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  • You Can Get Control of Debt  By : William Onedge
    You just need to make a list of your wants and your needs, once you have the list you can work on one thing at a time. So you can get control of debt.
  • Life Mirrors Our Reality  By : Blanca Stella Mejia
    Life mirrors our reality. In order for us to get out of this financial crisis that we are facing as a nation we msut brutally take a loook not only at our spending habits, but on a microcosmic level we must look at the limiting beliefs that we hold on to.
  • How to Save for College  By : Karen Bolton
    Tips and strategies for implementing an effective savings plan for college
  • The BIG Passive Income Mistake!  By : Tom Wheelwright
    I've been speaking at several seminars this fall. My topic of choice is wealth strategies because wealth strategies cover it all - not just wealth, but taxes and business too. Plus, the topic of wealth strategies takes me all over the world to speak because wealth strategies cross over international borders.
  • Beware Of Debt Relief That Conceals Filing For Bankruptcy  By : Amanda Hash
    There has been warnings issued by the Federal Trade Commission lately that advise consumers to be alert for debt relief programs that really imply filing for bankruptcy in order to obtain debt elimination. The consequences of such drastic solutions are long lasting and very negative and thus, you should be extremely careful when selecting the agency providing debt relief.
  • Home Equity Lines Of Credit For Greater Flexibility  By : Amanda Hash
    If you need a flexible source of funds where you can obtain the money you need and repay it according to your variable income, home equity lines of credit are the type of financial product that you need. Lines of credit, as opposed to loans do not have fixed installments and instead can be repaid the way you want and best suit your monthly budget.
  • How Can Extra Payments Help Me Pay Less Interest?  By : Amanda Hash
    There is a lot of hearsay, some true, some not, about how extra payments vary the outcome of your loan. So much so, that when you hear the truth you are never sure whether it is the real truth or just guesswork. We give you a detailed analysis of this factor and a couple of reasons for making extra payments that will finally throw light on the subject.
  • The Secure Way to Make International Payments  By : Tomer Bar Zeev
    As the world's financial situation grows more uncertain, how can people around the world earning their livings online, keep their money secure?
  • Zoning for the Love of Money  By : Corney Vanhelden
    Talking about are the currency zones: geographic areas that use a specific currency for most financial transactions.
  • The Ruble is in Trouble!  By : Corney Vanhelden
    Russia is now faced with another possible huge devaluation of the ruble.
  • Rich vs. Wealthy: The BIG Difference  By : Tom Wheelwright
    Is There a Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy? I have often thought over the past couple of years about the difference between being rich and being wealthy. Is there a difference? If so, what is it? And how do we become wealthy?
  • Florida Home Insurance Gets In Line with Tin Cup Behind AIG and Automakers  By : Michael Letcher
    A federal government drowning in red ink and besieged by corporate beggars in the largest bailout in US history is unlikely to consider a National Hurricane Catastrophe Fund anytime soon. That combined with a Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund that cannot meet its own obligations only means one thing to you as a Florida home insurance consumer - it's time to watch your wallet again!
  • 10 Secrets to Financial Advisor Success  By : Simon Reilly
    Remember "successful accomplishments" and it is time to take charge of your mind to focus on the positive. Remember, you get what you focus on.
  • Are You a Financial Advisor Who's Addicted to Selling?  By : Simon Reilly
    Do you want to be motivated by need, desire and fear or your values? Values are the only form of functional inspiration, versus motivation. Values are something that naturally pulls you forward without a lot of effort.
  • Private Lending Program for Real Estate Investors - How to Start One!  By : Michel Lautensack
    If you are a real estate investor in the post-credit bubble market and need money to finance your investments there NOT many options left. Traditional mortgage lending is not available to real estate investors. And even hard money loans are few and far between as they now require large down payments and high credit scores. Both mortgage lending and hard money require personal guarantees - not very attractive in this market.
