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  • A Horse Sense of Art  By : Maxhe Billie
    Horses can run, jump, and maybe roll over, but they don't pose. Horse lovers and celebrities attest to the prowess of a single lady equestrian photographer, who hails from Pasadena, California.
  • A Journey Into the World of Artwork  By : recruitermate
    Art exists in various genres and types. It takes a wide variety of materials to make an art. Artists have many options to make their art like with oil paints, pencil, pen and ink, collage, pastels and acrylic paint. To apply any of these medias one may need sponges, brushes and other tools.
  • A La Croisee Des Regards – Buy Paintings From ArtsCad  By : Thompson David
    Paintings and pictures have the capability to raise the overall look of your home or office. Using the correct painting will not only raise your home personality, but will also make your home bright. All paintings done by this renowned painter will give your home a new look.
  • A Lonely Figure Who Crowded A Lifetime Into The Areas Of Industrial Northern England  By : David Tatham
    A short story of a painter who sold his final two works for a jar of honey in 1976, Yet in May, 2011 one of his paintings has a guide price of four and a half million pounds.
  • A Look At Airbrush Art Workshops  By : Arnoldo Watson
    Learning airbrush art from books and videos can only take you so far with your art. To take things to the next level and gain some insight straight from an
  • A Look At Fancy Dress Costumes For Any Party Occasion  By : Michelle Hopkins
    A look at fancy dress costumes, and the various amount of themes available for any party occasion
  • A Look At The Crystal Bridges Museum of Art  By : Phoenix Delray
    This article tells the reader about the museum Crystal Bridges and what it has to offer patrons including some its collections such as work by Thomas Eakin.
  • A Medieval Drama: The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries  By : Christine Toner
    The elegance of the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries from the Middle Ages. Includes a brief history.
  • A New Kind of Digital Art  By : Mike Sexton
    Find new ways to create digital art; it's not just fractals and geometric shapes anymore!
  • A Night of Ghosts, Mysteries and Legends in Fort Lauderdale  By : Olga Marie
    But Ghosts, Mysteries and Legends is more than a mere ghost tour, as Christian Rieger, its managing director tells, "There are more than just ghosts of us humans out there. There are nature spirits, visitors from other galaxies and other dimensions. Mathematicians have discovered eleven dimensions, so there is quite a bit right next to us that most of us cannot see with the naked eye. As well as being a ghost tour, we think of ourselves as also introducing people to the "world of spirits."
  • A Number Of Brilliant Reasons For Staying At A Kings Cross Hotel  By : Dirik Hameed
    A brief introduction of London Kings Cross.
  • A Number Of Photography Tips For Beginners To Test Out  By : T. Narvaez
    Through testing out a number of things, it is possible for a single subject appear completely different in another picture. You may want to change positions and attempt various perspectives during the shoot. You could also make use of shade and light by modifying the positioning of your source of light.
  • A Prominent Graphic Designer Chooses to Call His Productions "Work"  By : Brian Streets
    His "I Love NY" logo launched a fashion craze, initiating the release of millions of bumper stickers, buttons and t-shirts all across New York. This designer's work featuring a silhouetted singer with technicolor lightning bolts for hair is an iconic image to an entire generation.
  • A Quick Look At Art And Investment In Art From The Industrial North Of England  By : David Tatham
    There are many artists in the North of England. From an investment point of view only a few of them are worth considering. Time should be taken to study their histiry and achievements. This will often give a clue to their forthcoming investment potential.
  • A Quick Look At The Value Of Art  By : David Tatham
    A short step by step instruction on how to assess the value of art in today's market.
  • A Quick Run through the Art of Portrait Painting  By : Wain Roy
    Like all art, portrait painting has its own demands that need to be identified before creating one. Here’s a quick look-through for busy but aspiring painters.
  • A Rough Guide For Adjusting The Settings Of Your Acoustic Guitar - Action and Neck Straightness  By : Jim Bruce
    Guitar action just means the distance of the string over the twelfth fret, and a playable action is a must for any acoustic blues guitarists. If you wanted to perform a variety of styles, then a medium action should be aimed for. If it's not high enough the strings will buzz - if they are too high it will be difficult to fret the strings.
