamond ring may be very well-liked amongst everybody, from the younger to old people. Often people that are shopping for diamonds for the first time, go in for a ring. A diamond ring adds beauty to the arms of the wearer.
  • Keep Your Life Gleaming With Wholesale Jewellery  By : Mary Carls
    I can show you the world, shining, shimmering splendid. A really typical line from a well-known song.
  • Create Your Own Ring - Top Tips with Diamonds  By : Wendy Castle
    Do you want to learn how to create your own diamond ring so it is truly unique and saves you money at the same time? How to take the mystery out of custom ring designing and capture your own special magic with your personal design. Find out the best place online to purchase diamonds and custom jewelry.
  • How To Custom Create Pieces Of Jewelry  By : Roberto Sedycias
    If you have a passion for jewelry that is unique, then you will love this creative ways to create your own jewelry in a way that will represent and reflect your personal style.
  • Diamond Eternity Rings  By : Jonathan Farley
    Find the perfect engagement ring for your fiancee with this straightforward guide.
  • Some Of The Best Wedding Rings In The Market  By : Bharat Patel
    An engagement ring is worn by ladies who've accepted marriage proposals from their males. Males present this as a betrothal gift to a lady of their choice. Basically, it indicates agreement by both parties to a marriage which can be set at any time.
  • 3 or more tips while acquiring a Lariat necklace  By : Shelby Butler
    Pertaining to distress alleviation while in the upper body in addition to travel, any of our necklace around your neck may be a well-known selection. A typical difficulty, however, concerning individuals researching that will purchase is the way to select one.
  • Tribal Jewelry - The Latest Jewelry Trend of the Stars  By : Kaycee
    Style is primarily a matter of instinct, for every celebrity that we see every day in our television. We see movie stars, television stars, music stars and we want to be like them. Everyone wants to copy their outfits, jewelry, style and want to be trendy.
  • Amber jewelry-00-3722  By : massimo dau
    Fashion jewelry is not merely the custom to wear certain gems or metals. It refers to much more than that: to fulfilling one’s fantasies and enriching lives by satisfying psychological needs, to peppering existence with a variety of colors, shapes and textures, to tickling senses and giving wings to dreams. Considering this, let’s take the example of amber jewelry, one of the oldest and most astonishing creations of beauty lovers.
  • Celebrity Jewelry brings revolution in the Jewelry trends  By : Diana
    Celebrities have access to the hottest designs, and it is usual for a piece of jewelry worn by a popular star to become a hot fashion trend. When it comes to celebrity jewelry everybody likes to imitate, but we say don’t imitate just be inspired.
  • Best Judaica and Jewish Gifts for Children!  By : Matan Schatzman
    If you talk about Judaica gifts or Jewsih gifts with someone, the first thought that comes up in their mind is the silver menorahs, Seder plates, books and Kiddush cups.
  • Various Gifts to Be Presented With in Judaica Gift Sharing!  By : Matan Schatzman
    Judaic Jewish gifts are precious and hold importance to those practicing Christian or Judaism. You can obviously search and look for these meaningful gifts that can be presented to your loved ones. There are various Judaic gifts that create infinite possibilities of attraction and beauty.
  • How to Get the Best Price for Your Gold  By : Gareth Hoyle01
    Gold is a valuable commodity and over the years the price of this precious metal has been steadily rising. There are now many companies out there that specialize in buying and selling scrap gold and this is a profitable industry that is currently experiencing a boom.
  • Contemporary Classic Jewellery: The New Guard  By : Brigette Federico
    Classic jewellery spans generations, trends, monarchs and even lifestyles. At some stage the question has to rise… isn’t it time for something new? In the slew of fly-by-night artists, jewellery designers, production processes and trends, identifying the future heroes of the jewellery world can be tough.
