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  • How to Remove Asbestos Ceiling Tiles  By : Mike Lang
    If you are planning on living at the house of your father or grandparents that they had given to you, most likely the structure has been built in the early centuries Especially if there were no renovations or changes made, you will most likely expect stuffs that were commonly used around the early 80s and 90s
  • How to Take Care of a Metatarsal Fracture  By : Mike Lang
    Athletes are people who push their physical and mental capacity to the limit in order to be able to compete and win on their respective sports These groups of people earn fame, money, as well as injuries while on the process of success
  • Medial Malleolus Stress Fracture  By : Mike Lang
    A medial malleolus stress fracture is a type of injury that speaks for itself It is a fracture caused by stress due to repetitive use or movement of the medial malleolus which is located on the inside of the ankle
  • How to Sharpen Bolt Cutters  By : Mike Lang
    For cutting purposes on thick wires, chains, bolts, and all sorts of fencing materials, a bolt cutter would be the best and top choice that can easily accomplish the task with less effort This cutting tool can deliver a massive amount of power which can easily snap thick materials like twigs
  • Morton's Neuroma Treatments  By : Mike Lang
    A morton's neuroma is a type of nerve injury that takes place in between the third and fourth metatarsal bones of the foot It is commonly associated with the twisting of the foot which results to the entrapment of the nerve
  • How to Tape a Medial Ligament Sprain  By : Mike Lang
    Taping is a medical act of supporting an injured area of the body to be able to resist, balance, and bear the weight of the body even while in a bad condition It is practiced throughout the world as it is very effective and provides successful results regardless of the injury incurred by the patient
  • Repetitive Strain Injury Treatments  By : Mike Lang
    A reoccurring injury on the hands, wrists, and forearms of an athlete are commonly caused by repetitive movements that are weight bearing Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term used to describe injuries that are caused by overstress and overuse
  • How to Treat a Dog's Ear Mites Naturally  By : Mike Lang
    With the growing cost of medicinal treatments as well as the Veterinarian's professional fee, most of us tend to look for natural remedies that are equally successful in treating health issues with our dogs There are many home remedies that we can use for the various problems in our pets
  • Shin Splints Explained  By : Mike Lang
    Shin pain is a tell tale that you are experiencing problems such as injuries or fractures on your shin Many athletes have experienced this type of injury especially those who use their lower limbs in combat sports
  • How to Treat People From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning  By : Mike Lang
    Carbon monoxide does leave a very significant mark in our society due to the number of death and hospitalization cases related to poisoning from this gas Aside from the fact that it is very difficult to detect, it is also very difficult to know when it hits you
  • Importance of Stretching and Strengthening Programs  By : Mike Lang
    Aside from car accidents, injuries are common amongst athletes due to the fact that a sport is a very competitive activity where the battle is measured in terms of speed, strength, stamina, and intelligence Almost all of us have suffered from various types of injuries all over our body which are either caused by accidents or through activities
  • Spondylolisthesis Treatment Programs  By : Terry Small
    Back injuries are usually among the most painful and immobilizing damages your body acquires in your lifetime Especially in sports activities, athletes suffer the most when their back is hurt from either traumatic injury or through stress fracture
  • What is a Calf Strain  By : Terry Small
    Sudden sharp pain at the calf muscle of the lower limb is a clear sign that you are having a problem with the integrity of the muscle tissue in that area In most cases, it is an injury known as calf strain which creates difficulty and discomfort among many athletes especially those that use their feet for running purposes as well as for dealing blows using their lower limbs
  • Paper Recycling the Environmental and Financial Benefits  By : Ben Greenwood
    Recycling is processing waste into new products for reuse

    The main objective of recycling is to conserve the ecology and environment
  • Why Composite Doors Are So Good  By : Clair O'Hara
    When looking for a front door the main requirements we ask for are durability, security, economy and aesthetics Also, as awareness towards environmental and energy saving issues increases, energy efficiency is becoming another important condition to consider when choosing the closure elements for our homes
  • Bodycon Dresses Don't Have to Make You Body Conscious  By : Clair O'Hara
