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Advertising on the Net used to be all about email marketing. This was a very effective advertising medium and ruled supreme for many years. But as is the way of things and people it was pushed beyond its uses and the result was spam. The fact is it rose to such an extent that governments throughout the world actually passed legislation outlawing many forms of email marketing and the businesses operating it. In so much as they almost killed it off completely.

After email marketing we had adwords and various other pay per click systems. Although very effective initially. Paid advertising campaigns can get very costly. Yes you see visits and the system can work very well but its nowhere near perfect. Pay per click campaigns can quite easily cost you much more than you could ever hope to make if the product or the information you are promoting carries a low ticket price. Even more so when you witness top keyword bids going beyond the $100 mark per click.

Then it moved on to list building and permission based mailing and every site you visit wants your email address prior to being able to view what they have to offer. Following which you get blasted with emails advertising all things from Viagra to hardcore porn and Russian babes. This is no more than a new method of email spam only it's permission based. And, so was born the term opt in. Great if your site is constructed in a way as to capture or collect email addresses from the visitors and you've got Viagra to promote but you need the surfers first or you won't sign them up to benefit from your product.

What methods do we employ without using spam, adsense or adwords.

What we all need is to get their site viewed. Either by utilizing the methods outlined above or reverting back to Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization isn't a viable option for the majority of purely because it has become blatantly obvious that the quickest method to push your website to the top search results is to chuck unbridled quantities of money into it to bring in the all important back links.

As for links. There was a time when it was completely accepted that setting up reciprocal links with websites which complimented yours was the way forward but now with the emergence of adsense this is being cast aside also.

Adsense is just another method of adwords only these days instead of just finding it on along side your Google search you see it on almost all the sites you visit. This isn't dollar friendly promoting because of the connection to adwords and pay per click so where does that leave us and what of the future.

The Web is well known for its inventive approach to any and all obstacles that are placed in its way and promoting your site without exhausting your budget is just such an obstacle.

Now we witness the rise of the Search Sub Engine a fresh innovation thats poised to move free site promotion online to a much higher. With the Search Sub Engine you can promote your business for as long as you wish for free, and as this phenomenon grows it will also bite into the advertising business already enjoyed by the search engines themselves. Search Sub Engines are totally adsense free and external advertisement free which won't place any pressure in the way of the visitor. This will get them directly to your website without any distractions. Search Sub Engines also revolve your business so everyone has the opportunity to reach the pinnacle No1 position and pull in those sales which is more than we have ever had from any of the previous forms of advertising.

Seems to be a great idea and a fantastic method to advertise for free and so not exhausting your budget. Here's hoping it succeeds and when it does, that they don't aspire to all the others by becoming too complacent.

Promoting your affiliate scheme on the Net is now getting so costly that its spiraling beyond all but those with very flexible budgets. Does this mean everyone else is going to be left behind.

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