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  • Useful Techniques For Child Control  By : Brad James
    Scores of mothers and fathers will agree that when it comes to raising children, giving punishment is just not their best asset. Correcting your daughter or son is essential. Instructing her or him on what's correct and incorrect and in what ways to behave will make your son or daughter develop into a socially favourable adult. In this article are a number of pointers that could help you and your little ones.
  • A Baby Sling is a Must Have  By : Jack Baker
    A child spends nine months inside the womb, aware of only the sound of the heart beat of its mother. So it is natural that after birth, when the child is held in the arms the most comfortable positions for it is close to the chest as it can hear the sound of the heart beat and feels rested.
  • Benefits of Hiring Nanny Services  By : Crunch Care
    A nanny plays a vital role in the healthy upbringing and emotional development of a child. Hiring a nanny who meets the requirements of a family is a time consuming, yet important, process that needs to be handled carefully.
  • Learn How To Detect Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In Kids  By : Brad James
    ADHD, described as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is typical in little ones. This particular condition includes behaviours whereby children don't focus and are considered extremely hasty and energetic in comparison to an average child in the same age bracket. Behavioral problems when it comes to learning and socialising are considerable in small children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Learn How To Understand Child Behaviour  By : Brad James
    Attempting to have an understanding of child behavior can be described as a challenging job. You will discover many factors to take into consideration, including the little one's age, the situations they have been through, gender as well as emotional traits. Obviously, this really is only the starting point.
  • Color Schemes that Create Brilliant Babies  By : Kimp
    Development begins at birth, so do your part to help your baby bloom right from the beginning. Learn how to create a nursery environment with just the right colors, in baby bedding, on walls and on accessories, to spark your baby’s mind and imagination.
  • Simple Methods To Make Improvements To Your Youngster's Conduct  By : Brad James
    Parenting could be the hardest challenge you will ever have in your life. A lot of people point out that there is no such thing as bad children, but you can certainly uncover children who can do bad things. Found in this article are various recommendations on punitive measures and incentive methods that could help make your experience as a parent a tad less difficult.
  • Music iIs The Cure For All Ills  By : Jack Baker
    Going to a baby’s birthday party and can not figure out what to give? Buy music. It always has a relaxing effect on all people including children. It is believed that when to - be mothers, who listen to music, be it classical or instrumental;
  • Discover Summer Fun--For Children With Autism  By : Bonita Darula
    Spring seems to come and go and summer is the time when there should be fun for children with autism. What makes summer fun for children with autism?
  • Have An Understanding Of Child Behavior And Learn How To Deal With Your Youngster  By : Brad James
    Child behavior is fast becoming a really interesting field for both industry experts and ordinary citizens. An increasing number of researches and laboratory tests are now being carried out to more effectively understand a kid's mindset. Child behavior is an enormous topic and entails numerous elements such as temper tantrums, handling lousy children, giving positive reinforcement as well as the rewards strategy.
  • The Recession’s Impact on Children in Crisis  By : Caryl Hallberg
    According to Anne Mitchell, President of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), it will take three to five years after the current recession ends for a child to recover fully from the effects of the economic downturn we are experiencing today. Prior to the current budget crises and economic failures, one in ten Connecticut children, to name just one state as an example, already lived below the poverty line.
  • Some Tips For New Mums And Dads On Taking Care Of Children  By : Brad James
    The newer generation of mothers and fathers should certainly attempt to obtain several good child parenting pointers and begin assuming responsibility for nurturing their little children. The following are a few pet peeves of longtime parents or those who have no children.
  • When Your Teenager Goes Dating  By : grace thomas
    Valentine's Day is way over. However, last night, my little girl candidly asked me one day about how old is she allowed going out on a date! She's 11 when she received her very first v-day chocolates. I wonder what she's getting next year? She growing up to be a fine young lady and of course mommy should be there when she gets stood up by her first
  • Child Behavior Problems And The Effects They Have On The Family  By : Brad James
    Lots of parents wonder if staying sane is possible while parenting children with behaviour problems. Child behaviour problems come in all shapes and sizes and can hit kids of any age. You have to have all sorts of tricks up your sleeve to deal with your kid's behaviour or they will run all over you. We love and adore our children without a doubt, but at times it is just way too difficult to be a parent.
