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  • 10 Car Insurance Dilemmas  By : Bethany Collins
    What are the dilemmas that most of us face while applying for car insurance? Are you facing the same dilemmas? Your answers are here. A brief on how to take decisions when you face some of the problems while applying for car insurance.
  • 10 Common-sense Self Defense Tips For Men  By : trudys jones
    Since most men may be attacked in almost any situation and for a wide-ranging variety of reasons I offer the following advice. Here is a list of ten simple things that any man can do immediately that will increase his personal safety...
  • 10 Important Points to Know About Life Insurance  By : Rate Detective
    We all know the significance of life insurance. In today’s era, we want to be sure that when we die our loved ones are taken care of. But before you get exhausted and buy a policy, do some research.
  • 10 Important Things to Remember When Buying Life Insurance  By : Derek Rogers
    Buying life insurance is a major purchase and this 10 point checklist will guide you through some of the key things to remember.
  • 10 People Who Pay High Insurance Rates  By : Bethany Collins
    This article will explore some of the reasons why certain people pay higher insurance rates than others. Factors such as age, automobile, driving record, etc. all play into the calculation of a quote, and the following profiles are most likely to pay high insurance rates due to these factors.
  • 10 Questions To Ask When Considering A Health Insurance Quote  By : Donald Saunders
    When you ask for a health insurance plan quote there are at least ten questions which you need to ask before signing any contract.
  • 10 Things To Do Before You Buy Car Insurance  By : Randolph Summitt
    A time comes when you need to buy car insurance. You may have been advised by a friend or relative to buy insurance. You may have seen the consequences of being uninsured.
  • 10 Tips on Buying Health Insurance  By : Wilfredo Robbins
    Whether you are making a choice between the health insurance plans offered by your employer, or buying an individual policy for yourself, here are 10 tips to buy into consideration. To get more info visit our website right now!
  • 10 Tips To Get Cheaper Home Insurance  By : Nigel M
    It is always nice when you are able to pay less for home insurance and get the same cover or more. Listed below are ten handy tips that you can do to get cheaper home insurance premiums.
  • 10 Ways Obamacare is Costing Every Ohio Citizen  By : Tracy McManamon
    Obamacare is expected to cost every Ohioan paying for Ohio health insurance.
  • 10 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers  By : Chris Robertson
    Here are 10 ways to find cheap car insurance for young drivers. Don't pay more than you have to for your teen's auto insurance....
  • 10 Year Level Term Life Insurance - Tips To Uncover One  By : Ivonne Strang
    Buying level term life insurance is a straightforward affair if we all know exactly what type we would like before we buy. There are a number of types to choose from; each serving a different need and each purchased for a distinct purpose. Level term life insurance policies don't accrue cash value, which means if not claimed for and there's no death in the mentioned period, the money stays the same until expiration of the policy. The choice of changing to everlasting life insurance insurance policies, leading to increase in wealth, is worth looking at.
  • 11 Benefits of travel insurance  By : Greath Owen
    The primary benefit of travel insurance is the knowledge that should something go wrong while you are abroad, you won’t be responsible for finding the money to put it right, at a time when you are already stressed out.
  • 11 Percent of Nebraskans Lacked Health Insurance in 2008  By : Individual Health Insurance
    "If you're uninsured," said Creighton's O'Brien, "it doesn't matter if it's 11 percent or 30 percent. For you, it's 100 percent."
  • 11 Tips For Lower Health Insurance Premiums  By : Marilyn Katz
    We have the top 11 ways to cut your health insurance premium down to affordable levels. All 11 tips will not work for everybody, but some ideas should help you!
  • 12 mandatory provisions of Florida health insurance  By : steven raker
    Health insurance is one of the most important investments an individual can make for himself and his family members. With so many health insurance providers offering health insurance, states like Florida have 12 mandatory health insurance provisions that apply to all health insurance providers. The 12 mandatory Florida health insurance provisions are:
  • 13% Here Lack Health Insurance  By : Individual Health Insurance
    The federal government has painted its first current, town-by-town portrait of the
  • 1Cover Travel Insurance Review  By : Peter Smyth
    Existing members have stated that they had done extensive research and found that 1Cover Travel Insurance was the most competitive product on the market offering all the inclusions they were looking for.
