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  • Video Production- Chroma Key Lighting  By : Pat Bedall
    Lighting a large chroma key drop is not very difficult with a little attention to detail and a few studio multi-source instruments. Chroma keying requires a lot of work and practice to achieve believable results, but the effort is rewarding. With a fundamental chroma key technique and proper lighting, you will stand a much better chance of getting the shot you want.
  • Stop It!  By : Mike Sexton
    If you're an artist then you've also dealt with creative blocks as well as frustration when you're working and you're getting aggravated because an idea won't flow. This article will help you alleviate these situations a bit and help you do deal with them in a more positive mindset
  • Video Production- Developing Your Message  By : Pat Bedall
    So you've just discovered (or been told) that your company needs a video... and you're in charge of it. Congratulations! You are about to embark on a fun and exciting journey- one that is not always easy, but one that will leave you with a true sense of accomplishment, positive reactions from your customers, and hopefully... a pretty feather in your cap for the boss.
  • Star Wars LEGO - The most popular LEGO theme of all time?  By : Tracey Edwards
    When it comes to Star Wars collectibles, one of the most coolest stuff to collect is without a doubt LEGO Star Wars. The first set which was based on the original trilogy was released in 1999 to coincide with The Phantom Menace and included a model X-Wing which you could build with the LEGO pieces.
  • Video Production- Finding the Right Production Company  By : Pat Bedall
    You know what you want, but where do you find it? The hunt for a production company requires the knowledge of where to look; however, the hunt for a great production company involves much more consideration.
  • 14 Marilyn Monroe Quotes To Remember The Day of Her Birth  By : Noel Jameson
    You might remember her for her famous white dress, fluttering in the breeze from a New York subway, or perhaps her unique birthday song to JFK. But she was definitely more than that. As her June 1st birthday rolls around, let's remember Marilyn for who she really was by reflecting on these fourteen Marilyn Monroe quotes.
  • 14 Judy Garland Quotes To Celebrate The Birthday of Oz's Star  By : Noel Jameson
    Judy Garland wasn't just Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Now, she was definitely so much more than that. Let's remember her on the anniversary of her birthday with these twelve Judy Garland quotes.
  • Are Cartoonists Masochists? And Why You Should Copy.  By : Chris Haycock
    The solitary nature of the cartoonists work. How to overcome it, and when and how you should copy others.
  • Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meanings  By : Batic
    The choice for a Japanese dragon tattoo makes a particularly powerful personal statement, and the choices in design are rich with diversity. Click Here To Find Out the Meanings of Japanese dragon tattoos and Where To get one You Truly Deserve.
  • How to Get Perfect Chinese Symbol Tattoos You Truly Deserve?  By : Paige
    If you're planning to get a Chinese symbol tattoo anytime soon you need to read every word of this article.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Symbol Tattoos  By : Paige
    If you're planning to get a Chinese symbol tattoo anytime soon you need to read every word of this article.
  • How to Get the Perfect Kanji Tattoo You Truly Deserve?  By : Paige
    If you're planning to get a Chinese symbol tattoo anytime soon you need to read every word of this article.
  • A Night of Ghosts, Mysteries and Legends in Fort Lauderdale  By : Olga Marie
    But Ghosts, Mysteries and Legends is more than a mere ghost tour, as Christian Rieger, its managing director tells, "There are more than just ghosts of us humans out there. There are nature spirits, visitors from other galaxies and other dimensions. Mathematicians have discovered eleven dimensions, so there is quite a bit right next to us that most of us cannot see with the naked eye. As well as being a ghost tour, we think of ourselves as also introducing people to the "world of spirits."
  • 12 Lena Horne Quotes to Celebrate the Life Of An Entertainer and Activist  By : Noel Jameson
    Lena Horne wasn't Hollywood's favorite, but she's a celebrity in her own right. She paved the way for so many women, and she made many people realize that someone's ancestry doesn't make them one thing or another - it's what's in the heart and soul that counts. This year, help Lena celebrate her birthday and get to know her better with these twelve Lena Horne quotes.
  • Model, Acting, Casting Audition Tips  By : Jenny Samuals
    Auditioning can be stressful, but it's the best way to find work in theater, film and commercials. Here are some helpful hints when heading out for an audition.
