How To Remove Pop-Up Ads - By: Robert Corter

Pop-up ads are usually annoying. While they're mainly just advertisements, they may slow down your PC in more ways than one. Examples of pop-up ads include software advertisements, and banners that just come up whenever you open a program, or while you are surfing the web. Some even come with sounds that will definitely get your attention and make you look at them fast. Some reasons why you should get rid of them include the facts that:
* They get to be installed in your PC without your conscious knowledge;
* They get through your web browser so that more ads can be displayed;
* You can never use applications or programs at "peace" anymore, because ads just pop up all the time;
* They get information from your browser and send them to other parties in the internet;
* They install themselves into almost all the applications in your PC, and;
* They can be very hard to uninstall.
These prove that pop-up ads are just a waste of time, and may even cause viruses to your computer. So, how exactly were they installed in your PC without you knowing? There are basically two main reasons why, and these are:
1. Your computer does not have anti-virus software, so upon installing new software, the ads got to be installed, too, and;
2. When the ads pretend to be other type of software or programs so that you will be lured to download them, without knowing that they'll just display ads.
How to fix it
If your PC is bombarded by ads, don't worry. Here are the things that you can do to fix the problem.
* Uninstall pop-up programs. Click Control Panel from the Start Menu, click "Programs", then choose "Uninstall a Program" and check out the list of programs that are listed there
* Remove Ads from Internet Explorer. Click the Gear icon after opening Internet Explorer, click the "Advanced" tab, and then click "Delete Personal Settings" and click "Reset". Then, close the tab, and open Internet Explorer once more, and you'll see that the ads will be gone.
* Remove Ads from Google Chrome. Choose the main menu of Google Chrome then select "Settings" on the drop down menu. Move towards the bottom of the page and click "Show Advanced Settings", then move down and check "Reset Browser Settings" and click "Reset Browser". Click "Reset" once more after the dialog box containing information about this process pops up. Take note that you may see a folder entitled "Old Firefox Data" on your desktop. It contains files that have not been copied upon resetting the browser. Check if you still need the said files, but if you do not, make sure to delete the folder, too, so that it won't corrupt your PC.
* Remove Ads from Firefox. For Mozilla Firefox, just click the "Menu" button, and then click "Help" and choose "Troubleshooting Information". Click "Reset Firefox" then click "Finish" when a window pops up.
* Download an Adware Cleaner. This way, you can get to rid your PC of any pop-up ads that haven't been removed by uninstalling programs, or by working on the settings of different browsers, as mentioned above.
* Install an Anti-Virus Software. If you feel like your anti-virus software is not working the way you want it to, make sure that you switch it up with another one. And don't forget to let it run on start-up. Sure, it may take some time, but the point is, if you won't let it check what you put in your computer, then it would be useless. You have to make sure that your PC does not get infected by virus, and won't get access to software that will just install pop-up ads.
* Run Malware Scans. And, it would also be nice if you make sure that you run malware scans so that you can get rid of pop-ups, malicious software, viruses, rootkits, and keyloggers that may just slow your PC down. Malware scans will also get rid of spyware which are caused by pop-up ads.
Remember, the bigger the amount of pop-up ads in your PC is, the higher the risk of malfunctioning there is. So, keep these tips in mind, and say goodbye to pop-ups for good!

Pop-up ads are usually annoying While they're mainly just advertisements, they may slow down your PC in more ways than one

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