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  • Waste, A Little Bit Here and A Little Bit There  By : Michael Dappert
    One little incident of waste multiplied across the entire country of the United States makes for enormous amounts of energy wasted.
  • Biofuels As Alternative Sources Of Energy  By : Warren Peters
    This web site covers many sources of no coal fuel that makes earth friendly energy . Wind power is one. The ocean is being utilized. Solar panels and even nuclear power have made giant steps in cleaning up the planet.
  • Renewable Fuels For Alternative Energy  By : Warren Peters
    This web site covers many sources of no coal fuel that makes earth friendly energy . Wind power is one. The ocean is being utilized. Solar panels and even nuclear power have made giant steps in cleaning up the planet.
  • Developing Nuclear Power As Alternative Energy  By : Warren Peters
    This web site covers many sources of no coal fuel that makes earth friendly energy . Wind power is one. The ocean is being utilized. Solar panels and even nuclear power have made giant steps in cleaning up the planet.
  • What Does 'Energy Security' Really Mean?  By : Daniel Yergin
    the conclusion of last year's G8 summit in Scotland, Russian President Vladimir Putin said to the other leaders of the G8 industrial nations, "We cannot ignore the question of overcoming poverty - and the fight against terrorism." But "the key issue for the next summit" would be energy security.
  • What Do Oil Wells Really Mean?  By : Mayoor Patel
    Oil wells usually refer to a vertical hole drilled in the earth to find and extract petroleum oil and natural gas from the underground layers.
  • Human Population: Quantity vs. Quality  By : James Hopkins
    Overpopulation of the human race and its effects on the earth's environment and the standards of living.
  • Protect Your Garden and Your Self From Chemical Spray Drift  By : Michael Dappert
    Chemical spray drift is something people should not tolerate. There are ways to complain and let companies know they cannot carelessly spew poisons into your life.
  • Thinking Through Recycling Myths  By : Stephanie Foster
    It's easy to get misinformation about recycling. It's one of the steps people think of when they think about the environment, but one of the most confusing to take action on.
  • Texas Considers Alternative Fuels In The Face of Oil Prices: A Run-Down of Choices  By : Pat Carpenter
    The dramatic rise in oil prices over the past few years has generated a lot of attention for alternative fuels and alternatively powered vehicles. Environmentalists hail it as the beginning of a revolution and a natural consequence of using non-renewable resources with abandon.
  • Water, Water Everywhere: Bottled Water Choices In Texas  By : Pat Carpenter
    "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink," or so the saying goes. Texas knows this well, with large swaths subject to extreme heat and drought inland, and non-potable salt water down in the Gulf. There may be water, but no one can drink it without treating it first.
  • One Bag at a Time  By : Bev Storer
    Each time I go shopping I want to scream! Why? What is it that irritates and upsets me so? What is it that literally makes me want to scream insanely when I see them! The culprit that turns my stomach and upsets me so is the ever so common PLASTIC BAG!
  • Every Home An Energy Producer  By : Michael Dappert
    Maybe every home or building could not produce a surplus of energy but that is no reason to not put solar panels on every roof in America.
  • Green Paper Choices Reduce Your Carbon Footprint  By : Nathan Brown
    If you want to help stop global warming, then you should become aware of some basic paper recycling facts so you can choose the best options for your paper consumption.
  • Using Recycled Ink Cartridges And Your Business Environmental Impact  By : Michael Stollery
    How to cut business costs and reduce overheads by using reycled cartridges
  • The Worlds First Car Powered By Compressed Air.  By : Green Feat
    One fascinating project I have been keeping tabs on since the late 1990's is a company founded in France but now based in Spain by the name of MDI. Founded by a former race car technician named Guy Negre who's impetus for his invention came from his background in racing.
  • Are You Falling for Green Consumerism?  By : Stephanie Foster
    Going green in your shopping is good, but many people still consume too much.
  • Shrouded in Smoke: Barcelona Receives Alarming Reports on Air Pollution Levels.  By : Gaizka Pujana
    One of the top holiday destinations in Europe is also among the top nations that contribute the most greenhouse gas emissions that harm the ozone and contribute to global warming. Recent reports on ozone pollution in Spain reveal that Barcelona is among the worst offenders, and the effects of this pollution are wide reaching and dangerous.
