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  • Choosing the Most Appropriate Microsoft Training Course  By : Rich Talbot
    There are a large array of courses available for those who wish to improve their proficiency in Microsoft Office or Windows Training. Whether you are an individual or part of a business the difficulty is often matching your requirements with the most suitable course.
  • Do You Have a Business Plan?  By : Robin Hazen
    There are numerous factors that come into play when we decide to start our own home based business, but the most overlooked is an iron clad Business Plan. Learn the essentials of a sound Business Plan.
  • Designing Information to Help People Act Quickly  By : Adele Sommers
    Today's media-saturated world challenges people to comprehend and respond quickly to a plethora of visual messages. Our news-based and "how-to" information may be adding to audience overwhelm instead of helping people perform. This article discusses five information design techniques that can boost our audience's ability to interpret and respond.
  • TOP 7 Tips For A Successful Business.  By : Tal Fighel
    In this article, I have included the TOP 7 tips for starting and running a very successful business.
  • How to Become an Employer of Choice?  By : Steve Seah
    Give a list of points on how to become an employer of choice.
  • The Five Laws Of Six Sigma  By : Tony Jacowski
    The five laws of Six Sigma encompass selective principles, both of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing are separate and complete tools with distinct identities.
  • How To Get Booked On Your First TV Show!  By : Annie Jennings PR
    Annie Jennings of the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR shares the secrets of getting booked on your first TV show. Find out how appearing on TV in your local media can add power to your platform and create local expert status plus get you ready for the big TV shows.
  • Risk Free Ways To Implement Six Sigma  By : Tony Jacowski
    Implementation of Six Sigma is prone to risks in much the same way as were the methods used earlier, to effect a change for organizational improvement. In order to avoid instant rejection, the safe route to Six Sigma implementation is by making room for adaptation in line with the existing environment.
  • DMAIC And Project Planning  By : Tony Jacowski
    DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. This has proved to be the guiding "mantra" for Six Sigma process improvement projects all around the world.
  • Double Your Speed With Six Sigma  By : Tony Jacowski
    If you find your organization is slow and costs are rising, then consider using Six Sigma to make your company a lean, mean, money making machine!
  • The Six Sigma Audit Process  By : Tony Jacowski
    It can take up to 4 to 6 months for achieving the desired results depending on the type of Six Sigma project that is being implemented. This is why Six Sigma teams are required to conduct periodic Six Sigma Audits to make sure that the project is being implemented as planned.
  • Proven Time Management & Productivity Techniques for Entrepreneurs -- Part II  By : Sandra P. Martini
    The following techniques work incredibly well for me. You should read and adapt them for your own personality and work style. Techniques 1 and 2 were in last week’s article and can be found at Proven Productivity and Time Management Techniques for Entrepreneurs – Part I.
  • 5 Key Lessons I Learned From Working at AOL About Creating a Brand for Your Business  By : Mary Foley
    Every company has a brand. The question is, “Is it working for you?” Creating a brand isn’t just for the big companies; it’s for companies of all sizes. We’re all fighting for attention from our target customers. If you don’t create a brand, then you risk not being remembered and not being emotionally attractive. Both are a prerequisite for sales.
  • If You Build It, Will They Come?  By : Audrey Burton
    Where do you begin with marketing your business? There are so many ways to do it, how do you know the right strategies to use? Without formal help, it could take you years and years to make a profit. Read on to learn where to start and how to make the right decisions.
  • Sell The Sizzle Not The Steak  By : Pat Wiklund
    Most of our prospects don't really care what we do, where we got our training or degrees, or what tools we use. Selling is not about us….but about the prospect!
  • Why Testimonials Are The Only Proof You’ve Got?  By : Ian McConnell
    Who do you think is better at selling your product or service, you or your customer’s testimonial? If you are trying to close a $10,000 deal, would it help if the prospect could talk to a satisfied customer? Here is how...
  • Top 10 Label Artwork Mistakes  By : Peter Renton
    Label print shops everywhere have to deal with artwork received from people who often have very little experience in graphic design. There are many common mistakes that can be avoided that will make working a your label printer so much easier. This is a top 10 list developed from tens of thousands of customer file submissions.
