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  • Birth Records: How Can You Find and Order Copies of Birth Records Online?  By : Chad Kiser
    Do you need a copy of your birth records? There are many reasons that people order copies of birth certificates. Whatever your reason is, obtaining your birth records is easy, if you live in the US.
  • Hang on a Second: History of the Leap Second  By : richard n williams
    This article attempts to explain the concept of a leap second, its history and why it is implemented.
  • School uniforms - good or bad? Part I  By : Adam Nowak
    As usual, people believe that squeezing children into school uniforms will prevent sexual abuse, rapes, etc. This kind of argument is similar to the one saying that "she provoked him and she is to blame". People who share this opinion should see on the Internet how great of an erotic fetishism the school uniform is for men!
  • Calendars and the Measurement of Time  By : richard n williams
    This article explores the development of calendars, why they have been essential, what they were based on and their relevance today.
  • School uniforms - good or bad? Part II  By : Adam Nowak
    As usual, people believe that squeezing children into school uniforms will prevent sexual abuse, rapes, etc. This kind of argument is similar to the one saying that "she provoked him and she is to blame". People who share this opinion should see on the Internet how great of an erotic fetishism the school uniform is for men!
  • How to Smoke a Hookah  By : Crystal Management
    Hookah smoking is a social phenomenon, and like any social event, there are rules of etiquette. These rules are unwritten, and are mostly unspoken; usually, they are learned by experience.
  • DNA Testing And The Criminal Justice System  By : Kevin Camilleri
    DNA testing is a vital tool in establishing the true owner of genetic material, or in resolving disputes as to parentage such as in the case of DNA Paternity Testing. But it is also of use in a more social context – in the sphere of solving crime and delivering justice.
  • Top 5 Famous DNA Tests  By : Kevin Camilleri
    DNA tests are not usually mainstream news on the world’s media, but that isn’t to say there aren’t important or high profile DNA testing cases to report. In fact, over the last few decades DNA testing has played a growing role in the way we analyse the past and the way we interpret our future.
  • Weird Collector Names  By : Larry Crain
    This is an interesting list of the names various collectors call themselves (arctophile? - teddy bears!), with definitions and pronunciations.
  • Flamengo Architecture: Louis Sullivan, Gothic, and Art Deco Buildings  By : Andre Skowronski
    This article describes the Flamengo neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro under an architectural perspective. A series of landmark design buildings are highlighted here.
  • Why You Should Buy Sexy Lingerie  By : Elaine Edwards
    Shopping for sexy lingerie is like a hobby for most people. This is done as to spice up whatever colorful moments you have with your partner or simply just by yourself. Previously, shopping had to be done in department stores and some would shy away for that matter, but nowadays, we can do it online, even done right in your own bedrooms. This goes to show how technology has advanced.
  • Niceties in the Noughties  By : Sue Currie
    Are manners and business etiquette still relevant in the 21st Century?
  • The History of Candle Making  By : nathman123
    The art of making candles has been around since primitive times. Of course, as time went by they become much different in design than what they were back then. In the early days, candles were a necessity for heat and light. Today they serve as decorations, wonderfully smelling mechanisms in our homes, and offer light for romantic dinners and baths.
  • Road Rage... Does It Really Help?  By : Chris Lowrey
    Humorous look at parental temper. During our moments of road rage or any other adult temper-tantrum, remember, our children are learning from us. Is what we are teaching them what we want them to learn? Parents beware! The kids may be learning parent habits.
  • Grand Gala: The Queen of Roses  By : Timothy Spencer
    The Grand Gala is a a very special rose variety bred in France and grown in farms around the world. This article will show you the special traits and history behind the Grand Gala rose variety and why it makes such a great gift.
  • History of the Yellow Kronos Rose  By : Timothy Spencer
    The popularity of Kronos roses is not just limited within the borders of Australia. Rose enthusiasts across the globe love these blooms for the sweet memories their sunny yellow color evokes. The Kronos rose variety has spread throughout the world grown by popular rose suppliers and distributed by major flower traders and florist.
