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  • The Improvisation of Tai Chi  By : John Crewdson
    With tai chi it's very important to learn to color inside the lines. It's essential to do each move in just the right way. Once you learn to do this, you begin to feel the energy within your own body.
  • The Amazing Benefits of Salsa Dancing  By : Shannon M
    Music and dancing has been a part of many different cultures for centuries. It is part of celebration and entertainment. And whether they knew it or not, way back when the dancing began, there are numerous amazing health benefits. Now that the American population is facing a major obesity epidemic, health benefits from dancing is something that should be taken a closer look at.
  • Muscle Stretching And Warm-ups - The Essential Pre-sports Routine  By : Moses Wright
    Article reveals that many people are not quite sure exactly why they do warm-ups prior to exercising. Although, they continue to do this they are only doing it because someone has told them to do so. While it is important to warm-up before exercising for a number of safety reasons, article explains that there are other benefits as well.
  • Get Over It! Exercising Hurts  By : Dr Marybeth Crane
    Today should be the last day you try to use lame excuses to continue being fat, tired and a cardiac risk! Lose your excuses. Starting an exercise program can be a monumental challenge, but we are all up to it! Here are some great tips to get you started. I guarantee you will thank me in a few months when you are closer to your ideal self than you thought possible!
  • The Calories Used in a Day for the Average Person Are?  By : Philip Kebbell
    This article points out the problems encountered when considering a diet eating plan for loosing weight.
  • Is Exercise a Dirty Word?  By : Pat Brill
    We all know that exercising is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. we do it? What if you could give yourself permission to start small in your exercising efforts...and still feel good about yourself?
  • Your Office Sucks You Dry Of Energy, Of Course, You Will Not Workout  By : Tim Goodwin
    No matter how strong willed you are, after a energy sapping day in the office the last thing you want to do is go and do a workout. Tim Goodwin explains why you really MUST get in the Gym
  • Fat Loss Circuit Training Workout  By : Yuri Elkaim
    The fat loss circuit training workout I’m about to provide you with is an example of the type of circuit training workouts that are a key component of Fitter U™ fat loss fitness program.
  • Guide To Building Strong Legs with Thigh Exercises  By : Dominic Ferrara
    For those who are into fitness and bodybuilding machines are not necessary if you want to have well toned thighs. You can build the strong legs you want by doing some basic thigh are some exercises you can do.
  • Weight Loss Information for BodyControl  By : Vernon DeFlanders
    Small frame large frame heavily muscled in the muscle does not enter into BMI calculation. Lose fat and increase muscle mass. Every day you wait is a day of lost progress! This is possible because the amount of lean (muscle) tissue in the body decreases, as we get older.
  • How does fitness really help weight loss  By : Charles Carter
    We want you to think the next time you're tempted to diet your way out of so that unwanted weight gain
  • The Significance Of Physical Fitness For Executives As Depicted In Donald Trump's Apprentice  By : Jackson Neshah
    As you watched Donald Trump's Apprentice did you notice the number of exercises scripted into the first three seasons? Kwame and Troy were prominently short regularly keeping fit with exercises. This was deliberately written to show us all that physical fitness and mental alertness are necessary for
  • Short Cut to Health & Riches! Let Muscle Testing Lead the Way  By : LaRue Eppler
    My formula helped me make amazing connections between my thoughts and my reality. But, it wasn’t until I took applied kinesiology training that I understood exactly how, why, and which thoughts were sabotaging my best efforts.
  • 4 Reasons Why to Take the 10-Minute Trainer Upgrade“Medium Resistance  By : Xtreme Body Fitness
    Busy people do no usually have enough time to deal with their fitness or workout routines. They just spend their whole time on their works. They tend to eat more while sitting a lot of times in their offices. Their muscles are not even exercised and the metabolism could not burn all their fats and ch
  • Three 10 Minute Trainer Upgrade “ Heavy Resistance Workouts  By : Xtreme Body Fitness
    The 10 Minute Trainer Upgrade “ Heavy Resistance is an additional to the 10 Minute Trainer “ Heavy Resistance. It includes intense workouts that are not included in the original heavy resistance. Heavy resistance workouts are those that require greater energy and endurance. These workouts offer m
  • The Secret To Metabolism Boosting and It's Not Aerobics  By : MJ Jensen
    How to boost your metabolism through interval training by adding it to your exercise routine
  • Let's Compromise...Aerobic vs Anaerobic Training  By : Ainsley Laing
    As a trainer, I often get this question: don't I need to do long duration aerobic training to burn fat? The answer is (drum roll please) both aerobic (low intensity) training and anaerobic (high intensity) training will do the trick
  • Easy Ways To Naturally Boost Your Metabolism  By : Daniel da Silva
    Boosting your metabolism is probably the easiest and safest way to lose weight naturally. Find out how you can boost your metabolism naturally so your body can start burning calories faster than ever.