  • Wholesale Distributor: Favorable Business Insights  By : Joaquin Reveron
    What to look for and what business due-diligence to perform before conducting a financial monetary trade with any liquidator or distributor
  • How To Start A Wholesale Business  By : Joaquin Reveron
    The trustworthy facts for starting and keeping your own e-commerce empire
  • Everything About The Wholesale DropShipping Business  By : Joaquin Reveron
    21st century facts for the businessman and rising entrepreneur who needs a clear understand on drop-shipping and how it works
  • Marketing Lessons from Italian Sausage...  By : Troy White
    Learn some simple but effective marketing strategies that have made a small Italian sausage company the heart of a city.
  • How to make sure your meetings programme is ABPI compliant  By : Mandy Chagger
    Meetings held and organised by Pharmaceutical companies are an essential way of communicating and evolving scientific research, clinical development and medical education. However, there is always the danger that they can be seen as a blatant attempt to railroad Health Care Professionals into prescribing products by using lavish surroundings and hospitality to influence them.
  • What Is Wrong With MLM?  By : Bruce Seah
    What is wrong with MLM? Tthe industry has been hurt by many companies that practise front-loading schemes or money games. This article's objective is to educate the public on what is MLM and how it has been hurt by the malpractices of "black sheep" in the industry and misrepresentation by people who are ignorant on how the business really works. There is nothing wrong with MLM, it's the ignorance, abuse and misrepresentation of it.
  • The Tortoise and the Hare Model for Successful Small Business Start Ups  By : Susan L Reid
    Getting out to an early start may seem like the thing to do, yet, the moral of The Tortoise and the Hare is that slow and steady wins the race. Though by taking the best from both the tortoise and the hare ensures that slow and steady will win the race, while high-octane speed and adaptability will set the pace.
  • Different Ways On Promoting Your Home Business  By : Thierry Goho
    Marketing is an important aspect of any business. Home based businesses are no exception. In this articles, you will find different ways on promoting your home business.
  • Increase Call Center Efficiency with Knowledge-Centered Support  By : Randy Ross
    Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) can be the catalyst for huge gains in your call center efficiency and capacity metrics. This world-class methodology enables the efficient capture, reuse and publication of knowledge.
  • Learn to Deal with Busy-Ness  By : Daniel Sitter
    As the distance to the world market is shrinking, opportunities have grown at a record pace and the speed required to act upon new information is unprecedented. Today and tomorrow, "He who hesitates truly loses." Opportunity waits for no one and richly rewards the decisive.
  • Success Sucks!  By : Chris Ellington
    The dream of any business owner is success beyond their wildest imaginings. So what happens when your business finds success at a rate that blows your carefully crafted business plan out of the water? One entrepreneur shares his exciting, and at times painful, journey from start-up, through mad-crazy success, and straight into the future.
  • A "Warm Calling" vs. "Cold Calling" Rant  By : Wendy Weiss
    When you have skills, you know how to catch a prospect's attention, you know how to keep their attention, you know how to respond to questions and objections and you know how to ask for what you want. When you have those skills it's no longer about a "warm" call or a "cold" call, it's about communication, conversation and results.
  • How To Keep Your Desk Clean (Without Using A Shovel)  By : Adam Kayce
    You know you work best with a clean desk, but your chances of keeping your desk clear from distractions feels as likely as winning big in Vegas.
  • Window Dressing And Corporate Scandals  By : Sam Kern
    Interestingly, most accounting scandals have involved public corporations mainly because the corporate managers wanted to present a rosy picture to the shareholders and impress the stock market.
  • Do You Compromise Quality With Outsourcing?  By : Ryan Smith
    When addressing the issue of outsourcing, the Internet Marketer must address the issue or quality of the work and whether or not to compromise the quality.
  • Make communication work for you  By : Linda Finkle
    Differences in communication styles or the communication styles themselves are often the cause of problems, rather than the content that’s being communicated. Often we see these problems occur when the topic is difficult; no one has trouble communicating around success! There are keys to communicating effectively.