    Arrive at least 15 minutes early. You don't want to have to rush into your audition. Give yourself time to find the space and warm up.
  • BlingModeling Modeling Portfolios Talented Photographers Casting Calls  By : Jenny Samuals
    In this article we're going to go over some basic things that one should do before, during and after the big audition for a part.
  • Capture Life in Colours with Canvas Prints  By : Alexandr Lamb
    Can you imagine, just for a second, how dull we could feel, if our eyes perceived everything in black and white. Colors have great effect on us as well as beautiful, life music and nice smell.
  • 10 Gracie Allen Quotes to Commemorate The Birth of an American Comedian  By : Noel Jameson
    Gracie Allen made millions laugh. There's no arguing that she was quite the talented entertainer. Let's commemorate the date of this extraordinary woman's birth with these ten Gracie Allen quotes.
  • 7 Beatrix Potter Quotes to Celebrate a Childhood Favorite  By : Noel Jameson
    Beatrix Potter wrote her way into the hearts of millions of children with her Peter Rabbit tales. While her body left us decades ago, her spirit and her legacy still live on. Let's commemorate this year's anniversary of her birth with these seven Beatrix Potter quotes.
  • 11 Kenny Rogers Quotes to Celebrate the Birth of a Country Western Great  By : Noel Jameson
    Kenny Rogers birthday is right around the corner. Ready to celebrate with the gambler? Here's eleven Kenny Rogers quotes to get you started.
  • Wildlife Photography: The Challenge Of A Good Composition.  By : Andrew Goodall
    Beginners in wildlife photography all eventually come up against this question: "Where do I position my subject - left, right, or in the middle?" These guidelines may help you find a balance that suits you.
  • 10 Grey's Anatomy Quotes to Ring in the New Season  By : Noel Jameson
    Love Grey's Anatomy? Then you'll be happy to know the new season is starting soon. Problem is, for die-hard fans, it's just not soon enough. Let these 10 great Grey's Anatomy quotes help you through the wait.
  • Actors and Crew Members Get a Boost with Social Networking  By : Chris Robertson
    Thankfully, there are new avenues opening up that allow actors and crew members to link up with film production companies, find out about casting calls, and gain exposure.
  • 10 Hank Williams Sr. Quotes to Celebrate a Country Western Great  By : Noel Jameson
    Hank Williams Sr. is one of the most celebrated country western songwriters of all time. Let's commemorate the birth of this song-writing great with these ten Hank Williams Sr. quotes.
  • How to Get Superior Theatrical Entertainment in Seattle Area  By : Justin Lockwood
    How to get superior theatrical entertainment in Seattle area

    Among the most sought after forms of entertainment liked by the culture and art aficionados, theatre occupies an important place. This genre has a timeless appeal and irrespective of religion, gender and country people have lapped it up with pleasure over the ages. The experience of watching the facets of life being enacted by performers is incomparable.
  • 6 Grey's Anatomy Quotes to Celebrate the New Season of Our Favorite Guilty TV Pleasure  By : Noel Jameson
    If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan you'll probably be enjoying the new season by this hits the Web. How can we celebrate? Let's start with these quotes from seasons passed, and before you know it, we'll have even more Grey's Anatomy quotes to reflect on!
  • Auditioning in Musicals: The First Private Audition  By : Jeremy Fisher
    For actors singers and dancers, auditioning for musicals is a way of life. But what if this is your first musicals audition? How do you behave, what do you have to do, and how should you prepare? This article focusses on the first (private) audition in the process of auditioning for a musical
  • 8 First steps towards Mastering the art of Landscape Painting  By : kath
    Landscape paintings are extremely popular in every part of the world. Right from the time when we are kids, we start drawing landscapes. Nature is a favourite way of expressing thoughts, dreams, beliefs and imagery for anyone who loves to sketch or paint. However, it is not possible to capture an entire vast and beautiful landscape on one canvas. Read this article to get some tips on how to do landscape paintings…..
