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  • Dads and Kids: Making Paper Doll Chains  By : Paul B
    Making a paper doll chain is a perfect activity for dads and children on a sleepy afternoon.
  • Travel Tips for Dads with Babies  By : Paul B
    Summer is here and time is right for dancing in the streets. Well, maybe not, if you have little kids under your supervision.
  • Effectively Managing Children With ADHD  By : Julia Moore
    As a parent, you will want the best for your child. You wan them to grow up and develop into a healthy, strong and independent individual; to estbalish themselves in a forward moving career and have a family. Also, you will find that many youngsters will play and become hyper and distracted on some occassions, which is considered part of growing up.
  • The Importance of Construction Toys for Children  By : Indria Bolinggi
    I highly recommend construction toys as one of the most basic educational toys we should provide for children. Any toy that recreates the process of building and manufacturing can be classed as construction toys. The pieces can be joined together to create models of toys such us cars, spaceships, houses, bridge and so many other.
  • Board Games as Great Activity Games for Your Children  By : Indria Bolinggi
    If we think about having some quality family fun, board game can be a solution to engage whole family playing together in the same table. While in these tough economic recession, less family can really afford to go out with some recreation. Beside the benefits of learning through this activity games are enormous.
  • Why Eurogames Become Most Popular Family Board Game  By : Indria Bolinggi
    German-style board games also called ’’eurogames’’ initially became popular in Germany and quickly followed by the rest of Europe and the entire world. The designation eurogame really just represent styles of games instead of the origin. Much like eurogames don’t have to come from Europe. But many publishers from around the world realize the great demand of this game style in recent years.
  • Teach Your Child Good Manners Through Conversational Hypnosis  By : Marc Pattenson
    There is a type of hypnosis that is very easy to learn that will make all of this happen for you and more. Conversational Hypnosis is using hypnosis while having a conversation with someone to get them to do what you want; it can be used in many real life situations.
  • 7 Tips to Arriving at an Informed Choice for Choosing a Suitable Camp  By : anthoni
    Summer camp tips for your child’s best summer fun and learning experiences that are going to be talked about here may help you take right decision for selecting a suitable camp. This article will help you take decision prior to sending your child away to a camp.
  • Social Skill Problems - Why Your Child Has Social Skills Difficulties & What to Do About It  By : Isa Marrs
    Without appropriate social skills training, children who have trouble socially will have more and more problems as they get older. Let's take action today and help our children...
  • Tips for Enjoying an Active Lifestyle with Your Baby  By : David Cummings
    Having a baby in your life is a fun and exciting adventure in itself. Continuing to enjoy an active lifestyle after baby is born, is important to many of us. There are so many ways today to take baby along with you and to include him/her in your activities.
  • Why Are Children's Tea Parties So Important To A Child's Education?  By : Amy Chan
    Do your kids have proper table manners and etiquette? These 2 factors are so important in coming across as a refined lady or gentleman in today's society. This article is about teaching them at a young age on how to be a socially acceptable person when they grow up.
  • Explaining Money to Your Children  By : Len Stauffenger
    Children can be taught early on and easily about handling money in their lives. Any one of these nine practical tips from author and divorced dad, Len Stauffenger, help you get the point across.
  • Early Childhood Development Programs in Georgetown, Texas  By : Nicole Nelson
    The amount of time and care provided to early childhood development will have a significant impact upon the rest of a child’s life. Georgetown, Texas has many opportunities for families who are looking for a nurturing environment for their young children to develop and grow mentally and physically. A great resource to find out more about communities like Georgetown is through local websites, like
  • Blocking Websites - Keeping Your Child Safe Online  By : Dan Morton
    It's a fact that many parents today are blocking websites from their children's access, mainly to protect the children from adult websites and online predators. Most parents agree that blocking certain websites from their children's view is a good thing, and many tools now exist to help parents with this daunting task.
