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  • What There Is To Know About Nanny Toronto  By : Adriana Noton
    Hiring a nanny Toronto is a major undertaking for any parent. It is quite a big deal trusting your children to someone outside of your family. Families hire nannies for a number of reasons. Typically, both parents are employed and do not have the time to care for the child or children within the home.
  • Personalized Toy Boxes  By : Jacque Crook
    Children are not typically tidy individuals by nature; organization is a skill that must be taught. Personalized toy boxes are a great way to instill that skill in them. A toy box is a must have furniture piece/accessory to every child's room and playroom.
  • Childrens Toy Boxes  By : Jacque Crook
    There are many good reasons to choose childrens toy boxes over simply using a plastic container for the storage of toys. Plastic containers are great for storing away old toys, but they sure are not good for an everyday toy box. A wooden toy chest is a far better option and there are several reasons why.
  • How to Make School Lunches Your Child Will Eat  By : Stephanie Foster
    The trouble with packing a lunch for your kids to eat at school is that they won't always want to eat the healthy food you pack for them. How can you pack school lunches that are likely to get eaten?
  • How to Give a Baby Gift That Makes a Lasting Impression  By : Kali Winters
    As you can tell, not all baby gifts are of equal value. Some certainly stand out from the crowd and some seem to get lost in the sea of baby gifts new parents receive.
  • Froggle Entertainers- The Modern Kids Entertainer  By : Froggleparties
    A kids’ entertainer from FroggleParties is the perfect way to take the strain out of preparing a child’s party. With puppet shows, face painting and even a mobile disco, FroggleParties is the ultimate name in children’ party entertainment.
  • 6 Fun Activities to Teach Your Preschooler about Shapes  By : Liz Allan
    Learning about shapes is important for a number of skills and learning areas at school and later in life. Making learning fun helps your child to enjoy learning and develop a positive attitude towards it as well. These six easy activities will help you make learning about shapes fun for your preschool child.
  • Surviving Morning Routines With Your Children  By : Rachelle Salinger
    Morning routines are one of the first big hurdles that families have to tackle each day. It’s like a race where the kids have to be dressed, tummies filled, and then off to school with backpacks in hand in record time! Afterwards, your house can look like it’s been hit by a hurricane, with clothes on the floor, hair accessories everywhere, and breakfast on the floor.
  • Stress-busting Techniques for Moms  By : Rachelle Salinger
    Mothers have a lot on their plates, and we’re not talking about food here. We take care of the little ones, support our husbands, make sure everyone is fed, clean the house, do the dishes, finish the laundry and accomplish a host of other household chores. With kids around, things can get extra complicated. One minute you may be peacefully styling your little girl’s hair with her favorite hair accessories; the next, you may find yourself in the middle of an earsplitting tantrum.
  • Express Yourself: Accessories 101 for Busy Moms  By : Rachelle Salinger
    Being a mom means being on your toes 24/7. Not only are you chasing after toddlers, changing diapers or styling thin, wispy hair, you are also cleaning the house, doing the laundry and cooking dinner. For working moms, it gets even more complicated. The bottom line is that there is hardly any time for yourself, because now it’s all about the little ones.
  • Raising Girls: Survival Tips  By : Rachelle Salinger
    Being that you’re female, you probably thought that raising a girl would be a piece of cake. It kind of makes sense because, after all, you have been through all the ages and stages of girlhood, I mean how hard can it be? And then your little princess arrives, and you soon realize that all those years of hands-on experience did little to prepare you for being a girl’s mother.
  • Perfectly Imperfect: Teaching Your Child Self Acceptance  By : Rachelle Salinger
    Today’s world puts a lot of emphasis on popularity, and how it can set the tone for what’s “acceptable.” The truth is you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try. Adults have already learned this lesson, but it’s a hard one to impart to a child. Knowing what “normal” is can be tricky.
