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  • 6 Design Elements for Attracting Visitors  By : Gabriel Ungureanu
    Elements of design are the building blocks of creating a website. These elements can be used to attract more visitors to your site. By following these 6 design prinicples you will be able to create a more appealing website.
  • Make A Competitive Online Marketing Plan With These Ideas  By : Jerry Hanson
    If you want to start making extra money, then you might be interested in internet marketing. With a subject like internet marketing, the only way you can ensure the most success you can possibly have is if you learn as much as you can and apply it whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Bringing in the Money by Sending Out the Cards--Send Out Cards Review  By : April Ray
    In 2004, Kody Bateman started Send Out Cards, a MLM home-based business opportunity based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was started on a tragic note, as Kody left Utah for a marketing job in NYC, he missed a chance to say goodbye to his brother, who was tragically killed in an auto accident before Bateman had the chance to see him again.
  • How To Earn An Internet Income Now  By : Jon Allo
    There are many diverse products and services whereby you can earn an internet income. They are easily available to promote with affiliate marketing but it can be difficult know where to start.
  • Fence Sitters: Thinking About Starting an Internet Business  By : Mark A Edwards
    The key to everything is taking action. While things usually start with a thought or idea, somebody has to do something to make them happen! We should first analyze our situation and why do you think you want to start a business from home.
  • 10 Things A Competitor Website Can Teach You  By : Christy Santo
    An article what you can learn from your website's competitors to improve your website. As well as helpful suggestions for taking existing social media material and refreshing it.
  • Why You Need Whiteboard Animation Video In Your Internet Marketing Strategy  By : Ash Ahmed
    As a website owner, you have a deep understanding that the very first 10 seconds of a visitor on your home page is crucial in keeping them glued and make them decide to stay and visit your other pages, too. Knowing this, you need all the possible help you can get to keep each visitor engaged and...
  • ViSalus Review: Can You Still make Money With ViSalus?  By : April Ray
    With so much of our focus on our health and well-being, it's no wonder that companies such as ViSalus are seeing the success they have been over the past few years. This bodes well for early investors and associates in the ViSalus company, but bodes even better for those who are looking to get in now that the company has established some solid groundwork.
  • Keeping Your Irons in the Fire - Internet Marketing Part-Time  By : Mark A Edwards
    For some of us it is not feasible or maybe even imaginable to earn our living from home. It is a huge step and 'culture shock' when we have spent our working lives tied to one or more corporations. We may have been accustomed to a job that provided health insurance benefits, holiday and sick pay, cost of living increases, retirement "pension" and/or 401k etc, and maybe the possibility for 'advancement'
  • World Ventures Review: Travel For Profit  By : April Ray
    Finding the right MLM team to join up with can be a difficult task, but if you love to travel as well, the choice may have gotten a whole lot easier. World Ventures is a travel club that offers amazing deals to its members.
  • How To Find Webinar Listings So You Can Learn New Things For Free  By : B Hopkins
    Ever wanted to learn something new? Perhaps it's how to promote a business website or how to salsa. Whatever it is, there is a webinar out there for you. Webinars provide the opportunity to learn from an expert in a live event format. When you ...
  • Building Email Lists Should Still Be Your First Priority  By : Austin Webster
    Email marketing is as old as the internet itself. It will work well into the future because it's an established marketing method. The fact that people want the information you're sending them is the reason it's so effective. This is why it's known as permission marketing. Individuals grant you permission to receive emails from you. They're interested in hearing what you have to say about your niche.
  • What's A Resource Box? (And How Does It Benefit Your Content Marketing?)  By : Steve Shaw
    If you look at the very end of this article, you'll notice an area where I provide some brief bio information and a couple of links you may find helpful - that's essentially my resource box (sometimes also called a 'bio box'), where I'm providing potentially useful 'resources' to people who read this article ...
  • How The Best VPN Service Can Help Internet Marketers  By : Damien Mather
    VPN services represent an important part of our lives, particularly because our online businesses need to be perfectly secured in order to work accurately. Many hackers, malicious software, spyware and other potentially harmful issues stand behind the websites we are visiting, so it is absolutely necessary to protect our Internet connection, as well as location, by any means.
  • How To Attract Web Visitors With Little Or No Expense  By : Jorge Pinkus
    Maybe unknown to many people there are a few ways of attracting visitors to your site that do not require risking a lot of cash.
  • Global Domains International Review  By : Dr P Moses Fraser, MD
    This Global Domains International Review is provide the reader with the necessary informations about the background of the company, their products, what their compensation plan is. This is to ensure that , the reader gets the full story about GDI before making a decision to join or not.
  • Make A Better First Impression On Your Homepage  By : Angel T
    There was a time when having a website was quite the accomplishment, but since the days of AOL and dial-up Internet, everyone from the pet shop down the street to the multinational conglomerate has a website. In this crowded ecosystem, it's important to stand out, and that means building a strong first impression.
  • Five Modern Web Design Trends To Adopt in 2014  By : Angel T
    In a world existing increasingly online, web design is increasing in importance. But as the rate of development increases, staying ahead of the curve is essential to standing out from the crowd. From adaptive designs, to large-format media, to simplified experiences, 2014 promises to be a year of changes; changes you can, and should, implement.
  • How To Write Better Headlines in 2014  By : Angel T
    The headline is the tip of the content iceberg. The short string of words belies only the intent of the piece in question, doing little more at first blush than establishing expectations and enlightening the reader to the subject within.