  • Taking Good Care of Your Judaica Jewelry  By : Matan Schatzman
    Perhaps one of the most beautiful, attractive and fragile piece of accessories to be found in your wardrobes is the jewelry. Be it the modern trendy bracelets, necklace and rings that you wear, or the traditional Judaica Jewish gifts that you store, you need to take great care of them in order to make them last for long.
  • Tips And Tricks At Organizing Jewelry  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Nothing can get more messy than a woman’s jewelry cabinet and sometimes it seems there is no good way to organize all the different kinds of jewelry, but with these tips and tricks, maybe it will make it easier.
  • Enjoy the Richness of Rubies  By : Tom Fast
    A description of a little of the history and lore of the ruby, and why fine diamond jewelry containing rubies is always a worthwhile purchase, to be treasured as an heirloom.
  • Tag Heuer Watches For Men And Women: Sporty And Elegant  By : Rhonda Towery
    Tag Heuer is a premium brand of luxury watches and produces some of the most striking watches of the industry. The company manufactures sporty watches for men and diamond-embellished extravaganzas for women and is absolutely uncompromising in their style and design.
  • Rado Watches—Beauty In Simplicity  By : Rhonda Towery
    Among the number of brands that manufacture luxury watches for the upmarket customers, Rado stands out as truly distinctive, with their precision technology, scratchproof designs, and sublime aesthetics.
  • Classic Timepieces Par Excellence From Cartier  By : Rhonda Towery
    Cartier is one of those companies whose spirits remain unaffected by the competition in the market for watches. In every model the company manufactures it upholds the tradition of the immaculate Swiss reputation.
  • Tacori & Verragio wedding rings and bands  By : Rhonda Towery
    Tacori and Verragio are considered to be some of the best wedding ring brands. Exquisite designs, incredible prices and customization facilities make them popular with couples of all age group.
  • Montblanc and Cartier Pens: Ideal Gifts for Your Dear Ones  By : Rhonda Towery
    If you intend to give something very special this season to people who are close to you then choose to buy Cartier Pens. They are one of the finest gift items, which you can think of gifting them.
  • Beads Are For Great Collection  By : J. Alias
    It is certain that there are many beads to pick from the market. If you were to compare one bead collector to another, you'd discover that no two jewelry makers have the same stash. One individual may possibly choose to only gather variations of metallic beads, while another could choose hues of green beads. There is certainly absolutely no appropriate or wrong way in bead creating.
  • Bead Stores Are Enormously Huge  By : J. Alias
    The first step to begin beading usually commence with going to a bead and supplies store. You can visit a local bead retailer only a handful of blocks away or simply discover one online. Keep enough time with yourself so that you can go through every single section of the bead keep.
  • Ideal Beads For The Bracelet  By : J. Alias
    There are numerous beads to choose from when creating a bracelet or perhaps a necklace. You may wish that your hand crafted jewelry is worth the value and you may also want them to appear beautiful while promoting them. Along with your beads you might want to include some gold or silver, there are heaps of ideas on how to pick gold charm jewelry that you'll be able to discover by researching online.
  • How to Make Your Own Swarovski Crystal Beads Earrings  By : Jamie Simpson
    How to Make Your Own Swarovski Crystal Beads Earrings
  • Where You Can Find Gold Earrings Suitable for Any Occasion  By : Dirk Hambridge
    The majority of women fall in love with gold earrings in their teens, if not sooner, and it is a love that lasts forever. While you might want various designs of gold earrings at different times in your life, there will always be that perfect pair that is ideal for you at the moment. Sometimes finding the right pair can take some time, but if you do some browsing, and consider the tips on choosing gold earrings that we'll be covering in this article, you should be able to find what you're looking for.
  • Choose Gold Charm Bracelets Now With These Tips  By : rss41
    Gold charm bracelets are among the most popular body accessories of our time. We can see them dangling on the wrists of kids, teens, women and even men.