  • Bio Diesel Fuel - An Energy Source Now and for the Future  By : Andrew Bicknell
    Bio Diesel fuel is a diesel equivalent, processed fuel derived from biological sources, such as vegetable oils, which can be used in unmodified diesel engine vehicles. It can also be used as a heating fuel in domestic and commercial boilers.
  • Office Equipment, the WEEE Directive and Global Warming Issues  By : Jimi St Pierre
    Environmentally Friendly photocopiers and other office equipment are crucial to workplace energy-saving and waste-reduction. Many measures (procedural and technical) have been implemented by equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors - even before the government's introduction of measures via legislation such as the WEEE directive.
  • One LED Light Bulb, One Environmentally Friendly Step  By : Ben Anton
    LED lights provide energy efficiency and cost savings for everyone who uses them.
    This article outlines how each household can help future generations and save their family money by
    transitioning toward LED light sources in the home, office and outdoors.
  • Global Potential of Coal Bed Methane  By : Denise Palmer
    Seen in the past mainly as a safety hazard for coal miners and a costly nuisance for mine operators, CMM is now being widely studied and exploited.
  • Office Recycling Scheme - Top Tips  By : Robert Thomson
    Setting up an office recycling scheme is something that all businesses can do to help the environment, and in many cases save money.
  • Global Warming: Reality or Leftist Propaganda?  By : Nathan Brown
    Not sure where you stand on the scientific reality of climate change? This article brings forth facts and figures to address some of the main myths that might be stopping you from wanting to help stop global warming?
  • The Benefits of Using Renewable Energy Over Fossil Fuels & Nuclear Power  By : Don Alexander
    Current levels of renewable energy use represent only a tiny fraction of what could be developed in the United States. Since electricity generation is a leading cause of carbon dioxide emissions, something needs to be done soon.
  • Don't Make These Top Ten Toxic Black Mold Mistakes  By : Phillip Fry
    Protect your family’s and co-workers’ health by not making any of these top ten toxic black mold mistakes during mold inspection, mold testing, and mold remediation.
  • Natural Born Mold Killers Can Save You And Our Environment From Chemical Exposure  By : Jim Corkern
    While there are many commercial chemicals on the market to eliminate mold, there are some natural mold killers that can keep you from commercial chemical exposure and keep you, your family, and the enviorment safer.
  • The Main Sources of Pollution  By : bdd7707
    The main sources of pollution are:

    · Industry

    · Transports

    · Volcano eruptions.....
  • Soil Testing Lab Helps Determine Cost of Soil Cleanup  By : Andrew Stratton
    Soil testing companies are able to determine the presence and concentrations of various common soil containments in the environment from heavy industry and transport infrastructure.
  • Addressing Climate Change Requires Quiet  By : Kevin Surace
    Climate change is here to stay. But we can do something to slow down its progress by encouraging people to move into urban settings. This can save 25% of CO2. The problem? Noise is the number one complaint. This needs to be addressed before we see significant migration to urban settings. And there is new technology to address it easily and cost effectively.
  • New Eco Friendly PC Components  By : Zach Hope
    I just bought a new Samsung DVD burner – an optical drive that is completely lead free. As far as I know, lead is used in as the soldering material when manufacturing printed circuit boards. There are so many poisonous substances in consumer electronics, but at least the first steps have been taken towards making computers for sustainable living.
  • Understanding the Carbon Footprint and How It Affects the Environment  By : Martin Barwise
    First of all, the term carbon footprint refers to a measurement of greenhouse gases released by human activities based on the amount of carbon dioxide units that is produced. This helps scientists and government decision makers gauge how severe a particular human activity affects the environment by contributing to the so-called Greenhouse Effect.
  • Understanding Global Warming and How It Affects You  By : Martin Barwise
    The phenomenon known as global warming is already here and affecting us even as we speak. But many people are still ignorant of what this phenomenon is and how it affects even ordinary folk like you and me.
  • Water Quality In Developing Countries  By : Derek Both
    It is no surprise to anyone that developing countries face a number of problems every day from lack of money to widespread diseases.