  • Recommendations On How To Parent Strong-Willed Children  By : Brad James
    Just about everyone has witnessed couples that go overboard when disciplining their kids, and also children who become uncontrollable. There must be a strategy for parents to control of their kids and still maintain discipline. Child parenting suggestions are often great for brand new mums and dads as well as those who just want to be much better ones.
  • By What Method Can You Manage Child Meltdowns?  By : Brad James
    There is absolutely no avoiding the fact that meltdowns tend to be almost always done by youngsters to get their way. Parents must not worry too much, since there are a variety of strategies on hand that can help them cope with this type of situation.
  • Toddler Stuttering -Does Analyzing Help Or Does It Make Stuttering Worse?  By : Riley Shaw
    You could have heard of analyzing. You'll have tried it yourself. The very fact is in many circumstances it will probably worsen stuttering. Whereas this article is providing you with practical methods which can assist you to control your stutter, it ought to be noted that this common methodology isn't in a stutterer’s best interest.
  • Parenting Twins: A Self-Assessment at Week 7  By : Glenn Gary
    Parenting twins isn't easy. I give myself a evaluation at week 7. The ups, the downs, there's nothing better than being a parent.
  • Handling Kids And Their Temper Tantrums  By : Chris Selers
    Almost all young ones go through meltdowns. Even though meltdowns may appear to be very severe, difficult to deal with each time it occurs in public areas, and also frightful, they can definitely be sorted out. The following are a few tips for parents who are looking for much more information on kids' outbursts and also managing them.
  • A Handful Of Tactics For Positively Correcting Your Young Children  By : Chris Selers
    If you're a new parent, consider that every phase of your little one's life is rife with issues. You might be stressing about how exactly to take care of emotional fits and other unfavorable behaviors. There are a few simple child behavior guidelines that you can use in order to help manage your little one's movements.
  • Parenting Tips For Brand-New Dads And Moms  By : Chris Selers
    The newer era of mothers and fathers should really make an effort to get their hands on some good child parenting techniques and start taking the appropriate measures for raising their children. Here are a number of pet peeves of parents with grown children or unmarried individuals.
  • 7 Tips for Helping Your Children Cope With Stress  By : Rosemary Lichtman
    Studies show that 75% of American adults and children are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress today. Preteens and teenagers are especially worried about family finances as well as school. These 7 tips can help parents reduce their children's anxiety.
  • Stop Bed Wetting Dvds And Cds - A Different Method For Dealing With Nocturnal Enuresis  By : John Ramon A
    A quick look at stop bed wetting dvds and cds and why they're to be the among the first steps to take when coping with bed wetting in children
  • The Top Strategies To Deal With Rebellious Habits In Young Children  By : Brad James
    Does your daughter or son lack respect, complain, bite, reply aggressively, not listen, throw tantrums, use bad language, or do a myriad of other negative stuff? Does your abode look a lot more like a combat zone than a home? Get your family off to a fresh start by taking note of any of these child behavior suggestions.
  • A Number Of Ideas To Manage Your Small Kids' Unpleasant Actions  By : Chris Selers
    Does your daughter or son lack respect, whine, bite, respond negatively, fail to listen, have outbursts, utilise bad language, or do other horrible stuff? Does your house look a good deal more like a combat zone than a family home? Get back to square one by considering these child behaviour methods.
  • Parenting Tips for Fussy Eaters  By : Angelica Marquass
    My child is picky eater...Do the following statements sound familiar to you? As a loving parent it is natural to get caught up in a whole mix of feelings when your child is not eating well. Firstly, you may feel worried that your child is not getting enough nutrition for his growth and development. You may feel discouraged as you tried so hard but got so little response from your child. Let us look for a reason for a child to be a fussy eater.
