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  • Fitness Goal Setting - Do I Really Need To Set Fitness Goals?  By : Mike Singh
    Having a goal and fitness training regime that will help you reach your goal is something that is very important. There are many reasons having a goal and fitness training or a program that will help you reach go hand in hand.
  • The Best Back Exercises  By : Richard Henderson
    It is easy to forget to exercise your back. So follow this guide to the best back exercises whether you are just looking to get fit or actually have some form of back problems.
  • Benefits of Core Training at Any Age  By : Jennifer Adolfs
    Core Training - Find out why and how training your core can help improve your strength, balance, posture, incontinence, bowel functioning, low back pain, and of course flatten your stomach and just make you feel better.
  • Why Do We Need Personal Fitness Trainers?  By : Mike Singh
    If you are looking for a new fitness routine, you may want to consider checking out personal fitness trainers. Personal fitness trainers are a good idea to help motivate you and keep you on track. But are they worth the price they charge?
  • Are You Tired Of Hearing About The Benefits Of Physical Fitness?  By : Mike Singh
    You may have heard it several times before, that physical fitness is important, but is it is really true? Can it can make a huge difference in many lives?
  • How To Get A 6 Pack  By : Thomas Martin
    With all the "ab rollers", "torso tracks" and the countless other ways advertised to get your stomach six-pack flat, it's no wonder people are completely confused. Recently, we had a chance to ask a producer of one of those infomercials how they get away with such blatant lies---promising you the same taunt tummy as that professional model on TV if you do "such and such" exercise for just 8 minutes a day
  • Ab Exercises To Get You Back In Shape  By : Richard Henderson
    So did you pile on the pounds like me over the holidays? Well then like me you should start doing some ab exercises.
  • A Deep Concept  By : Zach Thompson
    Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is performed by deep finger pressure and slow strokes on the contracted areas across muscle fibers, tendons and fascia.
  • What Should I Be Looking For In A Gym?  By : Mike Singh
    If you are looking to get into better shape or just change your fitness routine, you may be wondering what to look for in joining a gym. Many people who have done one thing for a while may not be quite familiar in what to look for in joining a gym. But you will be after you read this article...
  • Give Me A Reason To Exercise  By : Ronald Goodpaster
    This is an article on why we all need to start exercising right now! No excuses accepted.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Fitness Training On Your Heart?  By : Mike Singh
    When it comes to your heart and fitness training, the two are definitely linked. There are many benefits that can be had from fitness training, not the least of all to your heart. Find out more ...
  • Abdominal Training!  By : Brian Gurneak
    Abdominal Training is an overview of the anatomy of the muscles that comprise the abdominal wall and exercises that best activate those muscles for maximum effectiveness.
  • Lifetime Fitness, Stunning Study Reveals Best Physical Occupations  By : Wycliffe Williams
    Lifetime fitness is a goal that would benefit everyone. The American Council on Exercise recently released results of its exclusive study that examined on the job physical activity of 10 common occupations.
  • Keeping Your Age Fit: Effects of Exercise on Aging  By : Julie Health
    You will want to get to the point where you can still look and feel great without having the cracked bones and the pains that several elder people have. If you are looking for a great anti-aging pill, then you do not have to look any further than exercising properly.
  • Interval Training Or How I Survived 58 Minutes And 11 Seconds  By : R. Adam Shore
    Interval training is sheer torture and a fabulous workout. Expect to get your heart rate cranking and burn tons of calories, if you survive.
  • A Woman's Top 5 tips for a lean, sexy body!  By : Brian Gurneak
    The top five trainig tips and recommendations for women to improve their bodyfat levels and muscle tone in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Is Home Gym Something for You?  By : Chun Yin Yu
    If you want to build up your muscle as well as your fitness goals at home, you should set up a comprehensive workout schedule based on your personal goals and ability. You can find all the necessary information online or on DVDs.
  • A Healthy Diet Nurtures Liposuction Success  By : Tammy Garcia
    Liposuction is designed to bring out the best in your body. If you've been dieting and exercising, but still notice small areas on your body that you just can't seem to lose, it may be time to consider liposuction.