  • The Best Exercises For You Don't Require An Expensive Gym Membership!  By : Brooks Donner
    If you are considering an exercise program, or already involved in working out, you need to know which exercises are the best for your overall health and fitness. With so many workout machines and equipment in the gyms these days, you might be surprised to find that all of the best exercises do not require buying a lot of workout equipment or expensive gym memberships.
  • I Don't Want Thunder Thighs, or a Big Butt....  By : Troy Anderson
    Insider Secrets to Getting Lean and Sexy Legs and Butt
  • How A Friend Shed Off 25 Pounds And Got Himself A Beautiful Wife And A Good Job  By : Jackson Neshah
    Obviously you understand as I do that people who exercise as a rule are healthier than people who do not have the preference to perform any kind of exercise. Experts believe that activity is the secret of longevity just as death is cessation of activity. Overweight and obesity can cut your life sho
  • Swimming is the art to stay fit  By : Justin Boyce
    Swimming is that type of watersports which needs no introduction. With the passage of time, it has become an essential part of the recreational activities that people like to do.
  • Will Walking Make You Fit?  By : Andrew Tomkinson
    This Article summarises the benefits of walking for fitness and health.
  • Fitness For Self Confidence  By : Gina Cool
    Before we start talking workouts and confidence, let's ask ourselves this question: Why do we workout? Knowing the why and getting to the heart of the matter really has so much more staying power and stickeness than not having a good reason why. One excellent reason to start a workout program and to stick with it is to do it for more confidence.
  • Walking May Save Your Life, and Save Money At The Same Time  By : Brandt R Gibson DPM
    As gas prices continue to rise and health concerns continue to mount, walking may be the key to both difficulties. As you walk you save money and save your life.
  • Workouts Gym ' 8 Tips To Help You Succeed  By : Mike Howell
    Workouts at gym facilities should be fun! You do not need to perform every possible exercise available at your health club or gym. Simply focus on completing one well-executed exercise for each muscle group.
  • Developing Good Fitness Habits  By : Gina Cool
    Clients approach me all the time and complain that they do not have the will or discipline to continue a workout program. This article explores the reason for thier lack of follow thru and explains how to get follow thru by developing habits rather than will.
  • The Best Arm Exercises for Strength and Tone  By : Brooks Donner
    Do you know which exercises to perform to build up both your arm strength and arm tone? This article reveals the top five arm exercises that will both strengthen your arms and tone your arms.
  • 6 Steps to Get Hipped with Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer Workout  By : Xtreme Body Fitness
    Weekends are one of the much-awaited days after the whole week of stress and workloads. But what makes weekends really special and worth waiting? For those people who love exercise as being part of their routine as to release stress and bring back the healthy feeling. Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer Wo
  • Top 10 Workout Safety Tips  By : Lee Hayward
    Here is a list of some important safety tips that should be followed by all weight trainers. These tips can help prevent injury and help speed progress in building lean muscle and burning off stubborn bodyfat.
  • Love Handles Exercise  By : Ed Scow
    What is the best love handles exercise? That was a question a client recently asked. His heart was in the right place. He wants to get rid of his gut and love handles, and wanted to know the best love handles exercise.
  • How To Maximize Your Workouts  By : Gina Cool
    Optimize your workouts in the gym and get clear on what works with these fitness strategies designed for the pros.
  • Stay Fit Travel Tips  By : Holly Rigsby
    I have been traveling on and off for the past two weeks. This week marks the last of our summer vacations and trips to visit family. I know first hand how being away from home can take a toll on your fitness regimen. Vacations are notorious for quickly packing on the pounds this summer. From road trips, camping, amusement parks, to visiting with family. Each destination is filled with tempting food and drink as well as a change in our exercise.
