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  • Develop The Mindset of a Millionaire and Succeed in the 21st Century  By : Peter McArdle
    article about gaining a positive mind set to help with investing in real estate
  • NHS Pension Changes April 2008 - What You Need To Know  By : Ray Prince
    As you are probably aware, the New NHS Pension Scheme goes live from April 1st 2008. This scheme is automatic for new members from that date, and a major change here is that the normal retirement age is 65, not 60. However, the existing scheme also changes in some key areas for those of you who opt to stay as you are.
  • Avoid Business Cash Advance and Credit Card Processing Problems  By : Steve Bush
    Business cash advance, credit card processing and business finance strategies are closely connected in many ways. Commercial borrowers should not overlook the substantial working capital benefits if a number of common merchant cash advance and processing problems can be avoided.
  • Individual Retirement Account Rollovers  By : Peter Kenny
    IRA's (Individual Retirement Account) are very popular these days, but there is often some confusion as to what a person can and cannot do in terms of rolling the account over
  • Holiday Shopping: Good For The Economy, But Bad For Your Credit Card Balance  By : Charlotte Buelow
    The predictions for this year's holiday spending are already underway as retailers and consumers gear up for a holiday shopping bonanza.
  • Business Finance  By : carolyn
    So you want to start up a new business? You’ve done your research into the existing businesses and checked out your competition whilst gaining some hands on experience along the way. You’re armed with your business plan, outlining your every move from your objectives, strategies, and target market to your financial forecast. There’s just one little hurdle left to leap over, the decision and arrangement of business finance.
  • Don't Believe The Bull Market Hype!  By : Antonio Filippone
    This article describes why relying on biased information about the stock market can be dangerous to investors. It warns the reader about the way numbers can be used to depict an inacurate view of market conditions.
  • Corporate Finance  By : Thomas Husnik
    The field of corporate finance deals with the decisions of finance taken by corporations along with the analysis and the tools required for taking such decisions.
  • I Don't Care What Your Lawyer Says - You Need a Trust  By : Dean Hanewinckel
    This article examines the beneifts of using a revocable trust as part of your estate planning. It shows how a trust can benefit almost anyone.
  • Electronic Check Conversion And How It Works  By : Peter Kenny
    Electronic check conversion is becoming more popular these days and consumers should know what it is and how it can affect them
  • E-standards of Gold  By : Arthur Salnikov
    How much does one troy ounce of gold weigh? And how does the bullion of this precious metal weighing one gram look like? Have plunged in your thought? And did this for nothing...
  • One Way ticket to Make Your Debt Disappear  By : Bjorn Brands
    Money will have a greater influence on your life than almost any other commodity you can think of. How big is the influence on your life when your in debt. Nobody wants to be in debt. What can you do about it?
  • Wealthy or Rich  By : Tom Wheelwright
    I have often thought over the past couple of years about the difference between being rich and being wealthy. Is there a difference? If so, what is it? And how do we become wealthy?
  • Help ! I need to Repair My Credit History  By : Steven Magill
    The first step if you want to repair your credit history is to get a copy of your current credit report and notify the credit reporting agencies of any mistakes you find.
  • Equipment Dealers - You're still not quoting a monthly payment?  By : Sean Marten
    Your competitors are offering quotes to customers who could be buying from you. Don't lose these sales! Statistics prove that 80% of prospects who plan to finance equipment will accept your monthly payment option.
  • Your Advanced Guide To Understanding Property Taxes  By : Craig Chambers
    No matter which type of property you own, you will find that paying tax on it is necessary...
  • Business Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy Law in Thailand  By : Wolfgang Jaegel
    In Thailand, Bankruptcy Laws form part of the Commercial Law. Thai bankruptcy law is devised in such a way not only to help debtors to distribute their property but also to help them in rehabilitating via several reorganization provisions.
  • Expert Investor Uses Proprietary Business Valuation Techniques to Develop Proprietary Stock Research  By : Roy MacNaughton
    One individual investor, constantly frustrated by the onerous task of wading through the deluge of stock market and individual stock data was tired. Recognizing that the investors want to know exactly what is happening with their portfolio and how to ensure that their own Investment Advisor focuses on their financial affairs, he developed a unique system that allows everyone access to this better way of researching stocks.