  • 2 Very Important Things You Need to Know About Individual Health Insurance Policies  By : Maureen Carter
    For self employed, getting a short term health insurance plan is a very good option.
  • 2 Ways a Claims Management System Can Help Discover Safety Issues Before They Happen  By : JDi Data
    No question. You want to keep the people around you safe. You do everything you can to make it that way. Employing safety codes, reporting each incident diligently, and reviewing what caused the injury or property loss are things you do routinely.
  • 2011 and 2012 Deductions and Exclusions for Your Long Term Care Insurance  By : Shane Flait
    HIPPA provides for deductibility of qualified long term care (LTC) expenses and excludes from taxable income your qualified long term care benefits. This is provided to you as an incentive to take financial responsibility for your long term care. As you age, you get higher deduction limits for LTC premiums payments you make. This helps retirees. Let's see what the tax advantages are.
  • 3 Causes One May Possibly Want To Look For Inexpensive Life Insurance  By : mike applegate
    Do you think you're considering whether or not you should take insurance coverage? Are you short on cash? If the answer to all these is yes then you'll need inexpensive life insurance. With inexpensive life insurance policy you possibly can provide for children and family should you leave this world suddenly. Read on...
  • 3 Creative Health Insurance Plans for Small Businesses  By : Christine OKelly
    There are more options for individual and small business group health care than many people realize. In this article, we'll discuss three creative health insurance plans for the small business owner.
  • 3 Critical Cost-Reducing Medical Insurance Tips  By : Alston Balkcom A
    The primary thing that you can do to make sure that you get the best price for your medical insurance plan isn't to shop around or to select the right policy. The primary thing is to stay healthy. If you don't meet the health qualifications for a policy with a good rate, the other important things become moot.
  • 3 Critical Money-Reducing Medical care Insurance Tips  By : Alston J. Balkcom A
    The most important thing that you can do to make sure that you get the best price for your health insurance policy isn't to shop around or to select the right plan. The number one thing is to stay healthy. If you can't qualify medically for a policy with a good rate, the other important things become moot.
  • 3 Essential Advantages And Disadvantages When Engaging Health Insurance  By : danica
    Health insurance provides a sense of security due to better access to medical services, as well as preventive care. Taking into account its expense, varying coverage and limited options, it does have its disadvantages, as well.
  • 3 Important Things to Do Before Buying Auto Insurance  By : Katie S
    Buying car insurance can be intimidating. You see hundred of commercials and hear all the pitches: one saves you money if you have a perfect driving record, another offers discounts if you insure more than one car, some even offer discounts if your children have good grades. All the options are enough to make your head spin!
  • 3 In 4 Need More Information Campaign  By : Hans Macoy
    Together with volunteers from all walks of life, the information drive known as 3 in 4 Need More has taken further measures and steps to continuously support and at the same time promote the importance and need for owning an LTC insurance policy.
  • 3 in 4 Need More LTC Preparations  By : Sean Martens
    According to the U.S Census Bureau’s data, 38.6 million elderly people who are 65 years old and older comprise the country’s total population and about 10 million of them currently have ambulatory disability while over three million are suffering cognitive impairment.
  • 3 in 4 Need More Movement Helps Educate Residents of the True Value of LTC Policies  By : Abe Tacker
    In times like this when we are not assured of anything, it is but imperative to start thinking and consider things and other ways of properly spending all our hard-earned money and lifetime savings. And though we are aware of the importance of owning an LTC plan, more Americans still need to be informed about its advantages and other benefits.
  • 3 in 4 Need More, Hub of Care  By : Allie Taft
    November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month, the perfect time to reflect on one’s future health care needs and how to finance it. Leaders of the long term care insurance (LTCI) industry are busy educating individuals and organizations around the country on the importance of planning their future through the 3 in 4 Need More awareness campaign which is sponsored by the 3in4 Association.
  • 3 Keys to Reducing Health Insurance Costs  By : Alston Balkcom A
    Medical and health insurance costs jump each month . Getting the best policy is crucial.