  • Holistic Recruiting – A New Age For HR Specialists & Executives  By : Mike Perras
    Gone are the days of simply getting hired because you have the proper job qualifications and experience. The new HR specialist and executive is looking at a holistic recruiting approach. Looking at the complete you.
  • People Who Run Good Meetings: They Really Do Exist!  By : David Julian Price
    This article is about the best pratices which people who run great meetings use. It also covers the things you must do to have a great meeting. It is useful for any tuype of meeting - corporate or club or association, busines or voluntary.
  • Knowledgeable ABPI Compliant Venue Booking Service  By : Mandy Chagger
    The Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) was developed in order to coordinate the activities of British branded and/or generic prescription medicine producing companies with research and development organizations and other relevant pharmaceutical industry operations within the United Kingdom.
  • The Right People  By : William Frank Diedrich
    Great leaders surround themselves with great and skillful people. As leaders, we should want for every person in our care to be excited about getting up in the morning and coming to work. If we can help them find this, we won't have to motivate them.
  • Why everyone that provides a service should sell a product  By : Kelly Robbins
    Everyone in the service industry should have something tangible to sell to go with it. That something tangible could be a process or formula that they claim as their own.
  • Employees' Poor Writing Skills Can Lead to Lost Profit  By : Helen Wilkie
    Employees' writing skills — or the lack of them — substantially affect the bottom line in ways you may never have considered. This article gives some surprising examples.
  • The Truth About Your Competition  By : Erin Ferree
    There's more to identifying The Competition than just finding other businesses that offer similar services to yours.
  • Have You Heard of This Great, Enriching and Profitable Story?  By : Bruce Seah
    People love to hear stories and especially if it is a great, enriching and profitable story, you can bet they will share it with their loved ones, relatives and friends! This great story of a businessman offering people an opportunity to turn their expenses into income sounds like magic but this is a true story, so please read carefully and between the lines, there are gems of wisdom in this article on how this businessman make life better!
  • Pharmaceutical Conferences ABPI Compliance  By : Mandy Chagger
    There are many things to keep in mind when arranging pharmaceutical conferences. These include selecting the location, booking the venue and accommodation, organising equipment and attending to a multitude of other details. At the same time you have to be sure that everything you do complies with the 2006 code of practice of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).
  • Business in Canada  By : Vincent R Cole
    Canada has, for a long time, been an attractive destination for international business in the industrial and household goods sectors. Company representatives from Germany, France, the UK, and the US, regularly visit Canada to set up business partnerships. Understanding your client’s cultural background, values, and business etiquette, should be the first step taken before an international visit. Foreign delegates visiting Canada can achieve a great deal of success in business negotiations if they understand the cultural values and beliefs that Canadians practice.
  • Perseverance Is Really Another Word For Self-Reliance  By : Daniel Alan
    Gives inspirational and intuitive quotes and discusses how important perseverance is.
  • Outsource Your Ebook While Upsizing Your Profit  By : Ryan Smith
    The choice of outsourcing an ebook is not an easy one for many as they have many questions regarding such decision. Here are some answers to the most common questions.
  • Outsourcing Everything Except The Profit  By : Ryan Smith
    When outsourcing an ebook project one thing to consider is the profit margin. This important thing to consider is control.
  • Outsourced Not Outsmarted  By : Ryan Smith
    When it comes to outsourcing, there are those who look at it as being outsmarted. Here are some considerations to make when considering this important decision.
  • Precautions For Outsourcing Software Jobs  By : Ryan Smith
    Your deicision to outsource a project is certainly a viable one. But one must take care to avoid the pitfalls such decisions.
  • Connecting With Your Customers Through Your Brand Identity  By : Erin Ferree
    Your logo and marketing materials have many jobs, but one of the things that they can do really well for you is to introduce you to new clients and to help those potential customers feel a connection with you and your business. Alas, many small business owners overlook this valuable role for their materials when designing them, and so any connection often happens by accident alone.
  • Assertive Myths  By : Stan Mann
    If you want your business to run smoothly and produce high income, you need to deal effectively with your workers. You need to get them to do the job right, to be efficient and effective.