    The bodycon trend has been around for a few seasons now, and the trend is still appearing on the catwalks and on the high street Bodycon, which is short for body conscious, is a tight-fitting, figure-hugging garment that clings to your curves
  • Must Have Green Office Supplies  By : Ben Greenwood
    Using recycled paper was one way an office would show its green credentials in the last years of the 20th Century In the 21st Century there are many other ways that an office can now go green
  • How to Save Money on Ink Cartridges  By : Ben Greenwood
    New printer ink cartridges are expensive According to a 2007 global study by The American Consumer Institute, an estimated $30 billion is spent each year on Inkjet cartridges
  • Common Treatment For Dislocated Shoulders  By : Mike Lang
    A dislocated shoulder is usually deemed as a serious injury regardless of its degree due to the fact that it disables the arm completely Although the problem is mainly on the shoulder, the hands as well as the forearm is rendered useless especially if nerves, muscle tissues, and other essential parts of the body were damaged in the event of the injury
  • Chimney Flue Repair Guide  By : Terry Small
    No matter how much prevention you make in order to keep the condition of your chimney intact, sooner or later you will be up to the task of fixing an area of your chimney This can be accomplished though even without acquiring the assistance and aid of a professional worker
  • Natural Remedies For Psoriasis Why All The Hype?  By : Sophia Taylor
    There are a lot of different natural remedies for psoriasis available today and they all have great health benefits, besides curing your psoriasis

    The great thing about the natural remedies for psoriasis is that they work together with your body towards curing the psoriasis, unlike prescription medicines that forces your body in a way that most often do more harm than good
  • Psoriasis Scalp Treatment No Need To Visit The Doctor  By : Sophia Taylor
    There is often a lot of confusion regarding a psoriasis scalp treatment and I believe it has something to with not being able to identify what it really is Unfortunately, a lot of doctors' treat psoriasis the same way as they would do with dandruff, but as many psoriasis sufferers know, that usually does not do the trick
  • Symptoms Of Psoriasis What To Do About Them  By : Sophia Taylor
    Understanding the symptoms of psoriasis is necessary in order to find the most effective psoriasis treatment A lot of people do not know about the symptoms of psoriasis and when an area of their skin gets affected, they do not have a clue about how to treat it because they are simply not aware that they have psoriasis
  • Psoriasis Home Remedies 7 Effective Psoriasis Home Remedies  By : Sophia Taylor
    When I was neglected by the doctors, I started my journey to find the most effective psoriasis home remedies I know that a lot of people have had the same experience as me with their doctor and that is because there are no official treatment for psoriasis that have proven to work
  • Carpet Molds Elimination Guide  By : Terry Small
    Carpet molds are among the things that should be given proper attention as they can cause various health complications in case immediate cleaning action is not made Although most of the used cleaning methods are quite difficult and time consuming, maintenance is a must especially when your health and safety is at stake
  • Psoriasis Shampoo Reduce Your Psoriasis Immensely  By : Sophia Taylor
    It is important to find the right psoriasis shampoo, as the wrong shampoo can worsen your infection There are a lot of different shampoos available today with different aromas and different properties that makes them attractive to the general population
  • Tips On How To Find The Most Suitable Office Space For Your Small Business  By : Gary L. Meurer
    One of the most important factors in starting a business is your office space If you were planning to put up a small business then you should make sure to find the most suitable office space
  • Various Ideas For Food Waste Disposal  By : Terry Small
    No matter how good you are when it comes to budgeting foods in order to avoid food waste in your kitchen and dining table, most likely you will have to deal with the leftovers Although you can always throw these on the garbage bin, there are many methods on how you can get rid of the food waste while benefiting in return
  • What is Achilles Bursitis?  By : Terry Small
    Runners are the types of athletes that use their feet above any other part of the human body In this case, almost all of the injuries acquired by this group of individuals are related to the lower limbs
  • Mexican Vacation - Off-The-Beaten-Track  By : Elizabeth Arnott
    Some people worry about travelling in Mexico, concerned about safety issues However, it is often said that the State of Yucatan, in southern Mexico, is the safest part of Mexico
  • How to Clean Window Blinds - A Simple Guide  By : James Chapman
    When it comes to giving your house a good spring clean, no one can honestly say that they look forward to the task of giving the window blinds a once-over Lets face it - it's not exactly the most exciting job in the world so it's very common for them to get ignored completely, resulting in a substantial build up of dust and grime