  • The 7 Things That Personal Trainers Do To Tick Clients Off  By : R. Adam Shore
    Over the years we have had our share of both excellent and suspect Personal Trainers. From these experiences come the 7 things that they do to tick clients off.
  • Flex and Stretch Your Way to Physical Fitness  By : Doctor X
    Five great reasons to add stretching and flexibility to your exercise training.
  • Guide to Getting Fit  By : Derek Both
    No matter, who you are or what life you lead, being healthy is the only way to travel. Being healthy and fit means a better quality life and more energy to accomplish what you want. There are some important steps which will help you on your way to getting fit, healthy and staying that way.
  • 5 Fitness Myths  By : Steven E
    Many people are misinformed and are also misled by the weight loss industry’s promises. Everywhere you look, you see or hear of people promising “Dramatic Weight Loss.”
  • Smart Seniors Pick Fun Fitness  By : Gilbey Scott
    Challenging workouts and vigorous exercise have replaced shuffleboard and dominoes in the lives of 21st Century seniors. With plans to live into their 90’s and beyond, older fitness enthusiasts as well as seniors who never thought about exercise when they were young are now part of the workout craze.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Fitness?  By : Ainsley Laing
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming is all the rage in self-help circles. Here's a simple overview of what it is and some ways it is used.
  • 5 Tips to a Strong, Fit Body!  By : Brian Gurneak
    Overview of 5 top tips to get in the absolute best shape of your life that include resistance training, cardio prescription and sound nutritional practices.
  • Ready to Reset Your Body Weight?  By : Juanita Bellavance
    The number one tip for weight loss.
  • Do You Have Family Fitness Time?  By : Wendy Wood
    Just around the time that many women begin to start families, our metabolism slows down. Experts say that the first big slowdown occurs between the ages of 30 and 35.
  • Lose Weight By Having Sex  By : Chris Chew
    Research have shown that you can lose weight by having more sex.
  • The Real Secrets Behind Belly Dancing For Fitness And Exercise  By : Dane Stanton
    Belly dancing and fitness have been synonymous with one another since the birth and continuation of belly dancing traditions in the western worlds. Belly dancing is not only an extremely old and fascinating dance
  • Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!  By : Brian Gurneak
    An explanation on why individuals give the excuses to NOT get in shape and stay in shape once they start an exercise program. Gives common reasons what they are doing and also gives them stratedgies to get around the hurdles that are limitin their success.
  • Top 5 Fitness Tips for Plus Size Women  By : Maya Matthews
    Everyone should strive to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, no matter their weight or dress size. This article give plus size women 5 essential tips, which will help them start keeping fit, in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Grow New Brain Cells with Exercise  By : Lambert Klein
    There are studies that suggest exercise can actually grow new brain cells. This is something that was believed impossible not long ago. Exercise optimizes your brain to learn, improves circulation, boosts metabolism, decreases stress and improves attention and mood.
  • Hip Abduction Exercise For Firmer Thighs  By : Jennifer Adolfs
    Hip Abduction Exercise – Find out what it is, the best ways to do it, and why is it so important to practice for leaner looking thighs, better walking, and just moving in general.
  • You Want A Great Body, But How Bad Do you Want It?  By : Tom Venuto
    A better body does not come in a pill or a bottle. Fat loss success does not even depend solely on the particular training program you are using. There are many different approaches to nutrition and exercise that can work, and different things work for different people. But the one thing that MUST always be there is a goal and the burning desire to achieve it.
  • The Low Body Fat Secret Of Bodybuilders And Fitness Models  By : Tom Venuto
    The secret to getting super lean – I’m talking about being RIPPED, not just “average body fat” – is all about mastering the art of "peaking." Most people do not have a clue about what it takes to reach the type of low body fat levels that reveal to see ripped six-pack abs, muscle striations, vascularity and extreme muscular definition, so they go about it completely the wrong way.
  • Change a constant!...Change a must!  By :
    If you've been into serious weight training for over a year, and your intense with both your training and nutrition, you've by now inevitably hit at least one plateau.