    Getting the best policy possible at the most competitive price means being able to Shop Around intelligently. You can't compare multiple policies very well if your choices are limited or nonexistent, so do what you can to stay healthy and to keep your family healthy. You can't comparison shop intelligently unless you Do The Math and make sure that any extra premiums you pay for a low deductible policy are justified.
  • 3 Other Factors Needed For A Long Term Care Insurance Quote  By : Hans Macoy
    Due to the hectic schedule of working individuals, they only have limited free time to ask around or to set an appointment with their insurance provider in order to get a policy quotation. But because of modern technology, they can now have an LTC quote through the use of the Internet.
  • 3 Practical Ways of Getting Low Cost Health Insurance Plans  By : Justin Hammer
    It's so sad to know that these days there are still many people who are uninsured because they think they cannot afford getting one
  • 3 Reasons Why Insuring Brand New Cars Is Expensive - Car Insurance Quotes  By : Dayn Manalo
    Getting car insurance is one of the toughest decisions that many people are faced with. Some people would rather live without it because of the high premiums they have to pay for it.
  • 3 Things to Consider before Buying Cheap Car Insurance  By : Chris Robertson
    Are you actively seeking cheap car insurance? Here are three important things to consider before signing on with any provider.....
  • 3 Things Why Health Insurance for the Self Employed Is Really Expensive  By : Eugenio Puckett
    Self employed individuals face challenge when looking for health insurance because of the cost of having one.
  • 3 Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing Health Insurance  By : Gen Wright
    In countries with privatized healthcare systems, the only way a person can be sure of having good healthcare in any event of their falling ill is by taking up health insurance. Indeed, even in countries with the so-called ‘socialized' healthcare, the same situation still holds. The latter case is because more often than not, there are long waiting queues before people can access what often turns out to be rather urgently needed healthcare; so that people opt to make private arrangements.