  • Cleanse and De-Clutter With Spring Cleaning  By : Michelle Donovan
    "Spring Cleaning Delux, Clear Clutter and Boost Performance" is the title on the box of software by SmithMicro

    That's just what I need
  • Finding the Perfect Day Dress  By : Clair O'Hara
    As spring is fast approaching it's time to scour your wardrobe for pretty summer day dresses, denim jackets and sandals A new trend to hit the catwalk this season is the skater trend, although nothing is entirely "new" in the fashion industry, skater dresses were quite popular during the 80s and have managed to pop up again this season
  • What is a Frozen Shoulder?  By : Terry Small
    Ever wonder why you are experiencing an inability to move your shoulder This condition is known as a frozen shoulder (FSS) which commonly occurs on individuals who are between the age of 40 and 70
  • What is a Broken Wrist?  By : Terry Small
    Any damage especially fractures on the wrist area such as the small carpal bones as well as on the distal (wrist end) is known as a broken wrist injury This type of injury is very painful especially cases where the wrist(s) is severely damaged
  • Treatments For Hamstring Strain  By : Terry Small
    Among the most common types of injuries among sprinters and hurdle jumpers, hamstring strain would be at the top of the list due to its high percentage of occurrence among these athletes Unlike other types of injuries though that will restrain a person from moving, a pulled hamstring (especially grade 1 and 2) will allow the patient to walk around even without crutches
  • Why Do We Have a Social Responsibility to Recycle?  By : Ben Greenwood
    To ignore the fact that we have a social responsibility to recycle is to invite to become our reality, what is now just considered the stuff of sci-fi or horror movies Not paying attention to our individual carbon footprint may cause the human footprint to one day become as rare as an honest political speech promising a reduction in the burning of fossil fuels
  • What Are Recycled Printer Cartridges  By : Ben Greenwood
    The recycling industry tends to become very popular in a world that consumes resources like there's no tomorrow Without sacrificing quality, the recycling industry tries to provide top-quality products at considerably lower prices, advantaging both the consumer and the surrounding environment
  • What is Gentamicin Poisoning?  By : Ben Greenwood
    Gentamicin is an antibiotic given to patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions to help battle serious infection It is a powerful antibiotic from the aminoglycoside family and is particularly efficient at combating the growth of bacteria that causes infections like MRSA
  • What is Asperger's Syndrome  By : Scott Boyd
    What is Asperger's Syndrome: Typical spectrum of behavior that is often seen in children with this disorder are highlighted below:

    Asperger's Syndrome was first recognized by Dr Hans Asperger, a Viennese pediatrician, in 1944
  • Thomas Kinkade Prints Inspire Millions  By : Eliz Guide
    Thomas Kinkade prints are an amazing addition to any gallery, and while this amazingly detailed and popular artist remains prolific, obtaining originals of the artwork is not always so easy However, the internet is an amazing technology allowing people to meet with resolutions not always before possible
  • Fears I Just Can't Shake  By : David Barton
    Have you got an annoying fear you just can't shake

    Are you afraid of spiders, rats, mice, snakes, or some other insect or animal
  • Benefits Of Having An External Office  By : Gary L. Meurer
    Some freelancers prefer to work from home but others choose to have an external office Well, many factors could lead freelancers to the decision of renting an office space
  • Signs That You Are Ready To Lease An Office Space  By : Gary L. Meurer
    Many freelancers enjoy the benefits of working at home Working at home gives you flexibility and freedom that you need to be able to do your work accordingly
  • Factors To Consider While Creating Your Office Space  By : Gary L. Meurer
    Your office could create a big impact for your business People will perceive your business as respectable and professional when you have a decent and presentable office space
  • Factors To Consider Before Moving To An External Office  By : Gary L. Meurer
    Working from home is the most ideal set-up for some freelancers most especially those who have children Of course, they value the time with their family so as much as possible they prefer to work in the house
  • Tooth Fairy Giving You a Tough Time- Consult Los Angeles Dentist  By : Harley John
    Life without food is tough Life without your favorite food is tougher
  • Reducing Anxiety When Visiting the Dentist  By : K. Pollow
    A trip to the dentist may be an anxiety provoking event, but it does not have to be Taking some steps before arriving at the dental office will lead to a more relaxed and pleasant visit for both the patient and the doctor
  • Axe Care And Maintenance Tips  By : Mike Lang