  • And Baby Makes Four or More  By : David Cummings
    Bringing a new baby home makes huge changes not only for the parents, but also for the other children in the home. Mom's attention is almost completely on the new baby, and the other children feel as though they have to scramble for some time with her. As you prepare for your new arrival, keep these tips in mind for helping your other children adjust and accept their new brother or sister.
  • Financial Education for Children - Saving Money  By : Richard Greenwood
    While schools teach your children many of lifes vital skills they often are lacking in financial education. As a parent it is important to teach your kids the real value of money and how to save for the things they really want.
  • Pretend Toys, Nurture Your Children Imagination  By : Indria Bolinggi
    In the early years, children are just beginning to understand the difference between fantasy and reality. For example your child can grasp the difference between her real mommy and the mommy they pretends to be when playing house. They will apply
  • Educational Wii Games Video for Children  By : Indria Bolinggi
    Children love to play video games and experts say spending sometime doing can help your children hand and eye coordination. Wii games video should certainly be considered as an educational addition.
  • The Magic of Baby Educational Toys  By : Indria Bolinggi
    Babies just love to explore, learn fast, and they rapidly develop new skills through listening, watching and touching. It won’t be very long before they are able to move towards objects that interest them. Introducing baby educational toys to the nursery will help to stimulate your newborn baby and enable him to develop more quickly.
  • Your Children Need Added Protected From The Sun  By : Emmanuel DeFreitas
    Always keep in mind that it's never too early to save your skin,or your children's skin, from the sun. The sun produces invisible rays called ultraviolet A, or UVA and ultraviolet B or UVB. These forms of invisible rays can cause both short- and long-term skin damage.
  • Helping Your Kids and Family to Cut Down on Sugar and Sweets  By : Paul B
    Face it: the United States runs on sugar. This is not a good thing. A recent study in the International journal of Pediatric Obesity says that nearly half of American kids will be overweight by 2010.
  • Benefits Of Breast Feeding : Why You Should Breast Feed.  By : Narisa R.
    Once you have given birth, breast feeding is the most important thing you are able to do to protect your infant and help to promote good health. Best of all, breast feeding is absolutely free.
  • Giving CPR to Toddlers  By : Paul B
    Choking can be fatal and a doctor is your first recourse in such a situation. Call 911 or your local emergency number before you do anything else.
  • Tips for Dads trying to cut down on Kids TV watching time  By : Paul B
    We like TV. After a long day at work, it’s like a frothy dessert at the end of a mediocre meal. It might not have any nutrition value, but it’s sweet and airy and enjoyable with very little effort. However, when TV becomes the routine and more your reality than your real life, you or your kids might have a problem.
  • Child Behavior Suggestions - Cleaning up their Mess  By : Paul B
    Are you tired of your kids acting like royalty around the house? Making a mess of their rooms as they throw away their clothes and food, expecting you to go picking after them?
  • Why you must allow your children to play with toys?  By : Tinh Nguyen
    Children love playing with toys because it brings them joy and happiness. Toys will keep them entertained all day as it is impossible for the parents to be with the child to play with them. Thus, it is important that we as parents should provide our children with lots of toys to play with. If we don't, we are snatching the fun, joy and pleasure time from our kids.
  • Reason Why Do Kids Lie  By : Paul B
    It wasn’t me Daddy! You must have heard your 5-year old say that you at some point or other, when you knew it was in fact he who did it. How do you deal with your kid, knowing he is lying to you? When your child lies to you, remember he is not doing it on purpose.
  • Six Tips for Teaching Kids to Share, Save and Spend  By : Paul B
    With the economy what it is today, there is no better time for parents to teach their kids lifelong lessons about responsibly sharing, saving, and spending.
  • Mind Mapping for Younger Children  By : Alan Pritchard
    An article on how to use Mind Maps with younger children and how capturing the information this way is a great way of harnessing children's creativity and spontaneity.
