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  • Have a Healthy Holiday at a Bed and Breakfast in Northern Ireland  By : James Martin
    Do you crave a healthy holiday? Rather than a week away filled with indulgent food and little exercise, a healthy holiday is a chance to pamper your body by giving it exactly what is good for it.
  • Tips for Solo Women Travellers on Bulgaria Holidays  By : James Martin
    Bulgaria, like Russia and Romania, is considered to be a very macho and masculine culture, and a female travelling solo on Bulgaria Holidays might encounter some harassment and other obstacles.
  • 30 Years Since John Lennon Was Assassinated!  By : Cherokee Billie
    For those who do not know John Lennon, here is a brief scenario (John Winston Lennon), October 09, 1940 – December 08, 1980 Born in Liverpool, England John was a member of the Beatles, a prolific songwriter, and also had a successful solo career
  • Tips to Save the World From Further Damage  By : Sharon Campbell
    Saving endangered creatures in the world and going against global warming cannot be done by a single person alone The world needs to unite with these efforts to save the earth from further damage, leaving the next generations with nothing but harmful elements
  • Cannibalism-Is It a Mythological Ritual of the Ancient World or a Fact?  By : nathanbrown
    We can say that Cannibalism is ancient but still modern as well. It has been proved that even modern man if left alone with no food and water under extreme conditions will resort to cannibalism as well. There could be two reasons why people resorted to cannibalism. It's similar to the argument of whether the egg came first or the chick.
  • Defend Yourself With a Stun Gun  By : Joseph Pressley
    If you are looking to buy a stun gun, then there are some things that you should consider These things will help you come up with a wise choice
  • Using a TASER Could Possibly Save Your Life  By : Joseph Pressley
    What would you do if you were walking down the street in the middle of the night and a man blocked your path What if that man demanded that you give him your money or any possession that you have or he would kill you
  • How to Make Sure Your Ukraine Flowers Delivery is Perfect  By : Adam Christensen
    Once the former USSR split around the beginning of the 1990s, the states which formed the union have set about defining themselves by separate identities, marking them out from the former union as well as the biggest state, Russia Nations such as Lithuania, Kazakhstan and many others are still today finding their voice as independent nations of the world
  • Eva Peron, Argentine Reformer and Philanthropist  By : Ken Ingraham
    This article covers some of the key facts behind the legendary political figure Eva Peron. Anyone who travels to Buenos Aires will no doubt notice the country's love for Evita who passed away when she was only 33.
  • What Is Feng Shui? A Brief Overview  By : Aline Heller
    The article provides an overview of feng shui, its history, and how it is applied. It also provides some tips on the application of feng shui to rooms in the house.
  • Taking Winter Weather Conditions In Stride  By : Kevin Germain
    Here in Michigan the snow has yet to really fly for the snow season.
  • Comparing The Different Film Schools  By : Adriana Noton
    Film schools are all over the country and students have a number of types of film education they can pursue. Someone interested in studying movies and their production should remember to keep some important factors in mind. Factors such as the type of school they want to attend and what kind of degree they are after.
  • Everybody Should Be Mad As Heck About Public Education  By : Bruce Deitrick Price
    Listen To Me, You Rich Successful People In Your Big Houses:

    I know, I know, you don't want to think about all the bad public schools out there Nothing to do with you, right
  • John Singleton  By : K Cummings
    John Singleton, Australian entrepreneur and gentleman. He built his empire and wealth in advertising in Australia in the 1970s and 1980s. He now has many interests in publishing, radio broadcasting and thoroughbred racing and breeding. Read more here about this great Australian icon
  • The Dangers of Social Networking  By : Adriana Notton
    Now that the internet has been with us for some time there has been a massive growth of social networking sites As a result of their growth, and the amount of time they've been with us, we aren't as guarded when publicly sharing information
  • Top 10 Christmas Decorating Mistakes  By : Sylvia Stevens
    Don't Over Do It:

    Pick a color scheme and stick to it Many people make the mistake of being too "loud" with their decorating colors and end up with a chaotic mess instead of a calming holiday effect
  • Occupy Wall Street and Then What?  By : Sherry Tingley
    At this point, no one knows what effect, if any, the Occupy movement will have, ultimately, on the American economy. But the effort that was planted in Wall Street has sent off shoots that are bearing indignant fruits in all corners of this country, and even in countries beyond our borders.