  • Dancer Singer Actor - The Triple Threat  By : Jeremy Fisher
    Finding your strengths as a performer means you can transfer your skills to other areas and become the true Triple Threat - actor singer dancer. And translating the director's requests into your primary language can help you understand and react on a much deeper level. This article is about finding and transferring your performing strengths - what's your strongest suit?
  • 14 Johnny Carson Quotes to Commemorate the Birthday of a TV Legend  By : Noel Jameson
    Few ever achieve the fame and adoration that Johnny Carson achieved. Was it luck? Talent? Personality? It was probably a mixture of all of these things and more. Let's celebrate the years we spent with Johnny, and reflect on his one-of-a-kind wit and charm, with these fourteen Johnny Carson quotes.
  • Flower Photography Equipment  By : Timothy Spencer
    To be able to create that “perfect” shot of a flower, must-have equipments are very essential. From lens to tripod, these accessories may cost up to a thousand bucks but will definitely produce a well-taken photo of a delicate flower. This article cites photography paraphernalia that would be helpful in enjoying a flower shoot.
  • 15 Scary Spooky Halloween Quotes to Chill You Right Through to your Bones  By : Noel Jameson
    The holiday that nightmares are made of is right around the corner. Are you ready for some Halloween quotes? Here are thirteen that will chill you to your toes...
  • What is Flash Art Tattoo?  By : Robert Thomson
    One of the hardest things when getting a tattoo is choosing the image that you want. There are millions of images you can pick from and the choices can very be overwhelming.
  • Hip Hop Dance Moves – Learn it Step by Step with Instructional Videos  By : Elorado Walls
    World class dancers help you master the latest hip hop dance moves with instructional videos that let you master technique in the comfort of your own home.
  • Pencil Drawing Fundamentals - The Drawing Phases  By : Robert Thomson
    In this article we introduce you to the phases you go through when drawing a scene. That is, we will explain the logical steps you need to go through to complete a drawing from beginning to end.
  • Tips on Oil Painting - One Basic Approach to Creating an Oil Painting  By : Robert Thomson
    In this article we discuss one of many approaches to the creation of an oil painting. We give an overview of the consecutive steps you need to take to create an oil painting from start to finish. This is also the approach I use most often.
  • Online Art Gallery: Click on the mouse to catch creativity…  By : Smit
    A connoisseur of modern art now does not need to visit various art galleries to witness newer innovation; instead he can click on the mouse and enjoys the world of art on the online art gallery.
  • Sherlock Holmes' Town Transport  By : Chris Haycock
    A potted history of one of the most popular forms of city transport in Sherlock Holmes' victorian London. The Hansom cab.
  • What's The Best Art Class To Take For Beginners?  By : Brett Muscio
    Most of us are not gifted artistically however many have a desire to take up some form of art in our lifetime. Here are some suggestions to get you started in the world of art.
  • The Advantage of Interactive Online Art Communities  By : Chris Robertson
    The Internet and web are making it possible for artists to display their work for millions to see. Online artist galleries and communities also provide venues for discussion, feedback, polls, and much more.
  • The Most Popular Tattoo Fonts  By : David Tony
    You can choose from huge range of tattoo fonts available. Nowadays, using computer you can get every kind of tattoo designs that you can imagine. Combining tattoo fonts with your tattoo design and check out the final design is very easy with computer.
  • The Real Meaning of Tattoos Fonts  By : David Morin
    There are many tattoo fonts to choose from. Thanks to the computer age, anything you can dream up can be used for tattoo fonts. In fact, you can use software on the computer to combine a tattoo design with tattoo fonts and get a full image of what your finished tattoo will look like.
  • Why Star Tattoo Designs Are So Popular?  By : David Tony
    Star tattoo designs are very hot nowadays. These tattoo designs are very cool. There are various reasons behind their popularity.
  • Useful Tips on New Tattoo Care  By : David Tony
    A healthy new tattoo care is very important. It's one of the most important aspects of whole process of getting a tattoo. You need to know how to take care of your tattoo.
  • Tips on Selecting the Sleeve Tattoo Designs  By : David Morin
    Tattoos of any sort are very popular, but especially sleeve tattoo designs. Some people find them exciting, intriguing and expressive. Some think they are strange. No matter what anyone thinks, though, sleeve tattoo designs are here to stay.