  • Thought About Having A Go At Boot Camps?  By : Dan Thompson
    The article is about bootcamps and how they differ from gyms. It also tell you about our bootcamp in colchester and how we operate.
  • Fitness: The Great Equalizer  By : Ainsley Laing
    One of the most rewarding things about being a fitness trainer is empowering someone to accomplish their goals and watching them do it.
  • Our Cringing Back can be a Result of Healthy Exercise Session or Workout  By : Mandy Chagger
    Our cringing back can be a result of a good day's work, or a healthy exercise session or workout. However, rampant back pain continues to be a problem when it starts and a simple feeling of pain that we can once brush aside can turn into a serious condition.
  • Build a Beach worthy Body in the Dead of Winter  By : fin2000
    Despite all of your gravy soaked gluttony, you’ll probably gain only half a kilogram between autumn and spring. Unfortunately, research shows that most guys never lose their winter weight.
  • Practical Tips on How to Be Fit Even on a Busy Schedule  By : Chanvit Phupook
    Most of us have been forever planning to fit fitness into our busy schedules. But we just can't find time to do so. It's not that we're lazy to exercise, or we're not inclined to keeping fit. It's just difficult to incorporate physical activity in the daily hustle and bustle of our busy lives.
  • Fit for Life  By : fin2000
    A strong, flexible body makes everything in your life better, from running a 10km and starting a business to catching her eye. But if you’re working out the same old way, you’ve got to change.
  • I Workout All the Time So Why Don't I See Results?  By : Holly Rigsby
    I workout ALL THE TIME. Why Can't I See Results? "I've been a so-called "athlete" for 10 years. I have participated in tons of road races, hikes, climbs, you-name-it. Even though I continue to add new workouts and routines to lose the excess pounds I've gained over the last 3 years, the fat will NOT budge. What am I doing wrong?
  • New Rules of Exercise  By : fin2000
    Try the 50-40-10 Plan for Strength, Endurance and Longevity.
  • Can Fitness Boot Camps Hurt You?  By : BJ Gaddour
    Learn how to select the right fitness boot camp for YOU by following the TOP 10 BOOT CAMP SAFETY CHECKLIST from a real world fat loss expert and nationally renown boot camp instructor.
  • Hire A Personal Trainer: Stay Fit!  By : Fitness Buff Fitness Buff
    The functions of a personal trainer.

    Since the body is the most treasured possession of an individual, he seems to care for it more than anything else. In this generation, one is constantly worried about his/her waistline. Hitting the gym for looking fit is the call of the day. The workout sessions differ according to the body type of an individual. The kind of training an individual requires is best suggested by a personal trainer. It is difficult to get into the desirable shape without the assistance of a personal trainer.
  • Jog off the Extra Calories  By : octanmen
    Health is wealth – everyone is well versed with this age old quotation. Star – crossed though, the significance of this quote has gone missing in the tide of time. Working out is a quintessential element of a healthy life.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury Exercises  By : Guido8 Jongbloed8
    Rotator Cuff Strengthening

    The rotator cuff is an important part of the shoulder that is crucial to continued flexibility in that part of the body, but it is also very easily damaged. When a rotator cuff is subjected to strenuous use without a prior warm up then injury is often the result. An injured rotator cuff can be extremely painful and it does not function as well as it should and if you want to restore it to its former healthy state then the best advice is to get started on rotator cuff strengthening exercises.
  • Exercising without Effort on Your Part  By : Jason Stevenson
    There are plenty of people who are interested in losing weight but unfortunately, many of us find ourselves in situations where we are unable to do so.
  • Don't Be a Fitness Failure - Avoid the Myths of the Common People  By : Joey Atlas
    "You have to change your exercise routine every 8 weeks or you'll hit a plateau." How many times have you heard this crazy statement? Lots of times, I'll bet? While I'm a big fan of variety in exercise program - I'm not a big advocate of or believer in the above statement.
  • So You Want To Have A Better Body?  By : Sandy Sommer
    A Short treatise on exercise and fat loss, along with some debunked myths!
  • Achieve a Beach Body Tips  By : Charles Carter
    Having great physique, huge muscles, smart personality is something every men desires. As we all know that there are many gym and fitness center established to help people in building huge muscles.