  • Irish Traditions and Cultural Heritage, Reflected in Irish Collectibles.  By : Diane
    No other nationality can lay as a strong a claim to the popularity of their ethnic or cultural items as can the Irish with their Irish collectibles.
  • Are You There Yet? Maybe you Should Take the Train  By : Mike Trinchitella
    If you've ever had to commute by car on a daily basis, you know that the road from home to work is a crap shoot fraught with speeding tickets and accidents, cars overturned in ditches, white knuckled whiteouts, black ice, road rage, gridlock and bumper to bumper traffic jams. Top the whole thing off with astronomical gas prices and you have a perfect prescription for an unscheduled stress holiday. But if you work in a major metropolitan center like New York City, the hair-raising drive into the
  • How to Do People Search Online  By : Jenny Clark
    Do you want to locate a person or want to have an access to the public records of a person? Yes, that is possible. In the past, if you wanted to have personal records or identify someone, you have to hire a private investigator to do the work for you. Indeed, private investigators have their ways to locate someone, but this method takes time and it is expensive. These days, there are several ways for you to locate and investigate someone.
  • Inexpensive Party Favors Are Great Thank You Gifts  By : Denise Sanger
    Choosing a party favor that matches the party theme is the easiest way to go. For a summer beach bash or 4th of July party, choose party favors that shout SUMMER. Inexpensive beach theme party favors are perfect for this type of event and include flip flop magnets and margarita gel candles. Many people do not expect party favors at summer picnics so be sure to surprise them with a nice memento to remind them of this fun day!
  • 15 E.B. White Quotes To Celebrate the July 11th Birthday of Elwyn Brooks White  By : Noel Jameson
    When most people think of E.B. White they think of Charlotte's Web or The Trumpet of the Swan. When I think of E.B. White I think of a genius who understood humanity at its worst and relished it at its best. Get to know this amazing author better this year as we commemorate the day of his birth with these fifteen E.B. White quotes.
  • Is Purity Making a Comeback?  By : Bethany Chastain
    Look closely and you can see that the moral pendulum has arced and is making a slow but perceivable swing back from total moral degradation. Perhaps the widely publicized antics of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have had a positive role model effect on young women. As the old saying goes, “Everyone has a purpose, even if it only to serve as a bad example.”
  • Why The Illuminati is Better Than The Rest of Us  By : JK Ellis
    Here is a humourous article that is designed to show you why the rich get richer and what you can learn from them.
  • The Gay Rights Movement in History  By : Suneva
    Free will is an instinctive part of human nature; every person desires to live their life on their own terms. Regardless to where people live in the world the quest for freedom, love and recognition are strong motivators of behavior along with the pursuit of the necessities of life and power.
  • Carpooling Using Park and Ride lots  By : Kent Basson
    We offer commuters the opportunity to propose park and ride lots for their fellow commuters based on what they find suitable. No capital investment is needed because the system uses vehicles and parking lots already available.
  • Affairs & the Aftermath: When Someone You Love Betrays You  By : Krystal7 Kuehn7
    Caring for our Bodies

    We have one body for life! Get tips on looking and feeling our best, and developing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Japanese In America: The Links Between Hiroshima And Hawaii  By : David Hurley
    Famous for Pearl Harbor and the dropping of the Atom Bomb, Hiroshima and Hawaii actually have deeper connections that go back to the late nineteenth century when the boom in the Hawaiian sugar industry attracted large numbers of male Japanese migrant workers who were seeking to escape difficult economic conditions in Japan as that country underwent modernization. This article explores those connections.
  • Is Alcoholics Anonymous A Cult?  By : Brian Cuban
    What comes to your mind when you hear the word cult? Jim Jones Kool Aid? David Koresh? Charles Manson? The Texas Polygamist Compound? Maybe even Scientology. Do the words Alcoholic's Anonymous come to mind?
  • Who Are My Top 5 Enemies  By : Iasia Rogers
    You will encounter enemies in your life. It is best to know how to identify these individuals to help protect yourself and your family.
  • The 5 Most Prestigious Military Medals  By : Ken Smith
    There is a long list of military medals and decorations that can be earned by service members of every branch of service. To be recognized with any one of these medals is a significant personal achievement and something to be proud of.