  • Common Child Behavior - Whining  By : Paul B
    Kids whine when they are hungry, tired, bored or if they are sick. But they also whine when they need attention from their parents. Parents tend to worry, and not without good reason, that their children will grow up to be whiners and never be anything less than miserable in their behavior.
  • Birthday Parties - Some Useful Tips  By : Resa Fast
    When throwing a birthday party for children, there are plenty of ways one can add to the fun by arranging some form of entertainment. This entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive at all, pretty much anything goes.
  • Ten Caring and Sensitive Ways for You to Support a Family who is Raising a Child with a Disability  By : Mara Kaplan
    Parents need the support of their family and friends. However, many people do not know how to offer their help. This article provides straightforward advice on how to support and make a difference in the lives of parents with children who have disabilities.
  • How to Teach Your Children Independence  By : Kimberly Reddington
    When my son was 15 months old, he had a babysitter who taught him how to put away his toys before he took something else out. This little bit of independence was great for both of us. He was proud of what he was accomplishing, and I was ecstatic that I had less to pick up around the house.
  • Buying the Right Playground Equipment  By : Funnel Ball
    Planning for buying a playground equipment. Confirm its manufacturer's commitment to safety and whether the equipment has been tested for load bearing features or not. Find out if your seller has done the durability test on its equipment, that too in compliance to laid industry standards.
  • How to Motivate Children  By : Alan Pritchard
    How to motivate children by Michael Tipper Author of The 77 Habits of Highly Effective Students.
  • Teach Kids Good Credit Card Habits Early On  By : James Exum
    Teaching kids at an early age to use credit cards
  • Know Why Kids Scribble  By : Paul B
    Most children are fascinated by the possibilities of a pencil or crayon stub and become engrossed in their activity as they scribble away for hours. As a parent, you may find this a heaven-sent solution to keep your kids quiet and relaxed in their own self-contained zone.
  • Industries and Public Facilities That Would Implement Playground Equipment  By : David Christopher
    Playgrounds are designed for kids. And where a huge number of children converge, playgrounds replete with all the play structures are most likely there too. Most people already recognize the importance of the playground and the crucial role it plays in the progressing development of a child. But from a child’s own simplistic point of view, a playground is his territory, his realm so to speak.
  • Play Toys - Purchasing educational play toys  By : Hnomseo GradeA
    A scientific study that followed children from infancy to their twenties found that children benefited from educational play. The children in the study group that were provided with educational play toys showed marked increases in their intelligence quotient (IQ).
  • Investing In Your Grandchildren Is Not Expensive  By : dlmiller1054
    This article is an attempt to show that the greatest investment we can make is in our children. It doesn’t have to be monetary. Out time is precious to our grandchildren. Take them for a walk, or a ride. Maybe just read to them or play silly games. We can never get the time back so now is the time to invest in our grandchildren.
  • Doing What Grandparents Do Best, Spoil Their Grandchildren  By : dlmiller1054
    This article is an attempt to help grandparents play a greater role in their grandchildren’s lives. Children learn from older people. Grandparents are a source of information ranging from family heritage to family values.
  • Moving Day, Picking Out Kids Bedding Is Fun  By : dlmiller1054
    This article is an attempt to help parents get a plan on how to help their children on moving day. As parents we are aware of all the emotions our children exhibit when they are told that we are moving. Letting them have some say about their new room is a great help. It gives the child a sense of belonging, and that they are important to the family. Moving can be fun if you can get your kids to help, by that I mean get involved in picking out things for their own rooms. Choosing their own bedding, waiting for it to arrive, and then placing it in the room is just what the child needs to gain confidence and make the transition to their new home.
  • Four Toys Worth Having Kids For...  By : Paul B
    For most of us, there is no fear that we're going to revert back to some Peter Pan state of denial of adulthood, we mostly just want to re-experience the joy of some of those things we haven't done or thought of in twenty years.