  • A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Chess Sets and Chess Boards  By : Steven Barnhart
    Are you thinking of giving someone a chess set as a gift for someone or maybe you just want to get one for yourself. But how can you make sure that you choose the right one from the many varieties of chess sets and chess boards out there? Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice in chess sets and chess boards.
  • A Singer With No Place To Turn Uses Veiled Lyrics In Her Last Song To Point To Her Killer  By : Ed Bagley
    These 'snapshots" cover the third three episodes during season two of the popular television series "Castle". Mystery writer Rick Castle and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett join forces to find the culprit in three mysteries - "Famous Last Words" "Kill the Messenger" and "Love Me Dead".
  • A Spanish Immersion Guide to Argentine Cinema (Part 2 - Contemporary)  By : Ken Ingraham
    Part 2 in our discussion of Argentine cinema.
  • A Straightforward Method to Download Movies Legally  By : Gally Terty
    The Straightforward Method to Download Movies Legally - To be able to download films from movie websites, you must initially develop into a member. In which they typically, as a rule of thumb, provide you a totally free audition or some variety of assurance.
  • A Strange Depiction of the Borzoi  By : bowen anne
    A local production called the innocents finally opened showcasing the talent of local stars. Once you look at the set, you shall see a picture, the subject of many strange speculations.
  • A Tattoo Cover Up Instead of Spending Coin on Tattoo Removal  By : William D Bandford
    If you are very dissatisfied with a tattoo you have and you have a strong desire to get it removed, perhaps you should also see about a cover up rather than removal. A tattoo cover up can attractively camouflage the unwanted tattoo and will likely cost much less than tattoo removal.
  • A Tattoo Cover Up Instead of Spending Funds on Tattoo Removal  By : William D Bandford
    If you are very disappointed with a tattoo you have and you have a strong desire to get it removed, perhaps you should also consider a cover up rather than removal. A tattoo cover up can attractively camouflage the unwanted tattoo and will likely cost much less than tattoo removal.
  • A Tour of Coco Chanel's Apartment  By : Annie Deakin
    Perhaps this year's most eagerly awaited film in the design industry, Coco before Chanel hits the screens this Friday. The biopic of legendary fashion designer stars Audrey Tautou, many designer dresses and some super chic interiors.
  • A Web Design School Is Filled With Students Ready To Take On Your Online Needs  By : Adrianna Noton
    Computers have revolutionized the modern world and continue to stay at the forefront of cultural evolution. The internet, which started as a small network of connections has metastasized into a complex network on par with the nerve connections found inside the human mind.
  • A Wedding Flower Shop Has All of the Floral Arrangements You Need For Your Special Day  By : Levi Adkins
    As a society, we absolutely adore weddings. It's a universal experience that people immediately understand, yet every wedding is so different.
  • About Cheap Mp3 Websites  By : Jonny Darko
    Mp3 music in full stands for Mpeg Audio Layer III. It is a digital audio
    encoding system that uses a method of data compression. It is currently
    the most popular method of storing or distributing music files. Many of
    the world's internet users use it to download Mp3 songs straight to
    their computers or web enabled gadgets.
  • Abstract Illustration -The Journal of American Abstract Impressionism  By : Eduard Murrey
    The Blue Rider group was centred around the far famed Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky, the Artist who has been accredited with the honourable title of respect of the worlds First Abstract Artist. A short lived association, existing for just three classes. Nevertheless, they were a highly influential radical of Artists. The Blue Rider chemical group dispersed in 1914, because of the eruption of the first world war. Two nub members, Frans Marc and August Macke died in scrap. Kandinsky and Alexander von Jawelensky returned to Russia. Despite this, their ideas continued to be developed in Europe, primarily through an influential Netherlander chemical group known as 'De Stijl'. Abstract Art had captured the imagery of Europe.
  • Abstract Painter Finds Interest in Portrait Painting  By : Herb Rowers
    Painting portraits has reached the height of its popularity in the 20th century and one American artist is earning a lot from three continents. Art is swinging back to a moneymaking business, this artist and abstract painter said.