  • Top 7 Money Making Ideas To Make Easy Money Online  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    If you are looking for ways to make easy money online, here are the top 7 money making ideas you may consider.
    1. Create Website or Make Blog
    By sharing your knowledge, expertise, hobbies, experience and interests, you can build a successful web site or blog with little amount of investment, as low as having an internet connection only.
  • Starting Up a New Home Business - Recipe for Self-Motivation  By : Justin VanAtta
    It really takes a certain character or personality to be able to first of all 'go out on a limb' and take the risk of starting a new business. Then it also takes some special skills to be capable of working day in and day out with no pay and seeing ...
  • Website Built for You Free - Any Value for the New Online Business?  By : Mark A Edwards
    We have all undoubtedly heard the references to 'old wives tales'. No offense to old wives but there are some beliefs that get spread around the Internet that are just so tired. Worse, they may cause someone to completely miss the point if they think they are being advised by someone who knows.
  • Ways To Make Money Online Without Spending A Cent  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Did you know that it is possible to make money online without investing a dime? Weblogs, affiliate marketing and surveys are among the three easiest ways to earn money through the Internet.
    If you look around the Internet for ways and means to earn money online, you will observe how most online money-making opportunities will require some money to be invested for you.
  • Starting a New Business: Is it True that You Can't Fail Unless You Quit?  By : Justin VanAtta
    If you think about this saying 'you can't fail unless you quit', you will see that it is very true. A person who quits has obviously given up trying to reach their goal. They will make no more effort on their own behalf and are thereby accepting ...
  • 4 Proven, Easy Ways To Deliver Targeted Traffic To Your Website  By : Jorge Pinkus
    The four main and easy ways that we'll talk about are paying for traffic, PPC campaigns, sending an email to your mailing list and to joint venture with another website owner...
  • Remarketing Allows You to Close the Sale  By : Julie Ann Ross
    Remarketing incorporates some of the best technology out there and presents items to online customers in a friendly environment.
  • What SEO Marketers Should Avoid Doing  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Perfecting the art of Search engine optimization (SEO) is a truly tricky process. An SEO does the job improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via the organic or algorithmic search results.
  • Make Money Online Selling Information  By : Elijah Musonda
    The Internet has brought about a wide variety of money generating opportunities and it is possible to make money online from the comfort of home, 24 hours a day. To be a successful entrepreneur and generate cash online or make money from home, it ...
  • Should You Launch A Website For Your Personal Brand  By : Angel T
    As more and more people continue to use laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices to stay constantly connected to the web, it's becoming equally important for businesses to spend time developing a strong presence online in order to effectively connect with potential customers.
  • Getting Your Blog Indexed And More Exposure  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    A blog is defined as a website that contains information, comments, thoughts and links by a writer. A blog can be a very personal site for writers looking to express their innermost personal thoughts or can be very general. Blog indexing means that blogs are listing on cross Internet searches and search engine sites. There are special sites that lists blogs that makes them easy to find for readers
  • Enhance Your Web Site Or Blog With A Smooth Flash Slide Show  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Turn your images into a smooth Flash slide show and publish it on your Web site in a matter of minutes. Enhance your slide show with background music and cool transitional effects for a unique appearance.
  • The Future of Content Marketing - Trends and Predictions for 2014  By : Angel T
    Business has never been about "keeping up". If you intend to simply pace the pack, then you are in for a rocky 2014. Innovation never rests and content marketing is home to a great deal of innovation as businesses discover its ROI and long-term potential for audience engagement and sales conversion. The question on everybody's mind as the year draws to a close is, "what's next?"
  • How to Write Irresistible Email Subject Lines  By : Angel T
    Everyone remembers the class clown. The guy who happened to be just loud enough to be heard. The problem is, no one remembers his jokes. What they remember his how annoying he became when his jokes failed to land. In an odd way, email follows the same trend. Powerful information has its place, but presenting it in an abrasive fashion is more likely to turn readers off than encourage future views.
  • How to Set Up Your Own Website Newsroom  By : Paul Hartunian
    Let's talk about how you can get more of that great publicity that's out there waiting for you Specifically let's talk about how to set up your own website newsroom
  • Eight Marketing and Web Design Resolutions For New Year 2014  By : Angel T
    For many, New Year's means a new start; a chance to make things even better than the year before. But your body and your mentality aren't the only things that can benefit from this outlook. Around the world, businesses are looking for opportunities to shape up and ring in the New Year with positive change, and setting the right resolutions can mean big returns in 2014.
  • Starting a Legitimate Internet Business - Affiliate Programs  By : Walter James
    If you were to list all of the necessary elements to begin building a legitimate Internet business from scratch, few people would have the skills, experience or in lieu of those, money to even get to square one. When it is all said and done and you are ready to start advertising
  • Free Money: I Know You Are Saying There Is Nothing Free  By : Vicki Stanley Brown
    Make money just for owning a Discover Card. I know you are saying there is nothing free. I also know the saying "there is no free lunch" however that is only partly true and someone negative probably wrote that.
  • Why Should I Consider A Career In Seo?  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Corporate entities are no longer confined in bricks and mortar. They are spreading their tentacles in the virtual world. Businesses are going online. They are building websites, allowing netizens to shop online, aggressively marketing their products on the net and harnessing the power of the Internet to build up leads for their products and services.