  • Building a Winning Team  By : Steven E
    Training and preparation are fundamental to the individuals who make up a winning team whether it’s a family or a business. For an athlete, you have to be at your best. You build your body up and get it strong to take the pounding. So, when it’s time to play the games on Sunday, you know, as an athlete, you can give it your all. Do what you have to do to get the best out of yourself.
  • The Advantages of Outsourcing  By : Ryan Smith
    When considering the decision of outsourcing a project it is always important to look at the major advantages. Here are just a few.
  • Raising The Bar Through Outsourcing  By : Ryan Smith
    Outsourcing a project can mean a higher quality product. Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide on such an important issue.
  • When Outsourcing Is Not A Good Idea  By : Ryan Smith
    Despite its many advantages, there are time sand situations when outsourcing is not a wise business decision.
  • Your Job Just Got Easier With Outsourcing  By : Ryan Smith
    When outsourcing a project the niche marketer will find that his workload just gets easier. Here is why.
  • Call Center Deflection and KCS Provide a Significant Return on Investment  By : Randy Ross
    The Return on Investment factors from implementing call center deflection coupled with Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) principals can be separated into hard and soft savings. Hard savings include increased capacity without the need for additional headcount, increased call deflection, and decreased time to train a new agent.
  • A How-To Guide For Healthy Fundraising  By : Alec Moreland
    Success or failure in fundraising has as much to do with planning as anything else. While there are different ways to go about creating
  • Modern Minute Taking  By : David Julian Price
    This article is designed for people who take minutes in meetings. It gives a modern day perspective on minute taking and recording the content of meetings. It s suitable for any type of meeting from the board room to the meeting room.
  • Techniques to Get to Yes - Faster!  By : Audrey Burton
    How do you get your prospects to say "yes" and become clients? You start and build good relationships using great communication skills. How are your skills? Do you consciously use proven techniques to skillfully get to "yes" fast? Start here to evaluate your skills!
  • Try Outsourcing When You Need an Ebook Written  By : Ryan Smith
    If you need an ebook written in a professional manner, it may be better to outsource it than to attempt writing it yourself.
  • Understanding Outsourcing: Changing An Internet Trend  By : Ryan Smith
    The concept of outsourcing is still not entirely understood by many. This will clear up a few misconceptions.
  • When Outsourcing Is The Best Solution  By : Ryan Smith
    When is outsourcing the best solution? This is a question that comes frequently with business owners.
  • When Outsourcing Is The Only Option  By : Ryan Smith
    There are times when the decision to outsource a project is the only viable solution. Here are a few possible reasons.
  • The Most Important Question You'll Ever Have to Answer  By : Stan Mann
    All the relationships with the most important people in your life are strongly influenced by a combination of how you feel about yourself (OK or not OK) and what you think of them (again, OK or not OK).” ~Thomas A Harris, MD
  • Create Your Marketing Machine to Plan for Marketing Success  By : Erin Ferree
    The answer to push-and-pray marketing is to plan your marketing in advance: to sit down and create a Marketing Machine so that your marketing runs smoothly and effortlessly all year long. Creating a year-round plan for marketing can really improve the number of sales that you'll be able to make, and keep a steady stream of clients and income coming in. There are several things to consider when creating your Marketing Machine:
  • Meetings require you to juggle a number of competing factors  By : Mandy Chagger
    Putting together a pharmaceutical industry meeting requires you to juggle a number of competing factors, and even if you’ve organized many an industry meeting before, there are still plenty of potential pitfalls. In particular, the ABPI 2006 Code of Practice, which came into effect at the start of 2006, imposes strict rules on the nature of such events and the hospitality that it is permissible to lay on at them.
  • Motivating Others  By : Linda Finkle
    Managers tend not to focus on employee motivation until it’s lost. What could the benefits be for your company if you focused on it now?
  • Determining What Price to Charge for your Services  By : Kelly Robbins
    Determining what price to charge for your services can be difficult, especially when initially starting your business. With home businesses ranging from landscape contractors to massage therapists, writers to caterers, pricing your services are unique to your particular industry. However, there are some common things all small business owners should do before setting their prices.