  • Abstract Watercolor Paintings - A Rise in Popularity  By : Katie Dawson
    The invention and revival of abstract watercolor paintings can be attributed to painters such as Wassily Kandinsky, Sam Francis and Paul Jenkins. Abstract art, especially abstract watercolor paintings, have become a mainstream genre of art and particularly well known through the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky is accredited with discovering the abstract art accidentally in his studio.
  • Academy Award Nominees: Mexico  By : Robert Nickel
    In the previous instalment of this series we covered the few people and films from Mexico that have earned an Academy Award. Now we will move on to those who were nominated, but never actually won. It's important to understand that a nomination without the actual award is still a lofty achievement. Liken it to achieving a silver or bronze medal at the Olympic Games, still at noteworthy accomplishment! So, let's take a look.
  • Accenting Your Home Decor With Art Photos  By : helen mayer
    Framed art pictures can be incorporated into a living room style in a multitude of techniques. A bold, bright print that captures the eye can serve as a focal point, with furnishings, colors, and accents all working to complement that piece. Conversely, a landscape painting can offer interest but otherwise be assimilated into the overall theme and design scheme.
  • Accounting the History of Animation  By : Steven Brown1
    The article discusses the history of animation, its technologies and effects. The article also enlists information about the major animations that paved the way to its present state.
  • Accumulating Artwork For Pleasure and Profit  By : David Tatham
    The art of making a group of anything goes hand in hand with an curiosity in the subject and is often a labour of love. I've identified many individuals who acquire all types of advantageous objets d'artwork to work watercolours, prints, drawings and even essentially the most unlikely articles, resembling pebbles from a specific beach.
  • Acoustic Blues Guitar - What Are The Origins Of Ragtime Guitar?  By : Jim Bruce
    We have all heard of ragtime guitar and ragtime music in general, but where did it come from? In this article we take a look at the relationship between the piano and guitar, and a few of the people instrumental in developing this fascinating genre of music.
  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons: Learning Online  By : Taylor Benjamin
    You're never too old to learn something new, and whether you are 16 or 60 years old, learning to play the guitar can be rewarding a fun. An acoustic guitar can be relaxing companion and a vehicle for creativity and you can learn to play it without ever leaving home. Beginning acoustic guitar lessons can be fun and may serve as an outstanding distraction from the daily grind.
  • Acting Is Psychic Channeling - Why Emotional Disorders And Drug Addictions Are So Common  By : Penny Sonja
    Why almost all actors and actresses have problems with their psychic health? Almost every day we hear about celebrities who consumed anti-depressants or pills. Most of these conditions are revealed by medical specialists as nervous illnesses, injured self-esteem. Conventional medical treatments failed to get rid of this popular problem. There are lots of metaphysical details about actor profession that most people do not know about. As this information are overlooked, most actors and actresses will abuse in drugs. Acting is a kind of channeling. This kind of channeling can be various. For example, it can resemble psychics communicating with spirits and various non-physical things. This form of channeling is concentrated on emotional reactions associated with certain events. Actors either get their emotional reaction from their personal experience. When they hear the command "Action", some of them even get into trance and become the characters they depict. Just think about the global informational bank where all the thoughts, words and feelings of past, present and future are saved. The right level of consciousness will help you to get this information. It is a unique cosmic place where all the information, emotions and thoughts are recorded. It is similar to data saved on PC hard drive. When an actor channels the feelings that they obtain for the role, they should also
  • Acting On Broadway: Anthony Galde  By : Lynn Stallings
    How to get a job on Broadway. Star or Wicked shares how to make it in New York as an actor.
  • Acting: The Benefits Of Script Analysis  By : Kimberly Jentzen
    Breaking down and analyzing a script for actors who are serious about their craft requires specific tools.
  • Actors and Crew Members Get a Boost with Social Networking  By : Chris Robertson
    Thankfully, there are new avenues opening up that allow actors and crew members to link up with film production companies, find out about casting calls, and gain exposure.