  • Five Tips To Managing Time With Your Blog  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    So you want to start a blog but you are afraid you do not have the time to devote to it? If you want to have your own space on the internet and have the opportunity to show your inner self to the world, blogging may be the answer. Consider these five tips to making your blog as time efficient as it is exciting.
  • Become A Successful Network Marketer  By : Gilbert Cardenas Jr
    Network marketing can be an effective way to bring in extra money through your website. There is information you have to learn to be a successful affiliate marketer. The following article will show you some tips that successful network marketers have used.
  • How To Use Your Blog to Market Your Business  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Have you just started blogging? Or have you been blogging for a while? As you may already know, a blog is an excellent tool to let the world know about your business or your product, to connect with potential customers and promote your expertise. But how can you maximize your blog's impact? Here are five tips to do just that:
  • Why List Segmentation Is Important While Working With Email Campaign Software?  By : John Smith
    When we talk about email marketing, the success of your effort is mainly affected by the nature of your email list. A email list segmentation helps you to create a list of more targeted customer so that you could be able to achieve best result with your email marketing practices.
  • Blogs, Podcasting, And RSS Within Ecommerce  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    You probably have heard all these terms an awful lot lately. You wonder about what these technologies do? What value to they provide? If you aren't up to speed on these new applications and how they are impacting retail online interaction then read this brief further.
    Will these technologies impact you? To be honest, it's too early to tell - but awareness drives innovation and maybe your team will
  • Stay Competitive With These Online Marketing Techniques  By : Daren
    It is a great feeling to run a successful online business with unlimited profit potential while having the freedom to work whenever you want.
  • Starting a Legitimate Internet Business - Affiliate Program  By : Sarah Belay
    There are a few people who feel confident enough to start their own Internet business when all is said and done. Most people would come short if you decided to probe them to find out if they have the necessary requirements needed to set up an Internet business.
  • Succeeding With Your New Home Business  By : Frederick Haderle
    To begin with, more than anything else, you have to have the right 'mindset' to succeed in anything you do. Think about it - could you accomplish very much if your only feeling about starting something was that you would fail? Would it help very much to constantly enumerate the reasons why you are skeptical? No it wouldn't.
  • Tips For Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns  By : Gilbert Cardenas Jr
    Mobile marketing is an effective form of advertising to a large audience. Read the following information for some great ideas on how mobile marketing can help you with your business.
  • Online Business Start-Up - Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say  By : Mark A Edwards
    It is important in business to build trusting relationships - with prospects, customers, peers, vendors, etc. It is important in all relationships to be honest and open. Whatever you state to be true, make it happen. If anything unexpected prevents you from meeting your commitment, then be honest about that. Let people know that you need more time or whatever it is to resolve the problem BEFORE you are late.
  • Affiliate Marketing In Five Easy Steps  By : Wendy Miller
    Have you been thinking about joining an affiliate marketing program? Getting started is easy if you use efficient strategies adapted to your target audience.
  • The Critical First Year of Building a Home Business  By : Walter James
    The reason the first year is so important is because it is the year when we begin to learn if it is even feasible that we could start our own business at home. Our attitudes and habits and most of all our mindset will set the tone of how we will proceed; or determine that we won't be able to do it right now when we realize there is nothing ever instant or magical about earning money.
  • Profitable List Building - Randomly Strategic Thoughts About Building Your List  By : Jeff Herring
    Ready for some randomly strategic tips on list building? You'll find them right inside this article.
  • Maximize Your Profits With These Network Marketing Tips  By : Gilbert Cardenas Jr
    The tips presented here can be useful for those interested in network marketing. Whether you already have an established business or are just getting started, these ideas can be helpful. Start implementing these network marketing tips.
  • Why Your Story Matters  By : Lori Osterberg
    As a small business person, as someone with a message to sell, you also have a story to tell. No longer can you market in traditional ways; you must be a storyteller to succeed. This is why your story matters.
  • Interesting Ways To Make Money Online Without Investing A Dime  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    There are a number of legal ways to make money online. Some are short term with limited gains and other are long term with big payoffs.
    If you are good at writing, you can make money writing a blog. A number of sites provide free blogs and will pay you, depending on the number of people viewing your blog. The best bit is you do not need a dime to start and you don't need any web design skills.
  • How To Promote Your Home Based Business Online  By : Gilbert Cardenas Jr
    Any serious home based business should have a solid Internet marketing plan. Do not expect people to find your site if you do not promote it. Website marketing can mean the difference between failing and succeeding in business. Try these methods and set yourself for marketing success in your home based business.
  • A Digital Agency's Crystal Ball  By : Daniel Ryan Adler
    A digital agency in NYC will in future be prepared to develop technology and offer branding services. The result will be a creative, intellectually-driven environment, full of rich ideas and programming platforms.
  • Chronicles of a Marketing Expert - Blogs, RSS, and Podcasting  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Emerging technologies like blogs, RSS feeds, or podcasts are quickly becoming the norm. Learn about these technologies and how to use them to increase marketing results.
  • Google Hangouts Provide Resourceful Communication Socially and For The Business Community  By : Gregory Sloan