  • How to Select the Right Factoring Company  By : Kris Koonar
    Selecting the right factoring company is very important since you need to work in perfect harmony with a third party and this should not be a obstacle in your smooth functioning. There are many factors to be considered while choosing the right factoring company.
  • Invoice Factoring- Find Out If It Works For You  By : Kris Koonar
    Invoice factoring is when a third party, i.e. an invoice factoring company "buys" off an invoice which you have issued to your customer and pays you around 60 to 90 percent of the invoice value in 24 to 48 hours and the balance amount, minus a factoring fee, when they receive the payment from your customer on the due date.
  • Factor Vs Invoice Discounting  By : Kris Koonar
    Factoring and discounting are both quite similar, but you can decide after looking at the following factors.
  • How To Get Your Pecunix Exchanged Easily And Economically  By : Tyla Tomson
    The internet has enabled businesses to expand beyond regional and national boundaries to merge with the global economy as a whole. For someone with access to the internet, the whole world is his or her market. One can easily buy and sell products and services to individuals and enterprises sitting miles and miles away, speaking a different language and dealing with a different currency all thanks to the World Wide Web and the emergence of internet based money or e-currencies. E-currencies, electronic or digital currencies are how we generally refer to currency in the virtual world that is backed by real reserves either in the form of precious metals or national currencies.
  • An overview of Market Structure for IROs  By : Tim Quast
    In today's global, Reg NMS electronic equity markets, traders and investors alike react to market structure. In general terms, Market Structure means the number, size, kind and distribution of participants in a market.
  • How Invoice Factoring Works  By : Kris Koonar
    In invoice factoring, you can "sell" your invoice to a third party called the invoice factoring company which "buys" that invoice from you. The invoice factoring company then pays you the majority portion of that invoice immediately and then takes the full payment from your customer on the due date.
  • Freight Factoring For Trucking Companies  By : Kris Koonar
    Most trucking companies have to pay in cash for their day-to-day expenses such as fuel bills and also have unexpected expenses such as truck repair bills and fixed expenses such as salaries, regular servicing and tire bills.
  • What a Factoring Company Can Do For You  By : Kris Koonar
    A factoring company is a third party that will "buy" your invoice, which you have issued to your customer after making a sale. They will reimburse you 60 to 90 percent of the invoice amount electronically with 2 days and the balance amount after they get the full payment from your customer, minus a factoring fee.
  • Managing FDIC Limits on CDs  By : Peter Kenny
    Most consumers are aware of the current problems that some financial institutions are experiencing
  • The Danger Of Cosigning On a Loan  By : Peter Kenny
    As cosigner for the loan, you are being asked to guarantee this debt. You should consider this carefully before you do it
  • What Assetware Technology is and what it can do for you  By : carolyn
    For over 18 years Assetware Technology has been at the forefront of Asset management solutions. Assetware management gives you all aspects of financial and physical control over your fixed assets.
  • New Site Takes Show by Storm  By : Roy MacNaughton
    Last week, I walked around the aisles of one of the biggest trade shows in Canada centered on mining, oil and gas, new energy, commodities and fuel sources. I met and talked with nearly 400 different companies, most of them with one aim in mind: here's what I found.
  • Debt Is The Mother Of All Battles  By : Barry Share
    The credit crunch is not just about the willingness of banks to lend each other money. It affects each and every one of us. Over the last fifteen years we have seen an ever increasing injection of money into the monetary systems of all the major banks in the western world and with low interest rates this has created an environment of a cheap money supply.
  • The Magic of Depreciation  By : Tom Wheelwright
    If you ever mailed an envelope containing a monthly payment to a landlord, you qualify as a rent payer. What you might not realize is that the owner of that real estate is getting lots of deductions for expenses related to owning property.
  • The Federal Reserve and mortgage rates, not what you think!  By : David Forer
    Every time the federal reserve lowers the prime interest rates, everyone seems to think that lowers the mortgage rates. Thinking this could cost you thousands of dollars. Please read this article to learn how mortgage rates are determined.