  • Shimmer With Silver Sequins  By : Kellie Purden
    Sequins are beads that come in the shape of disks and are used to embellish fashionable items for attractive purposes These beads come in diverse colors, sizes, and shapes
  • Different Types of Promotional Bags  By : Janet R.
    Among the most popular promotional products that are often used are bags They are just about everywhere and you can see them used by different people
  • Engraved Groomsmen Gifts That Don't Cost a Fortune  By : Janet R.
    Engraved groomsmen gifts are great gifts for male wedding attendants They are also known as personalized gifts they can be engraved with names or initials
  • How To Make A Guy Like You - 15 Do's And Don'ts To Make Him Crave You  By : Derek Blandford
    Learning how to make a guy fall in love with you is a critical skill if you want to capture his heart and make him yours. Dressing sexy to attract a man is easy, but not every woman understands how to create the deep emotional attraction with a guy that will make him want to commit to a relationship.
  • Don't Become a Victim: Get Identity Protection  By : Theresa Walter
    Have you heard of people being victimized by identity theft? Do you have friends who have become preys to cyber criminals? It is a sad fact that this cyber crime is escalating at torrid pace. It has become a worldwide problem and everyday people are still falling victims. But the good thing is there are identity protection companies and other ways so that you remain protected.
  • Are You Aware of Your Community?  By : JakeEdmund
    Some people think that community spirit doesn’t exist anymore. But as this article shows, it does still exist and we should do everything we can to ensure it thrives as we head into the future.
  • Luxury Watch For Your Loved Ones and Yourself  By : Sean Goudeloc
    Whether it's a birthday celebration, anniversary, Christmas or even just an ordinary day receiving gifts is something that can make any ordinary day special The gifts that you receive mean a lot, especially if you feel that everybody has forgotten your special day
  • Metal Detector Can Save Lives  By : Sean Goudeloc
    Wars and unexpected accidents have been one of the many issues that have been unavoidable in the lives of the people before It has been a hard time for the people to find ways on how to avoid things like this from happening
  • What is a Psychic Medium Reader? Get the True About Mediums!  By : Rachels Saxon
    A psychic should not be confused with a true clairvoyant, this is because true clairvoyancy is actually seeing or sensing the spirit side Real spirit side sensing is not available to psychics as a psychic is an empath or someone intuitive and who can sense someones situation and energy field, this is far far different to a true link into the spirit side
  • Advantages of Medium Readers Over a Psychic Reading  By : Rachels Saxon
    I write many articles regarding the spiritual readings and spiritual arena, and the reasons are many The primary one is to get the truth out there and bridge at least a tiny piece of the gap between awareness dissonance and the realities of this world
  • What Makes a Great Phone Psychic Reading? Psychics Or Mediums?  By : Rachels Saxon
    If you have ever had a phone psychic reading then your opinion of the quality of this may be limited due to the very costs & thus the restrictions involved with such services I speak from a point of knowledge, having worked in the spiritual and metaphysical phone readings industry for 15 years
  • How One Medium Gained the Mediumship Gift to Give Medium Readings  By : Rachels Saxon
    Here I give you details of how the power of mediumship came to one particular individual based in her own words There was no big explosion or special event
  • Discover How Pool Float Toys Affect Your Summer Vacation  By : Johnathan Cunnings
    Hot This is a perfect description what summer is
  • The Fine Art of Giving  By : Claude Pelanne
    As the holidays approach, it is time to reflect on the fine art of giving Can there possibly be a better way to express your gratitude and love
  • Different Cute Ways of Wearing Your Fashion Cowboy Boots  By : Doyle Christensen
    Cowboy boots can be worn with all types of outfits Yes, that's amazingly true
  • All About Fashion Cowboy Boots and How to Purchase Them  By : Doyle Christensen
    Who says that cowboy boots are only for men in action-packed movies Over the years, these tough-looking rider boots evolved to become one of the most loved footwear among women
  • Microfiber Slacks: Fashion For All Occasions  By : Chris Johansen
    Pants will never go out of style It may take on different forms and styles, but a good old pair of pants will always be in fashion
  • Why Purchase Swiss Army Watches?  By : Sean Goudelocks
    Wearing a wristwatch or having a pocket watch is a very important accessory of a person because it tells time Some watches can tell the date, month, year, the day and have other features
  • The Glamorous Indian Wedding Gowns  By : Sean Goudelocks
    Every woman wants to have a special wedding day with his knight and shining armor She wants to have a perfect wedding ceremony from rings, the guest list, foods and of course the wedding gown
  • Sharp Countertop Microwave Reviews  By : Liani Widjaja
    After a long day, don't you ever wish you can come home to some home cooked meals However, all that fatigue usually keeps you from dealing with all the needed food preparations
  • What Would You Do With 50 Million Dollars?  By : Ingvar Grimsmo
    Here in British Columbia, Canada the latest lottery winners were a gay couple Regular working people
  • Is He an Abuser Or an Abuse Expert?  By : Joy Henley
    In the past, actor Alec Baldwin unleashed a volcanic tirade on his daughter and supposedly called her a "rotten little pig…rude, thoughtless, little pig" In the telephone rage, he told her she did not have the brains or decency as a human being and that her mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass
  • Giving Coffee Wedding Favors for the Guests  By : Janet R.