    If you are not yet at least familiar with the term "Google Hangouts," then you might want to listen up for it. Google Hangouts is a free video chat and instant messaging platform established by Google. It allows the users to have face to face dialogue one on one, or with a maximum of ten people at a time. The possibilities that this brings to various social settings and to business opportunities are numerous.
  • The Internet is a Sea of Information in Your Home Business Office  By : Mark A Edwards
    There are just no limitations to finding just about anything online - whether what you want is virtual, digital, or tangible products; from services to information. It's a researchers and shopper's dream atmosphere! Truly everything is at your fingertips on the Internet 24/7/365!
  • No Wonder It's So Hard To Make Money Online!  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    At a recent Internet Conference that my sons and I were teaching, I was reminded about one of the most serious problems that we all face in Internet Marketing, and that is information overload.
  • Start Your Business And Make Money Online Free  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Find out what it takes to make money online free. You will need to plan your step, build your business around your interest and determine your audience. These steps will lead to a successful business.
  • How To Blog From Your Own Website  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    If you know how to blog from your own website then you will have many options open to you in the design and functionality of your blog that are not available on a hosted blog.
    You can use Blogger from or Wordpress from Each has its own peculiarities, benefits and disadvantages, such as the lack of trackback and categories on Blogger,
  • Blogs vs. Websites: What's The Big Difference?  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Online journals, better known as blogs, are becoming more and more popular. When the Internet was first getting started, users rushed to build personal web sites. Web sites are still very popular among web users, but many are now turning to blogs. What's the difference? This article will examine the main similarities and differences between a Weblog and a website.
  • Paid Online Surveys - Surefire Method To Get A Good List & Make Money  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Paid online surveys are a big business on the Internet and a good way to make some extra money. Thousands of surveys are being made every week, and tens of thousands of survey participants are receiving checks in the mail and deposits in their PayPal account every month. It's easy to join them, if you do it right!
  • Start Your Own Home Based Internet Marketing Business and Make Money Online  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    One of the fastest growing home business opportunities on the internet is taking a hobby and turning it into a business. Making the switch takes some planning and advice. Here are a few internet business start up ideas to help turn your passion and interest into a successful home based internet marketing business. Learn them and use them.
  • 5 Considerations for the Home Worker to Make Money Online  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    When it comes to finding the right home based business opportunity, there are several things to consider. Here are the top five...
  • Starting an Online Business from Home - Make It or Break It  By : Walter James
    There are many elements necessary in succeeding with any business. Let's start with the root issues and take a serious inventory to see if you think you have what it takes to make it.
  • Bloggers Can Make Money Using Adsense  By : Sven Hylten-Cavallius
    Money can now be made by sharing one's opinion. Is this a joke? No it is for real. This is because blogs are one of the things people love to look at these days when surfing in the web.
    It is not that hard to make a blog. A user can download a template and put the content there or make one up using wizard.
  • Internet Marketing Firm: Lending a Hand of Success to Online Marketers  By : Vincent Mbatha
    The world of employment is similar to a rat race where all job hunters are in pursuit of a single cheese, in which case is the job that they are looking for. There is a stiff competition between job hunters, carrying all their best arsenals (their credentials and achievements) to best other candidates for the job.
  • A Can-Do Ad-itude: How Websites Always Advertise  By : Henry S Williams
    Given the need for businesses to increase their bottom line, any advertising investment must demonstrate a strong return to be deemed successful. Websites provide an advantage not only in monitoring the results of any campaigns, but by also allowing companies to quickly respond to changes in their marketing performance in a cost-effective manner.
  • Understanding The Google Online Marketing Challenge  By : Gary Pettit
    The Google online marketing challenge is program specifically geared towards higher education students and professors, its implications are set to greatly affect how online marketing is handled. Basically, the online marketing challenge is a way to improve how people will market themselves, brands and products easily over the internet with time.
  • Internet Marketing Technique: 5 Dumb Mistakes People Make  By : Vincent Mbatha
    You have most likely listened to company owner whining that their Internet marketing approach is merely not working. When you ask them exactly what precisely their Internet marketing methods are, they all inform you a similar story. It's easy to recognize that when Online marketing Search Engine Optimization is worried, folks are making a bunch of silly mistakes. Below are 5 common errors that people make when promoting their websites.
  • Assure Your Profits with A Solid Niche for A Blog  By : David McArthur
    There are many possible consequences if you go with the wrong niche, and that is why you must choose the best niche for your blog. But this is not impossible and very many have done it; you must know where to look for what you need so you will learn the right way.
  • Great Advice On Marketing A Service Or Product Online  By : Michelle Vo
    A lot of people fail to realize exactly what Internet promotion is, and thus they end up doing things incorrectly and ultimately missing out on traffic and customers. Although this may seem daunting if you have never done it before, there is plenty of great information out there to help you learn how to mount a successful Internet promotion campaign.
  • 3 Reasons You Are Having Problems With Your Online Content  By : Lori Osterberg
    Marketing can be extremely complicated to someone new to business. But the more you learn about mastering it, the more each piece fits together. One tool can lead you to success with another tool. But only if you learn to use the first tool as effectively as possible first.