  • Can I Help My Child To Learn to Read Sooner?  By : Michael Levy
    Although reading readiness is highly variable among children, there are quite a few steps that parents and educators can take to determine when they are read. And, perhaps more important for the adults than the children, there are also steps that can be taken to shorten that time.
  • Educational Toys In A Kitchen Drawer...What's For Dinner?  By : Elke Smith
    You don't need to spend a lot of money on educational toys. Let your creativity provide the learning experience. One way to help occupy Mommy's little helper in the kitchen is to give them their own space designed with them in mind. Add a little love, small talk and encouragement making mealtime prep more enjoyable.
  • Helping You To Help Your Child Learn Through Play  By : Ivana Katz
    Play is an important part of childhood. It is also a hugely necessary part of childhood. It is important for all those 'e' adjectives that spring immediately to mind. Your child finds playing exciting, enjoyable, entertaining, even exhilarating... For these reasons alone, playing with your child and providing play opportunities for your child (slightly different concepts!) are essential parts of your role as a parent, caregiver or teacher.
  • Effects Of Toxic Toys  By : Good Evening
    As the dust begins to settle from parents rounding up their children's toys after the national lead paint recalls, many eco-conscious parents now wonder how they should dispose these confiscated toys. The toys' lead paint is highly toxic and known to cause a range of health problems in young children. There is no question that parents should immediately remove these toys from the home and away from children. Naturally, most parents would just throw the toys away without giving it a second though
  • Play With Your Kids  By : Good Evening
    Sometimes we all have to splurge a bit. Those that truly manage their finances prepare for this moment. For example, I put a bit of money back each month in a "no guilt" fund. This money has no purpose, but I can blow it any way I like. It is my reward for managing our money wisely and living frugally.
  • How To Handle Your Anger With Your Kids  By : Len Stauffenger
    Are the demands of raising children getting to you? Are you a divorced parent who experiences anger? Do you snap at your own children because of your stress? Here are some tips to identify if you are reaching critical mass.
  • Tips on Buying Children Clothing  By : Gen Wright
    It is always hard to strike a balance between quality and price when buying children clothing. On the one hand, all parents want the best for their children.
  • Dealing With Teen Video Game Obsession  By : Cristian Stan
    The following article is meant for parents of a teen who might be obsessed with video and/or computer games.
  • Bed Wetting and Its Reasons  By : Anvil Enterprises
    So, prevention is better than the cure. Though, treatment for each and every symptom is easily available. But, why do we not prefer e-guide-book like ‘I wet the bed’. We can avoid all big problems by preventing them in the beginning.
  • No Excuse: You Can Spend Time With Your Family  By : Freddie Scott II
    Time is one thing everyone seems to run short on. And though most of us admit that spending more time with the family is a priority, actually doing it can be challenging.

    Here is a simple tip to help any father or mother spend more quality time with their children!
  • Best foster care training with Fostering Outcomes  By : FosterCare
    Fostering outcomes is an independent fostering agency which assists fostering agencies to recruit new foster carers. Through our agency we provide training to new foster carers to become a good foster carer
  • In a Time of Economic Crisis, Families Appreciate a “Peace of Mind Guarantee”  By : croehl
  • A Tip to Secure Your Future: Invest in Your Kids  By : Scott and Maria Baker
    Technology and economic pressures have changed the environment in which we raise our children. This article identifies how these influences actually detract from the healthy growth & development of our teenagers and offers hope for assisting parents and adults to adjusting this influence from a negative to a positive factor in a child's development.
  • Making Grocery Outings Successful When Shopping with Young Children  By : Kari Hoopes
    Going to the grocery store, no matter how many items you need, can be a daunting task to most mothers with small children. Here are a few tips that may turn that shopping nightmare into a pleasant experience, even for the children.