  • Games for Children On The Go  By : Greg Bell
    How many times have you deliberately quashed your idea of dining out because you worry seeing your children chasing around shouting and screaming on the indoor play equipment at the cafe? On the other hand, you do not want your kids to sit with a gloomy face while you have a gala time.
  • The Best Things You Can Do To Fight Childhood Obesity  By : Ryan Hogan
    Sadly, America's blubber-welcoming lifestyle is affecting our nation's children. Childhood obesity rates are on the rise and so are the diseases associated with them. Now more than ever, parents must actively watch their children's weight.
  • He Can Say It, But He Can't Write It! What Does That Mean?  By : Lucy Barlow
    How many parents have heard "your child is not putting forth enough effort" or "is being lazy... he is not studying his spelling words". Even though you were up until 10 p.m. the night before studying spelling words "How can this be", thinks the parent. "He knew the words and spelled them out to me without any problem."
  • When to Take a Child to Urgent Care  By : Marshall Littman
    Life with children is full of unexpected surprises. Children do not naturally consider their health and well-being, but the child's wellness is typically the first priority of most parents. Caring parents want to ensure that their children are safe, secure, and enjoy good health, but this can be a very challenging task.
  • How Parenting has been affected by the Recession  By : Expo09
    The current recession is having its effect on many people. This can be even more of a problem for parents. It is expensive bringing up children so when parents suffer financial problems it can become even more of a problem than for others.
  • Role Of Pediatricians In The Physical And Mental Development Of Children  By : benthaml54850b
    Choosing the right pediatrician is the top most priority of an expecting couple. When it comes to providing medical care for kids, it is important to have the services of qualified and experienced pediatricians.
  • Limited Screen Time, More Healthy Kids  By : Simon Johns
    We all have to agree that we cannot stop our kids from gaming, internet and from watching TV programs. No doubt that these are very entertaining choices for kids to educate and teach them. However, getting entertained by going out of the limit may lead your kids suffer from health and diseases problems.
  • HELP! A Parent's Dilemma in Choosing the Right Learning Exercises Program for their Child  By : Lucy Barlow
    This article will attempt to help parents by giving guidelines on selecting a learning program that will address their child's specific intervention needs.
  • Children's Roller Skates  By : Paul_TT
    A guide to buying roller skates for children.
  • Moving with Young Children  By : Tom Selwick
    Moving is a momentous and life altering decision. It can be very exciting or very devastating for some people.
  • Encouraging the Learning of Magic Tricks  By : Jack Landry
    This article talks about the why and how parents should encourage their children to learn magic tricks. It turns out that it can do a world of wonders for them.
  • Travel Cot Mattress - Hypo Allergenic Travel Cot Mattress For Your Baby  By : Man Jon
    Some of the features that are offered with travel cots today include full size bassinettes, change table that can be removed, toy mobiles and night lights that can be activated with voice. These cots are very useful for those who quite frequently travel. These cots are of immense significance for those who are on frequent travels.There are scores of travel cots which are loaded with features that you will not likely use. Travel cot mattress is generally not a part of the basic model of a travel cot.In most of the travel cots, nonetheless, a welcome extra thin and uncomfortable base is found. If needed you need to either buy a costly and heavy travel cot mattress to make the base of the cot soft or towels need to be used.The more features a travel cot has, the heavier it gets.
  • Give Your Child the Electronic Baby Toy Advantage  By : Hampry
    The electronic baby toy is a very good companion of your child. It provides them good chances of all around development. You must buy these selected baby gifts to your child. You must preserve them.
  • The Best Baby Travel Cot  By : TravisOl
    If you want easily slip your baby’s cot into your luggage and go on travels with your baby this article will help you to make your choice.
  • How to Buy Childrens Books Your Kids Will Love  By : Mark Etinger
    This article is for parents of young children and serves as a guide to help them buy childrens books that will actually be read. Choosing the right book can be domino effect and inspire your child to read more and watch less TV.
  • Fostering, Sexually Abused Children and Risk  By : Joe Webb
    Foster carers reduce the risks by finding out as much as possible about any child who might be placed with them. However, this information is particularly important regarding a child who is known to have suffered sexual abuse.