  • Getting Paid On Time And Debt Recovery When The Credit Crunch Bites  By : Terry Cartwright
    Making sure customers pay on time within the terms and conditions of the business is a serious issue and critical in days of a credit crunch, Late payments and bad debts cause liquidity and cash flow problems and in the most crucial cases can force a business into insolvency.
  • Raising Money Smart Kids $$  By : Daniel J Wansten
    This article will help guide you to raise money smart kids.
  • Become A Millionaire In Five Years - Part 2  By : Nicola Cairncross
    Well known Wealth Coach, Nicola Cairncross, shares more of her secrets - and a step by step plan - on how to become a millionaire within just five years.
  • The Quest For High-Interest Accounts  By : Peter Kenny
    By depositing your money in the right high-interest savings account, you open up a whole world of earning potential and you achieve greater financial results overall.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Endowment Policies  By : Derek Both
    Selling endowment policies can seem like a daunting task at first because it is unlikely that you know much about it.
  • Essential Insurance for Landlords  By : Jack Sternberg
    Sternberg brings his "buyers" expertise after 30+ years as a real estate investor. This article is a must read for any investor thinking about becoming a first time buyer.
  • The Stock Market: The Second Biggest Financial Scam of the Twentieth Century Part 2 of 2  By : Ouida Vincent
    In part 2 of The Stock Market: The Second Biggest Financial Scam of the Twentieth Century, the author shows us why the stock market can never live up to the promises of Wall Street and the financial pundits and why the average investor would do well to steer clear of it and opt instead for solid financial education.
  • An Investor's Short Guide to Approaching the REO Market  By : Jack Sternberg
    Sternberg brings a unique "buyers first" view and expertise after 30+ years as a real estate investor. This article is a must read for any investor dealing with first time REO purchases.
  • Top Tips for Choosing a Good Cash Advance Lender  By : Jessica Roop
    It's easy to find a good cash advance loan lender if you know what to look for. Learn about the simple things you can do to make the selection process a breeze.
  • The Role of Fear in This Faltering Economy  By : Danna Schneider
    Our president himself recently announced the economy is going through a rough patch. A combination of factors have created a very volatile stock market, housing market, increasing inflation, and a faltering job market, but one key component of a failing economy plays an intangible role in facilitating and perpetuating economic instability, and that is fear.
  • The Three (3) Pillars of Financial Health  By : Tom Wheelwright
    This is all about the foundation of financial success: wealth strategy. My key purpose here is to draw a clear, unmistakable distinction between wealth strategy and what usually passes for "financial planning."
  • The Truth About Saving For Retirement.  By : Paul McBride
    With the falling value of the dollar, the down stock market, rising inflation and increasing personal credit card debt, there are many things you have to protect yourself against to ensure a stable, happy retirement. Consistent saving, investing, taking care of your health and planning ahead all play an important role in your future prosperous retirement.
  • What Is Going On With The FHA Market?  By : Connie Sanders
    What is really going on in the FHA Mortgage Market and why don't people seem to understand the mortgage guidelines? Find out why you must be carful when selecting your mortgage lender.
  • To SIPP Or Not To SIPP? - More Pension Options Explained  By : Ray Prince
    We have been seeing a lot of enquiries from clients wanting to know if a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) would be appropriate for them. Let's look at an example to illustrate this. Let's say you have several personal pensions, some separate share investments and an investment property. How can you use a SIPP to invest in the shares and the property?
  • Incorporating a Panama Bearer Share Corporation  By : Earnest Leibermanso
    The exact particulars of a Panama bearer share corporation are not very complicated. The corporation may issue shares in physical form, but they don not have to be given a fixed value. The only publicly recorded documents are the initial articles of incorporation. Those documents list the officers and directors, which are the nominee directors that were selected and also the registered agent that was chosen.
  • 10 Steps To Take When Contacting Lost Mitigation.  By : MJ Jensen
    Steps taken by homeowner when faced with a foreclosure. Step by step process what the Lost Mitigation department requires and tips to help smooth out the frustrating task when involved in the process of stopping foreclosure.