  • Dealing With Public Tantrums  By : Judson
    Dealing with tantrums, particularly with a special needs child, is never an easy task for a parent, and can stretch your patience and parenting skills to the extreme. The best way to deal with a child tantrum is to prevent it from happening, so here are some tips and suggestions.

    The three s
  • When your Kids says NO  By : Paul B
    At first, it may seem a little disconcerting to hear your children say no. Saying no is sometimes their only way to assert their dominance in their small and fragile lives.
  • The Childcare Struggle: How Do You Decide?  By : Kimberly Reddington
    Moms everywhere are consistently asking the same question. "How do you make the decision about what to do with your children while you work?" Read on to learn the best way to find the solution for you and your family.
  • Choosing Quality Daycare for Your Child  By : Paul B
    Finding a quality day care center or provider can be incredibly stressful. Here is how you can select a good daycare center for your child.
  • Making Paper Doll Chain with Your Kids  By : Paul B
    Making a paper doll chain is a perfect activity for dads and children. Find out more kids activities to spend time with your kids.
  • The Value of Playing in a Child's Development  By : Corina Volegna
    Playing is a necessity in a child's development. It helps them grow up healthier, it expands their creativity and it makes them a lot more sociable. Find out how!
  • The Secrets to Teaching Kids about Money  By : Vince Shorb
    Most college students are not prepared to deal with the financial challenges that await them in the 'real world'. Get some practical tips to teaching your children how to be financially independent.
  • If Your Ex is Alienating You From Your Children  By : Len Stauffenger
    If you see, sense or positively know that after your divorce, your ex spouse is alienating your children from you, you must deal with this. And if speaking to your ex doesn't work, here are some more tips to keep your kids' priorities first on your list.
  • Helping Childrens Hospitals with the Donation of Toys  By : Mark Grey
    Making hospital donations can be an extremely rewarding experience. The feeling of being able to help somebody or even a group of people less fortunate than us is a feeling that we should all experience. There are many forms and methods of donating, but here I mention hospital donations specifically, as I feel it is a very important topic. Hospitals are generally an extremely busy environment and a lot of the contributions they make to families and individuals are not sufficiently rewarded. Responsibilities such as saving a life or aiding in a recovery from an illness carry no reward great enough, especially if this responsibility involves a child.
  • Baby Health - Flying With Babies or Children  By : Rich Greenwood
    Having children can make every journey more difficult but there is one mode of transport that is feared the most by new parents, flying. Flying means your baby or young child has to stay in a confined space for a length of time and may experience discomfort due to changes in air pressure. Find out how to make flying with babies and children as smooth as possible.
  • Finding Fun Activities For Kids When They Can't Find Any Themselves!  By : Ivana Katz
    With children to entertain, the simplest of daily activities - a car journey, a shopping trip - suddenly becomes much more stressful. You need ideas. And you need them fast. Ideas to transform the most mundane of tasks into an activity fun for kids too.
  • Take to Lessen Lead Poisoning Risk in Kids  By : Paul B
    Steps to take to lessen lead poisoning risk, if you have any of the risk factors, which might indicate exposure to lead poisoning for your kids.
  • Tips for New Parents: Help Your Child Develop Reading Readiness  By : Michael Levy
    Parents know that they need to think about how they will help to prepare their children to learn to read. When should all of this begin? The surprising answer is that it may be far earlier than you think.
  • The Perfect Bedding for Your Baby Boy  By : Dharam
    So, you just found out that you are having a baby boy. How exciting! Now you can start planning the baby room in earnest, since you know that you will be having a little boy. There are so many things to keep in mind when you are working on the new nursery for your little boy that is on the way. Of course when you are planning the room for your baby boy, one of the most important decisions that you are going to have to make is the baby boy bedding that you want for the room. For more detail go to
  • Kids do-it-yourself door hangers  By : charen smith
    Kids have a lot of mood swings. One moment they are in jovial mood, the next minute they want to be left alone. This is when you get into conflict with them. So why not device a way for you to know what your kids currently feel?
