Jan 05

alexa barI give up trying to come to grips with the fact that there are actually people out there that give any kind of relevancy to Alexa pagerank. It is my understanding that it represents a ‘measuring stick’ as to the popularity of any particular website. Unfortunately, it is based on the hit and miss visits from people that happen to have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser (not all browsers are compatible with Alexa toolbar).

I know for a fact that it does not fairly represent traffic flowing into a website. I happen to use Seoquake’s Firefox plugin to monitor statistics for various websites of interest to me and am baffled by the sheer stupidity of some of the numbers I see. I know for an absolute fact that another article directory(no names needed) has 25% of the traffic the abcarticledirectory has and has a superior Alexa pagerank….go figure that one out.

This was not the first time I made a comment about Alexa’s page ranking system but it will be my last. I am done with it for good. I’ll stick with Google’s pr even if it is not the best. It at least gives some idea of a site’s popularity based on some actual measurable statistics….not on whether or not you have a Google toobar installed on your browser.

Nov 08

twitter logoby Silvia Pencak

I�m a Twitter enthusiast. I use it on a daily basis to both, connect with other like-minded people out there and promote my business to those who might benefit from working with me. Even though I use other social media sites as well, I still find Twitter the most powerful tool out there for those who market to businesses.

If you use Twitter daily like me, you might as well start using some of the smart tools and resources to get the most out of your time.

1. Hashtags
Hashtags or �#� help group tweets within the same topic. They�re great if you�re looking to promote your event or connect with audience interested in specific theme. For example, you can use hashtag #quote when posting a quote and quote lovers will find it way easier. As a brand strategist I like to use hashtags like #brand, #branding, #strategy, #MagneticBrand etc. You can also use hashtags mentioning brands #coke, #starbucks; places #Hilton, #Toronto; hobbies #swimming #blog; events, or anything else. You can search for a specific hashtag to connect with people with similar interests to yours.

2. Tweet Chat
Tweet chat is a great way to find other people who talk about topics that interest you and build lasting relationships. There are dozens of tweet chats running almost simultaneously. Simply find your favorite, ask about the schedule and enjoy. Some of my favorite: #leadfromwithin, #bizforum, #smallbizchat. Share your favorite tweet chat in the comment section below.

3. @ (�AT�) Messages
Connect with others out there by sending them a public tweet. Compliment them for something they recently did, whether it�s a blog post, book or event; share your insight or feedback, answer their question or recommend a great resource. AT messages are your ticket to getting noticed on this crowded network and building relationships that make a difference in your business.

4. Retweets (RT)
This is yet another great tool to help you both, share great content and gain attention of people you�d like to connect with. With over 20K twitter followers it�s very hard (and almost impossible) for me to stay in touch with everyone personally, but trust me, when people retweet my stuff, they get my attention. I usually check their profiles, mention them in my own tweets, send them a quick helpful tip or idea, or even add them to one of my lists. I believe many out there do it similarly. Remember, reaching out on social media helps you get noticed much faster. Continue reading »

Feb 01

I’m trying to understand the Alexa rating as it pertains to the abcarticledirectory.com. Traffic has remained steady for the past month and has actually risen about 10% on average yet my Alexa rank has gone down from approximately 8,300 to 11,099 today during that time period. Isn’t the number supposed to go down if traffic goes up?

I have always taken the Alexa rating with a grain of salt, however, such a blatant drop without any significant drop in traffic does make one stand up and wonder. According to traffic analysis “Abcarticledirectory.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 11,099. Visitors to the site view 4.4 unique pages each day on average. About 56% of visitors to this site come from India, where it has attained a traffic rank of 1,051. The fraction of visits to the site referred by search engines is about 7%, and Abcarticledirectory.com has a bounce rate of roughly 31% (i.e., 31% of visits consist of only one pageview).”

Now, I know that in order to register as a visitor, the person going to the site must have the Alexa toolbar or something similar or their visit will not be recorded by Alexa. Since the majority of traffic to abcarticledirectory.com is according to my site monitoring from various sources, from the United States, it can only be surmised that visitors from India place a high value on the Alexa toolbar. The portion of search engine referral traffic is actually around 70-80%….not 7% as Alexa would have someone believe. Continue reading »

Aug 29

Facebook fan pageSo maybe you found this page because you want to make a really great fan page, or maybe you have a fan page already but it kinda sucks….no problem! This tutorial will turn your fan page from lame to awesome in a matter of minutes!

First you need an actual fan page. These are great to have because it lets others follow you, and gives you an authoritative presence on Facebook. This is like having social proof that you are a good guy or girl and that others find what you have to offer valuable. The easiest way to do this is to visit someone else’s fan page, scroll down to the bottom and click the “Create Page” link. You can visit my fan page here - Rachael Macgregor MLM Secrets Fan Page

Some tips for setting up your Facebook fan page -

1. You MUST upload a photo for your fan page. There is nothing less professional that a fan page without a photo, seriously!