  • Actors: Walking Into The Audition Room  By : Holly Powell
    acting, audtition, audition room, casting directors, film, television, television auditions,
  • Add Entertainment To Your Live With Kinect XBox 360  By : Kinect Your XBox
    Kinect gets you off the couch and into the fun!
  • Add Life To Your Photos With Clipping Path Outsource  By : Nitai Roy
    Clipping Path Outsource is an ideal place to get your photo edited. The professional associated with this company are equipped with ingredients that are enough to produce the required results
  • Additional Tattoo Designs  By : Gino Vittone
    People don't always realize the diversity and number of tattooing designs available to them. Even if you already know that you want to choose from tattoos of a butterfly or you are considering angel wings for tattoos, there are many different styles and meanings to be considered for each.
  • Adjust Acoustic Guitar Action  By : Paul Smithson
    There is a perceptible difference when a guitar is set up right and is at its best. Strings will sound with the exact notes and will break less. The guitar itself becomes a pleasure to play. As opposed to a correctly set up guitar, a badly set up guitar has strings breaking often and not all notes sound as they are meant to sound. So what does one do when a guitar doesn’t play or sound perfect? If you want to adjust the acoustic guitar action, here are some basic correctional steps to guide you.
  • Adjusting Your Sewing Patterns to Fit You  By : Bruce O Oleyar
    Even if you buy sewing patterns, you might have to adjust these patterns to fit you. It is a task which is central to whether you look good in the dress you made or not.
  • Advantages of Downloading Mp3 Songs  By : Jonny Darko
    Music is one of the world's biggest industries today. Everyone who has proper functioning ears listens to it for various purposes including relaxation and entertainment. Among the easiest and most convenient ways to obtain music is downloading it digitally from the internet. In this respect, there are many different formats that you can download your music in.
  • Adventures in Debian  By : Olivia Chloe
    When one's computer becomes unstable, it's natural to think first of a particular app or the desktop. After that, one may tend to suspect the operating system. Finally one may find it turns out to be hardware at fault. This is what happened to me recently, and at the operating system phase, Debian became a last resort.
  • Advice To Learn How To Play The Drums  By : Pamelina Siow
    One misconception among eager parents who wanted their children to effectively learn the drums is to get them a set, which they can play and beat anytime they want. However, most skilled drummers do not agree with this notion.
  • African Canvas Art: Choosing Historical and Cultural Artwork  By : adams poster
    The world of art is far more diverse today than it has ever been, with art from all over the world becoming readily available regardless of where you live and what specialist art galleries are available in your area.
  • After Walt: The Dark Ages Of Disney  By : Robert Nickel
    No one had expected Walt Disney to die in 1966; barely two months passed between the initial discovery of his lung cancer and his death. The Disney company, which had flourished under his hand, was left without a leader. Although Walt's brother Roy stepped in as CEO, he died unexpectedly in 1971, resulting in the Disney company without the Disneys--a cult of personality that had lost its person.
  • Agape Art Collective, United States  By : harveytred12
    In a world where art and style is given immense importance and people, often judge others by what they carry other than who they are, another of the very emerging and artistic fashion is about tattoos.
  • Airbrush Art On Automobiles  By : Luther Oneill
    By airbrushing art onto your automobile you can create a unique paint job that really shows off your style. Once you have the basics down on how to work the
  • Airbrush Art-Taking Care of Your Airbrush  By : Daryl Jimenez
    One of the main things that you need to know how to do with airbrush art is how to take care of your equipment. Keeping your equipment in proper working
  • AKG K701 - Be Suitable For You Most  By : paul kent
    Can you remember the name K 701? AKG ranks number one in introducing the latest flat wire technology in the field of headphones. The flat wire technology has opened many new vistas, which helps the musician by providing them the current location with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Alabaster - An Exotic Stone Chess Set  By : Steven Barnhart
    If you have been playing chess for some time, you will definitely know the Alabaster stone chess sets. They are one of the most sought after sets by many chess fanatics. They are suitable for expert players and even for beginners. In fact, anyone can enjoy the historically aristocrat game.