  • 4 Guides to the P90X Home Workouts - Get Ripped with P90X  By : Xtreme Body Fitness
    The P90X is the latest and most intensive workout program for those who are serious with their bodybuilding or weight loss plans. This program is composed of rigid workout routines that are intended to give results in 90 days of regular or daily workout. The different workouts are compiled in 12 DVDs
  • 12 DVDs of P90X Plus Workout Routines  By : Xtreme Body Fitness
    Get those bulky muscles on your arms, legs, chest, back, and abs in just 90 days. Here's a complete workout routine that you can do right at the comfort of your own home. You don't have to enroll on a month long program that only focuses on a certain muscle group.

    A DVD player and 12 DVD videos
  • David Beckham's Interval Training Workout!  By : BJ Gaddour
    David Beckham's high-intensity interval training cardio routine was shared in a recent Men's Health article. But the program fell short by only prescribing the same old boring straight line running workout. Check out Beckham's NEW and IMPROVED Cardio workout incorporating stop and go, multi-directional, and multi-planar shuttles to rapidly boost fitness, performance, and fat loss!
  • Take A Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone  By : Fred Nicklaus
    When you workout, it's very important to have the right mind set. You have to do every workout with a purpose in mind. You also need to be aware of your breathing while your doing your workout. Doing all of this, might just take you out of your comfort zone, but that is what will make you better.
  • Weight Loss Juice- Does It Really Exist?  By : Jason Szova
    With all the pills, potions & shakes out there, who is really right? Who should you really believe?
  • Exercise for Bone Health  By : fin2000
    Current thinking is that exercise may play an even more important role than we previously thought in keeping bones healthy and strong. To keep your bones healthy, experts recommend you make the following forms of exercise a part of your life.
  • Benefits of Water Exercise  By : Eric Minden
    Water exercise is a low impact way to work your muscles and can be done in any pool or spa. Water exercise is good for any person, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. By finding a spa or pool to do your exercise you are already on the path to be a water exercising fool. While doing these water exercises you will be helping relieve your joint pain and back pain. Also, water exercise is good for women who are pregnant and people who may be overweight.
  • Exercise Will Help Those Who Suffer From Arthritis  By : Natsuko Tsuchiya
    Arthritis is an ailment common to adults over 50, however, there are also cases when it afflicts even the younger generation. There are several forms of arthritis but one thing is common of them, they are diseases which cause pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones.
  • Fitness Training for Winter  By : fin2000
    By cultivating a better mindset this winter, you could look and feel great all year round with a body that’s bursting with energy and a physique that will turn heads in your direction wherever you may go.
  • Keeping Kids Active Can be Fun  By : Peter Gallacher
    In this interview we talk to former British Olympic Champion Sally Gunnell about her campaign to promote family fitness. Includes some great tips for exercising with the family.
  • Exercise For Your Back  By : Nancy Rishworth
    Do you suffer from lower back pain? There's nothing more frustrating or debilitating, than waiting for muscle spasms in your back to relax. The root of many back problems is simply a result of weak muscles.
  • Get More Flexible - Dynamic Flexibility Exercise  By : Nancy Rishworth
    Why is it important to be flexible? Many people think of flexibility as something that results from a sport or exercise routine, such as yoga, pilates, ballet, gymnastics, etc. But flexibility is an important part of everyday life.
  • Exercise for Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Fitness  By : Ainsley Laing
    Have you ever thought about the different ways that exercise engages and develops the brain and contributes to emotional, intellectual as well as physical health? This article explores some of these concepts.
  • Kettlebell Training for Busy People  By : Sandy Sommer
    Article describing how to use Russian kettlebells with the Tabata Interval Training Protocol
  • Strength Training - Strength Training Exercises  By : Nancy Rishworth
    Every health magazine or exercise facility touts the benefits of a strength training program. But you may be unaware of why strength training is important or the benefits one receives from strength training exercises.
  • Why Is Fitness Important? Here Are 5 Reasons  By : Jason Szova
    Fitness should be a key component in anybody's life simply for the fact that it makes you feel better. Don't you want to learn 5 ways to lose weight fast?
  • Anxiety Attacks And What Triggers It  By : Thomas Bronson
    There are many factors that causes anxiety attacks. A doctor will explore the following aspects of the patient's life in order to discover the causes.
