Free Advertising Without The Spam - By: Mike Collins

At the time of writing, I did a quick search of Google for free advertising and the results where amazing, 352,000,000, three hundred and fifty two million. So, where would you start and how could you be sure that you were going to get results without all the usual spam that follows.

The simple answer is, you can't. There is no way that you can even try to use any of the advertising on offer without the accompanying spam and there is also no guarantees that any of this free advertising will be effective in driving traffic to your website.

Bearing all this in mind, what options do you have to drive free traffic to your business, without the spam and, where you have complete control of the type of traffic and the content of your sales message.

You have to look away from the current results on Google and take advantage of a new and upcoming system which guarantees no spam and also allows you full control over the sales message you use to draw that free traffic.

You have to look towards a Search Sub Engine. Rotata allows you to list the details of your site, business, affiliate scheme, blog or whatever it may be that you wish to drive targeted free traffic to. You list your business for free for anything between 1 and 28 days and you can list it as often as you wish and in as many categories as suit your product.

Once listed, Rotata will gradually push your listing up towards the top result for your category and as you reach the top, if you have got your sales copy right the traffic will follow.

The problem with most free advertising methods is that you only get one shot at a two line advert to try and fully explain your offer, with Rotata it's much better. Yes, you get your two lines, but your two lines lead to a full page where you have the unrivalled opportunity to fully sell your product and within that page you have a live link direct to your website to enable you to make the sale.

During your listing period if you feel at any time that your headline, sub headline and or your landing page are not having the desired effect you can change them at will until you are fully satisfied, and you are happy with the results that follow.

Each listing also gets a hit counter on the landing page so you know exactly how effective your message is. And, the visitors to Rotata and your listing are fully targeted, they are looking for your product by category, so as your listing approaches the top search results for the category you can't help but get targeted traffic.

This is free advertising at its best, with an abundance of useful tools at your disposal to ensure you get the most from your listing and when you consider that its guaranteed spam free, not to mention that it guarantees to eventually show your listing in the #1 position for you category, it has to be the best deal in free advertising available on the Internet at the moment.

Search Sub Engines are only just beginning to gain popularity, but unlike other forms of free advertising which are less effective the more popular they are, the complete opposite can be said of Rotata. the more popular it becomes the more traffic it will generate and the more targeted visitors you will receive to your business.

Spam has always been a by-product of free advertising and although the advertising rarely delivers, you still get your in box filled with junk.

Mike Collins
Owner and CEO Rotata
The Internet's first and only Search Sub Engine
For all your free advertising needs. No spam, guaranteed
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