  • Signs or Symptoms of ADHD & ADD in Kids - And Why It's Commonly Missed  By : Chris Selers
    Parents should not feel ashamed or reluctant to seek help about their child's behavior. The more time ADD/ADHD is left without treatment the worse it could end up.
  • What Are My Household Staffing Company Options?  By : Mark Etinger
    What choices do you have when it comes to childcare? Before you call up a household staffing company, let's discuss some options.
  • Financial Adoption To Ease Your Way Towards Adopting A Child  By : Tony Philip
    Adoption is a personal decision concerning a single parent or between two people, and requires a lot of planning and mutual consent. However, the expenses involved with this life changing process discourage many couples from going ahead with it.
  • Selecting a New School for Your Children  By : Tom Selwick
    As a parent the education and social life of your children is very important. Moving can be very difficult and traumatizing for some children.
  • A Clever Way to Exercise with Your Kids  By : Kimp
    Learn an exciting game that will have your kids exercising with big smiles on their faces. It’s so much fun they’ll beg to do it again and again.
  • Fun Activities for Kids - Kids Crafts  By : Ivana Katz
    You will notice that many of the following ideas are very open-ended tasks. Your child will be led by his or her imagination. However, remember that they will be limited by the resources that you place in front of them. At times like these, it can be useful to have your own craft-box, full of odds and ends that will prove
  • Fun Activities for Kids - Indoor Games - All Around The Table - part 2  By : Ivana Katz
    Keeping your kids entertained during the holidays can be a challenge, here are some fun ideas for games you can play with your children or ones they can play with their friends.
  • 8 Tips To Help Your Child From Stuttering  By : Robert Douglas
    Parents are the frontline when it comes to giving the best possible care to the child. We give them clothes, food and shelter. But what if the child has a disorder like stuttering? Well, that love continues and you can also do it by knowing these tips.
  • Child Car Seat Safety – Choosing the Best Child Car Seat for Your Child  By : olivers-baby-care
    When choosing a Childs Car Seat it is important to check with the manufacturer which seat fits in your car. Most manufacturers list child car seats that are appropriate. The next important consideration is your child’s weight – you will notice I didn’t say age – that’s right – child and baby car seats are designed for a child or baby from and up to
  • 10 Tips to Promote Reading as a Hobby within Your Child  By : Mark Etinger
    How to instill reading as a hobby within your child.
  • Most Beneficial Kids Activities  By : Pamelina Siow
    Kids love to do stuff, and we love to watch them participate and work on their activities, whatever they might be. In most cases after school kid's activities are all about fun, however there are also some activities that can help children in other areas of learning, and are much more than just "fun."
  • Kids Playhouse  By : Gary Whipple
    Wooden playhouses offer fantastic worth for your money, as it may stand the test of time for many years with very little attention. Bearing in mind a Luxury Children s Playhouse in your backyard, parents can know impressive piece of mind with the purpose of their child is in a safe place somewhere they can keep a watchful eye on themes they play happily on their own or with friends.
  • Good Rewards for Kids  By : Corina Volegna
    Hopefully, this short guide can help you with some ideas beyond the standard MP3 player or handheld gaming device. Remember, rewards for good behavior tend to work well and are easier on everyone than punishments.
  • Confirmed - My Baby Girl has Down Syndrome!  By : Shelly Adams
    Experiencing firsthand what it's like to give birth to child with special needs! During my pregnancy with my only daughter, I had no idea she was going to be born with Down Syndrome and what was in store in the days ahead. I was about to be giving birth to a special needs child too early.
  • Child Anxiety: The Five Main Signs  By : David Fairhouse
    Childhood anxiety is in many parts of the world on the increase but most parents don't really know what to do about it. Here we highlight the 5 main symptoms of childhood anxiety
  • The Endless Summer Opportunities of Overnight Camps  By : Lois Deckelbaum
    How will your child spend this summer? Does your child need to develop new skills in sports, arts or sciences? Or gain self-confidence? Is your child happier with a variety of activities or a focused program devoted to a special interest? Is your child competitive or more interested in life-skills based programs? Would a nurturing environment be best? The answers will help guide you to the type of summer program that best fits your child.