    Wedding favors are great to share with friends and loved ones to commemorate your wedding day They also serve as thank you gifts, and therefore, they have to be somewhat impressive and unique
  • Solar and Green New Orleans  By : Frank Yaconis
    A recent issue of Oprah featured an article about how many of the homes in New Orleans being rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina are those that are eco friendly and use solar power From the dishwasher to the bathroom light to the wood used in the house's frame, these homes are examples of the greening of the construction industry
  • A Few Helpful Baby Shower Tips  By : Janet R.
    Baby showers are wonderful occasions that usually create lasting memory for both expectant parents and guests However, planning one can be very challenging, especially for newbies
  • Personalized Groomsmen Gifts : Engraved Groomsmen Mugs  By : Janet R.
    Giving something personalized for your groomsmen is a wonderful idea to let your friends feel that they too are appreciated and valued Being a groomsman is no joke
  • Bullying-The Major Concern For a Parent and How to Deal With It  By : Mark Bennett
    A person can be picked on by shoving, physically assaulting, and even verbal abuse like calling names and passing unwanted gossips and comments. A person may get bullied because of his looks, social status, etc. Bullies usually target such people because they are shy and vulnerable.
  • Meaders Road Trilogy 3rd Part - How Crime Injustice Victims Can Turn Negatives into Positives.  By : John Henry BA BSc
    This article is the third of a trilogy of essays examining the causes of crime and anti-social behaviour in the United Kingdom. This article focuses on victims injustice, and how the criminal justice system can often appear to favour the criminal rather than the victim on the receiving end of their crime. A small Cul De Sac Meaders Road, in Ryde on the Isle of Wight is further examined as a case study in which a formerly peaceful area was turned into a crime hotspot, to the extent that the author and family were effectively driven out of there home within 3 months of a new estate and connecting walkway being built. Despite all the inherent injustices, the article attempts to adopt a positive slant, with strategies and anecdotes on how to turn a negative crime experience imposed onto victims (survivors) into a positive.
  • Calico Critters Townhome Review  By : David Pickett
    The Calico Critters Townhome is a traditional toy that's been available for decades The townhouse premiered in 1984 by Epoch Ltd
  • Ideas For Condo Real Estate Buying  By : Adriana Noton
    Currently available condo real estate listings can be gotten in several ways. Customers who are interested in purchasing a new place can talk with a trained real estate professional or they might be able to find listings in other places too.
  • Spy Net Video Watch Review  By : Joanne Faulkner
    The Spy Net Video Watch by Jakks is considered the ultimate must have spy watch when it comes to just about any secret agent Contrasting the vast majority of spy watches available today, the Spy Net Video Watch really lives up to all of the media hype and is certainly on the list of most popular toys for boys ages 8 upto 15 this Christmas
  • Discount Groomsmen Gifts That You Can Purchase Online  By : Janet R.
