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  • The Use of Coloring in Icing  By : Jimmy Cox
    Although several coloring agents are available, paste colors have been found to be the most generally satisfactory. The range of colors available to the decorator, in addition to the primaries - red, blue and yellow - include violet, green, brown and pink. The color wheel, of course, shows us that we can get along very well with only the 3 primaries.
  • Water Safety Treatments, Advancements and Trends  By : Ben Franklin
    Minor differences will always exist with more than one technically-acceptable and scientifically-sound solution to any given water treatment problem.
  • How Long Is Food Good For  By : Victor Epand
    This article advices about how to keep food leftovers.
  • Beans, Beans and More Beans  By : Emma Snow
    Dry beans are among some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Beans are not only a complex carbohydrate, which provides sustained energy throughout the day, but also have many important nutrients such as, calcium, potassium, protein and folate. Plus, you get these benefits without the fat and cholesterol that meat or dairy products might contain.
  • Packing The Perfect Picnic  By : Michael Kanehl
    Picnics are delightful when well managed. The perfect picnic always puts everyone in a great mood. The idea behind picnics is that much of the food is prepared at home, then transported to an outdoor setting
  • Caffeine and Green Tea  By : Julie Health
    One of the debates within the tea drinking world is the level of caffeine in their favorite drink. Traditionally, green tea will have caffeine as one of the major elements. If you are not sure about the caffeine in this drink, you should make sure that you know how important this side effect is. Read on to learn more.
  • Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates  By : Jane Saeman
    Can eating chocolate really be good for you?
  • 5 Healthy and Easy Ways to Prepare Vegetables  By : Yuki Shoji
    Vegetables are good for you. However, people don't eat them enough because they don't realize that there are many ways in which to prepare them.
  • Cast Iron Cookware: The Cookware Our Ancestors Used  By : Riley Hendersen
    Cast iron is a tremendously good type of product to cook with. Not only have our ancestors used this type of cookware almost exclusively, it has many enduring qualities to provide even heat and durability. For the small amount of work put into the care and upkeep of the cast iron, it can provide years of service as well as many happy memories for generations to come.
  • Barbeque, Fire and Ashes!  By : Bob Alexander
    What can happen when you carelessly throw away those old barbeque ashes!
  • Cooking With Stainless Steel Cookware  By : Riley Hendersen
    In most stainless steel cookware, the stainless steel is only used as the cooking surface and not the entire product. In most instances, aluminum is used as the primary ingredient in making the cookware mold, because aluminum heats faster. Stainless steel is added as the coating to make the final product safe, easy to clean and durable.
  • Many Different Ways To Go About Taking Care Of Food  By : Victor Epand
    This article talks about different ways people use to take care of food, such as storing, packaging, freezing and vacuum sealing.
  • Refills For Vacuum Food Sealers  By : Victor Epand
    This article advises about refills for various types of vacuum food sealers.
  • Vacuum Food Sealers Review  By : Victor Epand
    This article advises about various types of vacuum food sealers.
  • What Kind Of Food Preserver Do You Like To Use  By : Victor Epand
    This article talks about why some people offer FoodSaver and why other people don't like to offer them.
  • Raw Food Potlucks for a Raw Treat  By : Roxanne Vick
    Want to go on a raw food diet, but cringe at the social aspect? Maybe you should check out a raw food potluck in your daughter rightfully called them "potlicks"!
  • Chocolate: Heavenly Taste In Many Forms  By : Adrian Adams
    Chocolate comes from the cocoa plant. For hundreds of years, different cultures have used chocolate for flavoring.
  • A Pondering About Absinthe for Bartenders  By : Josh Stone
    Absinthe is one of those historic fascinations that never quite go away. We were just on the verge of letting absinthe settle into the dustbin of history when two events happened.
  • A Chef's Spice Reference  By : Josh Stone
    This guide is a quick look-up table for the commonly-used spices.

    Allspice - Comes from the unripe berry of the Pimienta dioica tree. It has a flavor that is similar to cinnamon, pepper, cloves, and nutmeg, and so it gets its name from the effect of combining those flavors.
  • A Unique Chefs Spice Reference  By : Josh Stone
    This guide is a quick look-up table for the commonly-used spices.

    Fenugreek - This is native to India and southern Europe. The part used is the hard, yellow-brown seeds that come from the plant's pods.
  • Commonly Used Spices A Chef's Spice Guide  By : Josh Stone
    This guide is a quick look-up table for the commonly-used spices.