  • How To Survive The New Depression  By : David MacGregor
    We are headed for a major global economic depression. Nothing politicians can do will stop this. In fact, what they are doing will only make it worse and cause it to last longer. But there are ways you can protect yourself from the worst effects of this economic storm - ways to not only protect what you have, but to also profit in the future.
  • What To Do If You Receive A Notice of Non-renewal  By : April Tourneau
    A notice of non-renewal is given to individuals who an insurance company views as too "high-risk" to represent. This could be because you filed too many claims, or you had one costly disaster. But whatever the reasons, you need to know what to do.
  • Searching For a Secured Home Loan  By : Gordon Parkes
    Find out about remortgaging as a method to raise funds for home improvements, a holiday or other purposes. Second home loans can be fast and convenient.
  • The Importance Of Private Trade Programs In A Declining Economy  By : Marcel Ford
    With a massive global economic crisis upon us and no solution in site - investors are searching for viable investments that provide safe, high yield returns. Where are accredited investors finding successful investment programs.
  • Rules for Securities Offerings and Private Placements  By : John Lux
    A few little-known rules and secrets for minimizing risk when making a private placement, reverse merger, or going public with an IPO or initial public offering.
  • Are Reverse Mergers Obsolete?  By : John Lux
    New Technique for Going Public Instead of Doing a Reverse Merger with a Public Shell
  • Single Invoice Factoring Could Save Small Businesses in 2009  By : Kristin Gabriel
    Single invoice factoring, also known as spot factoring, is a service that can speeds up cash flow and increase working capital. Many small businesses are already benefiting from this strategy, which is certain to be a much needed resource during the holidays and into 2009.
  • Another 1031 Exchange Company Bites the Dust  By : Bob Horton
    The failure of LandAmerica 1031 is a reminder for real estate investors, lawyers, and tax professionals to work with a 1031 company that commits to keeping your money safe. Truly safe.
  • 10 More Secrets to Financial Advisor Success  By : Simon Reilly
    The following is a continuation of the article "10 More Secrets to Financial Advisor Success". There are 31 secrets total. Here are secrets 11-20.
  • Fixing Up Your Home And How To Finance It  By : Amanda Hash
    When you have found your place in the world, making sure your home meets your needs and desires sounds reasonable and thus, often, home improvements are necessary. However, undertaking a home improvement project can be really expensive and thus, financing is essential. There are many financial products that can help you finance home improvements. Some are more suitable for the task than others but all of them have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Purchasing An Old Property To Fix It Can Turn Out Expensive  By : Amanda Hash
    Many people who want to invest in real estate are thinking of purchasing old properties, fix them, modernize them and selling them later at a higher price. Though this is a great idea and professional realtors make thousands of dollars this way, if you do not have the necessary expertise, such transactions can turn out to be really expensive and you may end up losing money instead of making any profit.
  • Refinancing: Focus On Rate Or Term?  By : Amanda Hash
    When searching for home loan refinancing and comparing what different lenders have to offer, what should one focus on: The Interest Rate Charged or The length of the loan’s repayment term? This issue is of great consequence because it will determine the costs and benefits that the borrower will obtain by refinancing the mortgage home loan. Let us analyze how these variables affect affordability.
  • Save Time And Money Budgeting On A Monthly Basis  By : Amanda Hash
    Proper money management can save both time and money each month and during the year.
  • 11 More Secrets to Financial Advisor Success  By : Simon Reilly
    If someone crosses your mind, make that call. Write that idea down and think of three simple and immediate actions that you can take towards the fulfillment of that idea. Get it done. You were given the ideas for a reason and it is important that the ideas be honored so don't second guess and don't delay.
  • They Should Teach This in School.....  By : John Rasor
    Too many young adults dont realize the importance of good credit until its too late.
  • The Mechanics Of A MTN Private Trading Program  By : Marcel Ford
    There is no other investment that is as popular as MTN Trading and so hard to understand due to confidentiality. Here's how MTN Private Trade Programs truly function.