  • Exxon Valdez Incident  By : LD Sociack
    An Analysis of the Exxon Valdez Incident from a earth sciences and business perspective. how Exxon got into the incident and how it was able to continue its business presence after the incident
  • Soil Testing Benefits Of a Pre-Sideress Soil Nitrate Test (PSNT)  By : Andrew Stratton
    Results from a pre-sidedress soil nitrate test (PSNT) helps growers improve the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer usage.
  • What are the costs of cleaning up after I burn 750 gallons of gasoline?  By : Jake Solochek
    An SUV owner looks at the consequences of his personal use of gasoline. The cost is roughly $715 per year.
  • The Ethanol Hoax  By : Michael Dappert
    Your tax dollars are being wasted for a worthless product. This money could be used to develop true energy alternatives instead of enriching a few corporate promoters.
  • Recycling Cans Could Help The Enviroment  By : simon jones
    Food and drinks cans make up around three percent of household waste that is thrown away by households in the UK on a daily basis. Around 75 percent of all drinks cans in the UK are made from aluminium although there are still almost 2 billion drinks cans that are made from steel.
  • Monte Carlo By Bus  By : Roger Munns
    Monte Carlo might be known for her rally, but its smallness in size has allowed Prince Albert to implement a radical environment policy.

    The first results are showing good acceptance levels and encouraging results as people swap their car for a bus...
  • Super Yacht Show Has No Carbon Footprint For 2007  By : Roger Munns
    Wealthy company owners will soon be visiting Monaco again for the superyacht show, a unique annual event in the yachting calendar.

    While millionaires and billionaires sip champagne and ponder buying a yacht that would be beyond the reach of mere lottery winners, the organisers have successfully made past events carbon neutral.
  • Your Laundry And Energy Consumption  By : Andrew W John
    While only a few people actually know about it, washers and dryers are among the top five energy-consuming appliances in your house. The energy that the use (or waste) every week is staggering. What's even better, you can easily reduce the energy consumption by changing the way you clean your clothes.
  • California Power Crisis Aftershock: The Potential Modification Of Western Power Contracts  By : Daniel Yergin
    A recent set of decisions from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit raises the prospect that market-based rate transactions, including billions of dollars worth of wholesale power contracts, entered into during the US West power crisis may be modified now, more than six years down the road.
  • How Much Oil Is Really Down There? Oil And Gas Reserves Accounting Needs Updating  By : Daniel Yergin
    The disclosure of "proved reserves" has been one of the great rituals of the reporting season for oil and gas companies, and one carefully monitored by investors. It's recently taken on even more significance with high and jittery prices, concerns about energy security, and plain fear of running out.
  • What Can Brazil Teach The U.S. About Ethanol?  By : Daniel Yergin
    Over 1200 people turned up on June 5th in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the "Ethanol Summit" -billed as the world's first ethanol "congress."
  • Russia Attracting More Western Companies  By : Daniel Yergin
    Where's Russia headed? One good place to get an answer was the just-concluded St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which followed the strained G-8 meeting in Germany.
  • Learn About Renewable Energy As A Domestic Energy Assessor  By : James Copper
    This article is about many different sources of renewable energy
  • What is Tidal Power  By : James Copper
    An article on tidal power and why you should work with water
  • All About Computer Recycling  By : Daniel Johansson
    Recycling is the buzz word of the 21st Century, with everyone eager to prove their green credentials and help cut carbon emissions. And when it comes to disposing of old or redundant computers it is no different; whether you run a business or you have equipment at home it's all about computer recycling!
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power - Revealed  By : Madison Greene
    One advantage of solar power is that it is a vrey available alternative energy source for electricity. However, there are also some disadvantages to solar power that you should be aware of.
  • Who Else Wants To Know About Alternative Energy  By : Madison Greene
    It is estimated that our natural resources will be completely depleted within the next 150 years. It is because of this that we as a society need to be actively searching for sources of alternative energy.
  • Alternative Energy Resources: The Race Is On  By : Madison Greene
    A couple years ago when New York City had its blackout, many people woke up to the fact that we use way too much electricity as an energy source. This event also made us aware of other depleting natural resources, such as oil and that these resources as well should not be taken for granted.
  • Monaco Environment Plan Starts To Work  By : Roger Munns
    Monaco might be the world's second smallest country, but its smallness in size has allowed Prince Albert to implement a radical environment policy.