    Health insurance typically does not come cheap. But most people find the money expended on it as being money well spent; if only for the peace of mind they buy with it.
  • 3 Tips For Finding Cheap House Insurance  By : Tom Jones
    Buying a home is undeniably the biggest investment most people will ever make in their lives and considering the enormity of the investment, it stands to reason that home-owners need to take certain steps in order to safeguard their property.
  • 3 Ways To Cut Cost On Your Long Term Care Insurance Premiums  By : Hans Macoy
    The public is already informed and is well aware of what LTC insurance policies can provide them. However, there are still some people who refuse to immediately buy their LTC plans because of the fear of experiencing another economic turmoil in the future.
  • 3 Ways to Obtain Cheaper Health Insurance for Self Employed  By : Patty Wilkins
    Getting health insurance for self employed at cheaper rates is possible through getting health insurance quotes online.
  • 4 Advantages of Affordable Health Insurance for Self Employed  By : Joseph Wayward
    People who are self employed should still have access to health benefits therefore should obtain health insurance.
  • 4 Advantages of Having Affordable Health Insurance for Self Employed  By : Joseph Wayward
    People who are self employed should get health insurance for their protection and for their families as well.
  • 4 Common Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Could Be Dropped  By : danica
    Car insurers can cancel your coverage if you do not qualify the guidelines for eligibility, you are determined as high risk, you are implicated with fraud or misrepresentation, or you have a history of serious traffic violations.
  • 4 Distinctive Characteristics between Term Life and Whole Life Insurance  By : Patricia Strasser
    The investment component of whole life insurance, the way each kind
    of insurance deals with their clients' different needs, their coverage
    periods, and the way their costs vary are the things that term life
    insurance and whole life insurance differ from one other.
  • 4 Essential Facts Regarding Mortgage Life Insurance  By : danica
    One thing that a mortgage life insurance can help you is that, your family can save from paying off your debt in case of misfortune. It's essential to know the pros and cons, as well as exactly what mortgage life insurance is, in order to make the best choice to benefit your family most effectively in the future.
  • 4 Things Your Company Needs To Know About Fleet Insurance  By : Todd Clay
    Does your company need fleet insurance? What does fleet insurance protect? Do individual drivers of the fleet need to be insured? What does fleet insurance not include?
  • 4 Tips to Get An Affordable Car Insurance for Your Teenager  By : Carl Vouz
    Allowing your teenager to drive on their own can have many advantages. One of which is the convenience of not having to drive them from place to place. Yet they must truly acquire the responsibility to handle a car on their own and must meet the required age to secure a license. Of course, in order to prevent this additional vehicle to become a financial burden, the price of the car, its maintenance and insurance coverage must be reasonably affordable.
  • 5 Advantages of Obtaining Health Insurance for Children  By : Helen Wright
    Children should never be neglected and that they have the right to be given the right medical care to protect themselves and grow up healthy.
  • 5 Basic Facts About Health Insurance Policies In A Bad Economy  By : MK A
    Many health insurance plans have specific exclusions that eliminate your benefits for anything that could have been covered under Workers Compensation or similar laws. Now read that last sentence again.
  • 5 Basic Types Of Health Insurance Plans Everyone Needs To Understand  By : danica
    The 5 basic types of health insurance plans are those bought through a Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred Provider Organizations, Exclusive Provider Organization, Point of service, and Service charges.
  • 5 Case Studies in Liability Disasters  By : James Cochran
    It’s simply human nature to think that no harm will ever come, or hit close to home. Unfortunately, things go wrong from time to time. Because the unexpected is possible at any given moment, it’s vital to have insurance, business insurance, liability insurance, and professional liability insurance for the best prevention possible.
  • 5 Common Myths About Auto Insurance Companies  By : Chris Robertson
    Ease your mind about these five common myths when comparing auto insurance companies....
  • 5 Confidential Flaws Of HSA Health Insurance Plan Uncovered  By : Phil Rubis
    In case you are looking at a number of health plan options, and HSA health plan is one of them, then this really is the write-up to read through.
  • 5 Easy Steps To Lower Your Auto Insurance Quote  By : Tristan Andrews
    It was not too long ago when contracts were made on a handshake and a promise. Individuals were not particularly concerned with things like insurance because they relied upon the goodwill of their neighbor to compensate them for wrongful damage.
  • 5 Essential Facts: HMO vs. PPO Health Insurance Plans  By : Brad Miller
    This article dives into the five main differences between a PPO health insurance plans and an HMO health insurance plans.
  • 5 Essentials Facts About Retirement Annuity Rates You Need To Know  By : danica
    Of the two types of retirement annuities, variable annuities can have more potential for gain, but annuities with short payment periods can provide even greater gains. In case you are not satisfied with your rates, there are alternatives that can be addressed.
  • 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Purchase Life Insurance  By : Ralph Thomas
    Life insurance is a financial tool, that when properly used will help to preserve the lifestyle of our family and friends that we will leave behind.
  • 5 Great Things About Universal Life Insurance  By : Patricia Strasser
    With the plethora of available life insurance plans, things could get quite confusing. In case you're considering universal life insurance, some benefits to be gained include versatility, cash gains, death rewards, and the patience for withdrawals.
  • 5 Guidelines for Getting Fairly-priced Health Insurance  By : Patricia Strasser
    Get the most out of your health insurance coverage. Find out how to choose the maximum protection at an affordable rate.
  • 5 Important Elements You Should Know When It Comes To Payment Protection Insurance  By : Alfred Antone
    In this day and age in which we must be in tune with the approach we take to handle our finances, it is very important that we take into serious consideration precisely how our financial loans or perhaps credit debt is taken care of if we are struggling to settle them. This could be as a result of certain factors like getting into any sort of accident, that leaves us unable to work; sickness or even death. It appears overwhelming but there is a remedy for it. What exactly is it? It's PPI, an abbreviation for: Payment Protection Insurance.
  • 5 Reasons to Consider Long Term Care Life Insurance  By : Pat Cassidy
    One of the main reasons people don’t purchase long term care (LTC) insurance is because the premiums are expensive and they think the gamble of paying all that money against the probability of needing long term care is just not worth it.
  • 5 Reasons Why You're Paying Too Much on Auto Insurance Online  By : Bess Winslow
    Auto insurance is a must have if you have a vehicle such as a motorcycle, truck, van, or car. All vehicles, private or commercial, are required by some states to be insured.
  • 5 Rules to Succeed in Filing an Insurance Claim  By : Jonathan Cooper
    This article highlights 5 important rules to assure that your insurance claim is not denied.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Lower The Cost Of Life Insurance  By : Ian D Wright
    Many people carry life insurance because it is a smart decision. It protects your spouse, and children should anything happen to you and in the process provides peace of mind to you knowing that you are protecting them. Good value does not require a higher price.

