Paedophilia, Satanic Abuse And Our Culture Of Denial - By: Paul A Philips

It's quite understandable that the UK public has a somewhat jaundiced view on politicians in retrospect of a number of scandals; falsified expense claims, phone hacking, interest rate fixing... to name but a few. One of the most recent blows to an already dwindling institutional trust in politicians is increasing allegations related to paedophilia and satanic abuse.

We've seen the TV / newspapers filled with allegations linking senior politicians in Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's 1980's government to historic child abuse. This has greatly roused public suspicion of cover-ups over the years involving Scotland Yard, governmental departments, with suggestions of the Home Office conveniently losing archive files documenting sexual misconduct (Dickens Dossier)...

There have been many other establishment paedophilia related incidents involving people in high places such the Elm guest house in SW London during the 1970's and early 80's where the abuse and murder of young boys was said to have taken place... Besides senior politicians the guest house was known to have been frequented by judges, high ranking policemen, pop stars and Royal households.

-As a consequence there has been increased transparency between police and prosecutors resulting in a 17% rise in historic sex abuse cases in the UK. Some 20 VIP's have now had allegations of child abuse whose names will be revealed after the general election this May. Was the name dropping deliberately delayed after the election for convenience?

Not in mainstream media, but online, there has been quite a focus of attention recently on the horrific claims of paedophilia and satanic abuse made by 2 victims an 8 and 9 year-old brother and sister who had lived in Hampstead, North London, a place having more millionaires within the area than anywhere in the UK.

The Russian mother with her children had separated from the English father. The father was known to be abusive towards the mother and the children. After separation the father often stalked the mother and children at their household and school over the years as a number of filed police reports will confirm.

The father had been granted legal contact at regular intervals with the children. After a number of the Saturday outings with their father the children were returned showing signs of behavioural problems as if they had been greatly disturbed and they also had developed head and stomach aches as noted by the mother.

In summertime 2014 this eventually led the mother's new partner (a local man) to make a video interview of the children which was deeply disturbing. The children gave horrific accounts of their involvement in ritualistic satanic sex abuse headed by their father in graphic detail. The children implicated certain staff members from their Hampstead School together with parents, doctors and attorneys present at the abuse.

The partner gave the video-recorded testimony to Barnet Police as evidence. A police enquiry then went underway. The children were interviewed. After a medical examination evidence of abuse was found showing abrasive anal tissue scarring. The children's hair was sampled to analyze and look for evidence of drugging, however, the mother asserts that the results weren't made known to her.

In September the children were taken into protective custardy and then almost a week later they dropped their allegations against the abusers. Deciding that some of the claims were outlandishly false such as those claiming abuse at secret school rooms and at the back of the local McDonalds restaurant... Barnet closed the case.

-It's been said that the police concluded by suggesting the mother's partner coached the children into making false accusations on the video. However, this has brought forward a number of responses suggesting that closure without further enquiry was not appropriate for the following reasons.

1. Although the video does contain what looks like those figments of the children's imagination moments it also carries some elements that cannot be dismissed such as the fear in their eyes when their father is mentioned, and remember there WAS evidence of abuse from the medical examination.

2. There is no real evidence on the video that indicated the children were coached. This was an unfeasible assumption, as said in so many words by a retired constable who saw the police report. The investigation was therefore greatly biased towards disproving the offences.

3. There was no mention of how in the video were the children able to use the disturbing language related to the abuse other than by coaching.

4. The suspects were described in quite some detail. For example, details related to their private parts areas. How could the children have known about this if they just made it up?

5. The suspects were never investigated.

6. No corroboration was looked for to confirm the assumptions made by the police that the accusations were ridiculous.

-Now you tell me that this doesn't smack of cover-up?

The children now find themselves in the custardy of the child welfare services. The mother only sees them once fortnightly, while the father sees then every week. This is an ongoing litigation.

Our culture of denial

The above is indeed one of a number of countless allegations related to paedophilia and satanic abuse. These accounts as awful as they seem must not be allowed to blow away. Many of us are in a state of denial finding it hard to believe that such things could happen. This is what the guilty parties are relying on. What if one of these children was yours on their list of the vulnerable..?

To combat these political elite cover-ups and miscarriages of justice with their small minority complicit corrupt officials in the chain of cause and effect we must continue to expose the guilty by whatever means so to raise enough public outrage for something to be done about it.

-This is a major key to the eventual downfall of the establishment.

There have been many accusations and allegations related to establishment paedophilia and satanic abuse... involving certain individuals in high places...

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