    Oregano - A peculiar leafy green herb, in that it is one of the few which is more potent dried than fresh. Taste like a cross between mint and lemongrass.
  • Gift Baskets No Comparison To Fruitcakes Anymore  By : Marsha Beslic
    Gift baskets have really come into their own as well respected in the gift giving department. Due to the variety, quality and wide range of prices they have become quite popular as creative and thoughtful ways to express everything from well wishes to sympathy for those you care about.
  • Drink Your Brand – The Water Order Of The Day  By : Wain Roy
    It’s been almost a decade that bottled water has outdone tap water. But there’s more to the tale—bottled water is now run by brands. Check out the brand new brand order here.
  • German Beers Make an Impact Worldwide  By : Evelyn Whitaker
    When you think of Germany there are a number of things that come to mind, but one of the first things is German beer. Although many people presume that a majority of German beer is lager, there are a number of different styles, tastes and stories behind the various beer distributed across the world.
  • The History of Toasting  By : Evelyn Whitaker
    The origination of the Toast and how it all started.
  • Salmon - An Affordable Luxury  By : Andrea Flint
    Salmon has a reputation as a luxury fish, but is nowadays quite affordable. Find out more about this versatile fish.
  • Lose Weight By Ditching the Junk  By : Amin Motin
    Your house may be making you fat!

    Lose weight by ditching the junk and changing a couple of things in your routine.
  • Beans Peas and Lentils -- Not a Dry Subject  By : Andrew Wills
    One of my favourite recipes is a bean salad. I mix together three or more canned beans/peas such as black-eyed peas, chickpeas and kidney beans (rinsed of course and preferably organic) and to it I add chopped celery and red pepper and then I dress it with olive oil, lemon juice, fresh basil and pepper.
  • Cupcake Success Is All About The Ingredience  By : Mika Hamilton
    Cupcakes are made many different ways. Among us we find that many people have an ancestor, great grandmother, friend or other such person who knows someone who knows someone who knows how to create the best cake you will ever have in your life.
  • History Of The Humble Cupcake  By : Mika Hamilton
    Cupcakes are special dessert treats that have been around since the early 19th century. They have been spreading delight and enjoyment for over a full century and they are still going strong, maybe stronger than ever now.
  • Attributes Of The Perfect Cupcake  By : Mika Hamilton
    As you bite into the cupcake it does not crumble, but stay together firmly. It is not as tough as a fudge bar, but not as light as a piece of angel food cake.
  • Impress Your Friends With Your Own Cupcake Creations  By : Mika Hamilton
    Parties are often accompanied by snacks and other food dishes. People need sustenance while they wile away their evenings!
  • Making Cupcakes A Fun Activity To Share With Your Kids  By : Mika Hamilton
    Cupcakes are a great cooking activity to share with children because the endeavor consists of many choices. Choices help give children the opportunity to really feel confident about their likes, dislikes and areas that they can feel free to express their creative juices.
  • Trying To Decide On A Wedding Cake?  By : Mika Hamilton
    When choosing certain items for one's wedding, many people like to stick to the traditional methods. But for those of you out there who would really like to have somthing special, read on.
  • Romanian Culinary Art  By : Keith Londrie
    When you say Romania, you start thinking of Transylvania and count Dracula. But what few people know is that Romania is a country with a great landscape and a great tradition in the art of cooking.
  • 4 Tips for Eating Healthy Mexican Food  By : Yuki Shoji
    Have you ever tasted a great plate of Mexican food? If so, then you're probably no stranger to the urge to want to eat it again.
  • A Look at Commercial Popcorn Machines  By : Joseph Then
    Most people have loved popcorn their entire lives. Young children not only ate it as a healthy snack but also made popcorn ropes and hung them around their Christmas trees and for arts and craft projects.
  • Famous Chefs in History  By : Keith Londrie
    Because of the French domination of the culinary scene since time began (or so it seems, anyway), it stands to reason the most famous chefs in history are what else? French, with the exception of one American woman (discussed later), who was, nevertheless, trained in classical French cooking.
  • A Delicious Pig Roast Causes Mouths to Water  By : Neil MacLeod
    A pig roast is an occasion that causes mouths to water and stomachs to churn. Having a pig roast is a great occasion where people have delicious food, drinks and a lot of fun that will be remembered for many years to come. When hiring Chris Lilley Catering and Marquee services one will receive a whole pig that is hand delivered in a roaster. The roaster comes with gas and is ready to cook a mouth watering, tantalizing pig.
  • The Spread of the Cacao Tree & Melting Chocolate  By : Stephen Campbell
    The age of colonialism saw the start of the spread of the cacao tree, as did the introduction of cacao beans and chocolate as well.

