Nov 06

The beat goes on as far as the smooth running of the article directory. However, Google has made things interesting with their recent Panda and Penguin algorithym updates. More and more requests continue to pour in for the removal of links and/or articles/accounts.I continue to issue a standard response that filters out most spammers and con artists.

our standard email response is as follows:


Regarding requests for article/link removals:

Please read the following article… Link And Article Removal Requests For The ABC Article Directory:

In essence, the following summarizes our position:

If you require articles removed or amended your best bet is to contact the person who submitted them for you and have them make the necessary changes.

If your request is related to the removal of Articles and/or Links(maximum of 20 articles) from our site that are NOT related to Copyright/DCMA issues, a $25 Admin Fee is required to be paid prior to the removal or addition of no-follow attributes of such links (Paypal email: DCMA/Copyright infringing articles will be removed promptly without fee if it can be proven the article in question is in breach of Copyright/DCMA. Relevant details and proof required prior to removal.

ABC Article Directory has a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to matters of Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism. If an author is found guilty of breaching our guidelines we act immediately. Please include as much information as possible (refer to to support your claim to ensure that your matter is resolved as soon as possible. Once claims are received, they are acted on immediately and more often than not, they are resolved within 24 hours.”

There are a wide range of attempts to coerce/entice me into stopping my own work and start working for them for free. They obviously think that their interests are far more important than mine.At the heart of most requests is the twisted logic that somehow, links to their website either mysteriously appeared or were ‘stolen’ and pointed at them like menacing missiles. I find it curious that I never got a complaint until Google’s recent alorithym updates. Regardless, even if I had anything to do with their links, It is not illegal to link to another website.

Linking Legality

In the United States many courts have found that merely linking to someone else�s public website is not illegal as long as the link is not to illegal or infringing content. It should be known that actual theft of content by copying or linking to framed content from others has been defended as well as linking to illegal or infringing content.

The fee that is charged is for my time. It is valuable to me and if you want me to do something for you….pay me. When someone pays for my time, I respond immediately. If you don’t want to pay for my services, do the work yourself. If there is one lesson that most of these individuals should learn is that in the future, they should keep track of what third party seo companies/services are doing on their behalf.

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