    There a thousands of things that affect how much you will have to pay for life insurance but I have provided a list of the 5 easiest ways you could reduce how much you have to pay. Follow them and you will almost certainly be able to save on your insurance.

    Smoking not only effects our heart but our lungs as well. To add to it ,it is quite a financial disaster also. If you wasting your money in cigarettes for each and every minute day you will pay more for life insurance

    The fact is that smoking is bad for your health and thus will likely cause you to die sooner rather than later. The life insurance wishes that you should be a non-smoked for their pay out

    Lose Weight: Another thing that can drastically effect your lifespan is being overweight Those with weight problems are at higher risk for many serious health issues, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

    From an insurance standpoint, being overweight is risky, and the insurance companies always want to diminish their risk. Thus, if you want to save some money on your life insurance (Additionally, health insurance.) Attempt losing some weight.

    The payments should be need based,if you are buying a life insurance policy,purchase only that which you think is an absolute must and really needed by you. Always remember the thumb rule to cover 10-20 years worth of lost income. A life insurance policy offering $500k to $1 million of coverage will be ideal if you gross $500k per year.

    It is your primary concern that loved ones are financially protected if something were to happen to you. When the money could probably be put to better use there is no point in paying for a lot of extra coverage

    Children's life insurance is seen as a bad idea by most everyone. The simple reason being is that life insurance is supposed to make up for the lose in income that occurs should you die.

    From all about you, wife, parents and your children and their friends,family members and kiths and relatives and all other neighbors and all other well wishers (supposedly) do not earn an income they do not have a need for life insurance. However, life insurance companies prey on the fears of new parents and try to convince them that their children need coverage. Sometimes claims are untrue and you would be better off investing in there education.