  • Treasuries: The Next Bubble?  By : Jose Roncal
    We've survived the tech bubble and the housing bubble, but are we headed for something more catastrophic than either of those? Some experts are beginning to fear the worst. There is so much money shifting into Treasuries, it can't last forever and now some fear the Treasury market is venturing into bubble territory.
  • Bank of England Base Rate Reduction - What About the Savers?  By : Ray Prince
    There has been a lot of talk about the big winners when interest rates fall - i.e. borrowers. But what about people who rely on a reasonable amount of interest on their deposit accounts - the savers? Falling interest rates are a nightmare for savers, and with the Bank of England (BOE) dropping rates further, what options do you have if you are a saver?
  • Foreign Exchange Currency Pairs  By : Robert Farrel
    This article describes the term currency pair, and tells the reader what about the major currency pairs traded on Forex (Foreign Exchange) market,and shows how to understand currency pairs.
  • Britain's Financial Standing Slumps  By : Steve Smith
    The nation's financial wellbeing has hit a record low, it has been revealed. In figures released by the Alliance Trust Research Centre in its latest financial reality index, it was indicated that the standing of British household's economic situation plummeted during the third quarter of this year.
  • Get Lower Monthly Payments With Homeownership  By : Melissa Kellett
    Being a homeowner will provide you with many benefits when applying for all kind of loans. If you are a homeowner you can get lower monthly payments on secured loans like home loans and home equity loans but also on unsecured loans like personal loans, lines of credit, cash advances, etc. Thus if you are a homeowner do not forget to mention it at the time of requesting a loan quote.
  • President Obama - New Leadership or a Trustee Managing the Bankruptcy of the United States?  By : Michael Letcher
    Our national debt is now $10.6 trillion - $34,640 for every living US citizen. The scariest thing is that this debt doesn't count the billions in bailouts already approved or still to come. President Elect Obama's best ideas won't happen with this staggering debt. Our future will be dictated by bond markets, not government - a future that may include a financial collapse that dwarfs the Great Depression.
  • Leaving the Black Hole of a Death Spiral  By : John Lux
    This article is for companies that have had a s0-called death spiral or toxic financing and tells the steps needed to fix or unwind this financing.
  • Tricking The Tricky Bill Payment Process  By : homepayments
    Given 30 days to pay a household bill is a good chance to resort to procrastination. It is so easy to say we’ll do it later until such time that we forget about it and then end up paying for late payment charges. Paying for household bills should be easy and it’s a sad fact that a lot of people look at it as something frightening.
  • Withdrawing and Depositing Money Into Your Online Investing Accounts  By : Nathan Navachi
    While most online investment and trading services give you all the information you need to be successful with your efforts, few of them give you detailed information about moving money into and out of your account. This article will inform you about this exact topic, which everyone expects you to know but no one ever tells you.
  • Trend Following Traders Made a Big Comeback in 2008  By : Scott Cole
    Commodity futures traders who utilize trend following strategies scored big gains in 2008 as a result of huge trends in energy and currency markets. After a few years of under performance, it is clear that trend following continues to be a viable strategy.
  • Vital Strategic Steps in a Recession for CFP© Professionals  By : David Sanders
    Here is the key to a successful strategy as a CFP(c) Professional in a recessionary economy. Where business is declining and growth of your firm is difficult, your management must have precision -- in a word it must be "scientific" -- based on the natural laws governing expansion.
  • 1970s Crisis - Is it the Same This Time?  By : Ray Prince
    Well, what a year it's been... High street banks in crisis, investment banks closing their doors, 'experts' pointing fingers, and SERIOUS questions asked of the Financial regulators. Yes, what WERE the regulators doing on both sides of the Atlantic? And to cap it all, a $50bn (expected) fraud uncovered in the US. Is there more to come, one wonders?