    Weddings are special and memorable occasions that should be planned well, and one of the most vital parts of it is the cautious budgeting Every couple is expected to give out wedding gifts to their wedding attendants
  • The Ways Getting Your Teeth Cleaned by the Dentist Does Not Wear Down Your Teeth After Years  By : Tony Lu
    Some people may feel concerned over the wear and use that professional teeth cleaning may have on teeth Most dentists will use a hard pic to get tarter off the teeth
  • Finding Cheap Skis  By : Sean Goudelocks
    If you are a fan of various water sports, you are probably one of those people who have been in the process of finding really cheap skis that can be used for jet skiing However, since a lot of people are really very busy about their personal concerns, it is really hard for them to find the time to even use the equipments that they are purchasing
  • Dress to Impress With Maxi Dress  By : Ryan Pauline
    Much as how it is with height, the longer the better at times It has not been so long when it became a trend among fashionable femmes wearing overwhelming, well in a good way and depends on when and where to wear, long flowing yet informal maxi dress
  • Wearing a Knee Boot  By : Sean Goudelocks
    A knee boot is definitely something you should be investing on most especially during the cold season, not to mention, it is a very effective item of clothing if you also want to look great and fashionable However, you should remember that it is very crucial for you to pick the right type of boots that you will wear for a particular outfit; if you happen to choose the wrong boot for an outfit, you will end up looking like a disaster instead of being fashionable
  • How to Wear a Knee Boot  By : Sean Goudelocks
    A lot of women today are trying to integrate a knee boot into their fashion style because they are aware of how it will be able to enhance their appearance when facing other people However, even though a lot of people are probably dreaming to wear these knee boots with their outfit someday, it is an unfortunate fact that not everyone will be able to pull off this look
  • Cowl Neck Dress: Perfect For a Chic, Nice and Dazzling Holiday  By : Ryan Pauline
    Everyone's now looking forward to another feasting and fun-making this yuletide season From home decors to food treats, fulsome presents and holiday accessories, people just can't get but all prepped up
  • Back to Basics: Women's Casual Tops on the Loose  By : Ryan Pauline
    More often than not, girls must admit, they undermine the appeal of casual tops compared to sophisticated-style blouses Who would have bargain a plain t-shirt, V-neck for instance, over a chic draping tunic perfect for parties, cocktails or dates
  • Cool Messenger Bags: They're in and They're Hot  By : Ryan Pauline
    Perhaps one of the 'it' bags of today among the fashionable and fashion-forward men and women are the messenger bags But of course in a very fashion-conscious and competitive society people live in, in order to stand out among the rest, what they should have got are not just a conventional but rather, cool messenger bags
  • Feel Sexy Wearing Nylon Briefs  By : Ryan Pauline
    In need of underwear that feels nothing when worn – try undergarments made from nylon materials Nylon underwear is the purest form of nylon underwear made from 100% nylon materials that are breathable and absorbent
  • Reasons Why Men Hide Their Feelings  By : Thomas Christopher
    Why do men hide their feelings? There are four reasons why guys are reticent about sharing their feelings. You can deal with this ordinary female frustration by looking at the causes.
  • Dream Interpretations and How Your Dreams Are a Habit You Can Learn  By : David L Lloyd
    How To Catch A Dream You know the feeling
  • Want to Know the Origin of Body Piercing? Go Back in Time  By : Stewart Wrighter
    One might think of piercing as an invention of modern age But the history of body piercing can be traced back to thousands of years
  • Taking Care of Trees in Atlanta With Tree Service  By : Gael V
    Atlanta takes care of its trees with reliable tree service providers The maintenance done on the various trees around the metro is a testament that these natural resources are important to the well-being in the society
  • Vintage Men's Knitwear: Putting the Gran in Torino  By : Nigel Cooper
    Men's Knitwear Just the mere mention of the phrase can induce an involuntary smirk on a man's lips
  • How to Purchase Personalized Gift For Bridesmaids  By : Janet R.
    It is a tradition and a good gesture to give gifts to wedding attendants For your bridesmaids, choose nice tokens that they will surely appreciate, as this makes a great way to thank them for being a part of a very special day of your life
  • Baby Shower Gifts: Organic Baby Gift Basket Ideas  By : Janet R.
