This Unique Discovery Relegates SEO To The History Books - By: Mike Collins

Like vast amounts, maybe millions of website owners out there I have been trying with all the normal systems to enhance my search engine position and finally reach the prized first result for my business and its content.

I am positive I am not on my own when I say that it is almost impossible to reach anywhere near the #1 result using the top search engine and I often feel as though I am rapidly getting nowhere.

It seems no matter what I attempt and however many systems I aquire to help in my plight, I along with most business promoters haven't got a chance of reaching the top. It seems that we must posses a massive advertising budget to just scratch the surface with the search engines and unless you are willing to exhaust all your advertising budget on pay per click or adsense its a lost cause.

Having attempted in vain for more than four years which is very likely much less than most of you who are reading this, I was on the verge of giving up. This was mainly because I could no longer afford to continue throwing my hard earned cash into programs which were supposed to help but never did.

I trawled the Internet, often deep into the night as I'm sure most of you have too and I was convinced that I have been looking in vain. At least I thought it was in vain. Then it finally hit. I made a simple find which in time will completely change the Internet and the way the independent lists his website and promotes his business.

Its official term is the Search Sub Engine and it can only be described as a mixture of Google Ebay and

It's set to turn the Internet into a level playing field and no matter what size of a promotional budget you have it will not be advantageous, unlike the normal search systems.

It raises your listing in a similar way to that of an auction website and gives everyone the opportunity to reach that all important top position. It's also very dollar friendly and if it lives up to its promises will be the breath of fresh air for business owners all over the Internet.

It will never substitute the current search systems, but it is a very welcome cost effective addition to every ones marketing tools. It won't discriminate against the recent and rarely seen websites and it gives everybody an equal opportunity of securing those all important sales or at the very least it places your website out there on the desktops of those it was intended for.

If search engine optimization is so important why should it be so impossible and if there was an alternative would you utilize it to finally reach the top search result for searches in your particular area or field.

Mike Collins
Owner and CEO Rotata
The Internet's first and only Search Sub Engine
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