  • Barbie Doll--A History Of Success  By : John Mowatt
    The first Barbie doll was introduced by Mattel in 1959. Barbie dolls went on to become one of the greatest toy manufacturing successes ever. Barbie was invented by Ruth Handler who adapted her from an earlier German doll called Lilli. She was named after Ruth's daughter Barbara. She was the first mass produced adult styled doll and was an instant success. Barbie dolls are popular all over the world. The Barbie doll has become a household name.
  • DVLA Number Plates Suppliers Register Extended to Scotland and Northern Ireland  By : Matt Traverso
    The DVLA introduced the register of number plate suppliers in January 2003 to regulate the supply of number plates and reduce the opportunity for criminals to obtain false plates to disguise the identity of stolen vehicles, or use vehicles for criminal activity. The scheme applies to all number plates including private number plates, personalised number plates, cherished numbers and private plates. Initially the scheme applied only to England and Wales, but powers contained in section 46 of the road Safety Act 2006 enable it to be extended to Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • 9-11 Tribute  By : JoAnn Miller
    Learn more about the Freeport Flag Ladies and the work they do to provide support to the troops and their families. Join them in person or in spirit on September 11, 2008 for the 7th annual 9-11 Tribute.
  • How To Find A Long Lost Loved One Or Friend  By : Ed Opperman
    Have you been thinking about someone you've lost touch with? I bet they're thinking about you too. It's time to be reunited.
  • Significance of Deepavali Festival  By : Ashish Phanse
    The Festival of Diwali is celebrated with much vigour and enthusiasm all across India and around the world too. On this day, people forget all differences and celebrate this festival with renewed faith and vigour. This article takes a peek at the different ways that Diwali is celebrated in India and abroad.
  • Take the CTrain to Your New Calgary Home  By : Justin Havre
    CTrain ridership is increasing at a faster rate than the population of Calgary and currently outpaces every LRT system in North America including Toronto and Boston. Why? Because it's that good.

    Calgary's CTrain has been running since 1981 and is generally regarded as one of the best LRT systems in the world. A wonder of energy efficiency right in the heart of the Canadian oil industry, this modern LRT system is actually powered by 12 windmills in Southern Alberta - not fossil fuels - and crea
  • 12 Labor Day Quotes to Celebrate The Achievements of American Workers Everywhere  By : Noel Jameson
    Labor Day will be here before you know it. Some of us think of it as the end of summer, others see it as an opportunity to gather with family and friends. Let's not forget the true meaning of this national holiday. Let's celebrate the spirit of the holiday with these twelve Labor Day quotes.
  • Is Self Improvement Dead Or Should We Watch T.V.?  By : Keith Shaw
    Studies shown that too much television causes marked memory loss. France has banned French T.V. channels from airing programming aimed at children younger than three years of age. And, in the U.S., more and more reality shows with little or no content come out every season. What ever happened to reading a good book?
  • 10 Dr. Phil Quotes to Celebrate the Birth of Phil McGraw  By : Noel Jameson
    Whether you love or hate Phil McGraw, you have to admit that the things he says are always entertaining and oftentimes insightful. With his birthday right around the corner, now is the time to celebrate with these ten Dr. Phil quotes.
  • ZOA Convinces Google to Change the Earth  By : Brian Cuban
    How often can someone claim that they changed the way we view the world. Deborah Fidel and the Zionist Organization of American (ZOA) can do just that.
  • Outsourcing, Technology, and The Economy  By : James Cochran
    Economies are constantly changing, and evolving. Whereas first they birth as a bartering system, they next take on a currency structure. This leads to a stock market, international trade, economic specialization, an industrial revolution, and forever continues to blossom.
  • Saudi Arabian Culture: Inside the Kingdom  By : Chris Robertson
    To reveal the true essence of Saudi Arabian culture, you have to read the account of someone who has firsthand experience living and working in the Kingdom.