  • How Palate Training Helps Overweight Children  By : Peter Gallacher
    Whether you feed your children a good balanced healthy diet or quick and easy ready meals. This article discusses the importance of palate training and how it can educate your child about future weight control.
  • Babysitter Games for Kids  By : Paul B
    Babysitting is a job that requires endless energy. Either you keep the kids occupied or they keep you on your toes. If you are taking care of more than one child, these group activities can be organized.
  • Reset Your Child's Internal Clock After the Holidays  By : Patti Teel
    This article helps parents to solve their children's sleep problems and reset their internal clocks after the holidays.
  • Your Child's First Report Card  By : Paul B
    When a child starts elementary school, parents may feel anxious and excited about how their child is doing in school and how to support his learning. Take time for ongoing discussions with both your child and his teacher about what is going on in class.
  • Building Self Confidence in Children  By : Mark Arens
    Do you stop to think about how powerful the words are that you speak everyday to people? Words can tear down or build up. Children are so vulnerable to words spoken to them and need constant affirming, truthful words to be spoken to them.
  • Parents Should Know Who Their Kids Are Talking To  By : Janelle Elizabeth
    It is a parents duty to be aware of who their kids are spending time with - whether in person or on the phone or internet. By keeping track of phone numbers being used you can watch over them - at a distance - without them feeling you are watching their every move.
  • Enrich Your Child's Life with Art  By : Erika Paine
    Open your child's eyes to the world of art. Art is one of the most crucial building blocks for your child's mental development. As one of the few activities that engage both lobes of the brain, artistic activities improve a wide range of skills including patience, attention to detail, focus, creativity, and self-esteem.
  • Bedwetting - Debunking Myths And Simplifying Treatment  By : Celly Dunk
    Bedwetting when asleep is very common in children, especially those under the age of about six or seven. It is also known as nocturnal enuresis. Bedwetting usually resolves itself by the age of about seven or slightly later. About 1 in 7 children aged five, and 1 in 20 children aged ten wet the bed.
  • Moving with Children: Keep Them Informed to Keep You Sane  By : Justin Havre
    Teens are in the process of learning how to develop long term, complex relationships, so their friendships mean literally everything to them. They will likely be resentful and angry if you wait till the last minute to announce your move, so do yourself a favor and tell them as early as possible.
  • Explaining Child Custody To Your Children  By : Len Stauffenger
    When you get a divorce, you don't want your children to be in limbo over any of the child custody arrangements, so it's well to find a special place and a special time to explain them to your kids.
  • Kids Playdate Rules for Dads  By : Paul B
    As your child hits four or five, playdates become more common. If you want your playdates to be in demand, consider this list of tips to make this a playdate to be remembered for all the right reasons.
  • Benefits of Using Organic Baby Products  By : Phillips Theresa
    Because of increased concern about the environment and worry about effects of chemical based products on the babies, an increasing number of parents have decided to choose organic baby products for their children.For more information visit at pure
  • Great Information in Introducing Kids to Cooking  By : kamala kathuriaa
    If you are considering cooking with children you need to make sure you have the proper ingredients on hand before beginning. You certainly do not want to be caught without that cup full of patience you will be requiring nor do you wish to need to leave in the middle of things for a run to the local grocery store to pick up the missing ingredients.
  • Parent Danger - Sexual Predator Can Be Calling Wireless Cell Phones  By : Robert Thomson
    There are some alarming statistics about child sex predators and America's under 18 population. What may alarm you more however, is the fact that the web is not the only place a sexual predator can be contacting your child. Read on to learn more on how to help keep your child from becoming a victim to America's most disturbing crime.
  • Natural Baby Products: A Natural Way to Promote Health and Safety of Your Child  By : Phillips Theresa
    Due to worry about the effects of chemicals on babies and concern about the environment, many parents have chosen to use organic baby products for their children. Natural baby items and eco-friendly products are easy for the earth, easy for the skin and do not contain any toxins which are found in a large number of chemical based baby products.