  • How to Avoid Foreclosure  By : Groshan Fabiola
    These are really tough times for the American middle class. There’s not only a big threat to the American economy and jobs, the failure of the real-estate market has snatched a middle-class American’s only asset – his home from him
  • How to Break Away From the Debt Prison, Forever!  By : Tom Graneau
    Americans are plagued with personal financial problems. Concerns about too much debt and lack of savings are keeping millions in "financial bondage." The typical approach to debt management and other financial issues does little to alleviate the problem. We need direct, permanent solution for long-term financial autonomy.
  • Construction Loans and Commercial Mortgages  By : Stephen Bush
    The availability of business finance funding has been generally decreasing during recent economic turmoil, and this situation is especially evident for construction financing and commercial mortgages. The commercial loan issues described in this article are applicable to construction loan financing for commercial property throughout the United States.
  • US Economy And Low Interest Rates  By : Arthor Penz
    While the US economy is definitely having some serious difficulties, the US Fed has cut rates dramatically, the full impact of the lowered interest rates on the economy is not yet seen.
  • Looking Ahead to Q1 of 2009  By : Jose Roncal
    We've all heard the old adage, "it's always darkest before the dawn." But exactly when can we expect things to lighten up? There's so much paranoia and mistrust with a stock market in the tank and so many businesses already filing, or preparing to file, for bankruptcy, that while peering into the darkness, we see less than promising news for the first quarter of 2009.
  • Private Lending: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Private Lending Credibility Kit  By : Michel Lautensack
    An effective private lending credibility kit is often a real estate investor's ticket to the success for securing funding from a private lender. If your private lending credibility portfolio is compelling enough, you will have private lenders flocking to your doorstep and you will be able to establish long lasting business relationships for future real estate transactions.
  • What Your Reverse Merger Advisors Don't Tell You  By : John Lux
    The most overlooked aspect of reverse mergers and OTC shell deals -- the aftermarket for the stock and possible pitfalls for companies seeking venture capital.
  • Financial Crisis - Dynamics and Causes  By : Knut Holt
    A financial crisis seems to occur with fairly regular intervals. Here you can read about the characteristics of an financial crisis and the reasons why such an event occurs.
  • Saving Money Faster  By : Richard Greenwood
    With the global credit crisis deepening in 2009 and tens of thousands of jobs being lost each month it is time to make some cut backs around your home and make sure you protect yourself against the crisis and curb your household spending to cut debts and boost savings for uncertain times ahead.
  • The Congressional Money Tree's Focus on Education  By : Marc Hill
    In recent days the Democratic Leaders of the House of Representatives have publicized their plan to address the economy with a massive $825 billion dollar stimulus package. The congressional draft does shed light on what our elected officials are thinking in terms of providing assistance with higher educational costs. So let's take a look.
  • Why CMOs May Be Considered For Private Trading Programs  By : Marcel Ford
    There is perhaps no other investment that is as popular as Private Trading Programs, yet so hard to understand due to its privatization. Here's a peek at CMOs and Trading.
  • Caffeine Fix for Market Jitters  By : Jose Roncal
    Seems like there's no end to the indigestion-inducing economic news. Recently I woke up to the news that the S&P;/Case-Shiller Home Price index had fallen by 17.4 percent from a year earlier. Even worse, was the indication that things were accelerating—with home prices having decreased 1.8% in September from prior months. This is the biggest drop since the Shiller index first started reporting.
  • Factoring Companies Explained – Your Pass To Quick Cash Flow  By : Jeff Sheikowitz
    Factoring companies are those businesses that purchase invoices from another business for the purpose of collecting on those transactions and making a profit. The factoring company issues a loan to the company based on the value of the financial asset rather than the credit worthiness of the company. It then takes the outstanding accounts receivable revenue it collects and returns the overage minus a fee.
  • Private Lender Transactions and Your Credibility Kit: One Key Element  By : Michel Lautensack
    Learn about the one key element in a private lending credibility kit that will capture an investor's attention. Discover how to develop the key element to increase your chances of getting a private lender to invest in your real estate deal.
  • Why Banks Have Been Extending More Credit Even as they Clamp Down  By : Mike Clover
    Thought you could not get a loan ?