  • Saudi Arabia Culture: The Wedding March  By : Chris Robertson
    Because the foundations of marriage and of the role of women in Saudi Arabia culture are based on the Quran and on Sharia law, Westerners need more than book notes in order to navigate the society's cultural waters.
  • Sex Offender Records Help In Stopping Crimes  By : Gilbert Anderson
    There are several things happening around us, several offences that we see every day. This happens because we deal with people who we do not know are criminals. We employ people at home who we think are good people, going by their innocent faces or believing what they tell us. We employ nannies, because we usually never suspect young women who look vulnerable. We employ people in the office who sound efficient and look smart.
  • What Types of School Uniform You Should Consider For Your School  By : Nicole Minor
    School uniforms are becoming an increasingly popular application in today’s society. Though school uniforms are decidedly unpopular amongst children and teenagers everywhere, they serve several important functions
  • What is the Zeitgeist?  By : Dr. Malcolm CC Armstrong
    Every era, like every person, has its own personality. This is the Zeitgeist. It is not an esoteric concept. It is a simple word yet a very descriptive word that anyone can understand. The German word Zeitgeist (often capitalized and italicized) is comprised of two German words: zeit meaning "time" and geist meaning "spirit". The word denotes the spirit of a particular age . . . the milieu of a society or era.
  • Doctor Excuse: One Stop Solution for Absence - Without the Hassle  By : Robert Thomson
    A doctors excuse makes a great way to excuse yourself from work or school.
  • Who Are The Criminals Around You Find Out By Searching Their Criminal Records  By : Katalina De Cherez
    You might ask if people have no moral values anymore and the answer would be a big no. There is no doubt anymore that it is difficult to find people who are genuine and true. Most people we encounter cannot be trusted and if there is a person who can be, among all the negative elements, it is difficult to identify them. Our children are not safe anymore. We cannot trust them with anyone. How do we go about taking steps for safety in such an environment?
  • Reward your Employees Help your Favorite Charity  By : Marvin Yakos
    Now that is responsible economy!
  • How Accurate Are The Jail Records  By : Gilbert Anderson
    Jail records are usually very difficult to gain access to. There has been a lot of discussion about the access to jail records as people feel they should be given free access to this information. It helps people in several ways, such as the ability to check on a suspicious neighbor, on the new driver appointed to take the children to school, where it is important to check if that person has any sex offences against him.
  • Saudi Arabia Culture: A Woman's Perspective  By : Chris Robertson
    A culture that is so foreign to the Western lifestyle may seem impenetrable - until you hear the account of a Western woman who lived the culture while nursing in Saudi Arabia.
  • 10 Bruce Springsteen Quotes to Celebrate the Birthday of "The Boss"  By : Noel Jameson
    Are you a Bruce Springsteen fan? If you love The Boss's music and want to help celebrate his birthday, these ten Bruce Springsteen quotes are a great way to start.
  • What intimidates men about highly successful women?  By : Katherine Bouglai
    I hear women who hold high level executive positions, lawyers, CEOs of large corporations say that they have hard time finding men in their lives because their successful careers scare men away. How true is that? On the other hand a lot of women like that are married to supportive husbands.
  • Charitable Giving Tips  By : Charitable01
    Most people donate to charity. Here are some tips that may help you decide who to donate to and the different ways to donate.
  • Three Most Dangerous Landing Mistakes Pilots Make and How to Avoid Them  By : Doug Daniel
    Pilots of all levels: prepare to step up to a higher level of landing skills. Our staff has identified the three most common and most dangerous landing mistakes and presents two revolutionary techniques for avoiding tragedy. These are techniques that can be practiced in a flight simulator or an airplane.
  • Information Search for Death Records  By : Gilbert Anderson
    Death records are not that hard task to search; these records are considered as legal documents created by a physician who had recorded the date, time and the reason of an individual’s death. These records are under the care of a government authorities who used to maintain its safety and security for public archives. The use of these records is usually used to find out the descendant of an individual and learn if the dead person still has family members.
  • Accessing Public Records Made Easy  By : James Kurt
    Accessing other individual’s public records is a quick and legal way to obtain accurate information about any person living within the boundaries of the United States.