  • Friends Forever: Helping your Child Form Meaningful Friendships  By : Rachelle Salinger
    Woodrow Wilson once said, “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” And indeed, friends are an important part of life. This holds true for all ages, even for your little one. Having, few or no friends can deeply affect your child’s self-esteem and how they view their social skills.
  • 10 Sure Ways to Show Your Children You Love Them  By : Rachelle Salinger
    One of the best gifts you can give your child is to be the best parent that you can be. Parenthood is one tough job, and at times you may feel that you are not cut out for it. Be patient. With perseverance and daily doses of love, you will find the rewards within the challenges. You may have to endure your toddler’s public tantrum one minute, and be ready to receive hugs and kisses when she sees her new hair accessories the next.
  • Gearing Your Teen For Success  By : Rachelle Salinger
    They really do grow up fast! It seems like only yesterday that your baby girl’s world revolved in a small sphere. She depended on you for even for the simplest things, and you lovingly catered to her ever whim. Now, all of a sudden that baby girl is a young lady. Baby gifts have been replaced by mobile phones and makeup. And, as with most teenagers, she is no longer so excited to have Mom prying into her life all the time.
  • What is Your Child’s Personality Type?  By : Rachelle Salinger
    Child development experts are still locked in a debate over nature versus nurture. It is the longstanding argument over whether a person’s innate qualities (“nature”) or her personal experiences (“nurture”) carry more importance in determining individual differences in her physical, behavioral, and personality traits.
  • Helping Children Practice Oral Hygiene  By : Tommy Greene
    It can be very difficult to get your children to take care of their teeth. Teaching the principles of good oral hygiene at a young age will help them continue to have good habits.
  • Tips For Parents With A Spoiled Child  By : Raymond Price
    There are tips for parents with a spoiled child that can help make things easier. The first thing a parent needs to understand is why the child is spoiled. Every parent wants to have a happy child and sometimes being to permissive and lenient with a small child
  • How To Make My Infant Smarter  By : Steve Martinez
    Every parent wants to raise a little Einstein. Although not all infants are geniuses, you can stimulate your baby’s intelligence. Help your baby to explore the world around them in order to facilitate further brain development.
  • Child Development - Sensory Development of Baby  By : Cheow Yu Yuan
    Sensory Development is as important to your Baby's Development as Brain development. The sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin etc) feed the brain with sensory experiences that underlines much of the stimulants required by the Brain to build neural pathways.
  • Child Development - Developing the Brain of Your Child  By : Cheow Yu Yuan
    Your Baby's brain development is directly linked to movement. Research has established relationship between movement experiences and overall neural pathway building in the brain.
  • Preparing Kids for Moving  By : Andrew Stratton
    Children need routine and stability. Here are some ways to prepare them for moving.
  • Discover The Little Tikes Kitchen Set - A Perfect Toy For Every Child  By : Emma Robertson
    Are you having a hard time trying to figure out what to get your kids for their next birthday or for Christmas? You may be thinking that by now your children have got to have too many toys and that it would be so much better to give them clothes or shoes that they can use in school. But, you must admit, the look on your child's face when he opens a present and finds a new toy is priceless.
  • Fisher Price Play Kitchen - Choosing The Perfect Set For Your Child  By : Emma Robertson
    One of the things most children love to do is play a game of make-believe, or indulging in role-playing activities that make them feel as if they're all grown up. This is why kitchen sets for children are among the most popular toys of all time.
  • Plan A Perfect Party With A Barbie Tea Set  By : Emma Robertson
    Planning your child's birthday party can be lots of fun and seeing the joy on your child's face during the party itself is the best of all rewards. To make sure that the party is successful and memorable, you often have to plan the party that you wish you had when you were young. And if you are planning this birthday party for a little girl then perhaps it is best to plan a party that features the doll of every girl's dreams - Barbie!
  • Why Christmas Sacks Might Be Right For Your Child  By : mark cadavos
    When it comes to the younger members of the family, Christmas is just one of those holidays that you want to take every chance you can get to make it as special as possible for them. There are a great deal of clever products and decorations out there but we will discuss one of the more unique ones. We will discuss why Christmas sacks might be right
  • Childcare Madison WI Offers Exceptional Childcare  By : Fred Fish
    Excellence is the only option for childcare experts at Madison day care. Children are provided with daily activities that stimulate them socially, spiritually and educationally.