    1. environmental condition
    2. family's medical condition
    3. own personality
    4. brain chemistry
    5. past trauma.
  • Be Realistic about Weight Loss  By : fin2000
    Extreme exercising may help you lose weight but keeping it off isn’t always easy. Instead of stressing about being skinny, why not make peace with your happy, healthy weight?
  • Running on Empty?  By : Dr Marybeth Crane
    There are general rules for injury prevention that must be followed to avoid loss of training due to injury. Consistency and gradual incremental increases in overall athletic stressors are the key to any successful training program. Here are 15 simple tips to help keep you injury free on the run!
  • Belly Fat Loss - What You Need To Understand  By : Nikki Davila
    Even if you are a slim person, it is always good to get rid of the extra fat in your mid-section for your better health. Now, let us get into some important facts about belly fat loss and find out exactly what is right for us.
  • Movement Preparation for Optimal Athletic Performance  By : Jason Zaretzky
    Jason Zaretzky tells you how to warm up correctly in order to ensure Optimal Athletic Performance
  • What Every Person Ought to Know About Back Pain .  By : JohnJames
    To open, a proper sitting position can go a long way in forestalling back pain, so ensure that you sit straight to steer clear of any stress on your back
  • Crucial Tips Regarding Flat Stomach That Most Persons Take for Granted.  By : JohnJames
    To start up, there are a lot of sources of knowledge on how to get rid of stomach fat. Nevertheless, the truth remains that a lot of these information are
  • How To Massively Enhance Your Physique and Energy  By : Josef Brandenburg
    Is skipping workouts holding you back on the quest for the body you want? Do you work out consistently for a while, only to find yourself falling completely off the bandwagon? Read this article to figure out, once and for all how to NEVER, EVER miss another workout again.
  • Fitness Programs For Women - Get It To Work For You  By : Nikki Davila
    Because women have their specific body features and fitness needs, there are fitness programs for women only. If you know how to choose the right one as your fitness routine, you are more likely to achieve your fitness goals the quickest way.
  • The Truth About Crunches - Why They Will NOT Help You Get Nice Abs  By : Josef Brandenburg
    I can't tell you how many times people come up to me and ask, "what ab exercises should I do to get nice abs?" And every time I'm stumped because there are none. Doing a bunch of crunches (or any other ab exercise) won't get you 2 centimeters close to a sexy midsection.
  • Why Exercise? Know the Benefits of Exercising!  By : Jim Andrews
    Benefits of exercise are vast and diverse. Different exercises make different effects. But overall benefits of exercise include complete development of body and active mind.
  • Metabolism - How to Speed Up Metabolism and Lose Weight Fast  By : Simon Lovell
    The nation is on a rapid slow-down, a financial crunch and our bodies are feeling the pinch as a result! Here are some metabolic mistakes to avoid in 2009!
  • Washington, DC's Top Personal Trainer Reveals THE Biggest Myth in Exercise  By : Josef Brandenburg
    Are you sick and tired of wasting your time in the gym? Are you tired of putting in hour upon hour in the gym, but only getting small results? Find out what THE single biggest myth in fat-loss is, why its holding you back right now, and what to do about it.
  • Old-School Fat Loss Myths and Dieting Falsehoods  By : Joey Atlas
    Numerous myths and misconceptions about exercise and dieting for fat loss have created widespread confusion, weight loss failures and a subsequent lack of realistic fitness success in the general population.
  • Personal Trainers Aren't Just for Celebrities  By : Jim Mackey
    Meeting your goals can be easy if you get the proper guidance, and the help of a great personal trainer.
  • Have You Been Doing The Same Fitness Routine (3 sets of 10 reps) then It is Time for a Change!  By : Matt Shuebrook
    Is your fitness routine stuck in a rut? Have you been stuck in the same spot and can't seem to lose another inch from your waist or drop another pound of fat? Then you must check out this article...
  • Who Else Wants to Blow Torch Fat Away with Kettlebells  By : Rob Russell
    If you've spent years training in doors with common strength training aparatus (bar bells/dumbbells etc), you'll find kettle bells a really exciting challenge. As this can all be taken outside quite easily. So, grab a few kettle bells and off you go. Awesome!, even carrying kettlebells outside (think
  • 5-Minute Energizers at Dawn  By : fin2000
    Dogs and cats always stretch upon awakening. Take the hint. Make the most of your days first minutes by doing some easy exercise in bed.