  • Investors Show No Surprise as Inside Track Go Bust!  By : Carlton Johnson
    this articles explains why a company like Inside Track was always destined to go bust at some point. It will also help property investors to understand how to avoid some of the mistakes that Inside Track made.
  • Bankruptcy Information--An Overview  By : Jared Myers
    Filing bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make. See what makes each chapter unique and learn what your options are.
  • High risk offshore merchant accounts  By : DSS106 Boxes106
    High risk offshore merchant accounts

    Merchant accounts are those accounts used by the people involved in doing business, be it an online store, online services and entertainment or any other business dealing with day to day transactions in form of cash, check or credit card billing.

    The hullabaloo surrounding offshore merchant accounts is due to its flexibility wherein a person can sell his merchandise to someone on the other side of the planet without much fuss. The taxation rules and other international business transaction guidelines are levied in the merchant’s and the buyer’s respective countries.

    But, as they say, “all good things in the world come with a price tag”, the offshore merchant account providers charge astronomical sums of money for the services they cater to. The providers lay in front of the merchant, a host of charges and fees like installation fees, transaction fees, charge back fees, discount rate, and minimum monthly fees and so on. The reason behind charging such high rates is due to the high risk involved in maintaining and restricting the merchant accounts within the boundaries of legal use.
  • 3 Surefire Ways to Stay Broke  By : Tony Mase
    Are you broke? Want to stay that way? I can help you! In this "tongue-in-cheek" article, I'll share with you three *surefire* ways to stay broke.
  • Debt Recovery Services  By : Aeren
    It can be looked at, as a way how credit card companies recover the debt owed to them or how a person can recover from his debts by considering the same. Debt recovery services are just like any other debt management services who exist to help get out of debt.
  • Some Word of Advice To Timeshare Buyers  By : Bryant Anderson
    This article is some word of advice to all buyers of timeshares. It includes tips as to buying timeshares. Timeshares, for your information, are real estate properties that one wants to own, rent or lease and the most typical of these are condominiums. Specific reason for buying timeshares is for vacation or they wants to spend quality time for themselves and their loved ones.
  • Working Capital Finance Strategies for Credit Card Processing  By : Stephen Bush
    Working capital solutions and credit card processing are more connected than most business owners realize, and changes to either are likely to have measurable impacts on business profitability. The business finance benefits will be especially noticeable if several typical small business cash advance difficulties can be avoided.
  • China's Business with the World  By : Paul Hata
    Since its adoption of the "Four Modernizations" - agriculture, industry, science and technology, and defence, just a generation ago, China's share of world economic output has grown from 3.4 per cent to almost 12 per cent by 2000. China's booming economy has been hailed as a true economic miracle by many.
  • Acquiring and Financing a Semi Truck, Big Rig and Over the Road Truck  By : JM Luna
    In today's economy, start up and seasoned businesses have an unique opportunity to acquire an attractive deal for semi trucks, big rigs and over the road trucks. The first option, for the buyer, is to visit their local dealer and find his truck there.
  • Los Angeles private equity  By : christopher
    Riordan, Lewis & Haden is a leading private equity firm based in Southern California.Builders of great middle market businesses.A rich, 25-year history of partnering with CEO’s and leadership teams
  • An Introduction to Real Estate Short Sale Hardship Requirements  By : Jack Sternberg
    Onces again Sternberg brings a no nonsense approach to this real estate subject. Another "must read" by this thirty year veteran.
  • Buy Gold Bullion Coins - 9 Vital Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Buy  By : Christina Goldman
    Gold is once again being recognized for what it is - real, true, honest money. Although the price of gold bullion has more than tripled in price since 1999, gold is still a worthy investment. Here are nine vital reasons why now is the best time for every investor to buy gold bullion coins.
  • Commercial Trailers Clearance Sale, Deferred Payment Program  By : JM Luna
    As potential buyers have been disillusioned by higher gas prices, food cost worries and personal housing problems, the lenders with their own excess inventory problems have also come up deferred payment programs as an incentive for the prospective buyers.