  • Teaching Your Children the Importance of Dental Care  By : Tom Selwick
    This article is about helping your children know how to care for their teeth. It suggests ways to make brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist fun.
  • Benefits of Hiring Caregivers from Nanny Referral Agencies  By : Crunch Care
    For full-time employees it can be nearly impossible to manage household chores, child rearing duties, or taking care of dependent adults. It becomes even more difficult when unexpected situations arise such as a child’s illness or when adult gets sick. Hiring a caregiver can help you in your daily routine and better manage your time.
  • All About Play Equipment For Children  By : Lance Thorington
    When looking for play equipment one has to keep in mind the age of the children this equipment will be for. There are different types of play equipment for different ages. If looking for something for the very young, consideration needs to be given to the fact that the younger a child is, the less stable they are on their feet.
  • All About School Playground Equipment  By : Lance Thorington
    There are many styles of school playground equipment, from that which is suitable for the very young in kindergarten and the early years, to the mid primary and later primary years. Playground equipment for children in school years of kindergarten and possibly years one and two, will need equipment which is designed with more safety features than for the older classes.
  • School Playground For All Children  By : Lance Thorington
    When designing a school playground there may be quite a number of things that will have to be decided before the actual playground becomes a reality. The first things to decide will be where is the best place for it to be situated, should it be central to the school area, or would it be better placed at one end.
  • How Children Learn to Share by Disco Dancing  By : Smarcks
    Teaching our children to share is one seemingly small action that can make a surprisingly big difference. The Smarcks Song is a creative disco dance party approach that you can use to make one of the many challenges of raising children a little easier.
  • Why Shapes are Important for Preschoolers  By : Liz Allan
    Recognizing and naming shapes is an important learning area for preschoolers, and not just because we eed to be able to call a square a square. Good quality preschool worksheets can help you teach your
    child all about shapes – for all the right reasons.
  • Maxi Cosi Car Seats and other Max Cosi Pushchairs Reviewed  By : Antony Baughan
    Maxi Cosi - one of the big names in the market for baby car seats, child car seats, car booster seats, car seat bases, child car seat covers, buggies and pushchairs accessories. Maxi Cosi is part of the Dorel group, a global company, with research facilities in the U.K, Holland, U.S.A and France. Best sellers include the Maxi Cosi Pebble Car Seat, the Maxi Cosi Priori XP Child Car Seat.
  • Help, My Kids Won't Let Me Work  By : Stephanie Foster
    Working at home is frustrating at times, particularly when children want attention and you really need to get things done. How can you balance the two?
  • Produce An Attraction In Growing Plants For Children With Fun Gardening Presents  By : Jake Brown
    Kids these days regularly don't comprehend how fun in addition to rewarding growing flowers could be. But with a little fun gardening merchandise, you might create an appeal in growing plants for the own children, the grand-children, or pupils with a little easy growing flowers products. children love to use something new. Each instance they get a
  • Kid's Science Lab Supplies  By : Adriana Noton
    Once children begin to reach higher grade levels, it is important for parents to start considering buying school supplies in different subjects other than the typical notebooks and pens for reading and writing.
  • Modern Fathers And Mothers Would Require Child-Rearing Seminars  By : Chris Selers
    Taking care of kids is a great part of human life, and those who've had the chance to become parents would understand how it feels. Even though dads and mums love their kids unconditionally, they'll also take on lots of parenting challenges. There would be scenarios wherein moms and dads would need the support and also information that parenting workshops provide.
  • Benefits of Making Your own personal Homemade Baby Meals  By : Andy Panman
    Making your personal handmade infant meals will make sure that what your child is consuming will be fresh, nourishing and free of additives.