    Whether for business or personal purposes, any person should consider accessing public records as one of the top priorities before entrusting your businesses and families with unknown individuals.
  • 12 Love Quotes to Celebrate Sweetest Day  By : Noel Jameson
    Have you been accused of not having a romantic bone in your body? This Sweetest Day is your chance to prove the naysayers wrong! How are you going to do it? These twelve love quotes are a great way to start.
  • I Went to My local Social Security Office for a Replacement Social Security Card  By : Gene Schwerman
    So I Went to My local Social Security Office for a replacement Social Security Card. A pleasant gray-haired lady greeted me fairly promptly and handed me some paperwork to fill out. A short time later I had my replacement Social Security Card.
  • Dealing with the Culture Shock of an International Move  By : Jennifer Strong
    This article provides a short overview of moving internationally. There are many things that need to be done before you can move anywhere, especially another country.
  • Court Etiquette  By : moniquewillington08
    The courthouse can be considered a whole new different world. You are required to follow certain rules once inside the premises. Before entering, you must submit yourself to a security search. Do not bring any form of weapons such as pocketknives, guns, etc. with you.
  • The Perfect Gifts for any Redneck Occasion  By : Fred Morris
    Christmas is right around the corner and gift buying can be challenging enough without even considering what to get for friends that are admitted rednecks. Well, don't fret- here are some suggestions for those special people on your list that will work for any occasion.
  • Is Texting Really an Ancient Art?  By : MaAnna Stephenson
    Many professional writers and editors lament that the English language is being obliterated by the casual use of more symbolic language on mobile devices and some social media internet sites. They say that casual writing formats are showing up where formal writing styles would be more appropriate and that most people don’t know the difference. Are we witnessing the demise of a modern language or the birth of a new way to communicate that is rooted in ancient traditions?
  • Dressed For Bed  By : Robert Thomson
    54% of Brits have two sets of Egyptian cotton sheets.

    91% have a change of three duvet sets per bed.

    72% will hunt down co-ordinated bedding items
    Researching it for at least two months before purchasing the right ones.

    80% change the theme every two years.
  • Trucking over Cabbage Hill  By : Fred Morris
    One of the most magnificent things I have ever seen in my life is the view from atop Deadman Pass, otherwise known as Cabbage Hill. This stretch of road runs between La Grande, Oregon and Pendleton, Oregon on I-84. If you ever get the chance to head to the northwest you really need to drive this road...however, make sure that you do it with care.
  • Halloween Celebrations: Having the Time of Your Afterlife on a Budget  By : Andrew Hawnt
    How can you celebrate Halloween on a budget? What sort of films would make a great Halloween party? How about Halloween themed collectibles? Here Andrew Hawnt takes a look at having a creepy night without breaking the bank.
  • The Simplest Way to Get Marriage License Records  By : First Beat
    Marriage License Records Made Easy

    The home affairs or public records office in any city is always busy, and you constantly have to arrive there very early and wait. If you want to get your marriage license records or any public marriage records, it should not be as complicated as this. The simple way to get these marriage records and not waste time at the public records department or home affairs is online.
  • Do Trailer Parks Really Cause Tornadoes?  By : Fred Morris
    I'm sure you have heard this one on the news before: another trailer park hit by a tornado. All the residents are shown standing around in disbelief that all their trailers are demolished, while neighbor's houses outside the trailer park appear untouched. Maybe it is the atmospheric pressure from all the metal exteriors that drew the tornado to strike the trailer park and not the houses.
  • Haunted Houses of Maryland  By : Kevin Koitz
    The first stop on our tour is the Paint Branch Home in the city of Adelphi, which is currently being used as a retirement home. A former slave house, the spirits that haunt the estate don't appear to be violent, but have been known to linger around bedrooms and fill the house with their singing. Songs of the dead can be bone chilling indeed!
  • Why Are Air Force Records Important?  By : Diane
    If you have been using the internet for any length of time, then you know about the vast amount of information that can be found online. There are myriads of web pages available, and just as many new ones posted every day.