    The first results are showing good acceptance levels and encouraging results..
  • Ski Resorts Fear Greenhouse Will Melt Away 2008 Tourists  By : Roger Munns
    Skiing holidays are a major part of the travel indistry, but global warming means countries like Andorra might have to diversify.
  • Oil Recycling Why We Should Do It  By : simon jones
    Oil is made from crude oil, a valuable natural resource that is highly sought after. Oil is also a very serious pollutant so it is absolutely essential that any waste oil from the likes of car or boat engines or oil fired central heating systems for example, is disposed of in the proper manner.
  • Oil Spills and the Environment  By : Article Swap
    While oil has become a very important topic dealing with environmental concerns and political controversy, a subject where oil spills tends to get unnoticed is when it comes to the hazards dealing with animal life. When an oil spill occurs we tend to focus our attention on how it will affect humans followed by an intense topic among journalists and politicians about who is at fault. Oil spills can happen as a careless mistake, an equipment fault, illegal dumping, and even an act of terrorism. Th
  • Going Green? It’s Easier Than You Think!  By : Article Swap
    A more environmentally sound home is good for all living things in it and the overall planet. Making better choices today teaches our children a valuable lesson about taking care of our precious planet and it’s resources. Many people feel overwhelmed about the prospect of making their home more green. They often feel it will be too expensive or timely. In fact, going green will in many ways save you time and money. Here are some easy ways your family can help save our planet:
  • New Breakthroughs in Energy  By : Article Swap
    The world runs on all forms of energy – from natural gas and crude oil to the emerging of new sources of the future. Diversifying out energy sources is essential in order to meet the worlds rapidly growing demand in an environmentally conscience way. Developing an infrastructure to produce and distribute varying forms of energy such as bio-fuels on a large scale is a significant challenge. That is why in order to please the growing demand of researchers and politicians who strongly focus on this
  • Worldwide Effects of Global Warming  By : Gaile Group Inc
    Hardly anyone realizes it, but the debate about climate change is over. Scientists around the world have now amassed an unassailable body of evidence to support the conclusion that a warming of our planet-caused principally by greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuel-is under way.
  • Nexgen Enviro Systems Offers A Continuous Operation Solvent Recycler For Large Scale Recovery  By : Michael Robbins
    NexGen Enviro Systems Inc. is a supplier of solvent recyclers to all industries struggling with safe and efficient solvent waste stream handling.
  • Renewable Energy Is The Future  By : James Copper
    You could become a domestic energy assessor and help the future with introducing more renewable energy
  • The History Of Wind Power Is Plagued With A Financial Problem  By : Madison Greene
    One of the problems that has plagued us in creating and using alternative energy is the costs associated with making and installing wind turbines or solar panels.
  • Dry Ice Blasting- A New Revolution in Industrial Cleaning  By : React365 Inc.
    Eco-friendly cleaning methods are fast becoming the norm today, replacing traditional methods. Dry ice blasting is one such environment-friendly cleaning method which has become popular in a cross-section of industries such as automotive, power, aviation, plastics, etc. due to its multiple benefits. This article discusses the basics of dry ice blasting and how it is applied as a safer alternative.
  • Saving the Planet and Looking Good Doing it  By : Phoenix Delray
    This article tells the reader available products to help conserve the planet while looking stylish.
  • Are Used Spa Covers Choking Our Landfills?  By : Jeff Sliger
    A comment on the environmental impact of rigid foam spa covers on the environment. The typical foam spa cover is designed to fail and need to be replaced every two to three years. The foam in these covers cannot be recycled so it ends up in landfills.
  • Green: The Color Of Money -- Energy Industry Seeing 'Bubbling Of Innovation'  By : Daniel Yergin
    The traditional energy business is booming, at the same time supply-and-demand are being taxed like never before and there's growing concern about finding new reserves.
  • Things You Should Know About Water Damage And Oil Spills  By : Jim Corkern
    Some interesting information aabout water damage and it's relation to oil spills.
  • The Truth about Energy Performance Certificates  By : Jason Gardner
    The reasons for introducing the Energy Performance Certificates are to improve the energy efficiency of the building. You may have to make certain changes in your lifestyle in order to save the energy and your hard earned money. If you wish to hire an EPC assessor then you can contact Wilbourn Associates who are the leading environment consultants in UK.