  • Maximize Your Frequent Flyer Points  By : Rich Greenwood
    If you're a keen traveller then you may be keen to help fund your travel with frequent flyer points. If you're just earning points when you fly it can take a long time for them to add up so here are some tips to boost your points and earning free flights faster.
  • Utilizing a QTP (Qualified Tuition Plan) to Fund a Grandchild's College Cost  By : Karen Bolton
    Strategies for grandparents to use to help fund the cost of college for grandchildren.
  • Know about Stop Foreclosure Loan  By : Dev Coers
    A foreclosure means that the mortgage company or lending institution for your home can take it back to resell if you fall behind on payments. you can sell the home on your own and then pay off the loan plus any fees.
  • 6 Ways Your Home Can Save You Money  By : Brandon Sheley
    With today’s economy, it is important to save money where you can. But, sometimes saving money means giving up things that you like to do. Learn to use your home to put extra money in your pocket without giving up the things you have grown accustomed to.
  • Fighting Predatory Lending  By : Amanda Hash
    Predatory lending has become a menace to many American citizens as unscrupulous lenders prey on needy people who can’t argue the terms on the financial products they are offered and thus accumulate more and more debt due to the high interest rates charged. Many don’t know that regulations are on their side though and that certain practices performed by creditors and collectors are illegal and thus open to judicial revision.
  • What is Unsecured Debt?  By : Jordan McKenna
    Unsecured debt is a loan not secured by an underlying asset or collateral. In case of unsecured debt, a lender loans money without the security that an underlying asset provides. For this reason, unsecured debt carries more risk for the lender, which in turn makes the loan more expensive.
  • Small Business: Fixing Bad Credit  By : Kristin Gabriel
    With more than 30 million people in the United States with bad credit scores (under 620), and thanks to the country's economic situation, it's making getting a credit card or loan with fair terms difficult. Smaller buisiness entrepreneurs first must face their real credit score, then consider accounts receivable factoring to repair bad credit.
  • Working Capital Finance and Identifying Dead Banks Walking  By : Stephen Bush
    Identifying and avoiding dead banks walking and zombie banks in business finance funding is increasingly important for all commercial borrowers. These terms are used to describe banks which have effectively already gone broke. By dealing with a so-called zombie bank, business owners might be wasting their time as well as endangering the future financial health of their business investment.
  • SBA Unsecured Small Business Loan Bailout: Will the Stimulus Bill Help or Hurt?  By : Sue Malone
    In these troubled economic times, the question is whether any bank or financial institution is making loans to small businesses. This article will discuss what loans are available. It will also analyze how the new Federal stimulus bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) affects the interests of the small business owner.
  • Traits of Successful Forex Traders  By : Jubair Ahmed.
    If you want to become successful and survive in forex trading then there are some essential traits that you need to adopt. These traits are the characteristics of the most successful traders who have made millions in the forex market:
  • Cash-Out Refinancing: Suitable For Eliminating Debt?  By : Amanda Hash
    Following are a few easy steps you should follow to obtain extra funds from your property by refinancing and use the money to eliminate your remaining debt.
  • Debt Help Is Needed! How Bad Is My Debt?  By : Amanda Hash
    It is amazing how many Americans are buried in debt and they do not notice how serious their situation is. They keep on spending over their repayment capacity getting deep into the vicious circle of debt and interests. What people need to understand is that it makes no sense to wait till the situation improves because chances are that it will not. In order to escape from debt problems one needs to acquire certain money management techniques through debt counseling or on your own.
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy And Liquidation Concepts Defined  By : Amanda Hash
    These three concepts are often used as synonyms but they are not. Though the common use of these words may lead to confusion, these are financial and legal terms and thus, they should be used properly and with caution. There are various related concepts needed to explain the above three: personal financial failure, business financial failure, cash flow, and several more.