  • All about Tribal Tattoos or Tatuaggi Tribali  By : Deonte
    Tribal tattoos or tatuaggi tribali as they are called in Italy have been around for centuries when almost every civilization made use of tattooing whether it was the Egyptians, the Aztecs or the Celts. Each of them used tatuaggi for a distinctive reason. Often tatuaggi like the tatuaggi maori might have been used just as an individual embellishment, to indicate ranking in society or as a means of making known to others which tribe they were a member of.
  • Finding Tattoo Images or Immagini Tatuaggi Online  By : Deonte
    Good quality immagini tatuaggi or tattoo images are not easy to come by. But the Net is a huge reservoir which holds every kind of tattoo photo or foto tatuaggi that you would imagine. You can use your favorite search engine like Google or Yahoo and make a search for these tattoo designs. You will actually be surprised at the instances that it throws you. But not all of these might be what you are looking for.
  • Tattoo Supplies or Attrezzature Tatuaggi for the Best Tattoos  By : Deonte
    The best tattoo supplies or attrezzature tatuaggi as they are called in Italian assist in producing the best quality tattoos or tatuaggi. These tattoos are winning examples of art that are made by a tattoo artist. The tattoo artist has to undergo training for a few years in art and tattooing before he or she gets specialized in making tatuaggi the masterpieces that they turn out to be.
  • Use your own Tattoo Machines or Macchinette Tatuaggi for Safety  By : Deonte
    Machines like the tattoo guns are used to make and apply tattoos. These machines are called tattoo machines or macchinette tatuaggi as they are known as in Italian. They are being used now for several years to make the most fashionable and breath-taking pieces of art. Nowadays, you get tattoo kits or kit tatuaggi which consist of all the tattoo supplies or attrezzature tatuaggi that you would possibly require.
  • The Secret to Getting a Great Tattoo  By : David Morin
    The secret to how to get a great tattoo is to be prepared. If you've decided to get a tattoo, you should research the process first. Many people don't bother doing their homework before they get a tattoo and then they run into trouble because they regret the decision later down the line.
  • The magic of The Off -Broadway Theatres  By : Ken Davenport
    When some one pays a visit to the New York City he can not be satisfied until he pays a visit to the Broadway or off Broadway theatres. This is a happening place in Manhattan that houses some of the most legendary theatres of America. The place is also associated with the memory of the birth and growth of some of the theatre actors of USA. As many people know, the successful and all time classic musicals and plays of the nation have been created in this place. Off Broadway has produced a number of Pulitzer Prize winning dramas and musicals in its history.
  • How To Make your life partner Smile  By : raghav
    The fact that everyone can easily enhance the ability to make other people laugh is nearly unreal, but undoubtedly true. I shall first introduce why some things are funny, the way neurologists explain it. Often we hear something we didn't know of, at those times, the mind connects the neural cells by creating a new route between the two neural cells.
  • Why P2P Downloading is Legal  By : Peter Nisbet
    Free P2P file sharing sites are not illegal, and neither is the concept of peer to peer file sharing. It is how people use such websites and software that can be illegal, but that is no reason to ban them. Music and movie moguls should grow up and provide a genuine alternative.
  • Steps on Choosing the Best Tattoos  By : David Tony
    Clarity of the tattoo won't similar everlastingly. It bequeath equal appeared sharpest at beginning, and will become a little blurry and hazy as the times go along.
  • Iconic Objects in Comics  By : Vince P.Platania,Jr
    There are many objects found between the covers of comics that symbolize various characters, storylines or what have you. Some are objects of power, like the M’Kraan Crystal or the Infinity Gauntlet. Others are power sources for their wielders like Green Lantern’s lamp or ring, or Quasar’s Quantum Bands. And others are simply weapons like Thor’s hammer or the captain America shield.
  • The Art of Mechanical Drawings  By : Francesca Stevens
    Mechanical drawings are among the basic elements used in engineering. These mechanical drawings are also referred to as engineering drawings, which are highly technical visual representations of an object or structure. These drawings may come in the form of blue prints, which are used for conceptualizing buildings, bridges, and skyscrapers.