  • Top 10 Newborn Christmas Baby Gifts for Boys  By : SRPS
    It is sometimes difficult to know exactly what to get that adorable bundle of joy that has arrived just in time for Christmas. There are many wonderful baby gifts that are available and would be perfect baby boy gifts.
  • 4 Tips to Ensure Child Safety When Fundraising  By : Juan Franco
    When managing any type of team or school fundraising activity we should have the phrase "Safety First" planted firmly in the minds of our player, students and parents alike. Though we as adults may have this type of mindset we especially need to emphasize the value of safety to our young people.
  • Child Care for Tough Economic Times  By : Krissy Ansley
    It has been a tough economic month. If you or your spouse has to go back to work, who will watch the kids? We are seeing many stay at home parents go back to work for at least part-time positions to supplement the family finances. With both parents working, there is an increased demand for finding safe and qualified childcare in the home.
  • Children's Toys - The Educational Benefits Of Wooden Toys  By : Robert Thomson
    Toys can have a positive impact on a child's growth and development in a greater dimension than most parents realise. A well thought out toy can stimulate both cognitive and motor development helping a child to grow and expand their knowledge of the world around them. So exactly what should we be looking for and what types of kid's toys are the most beneficial to a child's development?
  • Baby Sleep Pillows Make Great Gifts  By : Frank Warehouse
    Every mother is concerned with the comfort of her children. When a woman has her very first baby, she may even be overly concerned about the comfort of her child. Nap time or sleep time will cause a mother to want to make sure the baby is safe and se
  • Self-Motivated Children  By : Florence Bernard
    A quick summary of a way to bring your kids to self-reliance and independence with school work and at school, backed with a 35 minute podcast describing the method in details.
  • The Importance of Roller Blinds With Child Safety Mechanisms  By : Simon Garth
    As roller blinds are cord controlled, they most often form a loop which could become a danger for children as they run the risk of getting caught in the loop and get strangled, that is why it is very important for parents to use child safety mechanisms or child safe roller blinds. Find out more information about child safety and this type of window treatments.
  • Unexpected Baby Naming Issues  By : Paul B
    Choosing an unusual baby name requires some care. How can you choose a name that is distinctive, yet does not end up sounding ridiculous? Think about how easy it is to remember a 'Terranova' from a crowd of Marys and Janes.
  • Easy Tips for Putting Kids to Sleep  By : Paul B
    For some parents, getting their children to sleep is no problem at all. For others, it invariably involves a major struggle. Here are some easy tips on putting your kids to bed.
  • Developing Resilience in Our Children!  By : Holly Cox
    One of the most useful qualities an adult can possess is the ability to bounce back in the face of disappointment and adversity. Depriving our children of opportunities to develop resilience does not serve them well in the long run.
  • Making Your Youngster Happy on His/Her Birthday  By : Martin Mallett
    Birthdays are one of the most significant days in a child's life. The anticipation of receiving gifts is one of the reasons why they get excited. The fun party and the friends they will have over make them wake up early and in good mood. Birthday parties then, to be roaring must be planned weeks, even months in advance.
  • Planning a party for children  By : Robb Stark
    When you start planning a children’s party you need to think it through thoroughly, otherwise thing may now go as smoothly as you had thought and anticipated. Depending on the age of the child you are planning the party for; there are many different games and activities to choose from. Just remember to have time put aside for other things as well. Planning the whole occasion around fun and games is all good, but children often have many other ideas amongst themselves...
  • 2008 Financial Crisis Affects Parenting Stress  By : Andrew Van Vooren
    The article describes the increase level of stress parents are exposed to because of the current 2008 Financial crisis. How the stress affects the entire family and simple suggestion on how to lower the stress levels for the entire family during difficult financial hardships.

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