    Chances are you know you should be using online content in a more effective way. But are you? Do you fall into any of these traps?
  • Achieve Home Based Business Success  By : Gilbert Cardenas Jr
    It can be very exciting to start a home-based business. Many people wish they could be in charge of their own business. But, when you're the boss of yourself, you still need to be professional and make the most of having a business. This article will give you a few pointers for running a more effective home based business.
  • List Building Strategies For The Smart Businessmen  By : Gary Pettit
    Smart business owners know that to succeed in the social media market you need tons of traffic directed to your website. Smart business owners also know what to do with that traffic. They know the secret of how to turn traffic into an email list, using list building strategies that work.
  • Reach Your Customers With These Marketing Strategies  By : Gilbert Cardenas Jr
    Here you will find effective and up-to-date information to guide you in applying marketing strategies to your business model. We will lay out some really shrewd tips and guidelines in a way that you can quickly understand and put to work to reach more customers using these marketing strategies.
  • Starting a Business - Don't Wait, Just Do It  By : Kevin Besford
    If starting an online business dont delay and procrastinate just do it.
  • The Different Types Of Internet Consulting Services And Their Advantages  By : B Hopkins
    Internet consulting services can help businesses in many ways. Firms that offer these services employ professionals and can do anything from website design to increasing conversion rates. Other consulting services include strengthening a ...
  • Learning How To Create an Effective Squeeze Page  By : Alex Golder
    Chances are you have some idea about the elements of a squeeze page. People that have done Internet marketing have seen them from time to time. This logic is similar to saying you can craft a killer sales letter having only seen a couple of them in your life. It just does not happen like that, so you have to learn about them and then get experience making them.
  • Old Japanese Guy On A Mountain...Heard This One?  By : Gary Gerasimon
    John had been struggling to make money from home for over ten years. He told his wife, Debbie, this would be the last system he'd ever buy.