  • Marvel Comic Books: The Industry Standard?  By : Vince P.Platania,Jr
    It's no secret that Marvel comic books are the best selling comic books in the American market. Marvel holds the highest percentage of the market share as it has for many years, just above main rival, DC Comics. But does this really mean that Marvel comic books are the standard for the industry?
  • The Fact Behind Choosing a Gemini Zodiac Tattoo Design  By : Henning
    Gemini tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs which beginners choose frequently to get tattooed with. There are many varieties of Gemini tattoo designs which adults, males and females can select from to get adorned with on their bodies. One can usually find attractive Gemini tribal tattoos on the arms, neck or biceps of most celebrated person’s bodies as well as that of ordinary peoples.
  • Some of the Popular Tattoo Designs You Can Adorn Yourself with  By : Henning
    Tattoos are nothing but permanent body art made by inserting ink into the layers of the skin to change the color for decorative or some other purposes. There are different fascinating tattoo designs with different meaning that can immediately catch attention of the people.
  • The Online Ballroom Dancing Lessons  By : Jamien Taylor
    If you are interested in learning ballroom dancing, you might want to try taking advantage of online ballroom dance lessons and videos.
  • Help to Find Rare Tattoo Ideas Online.  By : Alan Witter
    Getting tattoed for the duration of your life for keeps is something that really should not be be taken lightly. Upon this analytical selection has been formed you have one that's going to be just as far-reaching. What exactly are you going to get inked into your chosen area?

    Reasonably you alre
  • Wonder Woman  By : Vince P.Platania,Jr
    When Wonder Woman began in 1941, she was introduced as unapologetically assertive and independent Princess Diana of the Amazons. Her mother was Queen Hippolyte and the infamous lasso of truth was a gift bequeathed by the goddess Aphrodite.
  • Where Have All the Super Powers Gone?  By : Vince P.Platania,Jr
    Your basic super powers include super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability, invisibility, enhanced reflexes and agility and stretching ability. These are the principal super powers in use in comics.
  • How to Learn the Foxtrot Dance Easily  By : Jamien Taylor
    If you want to begin learning ballroom dancing techniques, you should start by taking a foxtrot dance lesson. The foxtrot has been around for many years, but it hasn't lost its appeal.
  • A Celtic Tattoo? Are You Erratic?!  By : Alan Witter
    One of course does not wish to be a mad person in order to get a Celtic Tattoo, nor does the presence of a Celtic Tattoo mean that an individual is one. moreover Notwithstanding, plentiful case history have made clear that most sociopaths do indeed have tattoos as being one of their preeminent consta
  • Details of Ballroom Dancing  By : Jamien Taylor
    The history of ballroom dancing is very rich and full. It goes back many years and comes from many different countries all over the world.
  • Poirot - "The Double Clue" Exposes Hercule's Facade as the Thief Melts His Heart  By : Ed Bagley
    These made-for-TV movies are among the 41 murder mystery novels originally aired by PBS involving the proper, obsessive little Belgian inspector Hercule Poirot. The character of Poirot (played to perfection by David Suchet) was created by the famous British author Agatha Christie, who wrote her first Poirot novel in 1920 at the age of 30 and her last Poirot novel in 1975, 55 years later and a year before her death in 1976.
  • Sex and the City Is, Barely, More Than a Fashionable Chick Flick  By : Ed Bagley
    Sooner of later even male movie reviewers who would normally avoid films like "Sex and the City" feel some sense of obligation to see what everyone is talking about. My mistake. Learn why Sex in the City is long on looks and short on substance.
  • Off Broadway Theater: The hub of musicals and plays in New York City  By : Ken Davenport
    Off Broadway Theater is found in New York City. The term is used to define a cluster of musicals, plays and revues which are performed in the New York City. The term was originally referred to the site of a venue as well as its productions on a street that intersects Broadway in the Theatre District of Manhattan.
  • How to Look Hot with Native American Tattoos  By : David Tony
    Tattoos are an ancient art inherited from ancient civilizations, where the symbolism behind the tattoo and its wearer was always more appreciated than its beauty.
  • The Facts of the Tribal Tattoo  By : David Tony
    The designs behind tribal tattoos are quite contemporary, but guess what? They're actually the oldest forms of tattoos, having passed through many ancient civilizations before they got to us!