  • Stimulus Bill Guarantees Inflation - Take Advantage of Daily Mortgage Rates  By : Kate Ford
    Here is my prediction. Five years from now, homes will be worth more than they are today and daily mortgage rates will be higher also. During our lifetime, there will never be a better opportunity than now for buying a home and securing such low mortgage lending rates.
  • Low Cost, High Returns  By : Peeyush Bajpai
    The recent offer of 5,010 flats by the DDA (Delhi Development Authority) had attracted over 7.5 lakh buyers, of which 5.67 lakh applied with deposits (1 flat per 100 subscribers). Affordable cost and easy credit led people to apply in hordes.
  • Multifaceted Science of Measurement: Economics  By : Robert Thomson
    The word "Economics" has been derived from Greek word "oikos nomos" which denotes rules of the house or management of house. Economics is a scientific analysis of products and services with respect to their demand, supply and consumption patterns. These analysis or the economic fundamentals are applicable virtually in every aspect of life today.
  • American Finance 101 - What the Average Joe Doesn't Know About the Federal Reserve.  By : Frank Graham
    The current United States Federal Reserve banking system is not the first attempt at creating a central bank in the U.S. What about our current central banking system? The current Federal Reserve System was created in 1913 by the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act. Twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks - These twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks are located in major cities throughout the United States. Each regional Federal Reserve Bank has its own nine-member board of directors.
  • The Tax Advantage of a Structured Settlement Payment  By : Paul Easton
    The tax advantages of maintaining structured settlement payments are featured in this article just to give you some factors to reconsider before finally selling that future structured settlement receivables.
  • The Public is Finally Protected with selling their Structured Settlements  By : Paul Easton
    Structured settlement Protection Act has been implemented recently and the public is happier to know that. Find out the details and the extent of how it protects you and if how well the states are implementing it.
  • The Looming Curse of Deflation  By : Nat Glafwell
    With inflation tumbling, the fear of deflation is growing.

    The current rate of growth in the UK economy (as expressed through the RPI and the alternative CPI, the Bank of England's preferred measure) is falling and there are some indications that the recession could deepen further leading to a defla
  • Americans Must Start Saving!  By : Karen Bolton
    Americans must begin to save. The United States Government policies promoting consumption, borrowing, and speculation on stocks, housing, commodities, and credit instruments are to blame. These policies should be replaced with policies stimulating savings and long term investment that creates sustainable long term income.
  • Wealth Secrets: Don't Make Dumb Money Decisions  By : Alexis Martin Neely
    You can't stop investing just because the real estate and stock markets are declining. If you do, you are actually placing yourself at greater risk due to the forces of inflation. Read more about some of the great investments still available to you.
  • Stimulus Package Adversely Impacts Real Estate Affordability  By : Randall Parker
    The Economic Stimulus Package will affect housing affordability in a number of ways. Randall Parker, MBA provides a quick analysis of how and why prices will be affected by the Stimulus Package.
  • Why Obama's Bailout Plan May Not Work!  By : Stephen Lau
    President Obama's financial bailout plan may not work. The current financial crisis is a complex problem that cannot be fixed simply by pumping more capital into the system. The innate problem is that there is too much capital, created out of thin air. The federal government is simply repeating the mistake of the American people - overspending. Spending more money does not solve the problem of overspending.
  • Giving up the Structured Settlement Payments' Disadvantage  By : Paul Easton
    There a lot of benefits with selling your structured settlement as it provides access to cash when you need a big amount at a certain point. There are some major benefits you will be losing though if you give up this series of payments. Find out with this article.
  • About Bankruptcy Leads  By : Kentaro Konika
    A database of bankrupt companies and individuals is kept, known as bankruptcy leads. These contain a variety of information on those who have gone bankrupt, including names. Bankruptcy claims are made through the legal system, and filed by the courts and public records.