  • How Little Girls Benefit From Play Kitchen Sets  By : Emma Robertson
    Most people expect little girls to grow up into the perfect homemaker, or at least learn to cook for themselves. This is why a lot of mothers want to introduce their daughters to life's simple responsibilities as early as possible. A very good way to do that is by letting them play constructive role-playing games such as playing house.
  • The Most Successful Ways To Discipline Toddlers  By : Ray Dickson
    Informative ways to discipline toddlers
  • Parents Guide to Buying School Shoes  By : Stella Manson
    Buying school shoes can be a difficult task. There are a multitude of factors to consider and unfortunately it is not always straightforward understanding if your child's shoes are a perfect fit or not. The following therefore are 10 simple guides to follow when choosing school shoes for your child so you have piece of mind that your child can go to school happy.
  • Maxi Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat, Loola Buggy and Mura 3 Wheel Pushchair Reviewed  By : Antony Baughan
    Maxi Cosi - one of the big names in the market for baby car seats, child car seats, car booster seats, car seat bases, child car seat covers, buggies and pushchairs accessories. Maxi Cosi is part of the Dorel group, a global company, with research facilities in the U.K, Holland, U.S.A and France. Best sellers include the Maxi Cosi Pebble Car Seat, the Maxi Cosi Priori XP Child Car Seat and the Maxi Cosi Mura 3 Wheel Pushchair.
  • Graco TotBloc Pack n Play Playard with Carry Bag Review  By : Elijiah Rampart
    Full time moms who stay at home to care for their family understand the value of having a play yard for their small children. You have a million things to think about seemingly at once and to be able to manage this you need a safe and secure place to put your small child. A play yard gives you the ability to do just this so you can take care of business and run your household.
  • Looking at a List of Essentials for Home Daycares  By : Tom Selwick
    If you love spending time with children, you could make money doing it by opening up a daycare. This article gives tips on what essential things are needed to start up this fun and challenging business.
  • Best Coloring Pages for Girls  By : Jonathan Jacobson
    If you need ideas on what coloring pages to download for the little girl in your house then our definitive guide will sort you out.
  • Children- It’s Our Job to Keep Them Safe  By : Mike Smith
    It’s not so long ago that background investigations were associated only with jobs that required a weapon or presented financial temptation, or for positions related to national security.
  • There Is Nothing More Precious Than A Child's Smile  By : Donald Vanson
    The smile of a child is truly one of the most treasured aspects of their physical appearance. A child's self-confidence, which is crucial to development, can easily be brought down by dental problems.
  • Choosing an Extracurricular Activity for Your Child  By : Ronald Pedactor
    Choosing an extracurricular activity for your child to participate in can be a very difficult decision. There are many choices and elements to consider.
  • Electronic baby toy for the development of your child  By : Hampry
    You can have various guidelines over the Internet that can help you in the true sense of the term. Even you can have various websites that can give you details about what to use for your child and how.
  • Sew Costumes For Your Childs Birthday Party  By : Matthew L. Hill
    Wearing a costume for the duration of children birthday celebration parties is probably one of the most precious memories any child may ever have. This is because he or she will be able to attend a happy celebration, join other boys and girls in activities and games...
  • Scrap Booking after Childs Birthday Party  By : Joyce J. Arias
    A little ones special birthday celebration is probably one of the most memorable experiences any infant might ever have. As this is a special moment, the memories throughout this celebration should be preserved mainly because these will remind their child in the good experiences he or she had in the course of the younger years.
  • What To Look For When Choosing A Daycare  By : Tammy J. Garrett
    Picking out a daycare for your youngster can be a difficult choice; the final matter you want to do is put them in the facility that is going to ultimately be harmful to their development and happiness.
  • The Importance of Healthy Foods and Healthy Eating Habits for Children  By : Emma Arsanti
    Many parents feel having trouble with healthy foods and healthy eating habits in their children. Often we find a child who will not eat vegetables, fruits, or fish. Avoid giving unhealthy foods like junk food. Psychologically, eating behavior arises because children imitate the eating habits of other family members.