  • Picking Out the Best Gold Earrings  By : Dirk Hambridge
    Gold earrings have an unchanging allure for women and they won't ever lose their trendiness. Needless to say, numerous kinds of gold earrings will be more or less fashionable at different times, but you can never really be mistaken when it comes to purchasing this sort of jewelry, whether it is as a gift to another individual or yourself. In this article, we will be researching some methods for coming across the most excellent pair of gold earrings, no matter what your intention is for them.
  • Reasons Why an Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Is a Great Engagement Ring Design  By : James Halo
    A summary of interesting facts about Asscher Cut diamond rings.
  • Waterproof Watches And Their Watch Repair Needs  By : CJ Pennington
    Doubtless you are acquainted with wristwatches that have the additional advantage of being water resistant. This resistance can fluctuate all the way from 50 meters to 1,000 meters based on the variety of wristwatch. There are more than a few qualities...
  • Income Making Opporuntity  By : Paul Eugene
    It's true you don't have to spend money to make money and we have set out to help our customers. We care about our customers at Buy It Auction.Com and we go the extra mile to protect them for the scams that are so readily available on the internet today. So we test and try each and every offer that we find to alleviate some of the headaches accompanied with being taken advantage of.
  • Your Jewelry Design Business  By : Peter Williamson
    Jewelry design service is a very competitive market especially when attempting to design for larger stores that do a lot of mass production and market to the general public. When designing and manufacturing your personal line of jewelry, you will want customers to understand that no one else is going to have the same piece of jewelry they buy because you personally make each piece. If you treat your jewelry design like a rare piece of art, this will effect how the market treats your pieces, as well.
  • The Art Deco Design Diamond Ring  By : James Halo
    Information about the Buying Art Deco Engagement Rings and it's history.
  • Jewelry Diamonds  By : Willis jeff
    Ever since the conception of the movie "My Girl", mood rings have become such a craze. People of all kinds and ages started buying them and even singing Relient k mood ring lyrics. For years, diamond solitaire rings have been the epitome of true love. They are not only beautiful; there is something in the solitaire that makes diamond solitaire ring
  • Stylish Celtic Jewelry - Modern Elegant and Affordable Choice  By : Patagonia Gifts
    Your dressing will always remain incomplete without adorning yourself with jewelry. Both men and women like Celtic Jewelry, as it possesses an irresistible charm and appeal. Many of them go for stylish Celtic jewelry because it is considered as modern, elegant and affordable choice.
  • A Custom Wedding Ring A Special Matrimonial Symbol Of Love  By : Pamela G. Grizzle
    The problem with shopping in a retail jewelry store chain is that you will not find a personalized wedding ring but rather something that thousands of other people might have. If you want something original that represents your unique, loving relationship why not go for a custom wedding ring instead? You can rest assured that there are few, if any, creations like the ring you have chosen for you and your loved one for your wedding.
  • How to Choose a Diamond Ring Setting  By : Overstock staff writter
    Time to buy that special someone a diamond engagement ring? In this brief article I cover a few of the most common settings to help you pick the perfect ring.
  • Pearl Beads  By : paulmarkson
    A traditional necklace on beading thread might not maintain good form if the beads are just a little heavier. This is a great time to use spacer globules or scaled-down decorative globules in amongst
  • All About The Meaning And Uses Of Rings  By : Michelle Krantz
    What is the symbolism to wearing rings_ The author explores its meanings.
  • Eye Catching Bracelets for Upcoming Engagements  By : Seth Barnes
    Here’s an idea for your next engagement – go with a bracelet that’s more trendy than it is fancy. Consider shopping for silver jewelry. Silver jewelry can look at once sophisticated and trendy, and it is also often cheaper than diamond or gold. In comparison to diamond and gold, it’s actually quite affordable.
  • Horse Jewelry Gifts  By : Alicia S McWilliams
    When it comes to shopping for jewelry, if you have a horse lover friend or family. Its going to be relatively easy. There are a variety of different types of stores that contain horse motives, horse designs, or even a country and western designed jewelry.

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