    An axe is an essential cutting tool that is very useful in cutting logs, trees, and other materials that needs to be trimmed or cut down Especially during outdoor trips, bringing out an axe with you can be very handy
  • Commercial Restroom Fixtures  By : Patricia Holland
    Contractors can fully equip bathrooms of any size with Division 10 and Division 22 commercial restroom fixtures sold through XPB Locker Supply We operate with a full inventory of Bradley wash room products and accessories that can be mounted in configurations ideally suitable to remodels, reconstructions, and new construction
  • Carpet Mold Signs In Your Home  By : Terry Small
    Carpets are great for decoration purposes as well as for providing cushion and warmth for our feet especially when we are relaxing and unwinding inside our houses Many different types and designs are sold in the market nowadays for reasonable prices any average person can afford for his or her house
  • Chisel Sharpening Tips  By : Terry Small
    If you want to chip small areas of your wooden project, a chisel would be your best tool for the job Although working with this type of cutting tool can be quite difficult, any person can accomplish this role with practice and with a slow paced work
  • Common Mistakes On Chimney Flue Maintenance  By : Terry Small
    A chimney flue is where the combusted particles of wood and coal set off inside the chimney It is where the burnt materials vent off after getting consumed by the fire
  • Common Treatment Methods For Clavicle Fracture  By : Mike Lang
    Clavicle fracture is a type of bone injury which can have a treatment period of more than a year in order for the patient to fully recover Given the best treatment, cooperation, coordination and everything that can speed up the healing and recovery process, it is among the types of injuries that would put an athlete or any regular guy on the sideline for a long period of time
  • Common Problems With Carbon Monoxide Detectors  By : Mike Lang
    One thing to keep you safe from carbon monoxide poisoning is by having a good detector that is in good, working condition These devices are known for being essential on any household due to their importance as alarms in case carbon monoxide is present inside the perimeter
  • Commonly Used Treatment For Dead Leg  By : Mike Lang
    If you are into contact sports where body parts collide with each other, most likely you had experienced having a dead leg injury before Dead leg or also known as charley horse is an injury commonly inflicted by landing a sharp part of the body to the leg of an opponent
  • Dead Leg Rehabilitation Program  By : Mike Lang
    Athletes who are sidelined with injuries tend to have a hard time getting back on the action especially when serious injuries take place However, with proper treatment and rehabilitation program, anyone can get back on track and resume their current game condition
  • Groin Strain Treatment Methods  By : Terry Small
    Groin strain or also known as adductor muscle tear is the type of injury that would prevent you from moving properly The patient will feel discomfort, pain, and tightness as he or she tries to stretch the groin muscle
  • Different Grade of Groin Strain  By : Terry Small
    When it comes to injuries, there are several different levels or grades which a medical professional will base the prescription, treatment, and rehabilitation program(s) The signs and symptoms of each grade will vary from mild to serious pain, discomfort, and other unpleasant conditions
  • Hole Patching Tips  By : Terry Small
    A door is designed to protect the people who are living inside the house These act as a barrier that will give privacy and security against people, weather, animals, and other things that can be risky and dangerous to the owners of the house
  • How to Access a Patella Pain Syndrome  By : Terry Small
    Early assessment and diagnosis of an injury is very important in order to prevent additional damages and bigger problems in the future Although many of us would not accurately detect a problem, the signs and symptoms will however allow us to tell that something is not right with a specific part of our body
  • Types of Printer Paper  By : Ben Greenwood
    A printer is a machine that produces a hard copy of texts and graphics stored in a computer There are different types of printers available in the market today with the most popular being inkjet and laser printers
  • What Printer Cartridges Can Be Refilled  By : Ben Greenwood
    The use you make of your home or office printer will determine how often you need to replace the ink cartridges The more colour printing you do, the more often the cartridges will need replacing
  • Employing Services of Wet Utility Contractors  By : Daniel Locke Kana Pipeline
    Employing wet utility contractors is needed any time underground pipes are installed or repaired This kind of work involves installing sewer pipes, water mains, and storm drainage systems; repairing or removing existing pipelines; preparing construction worksites for demolition; and restoring land after construction work is completed
  • Pinched Nerve Tingling Hand  By : Nathan Wei