  • 5 More Ways to Childproof Your Home  By : Jesse Whitehead
    Young children are naturally curious, and have a tendency to explore their surroundings. However, this exploration and discovery can often lead the child into areas that are potentially harmful. This article presents five things you can do to keep your young child safe in the home.
  • Montessori Childcare on the Gold Coast - what is the Best Option  By : Rick Rakauskas
    For those who live on the Gold Coast, is your existing childcare meeting your needs? There are three basic types of chilcare available to you. The choices you have are Traditional Preschool, In home Childcare or a Childcare facility, and Montessori Childcare on the Gold Coast.
  • Discover How To Potty Train Your Child Who Has Autism  By : Bonita Darula
    How to potty train an autistic child may not be as difficult as you think. Most parents with an autistic child are extremely intimidated by thinking of potty training, due to the fact of introducing new and stressful things into the life of an autistic child. This may appear to be overwhelming and seem impossible.
  • Earache Relief Found Rapidly  By : SJC
    A number of remedies have been tried over the years to achieve earache relief and specific old wives' tales have proven to be effective in some situations. The overall choice tends to be antibiotics, but should that be the optimal choice?
  • How To Deal With A Depressed Child  By : Alice O.
    Just like adults, young children and teenagers can get depressed and their ill-being has to be taken seriously and treated. This is why recognizing depression symptoms in a child early enough can really help your depressed child getting over his depression. This article lists symptoms and give solutions to children's depression.
  • Are Your Kids Lying? Learn How To Stop This Behavior  By : Alice O.
    Kids lying don’t necessarily have a serious problem. Indeed, most kids lie at least once. What is very important is to define what kind of lies your kid tells. That way you can know how serious this is. This article tells you the resons and the solutions to children's lying behavior.
  • How To Make Your Child Hitting Behavior Stop  By : Alice O.
    A child hitting his parents or other children is of course unacceptable. Before saying “no” or “stop”, it’s very important to understand what causes this behavior and then explain why it’s wrong. You can’t expect your child to know what is good or bad without you telling him. Let's learn how to stop his behavior !
  • Double Jogging Strollers - Many Styles And Colours  By : James Morgan
    It is certainly astonishing how indispensable and handy double jogging strollers really are for mothers and fathers who are energetic. Double jogging strollers are considered a must have baby accessory mainly if you have two offspring or twins and would like to maintain the connection with them while doing your jogging routine. Another advantage of taking your children together with you whilst you are jogging is being able to maintain that bond between parent and child even when working up a sweat.
  • How to Conquer Night Time Anxiety in Kids  By : Charlene Nelson
    How to overcome night time anxiety in kids? Here are some tips to send away all the demons in your child’s imagination.
  • Overcoming Power Struggles with your Child  By : Jay Marie
    Do you have daily power struggles with your child? This can take its toll on both of you. First, take time to reflect on when these power struggles occur.
  • Ideas On Baby Shower Cake Wording  By : Paul A Allen Jr
    Because of the importance of baby showers and being that they are a once in a lifetime opportunity for a new child, it is necessary to do it correctly. Selecting the proper wording for a baby shower cake is highly big to insure the moment is captured perfectly.
  • How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween  By : William Turley
    Halloween is one is of America's most dangerous and deadly holidays. Most parents know about candy tampering. However, many parents don't realize burns, pedestrian injuries and falls account for the majority of the injuries on Halloween. Here is how to make sure your kids are safe on Halloween.
  • A Call To Action for Christian Mentoring of At Risk Children  By : dgcarticle
    Occasionally the providential care of God delicately requests my focus, and in doing so it rolls up the darkness of suspicion that has a way of sneaking into my sight. One such occasion happened to me just lately. This past Friday afternoon, I was sitting at my desk worrying over the minutiae of ministry when I received a call. The person on the other end of the phone announced himself as Robert Stinser*, and mentioned he had been matched to a Long Island Youth Mentoring mentor when he was eleven years-old. He said that he was grown up now, and wanted to give back in some manner to this ministry. I asked Robert how old he is now and he said thirty-three.