    It is always a great idea to offer organic gifts that an expectant mom can use for her upcoming baby They make very thoughtful presents, especially for mothers who are really concerned about the health and safety of their children toward items they use, eat, and wear
  • The History of the Crystal Palace in London  By : Criss White
    Throughout history, there have been so many great building and large architectural structures that boasts not just of its build or height but also its beauty Especially for the western countries, the Industrial revolution led to so many great inventions
  • Christmas In Paris: A Guide To The Most Impressive Christmas Markets  By : Bill Weston
    Paris, the city of lights and love, transforms into a truly magical place during the Christmas holidays. The winter season is the ideal time to discover all the magical aspects of the French capital.
  • What Makes a Good Electric Guitar Video Review Worth Your While?  By : Charles Whitaker
    There are several factors that makes everything we watch, specially a review, worth your time First of all if you're a musician searching for gear you probably already know what type of equipment your are doing research for
  • The Transcendental Significance of Time Management  By : Reba N. Stern
    Everything we have in this world has to come to an end This universal fact drives people from all races and nations to maximize the utility of every resource that may come to their possession
  • Using Clip Arts to Decorate the Baby Shower  By : Janet R.
    Part of decorating a baby shower is to use printable clip arts and cut outs These wonderful pieces are usually used in designing the baby shower invitations, programs, thank you notes, and even walls of the party venue
  • Positive Energy Accumulation - Feng Shui  By : Ross Lamond
    About 4/5 years ago I read Gill Hale's 'The Feng Shui Garden' and was relieved to have found a publication recognising the potential role Feng Shui could play in gardening practice

    The publication reinforced my conviction about Yin and Yang influence on 5 element balance and applying this method alone could stimulate positive chi energy accumulation in our surroundings
  • Some Aspects of Energy Accumulation - Feng Shui  By : Ross Lamond
    I've often wondered why our perceptions of a landscape are ones of acceptance or denial No doubt our senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) ''read the site'' and relay its values to us
  • The Debate about Standards, Access and Free Speech Continue  By : Heather MacGibbon.
    The Problem of Access: Last week marked a continuation of debate fueled but the Kansas legislation to temporarily change standards for certification of providers who perform abortion as part of their OB GYN services.
  • Giving Extraordinary Gifts to Groomsmen  By : Janet R.
    It is always a challenge for some grooms to find gifts for their groomsmen, especially when they have to be something extraordinary Finding such often requires an ample of time and dedication, so what you will do is to start everything in advance
  • Gift Suggestions For Baptism, Christening And Communion  By : Sinai Lee
    Baptism and Christening
    The gifts you give for the child's Baptism and Christening will not be too different Usually Baptism and Christening fall within a few years, sometimes a few days of each other so that the type of gifts you give for both occasions will differ only with regards to the size for clothing
  • Unique Bridesmaids Gifts To Remember  By : Janet R.
    One of the reasons why to give bridesmaids gifts is to remind the bridesmaids about the wedding Sure you want to thank your bridesmaids through gifts but aside from it, the gifts can serve as the memorabilia of the happiest day of your life
  • Baby Diaper Cakes Are a Hit During Baby Showers!  By : Janet R.
    There many fun and creative ideas that you can include in the baby shower Some of them don't need to be expensively purchased from a mall or specialty shop, because they are easy to make at home
  • Of Collars and Cuffs  By : Leah Pisay
    Have you ever wondered what collars and cuffs do to a man's dress shirt Why are they such an important part of this rather mundane garment
  • The Best Self Defense Methods For Nurses  By : Joseph Pressley
    The nurses are professionals who have vital roles in the delivery of proper health care They collaborate with other health professionals to treat patients with different medical conditions
  • Online Cheaper Gifts For Bridesmaids  By : Janet R.
    Giving wedding attendants gifts shouldn't be a big fuss For your bridesmaids, look for cheaper bridesmaids gifts that fit within your limited budget
  • Fun Baby Shower Themes: Cowboy Themed Baby Shower  By : Janet R.
    Themes are important when setting a mood for any special occasion or event So if you are planning a baby shower to an expectant mom, choose a theme that she would really enjoy
  • Have Fun Giving Personalized Groomsmen Gifts  By : Janet R.