  • Are you considering the needs of the family in your financial plan?  By : Kari Hoopes
    Often in marriage, husband and wife fall into distinct roles, typically with the father managing the finances while mother keeps the family in order. In their respective roles, each makes plans for the present and future with little regard for the other. This can often result in conflicting plans which leads to arguments about money. These arguments can often be resolved by making goals together with both parts of the family in mind.
  • Lending/Bankers Changes, Commercial Vehicles and Construction Equipment  By : JM Luna
    As the economy has weakened and defaults have occurred at all levels, lenders Have put themselves into a very difficult position how to do business. On one hand, the lender has taken back tremendous amounts of repossessions due to default of payments or non-compliance of terms with the lease.
  • Working Capital and Contingency Plans  By : Stephen Bush
    It is prudent to have a contingency plan when attempting to obtain commercial loans and business cash advances. Having a Plan B for commercial financing and working capital funding will avoid many serious problems.
  • Differences Between Student Aid And Student Grants  By : Robert Thomson
    College and University tuition can often be too high to be affordable for the average student. Student aid through govt. and private entities can pay for much of the cost, if you know where to find them.
  • Pounds to Euros  By : Phillip Booker
    Exchanging Currency from Pounds to Euros can appear simple and easy, but without proper precautions you could lose out on a poor exchange rate and lose as much as £10,000 per £100,000 exchanged.
  • Does The US Government Really Want To Help You Stop Your Foreclosure  By : MJ Jensen
    A brutally honest review of the new Homeowners rescue bill just signed into law by congress on July 26th 2008. It is not what it seems.
  • Why You Should Avoid Bankrutpcy  By : Billy Baker
    This article places focus on avoiding bankruptcy and how to go about it rather than waiting until it may be too late.
  • Can Anyone Qualify For A Commercial Truck and Construction Equipment Lease  By : JM Luna
    Can anyone qualify for a commercial vehicle and construction equipment lease? Whether you have bad credit, little money or no down, a startup business or a business with little time in business, we are going to discuss how to get financing no matter what the situation is.
  • Hard Money Loans: When Money's Hard to Come By.  By : Nick Kent
    Hard money loans aren't for everyone, but they can mean the difference between bankruptcy and success. Are they for you?
  • How to declare a dividend and produce the dividend voucher  By : Terry Cartwright
    Procedures in declaring dividends are contained within the articles of association the formalities of which need to be observed in recording the transaction and preparing the dividend voucher.
  • Steps to Take If Your Wallet Is Stolen  By : Joe Farinaccio
    What to do if wallet is stolen
  • Finding Financial Freedom  By : William Drapcho
    Finding financial freedom, keeping your focus, and tuning out negative people.
  • I Lost My Wallet ... Help!  By : Joe Farinaccio
    What to do now that I've lost my wallet
  • Finding a Nationwide Collection Agency  By : maxsmith
    It is important that when that an agency is able to accommodate your needs. Some agencies have a standard collection process that consists of a series of phone calls and letters. The more professional agency will provide you with choices in the type of program that would benefit your specific needs. Which could include pre-collection services and legal options for larger balance accounts?
  • Finding the Right Lender  By : Molly Wider
    Often when individuals apply for subprime loans, they think only of the terms of that loan. Another important criterion to consider is the reputation of the lender. Choosing the wrong lender may turn your loan experience into one that you would prefer to forget.
  • What About Those Free Government Grant Programs. True?  By : John Galt
    This article was written with the idea of encouraging people to investigate the possibilities of securing grant money that could change their lives.
  • Restaurant Financing, Up To $750,000  By : JM Luna
    Restaurant financing can come in the form of financing/leasing and seeking working capital in the form of a cash merchant advance and/or merchant cash loan.
  • CPA Tips for Firing a Financial Planner  By : Stephen Nelson
    Do you really need to pay a financial planner five, ten or twenty thousand dollars a year to help you with your personal finances? Some CPAs say "no," as this article explains.
  • Savings Accounts: How to Make Yours Grow  By : Dr. David Breslow
    High interest savings account offer a safe and reliable way to get a return from your money over time. While they may not offer the potential of such high returns as other options such as shares or managed funds they come without the risks those options have. Find out how to boost your savings faster than ever.