  • The Biceps Solution  By :
    I know you've heard it before those biceps programs that promise to pack on the inches and peak but in the end fail miserably. Why spend six to 12 weeks of concentrated effort, eating right and backing off your other muscles with little or no results? Ladies and gentlemen; I've followed them all and tried them all but I finally found one precious program that out-performs all others.
  • Eat What You Like and Lose Weight. Really!  By :
    If you've been trying to lose weight for a while, then you've probably tried more than your fair share of diets, including some that are way too good to be true. You know from experience that you can't lose weight by popping a pill or drinking the newest concoction unless you make some changes to your lifestyle. However, those changes don't have to be drastic, and you don't have to give up what you enjoy in order to lose weight.
  • Your Metabolism and How to Speed It Up  By :
    Your metabolism is the rate at which your body digests or processes food. People have been infatuated with their metabolism as soon as the weight loss craze hit the country. People are trying to lose weight, yet still continue to follow the wrong path to get themselves there. Apart from the right food and the right exercise, there are also other factors that most don't keep in mind. These factors have to do with w lifestyle that constantly speeds up your metabolism.
  • Mental Stamina  By :
    At first glance this seems like a simple enough topic, its been given the once over in many magazines, but its never been given the degree of consideration I feel it needs. This one topic is everything to your bodybuilding progress. You must have the mental stamina to eat correctly and pass up those tempting Friday night drinking sessions, as well as watching your kids chow down on sugar-loaded sweets that you can have no part of except on certain "special" days.
  • 9 Easy Exercises You Can Do In Your Lounge Room  By : Allan Wilson
    You can do this exercise not just while watching TV, but practically anywhere. All you do is tighten and squeeze your buttocks and hold it for a few seconds, then release
  • Cardio Workouts While Watching TV  By : Allan Wilson
    If your goal is to lose weight, you need to add some cardio to your TV watching. This next set of exercises will get your heart pumping.
  • 5 Tips For Starting And Sticking To An Exercise Program  By : Adrian Adams
    If you're like most people, you desperately want to control your health and have high goals and aspirations for yourself.
  • Riding The Waves - A Guide To Water Skiing In Texas  By : Pat Carpenter
    Water skiing is a popular summer activity throughout Texas, with people flocking to lakes and beaches with skis and boat in tow.
  • Tips For Bouldering Beginners In Texas  By : Pat Carpenter
    If you're a beginning boulderer in Dallas, Houston or anywhere else in Texas, here are some bouldering basics you can incorporate into your newly adopted sport:
  • Mastering The Basics Of Inline Skating In Texas  By : Pat Carpenter
    Inline skating is a great way for individuals in Dallas, Houston or anywhere in Texas to get and keep in shape. But before attempting this sport, you should know some of the basics, as well as take safety precautions, such as wearing a helmet and pads.
  • Exercise Your Neck and Shoulders While Watching TV  By : Allan Wilson
    These days because of our busy lifestyles it is getting increasingly harder to find the time to take care of our health especially when it comes to exercise.
  • Triathlon Basics...Train All Of Your Body Systems In Texas  By : Pat Carpenter
    A triathlon is a grueling competition that includes running, biking and swimming distances. The races can vary in distances, with the shorter Tinman, which includes a .62 mile swim, 28.6 mile bike race and a 6.2 mile run, to the aptly named Ironman, which includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112-mile bike race and running a marathon - approximately 26 miles.
  • Let's Go Bouldering!  By : Pat Carpenter
    Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that's undertaken without a rope and is normally limited in respect to the height the climber ascends the route so that any fall won't risk significant injury.
  • Who Wants To Climb A Rock In Texas?  By : Pat Carpenter
    More and more people from all walks of life in Dallas, Houston and all parts of Texas are becoming enthusiastic about rock climbing. Climbing techniques are evolving, and rock-climbing gear is being redeveloped as this sport continues to gain in popularity.
  • Workout Those Arms and Legs With These Easy Exercises  By : Allan Wilson
    This is a really simple exercise. Stand up straight, and simply reach as high as you can. Switch back and forth between arms.