  • How to Move Past the Fears of Starting Up Your Business  By : Susan L Reid
    What’s holding you back from staring up your small business? Is it lack of venture capital, fear of failure, or the uncertainty of it all? Maybe this is your first time starting up a business and the lack of knowledge is paralyzing your forward movement. Whatever the reason, you can bet that there is a fear-based belief running in the background that needs to be addressed. This article speaks to the most common fears.
  • Is Leadership Mentoring Actually Effective?  By : Kreg Enderson
    I love watching the show “American Idol”. It is amazing to see such an incredible transformation from initial audition, to the finals show where a winner is declared. So how do these average people make this amazing transformation? Simple, they are mentored by several experts in a short period of time.
  • Budget is not a Four-Letter Word  By : Pat Wiklund
    Your budget, your financial records, and record keeping systems, lets you decide how to best leverage your strengths, knowledge, and skills to increase the income and profitability of your professional services business.
  • Are you dramatically different?  By : Troy White
    How you can create a dramatic difference in your business and why this should be considered your first priority.
  • Characteristics of the Best and Brightest  By : Linda Finkle
    Have the needs of the company or organization changed over time? Are the characteristics of your rising stars the same as five or ten years ago? Sometimes we continue to hire based on old data or an old model, and that model may no longer serve us. There are ways to be sure you're hiring for what the organization needs right now.
  • Six Sigma In The Banking Industry  By : Tony Jacowski
    If you work in finance, then you need to know how to implement Six Sigma in banking. Here's the how and why to make it happen!
  • Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)  By : Tony Jacowski
    Confused about DFSS? This article gives you all the main points you need to know about DFSS to implement Six Sigma successfully in your organization.
  • DMAIC vs. DMADV  By : Tony Jacowski
    DMAIC and DMADV are the most common Six Sigma methodologies. However, people often confuse the two. This article demystifies each one.
  • The Internet Age as Applied to Advertising and Marketing  By : Peter Woodhead
    The final article of a series of 10 articles on advertising and marketing and how by studying the "classic" advertising and marketing books can give you a huge advantage. It not only covers how advertising and marketing originated but goes into the importance of copywriting and how you can make more sales. All top marketers steal their secrets from these early marketers - guys like Claude Hopkins, Walter Dill Scott, Elmer Wheeler and others.
  • Analyzing your competition  By : Kelly Robbins
    Knowing your competition allows you to identify a niche and develop your own unique selling proposition (USP). Clearly defining and understanding the core value you offer your clients can depend on your having a firm grasp of your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.
  • PharmaVenues & Management of Pharmaceutical Events  By : Mandy Chagger
    When choosing a venue, it is worth considering that the ABPI states that the content should be the most important aspect in a Pharmaceutical Conference. Therefore, choosing a venue that is entertainment orientated would be inappropriate
  • Are You Branded Yet?  By : Danek Kaus
    Learn why you must have a brand for yourself or your small business. This aritcle will show you how to create a brand people will remember.
  • 10 Business Street Smarts  By : David Julian Price
    This article is a short and punchy list of things that smart business people know or do. It is perfect for people starting in business or for people who find themselves facing challenges in their business. The article is practical and will show you in about 4 minutes, what smart people know to make sure they own a business, not a job!
  • The Hells Angels are doing it – maybe you can too?  By : Troy White
    Everyone LOVES a challenge… give it to them and learn how a simple challenge can actually become a highly effective marketing technique
  • Best practices for eMeeting  By : Michel Dionne
    The technology analysts agree that the eMeeting is the WEBconference application that must experience the strongest growth in the following years. The challenge is clear: hold long distance meetings wherever you are anytime, with colleagues, employees, partners and even with clients and prospects. Use to accelerate the decision making process, improve collaboration or simply to inform and consult, the advantages are there. In fact, it is to obtain a better synergy.
  • 10 Ways to Build Profit in Your Cleaning Business  By : Steve Hanson
    There are lots of reasons people start a cleaning business, but no matter what the reasons, you won't be able to stay in business long unless you are making a profit. With more and more people going into the cleaning field each year, how do you stay competitive, yet earn enough to make a living?