    There are some couples that have difficulties when it comes to choosing apt gifts and favors for their wedding attendants Some of them even give a lot of fuss to smaller details, which should not be the case
  • The Japanese Lantern - Feng Shui in the Garden  By : Ross Lamond
    ''The lantern is present everywhere'' That might be a rash statement
  • Wonderful Personalized Baby Gifts For a Bouncy Baby  By : Janet R.
    It is always a great feeling to give gifts Usually, we feel rewarded after we give out gifts that our recipient would really love
  • Lovely Wedding Favor Ideas For Fall Weddings  By : Janet R.
    More and more couples these days are becoming very unique when it comes to their wedding This is also one of the reasons why most weddings these days are theme-based
  • Two Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping Groomsmen Gifts  By : Janet R.
    Are you feeling lost about the gifts that will be great for your groomsmen It would not be that hard to find the best groomsmen gifts if you know the important things that you have to keep in mind
  • Planning a Laid-Back Outdoor Bridal Shower  By : Janet R.
    Bridal showers are traditionally planned by the bridesmaids and hosted by the maid of honor However, there is no strict rule regarding this tradition anymore
  • Tips on How to Make Personalized Travel Totes Effective As Promotional Gifts  By : Janet R.
    Personalized travel totes are among the most popular business gifts that are often used to promote a brand or product Being such, some companies think that beautiful printed totes can put them at the top, but only a few of these people realize that it is not only the physical look of the gifts that make them stand out
  • Choosing Your Wedding Favors  By : Janet R.
    Choosing your wedding favors can be as tricky as choosing your wedding gown This should not be the case, though because wedding favors don't have to be totally grand, expensive, nor complex
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance - Badly Needed  By : Adriana J Noton
    Pharmaceutical Quality assurance is an essential element of drug advancement in the undersized pharmaceutical world It is a branch which is accountable to warrant that all suitable methods have been abide by and recorded so that scientific development can be achieved
  • Great Gift Inspiration For Mates At College  By : Dirik Hameed
    Choose from a variety of womens jewellery at Ayedo Gifts
  • Caregiving: Dealing With Our Own Needs  By : Stan Goldberg
    I've been a bedside volunteer for more than five years; sitting with dying patients and their families once or twice a week for up to four continuous hours Sometimes I stay with patients overnight
  • Celebrations – As an Industry  By : Ronald Fisackerly Jr.
    Celebrations foster countless entrepreneurial enterprises here in the United States and undoubtedly, abroad as well In the course of this article, we will look at some of the businesses that are rooted in the ubiquitous celebration
  • Parties With Cultural Significance  By : Ronald Fisackerly Jr.
    TThis article will examine the a few of the culturally significant parties in our society today, that is to say, parties that have become traditions

    The Bridal Shower

    This traditional bridal shower may well have origins in the earlier tradition of the dowry
  • Tips on How to Gather Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Favors  By : Janet R.
    Coming up with unique wedding favors can be a bit challenging to achieve Aside from the thought that you have so many things to work on in planning your wedding, in order to make it memorable to everyone, you have to put effort in making your wedding favors unique
  • Inexpensive Gift Ideas For a Mom-To-Be  By : Janet R.
    You have been invited to a baby shower and because there's a tradition to follow, you need to bring a present for the mom-to-be A baby shower is a great time where you can show your love and care to the expectant parents, as well as to their upcoming baby through gifts
  • Removing Trees With a Conscience  By : Gael V
    The decisions that we make on a daily basis can provide great opportunities or harsh consequences that can make a mark in our lives The things that we consider little and insignificant could bring greater impact as a whole when left unnoticed with the trees as a perfect example
  • The Joyful Traditions Of A Swahili Wedding  By : king aseje
    As darkness sets on the island of Zanzibar, excited shouts, music and the ululating of women fills the air. Dressed in their most colourful and stylish outfits, donned with heavy
  • Tricks And Steps Involved In Cracking A Crime Case  By : Mark.D
    Becoming a successful detective can never happen overnight. You should work on improving your thinking process as well as technical knowledge on using right gadgets.
  • Reaching Out to Japan: Interview with Noriko Chapman  By : Andrew Siddle
    In most cases, individuals are not hurt by giving to others. For Noriko Chapman, it has created an international collaboration between a local U.S. nonprofit organization and a global leader in the automobile industry which led to the empowerment and economic independence of disabled workers.

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