    Get multiple Life Insurance Quotes: When you buy life insurance like any other product it pays to shop around. Never assume that any quote, even one from multiple companies, is the lowest one you can get. The Internet has made it easier than ever to get many many different life insurance quotes so you should check out at least a few different websites. even if not. Don't forget, car insurance premiums don't have to be expensive car insurance premiums.
  • 5 Things You Can Do to Lower Your Health Insurance Costs  By : Christine OKelly
    This article discusses 5 simple things that everyone can do to dramatically lower their health care costs.
  • 5 Things You Didn't Know Affected Your Car Insurance Premium  By : Steve Carr
    There are dozens upon dozens of different factors which can have an affect on the price of your car insurance premiums. Some of these factors are widely known, whilst others seem to be kept close to the chest of the insurance companies.
  • 5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Life Insurance Policy  By : AndyErnestpnp
    It is important to know that a life insurance policy will simply ensure that your family spend their lives in relative comfort. Life insurance can be gotten with intensive investigation. You will have to define your objectives before you go off on an insurance for life hunt.
  • 5 Tips for Seniors to Lower their RV Insurance Rates  By : Bethany Collins
    This article focuses on tips for saving on RV insurance by availing different discounts. Most of them are especially useful to senior citizens.
  • 5 Tips for Spending Less on Health Insurance  By : Patricia Strasser
    Benefit from you employer's insurance by living a healthy lifestyle,researching companies to choose the right plan for you and buying your prescriptions through the mail.
  • 5 Tips to Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance  By : Kain Black
    Cheap Auto Insurance is Possible! - Compare 7 Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes Online or Over the Phone and Save up to $400 a Year on Auto Insurance. Cheap Auto Insurance 7 Makes Comparing Multiple Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes Easy.
  • 5 Unbelievable Truths from the San Jose Life Insurance Industry.  By : Patricia Chancellor
    Do you know… At 76 million strong, the “baby boom” era represents the most important, wealthiest, and most influential section of the U.S. population.
  • 5 Ways To Get Your Cheap Car Insurance Quotation  By : Frederick Singletonne
    In certain countries, car insurance is a must have, by law, not necessity. In some others, you would be stupid not to have it. This means that everyone should be looking to get their car a cheap insurance quotation, but don't know how to get it done. Listed here are five ways that may help you get a car cheap insurance quotations without any trouble.
  • 5 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Rates Dramatically: Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison  By : Christoper Robertson
    When consumers seek auto insurance quotes comparisons, it helps if they understand which factors give a hefty boost to those premiums even across different companies. To get the coverage that you need for your particular situation at the lowest possible cost
  • 50 Plus Life Insurance Options  By : Marilyn Katz
    Do older people still need life insurance? Well, a lot of us do, and the good news is we can find affordable coverage at almost any age. Learn more.
  • 6 Crucial Steps to Successful Retirement Planning  By : Mimmi Carol
    Retirement planning is one thing which many individuals avoid for as long as they can.
  • 6 Factors Why Business Car Insurance is Expensive  By : John Donald
    Company cars should have enough business car insurance to protect the workers and the vehicles alike.
  • 6 Often Seen Property Insurance Mistakes That You Could Literally Lose You Everything  By : Donald Saunders
    Purchasing home insurance is not always as easy as you might think and in this brief article we examine at 6 commonly seen mistakes that could result in you losing everything.
  • 6 Questions the Insurance Company Does Not Want You To Ask  By : Randall Rozek
    The insurance company's job is to make money; one way it does this is by settling claims for less than the claim is worth. This article identifies the questions that will make the insurance company squirm. The insurance company does not like it when you ask these questions because it either cannot answer the question or worse, the answer is one they do not want you to hear.
  • 6 Reasons to Buy Whole Life Insurance or Term Life Insurance  By : Ryan Patterson
    Securing quality term or whole life insurance coverage is important, especially if there are people in your life whose financial stability depends on your income. Find out six reasons why you should purchase whole life insurance or term life insurance to protect your family and loved ones.
  • 6 Simple Tips For A Lower Rate On Car Insurance  By : Nathan Roberson
    You cannot always prevent car accidents from happening, and most drivers agree that it is extremely important to have a good auto insurance policy set in place. However, unless you are willing to pay whatever premiums you are given, it is a good idea to learn how to reduce your insurance costs. Follow the tips in this article to help save your hard-earned money.
  • 6 Tips To Buying Bike Insurance  By : Christopher Reinhold
    Do you own a motorbike? If so, then you'll need to secure cover for your motorbike before you can legally ride on the public highways.