  • Energy Performance Certificates For Home Information  By : Jason Gardner
    Are you planning to sell your house or buy a new house? If so then if the house has more than four bedrooms, you need to get the Home Information Pack. It would include lot of important document along with the Energy Performance Certificate.
  • Jatropha Debate - Managed Plantations vs. Contract Farming  By : Alec Shapiro
    Jatropha plants produce oil that can be used as biodiesel. This hardy plant offers an economically viable alternative fuel and is not produced from food-crops. However, Indian farmers have rejected a contract farming method of Jatropha plant production. Jatropha thought-leaders Bioenergy Plantations Pte Ltd have found that managed plantations are the best method for a successful production.
  • Energy Performance Certificate - The Most Energy Efficient Products  By : Jason Gardner
    The certificate which explains in detail the energy consumed by a household and the efficiency of the use of energy by that household is referred to as Energy Performance Certificate. These certificates are considered as the most energy efficient products ever as they are equally efficient in gauging the energy consumption by large and commercial buildings as they are for normal and relatively small households.
  • Accredited Energy Performance Certificate Providers  By : Jason Gardner is one of the Accredited Energy Performance Certificate Providers in the UK which enables residents to gain energy performance certificates. Energy conservation concerns in the private industry have lead to special regulations in the businesses world as well that require them to have adequate certifications which state the measures through which businesses should maintain environmental standardization.
  • Need For Energy Performance Certificate Consultants  By : Jason Gardner
    Energy performance certificate consultants play a crucial role in enabling individuals to decide upon the procedures for gaining the best Energy Performance Certificates. With these certificates, individuals are able to safeguard compliances that are related to energy security needs such as maintaining adequate checks against environmental mechanisms.
  • Are You Looking For Energy Performance Certificate Advisors?  By : Jason Gardner (Wilbourn Associates) is the one stop shop site that can help you get Energy performance certificate advisors. The professional surveyors employed by the company are very efficient and qualified, and can provide expert advice regarding the optimum use of energy in your property along with issuing Energy Performance Certificates.
  • Environment – Biodiversity and Ecosystems  By : carolyn
    Our global ecosystem is home to earth’s entire collection of living organisms and the habitats in which they live. Biodiversity forms part of the earth’s ecosystem and is short for biological diversity, a term used to describe the whole variety of life on earth.
  • Climate Change to Reduce European Holidays to the Mediterranean  By : Roger Munns
    It's a battle royal in 2008 as environmentalists see air travel as a main contributor to carbon emissions.

    The holiday companies are offering better deals than ever before in financial terms - the green lobby says it will cost the earth.
  • Ink Cartridges Contribute To Saving The Planet  By : Catherine Harvey
    A look at how the choice you make when buying an ink cartridge can help or hinder the issue of global warming.
  • Environmental Technologies and their benefits  By : Rose Diana
    With the globe becoming increasingly pollution-prone, all of us face the threat of a dark future devoid of the present beauties of the world. Globally, there is an alarming increase in environmental pollution. Considering the depletion of useful natural resources and the pollution of the environment, the predictions about the end of the Earth no more seem to be wild fantasies. In such a bleak scenario, only environment-friendly technologies can save us from environmental disasters.
  • How Much Time Do We have?  By : Terrence Aubrey
    It has become clear that mankind has evolved in such a direction as to actually damage the very planet we share and live on. Can we change the way we live and the attitudes we have developed, towards life and living and do we have time?
  • Prince Albert Raises Money For The Monaco Environment  By : Roger Munns
    As global warming becomes an increasingly debated subject, for one leader in Europe there's no doubt that the future of the planet is in jeopardy.
  • The Greenhouse Effect - What Is It?  By : Kenneth Scott
    There has been much discussion, both among experts and lay people, about the greenhouse effect.
  • A-Z of Global Warming: Amazon Rainforest  By : Simon Rosser
    This article is taken from The A-Z of Global Warming, a book on all issues relating to global warming and climate change written in unique A-Z format. The Article is first in a series of extracts from the book, to be published in May 2008.
  • What is the Outlook for the Availability of Fossil Fuels?  By : Paul Calhoun
    Just how long do we have until we run out of fossil fuels? There are many studies that address this question and there is general agreement as when these energies are depleted.