  • The Best of Britax Car Seats Reviewed  By : Antony Baughan
    Britax A British headquartered and American owned business that occupies a dominant position in the marketplace for Britax child car seats and car booster seats, pushchairs, as well as baby travel systems.
  • Child Daycare Preparations  By : Vivian R. Jones
    The transition from staying home to entering a full time day care can be a tough 1 for lots of youngsters. You can find many things mothers and fathers can do to make this work easier, and to ensure a good morning care experience.
  • Things To Do With Kids  By : Valeno Valentino
    For more hands on and creative things to do with kids, parents can turn to local arts and craft centers. Like indoor playgrounds, these shops have become a great place to spend time as a family.
  • Don't Be A Pain in the Drain!  By : Eric Eckl
    There's a small handful of things you absolutely don't want to flush down the drain –old cooking grease, unused medicines, and household chemicals. When you dispose of these things improperly, you can cause water pollution and damage the water pipes that everybody shares.
  • Don't Punish. Use Positive Discipline For Children & Evaluate  By : Sarah Hall
    When your child does something you don't want them to be do. Don't react too fast. Pause for a moment to "evaluate" the situation. This is part of positive discipline for children. With positive discipline you will improve your parenting skills and avoid children behavioral problems.
  • Daycare Provider For Your Toddlers  By : Jimmy Albas
    Years ago, merely asking a buddy who ""sat"" for them was as uncomplicated as picking up the telephone. Or you could discover an advert inside of the neighborhood newspaper.
  • 15 Things Your Kids Can Do for the Environment  By : Stephanie Foster
    Being eco friendly is something you should do as a family. Parents can help their kids get involved with these simple tips.
  • Prevent And Succeed In Positive Discipline for Children  By : Sarah Hall
    Prevention is often the first step in Positive Discipline for Children to solve child behavioral problems and get any child to listen. Just as the saying goes: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Well it's the same when it comes to Positive Discipline for Children. That's why "child-proofing your life" is as important as "baby-proofing your space".
  • 5 Helpful Tips To Finding The Best Daycare Provider  By : Daniel Herzner
    Daycare is a big decision many more parents are faced with today. When armed with a little knowledge, you will be able to make the best decision you can for your little one.
  • Don't Let Your Kids Be Incompetent in Basic Life Skills  By : Stephanie Foster
    It may be easier to handle most household chores rather than make the kids do them, but it's a bad idea to let them off too lightly on chores. They need the skills for their own lives later on.
  • Choose the Right Preschool: Montessori, Progressive, Traditional, Waldorf or Reggio Emilia  By : Karen Quinn
    Montessori, Progressive, Traditional, Waldorf or Reggio Emilia - Learn which is right for your child. School admissions expert Karen Quinn compares the different types of nursery schools from which you can choose.
  • How To Potty Train Your Child - Tips On How To Make It Easier  By : Carolyn Anderson
    One of the important things that a parent should teach a child is to teach him how to use the toilet. You can carry out this training at a time that both you and your child are ready. Of course, learning how to potty train your child is important for parents as this will save you from the hassles of having to change your child's diapers often.
  • Metabolism In Children and Children Health  By : Bret Bradshaw
    You can assume that if something is bad for you it is also bad for your children. A child's body is completely different than adults.
  • What Your Child Can Get From Reading  By : Charlie
    We all know how reading can benefit us both in our personal and business lives. Reading can help us learn new things and it can help improve our communication skills without noticing it.
  • Kids Gifts For Your Favorite Kids  By : Kate S
    Kids gifts should fit the age of the kid and are safe. They should also be fun and educational. Some gifts for kids that meet these criteria include plush animals, kids gift basket, kids activity care package, candy gift, movie gift basket, kids cake, personalized harmonica, and personalized train bank.
  • Baby Yeast Infection Symptoms  By : Jonny McClinton
    Babies get yeast infections too - check out these baby yeast infection symptoms and get on top of it sooner!