  • Free Subliminal Mp3 Questions Answered  By : Dan Bainbridge
    Aren’t subliminal messages illegal? Is it really possible to change your life with subliminal mp3s? Is subliminal messaging really 100% effortless? Can anyone use subliminals to achieve their goals?

    These are some of the main questions we get asked, and I am quickly going to give an overview of subliminal messaging and answer these 4 questions:
  • Is Barak Really Black?  By : Micahyah Hawkins
    The word “black” has always echoed the connotations of evil, gloom, disaster and pessimism.
    Throughout our most recent centuries, we have willingly latched on to the ominous ideas of what we believe the word “black” to mean. But, belief does not reflect knowledge. We must move forward now and leave behind our beliefs of what “black” really is and discover what black has always been.
  • 12 Thanksgiving Quotes to Celebrate an American Tradition  By : Noel Jameson
    Ready for some Thanksgiving quotes? That's right. It's that time of year. Turkey, stuffing and apple pie are all on the menu, along with a generous helping of gratitude and appreciation.
  • Laugh and the Office Laughs With You  By : Ann Golden Egle
    Are you aware how a mood can permeate the workplace, especially if it's a downer emotion? Laughter can lighten that mood and here are some ways to do the lighten up.
  • Top Magazine Titles for Soldiers  By : Felicity Grant
    Through the program Subscriptions for Soldiers active-deployed U.S. soldiers are able to request magazine subscriptions at no cost to them. Through research the program has identified the most requested types of magazines by soldiers.
  • 10 Great Party Ideas For Any Party  By : Robert Thomson
    Here are 10 great party ideas to make sure that you are the coolest party animal on the block!
  • Science Fact is all Fiction  By : Sarah Canes
    One of the more remarkable things about any event that happens in the world, particularly if it has an enormous impact is that when the first couple of news cycles have gone through broadcasters start looking for new twists on old stories.
  • The Chinese Dong Zhi Festival  By : fongsuimy
    In ancient times, the Chinese people celebrated the Winter Solstice Festival (Dong Zhi) by visiting relatives and friends, in much the same way as the Chinese Lunar New Year. There is customary feasting, and businesses will close up for the day. Glutinous floor balls known as "tang yuan" are consumed
  • Party Like a New Yorker in Style!  By : Mark Saunders
    Parties just keep on happening everywhere whether in good times or in bad, whether it’s snowing, raining or not. And when it’s New York you’re talking about, there seems to be a party taking place almost every week.
  • Join a union for your rights  By : join a union
    Many of us must have heard a lot about labour unions, their debates and arguments going on in the news. Today it seems that no organizations work without these labour unions.
  • Construction Site Safety Basics  By : John Miller
    Construction sites are extremely dangerous places to be in. Because of the kind of work involved, the construction workers face a very high risk of getting injured and are also prone to accidents. Moreover, the equipment that the workers wear to reduce the exposure to harmful chemicals and elements i
  • The Meaning of Social Justice  By : Andy Carloff
    An inquiry into the origin of our rights, our freedoms, and our advantages of society. "The dead are gone, but what they have done belongs to the living.
  • A Brief History of Martin Luther King Day  By : Jessica Vandelay
    Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an African-American minister, activist and prominent leader in the American civil rights movement during the 1950s-1960s. Today he is a human rights icon and the U.S. along with a few other nations celebrate his birthday, observed on the third Monday in January of each year. In the U.S. this observance is a federal holiday.
  • A Brief History of the American Legion  By : Felicity Grant
    In 1919, the U.S. Congress chartered the American Legion as a wartime veterans’ organization of the U.S. Armed Forces, which was founded by veterans returning from Europe after World War I. The organization was meant to be a patriotic and a mutually-helpful organization.
  • A Brief History of the Hollywood Canteen  By : Felicity Grant
    Between 1942 and 1945 the Hollywood Canteen was a supper club for service members about to be deployed during World War II. The club offered food, dancing and entertainment by many of Hollywood’s elite actors and performers. It was located in Hollywood, California at 1451 Cahuenga Boulevard.