  • How Do You Know It's Time to Fire a Client?  By : Sandra P. Martini
    As a business owner, you're no longer sitting in your too-small cubicle waiting to be called to HR for yet another downsizing in yet another company. No more being told when you can take lunch, make a personal call or, heavens forbid, go to the bathroom. Owning your own business comes with lots of perks. One of them that is frequently overlooked however is that you now have the ability to fire a client.
  • What to look for in a Fax machine  By : Jimi St Pierre
    If you are planning to buy a new fax machine, or have a need to add to existing systems, the choices are wide and varied. This article by Jimi St. Pierre outlines some key issues to consider.
  • 5 Ways To Permanently Avoid Your Biggest Business Income Killer!  By : Ian McConnell
    You are excited, it's a new business day! You glance at your business plan on the pin board in front of you. A shiver of excitement races up your spine as you think of your business potential. Just 8 hours a day on this plan will mean a better life for you and your family, all within 2 years. Then the phone rings…
  • Beat Procrastination in 5 Easy Steps  By : Steve Dahl
    Beat procrastination in 5 steps. Internet marketing gurus Armand Morin, Russell Brunson, and Jim Edwards use these tactics to make millions in online business and Web 2.0. A big seminar won’t cure procrastination but this will!
  • Business Coach Shows Business Owners How To 'Let-Go' Of Their Business - And Let Their Employees Run It  By : Casey Gollan
    Business coach. In this article I explain several concepts that will help you, the business owner, 'let-go' of certain jobs so that you can let your employees run your business.
  • Develop Your Ops Manual  By : Pat Wiklund
    Your Operations Manual is a crucial tool in your Internal Management tool kit. It contains all the information you need to run your business day-by-day, face crises calmly, and lets you to back fill in a hurry.
  • Your business and your involvement in your community  By : Kelly Robbins
    Being involved in your community, and being a respected leader in your community, bring many things to your life such as a sense of fulfillment; respect; contacts; a more balanced life; new skills; joy; variety to your day/life (for you workaholics among us).
  • How to Bank On Yourself and Get Back the Interest You Pay to Lease or Finance Business Equipment  By : Pamela Yellen
    How to recapture the interest charges you pay to lease or finance business equipment, and get back the ENTIRE purchase price of your business cars, trucks, equipment, machinery, electronics and buildings. Read on to discover an anyone-can-do-it strategy that lets you bank on yourself and become your OWN source of financing…
  • What's on Your Meeting Agenda?  By : Adele Sommers
    Conducting great meetings depends on several activities that occur before, during, and after each event. To help you establish the conditions for success and attain the very best results, this article offers essential tips on using meeting notices, agendas, and summaries.
  • How to Bust Bureaucracy  By : David Deane Spread
    Everyone feels impeded by their corporate bureaucracy at times. Do you know how to deal with it effectively. Can you imagine the return on investment for actively minimising bureaucracy? Discover the actions that courageous leaders can take to deal with this unintended cancer.
  • How to Access the Power of Trust and Respect in the Workplace  By : David Deane Spread
    The lack of trust and respect in the workplace is a massive uncounted cost. Here's how to keep it, improve it, and regain it.
  • 10 Ways to Build a Cult Like Following  By : JK Ellis
    How to use the inner workings of cults to grow and maintain your business and your social network.
  • 6-Step Model for a Simple Marketing Plan  By : Adam Urbanski
    Whether you are a professional in a solo-practice or own a small business, chances are you feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. While you may be an expert in your field, consistently attracting new clients probably isn’t one of your strengths. Here is just a short list of "marketing culprits" that are likely keeping your business from reaching its full potential:
    Regardless of what you're trying to sell, you really can't sell it without "talking" with your prospective buyer. An in attempting to sell anything on the Internet, the sales letter you send out is when and how you talk to your prospect.
  • Cubicle Etiquette 101  By : James Monahan
    The cubicle is most famously known as the white-collared worker's 3-walled prison from nine to five Mondays through Saturdays.
  • What Is A Company?  By : James Monahan
    By legal and business definitions, a company is a business enterprise, often times engaged in an industrial or commercial enterprise, a group of people associated through a common goal or financial objective.

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