  • Protecting Your Child With a Child Safety Tracking Device  By : Iain Jones
    Any parent who has ever lost track of a child, even if for just a few moments, will understand what a stressful experience this is. Nevertheless, parents do understand that it is important not to deprive their children of too much liberty and freedom so they can have the kinds of life experience that helps them to develop into well balanced adults.
  • Bean Bags For Children - An ideal Present  By : Matt Droves
    In case you have children you realize how challenging it is to keep them relaxing in one location! Kids and chairs simply do not mix. However given that beanbags for kids are made in all kinds of size and shapes, getting them to sit in one place isn’t so hard any more!
  • Handling The Problem Of Child Anger  By : Eddie Lamb
    Child anger is a considerable problem for caregivers and teachers. Not all children express an extreme amount of anger, but every child has the feeling. It's what they do with their feelings that determines whether caretakers or teachers become concerned. Adults have the same feelings as kids, but most adults have mastered self control enough to minimize any undesirable outcomes.
  • At What Age Should Children Be Allowed to Play Video Games?  By : Dr. Mike Brooks, Ph.D.
    When should children be allowed to play video games? This is a difficult question with which many parents struggle and can apply to many forms of technology (e.g., TV, computer, cell phones, iPods). Such issues will probably grow thornier as technology advances and becomes even more ubiquitous.
  • Can Praise Be Harmful to Children?  By : ApaCenter
    It seems like it is common wisdom to praise our kids for things like their athletic skills, musical ability, intelligence, creativity, talent, and so on. We want them to internalize all of our praise and have high self-esteem, right?
  • Child Safety Tips for the Home  By : Maureen Amberg
    Make your home a safe environment for your children. These tips are in addition to the obvious ones.
  • Establishing Healthy Habits Early in Life  By : Maureen Amberg
    A wonderful journey when you have children. Learn how to enjoy every moment!
  • Explore The Three Ways On How Your Children Can Benefit From Reading  By : Charlie
    If you're thinking of joining book clubs, look online and you will find various websites that lead you to good ones such as the Doubleday Large Print Book Club and Mystery Guild, two book clubs that can help you discover books deeper to make reading more fulfilling.
  • Character Education and its Benefits to our Children  By : panchal nirmit
    Good character education is one of the most important things our children will learn in life. The benefits are positive and the outcome will lead our children into successful lives, as well as becoming a good citizen.
  • Webkinz Stuffed Toys Are Actually Great For Kids  By : Buy Webkinz Worldwide
    By now most have heard about Webkinz being a big favorite among kids. If haven't, probably will soon enough as they aren't going away any time soon. Webkinz definitely has a strange name to it, but lots of fun is attached to this interactive game/pet as it isn't just a stuffed animal. Those who watch kids and get involved know very well
  • How to Move With Children  By : Bobby Hughes
    As the marketing coordinator at Hughes Relocation Services, Inc., a company that has been serving the Philadelphia area since 1973, Bobby Hughes understands that moving becomes all the more difficult when children are involved. Therefore, he offers the following tips on moving with children:
  • How to Choose Eco Friendly Children's Toys  By : Stephanie Foster
    Kids these days expect to have a lot of toys. How can you keep them as eco friendly as possible while still letting the kids be kids?
  • What Baby Sees Baby Does  By : Florencefsd Wallsdd
    It is possible for parents and teachers to resort to some name calling when talking about children, but it is never acceptable to refer to a child through erroneous and negative terms like stubborn, criminal, rebellious, or even insolent. Regularly, parents would not even be aware that the child is already suffering from mild to severe hearing loss, and although a physician says the condition can be cured, undetected cases cause such misunderstandings to transpire.
  • Child Carrier Backpack - What To Consider To Make The Right Choice  By : Felicity Porter
    The child carrier backpack, such as any of the Evenflo baby carrier models and other manufacturers, has developed from the simple slings we’ve seen African and South American ladies use to keep their infants with them at all times. They sure have come a good distance from the rectangle of fabric to hang across the shoulders. Today’s models are ergonomic with the very best carrying positions and support for the infants and with padded straps and some even with back support for the parents.