    Nerves are the roadways that lead from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body They carry electrical impulses that allow both the capacity to feel things as well as the ability to move body parts
  • How Debt Relief Services Can Help You  By : K. Pollow
    Many people begin accumulating debt in their late teen years with student loans for college as well as building account balances on credit cards Credit card balances may continue to grow over time as people apply for more credit cards and credit limits are increased
  • Avoid the Sweatshops With Men's Designer Clothing  By : Clair O'Hara
    You don't have to spend the world on clothing to avoid sweatshop-made men's clothing, in fact, there are lots of reasonably priced pieces of clothing out there that have been made through quality craftsmanship If you take a look at some designer brands and find out their history, you'll see that many of them keep their materials locally-sourced, making them eco-friendly and ethical fashion companies
  • Wrestling a Hurricane in New Jersey  By : Derek Boris
    Hurricanes are forces of nature that do their best to destroy everything in their path, unaware of the pain and devastation they may cause With careful planning and the correct choices, damage and loss can be minimized or even prevented
  • Plantar Fasciitis Explained  By : Terry Small
    Plantar fasciitis is an excruciating condition on the heel of the lower limbs which is commonly mistaken with tarsal tunnel syndrome It is acquired by people who are always on the go
  • A Customer Service Survey To Die For  By : Peter Karpouzas
    In any business, making sure that you retain your customers is paramount to success and profitability After all, what business can keep its doors open and continue operations without any customers coming back to it
  • Words Have Power  By : David Barton
    It is no secret that WORDS HAVE POWER Power to heal and power to destroy, power to create and power to break down
  • Clip-on Earrings For All Occasions  By : Vincent A Rogers
    Clip-on earrings exist in a huge variety of styles, finishes and colours They are a great way to accessorise your outfit no matter what the occasion
  • Are Clip-on Earrings Cheaper?  By : Vincent A Rogers
    A recent study showed that around 80% of women have their ears pierced The survey also showed that the majority of these women were wearing earrings almost daily
  • Choosing the Right Clip-on Earrings For Your Party Outfit  By : Vincent A Rogers
    Clip-on earrings are a very important accessory for any party outfit and choosing them is a task that you must do with care There are several types of clip-on earring that are suitable for parties
  • A Guide to Buying Clip-on Earrings For Your Valentine  By : Vincent A Rogers
    It is a known fact that Valentine's Day is more of a women's day, which means that guys are the ones who need to get ready the romantic atmosphere and get the gifts Thus, if you wish for your relationship to go well for the rest of the year, you should think twice before buying her a gift for Valentine's Day
  • Is Diamond Clarity Important?  By : Daniel Delos
    What is Diamond Clarity

    Clarity is one of the grading scales known as the four Cs that are used to evaluate the quality of a diamond
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Basement Insulation  By : Mike Lang
    Planning on saving on your power consumption without compromising the temperature of your basement Why not invest on setting up insulation materials that are quite easy to install with less hassle and time
  • A Guide About Pet Care  By : Mike Lang
    Almost all of us love to raise and take care of an animal that we value as a pet especially those that we put inside the house Any animal is beautiful when proper care and time is given
  • Advantages of Carbon Monoxide Detectors  By : Mike Lang
    We commonly see or hear news regarding the death of individuals due to carbon monoxide poisoning all the around the world In case you are not familiar with this stuff, carbon monoxide is a type of gas that is quite impossible to detect with our senses
  • Achilles Tendonitis Treatments  By : Mike Lang
    Achilles tendonitis or Achilles tendinosis is a common injury to many athletes especially those that involves running in their sports Basketball, rugby, soccer, and other sports that demands high velocity and continuous running activity usually caters a higher percentage of this injury to its players
  • Know How to Find Cheap Scrubs  By : Amanda Berry
    Medical staff aren't the only ones who can wear scrubs They can be worn by anyone because they are comfortable
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Stretching Exercises  By : Mike Lang
    A carpal tunnel syndrome can be an annoying medical problem that can greatly affect things that you do with your hands Almost all things are done with the use of hands especially with our fingers and wrists
  • Chimney Flue Cleaning Guide  By : Terry Small
    A chimney is something that is not quite noticeable in terms of visual appeal, however in terms of function though it is very useful for houses that are in countries with winter season Combustion sets up and travels through the chimney flue and goes out of the opening at the upper part of the roof