2. Enter as much information about yourself and what you do. This is not a place to promote your primary business or try and sell anything. The aim of your Facebook Fan Page is to create fans! Offer them value and they’ll keep coming back for more. Try and sell them something and they’ll run a mile.

3. Add a link to your blog in the box below your photo with a reason for people to visit your blog. Continue reading »

Aug 10

 Google keywordsGoogle is making billions of dollars thanks to a magic word: “keywords”.

Keywords is the concept at the base of search engines, and of big part of the internet and the global online business.

Everyday millions of persons using the internet connect to a search engine in order to search any possible topic, and to get specific results they enter keywords and key phrases about.

The search engine sites are built to give lists of web sites related to these keywords, but nowadays they also include sponsored results of paying advertisers, also keywords related, and selling these advertising results is their main revenue.

You must consider that all those searches and the related keywords are recorded, and ordered in giant databases.

Google is the biggest search engine, and has the biggest of those databases, and it provides free access to all those data to its advertisers, and also to generic users.

All these dates can be accessed through different keyword tools, some extremely sophisticated, let’s see some of them.

The first one, and perhaps the most known is the Google AdWords External Keyword Tool, that you can reach following this link:


This tool is very useful, and powerful.
It returns a list that includes the most searched keywords starting from a single keyword, or that are associated to a specific web site.
It depends on the preferences you set on that link.

Important to consider is that you can decide also to have the results for a specific language or a specific country. Continue reading »

Jul 28

 Plagiarists love your original content published at EzineArticles and other honest publishers because it ranks high in Google’s search results. The trouble is that plagiarists do not include a link back to your site or author credit-because they do not publish the resource box or include a link back to the article source. Here are 5 steps you can take to protect your content, detect plagiarism, and get unauthorized copies of your content removed from the World Wide Web:

1) Include copyright and author information when creating your articles,

2) Set up an early detection system for finding plagiarists,

3) Identify and contact the offenders,

4) Identify and contact their registrars or hosts, and

5) Submit a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint.


The first step in the war on plagiarism is to provide copyright information in the article body as well as author information in the resource box. Within the article body, you can include a copyright notice and the article title with it’s date of publication. Here is an example of what I use at the end of my articles:

Copyright © 2010 [Your Name Goes Here] [Your Site Name Goes Here] [Site URL Goes Here]. [Article Title Goes Here], [Date Published Goes Here]

If you can do so, use an active link for either the site name or site URL. Depending on the publisher’s article-submission requirements, you may not be able to use an active link or domain name in the article body. Even if these are permitted, all active links and URLs in the article could be stripped by the plagiarist, although a non-hyper linked reference to your site might still remain-especially if the plagiarist is using software to automate the theft.

You can use the resource box to positively identify yourself as the author and can include an active link to your web site or blog. Here is an example:

“About the Author: [Your Name Goes Here] has written extensively about [What You Write About], and more. Visit his/her web site at [Your Site Name Goes Here], [Site URL Goes Here], for additional content on these subjects, including many images related to his/her articles published at [Publisher's Name Goes Here].”

I would *stronglyrecommend using an active link to your site in the resource box. An honest publisher will include the resource box, will not tamper with the article body, and will provide a link to the article source. If a plagiarist strips out the resource box or neglects to include a link to the article source, the chances are still good that the copyright and author information will be left in the article body. Continue reading »

Feb 15

 Google trendsAlthough the Google Trends Website has been available for a while there are a lot of online marketers that don’t know about it and if they do they don’t know how to tap into its power huge profit potential.

The Google Trends website is a service offered by Google to users that want to get some fantastic data about keyword searches in the Google search engine. For example if you wanted to know how popular Levi jeans were over the past 6 years you could type in “Levi Jeans” and get data that would show you the search trend for Levi Jeans. It will not only give you the search trend but you can begin to focus the searches on country, city or even by language.

For anyone looking for a Niche to market and make money Google Trends is something they should not do without.

How to use the Google Trends website Practically?

PPC Marketing - If you are primarily a PPC marketer Google Trends is going to help you in your geo-targeting. I was involved in a niche that was hot in the United States but it gradually tapered off in the USA but got real hot in the Japanese market and so you set up your Adwords campaigns to target Japan. Thank you Google for saving me money on advertising and making me money by knowing where the buyers were.

Spying on Competition - To the right of the trends graph there are a list of links that show you articles that are ranked high for the keyword that you chose. Look over those articles, get some ideas, spin it and submit it. Have you seen our page about Online Article Marketing?

Hot Trends for Bloggers - Google Hot Trends is a separate service and URL. When you are blogging you are in need of content and if you want to have something relevant to your crowd that is timely with world events or something else you can use Google Hot Trends to see what is real relevant. Not long ago Tiger Woods went through his hardship with his family and the reporters. If you type Tiger Woods into the Google Trends website you will see the spike that was created over the bad press. I would not use Hot Trends to determine a niche because it is only reporting the hot things that are very current and as we know, news is changing all the time. Continue reading »

Jan 07

The days just before New Year are always quite memorable since we’re reviewing our 2009 and looking forward to 2010. As the host of blogs, every blogger wishes the New Year can bring more visitors and opportunities for their blogs, so do you make your New Year resolution list like we do?

