Search Sub Engine, The Essential Free Marketing Tool For Professionals And Newbies Alike - By: Mike Collins

You've no doubt heard the term, familiarity breeds contempt. And I suppose you may be wandering where this fits in with your internet marketing and the results you either, do or don't achieve.

With regards to Internet marketing, the opposite of the term, familiarity breeds contempt, is more like the norm. Most people, you probably included, and I have also been guilty of this, seek out one or maybe two particular marketing tools and stick with them, regardless of the results they achieve.

Although this would appear on the surface to be complete and utter madness, if we break it down, we can see two particular reasons for doing so.

1. You have paid, and probably paid handsomely for it, or you are subscribing monthly to a program.

2. You are familiar with the workings of the tool and that keeps you within your comfort zone.

Looking at point #1. You have paid for a particular tool or you subscribe to a program. Ask your self one simple question. Does this tool or program deliver the results you really need.

Without even waiting for your answer, I can safely say it's very likely a big no.

This leads us onto point #2. If the answer to point #1 is no, why do you stay with the same old program or tool knowing that the results it delivers are at best mediocre.

Would it be because you are familiar with the tool or program, you are comfortable with the usability of it, and because it fits nicely into your comfort zone you continue using it.

You continue wasting your time and your energy night after night, until you convince yourself that Internet marketing simply does not work. And, eventually you give up, feeling totally dejected, but having convinced yourself that you gave it all you've got.

Let's take you back to when you first had your beautiful new website, or your promising affiliate scheme on screen in front of you for the very first time. Remember how you were feeling, the pride, the optimism, the positive outlook, is it coming back.

then you began to promote your site or affiliate scheme, using a promotional tool for the very first time, it doesn't matter which tool it may have been. You felt confused, overloaded with information, unable to absorb the technicalities involved. But as the days, maybe weeks passed, you became familiar with the functions of your marketing tool and before no time at all, you are comfortably using it like a pro.

But all is not well, and it's not been well since the beginning. You followed all the instructions from the very beginning, and remember, you're now so expert at using this tool that it seems like hardly any work at all.

But where are your results, why are you still not able to make a living online, why has your site not entered the top search engine results and why oh why does it all seem to be such a waste of energy.

Simple, you allowed familiarity to cloud your judgment, and along the way you became wary of trying something new for fear of stepping outside your comfort zone or the possibility that it may cost you more of your hard earned cash to try something that will deliver the results you have been waiting for, but above all, the results you know you deserve.

I am about to upset your apple cart and inform you of one tool that ticks all your boxes, it's familiar in its concept, it delivers targeted traffic to you website, blog, mlm, affiliate scheme, whatever you're promoting and above all it's free to use.

What is it. It's a Search Sub Engine, it's new and it's all set to turn online marketing completely on its head.

The only criteria you have to meet to use a Search Sub Engine is, your site, blog, affiliate scheme or mlm must be available to view online. It's position in the search engine results don't matter, you product or scheme doesn't matter, all that matters is that you drive traffic to whatever it is you are promoting so you can benefit from the results of your hard work.

The Search Sub Engine will do all of this for you, and in the process it will gradually push your listing to the very top of it's search results. I'll repeat that, just in case you can't believe your eyes. It will gradually push your listing to the very top of it's search results.

Don't ever be afraid to try something new, especially when its workings are familiar and when it's free.

But above all, pull yourself out of your rut and get yourself over to the nearest Search Sub Engine and start making some money from your efforts today.

For some strange reason, most people seem to have a favorite marketing tool. I could understand this, if it's because it's the most effective, but generally it isn't. It's simply the tool they are most familiar with.

Mike Collins
Owner and CEO Rotata
The Internet's first and only Search Sub Engine
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