  • Common Causes of Carbon Monoxide  By : Terry Small
    In case you heard of news where people fall asleep inside their automobiles and die of suffocation, these would most probably be due to carbon monoxide poisoning This type of gas does not emit a foul odor which can be easily detected by any person
  • Dog Bathing Tips to Remember  By : Terry Small
    Dogs can be very active pets especially when they are in good conditions When we say good condition, this is when they get a good supply of food, supplements, bathing, grooming, scheduled vaccinations and de-wormings
  • Common Treatments For Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  By : Terry Small
    Tarsal tunnel syndrome is the entrapment of the posterior tibial nerve on the tarsal tunnel which gets inflamed on the process and results to the chain effects of the injury Pain, discomfort, burning sensation, and numbness are among the awful feelings a patient will experience when struck with this type of injury
  • How to Apply Stain on Deck  By : Terry Small
    Staining your wooden deck would be the most appropriate way of preserving its condition against all type of weather that would definitely batter it throughout the year A deck without this solution would easily succumb to the gradual yet devastating effects of rain, heat, and cold
  • The Proper Ways of Removing Bathroom Ceiling Mold  By : Mike Lang
    Ceiling molds can ruin the visual appeal of a beautiful designed and decorated room especially when left without taking any proper action Bathrooms are among the common areas where molds are usually seen due to the environment
  • The Common Causes of Molds  By : Mike Lang
    Molds are among the types of organisms that occasionally visits our houses every year Although they are not difficult to eliminate, preventing them can be quite a hassle especially if you do not know what causes them to manifest on the various areas of your house
  • Tips In Detecting Lead Presence And Exposure Test  By : Mike Lang
    In the United States of America alone, an estimated number of 200,000 children of all ages suffer from lead poisoning every year The number is still escalating as each year passes by due to the growing demand for toys
  • Tips on Asphalt Driveway Maintenance  By : Mike Lang
    An asphalt driveway is among the most affordable and easy to utilize type of material that can be done by almost any homeowner This can leave a beautiful and smoothly paved scenery aside from the plants and flowers lining along the pathway
  • Tips on Door Sweep Installation  By : Mike Lang
    If you want protection from drafts and cold air, a door swift should be installed on your doors to prevent such breeze from seeping in from underneath your front door These are simple pieces of materials that are used to block and cover the tiny openings on your exterior door
  • How to Paint Your Wooden Bunk Bed  By : Terry Small
    Whether you like it or not, painting the wooden bunk bed of your kids is a must and should be done in case signs of chipping or peeling paints are visible Painting works is required not only for its added visual appeal to an object but also for its protection against rotting and decay
  • Impingement Syndrome Treatments  By : Terry Small
    Impingement syndrome is a very common injury among baseball players due to the excessive use of the shoulders and arms during practice and in the game It is more common in pitchers though especially when the arm is extended after each pitches or throws of the ball
  • What's Expat Living Really Like?  By : Rob Schneider
    I have been living in Sihanoukville, Cambodia since January 2007 These have been the hardest 5 years of my life
  • Why Use a Laser Printer? Why Use a Laser Printer?  By : Clair O'Hara
    Laser printers are known for their speed and precision when printing text, and although toner cartridges can be quite expensive, they last a long time and produce many pages, making them very economical as a whole The laser printer is suitable for both home and office use, but the type of printer will depend solely on your requirements
  • Travelling With Portable Oxygen  By : Clair O'Hara
    Some gents need oxygen, perhaps just because of old age There is no worry, because everyone needs help sooner or later in life
  • How to Look After Your Trainers  By : Trevor Richards
    Whether you are wearing trainers that cost 5 or 500 you will probably want to keep them looking pristine and as good as they can for as long as possible Here are some top tips to help you keeping your trainers looking tip top
  • How Self Publishing Has Changed and is Now Creating Millionaire Self Published Authors  By : Ruth Barringham
    Not too long ago, it was so difficult to become a published author

  • How to Kill Stink Bugs - Thwarting the Kamikaze Attack  By : Zeke Misek
    What is the difference between a kamikaze warrior and a stink bug

    Both will swoop down out of the sky to impact an object on the ground, but the only difference is that whereas the kamikaze warrior is willing to die, we wish stink bugs would die

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