  • 6 Widespread Insurance Mistakes To Steer Clear Of  By : danica
    Some mistakes you should avoid when buying insurance include not looking around for other deals, comparing only the prices, not taking time to understand the policy, not knowing how much insurance you need, buying the wrong insurance, and not updating your insurance.
  • 7 Essential Characteristics Of Variable Annuities That You Should Understand  By : danica
    A variable annuity offers various investment opportunity, uses mutual funds, provides a stable income, and requires the annuitant to pay certain fees, has two phases and is tax-deferred are some essential characteristics of a variable annuity.
  • 7 Good Reasons For Travel Insurance  By : Allen Jesson
    Whether your trip is a quick one or a round the world cruise, there are many good reasons for travel insurance. Here are just 7:
  • 7 Key Provisions of the Affordable Care Act in Kentucky  By : Tracy McManamon
    It’s important to educate yourself about the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act in Kentucky
  • 7 Most Expensive Mistakes When Choosing A Health Care Plan  By : Erin Riley
    An increasing number of consumers have suddenly found themselves in the market for health insurance. With such a wide variety of options available, the result of endless searching can often lead to a great deal of confusion.
  • 7 Terrific Ideas Designed For Digging up Cheap Van Insurance Rates Via The Web  By : Thomas Banks
    The Uk economy have adversely been affected by the global recession leaving with it inflationary pressures on the cost of goods and services. Due to the effect of this indescriminate price increase, finding the cheapest van insurance policy is almost mission impossible to the thousands searching for a great deal month in month out. Nonetheless, with the use of few strategic tips and tricks, anyone can now easily obtain cheap van insurance quotes online. If meticulously implemented, obtaining that elusive cheap van insurance policy would be a guarantee to those that act on these tips.
  • 7 Things To Do Before Buying Travel Insurance  By : Allen Jesson
    Whether your trip is a quick one or a round the world cruise, there are many good reasons for travel insurance. Here are just 7 things you should do before you buy your travel insurance:
  • 7 Winter Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Holiday Home Insurance Claims  By : Phil Schofield
    Schofields specialise in holiday home insurance for UK and overseas property in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.
  • 8 Easy Routes to Cheaper Car Insurance  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Car insurance is an expense that no driver can avoid, but there are some simple ways to reduce the cost as much as possible. Try these 8 ideas to see how much you could save.
  • 8 Easy Tips for Cheaper Home Insurance  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Home insurance is a necessary expense for most of us, but that doesn't mean we have to pay over the odds. Try these eight simple tips to see how you could reduce your premiums.
  • 8 Serious Mistakes Lawyers Make When Dealing With Insurance Bad Faith  By : Robert Thomson
    I have reviewed hundreds of claim files and attorney files, and often get calls from policyholder's lawyers asking how to best write letters to an insurer that is committing bad faith. Here are 8 of the most costly mistakes I see lawyers make.
  • 8 Ways To Save Money On Your Motorbike Insurance  By : Miguel Poza
    Motorbike insurance can cost you a lot of your hard earned money each year. In this article you will find out about 8 different ways you can cut the cost of your motorbike insurance.
  • 9 Useful Tips To Help You Generate More Life Insurance Leads  By : danica
    If you want to find more life insurance leads, always remember that your family or friend can be a prospective client; request recommendations; inform other people that you sell insurance; buy life insurance leads from businesses that sell insurance leads; use online resources; work together with finance-related experts; make it a point to be visible; you should always have your business card ready; and send thank you cards to your customers.
  • 9 Ways To Get A Lower Car Insurance Quote  By : Tom Jones
    Everyone wants to save more money on their insurance, especially since so many of us are struggling just to pay bills today. By changing just a few things, you can get a better rate on insurance:
  • A Basic Guide to Car Insurance Calgary  By : Anna Notton
    It is a legal requirement to make sure your car is insured However as well as being a legal requirement it is also something that can be very beneficial for your needs
  • A Basic Guide to Keyman Insurance  By : Junior Sloan
    As a businessman you might have public liability insurance and you insure your buildings, stock and vehicles. You may even have professional indemnity insurance and legal cost insurance. Is that
  • A Basic Overview Of A Builders Risk Policy  By : Carolyne Roehm
    It's vital that the construction of a building has the proper insurance policies in case an accident or problem occurs. Having a builders risk policy will ensure proper coverage of a building and the materials used to construct it. It's important ...
  • A Begginers Guide To Car Insurance  By : Tristan Andrews
    Auto insurance as we all know is the insurance consumers purchase for their vehicle be it a car, truck or any other automobile. The purpose of auto insurance is to safeguard the vehicle against accidents, theft and any other loss incurred.

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