  • Alabaster Stone Chess Sets: Getting the Right Set For Your Home  By : Steven Barnhart
    When it comes to classic games, few carry the rich tradition and heritage that chess carries. This popular game has been around for centuries, with parents passing down skills and strategies to their kids. It is a game of skill and strategy, so those of all ages can play it for hours on end.
  • Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing -- Salmon Charter Captains Offer Great Fishing Advice  By : chris howe
    Fishing for silvers can be reasonably easy compared to other sorts of fishing. Nevertheless, there are a number of sorts of salmon and few of them are more formidable and bouncy than others. And landing these types of salmon can be a nice contest for the salmon sports fishermen. One in all the more strong}and activespecies amongst salmon is Alaska silver salmon. They're more full of zip, strong and have the flexibility to fight in acrobatic ways. The Alaska silver salmon are famous for his or her flexible, violent and filled with energetic fights. They fight back with their sports fishermen reel for reel. The angler needs to be well outfitted when departing for Alaska silver salmon fishing.
  • Alfa Romeo Guildford Servicing  By : bensonbrown
    If you are one of the lucky owners to drive an Alfa Romeo then you better create a professional relationship with a certified Alfa Romeo Guildford servicing dealer. This will not only ensure that your Alfa gets the best service possible but this will also give you access to an extensive array of genuine spare parts and accessories designed specific
  • Aliens: Where SETI Astronomers Can Find Them  By : Gersiane De Brito
    Morten St. George's theory that ancient astronauts left behind contact information: Instructions on how to calculate the galactic coordinates of where they came from.
  • Aliminum Art Briefcases Vs Faux Leather, Leather And Paper Attache Cases  By : Rodney Greyling
    Metal art portfolio cases are presenting a stiff competition with a wide variety of portfolio cases made from other types of material. The demand for products that can offer years of use and still maintain an appealing appearance after many daily demands are the main reasons why these types of portfolios are taking over offices and class rooms. If you have not yet joined the ranks of these demanding customers, consider the benefits of aluminum cases for yourself. The suggested scoring system is based on a five point star total.
  • All About Custom Business Cards  By : Lucas
    There are many ways of enhancing visibility for your business. Using custom business cards is one of the ways that can maximize business potential and establish your firm’s identity.
  • All About Post Cards  By : Isaac Small
    Post cards are a great way to let people know how you are doing and what you are up to when you are away from home. However, there are
  • All About Religious Tattoos  By : Gino Vittone
    Religious tattoos include a variety of designs including cross tattoo patterns, praying hands with cross tattoos, cross with wings tattoos, Jesus fish tattoos and many others. They are symbolic of all types of faith as well as different heritages as symbolized by the Gaelic cross tattoos.
  • All About The Musical Alphabet  By : Teresa Rose
    Have you often wondered what it means when someone says they are playing
    the note "C"? Why is that sound called "C"? How do you know it's a
    "C" and not some other letter? Most likely, the person playing the note
    knows it's called "C" because they are familiar with the musical
    alphabet and its role in music.
  • All about Tribal Tattoos or Tatuaggi Tribali  By : Deonte
    Tribal tattoos or tatuaggi tribali as they are called in Italy have been around for centuries when almost every civilization made use of tattooing whether it was the Egyptians, the Aztecs or the Celts. Each of them used tatuaggi for a distinctive reason. Often tatuaggi like the tatuaggi maori might have been used just as an individual embellishment, to indicate ranking in society or as a means of making known to others which tribe they were a member of.
  • All Dark Horse Special  By : Mel Joelle
    Now I could, without looking, tell you what Marvel, DC and Image have for sale this week: A bunch of super-hero comics, often with near-naked, female super-heroes on the cover. What does Dark Horse have for you this week?
  • All Kinds Of Art Supplies Available Online  By : Stewart Wrighter
    This article discusses art supplies of every description and how they are available online. It also goes on to show how buying in bulk will often attract a discount too particularly for schools and colleges.