  • Arts and Crafts to Improve Your Childs Learning  By : Michiel Van Kets
    When you have the opportunity perhaps to work on crafts with your children you will find that while the event itself is fulfilling your children also improve their interaction skills and their creativity can perhaps begin to flourish you may even dis
  • Helping Your ADHD Child Socialize  By : Paul Jacobs
    The number one mistake parents with ADHD children make are to isolate their children from other children because they fear the worst happening. This article discusses why this is not a good thing to do and how you can best help your child to socialize with others
  • How To Use Word Wall Games And SnapWords (TM) With Your Child  By : Toan Dinh
    Benefit of "Pop Up" Word Wall Game: Children will have the chance to practice reading common words (sight words) they have just learned, and build their fluency the more often they play the game.
  • Great Learning Disability Resources For Children With Dyslexia  By : Toan Dinh
    As a parent or guardian of a child with dyslexia, you can help by investing in learning disability resources that are specifically designed to help your child work with his or her disorder.
  • Parents Should NEVER Punish a Child for Bedwetting  By : P.Rodgers
    It appears that some children who wet the bed have relatively small bladders that cannot hold much urine. Punishment almost never works and may actually increase bedwetting as the child becomes more upset, nervous, ashamed, and/or resentful toward parents. As parents, it's our responsibility to look out for the well-being of our children. In fact, we owe it to them.
  • What to Look for in Sunscreens for Kids  By : Gen Wright
    When choosing a sunscreen for your kids, the greatest urge may be to simply grab something off the shelf of your local drug store.
  • Tips for Understanding Your Child and His Performance  By : Toni Bostrom
    Nobody ever said parenting is an trouble-free and smooth task. More commonly, parents find it hard, difficult, and frustrating to cope with their children. If you have problems with your child’s behavior, it would help a lot if you would try to reach out. Understanding your child and his behavior would certainly work wonders. Anyway, if you would not take the effort to do so, who would?
  • 3 Money Management Lessons Parents Can Teach their Kids  By : Ozeme J Bonnette
    As parents, we are responsible for helping our children grow up and develop skills toward self-sufficiency. The type of people our children become has a lot to do with the instruction we provide to them. Teaching money management skills is an important area that should not be overlooked as we prepare our children for life on their own.
  • Taking Cute Baby Photos – Capturing the Right Moment  By : Michiel Van Kets
    How can you keep those cute baby images for ever? You can take the cutest baby photographs that you can and have a permanent reminder. Even better you can enter baby photo contests with great shots and share the cuteness of your child with the world. So how do you take cute photos, and ones that are suitable for entering into a baby picture contest?
  • Teaching Your Child Spanish As a Second Language  By : Frank R. Bilotta
    It is common knowledge that in today's world it is very beneficial to learn a second language. In addition to being able to meet more people, and getting to experience more of the world's diverse cultures, being bilingual opens the door wider to oppo
  • Back To School Is Safety Time For Kids  By : Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch
    Getting your young children ready to go back to school shouldn't stop with school supplies. You also should be thinking about getting their health and safety organized. It may not be something that you want to think about, but a little bit of preparation can make all the difference. We urge you to take a few minutes this week and make a plan.
  • Five Crucial Tips to Keep Your Children Protected This Halloween  By : Pavion Jordan
    Halloween is possibly the most nerve racking holiday of the time for new parents. Dressing your children up in masks and then setting them out on street to ask for candy from strangers can be a technique for disaster if you’re not properly prepared.
  • School Survival - 10 Tips to Keep Children Safe in an Emergency  By : Gungagalonga
    School teachers and principals should adhere to these ten tips and think about buying school survival kits to make sure that classrooms are adequately prepared for an emergency situation or lockdown order.
  • Handling Child Bullying  By : garyhill
    Bullying is when someone, or a group of people, upset or create a risk to another person's health and safety - either psychologically or physically - or their property, reputation or social acceptance on more than one occasion.