  • Science, Healthy Lifestyles, Global Warming - Yes, Canada Has Bananas  By : Derek Dashwood
    Science shows us how global warming is causing polar caps to melt and the possible need to many areas of the world to go Dutch and accept they live under the sea,and work enough to earn enough to protect themselves, and still thrive with one of the highest standards of life on earth. So it can be done.
  • The Impact of World Wide Earth Hour  By : Olga Peicheva
    Unlike most other recognized events, Earth Hour symbolizes the impact that individuals, businesses, communities, and governments can have on the environment.
  • Your World, My World?  By : A-Z of Global Warming: Deforestation  By : Simon Rosser
    Article about deforestation and relevance to global warming
  • Many Cities Declare Ban on Plastic Bags  By : Aplasticbag
    Environmentalists have a fair share to say against plastic, but it is in just about everything we use on a day to day basis.
  • Global Warming - The Effect of CFC Gases  By : Mervyn Rees
    If you're able to use a computer and can read this newsletter, you'll have no doubt heard about global warming.
  • Hurricanes and Ice  By : Mervyn Rees
    More Hurricanes caused by Global Warming? Because of the recent events and devastation caused Hurricane Katrina, many notable Scholars, Politicians and Scientists are blaming global warming for the increased activity and strength of hurricanes.
  • "Carbon Services Pakistan"  By : Omar Malik
    Carbon Services is a specialized consulting enterprise which provides finance and consulting services for Pakistani enterprises, in close cooperation with foreign governments and enterprises in Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction field.
  • Why Glaciers and Polar Ice are Melting Faster  By : Klaus H Hemsath
    Melting of glaciers and ice sheets in Polar Regions is accelerating. This results in a faster rise of sea levels. Media and scientists express surprise that the polar ice around the North Pole is reacting this way. Ice melting can be understood when looking at the basic heat transfer processes that are at work in winter and in summer. Ice melting is the direct result of atmospheric carbon dioxide accumulation.
  • Global Warming - Hoax?  By : Anna Williams
    A common-sense approach to the facts about Global Warming, aside from arguments, principles, and opinions.
  • A Very Hot Topic  By : Pat Brill
    Whether you look online, turn on the television, or pick up a newspaper, you are likely to see something on global warming. Global warming is a "hot" topic.
  • Global Warming - Views for the Week  By : Mervyn Rees
    Why is the second largest producer of CO2 emissions, China, exempt from any of the regulations in the Kyoto Protocol? China's emissions have increased 40% from 1990 to 2003, but because the country was classified as a third world nation and the Kyoto Protocol was never amended to address any rapid industrial development, China gets a free pass.
  • Why Climate Change is Not Worth Worrying About  By : Sam Deane
    Sam Deane asks the tough questions about climate change. He challenges you to look again at the source of the problem and comes to some surprising conclusions.
  • Oil Spill Containment Booms  By : Bulbeck
    How can oil containment booms help contain oil spills and prevent damage to an increasingly delicate environment?
  • Why We Should Use Carbon Offsets?  By : Ian Harvey
    We need to deal with the challenge of dealing with the impact of carbon emissions is an area that has been long overlooked by the global community. Many nations have made strides to promote the need to Reduce Carbon Emissions. It's time to wake up and explore how you can make a difference in the battle against the environmentally damaging effects of carbon emissions. To reduce the carbon Emissions every country should take help of Carbon Offsets.
  • Refrigerant Leaks Result in Business and Environmental Issues  By : Daniel Stouffer
    In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set strict standards for regulating and monitoring a refrigerant leak. The Montreal Protocol and Kyoto Protocols were both created to establish similar environmental standards internationally. These regulations include protocols for repairing refrigerant leaks or disposing of systems within a certain time frame.
  • Carbon Footprints  By : Addison Deon
    Carbon Footprints are identified as two types, basically the primary footprint and the secondary footprint. The primary Carbon Footprint is the measure of the direct carbon dioxide gas emissions caused due to the burning of the fossil fuels. If you personally wish to contribute to control global warming, monitoring your personal Carbon Footprint is very important. There are various online tools that can be used to measure your Carbon Footprint such as carbon calculator.

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