    It isnt always easy to get chocolate to melt and set the right way when we are at home.
  • The Roots of Chocolate & Organic Chocolate  By : Stephen Campbell
    The Cacao tree is very difficult to grow, there are very few instances of it bearing fruit outside its natural setting which is a band 20 degrees north and 20 degrees south of the Equator.

    Twice the work is required for organic chocolate because they use only natural compost on their trees rather than fertilizers that are man made.
  • The Physiological Effects of Chocolate & Storing Chocolate  By : Stephen Campbell
    Chocolate contains many substances some of them can be addictive like caffeine (in minute amounts).

    Because chocolate is very sensitive to temperature and humidity, it needs to be stored between 15 and 17 degrees Celsius or 59 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity level of less than 50%.
  • The Organic Chocolate Revolution & The Amazing Lure of Chocolate  By : Stephen Campbell
    The price for organically grown cocoa products is nearly 4 times higher than non-organic cocoa.

    There are very few foods bring out the passion of chocolate, going beyond a love of sweetness as in most candies and desserts.
  • All About Honey  By : Josh Stone
    The consumption of honey by humans is an anomaly; honey is the only food produced by insects which humans eat, and is one of the only two substances produced organically whose sole purpose is for food - the other is mammalian breast milk. As a result, bees are the insect most commonly domesticated by humans the world over.
  • A Chef's Guide to Vegans  By : Josh Stone
    A "vegan" and a "vegetarian" are two different things. That's one thing you have to get straight. While most vegetarians simply refrain from eating anything that had a heartbeat, but still allow eggs and dairy products, vegans go one further and exclude anything related to animals in any way, shape or form.
  • Recipe For A Successful Barbecue  By : Arthor Pens
    With the first glimpse of the summer sun we all rush to the shed in search of the barbecue (or barbecue if you prefer!). But rather than just brushing off the cobwebs and remnants of last year's sausages and then cooking up the usual fare of burgers and sausages, why not have a re-think?
  • A Restauranteur's Eye View of Vodka  By : Josh Stone
    To get one thing straight off the top, there should be two ingredients in vodka: water and alcohol. Barring any flavoring ingredients, of course. And the two kinds of ingredients you can get the alcohol from are either potatoes or grain.
  • The Distinct Advantages Of The Ceramic Tea Kettle  By : T J Madigan
    Tea kettles are one of the oldest pieces of kitchenware. In fact, recent archaeological finds suggest that tea kettles might even date back to the time when tea was first discovered in Ancient China.
  • In Praise Of Mustard  By : Andrea Flint
    Mustard is a versatile plant with a long history of use for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Find out more about this spice which is used the world over.
  • German Beer Facts  By : Carl Hoffman
    Germany contains well over 1,000 breweries, which is more than any other location in the world. All beer that is manufactured in Germany must follow the purity law, which lets manufacturers know what ingredients can and can't be used.
  • Chef Career - A Chefs Guide to Exotic Fruits  By : Josh Stone
    Ah, the everyday fruits at the English-speaking table: apple, orange, banana. Tangerine, peach, strawberry. Maybe a bunch of grapes or the occasional kiwi. As anyone can see, the fruit table at the typical banquet is stuck in a rut.
  • A Chefs Guide to Sweeteners  By : Josh Stone
    The Industrialized world is obsessed with diets, and yet has the raging sweet tooth of a child. Everybody wants non-fattening food that tastes fat. And so here we are in the industrial age, working our laboratories round-the-clock to come up with a way to have the taste without the calories. This has given us a host of sort-of, one-off-from, and flat-out substitute sugars.
  • Why Do I Love Cooking…the Four F’s  By : Deanna Applegate
    There are many reasons to love cooking. I boil (pun intended) my favorites down to four, all beginning with F.
  • Ideas For Cookware And Selling Recipes  By : Victor Epand
    This articles gives you ideas on selling your recipes and seeing what kind of new cookware is out on the market.
  • Why Local Produce is Better  By : Josh Stone
    Today's food buyer has choices which previous generations never dreamed of. At any given time of the year, they can go to the wholesaler and buy produce that was once only seasonally available. You can have strawberries in November and corn on the cob in February.
  • Food Safety | Do Not Forget Food Safety or You will Spoil Your Picnic  By : Ray Attebery
    Quick tips on how to prepare safe and tasty food for your next picnic...Read More
  • A History of Chocolate Not Commonly Known  By : Garland Choate
    An interesting accounting of chocolate's history.
  • A Serious Look at the Health Advantages of Chocolate  By : Garland Choate
    Would you believe that chocolate may be a health food?
  • Fascinating Facts About Tea For Restaurants  By : Josh Stone