  • Teaching Kids About Money  By : Vince Shorb
    Discover the tips to teaching children about money. Teaching kids about money is easier and takes less time than picking up high school algebra and the knowledge they acquire can make a long-lasting difference in their life.
  • Has Your Child Got The Eco Message? Some Tips To Throwing An Eco Friendly Party  By : David B Taylor
    If you are the parents of young children or even babies it seem as though being eco-friendly and recycling is the message really being pushed towards this next generation from a very young age. It is so important for them to see the bigger picture about saving the planet and helping to save endangered animals. Read more.
  • How to Entertain Children At Your Wedding  By : Jackie Hurst
    As much as children are a major part of any wedding, you don't want them to take the focus of any of your intimate and tender moments with the usual sulks and tantrums. So nowadays a lot of wedding day packages include childrens wedding entertainers. Have an entertainer booked to keep the little angels busy when you need a more adult vibe.
  • Find out How to Declutter a Child's Closet  By : Jeremy Glennon
    If a youngster is to become organized, they have to be given the tools to make it trouble-free for them to stay orderly. The kid's storage section needs to be effortless to utilize for them to uphold the space.
  • My Kid Won't Eat That!  By : Melissa Halas Liang
    Children are influenced by so many cues on what, how and why to eat. Food manufacturers spend billions on marketing campaigns that entice children to eat their products.
  • Stuck For Children's Party Ideas?  By : Jackie Hurst
    At this time, having a smaller budget to show our children how much we care especially around birthdays is becoming more difficult. Let's face it, there are loads of options out there but when they have been to the local indoor play facility three times already this year for other kids birthday's you need to show some originality.
  • Party Advice For Parents at your Kid's Party  By : Jackie Hurst
    If you are arranging your child's first big party then you need to get a few basic principles right and the rest should follow. These tips will work for birthdays, club parties, end of year or just celebrating something special.
  • Parents: Drop Your Pencil and Move Away from the Homework!  By : Aviva Schwab
    HOMEWORK. The word fills most kids and their parents with trepidation and fear. Find out how to help your child help himself with the dreaded task - while retaining both his love for you and his love of learning.
  • Boy How Have Times Changed!  By : James Holan
    This article is about how the times have changed since I have grown up to how kids are today.
  • Vision Therapy Under Attack As A Treatment For Children With Learning Disabilities  By : Darin Browne
    Once more conventional medical specialists have launched their "once every decade" attack on Vision Therapy and Behavioral Optometry. They are using the internet news sites to direct an assault on a scientifically supported and capably establish
  • Choosing and Fitting the Right Shoe for Your Child  By : Dr Andrew Schneider
    It is crucial that children be fitted for shoes properly. Especially when they are active in sports and activity, a properly fitting shoe is important for babies, toddlers, and teenagers. This article discusses what to look for in shoes for your children.
  • Stop Bullying- 10 Key Bullying Myths Exposed  By : Barry Kareful
    Far too long have bully victims and society in general made misinformed decisions that were based on the many bullying myths, lies, and half-truths related to this serious social problem. Until we understand and expose these myths as the lies and half-truths that they really are, we will continue to support and empower the bully and a bully culture in our society.
  • Help! I Need A Stroller Travel System  By : David Cummings
    There are many styles and functional types of strollers available, and parents must maneuver the myriad of choices available to them to determine which style/color meets their needs. Stroller travel systems help new parents make quick task of making two decisions, which car seat and which stroller to purchase.
  • Play is Kid's Work for Healthy Child Development  By : Katherine Nagy
    Kid's play is officially a child's right according to the United Nations. The news is full of reports of kids having less activity time due to TV and the obesity issues that are seen as a consequence of the lack of kids participating in active play. However, the importance of creative play is often overlooked. Spontaneous, imaginative, and creative play is just as necessary for a healthy child as active play.
  • Preparing Your Child For The First Dental Visit  By : Shen-Li Lee
    If you want to ensure your child has a positive long-term relationship with the dentist, it is important to make sure the first visit goes well. Remember, "first impressions last". Here are some things you can do to help your child prepare for that first visit.

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