  • Fitness Is The Journey And The Destination....  By : Lyle Dennis
    I want to talk about fitness and look at it a little differently. When I speak to people they sometimes talk in terms of; when I get in shape, I want to do this or go here. Sometimes they think they will be happier, when they are in shape. But there is a flaw in their logic, they talk about fitness as a destination when it is really a journey.
  • Looks can be Deceiving!  By : Lyle Dennis
    Look at the players on any hockey or basketball team, each body shape is different. They are not all clones of some super proto type.
  • Fit For Life: A Healthy Lifestyle - Start Walking  By : R. Adam Shore
    More than 50% of all Americans are overweight or obese. These are conditions that contribute to the risks of chronic health conditions. These conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Start to do something about it today - start with a walk around the block.
  • Training The Right Way!  By : Lyle Dennis
    With all the information out there, it really is a wonder that anyone knows what to do. If you look at some magazines, it’s amazing how you can read one thing in the first half of the magazine telling you to do a great training style and near the end of the magazine, it will tell you how very bad that same training style is.
  • 5 Good Reasons Why Every Woman Should Improve Her Pelvic Floor Fitness  By : Linda McClelland
    Pelvic floor fitness is an essential to lifelong physical, sexual and emotional heath. Find out why strong pelvic muscles are so important to all women, and why they should never be neglected.
  • 7 Reasons You Don't Need A Fitness Personal Trainer  By : Chris Chew
    If you think it is sarcastic it is. If you it is funny, you are also right. A personal trainer satire.
  • How to exercise at home and advantages of it  By : rateempire
    When you exercise at home, you save money, time and work toward better health. Everyone needs to exercise at least three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. Exercise to become healthier and happier for a richer life.
  • Sex And The Pelvic Floor: What's Exercise Got To Do With It?  By : Linda McClelland
    Do women with stronger pelvic floor muscles experience better sex? Do they feel more pleasure during sexual activity and have more orgasms? The evidence suggests they do.
  • Pelvic Floor Basics for Every Woman  By : Linda McClelland
    An introduction to the pelvic floor muscles, what they do, why they matter and how to maintain them
  • How To Safely Enjoy Adult Sports  By : John Myre
    Injuries do not have to be par for the course for golfers or other sports enthusiasts. Too many people take up a sport to get in shape. They would be much better off getting in shape before they take up a sport.
  • Seven Secrets To Creating An Effective Diet and Exercise Program  By : Terry Schierer
    Like anything good in life a diet and exercise program must get off on a good foundation or it will be doomed to failure and excuse. Here a seven secrets to set yourself up to win in this battle for control of your body.
  • Successful Abs And Core Muscles Workout  By : R. Adam Shore
    Deep within your musculature rest a series of important elements to achieving a successful ab and core workout. So, you may be asking, "why should I care about muscles I cannot even see"? The answer is, among other reasons, to flatten abs, eliminate back pain - particularly lower back pain - and achieve core fitness.
  • Designing Your Own Body Sculpting Workout Plan  By : Machelle Lee
    When you want to create your own body sculpting work out plan, you need to look at what your body needs. Are you looking to add muscle tone or are you new to exercise altogether? Once you determine your goals, you will be able to create a plan that’s custom-made for you.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Fat Cell - What Really Happens When Body Fat is Burned?  By : Tom Venuto
    What really happens when body fat is burned
  • Benefits of Body Sculpting and Bodyweight Exercises for Women  By : Machelle Lee
    Body sculpting and bodyweight exercises for women are getting more press time in these days of heightened health awareness. Because many fitness programs that are recommended can be expensive and sometime impractical for the everyday woman, these bodyweight exercises can be much easier to adapt into any life situation.
  • Take a Hike! Get Out of the House and Explore Hiking  By : William Doggett
    Hiking is an endeavor that a person can undertake that can fill so many voids and do so many positive things for you and your body. This hobby or sport, however you want to classify it, is something that everybody should try at least once.
  • Finding Quality Online Body Sculpting Programs  By : Machelle Lee
    There are so many online body sculpting programs available, it can be overwhelming when you first do a search. You see ones that are tailored to certain body parts, others that focus on creating certain body types, etc. With so many choices, you need a way to discern which programs are safe, which programs are effective, and which programs are enjoyable.