    I still remember the best cup of tea I ever had. It was at a Mediterranean restaurant on the Las Vegas strip. After an excellent meal of falafel, hummus, baba ganouch, pita bread, and lamb, I ordered the tea and was presented with a pot of steaming water and a container of fresh, wet whole tea leaves.
  • Guide To Tea  By : Daniel Roshard
    Producing white tea then, as it is even today, was extremely labor-intensive. Leaves and buds had to be plucked from a select variety of bushes in early spring.
  • The Ten Pet Peeve Customers of Restauranteurs  By : Josh Stone
    OK, we may be smiling chefs, well-mannered waiters, magnificent managers and suave sommeliers, but under our professional guise we're human beings.
  • Explore a Whole New World of Tea By Experiencing a Tea Ceremony  By : Mayoor Patel
    If you consider yourself a connoisseur of fine teas, then you should really think that description over if you have yet to visit a Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Essaic Tea or Essiac Tea in Alternative Medicine  By : Mayoor Patel
    Essiac tea, also commonly referred to as essaic tea, is a time honored herbal remedy that is taken to help in the treatment and possible cure of a variety of ailments.
  • What Type of Tea Ball Should You Get?  By : Mayoor Patel
    There is no better way to enjoy the amazing taste of tea brewed from fresh tea leaves with the ease of cleanup that is associated with a tea bag than with a tea ball.
  • A Taste of India with Chai Tea  By : Mayoor Patel
    Chai is what tea is called in India and other middle Eastern countries, most notably Turkey.
  • How to Choose a Tea House that is Right for You  By : Mayoor Patel
    Whenever you sit down to have a piping hot cup of tea, do you ever dream that you are somewhere else?
  • Why Iced Tea is So Popular  By : Mayoor Patel
    All across our nation, we find that iced tea is on the menu of every restaurant and is invariably setting in a pitcher in our kitchens.
  • The Rich Variety of Herbal Teas  By : Mayoor Patel
    In our quest to enjoy all sorts of taste experiences, many of us have a lot of fun experimenting with herbal teas.
  • Embrace the Land of Royalty with English Tea  By : Mayoor Patel
    From the land where tea is a national beverage, comes a wide variety of what is known as English tea and various blends that are especially for morning, mid-afternoon, and evening consumption.
  • Enjoying a Cup of Hot Green Tea  By : Mayoor Patel
    More of us are incorporating the use of green tea into our daily routine.
  • What Sets Chinese Tea Apart from the Rest?  By : Mayoor Patel
    With so many wonderful teas that are part of the rich cultures of so many different places around the world, why is it that Chinese tea in its various forms seems to hold a particular interest for many of us?
  • What Is So Good About Chamomile Tea?  By : Mayoor Patel
    Chamomile tea enjoys a reputation as being very good for the body.
  • How to Find a Fantastic Local Tea House  By : Mayoor Patel
    If you really want to enjoy a fantastic cup of tea, you need to venture away from your home, skip past the grocery store, and instead find yourself a local tea house that can blow your mind with amazing teas that you have probably never before tasted.
  • The Wholesome Experience With Numi Tea  By : Mayoor Patel
    Numi tea is a part of the Numi company founded in 1999.
  • Barbequed On The Rear View Mirror!  By : Bob Alexander
    The heavenly scent of hickory smoke barbeque should be available to everyone, regardless of whether they actually cook barbeque or not!
  • Go Green With Organic Tea  By : Mayoor Patel
    More and more tea varieties are available as organic tea nowadays.
  • Why Tazo Tea is so Popular  By : Mayoor Patel
    It is difficult to go into any supermarket or health food store and not see Tazo Tea prominently displayed.
  • How Does Green Tea Weight Loss Work?  By : Mayoor Patel
    We hear a lot about how green tea can help persons get their weight under control.
  • Beautiful Display with the Tea Chest  By : Mayoor Patel
    A tea chest resembles a beautiful jewel box on the outside.
  • For One Cup Convenience Use A Tea Pod  By : Mayoor Patel
    For many years, a person who wanted a good cup of coffee, but only one, had many methods for making it.
  • Remembering the Sun Tea Craze  By : Mayoor Patel
    Nestled in the memories of many a child of the 1970's is the memory of tea brewing in a glass container out in the open sunshine.
  • Best Desserts Of The World  By : Rene Graeber
    Tempting and sumptuous desserts are gastronomically irresistible. A delicious and charming dessert is one of the most-loved courses of a meal ending the dining experience with heavenly sweetness.
  • Outdoor cooking with natural gas bbqs  By : DavidYuri
    As we know, during summer, many people prefer to go out in the nature and enjoy outdoor cooking. Outdoor cooking is an activity accessible to everyone. It would be easier and more affordable if people opted for using natural gas lines in order to facilitate these outdoor activities.
  • How To Barbecue Safely  By : John Myre
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that more than 15,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year due to injuries associated with gas and charcoal grills.