  • A Brief History of Entertaining the Troops  By : Felicity Grant
    Since the 1941 inception of the USO, or the United Service Organizations Inc, celebrities have been volunteering to entertain the active-deployed overseas soldiers. Celebrity entertainment is just part of the USO’s mission to provide morale and recreational services to U.S. service members.
  • What One Should Do To Beat Speeding Tickets?  By : Steven F.2 F. Miller2
    Ideal way to beat a traffic ticket

    In our day-to-day life, motorists and bikers often invite the trouble of traffic tickets and fall in the trap of the traffic officers who cause immense trouble with the charge of false speeding tickets. Once you are traffic-ticketed, we have to follow a long and unwanted trail that cannot be a good experience anyhow. However, there are ways to fight traffic tickets in the most effective way.
  • Four Factors To Consider Before Choosing Utah As Your Retirement Community  By : Lawrence Lindstore
    Today, there are lots of retirement homes erected each and every day. Utah retirement communities are highly preferred as the best place to live. The calm and fabulous atmosphere with lots of entertainment facilities it one of the best place to lead a carefree, relaxed and enthusiastic retirement life.
  • What to Keep in Mind While Sending a Rakhi to India.  By : Adesai
    This article describes the various points which one should consider when you are planning to send rakhi to India
  • Dealing With a Rotten Neighbour  By : Justin Havre
    Bad neighbours also have a penchant for leaving trash or discarded vehicles on their property. This not only creates an eyesore in the neighbourhood, but can also reduce your property value simply by association.
  • Wireless Cell Phones and the E911 System  By : Peter Blackman
    More and more people are getting rid of their traditional land line phones for a Wireless Cell Phones, VOIP and soft phones. New technology is antiquating the existing 911 emergency system in the United States. Technology now exists to make the 911 system work but what is needed is receiving equipment should be standardize and designed to just receive already processed data from a central location.
  • Giving Back Without Being a Millionaire Philanthropist  By : Steven Brazis
    An alternate way to donate to charities that can be fun and possibly even profitable.
  • The Benefits of Being Early  By : Julian Foxx
    Tardiness is something that's really normal to most of us. Most common situation could be in school for students. Even I have always been late whether it was a doctor's appointment or a party, I always find myself asking for apologies.
  • Why Leading Addiction and Emotional Disorder Centers Offer Clients Financial Assistance  By : Dr. Alan Meyers
    During these difficult financial times, some addiction and emotional disorder centers are providing scholarships to assist clients seeking treatment.
  • Hiring A Private Investigator vs. Do-It-Yourself Investigating  By : Randy Mann
    The interesting thing about posing this question is that most people think they are qualified to answer it, although they aren’t. The fact is, most people do not know what detectives, whether on the police force or “for hire,” really do in an investigation, and what sorts of skills are required. It is certainly nothing like you see on TV.
  • Are You Etiquette Wise?  By : Elizabeth GoughMoody
    Manners should be part of everyone's life. This article is a commentary on the lack of etiquette in todays society and some of the reasons it should be important to us all.
  • The Vision of Etiquette  By : Elizabeth GoughMoody
    Etiquette is essential to your personal growth and success in life. Not practising good manners is the same as saying I am not worthy of the good life. Changing that attitude can change your life.
  • Indian Restaurants and a Changing Japan  By : Tom Aaron
    The spread of ethnic restaurants can tell us much about a country and immigration. Looking at Japan, we can see Indian restaurants run by Indians spreading across the country. The Japanese are torn between wanting immigrants to work in Japan and wanting to keep their "homogenous" society. The Indian restaurants may be a hint that Japan will one day be a vibrant and energized multi-ethnic country.
  • Spring Forward and Fall Back: A Brief History of Daylight Savings Time  By : Jessica Vandelay
    For as long as the practice of adapting daylight hours has been in existence, the practice has been controversial. However, of the countries that participate in the practice each is attempting to develop ways to conserve energy and better society through the practice.
  • Celebrate Hug a G.I. Day  By : Felicity Grant
    Each year on March 4th citizens around the U.S. participate in “Hug a G.I. Day,” a day to remember active-deployed service members in the U.S. military.

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