  • Body Sculpting for Moms Without Time  By : Machelle Lee
    When it comes to body sculpting for moms, there are a lot of obstacles standing in the way. If you have a new infant, you have more responsibilities on your mind and less time to do them in. But in order to maintain your health and fitness levels, you may want to follow some of these ‘body sculpting for moms’ tips that will help you squeeze in exercise – even on your busiest days.
  • You Can Work Out While You Work  By : Wendy Wood
    The demands of work and family do not seem to leave much time for taking care of yourself, and many women bemoan the fact that they do not have time for a workout. The good news is that establishing a regular fitness routine can help to boost your energy and can motivate your overall productivity and self confidence.
  • Get Off The Couch This Autumn / Winter  By : Sue Bektas
    How you can keep off the couch during these cold months ahead. How you can give your immune system a boost and keep away the cold and flue
  • Living A Healthier Lifestyle By Having Fun  By : Douglas Taylor
    Getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle does not have to be all hard work. You can have some fun and still get in shape. The images most people think of when they are trying to exercise are hard work and sweat. Did I mention sweat? You can add a little fun to your exercise program and before you know it you will be in better shape.
  • A Complete Body Sculpting Routine  By : Machelle Lee
    In this complete body sculpting routine, you will get to workout all of the major muscles groups without a lot of equipment or fancy movements. If you’re a beginner, this routine will be a great place to start your exercise journey.
  • Getting Fit and Body Sculpting:  By : Machelle Lee
    Getting fit and body sculpting can go hand in hand if you learn about how to make the most of every workout. Instead of focusing on one or the other, why not create a fitness plan that strives for complete fitness?
  • The Real "Secret" to your Lean Body for Life  By : Scott Abbett
    Most of us who want to lose body fat and keep it off know all the tactics that can remove the fat from our bodies. We've read in book after book and one article after another that we need to "eat 5 or 6 small meals a day" and that we should "cut our carbs" and "increase our protein". Yet most of us still struggle to get lean and keep the fat off. This artice, in a few paragraphs, gets to the root of the matter.
  • Bodybuilding Clothes Are Important For Your Workout In Order To Do It Effectively  By : Mike Parker
    Your bodybuilding routine is the most important part of bodybuilding. However, when you do not have the right outfit for you routine you will not be able to do it effectively. Find out why this is and find the right outfit for you.
  • Shorten Your Workout with Full Body Sculpting Exercises  By : Machelle Lee
    Full body sculpting exercises are the key to spending less time in the gym. Instead of doing a full hour’s workout, you can often combine many exercises and thus reduce your workout time. But this does take realizing what muscle groups you should workout and just how you can accomplish this. Here are some simple full body sculpting exercises that you can add to your workout routine.
  • Personal Trainers and Fitness Health can now be found on-line  By : trainerprofiles
    Do you think finding a personal trainer is more difficult than working out? Think again - finding the trainer that is right for you has never been easier. Visit the new service called Trainer Profiles at and begin the journey to meet your personal fitness goals.
  • All About Mountain Biking  By : Rene Graeber
    When mountain biking was introduced into the world of sports, it became a big hit instantly among avid fans of anything that is heart pumping.
  • Cross Training Has Benefits  By : Dave Elger
    This article takes a look at the importance of cross training for athletes and fitness buffs.
  • Aqua Aerobics And Other Boredom Busters  By : Rebecca Prescott
    Varying your fitness program will not only increase your motivation and enjoyment, but it can help avoid training plateaus. Use these ideas to kick your exercise routine into high gear!
  • When Exercise is not Exercise  By : Simon Evans
    Exercise accounts for some of the calories you burn every day. But it turns out that fidgeting actually accounts for enough calories to determine how much weight you gain or lose.
  • Stick With Your Exercise Training Program To See The Results  By : Douglas Taylor
    Everyone knows exercise is a good thing to do. You may start with good intentions and start with the intention to stick with your exercise training program until you have reached your goals.
  • Spring Is Here! Tips For Getting Into Shape  By : Adrian Adams
    If you woke up this morning, looked out your window, and got that sinking feeling, you're not alone!
