Utilizing A Search Sub Engine's Free Advertising To Build Your MLM Downline - By: Mike Collins

You've found the perfect business opportunity, it has a great product and the payment system is the best you have yet seen, you go ahead and enrole, you receive all the usual bumph and suddenly you find that you can't seem to move with it.

You have approached your fiends and family as all Networkers should, some have taken you up on your offer, some haven't. You haven't got a list to promote to and now you're firmly stuck, you've paid your money and are probably on a monthly membership, so at the very least you need to make your subscription.

This all seems such a long way from the high hopes you had when you started, but the reality is beginning to bite and you can't see a way forward.

You have exhausted all the advertising methods you know about and you simply cannot afford a pay per click campaign.

Now it's time to use the Search Sub Engine, or should I say, why didn't you try the very best from the very beginning.

Search Sub Engines are the latest and best yet way to build your downline. You can showcase your business to the very people who are out there searching for an opportunity like yours, and the Search Sub Engine allows them the chance to find you.

When they do find you, it gives you the chance, not often seen on the Internet, to build a local downline along with an International downline.

Having been in Network marketing for many years in the 1990's and been relatively successful, there ar a few thing I learned that stands out above all the others.

That was, keep your downline close, keep them motivated, and show them how to duplicate your success or actions. This can be very difficult from a distance learning, Internet perspective but the Search Sub Engine can and will make a major difference in this vital area.

When someone joins your downline the very first of their many requirements from you is your help. You sponsored them and as such you are now responsible for helping them to become successful. And the best way you can do that is to inform them of the very best forms of advertising, and if you can give them the best for free then you're on to a winner from the start.

Search Sub Engines allow you to post your listing on a local, National and International level. What this means to you is, you can build a team around yourself from opportunity seekers who are local to you. The backbone of your business is your immediate downline and if you can now meet and discuss strategies it will benefit everyone as well as serving to keep them motivated.

Your success in MLM is all down to how dedicated you are to ensuring your downline know exactly what they should be doing and motivating them to actually do it, and you can achieve this much more efficiently if you can meet face to face regularly with your group.

I am not saying that National and International members aren't good for your business, that would be a crazy statement, but if you can build your business into smaller highly motivated groups and encourage your downline to do likewise you will build the foundations of a great business that will pay you handsomely for many years.

Your success is measured by one thing, and it's not the money. The money will arrive when you get everything else right. Your success is dependent on the success of your downline and you should be focusing all your efforts to ensure they are successful.

Build good strong foundations to your business, using strategies that your downline can easily duplicate. Inform them of every single method you use to build your business and make sure they are also using these ideas. Keep in regular touch with your downline and if possible have regular group meeting to discuss strategies and to keep them motivated.

Start by informing them of the most productive forms of advertising, free or paid for. Of course, ensuring you have tried and tested it first and the best form now available is the Search Sub Engine.

Give it a try, it's free and effective. it places your opportunity under the very noses of the people who are actually looking for business opportunities. A never ending supply of eager and willing new recruits for your business and it's free.

Joining a new business opportunity can be as exciting as it is rewarding. Quite often that excitement can wear off very quickly when you find it too difficult to enrole others into your downline.

Mike Collins
Owner and CEO Rotata
The Internet's first and only Search Sub Engine
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