  • How to Buy the Greatest Tattoo Design  By : David Tony
    There are many factors that you need to consider when you want to buy tattoo designs. Getting a tattoo is an intensely personal decision, and the type of tattoo you want to get, even more so!
  • Fanfiction- The ultimate geek pastime  By : Andrew Hawnt
    Thoughts on the fan fiction phenomenon, from a geek culture columnist and SF fan and writer.
  • Characters Animation  By : Natasha-B
    This Article Talks about the Characters Animation
  • Choose a Maori Tattoo or Tatuaggi Maori for Uniqueness  By : Jose
    Ma ori tattoos or tatuaggi Maori as they are known as in Italy are distinct each having a tale of its own to tell. Having begun with the Maori tribal people, these tatuaggi tribali or tribal tattoos are a wonderful way to convey your self through the tattoing art because these are not just tattoo images or immagini tatuaggi but are a kind of artistic form each one having its own meaning and identity. Hence not every one opts for a tatuaggi Maori.
  • Finding the Best Maori Tattoos or Tatuaggi Maori  By : Jose
    The Maori tattoos also called tatuaggi Maori in Italian are intricately detailed and you should not settle for anything less than perfect. However, a lot of people go through the foto tatuaggi or tattoo photos and select one even if they are not satisfied fully only to regret their decision later on. Remember that the tattoo you choose to have inked in your skin is for life unless you are ready to reverse the operation at a very high price and suffer a lot of pain.
  • What you need to know about Tatuaggi Tribali or Tribal Tattoos  By : Jose
    Tribal tattoos which are also known as tatuaggi tribali in Italian have been known to be existent for hundreds of years and the early civilizations would almost always have tattoos no matter whether it was the Aztecs, the Celts or the Egyptians. All of these used tribes used tattoos or tatuaggi for their own individual reason. Many times the tatuaggi Maori or the Maori tattoos might have been utilized as a decoration to be a sign of one’s position in society or as a way of letting others know th
  • Japan's Seto Imari and More.  By : Maurice Robertson
    Historically, Japan has had a great influence on Western art including pictures, interior design, porcelain,architecture and certainly, the decorative arts.
  • Foot Tattoos - Is the Hurt Worth It?  By : Adam Smithy
    At some point, most tattoo lovers have considered the idea of getting a foot tattoo. But, do foot tattoos hurt?
  • Vibrant, Natural-Looking French Bead Flowers  By : Rosemary Kurtz
    Here are some tips to help you showcase your beautiful French bead flowers. Ideas to make them as lifelike, graceful and lovely as they should be. Whether your flowers are brand-new or restored vintage treasures, these techniques will make them look fresh, natural and vibrant.
  • The Equipment Needed For Self-Distribution Of Your Home Production  By : Robert Thomson
    There has never been a more exciting time for independent, home-based productions. If you have the creative spirit and the vision for an independent production, or if you want to setup your own recording studio, this is the time to launch your dream.
  • John Robert Powers – The Right Acting Classes for your Child  By : Andrew Johnsu`n
    When it comes to grooming your kid’s personality for the fiercely-competitive entertainment and fashion industry, nothing works better than proper training from an expert guide.
  • John Robert Powers - Acting Classes to Get You Going  By : Andrew Johnsu`n
    Selecting the very best is quite effortless when you know it is your child whose future is at stake. Coming in this league will be John Robert Powers, an institution where your child learns all those nuances which are required to make it big in the world of showbiz.
  • What Do You Need To Know to Make a French Bead Flower?  By : Rosemary Kurtz
    FREE! Learn the basic techniques for making a simple bead flower. Bead flowers are lovely and lasting keepsakes to brighten your home. Bouquets of bead flowers can be passed down the generations.
  • Art For Healthcare  By : Arthor Penz
    We’ve all felt the positive benefits of a beautiful piece of art. Most of us have stood in front of a painting and felt our emotions stir, our mood lift and our heart smile in the presence of its energy and life. But art can do so much more than simply improve our moods: it is proven to have health-giving powers too.