  • All The Lives Of Florence Henderson  By : Helen V Hutchings
    She sings. She dances. Of course, she's an accomplished actress and performer, truly an all-around entertainer. But Florence Henderson also Skype's, and e-mails messages and photographs to family and friends, and surfs the net. Florence is very much a testament to the wisdom of remaining engaged and active--mentally and physically--for she too is "one of us".
  • Alluring Piece Of Canvas  By : TravisOl
    You can create a group picture, a portrait that will embellish your living-room and the like. Why are canvases so attractive? They can be stretched to any size so that you have an opportunity to enjoy desired photo enlargements. Just choose the right size and canvas company does the rest.
  • Almost Like Magic But It's Real-Mind Movies2.1  By : Dhiraj192
    Is there any way I can get started manifesting and
    actually get some fast results?

    If you've ever felt like this--even if you didn't
    want to admit it out loud--you are going to find
    Mind Movies 2.1 extremely helpful and reassuring too.
  • Amazing Strategies To Understand Your Dog By Merely Following These 3 Steps  By : Campbellasd Scottas
    Let us try to find out some other angles for addressing this issue. Since we have great love and affection for dogs, we don't want to behave like their owners.
  • American Roulette  By : Shane Storm
    There is not strategy that can 100% guarantee you to win at Roulette game. But if you play smartly with the best winning strategies and play at the best of odds of winning, you still can beat the casino and win some money.
  • An American Tradition - Tall Tales  By : Lee Siemon
    Tall Tales, an American tradition that Most of this generation has never heard of. Superman can fly away, Batman needs a rest, it's time for America's own special breed of Heroes to take over. Bring on Paul Bunyon, Pecos Bill and John Henry!
  • An Easy Way To Make Your Own Stickers At Home  By : David Sheath
    Stickers are fun for children to personalize their things and a good way for adults to organize shelves and files. Homemade stickers are even better, because they can have unique and personal designs that are special for each person. It is easy to ...
  • An Ebel Watch or Movado Watch: How to Choose The Best Luxury Timepiece  By : Mark Etinger
    The article is a buying guide for first time luxury watch seekers with info on brands like Baume & Mercier watches.
  • An Honest Review Of The Ecigarette And Its Performance  By : Dirik Hameed
    We introduce the popular 510 ecig.
  • An Inexpensive High-End Wall Decor Solution  By : Amitai Sasson
    There are many advantages to buying art online. First, there is no need to worry about hanging gear or fitting the masterpiece in the trunk of your car. The art arrives at your doorstep, ready to hang with all the necessary hardware. Just take a hammer to it and you're done!
  • An Insight Into Home Decor  By : recruitermate
    Home is not only a financially valuable property. It is a holy place where one live with his family. It is such a place where the memories of one's life will always remain alive. The emotions attached with home makes it much more than just a financial asset or physical land.
  • An Insight into Wall Art  By : recruitermate
    Wall Art is one of the most easy way to decorate a room. Hanging art, as well as art prints on the wall, can transform a featureless and drab surface into something very interesting. One can draw the eye and focus attention through putting pictures in the right place.
  • An Internet Marketer Can Get Targeted Traffic Free, With Ezines!  By : Dan Johnson
    For the internet marketer seeking targeted free traffic, advertising in Ezines is an excellent resource. Using the following strategies you can get hundreds of dollars worth of Ezines advertising on an ongoing basis, absolutely for FREE.
  • An Introduction to Abstract Art  By : recruitermate
    Abstract painting rejects painting life-like forms. It aims at stimulating people's consciousness through associations. These associations based on a combination of imagery and colors. Such an art can be incorporated into practically any contemporary and stylistic interior.
  • An Introduction To Composition  By : Charles Griffith
    A helpful introduction to the essential principles of composition as they relate to the arts of painting and drawing, designed to help the beginning and intermediate artist.
  • An Introduction to Oil Painting  By : Matthew Burbles
    Oil painting is, as the name would suggest, the process of painting using oil. In fact this is slightly more complicated and you are in reality painting uses 'pigments' (colours_ that are bound together by drying oil (the exact nature of the oil may vary, in Europe during the Renaissance period 'linseed' oil was very popular).