    Less than an hour later, he'd read through everything. He'd start the program in one week.

    The last sentence in the big manual said "go climb Mount Fuji in Japan and get the greatest marketing secret ever revealed from the wise old bearded guru sitting at the top."
  • Internet Marketing Tips to Live By  By : David McArthur
    When promoting your business online, are you using internet marketing? If you did not answer yes, you must look at it more closely. These tips will bring the fundamentals of basic Internet marketing to light so you can start coming up with your own.
  • Is Website Promotion A Monkey On Your Back?  By : Gary Gerasimon
    Do you ever feel like that? You work your fingers to the bone, posting away to forums and blogs, just to end up with nothing in the end but agony and frustration?

    Will you get traffic from posting to forums? Maybe. Blogs? Probably some. But, remember, activities like this have to be done on a massive scale to make them work.

    Take what I'm doing now for instance. I enjoy writing. I've been writing on and off (mainly "off") since I was five
  • Marketing Your Website: Should You Write Your Own Content ... Or Outsource It?  By : Steve Shaw
    Most online marketing tools involve communicating via the written word. You may have wondered, should you try to do your writing yourself or outsource it to a professional writing service? The answer depends on a number of factors, and in this article I'll present you with some pivotal questions that will hopefully help you figure out if outsourcing is for you.
  • The 5 Most Common Questions From New Internet Marketers  By : Richard Banks
    By reading about the answers to some of the most common questions that are asked by new internet marketers you can be sure that you have realistic expectations about internet marketing so that you can increase your odds of financial success.
  • Do You Compromise Quality When It Comes To Outsourcing?  By : Cali K
    The subject of outsourcing is a very sensitive issue for many. There are some who believe that outsourcing, whether it is overseas or domestic, is taking jobs away from qualified individuals while others who are profiting from outsourcing are firm advocates for the practice.
  • Let Your Fingers Do The Walking and Stomach Do The Talking  By : Gary Gerasimon
    Almost six months ago, I walked into my manager's office and quit my job. I'd been driving a taxi in the MD
    area since 2002. I drove customers to the airport, grocery store, and doctor's office for almost 12 years.