  • Collecting from Your Debtors  By : maxsmith
    It is important that when that an agency is able to accommodate your needs. Some agencies have a standard collection process that consists of a series of phone calls and letters. The more professional agency will provide you with choices in the type of program that would benefit your specific needs. Which could include pre-collection services and legal options for larger balance accounts? Understanding the collection process is the key to working with a collection agency. Your collection agency
  • Plan Ahead For A Job Loss  By : Marilyn Katz
    Nobody can predict every possible emergency or financial problem, but every can do their best to plan for the unexpected.
  • What Net Operating Income is and How to Calculate  By : James Kobzeff
    Discover the various ways net operating income gets used in real estate investing and learn how each is calculated.
  • Getting on the Property Ladder Abroad  By : Parmdeep Vadesha
    House price stabilisation and the increasingly strict lending standards in the UK have prompted homebuyers to consider other options. A recent survey has revealed that many property investors have begun to invest in properties located outside the UK.
  • Real Estate Investment Goals and Crucial Formulas  By : James Kobzeff
    Discover what it takes to start real estate investing successfully and learn crucial formulas to the most popular returns used by real estate investment analysts.
  • Pitfalls To Avoid When Selling Your Annuity or Structured Settlement  By : Bill Broich
    Advice to follow when selling your annuity, structured settlement or lotto winnings.
  • Where Is Your Wealth?  By : Tom Wheelwright
    Whenever someone asks me what to do to build permanent wealth, I answer that question with a question: Where is your wealth? Where is your wealth today and where is your wealth going?
  • Think Before Tapping Into Your 401K To Pay Off Debts  By : Trent Cohen
    This article helps people to think seriously before resorting to the use of their 401K and other retirement funds to pay down debt. The article provides guidance on what may be a better option than utilizing these funds which are designated for use during the "Golden Years" of life.
  • Why a Will Is Not Enough to Avoid Probate  By : Mitchell Miller
    Summary: A living trust in addition to a will is what is needed for an estate to avoid probate. And taxpayers should try to avoid probate because probate can cost heirs large legal costs and much hassle and take a long time to resolve.
  • A Credit Collapse, Not a Financial Panic  By : Les Lafave
    To call the credit crisis a panic, is blaming the victim.
  • Engaged? Get your free credit reports before you tie the knot.  By : John Rasor
    Choosing a life partner is a huge step in life. Marriage is sort of like a business. Know your partners credit before taking the plunge.
  • Little Things You Can Do To Save Money In A Recession  By : Robert Thomson
    The worlds economy can be a very unpredictable ocean to dive into. Many analysts would agree that it highly volatile, very dynamic, and rapid changes can happen almost instantly. Trends in stocks, prices of commodities, exchange rates, and the like cannot be easily determined, and there are times when things just have no place to go but down.
  • What Are Identity Theft and Identity Fraud?  By : John Rasor
    Learn about common ways to commit identity fraud and how to prevent it.
  • Teens -- Begin Adulthood With Great Credit...  By : John Rasor
    Start your financial future on the right path with good credit. A higer credit scores means a brighter financial future.
  • Tenancy Agreement "must haves" for Student Lets  By : John Tym
    How to structure your student letting agreement to include all the "must have" clauses professional landlords use to safeguard their investment in student accomodation
  • World Financial Crisis  By : Ursula Knecht
    I was recently asked my views on what is happening in the world financial markets. I am an absolute beginner with that level of money so take the following with a grain of salt.
  • Start A Supplemental Retirement Income Plan Now  By : John McRae
    In today's economy most people are at least somewhat concerned about their retirement income. If you are looking for ideas to increase your retirement savings or find a source of supplemental retirement income there are options available to you.
  • Garbage Truck Acquistions and Financing  By : JM Luna
    In today's economy, start up and seasoned businesses have an unique opportunity to acquire an attractive deal for any type of Garbage truck with the possibility of special financing. The first option, for the buyer, is to visit their local dealer and find his truck there. This is great place to start and obtain pertinent information that will be used later in the data gathering process.
  • 5 Common College Planning Mistakes  By : Karen Bolton
    Article talks about mistakes consumers make when planning for college expenses

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