Free Advertising Using Search Sub Engine - By: Mike Collins

Everyone and anyone involved in any form of online trading always commences each project by searching for free methods to drive traffic to their site and the latest method of driving truly targeted traffic is the Search Sub Engine and in particular Rotata.

Search Sub Engines are the very latest form of free traffic suppliers, it's a very simple and familiar system to use and doesn't rely purely on simple hits that show in your statistics but never equal unique visits or sales.

Getting straight to the point, we all need traffic and we want to drive that traffic to our sites as economically as possible. But, there is little point in just traffic, you need unique visitors and this is where the Search Sub Engine excels above and beyond the competition.

Free unique visits will, provided your sales message is potent enough, equate to sales and additions to your opt in mailing list.

Simply by registering with a Search Sub Engine, which is free, and submitting your site, which again is free, you will be exposing your business opportunity or product to a vast new audience of eager customers.

Search Sub Engines are new, and many of you will not have heard of them as yet, so take this opportunity to learn how best to utilize the potentially massive amounts of free traffic that you can harvest from them.

When listing your site, take your time, ensure you are fully prepared and your listing is as attractive, eye catching and noticeable as it can be.

Use the tools provided, enhance your listing with bold text, colour and especially a sub title. Anything you can do to make your listing more attractive to the visitor will result in sales, so it's extremely important to be fully prepared.

When you submit your listing ensure that you have chosen the correct category and sub category and if there isn't one to suit your listing then suggest one to the Search Sub Engine.

Don't just rely on one listing in one category, there are many categories that may suit your listing so explore all the possibilities and get your listing noticed.

Your listing will remain on the Search Sub Engine for as long as 28 days, during which time you can tweak and adjust it until you get it just right.

During this time your listing will gradually be advancing towards the top search result for your category, so the more listings you have and the more categories you can cover the better the results.

Don't dismiss this as just another useless piece of software, it's far advanced from the ffa pages or online classified sites. This is an active search and submission site similar in operation to a search engine. The only difference being that you will actually reach the #1 position and you will reach it every time.

Free traffic and advertising is always welcome, especially when it's genuine traffic and not simply blind hits.

Mike Collins
Owner and CEO Rotata
The Internet's first and only Search Sub Engine
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