  • Art is a blank piece of ….Lino!  By : Mark Wood
    Human beings have had a need to express themselves creatively since earliest times. This creativity can be in the form of telling stories, epic poems, singing or art, including painting, sculpture or (more recently) printmaking.
  • Computer 3d Animators: A Benefit to the Design Industry  By : John Greystone
    3 dimensional imagery is a newer fashion in the artist community. It unmistakably gives numerous possibilities for graphic industry of the future.
  • India Bank on All Rounders !  By : newagephilosopher
    About Philosophy, the Science of the Absolute
  • Marble Sculptures Through History  By : Mary Bosz
    Marble has always been one of the best mediums of sculpture. The shine of marble helps in the display of each and every fine detail in the sculpture. Marble is an expensive natural rock. High cost of marble has restricted marble sculptures and till date it has been a possession of the rich people. The marble statues and other pieces of marble sculptures from ancient periods show that only the rich people could afford it. But the scenario has changed with time. Now, it is used by several sculpture artists in different parts of the world. Marble statues now adorn the home of ordinary people as well.
  • Your Guide to Art Shows  By : arcel
    An art show is an event where art objects--in the most general sense--are put up on display to an audience, the guests. It is understood that most art shows are temporary. Unless in rare cases, when the art show is announced to be a permanent one.
  • Who Labels Someone an Artist and Their Works as Art?  By : Michiel Van Kets
    Both artists and art dealers are considered to be art professionals both of which earn a living from forms of art. The artist is of course the one who is the creator of the art itself, whatever it may be and the art dealer is the person that the artist generally will turn to in order to be able to market and sell their art.
  • Canvas Wall Art Prints - A Revolution in Design, Decoration and Display  By : Art by People
    They say a picture paints a thousand words? We agree, and if your talking modern wall pictures for your contemporary home you cant go far wrong than considering a canvas artwork for your living space or office.
  • Guide To Buying The Best Quality Stained Glass Suncatchers  By : J Thistlema
    Adding a stained glass suncatcher to a window is a great way to instantly improve the feel of any room. Suncatchers come in all shapes, sizes, designs and themes. Some of the most fun suncatchers are those that resemble frogs, fish, bunnies, and other animals. Learn a few tips to help you buy the best quality stained glass from now on!
  • London West End Shows - The Lion King  By : Gen Wright
    Review of the London West End Show ~ The Lion King. I absolutely love 1994 animated film The Lion King, starring Matthew Broderick, Jonathan Taylor-Thomas, Jeremy Irons, Moira Kelly, Niketa Calame, Ernie Sabella, Nathan Lane, Robert Guillaume, and Rowan Atkinson.
  • Alluring Piece Of Canvas  By : TravisOl
    You can create a group picture, a portrait that will embellish your living-room and the like. Why are canvases so attractive? They can be stretched to any size so that you have an opportunity to enjoy desired photo enlargements. Just choose the right size and canvas company does the rest.
  • The Facts About iPod Movies Download  By : Zarqoo Zaimoo
    Due to the continuous research of scientist new instruments and materials are delivered to markets for the convenience of the people. iPod is one of such instrument for the convenience of the people to down load music and movies according to their choice.
  • Prehistoric Venus – Beyond Ancient Art.  By : Art Twomacs
    Prehistoric Venus, or Ancient Goddess, is a reference to a class of art object made by modern humans before writing existed, therefore ‘pre-history’ by definition.
  • Ancient Greece Art – Cycladic Sculptures in the Greek Islands.  By : Art Twomacs
    Cycladic sculptures are thousands of years old and yet look eerily modern. A face with no facial features, except the nose, is not exactly how we think of ancient Greek art.
  • The Untapped Wealth Of Indian Tribal Art Forms  By : Emantras
    Indian heritage has been a huge cauldron of variety of riches, has been an anthropologist's delight. It is a treasure of fables, stories, different colors, dynasties, beliefs and customs, and myriad art forms.
  • Understanding Tarot Spread Illustrations: More Than Just Pretty Pictures  By : Craig Malone
    The use of tarot cards is a very interesting dimension of the occult. Basically associated with the gypsies, this is an amazing portal through which you can catch a glimpse of your past, present or future as you per your desire.

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