  • Abs Work Out- Get Your Abs Looking How You Want Now  By : Dan Clare
    this abs workout shows YOU how to get perfect abs!!! You will also know where to get more free tips and tricks on health and fitness
  • Tips for Starting an Interval Program  By : Dave Elger
    Running interval workouts can boost your level of fitness and improve your run times. Learn how to get started and progressively improve.
  • Bike Your Way To Fitness  By : Jim Brown
    An exercise bike is one of the best exercise equipments that could give the user a cardiovascular work out. This is in such a way structured like a bike but is stationary. The purpose is only for exercise and not for transportation of course. The exercise bike can also be used by professional bikers for training purposes. For various reasons, the biker may be unable to train outside.
  • Yoga: The Fat Burner  By : Kevin Pederson
    Yoga is an excellent option for the obese. Specific postures complimented with yoga breathing techniques and Yoga diet helps obese people burn excess fat.
  • Abdominal Workout Tips  By : Daniel Roshard
    Advanced workout refers to working on the core muscles once you are through with the basic training. The basic exercises include first the warm up exercises, followed by basic crunches, leg raises, hip-lifts etc.
  • Simple Tips to keep you fit for a lifetime.  By : stephenstewart
    It is very easy to plan a training program not quite so easy to see it through.

    Why is this so? Well basically the traditional viewpoint is that if it's a quick fix it isn’t working. While it would be nice to actually lose some weight in just a few days like most miracle ads proclaim , managing weight and losing weight through physical fitness is a slow and steady process that takes time and commitment.
  • Aim for Fitness and plan to stay there.  By : stephenstewart
    It is very easy to plan a training program not quite so easy to see it through.
  • On Your Way to a Healthier You.  By : stephenstewart
    Everybody starts out a training program with the best of intentions and the majority fail before they start.

    Why is this so? Well basically the traditional viewpoint is that if it's a quick fix it isn’t working. It takes hard work and dedication to manage a long-standing fitness program.
  • Your Goal Should be Fitness For Life.  By : stephenstewart
    It is very easy to plan a training program not quite so easy to see it through.

    Why? Because in a world filled with fast food, instant messaging, and a five-second disease-tracking device, anything without a quick payoff goes against the grain of the typical American instant gratification ethic. It takes hard work and dedication to manage a long-standing fitness program.
  • Natural Health Diet - 5 Effective Tips How to Burn Fat in Natural Health Diet Way That Really Works  By : David Goff
    These natural health diet tips can definitely help you discover a fat burning secret that works well. The fat burning process relies on not only a matter of proper dieting but it is also affected by the correct exercise and proper training techniques.
  • Exercise: 5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Energy  By : Lynn Kennedy-Baxter
    Great ideas and strategies to overcome the resistance to exercise, which makes it easier to get started.
  • Exercise: 7 Steps To Cure I Don't Feel Like It  By : Lynn Kennedy-Baxter
    Take charge of yourself now. Cure your lack of energy and lack of desire to exercise with these 7 easy steps.
  • Coppell Personal Training  By : Hut Allred
    Coppell personal training explains why personal training is a necessity for those looking to lose weight for good!
  • Create Unstoppable Fitness Workout Motivation  By : Scott Abbett
    Motivation to begin a fitness/body improvement workout program can be a difficult thing to muster. Yet it's only difficult if one doesn't know the biggest secret to creating motivation. This article shares that secret in just a few short paragraphs.
  • Winning the Battle Against Obesity  By : dhamza
    While global obesity still remains a resolute problem, a major health concern in America is winning the battle against obesity. For an increasing amount of Americans today, obesity is the number one health problem.
  • Why Is Exercising So Paramount?  By : dhamza
    Why is everyone putting such great emphasis on exercising? Isn't it just worthier and easier to become a couch potato and lift your dear beverage? Anytime you exercise, you do so in order to try and maintain agreeable health. You also know that you have to eat enought fruits and vegetables as well, so your body will have the energy it needs to exercise and maintain for the everyday tasks of life. What you eat before and after you workout is very necessary. It really does not matter if you are going to be doing a cardio workout or a resistance workout, you should always make it a point to eat a balanced mix of protein and carbohydrates.

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