    When you do a job like that, you accumulate many stories. A lot of crazy stuff happens along the way. Often, the job's pretty routine. But you meet some interesting people from every background you can imagine.
  • Ned, Pete, and The Super Fiber Cold Call  By : Gary Gerasimon
    Few things will stir up excitement in life like a good bet. You don't know the outcome. Just set the ground rules. Flip that coin, so to speak, and hope for the best.

    On that Saturday morning, this theory was about to be put to the test. Allow me to introduce two of the most boring guys on the planet. Ned and Pete.

    But hey, guess what? They're just like you and me.
  • Around The World In 80 Seconds  By : Gary Gerasimon
    Have you ever bit into the perfect chicken sandwich? I'm talking about tender, juicy pieces of meat. Honey wheat bread covered with delicious sauce. Lettuce and tomato. Really makes you look forward to lunch.

    Sixteen years ago, that was me. I was a sales rep for a pager company in Alexandria, VA. You remember pagers, don't you? I believe cavemen used them to communicate during a dinosaur hunt.

    I'd been there for about a year.
  • Great Internet Marketing Tips To Start Making Money From Home  By : Gilbert Cardenas Jr
    Do you own your own company and are looking to broaden your demographics and profits? Internet marketing is where you want to be! You have the potential to reach every computer user when you use Internet marketing. Keep reading to see how Internet marketing can revolutionize your business to make money from home.
  • Home Business Ideas To Make Money From Home  By : Gilbert Cardenas Jr
    Many people believe that working at home has to involve some sort of scam. Running a home business enterprise can be even easier than you think, though, if you know how to do it efficiently and profitably. The guidelines in this article will be a useful starting point for building your home business to make money from home.
  • Can Your Cat Type?  By : Gary Gerasimon
    Whoever came up with that term "filthy" rich? And people wonder why money has such a bad reputation.

    If poverty is "Wally Cleaver", then being rich is "Eddie Haskell". They say image is everything. I guess when it comes to money people probably just have very strong opinions.

    If you look closely at the problems of every entrepreneur struggling online, you'll find that one of their biggest issues usually has something to do
  • 6 Secrets Every Painter Must Know About Internet Marketing  By : Bill Berkowitz
    The primary point of this article is to help clear up the most common myths and misunderstandings I hear as I speak to painting contractors across the country on the topic of Internet marketing. My only intent is to help you by sharing "insider knowledge" as you evaluate any Internet marketing provider.
  • SEM Should Integrate with Your Overall Marketing Plan for Best Success  By : Ann Capps
    Much of the confusion regarding best SEM practices actually comes from the misunderstanding that SEO and SEM are the same thing.
  • Building an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy  By : Henry S Williams
    With the end of the year approaching quickly in an ever-changing digital landscape, itís time to take a quick look at what it takes to create and keep a competitive edge in 2014. Consumers continue to use multiple online and offline channels to find, interact with, and buy from businesses.
  • The Primary Elements Of A Photographer's Website  By : Jacob Palmer
    Having a website is not enough and there is a need to plan and execute well in order to have the right web presence that can help you enhance your business. So, you can follow the following checklist to ensure that the portfolio gets its basics.
  • Convert Likes To Leads With These Facebook Marketing Tips  By : Matthew Luke
    Are your marketing campaigns falling flat? Do you need to reach a larger, more hip audience? Do you want to be able to easily market online? If you're having struggles with promoting your business, Facebook marketing may be for you. This article will tell you how to do it right from the get go.
  • Having Trouble Finding Your Aim?  By : Cali K
    Why do so many of us prefer just go with the stream? Such people don't believe that a supreme aim automatically pushes all the negative factors out of the perception area and their consciousness. They reject the idea that a new or a restated aim is the greatest present we can give to ourselves. Absolutely for free. Which of the presents would you ask to "wrap up" for yourself first of all?
  • How To Use the Power of Search Engines to Promote Your Internet Home Business  By : Howard Whittington
    It has been said that the search engines can either make or break your Internet business.

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