Never Ending Struggle To Find Quality Free Advertising - By: Mike Collins

I think lots, if not everyone of us have been in this position. Only a couple of nights ago I was helping my daughter with her after school work and as we often do we were browsing the Web to help with the studies and to hide my total lack of knowledge on the subject.

For years now the Web has been a God send when guiding my offspring to complete their studies. It must be that the children are being taught things I never was, or maybe time has scrambled my brain and I don't remember learning such subjects.

But lets get to the point. As I said I was helping my teenager complete her school work and using the Web to help. Only it all appears to have gone to pot. Maybe its the mad rush by every body to try to earn some cash from advertising affiliate schemes or I have missed a serious breakthrough on the Web.

Each search we conducted took us from one link to another and in some instances to websites which had no content whatsoever but instead were completely overflowing with links to further websites that in turn were linked to other websites. It appears to me that the Net is suffering from an enormous traffic jam. The giant of all traffic jams is killing the Web.

Our chances of finding what we are looking for is being hampered by money starved vultures whose only purpose of being there is to promote links. Its worse than I had at first thought. Searching takes more and more time and the content of most websites is appalling or non existent.

We are been drowned in a sea of pointless crap and its choking the very breath out of the best innovation of the twentieth century. All these people or their websites are not useful in any way, and they are creating mayhem on the Net.

Say you were strolling along the street in an unfamiliar big city trying to get to a particular place and each person you approached gave you conflicting directions which did nothing more than send around in never ending circles taking you further from your destination wouldn't you be quite annoyed. So was I. What can we do. What is the answer to the increasing amount of distractions which we encounter every single time we try to search the Web.

Would some rules and restrictions be the answer or is it me simply aging and getting cantankerous. I don't think I am becoming cantankerous. Old I can't control but grumpy I don't think so.

It can't just be me who experiences this annoying trend of sites which have no other function other than to push links to other sites which also have no function which seems to always lead you away from your search and lands you on a hard porn site which is far from pleasing for me never mind my young daughter by my side.

I don't think controls are the way forward. But we already face too many laws and rules in our daily lives and the Web used to be like a lung full of sweet air where we can say what we like and if it's our choice to watch porn we can. But I don't wish to view this kind of material and I certainly don't wish to be led to it in a roundabout fashion whilst trying to help my daughter complete his school project.

Maybe more than one type of search system should be available. A system where this will not be a concern. Where if you click on a link to a site that's exactly where you arrive without being subjected to a flying visit to the Webs more dubious destinations.

Perhaps the Rotata the Webs first and only Search Sub Engine is the answer. No diversions, no embarrassments
and it's free, so it must be worth a try.

Nothing but dead links I felt as though I was spinning around in circles it was driving me absolutely crazy.

Mike Collins
Owner and CEO Rotata
The Internet's first and only Search Sub Engine
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