  • Get a List of Banks That are Lending to High Risk Borrowers!  By : Michael Redbourn
    Not long ago in America, having a good credit rating was really essential, but whereas it's still nice to have one it's not nearly as important as it once was because the present financial crisis changed all that. Having a bad credit score no longer means that you can't get a loan or a credit card because there are now lots of loan sources on the Internet that will readily lend to individuals with a low (FICO) credit score.
  • Obama's New SBA Small Business Loan Program: 90% Guarantee Provides Welcome Relief  By : Sue Malone
    Obama announced on March 16, 2009 a number of new changes to the SBA Loan Program. This directly effects the ability of small businesses to receive needed capital.
  • Real Estate Investors: Using the Internet to Spread the Word to Private Lenders  By : Michel Lautensack
    Receive tips and strategies for spreading the word on the Internet about your real estate investment business.
  • Real Estate Investors: Creating an Elevator Speech to Attract Private Lenders  By : Michel Lautensack
    Learn how to create an effective 60-second elevator speech for promoting your real estate investment business. Discover what important elements to include that will attract private lenders.
  • Real Estate Investors: Creating Presentations on Real Estate Investment and Private Lending  By : Michel Lautensack
    Receive tips on how to develop a compelling educational presentation on real estate investment. Learn what elements are important to include and why.
  • Real Estate Investors: Writing Local Newspaper Ads for Private Lending  By : Michel Lautensack
    Discover what elements to include when writing a local newspaper ad that will attract targeted traffic to your real estate venture.
  • Real Estate Investors: Joining Professional Networking Groups to Find Private Lenders  By : Michel Lautensack
    Learn why it is important to get involved with professional networking groups and how it can help you launch your real estate investment business.
  • Obama's Small Business Stimulus Loans--Are They Coming Our Way?  By : Sue Malone
    After enactment of the New Stimulus Act, what effect with it have on American small business owners and their need for working capital?
  • How Can You Survive Food Inflation  By : Clint Jhonson
    There is no doubt that inflation has been hitting every sector of the United States economy. This means basic commodity prices are going up at an alarming level. Food inflation for example is particularly debilitating for most Americans. As the common folks see their money lose value due to hyperinflation, more and more commodities become out of reach which could lead to hunger, malnutrition, and more crisis.
  • Why the Current Inflation Can Lead to Hyperinflation  By : Clint Jhonson
    The phrase, ‘things will get worse before they get better,’ is a very convenient quotation that can soothe the frayed nerves of the American people. Besides, there is nothing wrong in hoping to get better results from the current crisis. The oft repeated phrase however could be problematic as it instills a false sense of security among Americans that the problem is not grave. There is a high probability that things may get worse and could result to economic collapse.
  • About Bankruptcy, IVA & Debt Write-off  By : Chris Ball
    For some the only option when faced with debt is to go bankrupt, but for many this is not necessary and can be avoided. An arrangement with the creditor (IVA) may well be the right choice for some debts. The option of debt write-off is not right in all cases, but for many this can make a significant difference to their situation. Ultimately for most people it is important to make and informed choice. This article seeks to inform.
  • How to Avoid Becoming a Foreclosure Victim  By : John Sern
    There will always be a way in which somebody will probably part with your money in a unique yet illegal way
  • Is It Possible To Make Money by Buying a Foreclosure Property?  By : John Sern
    As the world strides into another age, people all over are thinking hard to make a life that is so elusive these days...
  • The Republicans Should Be the Last to Point Fingers  By : Robert Rainer
    This article discusses the state of the U.S. economy and attempts to provide a degree of clarity on the issues that have caused the problem. The housing crisis is clearly the root of this economic meltdown.
  • Essential Guide To Interest Rates  By : Mozo
    In the current economic situation, even slight changes to interest rates can effortlessly shape public spending, employments rates and even the global economy. Learn all about interest rates and how it affects your financial siutation.
  • A Guide To Fixed Rate Home Loans  By : Mozo
    Is it a good time to get a fixed rate home loan? This depends on many factors such as the current economic climate, interest rates and your financial situation. Get the right information before you choose a fixed rate home loan.

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