  • A Guide to Live a Healthy life  By : sohi
    Spine Anatomy-These openings provide passageways for spinal nerves that proceed between joining vertebrae and connect to the Human Spinal Cord.
  • Can At Home Exercises Really Help You Regain Your Figure?  By : Walter Derksen
    This article asks the question of weather an at home workout is right for you and can actualy do the job. It then gives you the advantages you have of an at home workout. It describes how you can use items from your home and also how to make your workout fun and profitable.
  • Office Action  By : fin2000
    The best way for busy executives to avoid burnout and relieve muscular tension is to do these energizing exercises.
  • Personal Training Gets Personal  By : Jim Mackey
    You can either find one to work with you locally, or look online for a less personalized approach. No matter what you decide, you can be on your way to a better you in no time at all.
  • Yes - Cardiovascular Workouts Are Essential To Good Health  By : P.Rodgers
    Cardiovascular workouts are good for increasing overall fitness, losing weight, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and particularly for improving heart and lung performance. The benefits of cardiovascular exercise are not limited to weight loss and beauty, but are an important part of your everyday health and fitness.
  • The Idiot's Guide to Weight Lifting Workout Explained  By : Peter Noopy
    If you really want to look cool, awesome and want to have an attractive shape then here is a weight lifting workout for you. If you perform it with sincerity, you will for surely get the body of your desire.
  • An Injury Avoidance Strategy  By : fin2000
    Trying to improve your range of motion should be a continual affair.
  • Top Five Reasons Nobody Talks About Their Cellulite  By : Michael Lazar
    Do you suffer from cellulite? Sure, it's an embarrassing topic for certain, and most people would rather look at other, cellulite-free parts of their bodies in the mirror when they try on those tight-fitting outfits. But the reality is that you are not alone. In fact, a large portion of society has
  • Uncovered Guidepost About Asthma Revealed  By :
    Asthmatic people must be wary of the food substances they consume. They should avoid sour food such as cord and buttermilk. These sour foods might turn into irritants and trigger an asthma attack.
  • Discover How To Burn Fat Fast Through Circuit Training  By : Jeremy Belter
    Traditionally, people who workout do straight sets. Straight sets mean you simply do a certain amount of reps and then take a break. After that break from lifting, you go back to lifting again. The break time depends on your goals but can be as long as 5 minutes. This type of workout can be boring and often very ineffective.
  • How to Build a Circuit Training Workout  By : Shawn Manning
    Circuit Training is a more efficient and effective way to burn fat than straight set bodybuilding routines. Manning provides a template to help you build your metabolic workout.
  • Napa Personal Trainer Warns Fitness Boot Camps Are Dangerous  By : Jeff Larson
    Napa personal trainer and boot camp instructor demonstrates how to select the right fitness boot camp for YOU by following the TOP 10 BOOT CAMP SAFETY CHECKLIST.
  • Why People Hate Training  By : Denise Ryan
    This article explains several of the reasons people are resistant to training and gives suggestions on what to do about it.
  • What You Should Know About Sleep Disorder Test  By : AnthonyMaxwellpapp
    It is for wide-ranging reasons that physicians carry out sleep studies. It has always been the intention of researchers to know what causes some people to abruptly awaken while asleep, a condition known as Night terror. When a person comes down with this health condition he or she would abruptly get up from sleep, terrorized unexplainable. Which is why physicians like to probe sleep terror disorder with behavioral tests. Physicians through sleep disorder test check or regulate the type
  • How to Lose Fat with Calisthenics, Cardio and strength Training  By : Emile Jarreau
    Learn strategies that are used with celebrity clients for fast fat loss and that will work as well for you! A 30 year industry celebrity trainer located in Long Beach Ca at M2 Fitness Pros describes his simple and effective plan briefly.
  • What is the SECRET to Having Great Abs?  By : Shawn Phillips
    This article dispels certain myths and teaches the reader the best way to attain great abs and attain his or her ideal body.
  • How Can You Stay Lean During the Holiday?  By : Shawn Phillips
    This article discusses tips and tricks to stay lean and healthy during the holidays.

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