    However, there are ways to assure your grilling tears are limited to the culinary effect of slicing a thick, juicy Vidalia onion.
  • Fast Food, Slow Death?  By : R. Adam Shore
    A nation on the go, fast food chains recording record sales and if you're not careful you are dying a slow death. What you need are a few healthful hints and facts on fast food.
  • The Growing Popularity of Unsweetened Tea  By : Mayoor Patel
    At a time when more people are looking for ways to be more health conscious, it only makes sense that unsweetened tea would experience a growing surge of popularity.
  • Facts About Wu Long Tea  By : Mayoor Patel
    You may have never heard of Wu Long tea, at least by that name.
  • What Exactly is White Tea?  By : Mayoor Patel
    White tea is obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant, which also gives the other varieties of Oolong, Black, and Green tea.
  • What Do You Find in a Tea Shop?  By : Mayoor Patel
    What is sold in a tea shop? The logical and most straightforward answer would be, plainly speaking, tea.
  • Sweet Tea - the Beverage of Choice in the Deep South  By : Mayoor Patel
    As everyone in the Deep South of the United States knows, there is usually always a pitcher of sweet tea brewed and ready for company to drop by.
  • The Best Way To Cook Chicken  By : Kelvin Ho
    Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are probably the most popular cut of meat sold in America today. They are quick, easy, low fat, and universally popular. But when not cooked properly, they can be dry, tough, and stringy. What are the best ways of cooking them so you end up with moist, tender, flavorful meat?
  • The Origins of Tea  By : Josh Stone
    Besides water, green tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. It is estimated that over one-half of the world's population drinks tea in some form. Although England and other Northern European countries share a liking for tea with the rest of the world, they don't actually call it by the same word. It is instead called "cha", the Chinese word for it.
  • The Unusual Statue of David Apron  By : SKG9
    To many people it is too much to be expected to wear one, what does that say about the person? As long as you have a sense of humor.
  • How To Choose Fresh Fruits And Vegetables For Your Cooking  By : Kelvin Ho
    There is nothing tastier than fresh produce. Learning to cook with fresh ingredients will help ensure that you will enjoy healthy and tasty meals. Whether you are buying produce from a grocery store or from a local farmers market, here are some tips on what to look for when buying fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Why You Should Learn Cooking Today  By : Kelvin Ho
    At first glance it may seem counterintuitive to think that cooking could simplify and enhance your life. Who has the time, right? Or maybe you do not think that you can cook good enough to produce something edible. You would be surprised to learn that there are many benefits to preparing food for yourself and others.
  • The American Beer Industry: A Major Economic Contribution  By : Charlotte Buelow
    Hundreds of years after its inception, the American beer industry continues to serve an important social function, while also heavily contributing to the country's economy.
  • Basic Guidelines for Crock-Pot Cooking  By : OkSmitty
    Crock-pot cooking can be delicious for both meals and desserts when some basic guidelines are followed.
  • Cooking Tips For Busy Mums And Dads  By : Kelvin Ho
    Have you ever wished you knew how to save a ruined dish, increase the flavor or make cooking easier? Well, you are not alone. Here are some cooking tips that I know you will find helpful the next time you prepare a big meal for your family.
  • Designing a Restaurant Menu  By : Josh Stone
    When you're a start-up business with a shoe-string budget, that photocopied sheet with a simple list of your dishes was enough to get by. But as your business grows and becomes more successful, the time will eventually come when somebody says, "Isn't it time we got a more professional-looking menu?"
  • A Tour Of The World With The Various Names Of Cheese  By : Christopher Jay
    You may not know how many names of cheese there are until you actually shop for cheese. Especially if you find yourself in a fancy cheese section of a store, or in a liquor store where the cheese is next to the wine selection, you can be faced with entire racks of different cheeses, and from all over the world.

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