  • An Obsession With Star News  By : Mark Etinger
    Everyday people seem to have a sick obsession with star news and celebrities.
  • An Overview about Various Forms of Visual Arts and Its Importance  By : StuartOwens
    All these forms of arts stated above were believed to be find arts. It is said that science was also included in arts. As years passed by people started to distinguish science from fine arts. Fine arts considered any kind of creativity that was meant to please our senses. These forms included music, dance, opera and literature.
  • An Overview of Mp3 Music  By : Jonny Darko
    music is a type of music that is played electronically
    using a mp3. Using technology the mp3 music is created in digital format.
  • An Overview Of The Great Illustrators Of 18th, 19th And 20th Century  By : Amanda Smith
    amazing works of the great Illustrators of 18th, 19th and early 20th century have always been a great source of inspiration for a huge number of people all over the world, but most believe that the purchasing of original prints from these masters are just a distant dream.
  • An Overview of the Structure in Afar Poetry  By : David Tatham
    Afar poetry is sung and music is accompanied. The Afar are an ethnic group living mainly in Eritrea, Djibouti and Ethiopia who have contributed some of the world's most imaginative and beautiful poetry.
  • An Overview regarding Gift Baskets  By : Byron Dyson
    Everything you want to know about gift baskets and fruit baskets.
  • Ancient Egyptian mummybeads and lapis scarabs  By : Terry Kubiak
    A number of semi-precious stones were available from Egypt’s natural resources but in ancient times, the greatest number of beads were made from faience, an inexpensive ceramic paste that was developed around 4000 BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Faience is the forerunner of glass and although the recipe was a closely guarded secret, the technology spread throughout the Ancient World.
  • Ancient Glass History  By : Hampry
    Real glass is more difficult to produce, because its ingredients must be heated to a high enough temperature to melt and then fuse completely. Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets contain some references to glass making, indicating that it was a very difficult and secret undertaking.
  • Ancient Greco-Roman Medical & Surgical Instruments  By : Hampry
    The Greco-Roman Age covers the period when the Romans ruled the Greek World. Greek medicine and surgery grew up side by side, as partners and medicine continued to develop under the Romans who had gained much of their medical knowledge from the Greeks.
  • Ancient Greece Art – Cycladic Sculptures in the Greek Islands.  By : Art Twomacs
    Cycladic sculptures are thousands of years old and yet look eerily modern. A face with no facial features, except the nose, is not exactly how we think of ancient Greek art.
  • Ancient Greek Pottery  By : Terry Kubiak
    The pottery of ancient Greece is one of the most tangible and iconic elements of ancient Greek art. The colorful vases and pots of the ancient Greeks have survived in large numbers and are today highly prized as collectors items.
  • Ancient Roman pottery  By : Terry Kubiak
    In the second millennium BC, the Romans emerged from a small settlement near Rome to begin a course of expansion that was to make them the dominant power in the Mediterranean. By the 1st Century AD, Roman territories expanded from Britain in the north to Egypt in the south.
  • And the Oscar for Best Movie Goes To--- Crash of Racial Stereotypes and Humanitarian Babel.  By : Elizabeth Moreno
    Last year we saw Crash running away with the Oscar, and was acclaimed for not only the best movie of the year, but for its exposure of race relations, bias and stereotypes in American society. Again this year, Hollywood, has by accident, created incredible teaching tools that can be used to raise our unconscious biases and stereotypes which can lead us to recognize unique, individual features of others.
  • Anime -- The Popular Animated Japanese Art And Artists  By : Andrew Wills
    Anime is, of course, an abbreviation of the word “animation.” All animation must first be hand-drawn by the artist, and these artists have mostly also done comic renditions for comic books and started out with that as their goal. The artist could have free reign to create whatever kind of characters they wanted. One of the most popular anime series is called Inuyasha, a feudal fairy tale.
  • Ankle Tattoos: Reflects Your Unique Sense of Style  By : Jackson
    Ankle tattoos are catching on as a major fashion trend and many working women prefers to choose this type of tattoo.

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