  • Baby furniture gives you the ultimate comfort ability  By : Hampry
    Your baby is a very sensitive one and need special care at the very beginning of their life. It is really important to bring them all kinds of facilities and comfort abilities so that the child can flourish at its best and online services are no doubt a huge opportunity for this.
  • Build A Plate for Kids  By : Build A Plate for kids
    Build-A-Plate for Kids teaches all kids how to eat a healthy diet. FREE REPORT - "5 Food to Never Feed Your Child"
  • Safety Gates For Stairs  By : kayla pang
    Once you were a child, your mother and father probably taught you from a quite young age to remain aside from the stairs right up until you had been old sufficient to learn to go up and lower them safely and on your own.
  • Have Fun with Your Kids: 5 Pretend Play Games  By : Kimp
    If your child likes pretend play then you'll want to read this article about 5 unique pretend play games you can play with common kids toys. These are so much fun!
  • On Family Calendar: How to Teach Kids About the Importance of Time  By : Noel91M
    A family calendar fills in each member of your family so that he/she would know exactly what you are up to at the moment and would know where to look for you in case of emergency. This type of calendar works either electronically (online) or traditionally (using a paper-based calendar).
  • The Difference Between Toys When We Were Kids and Modern Toys  By : Catalin
    This is about the incredible discordance between the toys we had a couple of decades ago when we were kids, and the contemporary toys of nowadays.

  • Be Cautious While Getting Free New Baby Stuff  By : Hampry
    They are the most precious possession of their lives. Due to this fact they really need a very special care from the end of their parents. At the same time the parents also want to give their best to bring up their child with utmost comfort ability and pleasure.
  • Raising Children..."The Path of Least Resistance"  By : Denny Hagel
    Parents who choose to allow their children to experience life and see their role as one who supports, encourages, and inspires will also see the value of choosing the path of least resistance. Choosing a path of "assistance" verses "resistance" supports your child's desire to create his own identity.
  • Clever Games with Kids Toy Blocks  By : Kimp
    Discover 3 fun and unique ways to play with your kid's blocks. These toys can be much more fun than you think!
  • Ignoring or Not Hearing: Which is Your Child Doing?  By : Thoma Sims
    Ears should be cared for, and both hearing aids and lip reading are proven ways to assist those suffering from deafness. Unfortunately, many babies who are born with good hearing will lose this priceless capability because of illness or injury.
  • Kids And Religion - Handle With Care  By : Thomson Carter
    Religion affects the way people behave, and kid's exposure to religious matters changes everything. In such cases, parents have to support and guide their kids when they inquire about their roots and religion.
  • China Adoption - A Very Sensitive Issue for Kids and Parents As Well!  By : Mark Tarver
    Adoption from China started after the Chinese government passed one child policy in the year 1992. According to the statistics, more than 5 thousand Chinese children were adopted by the American families, which is the largest number noticed from all over the world. 11 months is the average age for children, who are being adopted from China.
  • Themed Playgrounds for Kids  By : Robert Thomson
    Playgrounds have come a long way in the last few decades. As an adult aged 30 or above, thinking of a playground from your own childhood probably conjures up some very predictable images, such as...
  • Are You Dealing with a Difficult Child?  By : Andrew Roark
    Do You Have A Difficult Child?

    If So, Study On, You're Heading to Love This!

    By the age of four, difficult youngsters develop numerous ways to skirt both rules and punishment. This can make them really tough to discipline. Take the case of Audrey. She is seven. Or, as her mother says, "seven go
  • Parenting Guidance For Those With Little Ones And Preteens  By : Brad James
    Loads of parents would need parenting guidance with respect to young boys and girls as well as preteens. A kid's early years are what will mold her / him into who and how she or he will be as an adult, and this is what would make this specific period really significant. The tot and pre-adolescent years possess their own types of issues and situations, and this article provides parents with ideas and sage advice.

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