1. Make your blog looks personalized

It’s the most direct and practicable way to make your blog prominent from others, hard though. If you’re a master of PHP or CSS, you can create in your own style. You can also order a unique one for ideas. Here are some free blog templates for people who want to decorate or give a new face to their blog in 2010. No matter what template you are going to use, remember to share more to impress your readers.

2. Think out more interesting topics

Don’t be too tired of writing things on your blog. According to the experience of those successful bloggers, they used to write two or more articles every day, yet one new article weekly now. The speed of your blog’s update is important but often has tiny effect. You can try to create your topics which are useful, unique, evocative and even controversial to receive higher traffic since people know they can get something new from your blog.

3. More followers on Twitter

Over millions of people at different ages join this micro-blogging service. Supposing what cheers once thousands of users on Twitter receive your message taking about your blog and feel curious to pay a visit. In fact, answering questions and leaving useful messages on Twitter are also impressive ways to promote your blog. People feel happy to receive helps from others, so be diligent on Twitter all the time.

4. Remain every visitor

Blog should be a place of communication more than one same voice. It’s very precious people leaving comments on your blog. You should reply to them seriously and invite them to be back to your blog if possible. The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed can help you to gather more readers by sending your latest update to their feed readers, so you can try to make full use of it.

5. Make your blog active

Simple is good, but not always suits for everyone’s taste. More and more bloggers are trying to add some interesting objects like screencast video and podcast to their blogs, making them interactive and vivid. In many well-known blogs referring to software, e-learning and news release, you can easily find embedded video tutorials or online podcast play. With some screen recorder like Camstudio and DemoCreator, you can make your own screen video with ease. Continue reading »

Dec 23

FacebookToday, there are hundreds of social networking websites accessible within the internet. Here, you’ll be able to keep in bit together with your friends, notice long lost relatives, and even create new friends. But, social networking isn’t just what you’ll get from Facebook.

Because of its popularity, a many of folks are now cashing in on Facebook as a website that they’ll use to market their business or their product and services.

There are quite a lot of social networking websites that you’ll be able to be a part of today. But, if you actually wish to hitch one of the simplest sites for selling your merchandise or services or really generate targeted traffic for your website, then Facebook is your best potential choice.

Facebook is taken into account by a lot of people as the best place to go to when it involves promoting and networking. With over 62 million active subscribers, you’ll see that it will positively have the potential in increasing your sales.

The good thing regarding Facebook is that it can be in a position to provide you with tools that may be used to effectively market your merchandise and services. However, you wish to grasp a way to effectively use the tools in order for you to essentially absolutely use the website.

Thus, here are some tips which will facilitate you use Facebook to plug your products and services for free.

The first tip is that you wish to form a great profile. With a nice profile, you’ll be able to attract a lot of people to view it. A lot of viewers will mean a lot of folks will be ready to understand concerning the merchandise or service you are offering. Attempt to use Facebook as half of your branding and attempt to incorporate a photograph of you. Additionally, include your contact data, your web site address, work expertise, personal interest and your education. Always keep in mind that a complete profile is the most effective manner to go in Facebook. Continue reading »

Dec 15

Firefox iconTHE second biggest open source web browser sent the global Information Technology circuit on a standstill after it crashed a week after its web administrators introduced an upgrade to its system.

Mozilla Corporation, which owns, operates and maintains the Mozilla Firefox web application, was quick to react by introducing a newer system upgrade, which they said would “kill the crash bug” that sent the web haywire.

Mozilla Firefox, which descended from Mozilla Application Suite, sent 25 percent of the Mozilla Firefox-using companies and individuals cramming for connection last week after it crashed.

Interestingly, 24.07 percent of web users around the world are using the Mozilla Firefox application, as per survey administered by web metrics firm “Net Applications”. The biggest chunk of web application users prefers Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

What Went Wrong?

In a press statement, Mozilla Corporation downplayed apprehensions about their browser. They claimed that the crash in the web application is no more than “stability shortfall”. In fact, the revised application upgrade, Mozilla said, did not touch on security vulnerability.

Mozilla developer Joe Drew traced the crash to a bug which he called as 514776. He added that contrary to reports, the entire web application was not affected — just the Firefox 3.5.4 of the Windows Edition.

He admitted though that it was the Mozilla Corporation’s programmers, who “inadvertedly” introduced the crash bugs that crippled the web browser application for a while. The Mozilla executive said that the error must have come from their programmers even as he described each and every component of the web browse development system check as secure. He claimed that it is password protected and firewalled at that.

He however said that “everything’s okay now”. Continue reading »